I hate basketball but I go to all of our school’s basketball games just to see this one guy, who I have a hopeless crush on

I sit at the back of the stands with a friend I forced to come and cheer him on and feel so proud of him whenever he makes a basket or does something cool

He doesn’t know I do all that, and I don’t even think he knows I even go to his games, but I’m there cheering him on regardless

I always feel so awkward when people come at me with other fandom stuff for ask games. I literally only watch/interested (in) Supernatural. I just sit there with my brain confused all like . “who is that ? idr that name in SPN.” XD

(well minus TWD and being a fan of True Blood since the beginning (2008)  *cries* why did it have to end.)

Death of a Bachelor

(and he’s happy about it)


Koko is @chickypoodoodloos

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waveborne asked:

he'll just study her for the moment, whatever his eyes can stabilize amidst the shaking ground, amidst unkempt hair and that tangible aura of determination, until he stops merely looking and unsheathes his own sword in support, "there's no time for us to be enemies at the moment. Where are you headed to?"

          At the flash of metal reflected from the sunlight, Erin
          felt  her  muscles  tense  up   
          sight, his words ringing in her ears with her
          and lack of TRUST. The girl had her legs  bent  some-
          what, lean muscle  
poised and  FLEXED underneath
          her  tanned  tissue ,   her  stature  
balanced yet  at  the
          ready  to   
LEAP,   like  a  string  of  a  bow  holding  the
          shaft  of  an  arrow.  Erin  
OBSERVED him,  light  grey
          eyes narrowed just slightly,  and  she  gave  a  small  tilt
          of  her  head.  
No  time  for  enemies ,   he  says,  yet  he
          doesnt miss the  opportunity  to  brandish  his  weapon.
          The  girl  kept  still ,   or  as  still  as  she  
could  be ,  and
          answered his question.

          “…Someplace where the ground stops fucking moving.”