I am so sorry for not posting anything.

I recently broke up with my boyfriend because he was stalking me. He made me feel uncomfortable because he only liked me because I liked Anime/One Punch Man. I was sad because I really did like him. He was handsome but all he ever talked about was anime…

I will try to get back to this blog soon.

more mermaid Jack and marine biology intern Rhys

watch out for those spines, rhysie, that neurotoxin’s a real trip

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I'm not normally attracted to Mike, but I'm finding myself desiring him more and more as he ages. He makes a very handsome older man.

Hey there!

He really does make a very handsome older man, doesn’t he? I often think I am alone in the fact that I totally would, you know, with him at 65, if it were allowed, but it looks like maybe there are more of us out there ;)

What's with the amount of helpful young men here?! And they are all nice and handsome too…

Day one 23.1.

I slept only 2h in the whole day, I had a flight 05 in saturday morning, cool right.

I was scared about flying but it wasn’t as bad as I remembered. The thought of not dying alone should we crash helped a bit. The flight from Oulu was a short one. I arrived to Helsinki around 8 and waited till plane to Bryssel left 09. The plane was half empty, I slept for half an hour in that 2,5h flight. The airport was HUGE and shiny. After finding my luggage I went to this guy that sold train tickets. He wasn’t all that clear about what I had to do (asked if I were under 26?). This old lady came to me and asked if I knew where to go etc. She then went to this really handsome young man and asked about it. He looked like this typical hip french man <3 He then gave me advice, and even came to me again later to give some tips. Which I didn’t follow haha. Then there was this not so old lady that gave me advice also, met her again later and she asked why I didn’t take the train. But hey, I got here in one piece so it’s all right. Train ticket was 11e from Bryssel airport to Gent and it took 1h. Scenery was nice, bricks and towers everywhere, it looked slum-ish at times too. In the station I found my first Starbucks to use wifi in. I obtained a map later, meaning that I didn’t have one earlier! I like things bit risky. I chose to take a tram to my hostel (Uppelink), the ticket machine on the stop was a pain in the ass. 3e for 60min ticket, alright, but you had to be fast with applying the coins in the machine. It spew my coins out at 2,90… And I wasn’t the only person wanting to use it :D I missed my stop and a nice guy told me this and also gave advice on where to stop then and where to go. Thanks! After that stop I got lost again haha. And my luggage (weighted about 20kg) made stupid loud noise on the cobblestones. The receptionist/staff here in Uppelink are super nice and helpful. I had a reservation on bed in this 8 bed room for women. Shame I like sleeping almost naked, wont dare to do that here, even if the room is only for women. The room has 3 other occupants. Cecil (Cecilia?) is a brit, from London, here from friday to monday. She doesn’t get lost she says.

I went for a walk after, found two waffle (waffel?) places but ended up getting fries from this strange stall. Ate while walking, a girl with no pants ran past me. There was a swan in the canal, along with two ducks. Poor thing wanted treats.

Day two 24.1.

I slept +10h. The rest of the inhabitants arrived while I slept so I met them in the morning. There is this tall blonde from Brazil. Here to see her friends. The other girl, darker in colour, is from Portugal. She told me she wants to visit Finland but it’s quite expensive. She told me where to get better maps, I found few and they look nice. I’m going to have a collection soon. She’s backpacking, from Bryssel to Gent to Antwerp to Amsterdam. She’s alone because her friends were busy, she told me she has got new friends here so she’s never alone. Many of them will be staying in the same cities with her, by accident. Her flight were SUPER cheap, 11e to here, like?? She and her friend also noticed these helpful nice men. Went to check the apartment/room I had asked about. The lady I had talked with wasn’t there.. Her roommate Cissa (Belgian, PHD on something..) showed me around, it was small but nice. I’m going to meet her again sometime. While I waited the clock to hit 14 (the apartment showing was then) I stalled for time and walked around in circles. Couldn’t see my school due to these tall walls around the yard. I went to hotel and felt.. sad. Could’ve cried honestly. I was cold, hungry, wet and tired. Found a place to eat where this nice waiter brought me ketchup ;>  I ate a veggieburger and fries till I hurt and left. That’s when things went south. I got lost. I walked too far south/west :D I ran around and used this tiny compass I nicked from home. Map was of no use. I later found this church and saw an old lady on a bus stop. She didn’t speak much english. but told me where to go for better directions. A really handsome nice young man asked if I needed help. Well now :p He showed me where I was (that far, really?! Might add pic) and told me how to get where I wanted. I was scared for a bit there but good that things got sorted out. I was lost for an hour or so. It got dark quite fast but at least it was warm. We were supposed to meet with the rest of the Erasmus students earlier that night but half of the ppl couldn’t make it. Finally I had an email about the meeting on monday. We have an introduction week and we had to idea when and where to meet still. In front of the school 9:30 it said. I hope I get my classes sorted out.


It’s quite humid in here

I wonder if I look like a proper tourist

I’d be quite lost if I didn’t know any english

I want to write stormy lovestories

I didn’t cry on my first night, quite a feat

I’ve been reading Alice in the Wonderland, thanks Minna

Gotta update tumblr more often really

The life of these youth hostel workers looks nice, nice space and kind new people everyday

What’s a girl to do here alone and with no internet?

I can’t find it in me to stress about the lack of long-term accommodation

My mouth goes before my brain and I have to rephrase everything

Thank god for Spotify premium