Soulmate AU: You and Your Soulmate Share Sensations (Bruce Wayne x Reader)

A/N: I know I said I wouldn’t end this hiatus until I wrote, like, five things but I wound up only with two. I’m coming back a little early with the hope that publishing what I’ve got will give me a sense of cleansing.  … Geez, I really hope I did okay, tho.

Your parents were admittedly a little worried when you turned seven and still showed no signs of a connecting mate. This was around the age when most people would be able to tell, being that small children are prone to rough-housing and clumsiness. However, it was no desire of theirs for you to experience the first sensation in such a violently intense manner.

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GUYS, guys why isn’t there an au where Jim acts exactly like Lestrade. Like please, give me Jim Gordon so fed up with Batman’s methodology. Give me Gordon praying to God he can solve a case, because if not he’s gonna have to put up with Batman’s know it all attitude. Give me Jim reluctantly switching on the Bat Signal, muttering a curse word with every building that’s being swung across which is so illegal, all that trespassing

Like, he’s not gonna arrest Batman, of course not. But he’s definitely gonna remind him that he can. Give me Jim Gordon questioning his every life decision that he now needs help from a grown ass man that dresses like a bat. Give me Jim with a huge file filled solely with misdemeanors committed by Batman. Like jaywalking, trespassing, reckless driving. But he completely omits serious offenses, like beating men to a bloody pulp and destroying public buildings amidst a fight. Give me a petty ass Jim Gordon that has a drawer filled up with speeding tickets that he couldn’t fill up because the Batmobile DOESN’T HAVE A LICENCE PLATE GODDAMN IT. Which is a whole other thing but yeah

Give me more Jim.

New on the job (Spiderman Homecoming au)

Hello everyone Mr.E here and yes I am finally done with the spiderman homecoming au. this has been haunting me to write it these last few weeks and it is done. IT IS DONE AND I AM VERY MUCH TEMPTED TO MAKE THIS A STORY BECAUSE ME AND MY GOOD FRIEND @hains-mae collaborated  on this and Did a lot of world building.

Yes I’ve gone off the deep end if you hadn’t noticed from my drabbles but oh well. I’ve embraced my insanity.

so a few notes on this story. Yes this is loosely based off the spiderman homecoming movie but not completely. Spiderman and Iron man exist in this universe. As of this moment, those are the only two MCUs really in this universe because there’s just not a lot to work with without making this a giant cross over and honestly, i rather keep it smaller and not add every avenger ever. 

Second, for the identity of Iron man, it’s a secret. I’m going back to the original comics where no one knows who Iron Man is and as far as anyone can tell he’s Tony Stark’s bodyguard using a suit tony made for him after being captured and all that jazz. So in this universe, Tony Stark is played by teenager canon Tom (who is human in this version) and Iron Man is his bodyguard. 

Star is MJ from the homecoming because I love her attitude in the movie and it’s really a nice change of pace for writing the magical princess. Seriously it was too much fun in the drabbles and it is too much fun here. also Ferguson is Ned but not ned because hidden plot reason. He’s basically ned the friend and not ned guy in the chair. 

the last thing thing i really need to talk about is the villain in this story. Honestly, I’ve been playing overwatch, I love playing the new character doomfist and I honestly just wanted my own villain with a giant robotic arm so i do what i do best: poorly design my own.  It’s not anyone from Star vs, completely original so there’s no secret identity to figure out there. 

finally the story. This takes place early on in Marco’s career, a few months after being bitten by the spider and he’s trying to prove to the city he is an actual hero like his idol Iron man *Who has some renown at this point* 

That’s it for me. Have an amazing week, i hope you enjoy the story. there is a lot more to it that me and mae came up with and if you like it, let me know. check her tumblr out for some awesome sketches of this au. I Might do more because I had a blast writing this. take care everyone!

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I’m a Spider, not a Bat chap 2

Prompt: This is chapter 2 of the Marvel X DC crossover, 

Chapter 1

Your Super Hero Name: Recluse

Pairing: Tim Drake X Reader

TW: none

Word Count: 612

Tags: @nervouswastelandvoid

When you came to, you were handcuffed to a medical bed. There was an IV in your arm and stitches tugged at your skin. And judging by the chill and then smell you were still in that cave. You flinched but blinked yourself awake anyway.

“Oh, you’re up,” a soft voice roused you awake more. You shifted your eyes to him. Since you couldn’t see his full face, you took not of everything you could to file it away for later- He was older than you, maybe by a few years, late twenties. He had darker skin, black hair and a mask over his face. His features were mainly Romani but his personality seemed to soften an otherwise intimidating physique.

  “Where am I?” You croaked out.

“Batcave. Can’t be any more than that though,” He told you,“I’m Nightwing.”

  You’s never heard of him, he had been gauging your reaction but frowned when you provided him none. You smiled, trying to channel your mother to put him in a false sense of ease,“I’m Recluse,” you watched his face didn’t change either. He’d never heard of you. A shame, cause everyone feared your mother… “So, did you keep me in Gredistat,” You continued,“Or did you move me back to New York.”

   That caused the man’s face to change. He stood,“One moment.” Before leaving the room.

   When he came back, a tall man dressed as a bat-like hero/villain walked in. The man in the bat costume glared at you,“ We have no record of you, Recluse and seeing as you claim to have been in two places that don’t exist, you have traveled interdenominationally.”

  You shrugged,“I’m not surprised. Who are you?”

   "Batman,“ the man replied, "I’m apart of this world’s Justice League, we are this world’s protectors and guardians.”

 You nodded,“I’m an Avenger in my world, that’s basically the same thing,” then you lightly pulled at the silver cuff at your wrist,“Can you let me go now?”

“Not happening. We can’t trust you.“ Batman said mogotonly.

  "Yet you saved my life,” You fired back,“ Sewed me back up. I was trained by Black Widow, Captain America and the Winter Soldier, I mean you no harm, if I did you would know it. Obviously I need your help to get home.”

  Batman’s mouth was set to a grim line, Nightwing looked impressed and you were glaring at them both. Batman seemed to be weighing his options before finally stepping forward to unlock the silver cuff. You waved him off and slipped you hand out of it, having unlocked it when Nightwing stepped out of the room. Batman growled,“I still don’t trust you.”

  “Fine,” You growled back, slowly sitting up trying not to aggravate your stitches.

  Nightwing stepped forward,“Uh-uh, no getting up kiddo. Doctors orders.”

  You sighed,“I don’t want to be confined to a bed.”

“We might have an extra wheelchair around here somewhere…” The man rubbed his chin. Just then, another boy walked into the room. He was around the same age as you, black hair,  you couldn’t see his full face, you could tell that his features were mainly Japanese in origin. It wouldn’t help you now, but down the road it might. “Oh! Red Robin! This is our new guest, her name is Recluse, she’s from another world. She’s a hero there too!”

Red Robin glanced down to you, “Hi?”

You moved your hand in a short wave,“hi.”

Rightwing smiled, “I’m going to go fine the extra wheelchair.” He turned around before the younger boy could say anything and called over his shoulder, “ Watch her for me Red!”

The two of you stared at each other, and an uncomfortable silence filled the air…

Tim: I have a question about Batman.

Tim: Batman is a man who dresses up like a bat. Man-bat is a part man, part bat hybrid. Now, if Man-bat dressed up as a man to fight crime, would he be Man-Batman?

Jason: No, he’d be Bat-man-bat.

Dick: but wouldn’t Man-Batman just be a Batman that was bitten by a radioactive man?

Damian: but Batman is a man. You’re talking about a man who would have the powers of a man. That’s just, man-man.

Tim: Well, isn’t man-man just man?

Jason: But what if man-man dressed as a bat?

Dick: Well, that’s just Batman.

Jason: No, if a man dressed as a bat, that’s Batman, but if man-man dresses as a bat, that’s Batman-man.


Tim: If Batman were bitten by a radioactive Man-bat, and then fought crime disguised as Man-bat, would he be Man-bat-man-bat-man? Or simply Man-bat-man-bat-Batman?

Jason: Is he still wering the batman suit under the Man-bat suit?


Tim: I’ll be back.

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Can I just say how grateful I am that you write Martha Wayne the way I've always wanted to read about for YEARS

Thomas and Martha Wayne as kind and gentle souls who lived a wholesome rich people life is nice and all, but it does not explain a grown-ass man dressing up like a bat to solve crime

Solution: Waynes are fucking weirdos, fite me canon

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...You have now answered the question of "why would a grown-ass man dress like a bat if he were to run around kicking criminals in the face". With parents like that I'm surprised Bruce is as un-melodramatic and collected as he is.

the secret real goal of wayne manor is to make dressing like a bat to punch crime seem like a measured and well-reasoned response to the circumstances at hand

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It is really hard to be superman fans this day. By right superman is supposed to be a multifaceted and flexible character much like batman but unfortunately compare to batman, some of superman fans are so stubborn and refused to accept any other iterations other than what they claims is a valid one even though this is really debatable. I think that is a reason why batman is more popular than superman because fans are more open minded for batman compare than superman.

That is actually precisely the reason Batman is more popular than Superman. Batman has gone through more iterations than Superman, he has a larger supporting cast, a larger family, has gone through tons of side kicks, has numerous adaptations in movies and cartoons, even video games, etc. But god forbid Superman not smile, then that adaptation is worthless. But they’ll say “no, see, i’m totally a Superman fan, even though i’m the reason dc won’t give Superman half of those things listed above.” It’s amazing that we can actually quantify the reason Batman got so many opportunities over Superman, as “we wanted him to cater to everyone” when the specifics of Superman is that he doesn’t cater to everyone. Superman by nature is easily complex but a vocal section of his writers and fans, insist on the opposite. So we’re left with a man dressed like a bat who everyone loves because he’s allowed to evolve relentlessly, when we could have moved beyond a fan perception of a character from a 1978 movie.

Superman is ultimately a victim of his own success. It all started when he got dumbed down to a morality trumpeting patroit and ever since then, ever since he was repackaged and made safe for mass consumption rather than be the new deal, the social justice character he was meant to be, he’s never escaped that shadow. Too many people projected on him, using him for wish fulfillment and actively worked to erase every divergent iteration that was made. There’s a reason people claim to hate dceu superman when they’ve consumed Supermen like him for years in the comics and dcau, even Smallville. It’s because they’ve idealized him and can’t see how much refusing to see or let him be a character has hurt him and his place in popular culture. It’s sad really, the superhero that inspired them all is not allowed to aspire to be greater but the ones he inspired into existence, totally should. And they think he wouldn’t lose popularity?

badbitchbrit replied to your post: sup3r-d0rk asked:Wait… Hermione…

but which house would batman be in, I’m curious

The Sorting Hat would explode once placed upon his head. Bruce would then proceed to buy out a portion of Hogwarts to create his own house and never accept new members. Legends of a tall, surly man dressed like a bat who haunts the school grounds at night run rampant among the students, and over time the name “Bruce Wayne” is forgotten and he is known only as “that creepy rich fucker who broke the Sorting Hat and ruined school for everyone”.