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kory doesn't understand why people are weird about who she chooses to spend her time with like "yes. roy is a vampire and jason a zmobie they are both the living dead i do not understand the problem here" and both of them are like "???? wtf ???? we're freaks why is she like this for us?" bc they're not used to people being kind to them since they turned in their own respective ways

Hdjdjjsjxksjdjjdjd this got emotional I’d die for Kori she’s like ??whats…the big deal…I’m literally an alien.tho technically the humans r aliens to her lmao. So she’s like “there is a man that dresses up like a giant bat at night and runs around beating up people but others concern themselves with the fact you are undead? I do not understand :( ”

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but which house would batman be in, I’m curious

The Sorting Hat would explode once placed upon his head. Bruce would then proceed to buy out a portion of Hogwarts to create his own house and never accept new members. Legends of a tall, surly man dressed like a bat who haunts the school grounds at night run rampant among the students, and over time the name “Bruce Wayne” is forgotten and he is known only as “that creepy rich fucker who broke the Sorting Hat and ruined school for everyone”.