man notices mansplaining

Some men tell us excellent things!

As in: ‘The posts on this blog are always a refreshing and timely reminder to me. Any time I might find myself tempted to do a little mansplaining myself, I bite my tongue or my knuckles until the feeling goes away.’

Bite on, sir!

In which a male undergrad calls out mansplaining!

I was enrolled in a Digital Signal Processing course in grad school. The professor explained part of how an interesting algorithm worked and asked the class to explain another part of it. I raised my hand, he called on me, and I explained it correctly. He said “No” and called on another student, a male this time. The male student repeated what I said, almost word for word. The professor said “Yes, well done.” 

And then, the glorious thing happened. The male student replied “But that’s exactly what SHE said!” while gesturing at me. Anytime I’m down, I think of that one person, that one guy, who took an opportunity to illuminate an unfair situation.