man's first cyborg


ah this poor selfish corporate beanpole

my favourite thing about rhys is that all his terrible decisions pretty much drive the whole story but also everything he does is completely avoidable if only he weren’t so stubborn or foolish or whatnot

i’m sorry i still can’t get over how great the story of tftbl was

so I was on Genos’ wiki page (for science of course) and i saw this, that Genos would make a good singer AND NOW I AM TEMPTED TO WRITE AN AU WHERE GENOS IS A POP/ROCK SINGER!

I honestly should write this: Genos is a super famous pop/rock singer and Saitama hates those untalented famous teenagers because they’re only popular among girls cause of their looks and they don’t do anything special to the world yet they have so much money they don’t deserve. Saitama is a hero, he saves countless lives everyday but after all that hard work he doesn’t get the recognition he should get, neither the money he wants, and here he is living in a small room, its walls threatening to suffocate him.

Maybe it’s jealousy, maybe it’s something else, but he absolutely hates the snobby, good looking, rich, famous but untalented celebrities.