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In early July a close friend of mine asked me to make him a dress for a friend’s upcoming wedding. As a huge contra dance fan and a resident near Asheville, NC, it was imperative to him that the skirt be extremely full, ready for a long contra set and many spins. The voluminous pleated skirt, mixed with his desire for a traditional style western shirt made this design an irresistible challenge.

He bought the fabrics and fasteners he wanted, sent them to me, and I got to work. Luckily Julian happens to be almost the exact same size and isn’t opposed to wearing the occasional dress, so he stood in as my fit model. A few days and many pleats later and the dress was finished, complete with paisley details, brass snaps, some deep pockets, and a bronze belt buckle that Chrome kindly sent my way.

After a quick photo shoot it was shoved into an envelope and sent off to North Carolina, where I have word that it spun the night away at that wedding. 

Too Much - Jaehyun

Ch.1  -  Ch.2  -  Ch.3  -  Ch.4  -  Ch.5

Suggested: Highkey need a Jaehyun scenario where he is a cold, ruthless and flawless assassin and runs into oc in some hilarious way and she refuses to believe he’s dangerous much to his dismay. I just need a super bad jae who goes from cold to annoyed to cute.

A/N: This should be a drama [there prolly is one like this already].
I’m sorry, I wasn’t sure how to go with this?? It’s one of those plots that need a lot of time and development, but- 

Word Count: 1,185

You smiled at the sight of the young girls teasing each other as they folded their clothes across the shop.
The scent of lavender tickled your senses, making you scrunch your nose. The warm tones of the setting sun splashed over the shops tiles and walls.
You gaze darted back to the novel you held, deeply engrossed. Your ears perked as you heard the distant chime of the bell, signaling the earlier customers had left. The silence granted you tranquility, allowing you to escape into the enthralling novel once again.

Several hours passed, the silent clock ticking with each passing moment. It was nearly time to close.
The bell clamored noisily, quick steps making their way toward you.

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Coffee Run - Jefferson x Reader

Time period: Modern Office!Au 

Word count: 1460

Ship: Tjeffs x fem!reader

no warnings

As the elevator doors dinged, you straightened out your blouse with your free hand and hoisted a tray of various drinks with the other. Stepping into the office, you were met with various hollers and excited cheers.

“Y/N! You’re a godsend!” your colleague John Laurens smiled as he stood up from his office chair and stretched. “Alex, your assistant is my favourite person right now!”

Your pseudo-boss, Alexander Hamilton laughed at his excitable freckled friend in response and rubbed his eyes.

“You guys have been grinding at this case all night, it’s the least i could do!” you giggled “okay, Mr. Hamilton, a black coffee for you,” you placed his coffee on his desk. “Mr. Laurens, three cream and two sweeteners,” he literally beamed at you when you placed it down and you offered a kind smile back. “Monsieur Lafayette, a large cappuccino.” as you handed the drink to him, a wink was sent in your direction causing you to blush.

“Merci Mlle. L/N” he smiled, raising the paper cup to you and taking a sip.

“And Mr. Mulligan, a hot chocolate.” your smile faded when you realised you had forgotten to get his drink. “Shoot, i’m so sorry. I knew i forgot something, i’ll just run out again and get you new one.”

He began to shake his head with a kind smile when the office manager’s door opened.

“Oh great! Coffee!” the loud southern drawl of your manager resonated through the open office room. You had only come face-to-face with him a couple of times but from the horror stories that Hamilton had told you, that was more than enough.

Your back was still facing the door as a large hand lightly placed itself on your shoulder.

“Sorry Jefferson, It seems like you were a little too late, Y/N just came back from her coffee run.” Alex Boasted, taking a sip of his drink and leaning back.

You knew Hamilton might get upset with you but you turned to the man in a purple dress shirt. “I can go get you something, Mr. Jefferson. I forgot Mr. Mulligan’s drink, so i have to go back out anyway.”

“I need to stretch my legs, so why don’t i come with you.” he smiled. “Wait here while i go get my  jacket.”

Hamilton looked to you with concern once Jefferson was back in his office. “Are you gonna be okay with this Y/N?”

You were thankful that he wasn’t upset with you and you waved off his concern. “I’ll Be fine, Mr. Hamilton. It’s pretty late, it’s probably a good thing that i’ll have a ‘buddy”

He rolled his eyes at your playful use of the word ‘buddy’ and smiled “okay, shoot any of us a text if anything goes wrong.” he scrunched his nose up “I don’t trust him.”

Hamilton quickly shut up as the door opened. “Ready to go Y/N?” Mr. Jefferson spoke up, sounding irritated out of seemingly nowhere. Despite his sudden mood shift, he held out his arm which you reluctantly took.

When you got to the street you smiled in awe at the sight of the bustling city. It was the middle of the night and yet it was still teeming with life.

“New York is amazing, isn’t it? Mr. Jefferson spoke up, taking in the awe on your face.

You nodded wordlessly and he chuckled. “You new to the city?”

You nodded again. He sighed. “I remember my first full day in the city. I had just gotten back from France and it was instantly such a change of pace.”

You studied his face as he continued to speak about his early life and his travels, he spoke with such enthusiasm. He described everything in great detail and you found yourself wishing that you had been able to see all the beautiful places he described.

He suddenly halted outside the same cafe you had been at earlier and smiled. “I assume this is the coffee shop you go to.”

“How’d you guess?” you smiled.

“Well it is one of the only 24 hour cafes around here, and I’ll be honest, I’ve seen you here quite a few times.” he spoke, scratching the back of his neck.

You feigned offence. “And you never said hi? Mr. Jefferson that is unacceptable.”

He stiffened a little and his smile dropped as the two of you walked in and joined the line. “Well Y/N, believe it or not, I always had an inkling of an idea that you weren’t the fondest of me. I know Hamilton doesn’t exactly praise my existence.”

You bit your lip, trying to think of what to say.

You amicably bumped your shoulder into his chest. “Hey, I’m capable of making my own judgements on character.”

A smile slowly made its way onto his face. “Oh Yeah? And how am i doing?”

“You’re an absolute delight.”

You hadn’t even noticed that the line had dwindled down.

“Ah! Mr. Thomas! Good to see you again! And Ms. Y/N, back so soon? You two know each other?” the older woman behind the counter grinned.

“Mrs. Ricci, it’s good to see you too!” Thomas smiled back.

“You want your regular?” she asked causing you to wiggle your eyebrows at Mr. Jefferson. “you have a regular?”

He blushed, verbally disregarding your comment. “Yes Mrs. Ricci that would be great.” He looked to you. “Did you want anything?”

“Don’t worry about me, i’m just going to get Mr. Mulligan his hot chocolate.” your eyes wandered to the treats that decorated the glass case to the right of you and your stomach rumbled. Thomas followed your eyes and looked at you with concern. “When was the last time you ate?”

You waved him off. “I had a large breakfast. Like I said, don’t worry about me.”  

Mr. Jefferson looked to Mrs. Ricci “could I also get a large hot chocolate, a chamomile tea and a two cheese bagels with cream cheese all to go?”

“Thomas.” you groaned.

Your eyes were wide as you realized what you had just said. You took a small step away from him and cleared your throat. “Sorry, Mr. Jefferson, that was out of line of me.”

He sighed and took out his wallet, tossing a few bills on the counter.

Mrs. Ricci placed down a brown takeout bag and a tray of drinks with a smile before grasping the money on the counter and handing him the change.

“Thank you.” he said, grabbing the bag and tray somehow in one hand, placing the other on the small of your back before leading you out the small cafe.

The walk back was silent and you felt your phone buzz in you purse.

It was from Hamilton. ‘U ok? Ur taking a long time.’

You rolled your eyes and slid open your lock screen.

‘Yes I’m fine Mr Hamilton :) we’re on our way back now.’  

You yawned and felt Mr. Jefferson’s light grip on your back pull you a little closer. “tired? “ he asked.

You nodded lazily, suddenly feeling the weight of the day on your shoulders. You wouldn’t tell Mr. Jefferson due to his luxurious status, but you worked two jobs in order to pay off your loans and bills.

The two of you had reached the elevator and in your tired stupor, you rest your head on his shoulder and closed your eyes. He held you tighter and rest his chin on your head. You could barely make out Mr. Jefferson pressing way too many elevator buttons, but you could care less, you were so tired and he was so comfy.

You took in his scent loudly causing a deep rumble to make it’s way through his chest.

He smelled like cinnamon and vanilla, but there was a slight undertone of a pine underneath it.

You basked in his warmth until he softly called your name. “Y/N.” You raised your head. “We’re almost at our floor.”

You pouted to yourself and detached yourself from him. He handed you the hot chocolate and winked at you, waving the bag of food with a cunning smirk.

You looked at him questioningly as the door opened.

He glanced at you once more before wordlessly strutted to his office, closing the door behind him as you walked out slowly behind him. “Mr. Mulligan? I have your hot chocolate.”

“Thank you so much Y/N” he replied.

Laurens took in your current state. “Y/N, you look exhausted, why don’t you sit down?”

Before you could take Laurens up on his offer, Mr. Jefferson’s door opened.

He offered you a secret smile before his authoritative voice filled up the office room. “Ms. L/N, can i speak with you in my office.


Shadowhunters Appreciation Weeks - Week 7 (May 29-June 4)

Favorite Outfits: Alec Edition

Izzy / Magnus / Ladies

Random Drabble #4: The Coworker

Originally posted by cuteguk

Title: The Coworker

Random Matchup: Jungkook | Your Coworker 

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Fluff and Fluff.

A/N: Dude, like why is this just so adorable to me. I can’t -insert crying emoji here- haha. Enjoy this one. 

Send me two numbers between 1 and 26 and I will make a drabble from it. 

“Alright let’s start this meeting,” said your boss as he looked over all his lower supervisors. “We have a bunch of newbies coming in today, make sure they don’t screw up or it’s your ass on the line got it. We don’t have time for fun and games if they screw up, send them packing. No ifs, ands, or buts. Are we clear?”

A low rumble echoed through the conference room as people stood up and headed for the door. You following them, before you boss called your name, “Ah, Y/n come here for a moment.” You closed your eyes worried you did something wrong as you turn and face him.

“Yes, sir what seems to be the problem?” you say politely as you walk over to where he is sitting at the head of the conference table, his face curled into a smile as he looked you up and down, “You have a very special newbie today. He is the son of a friend of mine, I would treat him well if I were you. I don’t want to hear any bad things from him or his father, understand.”

You nodded quickly, trying to hide the sudden nervousness that was churning in the pit of your stomach. “Yes sir, I will do my best to make sure he is taken care of.” He nodded and waved you from the room.

As you walked out, you glanced at your watch realising it was time for you to meet your new employee. Cringing when you remembered what your boss had said. He was his friend’s son, and if you didn’t treat him the best possible, your boss would probably fire you.

You walked to the waiting area where you spoke to the secretary, grabbing all the needed paperwork, looking down at his resume. It was actually quite impressive, plenty of experience in your field, thank god. Looking up at the name you called it out, “Jeon Jungkook?” Quietly a man in a black dress shirt stood up, his jacket placed on his arm as he smiled at you.

What your boss failed to tell you was how young he looked. He had black hair that was slicked back, his brown chocolate eyes, staring directly into yours. You could tell he worked out by the muscles peeking out from his long shirt, and he was fairly tall compared to you as well.

“Hello, I am Jeon Jungkook, you must be Ms Y/N. My father said your boss gave me the best of the best. Is that true?” He said as he held out his hand.

You shook his hand, “Nice to meet you, Mr Jeon. As far as being the best I would say that;s exaggerating a bit, but I won’t deny that I work hard either,” you say with a friendly smile.

He chuckles. “Ah, modest, a nice asset to have. You really must be good at your job then.”

You blush a little and turn toward the door, “Follow me, I will show you to your new office.”

“Thank you.” He smiles at you as he steps in front of you, opening the door for you, catching you off guard.

Months had passed and Mr Jeon was settling in well, he became the most popular person in the office, something you never could be. You were never that social, and when you got promoted a lot of people were surprised that the quiet worker made it up higher then them, because of this a lot of people envied you and hated you for it, but you didn’t mind.

Somehow though, he always stopped by your office to talk to you, even if it was a simple hello, he always made it his goal to get you to smile.

Today, you were hunched over your computer squinting at it as you tried to read an email. Your brows scrunched together as you signed leaning back and closing your eyes, rubbing your temples in annoyance. One of the files you had sent over to another department had disappeared which meant you had to stay late to rewrite it and make sure it got sent over by morning.

“Bad day huh?”

You jumped slightly as you opened your eyes to see him sit down on the side of your desk, a smile slowly spreading across your face as he saw you jump. “Well Mr Jeon, I guess you could say that. One of the files I sent over has vanished, I am going to have to stay late to redo it, same old problems right?” you said as you let a small smile cross your face, trying to look as happy as you possibly could.

“You can call me Jungkook, how many times have we gone over this?” he chuckled before continuing, “If you need to I can stay tonight, I have nothing planned.” He shrugged and stood up, walking around to stand behind you as he looked at the email talking about the missing file. “Yeah I will stay for sure, you will be here all night if you don’t have me help you.”

You rolled your eyes. “No, it’s okay. I can handle it. Thank you though,” you say as you close your email. “It won’t take me too long, I have done this plenty of times before it’s no biggy. Don’t you have a bar night planned with the rest of our coworkers anyways?”

He shrugged, “Well, yeah I do, but you need help and I would rather stay here with you then go out and get drunk with a bunch of people who like to gossip about everyone else at work,”  he said as he leans over, placing his one hand on the mouse and bringing up the email again, his other arm resting on the opposite side of you, pinning you in between his arms, trapping you.

A deep blush crossed your cheeks as you felt the warmth of his almost embrace around you. The smell of his musky cologne filling your nose, making you intoxicated. You bit your lip as you watched him as he reread the email, mumbling as he read it out loud. “Don’t you like gossiping about them?”

He chuckled as he looked down at you, “Not when they are talking about you, which is all they seem to do nowadays.” He shook his head as he closed out of the email and stood back up. “It’s always about you, and I don’t understand why. You work hard and do everything you can to save their asses, but yet they still talk so badly about you behind your back. I just don’t understand it. You are such a sweet, kind, and beautiful person. It makes me angry to hear them talking about you like that.”

He looks at the blush that crosses your face and chuckles as you look down at your lap, playing with your hands as you spoke. “Yeah, it’s always been like that. I guess it’s because I don’t socialise a lot. I prefer to just do my job and go home, I don’t feel the need to socialise, I can do that with my friends. I am here to work.”

He nods, “I know, I have seen. Anywho, I will see you once everyone leaves, if you want I can grab some food and come back and we can work on it together.”

“Sure, if you are that determined to stay and work on this file with me, I won’t stop you.”

“Good because I want to.” He smirks as he walks to the door, nodding goodbye as he leaves.

“Andddd done!” he says enthusiastically as he looks at the clock, “And we got done in record time!”

Leaning back against your office chair you let out a sigh or relief, you were grateful he stayed with you because you would have been here for at least three more hours if he hadn’t kept his word. “Thank you, Mr Jeon, er I mean Jungkook for staying and working on this with me, I owe you.”

A smirk spread across his face as he closed his computer and stood up stretching. “If you owe me can I ask for something now?”

You looked up at him shocked, “Uh, sure I guess so”

He smiled as he came over next to you and leant on the desk, his face inching closer to you. “Join me at my father’s party tomorrow, I will pay for the dress and everything. Please?”

Your eyes bugged out and you rolled back in your chair. “I, you realise I didn’t expect you to say something like that! I can’t that would be against…”

He chuckled and placed his finger on your lips, stopping your movement and words instantly as you looked at him still shocked. “I want you to, and I already asked my father and our boss, they both agreed it was fine. I really want you there. Please, y/n. For once, take a step back and let someone else do the work.”

You sighed realising you weren’t getting no for an answer and nodded quickly. A slight smile spreading across your face.

“Good, You have the day off tomorrow, and I have a stylist coming to your apartment to help you pick a dress and get you ready for tomorrow night. I will take care of work here. Don’t worry.”

Blushing you nodded, he laughed and placed his hand on your cheek. “I never realised how much one person could possible blush, you really are beautiful.”

You squeeze your eyes shut, “Jungkook…Why are you…”

His hand traces down your face to your chin and lifts it up. “Isn’t it obvious, I like you. I think you are beautiful and cute and I want to take you out to get to know you better.”

Opening your eyes you see him smiling at you. “Yo- you like me!?”

He chuckled, “Still so modest, you really are cute y/n,” he said as he leans over inches from your forehead. “May I?” he whispers.

Your breathing hitches as you nod, his lips brushing your forehead before pressing against it in a small kiss as he pulls away.

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine,” he says calmly as he walks toward the door. “We should head home it’s late.”

Nodding, still in a daze, you stand up, grab your things and head for the door with him as he grabs his jacket.

As you are walking toward the exit together you look down at his hands and then back up at him. Slowly you brush them up against his and he grabs on to them immediately.

The both of you, walked hand in hand together out of the office, smiles plastered across both of your faces.


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August 2016 | May 2017

So I am very proud of myself, just looking at these side by side… THAT’S A FEW MONTHS’ DIFFERENCE, IMAGINE A FEW YEARS! 

Any who, you can see in the redraw I altered a few things like the background and what Cullen’s wearing (it’s snowing outside and I put the man in a dress shirt, clever) just so they’d make more sense and well, look better. 

Okay I’m rambling now, have at it! 

BBRae Week 2017 - Telling the Team

I apologize for what you are about to read. 

The common room that was once the place of countless meetings, lounging, and social events for young, teenage superheroes, was now the setting for a small gathering of retirees. Old men and women sat around the infamous couch, chatting idly with one another. On one end on the couch was an older man dressed a plain white shirt, black pants, and a red tie. He had thin grey hair, a cane in his hand, and a familiar black mask over his sunken eyes. Sitting next to him was an equally aged woman, who still had long flowing hair, but the last of its fiery-red color was faded and intermingled with white. On the other side of the couch sat a large, black man, with a hunched back and walker sitting in front of him. He too had grey hair, but only on the sides of his otherwise, bald head. The man was more of a machine really, with only the very last basic human parts left exposed. They were all waiting for the man that had summoned them here. That man was hiding behind a door that separated the common room from the hallway.  He was a green-skinned man, with pointed ears and a jutting fang protruding from his bottom lip. He, like the female, had aged rather nicely. He had mostly grey hair, with only a few stray forest-green locks sticking out. His senses were still sharp as ever, and physically he was doing pretty well for a 77 year-old.

He was waiting behind the door, listening to his old friends attempting to make conversation as they awaited his announcement. His palms were sweaty and his stomach kept doing somersaults. It reminded him of all the other times he has been in this exact situation. When he would be found standing behind the door, anxiously preparing to make a nerve-racking, life-changing announcement to his teammates.  The feeling of déjà vu brought back all those memories from long ago.

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