man's cleavage

This is what a blessing looks like. 

“Sunrise…” you whisper.

Ardyn nods smiling, his eyes fixed on the determined little laborer in the horizon. “I wanted you to behold it. It may be the last one we share.”

-from Chapter 11 in @breath0ftheglacian’s A Man of No Consequence

That chapter was a feels storm. It touched my heart😭

Side note. Ardyn’s butt-cleavage.

Yup, despite the fact that his only possible connection to India would be some kind of colonial history in his family, the extremely white Cumberbatch played Khan. Naturally, a lot of people called the movie out for casting a white actor who also never once attempted to proudly display his glistening man-cleavage.

But rather than leave this kinda racist thread hanging in the middle of Star Trek’s continuity, the comic book tie-in stepped up to the plate and addressed the pasty white elephant in the room. The series Star Trek: Khan takes place immediately after the events of Into Darkness, with Khan on trial for all of his evil dickishness. We then see flashbacks to Khan’s past, when he looks like a combination of Montalban and, you know, an actual Indian person.  This even causes some confusion at the trial.

It’s eventually revealed that the evil Admiral Marcus surgically altered Khan – either so Khan wouldn’t be recognized from his role in history, or because he was simply a huge Sherlock fan.

6 Ridiculous Ways Movies Plugged Up Famous Plot Holes


Rebecca Maria Hall is an English actress from London England. In 2003, she won the Ian Charleson Award for her debut stage performance. She has appeared in the films The Prestige, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, The Town, The Awakening, Frost/Nixon, Iron Man 3, Transcendence, and The Gift.

In 2016, she portrayed the troubled news anchor Christine Chubbuck in the critically acclaimed drama Christine. In 2010, she won the Supporting Actress BAFTA for her portrayal of Paula Garland in the tv-series Red Riding. She was also the Lead Actress in Parade’s End, opposite Benedict Cumberbatch.

my one problem with jupiter ascending is that it is now in direct competition with my love of maleficent

do I want a submissive bird boy who turns into a wolf or a submissive wolf boy who has bird wings

fairy anarchy or space communism

“mistress” or “your majesty”

queen angelina jolie or queen mila kunis

shirt with man cleavage or man with no shirt at all for like 15 minutes of the movie