man's cleavage

This is what a blessing looks like. 

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I have a vision of Pynch in the future; Adam comes home, he's filled out even more, he's used his business degree to open and run an extremely successful art gallery that specifically helps young lgbt artists get exposure, ANYWAY, he comes home from work, he's usually slicked out but it's the end of the day and he's all ruffled, he takes his suit jacket off and undoes the top few buttons (bc ronan likes man cleavage in the evenings). (1/2)

(2/2) He walks into the kitchen and finds his Tall Muscular Handsome hubby decked out in nothing but boxers + an apron, cooking. Like gourmet chef-esque cooking with over the top ingredients. Adam is reeling and the first thing he asks is “when the hell did you learn this?” “my dad” ronan replies. “you learned to cook like this as a kid and you ate the way we did as teenagers” and ronan just says “the fridge was always empty and gansey was happy to buy pizza” and adam basically has an aneurysm

this… is perhaps the best thing i’ve ever seen with my eyes??? i love the way you struck a balance between adam being a business dude with business goals while also having a soft spot for art and ultimately wanting to help people?? adam specifically undoing his buttons because he knows ronan likes a view?? ronan being a no-big-deal stellar chef after being a Pizza Teen who ate exclusively pizza?? so domestic so good 10/10 i’m SO HAPPY