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I hope trans boys and their boyfriends are having a good day.

I hope trans boys and their girlfriends sleep well tonight.

I hope trans boys and their nb sweethearts eat really yummy food and spend a lot of time together today.

I just really want trans boys and the people they love to be happy. That’s all.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @amazingphil!

Tips for trans boys afraid of getting shots but who need testosterone injections

The most important thing to do is not look at the needle. Not when they’re injecting. Not when they’re prepping it. Never. It will psyche you out.

When getting the injection, bring a loved one and squeeze on their hand as you’re getting it.

Be careful to relax your leg or arm and let it hang limp while getting the injection. Hurts much, much less.

Take big deep breaths and relax. What you’re getting is going to be helping you. It’s going to be okay


I spent my evening with people that I have known since I was 14, back when I was awkward and spent more time with teachers at social events than other kids my age. I was shy and focused all my energy into school work and sports to ignore what I felt about myself. People that have known me since before I came out as a lesbian, then queer, then trans. I hadn’t seen them since I started this transition and I was pretty nervous, but the night was perfect and exactly what I needed. Only positivity and love and goodness. The people in your life that matter only want you happy, and even as time passes they stay the same consistent rocks you can count on. tonight I was very happy, sharing that happiness with people that I count very dear to me and missed very much. ❤

i still have no idea what i was intending with this picture but its somehow one of my favourite things ive drawn