So hey! I suck at using Tumblr, so instead of complicating myself I’ll just post this again, adding the next page c: 

I think I’ve improved a little since I started this. That’s nice. 

So. Cryaotic’s Journey to Man'dom. Hope you guys like it!

For more info or whatever see my dA.


“One man’s journey from the lonely road of cowardice to the path of Man'dom!” -Cry

So hey people, I plan to do a little ‘comic’ -around 9 pages- showing Cryaotic’s tough journey to Man'dom. It won’t be following a line according to the games Cry’s played, mostly it will just have spooky or insane stuff, but I may use some games as a reference sometimes.

Also, if anyone has any idea for another page, something you’d like to see, please feel free to tell me c: