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Good Daddy

Title: Good Daddy

Genre: Smut, daddy!kink, mature content

Characters: Namjoon x Reader

Length: 3249 words

A/n: No amount of holy water can cleanse my soul. I am a beacon of sin. I swear I’m not even a daddy kink kind of girl… I just think about this a lot…


Namjoon pushed you against the wall without warning, his long fingers digging into your arms harshly. His face came centimeters from yours, his breath coming out hot and panting on your temple.

You still weren’t used to this. The first time it had happened, more fear than lust had risen in you but once he got going, you couldn’t help but bask in his treatment. Now was no different, it started with fear that slowly melted into desire.

His hand was at your jaw pushing your face up to expose your neck to him. He licked a thick strip of it up from your clavicle, ending with a bite at your ear. You whimpered at the attention, your panties beginning to stick to your skin.

“You’re eager today baby.” His voice was low in your ear and it sent shivers down your spine that melted into your core, leaving you throbbing and desperate for friction. He pushed your jaw up harshly when you didn’t answer.

“Yes-s daddy.”

“Tell me baby girl, what do you want daddy to do?”

His grip on your jaw slacked but only slightly as you felt the bruises forming under his fingertips. He brought his mouth right below your ear, sucking at the tender skin with an open mouth, his tongue painting over your skin. You withered beneath his hold, his body towering over you and closing you in, that with the combination of his tongue’s soft rhythm had you soaking and dying to be touched.

“Come on baby. If you don’t answer me I’m going to have to punish you.”

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Saitama and Genos and cooking!! Maybe Saitama gets back to the apartment after a really bad day or something and he's just met with gorgeous waifu Genos deep into his cooking in the kitchen and the sight of him just makes Saitama go ❤❤❤. Or just saigenos cooking haha

I’ll articulate everything better later, but these are some things I feel right now.

The vigil, all vigils, have felt really surreal. I kept looking around trying to figure out what to do, how I should act, trying to gauge by other people’s behavior what the Proper Way to Grieve is as if there’s a How To Be Sad for Dummies manual everyone’s read but me. I went from never having as much as attended a funeral to going to 3 vigils in 2 days. Over the past 72 hours I’ve seen so many people go through so many stages of coping with their pain. I have seen a man in a leprechaun hat and leather kilt openly weep at The Parliament House and I have vomited into my passenger seat at 10 in the morning. 

When I got to the vigil at Dr. Phillips, I remember seeing a man handing out water bottles, passing out crayons for people to write messages on the memorial sheet. He seemed like he knew what he was doing, at least more so than I did. Every time I looked up, he would be walking around, moving past people, on another of his important vigil missions. Eventually I heard him say “Excuse me” to someone and the person in turn asked him, “Where are you going?” to which he said, “I don’t know. I don’t know where I’m going. I just have to get there.” And that pretty aptly describes how me and a lot of my loved ones are feeling right now. We’re just trying to figure out how to get there, to that place where everything will be okay, or not even okay, just tolerably painful.

I was particularly moved by how anti-xenophobic a lot of the speeches that were given were. When a tragedy of this magnitude happens, you begin to question the humanity in people, and for a second I slipped into an ugly place where I thought I might never be able to trust anyone again. But when you’re standing in a crowd of over 5,000 people and they’re all screaming at the top of their lungs that we don’t want to see other people hurt as a result of this, that we don’t want any sort of retaliation, we just want to remember the people we care about, you can’t help but feel an overwhelming surge of love for the community.

I was frustrated–pissed off, actually–when one of the speakers claimed that “we are all gay, we are all latino.” I keep seeing people across social media make this about themselves to the point of being laughably self-centered. A friend of mine told me that she saw someone on her Facebook feed lament the times that she would go to the Einstein Bagel’s across the street from Pulse and how it “could have been her.” No, it could not. No, we are not all gay and latino. This isn’t the time to mourn your morning fucking bagel.

I know one person who was killed, a handful that were there but managed to escape. I don’t know if any of my friends are in the hospital because I don’t have access to the full injured list. Most of my loved ones are safe, but at all times I am carrying in the back of my head the knowledge that there are still people in my life unaccounted for. The person I knew who was killed I only knew peripherally. It was someone I met early last year at a bar. I remember thinking he was cute, and I was having a difficult time in other areas of my life and just wanted to have a good time and remember that good times were possible. I kissed him and one of his friends told me that he had a boyfriend. I distanced myself from him for the rest of the night. He sent me a friend request the next morning. I only accepted it yesterday morning after I found out he was dead. I won’t reveal who he was because I don’t want people to question whether he was a good person or not, he was, and I don’t know what he was going through back then, either. I just wish I had accepted that request when it would have actually meant something.

Before the attack, I thought the community was headed in a positive direction. I know that it still is. One idiot doing one awful thing is hardly enough to change that. I almost want to laugh at him. I cannot imagine being so self-important, so delusional to think he could really break us. Working through Polylust, I’ve performed for so many beautiful, diverse crowds. I’ve been told that another of the victims had been to our shows. Always, at every single show, all of our performers swallowed the idea that someone might come to try to harm us. We didn’t always perform in queer spaces. We were in punk bars, dives, venues without air conditioning, much less security. I don’t know how to contextualize the idea that one of the victims was at a show yet, but to think that I made them laugh, feel good about being queer–that is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

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Previous nonny here :3!! How about an AU in which one of them isn't a superhero and/or a Natasha Stark AU and/or a Rumiko and Tony au. Plenty of choice :D (your writing makes me happy btw)

  1. Steve Rogers meets Iron Man when a water main bursts and the subway car he’s on nearly floods. Steve is pinned against the wall by the rush of water and is the last one pulled out of the car. Iron Man pulls him out and gets him to safety, then stays with him while the medics check him out. He even takes his mask off which ends up being a terrible idea because his eyes are such an amazing shade of blue that it makes Steve’s breath catch and the medics think he’s choking.
  2. Their first date gets interrupted by aliens. The second date by some kind of corporate takeover attempt and the third one ends when Tony collapses halfway through the first course because he had been hiding a pretty serious  head injury.
  3. Pepper meets Steve for the first time when she walks into Tony’s hospital room just in time to hear the tail end of a spectacular lecture on how Tony needed to be more responsible and take better care of himself. Then Steve leaned down and kissed him and said, so softly she had to strain to hear it “I just got you, I can’t lose you yet.”
  4. Pepper pretty much liked Steve from the start
  5. Tony declares that Steve’s superhero name should be Captain Tightbutt. He offers to tell everyone what Steve’s powers are but no one takes him up on it except Bucky.
  6. Bucky pretty much likes Tony from the start.
  7. Steve ends up joining SHIELD so he can be on the front lines with Tony.
  8. Maria Hill calls him Captain Tightbutt on his first day and the name sticks for years.
  9. Nick Fury had to rewrite the fraternization rules for them after the third time someone caught them having “thank god you aren’t dead” sex in a supply room. Tony points out that he’s not technically an agent of SHIELD, he’s just a consultant, and consultants can have sex with anyone they want, even Coulson. Steve objects to this line of thinking pretty strongly and they end up having a fifteen minute long conversation about their sex lives while Nick Fury bangs his head against his desk and Steve tries not to laugh.
  10. They get married on the helicarrier while Tony’s bleeding out and a half dozen technicians are frantically trying to cut his ruined armor away so the medics can do their job. Tony’s got blood on his lips when he asks Nick to marry them - “you’re the captain, right? I want to marry him if it’s the last thing I do on this earth.”
  11. It turns out Nick Fury does not have the power to marry his employees, but he didn’t think Stark would live long enough to care about the details. Tony pouts all through his convalescence that they would have let him die single.
  12. Steve ends up dragging a real priest into Tony’s hospital room just to shut him  up. It works out pretty well.