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Good Daddy

Title: Good Daddy

Genre: Smut, daddy!kink, mature content

Characters: Namjoon x Reader

Length: 3249 words

A/n: No amount of holy water can cleanse my soul. I am a beacon of sin. I swear I’m not even a daddy kink kind of girl… I just think about this a lot…


Namjoon pushed you against the wall without warning, his long fingers digging into your arms harshly. His face came centimeters from yours, his breath coming out hot and panting on your temple.

You still weren’t used to this. The first time it had happened, more fear than lust had risen in you but once he got going, you couldn’t help but bask in his treatment. Now was no different, it started with fear that slowly melted into desire.

His hand was at your jaw pushing your face up to expose your neck to him. He licked a thick strip of it up from your clavicle, ending with a bite at your ear. You whimpered at the attention, your panties beginning to stick to your skin.

“You’re eager today baby.” His voice was low in your ear and it sent shivers down your spine that melted into your core, leaving you throbbing and desperate for friction. He pushed your jaw up harshly when you didn’t answer.

“Yes-s daddy.”

“Tell me baby girl, what do you want daddy to do?”

His grip on your jaw slacked but only slightly as you felt the bruises forming under his fingertips. He brought his mouth right below your ear, sucking at the tender skin with an open mouth, his tongue painting over your skin. You withered beneath his hold, his body towering over you and closing you in, that with the combination of his tongue’s soft rhythm had you soaking and dying to be touched.

“Come on baby. If you don’t answer me I’m going to have to punish you.”

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sunsolaire  asked:

Saitama and Genos and cooking!! Maybe Saitama gets back to the apartment after a really bad day or something and he's just met with gorgeous waifu Genos deep into his cooking in the kitchen and the sight of him just makes Saitama go ❤❤❤. Or just saigenos cooking haha

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"Teenage sam actually reading up on this stuff and doing research. and teaching Dean about his body." Do go on.

(read on AO3)

Sam spent a very careful hour on the computer at the library, the one that was turned away from the information desk so that Mrs. Lowenstein couldn’t see what he was looking up. It’s not—not like it was bad, anyway. It’s just anatomical diagrams. The illustrated Encyclopedia Britannica at school had some of the same pictures—it’s just that they’d been marked up by all the kids who had the same thought Sam had, and people had colored in the boobs and scribbled in sharpie over the penis and written Steve Carmichael is a fag! in the—the rectal area, and, well, that wasn’t exactly helpful.

“Earth to Sammy,” Dean says.

Sam bites his lip. Dean raises his eyebrows, propped on his elbows on the crappy mattress. In the slatted light from the afternoon leaking in behind the blinds he’s all golden-pale, still in his jeans, his feet bare and planted on the bed. “Sorry,” Sam says, too late, and clears his throat.

“It’s your show, dude,” Dean says, in that voice he uses when he’s trying to be all reasonable and adult. It doesn’t sound right out of his mouth. Sam clenches his fists in his jeans, because that’s also the voice Dean uses when he’s trying to— “No big deal,” Dean continues, and yeah. Like he’s trying to give Sam an out.

“Did you do what I told you?” Sam says. He maybe sounds a little annoyed, but come on. Like they haven’t been over that a hundred times.

Dean blinks at him. “Yeah.” He licks his lips, shifts his hips, and then puts on a grin, one of those big shiny flirting with waitresses ones, like Sam’s gonna give him a slice of pie for free or something. “Kinda hungry now, but you’re gonna make it worth my while, right?”

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The Great Outdoors

Title: The Great Outdoors

Characters: Reader x Jimin

Genre: Smut

Length: 2775 words

A/N: This was just really satisfying to finish. If you guys can’t tell I seriously dislike hiking unless there’s a reward involved. Shout out to my favorite horny bean @bangtanseagull This one’s for you babe!


You hated hiking. You had nothing against nature but hiking always ended badly for you. To begin with your balance was horrible and you tripped a number of times on any given day, so to be walking down a trail littered with rocks and nature, was just an accident waiting to happen. But Jimin always managed to convince you that you’d enjoy yourself. Mostly he just made that sad puppy face until you let your defenses down, then by the time you realized you were giving in, he was wearing that adorable eye smile and you couldn’t say no.

So here you were, two hours into your hike, no idea what the final destination is, watching your hot boyfriend hold his hand out to help you down a small, potentially murderous hill.

“Careful y/n” You rolled your eyes at him but held onto his hand more tightly as you made your way down.

Once you were safe on the ground Jimin turned away and started making his way further down the trail ahead of you. At first you bit your tongue and followed sluggishly behind him watching the ground for possible death traps. There was something off about him today, usually he’d stick by your side and make sure you didn’t decide a poisonous plant looked pretty and gather it up again. But today he kept ditching you and walking ahead.

You looked up to see how far he was from you and realized he was gone altogether.

“Ya! Park Jimin! Are you going to just leave me here?!” You kept walking, waiting for Jimin to run back to you but instead you received no response.

“Jimin?” You kept walking until you finally found Jimin’s backpack lying in the dirt at the edge of a small lagoon. You leaned down to pick it up, your eyes searching for some sign of your boyfriend when you finally spotted him. The top of his head peeking out from the glistening water of the lagoon, his dark hair catching the sunlight. You dropped his backpack back down and removed your own. Leaning down you took off your shoes and cuffed your pants before wading ankle deep into the water.

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Bruising Waters Pt. 4

Oue fearless leader’s turn to see Lance, and all the final pieces of the puzzle that is Lance falls into place.

Link to AO3 (for full fic directly)  Part 1 Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5

Lance absentmindedly hummed one of his mother’s favorite lullabies as he looked over his fins.  He was giddy at the opportunity to be taking care of himself again.  Lance had always prided himself on his impeccable fins and scales.  His mamá had always said that their blue rivaled the depths of the ocean itself.  He noticed with some satisfaction that some of the fluorescent blue was starting to come back into his fins and scales.  The fins along his spine and on his head by his ears were trimmed of their worst bits, and despite the sickly white color, were on their way to being fully healed.  Lance preened at the sight.  He was impressed.  Coran really knew his stuff.

He looked up as the door opened for the third time that day, grinning.  “Hey, fearless leader!  Welcome to my humble prison!”

Shiro smiled as he strode over to the tank.  “Finally.  Allura mentioned you were up.  I’ve been trying to catch you awake for days now.”

Lance grinned.  “Well, I’m a man in high demand, Shiro.”  He winked,  “But, it seems my receptionist has made an exception in my schedule.”

Shiro chuckled, “I don’t think Allura would be pleased to hear you call her that.”

Lance grimaced.  “Yeah, okay, maybe don’t tell her I said that.”

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to be human

Minion/Wayne (Minion/Metro Man)

The Shape of Water AU

K rating

for @anakinkshamer

The guiding principle of Wayne Scott’s life is pretend.

(a memory from his childhood, repeated so many times: his mother’s steady, tightly controlled voice, and the fear at the back of her eyes–

do not let them know, Wayne, darling. never let them know.

you have to pretend

you have to pretend to be human

And the thing in the tank is a chilling illustration of just why that presence is so very necessary.

Not because he’s afraid of being locked up, like the thing in the tank. Wayne hasn’t actually tested the full extent of his inhuman strength, but he knows that no humans he’s ever met–certainly not the humans in this government lab–could ever hold him against his will.

What he’s afraid of is the way they’ll look at him.

The way people look at things that aren’t human.

(the way people look at monsters)

So he pretends and he pretends and he represses his strength, controls and controls and controls–

And he learns to touch the world lightly.

His job at the lab is a simple one; his father has a business relationship with this particular branch of the government. Wayne’s father pulled the strings to get him the job, and it’s definitely that kind of job. The kind of job that people give to the sons of rich business men. Shuffle some papers, take a lot of coffee breaks, never do anything important.

The job is–fine. It’s fine.

The problem is that his office happens to face the tank.

The tank of water with the–thing–in it.

It looks like a fish. Kind of. Kind of like a fish. But its teeth are too sharp and its gaze is too sharp and there’s a kind of metal antennae that protrudes from the top of its head.

Alien technology. That’s what the scientists think. That’s why they’re keeping the thing here, why they’re…testing it.

Wayne really wishes his office didn’t face the thing’s tank.

He doesn’t want to look at the thing, really he doesn’t, but somehow he always seems to find his eyes drawn to it against his will, and then he’ll come to himself with a jolt and realize that he’s been staring at the thing for who knows how long again.

He comes to himself with a jolt now.

Yes, he’s definitely been staring again. Only–

–only this time, the thing in the tank is staring back.

It’s holding itself in one place in the water, and it’s looking at him, staring at him, its eyes locked with his, and Wayne feels utterly paralyzed by the intensity of its focus.

And then–

–it starts to swim, which is a relief at first, because it means it’s not looking at him anymore but…

…but then Wayne realizes that the thing is swimming in a pattern, a pattern that repeats itself over and over again, and Wayne’s eyes begin to trace the movements, to see the pattern and he realizes that it’s–

Spelling. It’s spelling out a word, writing it, as if its body is the tip of a pen, letters in a cursive script.


The shock of realization goes through him like an electric current.


He’s holding his pencil too tightly, Wayne realizes. He’s crushed it completely.


The thing in the tank stops its swimming and looks at Wayne, its gaze focused and intent–waiting to see if Wayne’s understood the message, waiting to see if Wayne will–

–respond. It’s waiting to see if he’ll respond oh god–

(he could pretend he could pretend he didn’t see it didn’t understand it he could pretend he has to pretend you have to pretend you have to be human you have to–)


–slowly, deliberately, and without looking away from the thing in the tank–

Wayne nods.

Flight of the Albatross - Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time [Part 1]

From the “Find your dialogue prompt” the title was inspired by the Panic! At the Disco song of the same name.
A) “Can I help you?”
18) “Please, tell me more.”

The tavern appeared for all intents and purposes to be innocuous, dimly lit and–over all–well-loved by the numerous patrons that entered it’s walls. Pirates and local sailors filled the dining hall with a cacophonous din, their voices roaring as they chattered, swapping stories and just in general having a pleasant time. Cigar smoke gave the room a perpetual haze, the scent of spilled booze from harried waitstaff mixing with its cloying odor.

Law hated it.

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for t.m.

i cannot return home
it is gone - embers
remain and you and I
we are ghosts passing
in the night - longing
for how it used to be
dancing a waltz as
poetry flows between us
as words become our
heart beat - our all
for a moment we meet
and then we part
as all vanishes
into the mist
of cold morning
i cannot return home
but i miss you so

we are dancers of a land lost to time
old and weary having seen lives past
but still - we have each other for this
last dance, just one (i won’t forget you)

I Just Want This

Anon prompted “for the drabble challenge, coldflash “I just want this.” and can you do something really nsfw? pretty please?” for the “Send me a number & 2 characters and I’ll write a drabble/ficlet” challenge. 

Well, anon, your wish is my command. This is basically 1,366 words of pure unadulterated smut, I hope you’re happy.

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DRV3 Boys Being Asked Out By Drunk S/O

Freezestime asked: Hello! Can I request the reader having the idea of “Step one, get drunk to be confident. Step two, confess love to (Name) Step three, self fulfilment.” With DRV3’s boys? (Like they’d never be able to confess their love because nerves, fear, ect so being drunk solves all issues but they didn’t think about the day after and the possible repurcussions that follow) thankies!

Haha isn’t this a cute little one now, I hope I did it right since I was a bit confused on what you meant but um enjoy anyways.

Shuichi Saihara

  • Sat at the back or the bar investigating a man across the room.
  • Writing down notes while sipping now warm water.
  • Occasionally glancing around the room.
  • He was exhausted since he been on stake out for hours.
  • Not to mention the fact he was never sleeping well.
  • Then you walked over to him.
  • Practically stumbling into the booth.
  • Grabbing him by the collar of his jacket.
  • Quietly whispering how much you adored him.
  • In every way which started to freak him out
  • Looking at you he called one of his crew.
  • Asking them to take you home.
  • For you to contact him.
  • Most likely in the morning.

Kokichi Oma

  • This was going to go so bad and everyone knew it.
  • First you both sat at a bar talking.
  • Before the rum arrived.
  • Of course he just had his Panta.
  • So when he saw you down it he knew something was up.
  • Probably an hour later he started to tease.
  • Fully aware of your status.
  • Casually walking you home.
  • Until you stopped moving.
  • Grabbing his wrist.
  • Kissing his lips then saying the confession.
  • Making him blush and call D.I.C.E.
  • Just to take you home so he could process.


  • He was at home.
  • Playing on the computer looking at cat videos.
  • Because this is how he spends Friday nights.
  • Then his phone started to ring.
  • Yet who would call near midnight.
  • Honestly he was confused when he answered with a wary hello.
  • Greeted by your voice.
  • In a slurred tone apparently.
  • Asking if everything was okay you started to cry.
  • Saying how much you loved him.
  • Moments later you hung up.
  • Causing him to freak out and go to your house the next morning.

Gonta Gokuhara

  • Actually it was at an exhibit. 
  • Where liquor was served.
  • Meanwhile while you got drunk.
  • He was admiring the new species and speaks.
  • Casually holding up conversations with many other bug lovers.
  • Before yawning where he started to feel dozy. 
  • Gently giving the woman a kiss on the hand he left the room.
  • Finding you holding a glass.
  • Yelling how much you loved him.
  • In front of half the staff,
  • Of course he turned a bright red then into a stuttering mess.
  • Daring to take you home.
  • Leaving you to think before kissing your forehead.

Korekiyo Shinguji

  • He normally doesn’t even go out to bars.
  • But you invited him along with some of your friends.
  • So he came.
  • Things went down hill after you had bottle one.
  • Running your hands through his hair.
  • Which confused him but he didn’t complain.
  • As an hour passed and a few more drinks.
  • Confession city ran into him.
  • Of course he had brought a book with him so he was reading.
  • Until you proclaimed your love for him.
  • Making him raise an eyebrow.
  • Knowing completely well you were seriously drunk.
  • Pecking your lips.
  • Yet he told your friends to take you home.

Ryoma Hoshi

  • Sat at the bar casually.
  • Taking a sip here and there.
  • Occasionally playing cards or talking to the bartender about his problems.
  • Meanwhile you stood across the room.
  • A fancy glass shaking in your hands.
  • Pink blush across your face as you made your way over.
  • Removing the card deck from him.
  • Looking for the queen and king.
  • Before showing him and letting the slurred confession out.
  • Not even breaking a sweat he asked you if you were drunk.
  • When you said no he knew you meant yes.
  • Called you a cab.
  • Quietly accepting your love as you left.

Kaito Momota

  • Just a reckless night at a bar in town.
  • Playing games with his bros as they drank.
  • But he only had a cola because he won’t admit it but he knows one has to be sober to drive them back.
  • Yet it seemed you were there as well.
  • And you just kept staring at the astronaunt.
  • Little did he know you just had a bit too much.
  • In about half an hour you stumbled over.
  • Confessing your endless dying love to him.
  • Where he just stood in shock.
  • Knowing you had gotten drunk.
  • Nervously placing in his number into your phone.
  • He said to call him tomorrow to sort this out.
  • Of course he will say yes when you have it together.

Rantaro Amami

  • Um this one is just kind of a funny story.
  • One night he was chilling at a bar.
  • With a drink in hand.
  • Being flirted with by at least ten girls.
  • Yet you stood away.
  • Far in the back drinking.
  • Tonight you would ask him out.
  • So as he walked towards the door to his taxi.
  • Latching onto his arm was you.
  • Confessing your love asking him to go out with you.
  • Blinking he patted your head before escorting you to the taxi.
  • Driving home and brought you to a guest room.
  • As the next morning came he was laughing as you told him everything. 

anonymous asked:

Previous nonny here :3!! How about an AU in which one of them isn't a superhero and/or a Natasha Stark AU and/or a Rumiko and Tony au. Plenty of choice :D (your writing makes me happy btw)

  1. Steve Rogers meets Iron Man when a water main bursts and the subway car he’s on nearly floods. Steve is pinned against the wall by the rush of water and is the last one pulled out of the car. Iron Man pulls him out and gets him to safety, then stays with him while the medics check him out. He even takes his mask off which ends up being a terrible idea because his eyes are such an amazing shade of blue that it makes Steve’s breath catch and the medics think he’s choking.
  2. Their first date gets interrupted by aliens. The second date by some kind of corporate takeover attempt and the third one ends when Tony collapses halfway through the first course because he had been hiding a pretty serious  head injury.
  3. Pepper meets Steve for the first time when she walks into Tony’s hospital room just in time to hear the tail end of a spectacular lecture on how Tony needed to be more responsible and take better care of himself. Then Steve leaned down and kissed him and said, so softly she had to strain to hear it “I just got you, I can’t lose you yet.”
  4. Pepper pretty much liked Steve from the start
  5. Tony declares that Steve’s superhero name should be Captain Tightbutt. He offers to tell everyone what Steve’s powers are but no one takes him up on it except Bucky.
  6. Bucky pretty much likes Tony from the start.
  7. Steve ends up joining SHIELD so he can be on the front lines with Tony.
  8. Maria Hill calls him Captain Tightbutt on his first day and the name sticks for years.
  9. Nick Fury had to rewrite the fraternization rules for them after the third time someone caught them having “thank god you aren’t dead” sex in a supply room. Tony points out that he’s not technically an agent of SHIELD, he’s just a consultant, and consultants can have sex with anyone they want, even Coulson. Steve objects to this line of thinking pretty strongly and they end up having a fifteen minute long conversation about their sex lives while Nick Fury bangs his head against his desk and Steve tries not to laugh.
  10. They get married on the helicarrier while Tony’s bleeding out and a half dozen technicians are frantically trying to cut his ruined armor away so the medics can do their job. Tony’s got blood on his lips when he asks Nick to marry them - “you’re the captain, right? I want to marry him if it’s the last thing I do on this earth.”
  11. It turns out Nick Fury does not have the power to marry his employees, but he didn’t think Stark would live long enough to care about the details. Tony pouts all through his convalescence that they would have let him die single.
  12. Steve ends up dragging a real priest into Tony’s hospital room just to shut him  up. It works out pretty well.