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Sans finally comes clean…but whether Frisk will be satisfied with just knowing what happened is another matter entirely!

More will be coming along in the future!


–Dogs of Future Past–


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Masterpost and FAQ

i understand there are green day fans who haven’t been fans that long or they are just casual fans who don’t know too much about the boys’ personal lives, but alcohol addiction is such a distasteful thing to joke about. it’s as serious as any drug addiction. just because he did seemingly silly things when he was drunk doesn’t mean he can’t do those same things now that he’s sober and actually healthy and aware of doing those things. let the man be naked and happy without turning his past against him or into a bad joke.

Headcanons: The companions and their biggest fears

Cait isn’t proud of her past and is afraid that she will one day dip back into bad habits. Sole worked so hard to get her clean and in her mind, the road back to using is very short.

Codsworth fears being forgotten or left to rot. He was built to serve, to maintain. But what use a robot if there is no one to serve?. After a century of waiting for his owner, Codsworth fears that loneliness.

Curie’s biggest fear is seeing the people she cares about being harmed and being unable to stop it.

Danse fears silence. Spending most of his life on the Prydwen, he’s accustomed to hearing a flurry of background noise, the ship’s engines, the murmured conversations of his peers. To have that comfort snatched away from him would be deadly.

Every time Sole brings up the topic, Deacon’s answer is the same: “The waste fears me, buddy.” But in truth, Deacon was terribly afraid of spiders.

Dogmeat can’t stand seeing Sole hurt or in trouble.

As childish as it sounds, Preston is afraid of the dark, of the slow moments before his body has fallen fully asleep. In those few seconds that feel like an eternity, he can hear the pained cries of his fallen comrades. He is forever haunted by visions and sounds that only find him at night.

Hancock is afraid of losing himself. While the case could be made that he lost himself the day he took his first puff of jet, the real Hancock was always there. The one that stood up for those that couldn’t. But the day he doesn’t do that… he’d be better off dead.

MacCready is afraid he’s going to lose Duncan; that the medicine he is looking for isn’t there. That there is no hope. That he has failed his family.

Strong was too prideful to ever admit it, but he was deathly afraid of seeming weak to anyone, especially himself.

Nick can’t remember a life before Diamond City. It scares him to no end that he can’t. He is a man without a past. He is afraid that one day, he’ll be a man without future.

Piper feared lies. While her articles sometimes ‘stretched’ the truth for the benefit of Diamond City residents, Piper was afraid of lies. Not the kind you told children so they’d sleep at night, but the dangerous kind, the kind that pushed men to draw their weapons and set off nukes.

X6-88 wasn’t programmed to feel fear, but as he spends more time with Sole, X6 realizes that his anger when Sole acts reckless isn’t a programmed response to preserve Father’s family. It was fear. He was afraid of losing Sole.

- written by @saltynightmares

Kaneki’s mentioning to Akira
“im so lonely” with such an ironically bright smile tore my heart into pieces.
Even if he’s surrounded by so many people AND the people he wants to protect (Hinami, Touka, Nishiki etc), our stupid protagonist still feels lonesome.
It seems like nobody can fill that emptiness and loneliness inside of him.
Yet in one chapter where we saw Nagachika Hideyoshi in Kaneki’s mind, the whitehaired, young man confessed that he was and is feeling lonely without his past (and probably dead) best friend.
Aint that really frustrating.
Hide was the only one who was able to fill Kaneki’s life which is not some stupid delusion from the Hidekane shippers.
It’s bc of the bond that they shared since they were smol. They were essential to each other. Nobody ever was a serious friend to Hide ever, he was a shallow fellow except for Kaneki who he had cared for really deeply to go to that extent to risk his life for Kaneki, to even die for him.
And we know that Hide usually does everything he can for his own safety, that sneaky bastard. And Kaneki proved us enough by this statement and by the scene where he had a Hide hallucination within himself to go on and keep fighting and living tho he wouldve been surely dead meat.
His words are moving them than nobody else’s. Oke nvm im out OTL

Just rewatched Aki Kaurismaki’s “The Man Without a Past” cos I’m teaching a class on it tomorrow, I forgot what an anarchist film it is (not intentionally, I’m sure)… it has probably the best mutual aid interaction of any film ever: it’s a patch of industrial waste ground just outside of Helsinki where people live in old shipping containers, and the scene opens with a young guy fucking with an electricity pylon with a screwdriver - buzzing electricity - then he’s unrolling cable, hooking up a box to one of the shipping containers. Then the older guy who lives in it has a draw of his roll up and asks: “what do I owe you?”… to which the young guy replies; “If you see me face down in the gutter… roll me onto my back”

God's Marvels: Ant Man

          Some people don’t like talking about their past. C.S. Lewis wrote in his book The Great Divorce, “I have been talking of the past (your past and mine) only in order that you may turn from it forever. One wrench and the tooth will be out. You can begin as if nothing had ever gone wrong. White as snow.” He understood that in order to inform the sinner about grace, we have to first acknowledge the sin.

            In Ant Man,Paul Rudd plays Scott Lang, a former thief who just got out of prison and now wants to turn his life around. He struggles because everyone keeps referencing the past he is running from. His ex-wife brings it up constantly and his friends want him to return to his life of crime. Then comes along a scientist named Hank Pym who wants to use Scott’s prowess to do some good. Scott wants to run from his past, but Hank wants his past to inform who he is in the present.

            God wants something similar for us. I am not saying He wants us to indulge in sin in order to “do good.” He obviously doesn’t want us to steal money so we can build churches. But what He does do is use our brokenness for His glory. 

            Take Moses for example. Moses was raised by the Egyptians but knew He was a Hebrew. He committed murder and fled (Exodus 2). He wants nothing to do with his past. He just wants to move forward. Yet God calls Him from the burning bush and says that Moses is the man for the job. Moses complains that God is wrong because of his faults, yet this is what makes Moses so incredible. Moses couldn’t speak well, He committed many sins, yet God used Him to free a nation from slavery. What makes this a miracle isn’t that it happened, but that it happened with someone as flawed as Moses.

            There are plenty more examples of this in the Bible, but my point is that God uses the broken. How are you any worse than them?

1 Corinthians 1:26-31 - For consider your calling, brothers: not many of you were wise according to worldly standards, not many were powerful, not many were of noble birth. But God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise; God chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong; God chose what is low and despised in the world, even things that are not, to bring to nothing things that are, so that no human being might boast in the presence of God. And because of him you are in Christ Jesus, who became to us wisdom from God, righteousness and sanctification and redemption, so that, as it is written, “Let the one who boasts, boast in the Lord.”

            Likewise, you are no better than them.

Romans 3:23 - for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

            Yet, God loves you. You may be broken, but your special brand of brokenness may be exactly what God needs to reach a certain someone or to do a particular job. Don’t let your brokenness get you down, but instead let it be lifted up for the Glory of God. And when you see His goodness in your life, you can boast in the Lord and know that His mercies are real and great. Scott Lang couldn’t become Ant Man without his broken past. God could do whatever He wants, but in His love, He often chooses to use our broken past for His glory. Your brokenness does not stop God from loving you. Don’t forget that.

Missing (Part One)

note: this is part 1 of (some number i havent picked yet)!

pairing: thomas jefferson x reader

word count: 1700

warnings: lots of swearing, sex mention, more swearing, kidnapping mention, teasing

summary: alexander hamilton has gone missing, and you had spent an entire week trying to decipher what happened when a familiar face showed up on your doorstep, suggesting the two of you work together to find out where he has gone. 

a/n: i really, really hope you like this fic. enjoy! <3

Part One – November 8th, 5:05 pm

Alexander Hamilton had been missing for one week.

On October the 31st, he was supposed to be at Elizabeth Schuyler’s Halloween party. Yes, they had broken up two weeks previous, but he still intended on going. For his friends, maybe to see Angelica, who he had been close with for a long time and hadn’t spoken with since the break-up, but also just to… take a break. Relax from his writing; get his mind off of things. Except he hadn’t shown up. When his best friend, John Laurens, went back to their apartment to try and see if Alexander had fallen asleep, it turned out that he was missing. His keys, phone, and wallet were still sitting on his bedside table, the computer was still on, and the only thing wrong about the scene was that his desk chair had been knocked over. As if a powerful force had moved it – or removed someone from it.

The next two weeks had flown by in a flurry of police interviews (and fights with the police), moving John to Lafayette and Hercules’s apartment, and tears. Lots and lots of tears; from Eliza, from Peggy, from Alexander’s close friends themselves – hell, even Aaron Burr, Alexander’s childhood friend and also enemy, shed a couple of tears. George Washington had been furious to know that his adopted son had been kidnapped, and actually shoved a police officer who wasn’t answering his questions down to the ground in rage, and James Madison even found himself missing the infuriating ponytail-clad man.

You hadn’t heard from Thomas Jefferson until now.

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Little Promptios.

° Gladiolus overhears Prompto singing to a newborn chocobo chick at Wiz’s. It is at that moment Gladio goes back to believing in fairy tales, leaving behind all rules and responsibilities to lose himself in that surreal, magical experience.

° The Scouts walk into a market one afternoon. A man pushes his way past Prompto without an apology. Prompto’s the one that apologizes.

Gladiolus brushes past the same man and pushes him with such force, the man is cast about a yard away. He then turns to the team, shrugs and asks:


Noct continues shopping as if nothing happened. Ignis chuckles to himself.

Prompto’s beaming.

Digimon Adventure tri. 30 Day Challenge
Day 30:
Biggest hopes for the next movies.

Until now, my mantra for tri. has been “low expectations” and it has served me well. So I’m not going to post crazy, unrealistic hopes like “TOEI will announce a sequel series at the end of Chapter 6!”.

Here’s what I’d like to see next:

  • More answers and fewer questions.
  • No retcons/continuity issues.
  • More plot, without sacrificing character and HUMOUR.
  • Mystery Man isn’t just a past enemy seeking revenge.
  • No soap-opera plot twists like “MEIKO’S DAD IS OIKAWA’S LONG LOST TWIN BROTHER”.
  • The fate of the 02 kids is explained and they make a brief appearance at the end.
  • More original songs!!
  • Hikari gets a character arc.
  • Meiko gets more development and more of a backstory.
  • The Taichi/Sora/Yamato dynamic in Part 4 will be incredibly touching and well-written and also nothing but platonic, textually.
  • Jou’s girlfriend doesn’t appear until the very end, allowing for more “is she human” gags.
  • We get more information about the character’s career choices (I’m looking at you, Yamato).
  • Maki and Daigo get back together.
  • Someone calls out Takeru’s hat problem in the movies.
  • We get a comprehensive explanation about the Demiurge, the “quantic ocean”, and all the bits and pieces of lore that have been quietly introduced so far. 
The Other Teller

Originally posted by themanfromuncledaily

Requested by @starbooks13

“Hey dear! Could you write an imagine where the reader is Gaby’s twin sister, but her skill set is not the same as gaby’s. When Napoleon gets you both from Germany, the two of them don’t get along at all. But eventually they grow on each other and it ends all cute???”

Warnings: FLUFF, mild violence 

Note: I used google translate for the german so apologies if you’re german and the translation is a bit dodgy!! (you can see the english at the bottom of the oneshot)

“Are you going to be finished soon?” You called out impatiently.

“Almost! I’d probably finish quicker if I didn’t have a certain annoying voice constantly nagging in my ear.” She retorted making you roll your eyes.

Ten minutes after your sister’s reply you had grown bored again. You let out an overdramatic sigh before heaving yourself up off the chair and towards the dartboard hanging in the corner of the mechanic garage.

You wandered over and picked up a few darts in your hand before mindlessly starting to aim them at the dartboard. You watched as all three landed almost perfectly in the centre, and as you wandered forward to pull them off the board you heard the sound of the door being opened and a person stepping inside.

You briefly glanced over your shoulder to see a man in an important looking suit strolling through the garage. You barely payed him any attention as he walked past you, instead turning back to the dartboard to take aim again.

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Things will get harrowingly, epically worse… You thought mass surveillance was bad? Wait until he dips into the NSA server farms, then tweets out his critics’ sex tapes. Or cheers on hate crimes before rallies of capped fanboys. Or classes protesters as terrorists. He’ll be yuge. But the man couldn’t do it without the infrastructure bequeathed to him by past administrations. Trump is not a builder. Not of skyscrapers, and not of gulags. He just makes money licensing his name. If you want real resistance, look to the people who fought, and are still fighting, this infrastructure. Indigenous activists. Radical lawyers. Prison solidarity networks. Abortion funds. Churches converted into sanctuary spaces. Anarchists who hold noise demonstrations outside of jails in the freezing January night, so humans inside know they are not forgotten. These groups are even more vital because Trump is not alone. His presidency is the showiest example of a global love affair with fascism; soft rich boy he may be, but he’s a bloated pea in the Duterte, Erdoğan, Putin, Modi pod.