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How would you feel (part 1)- Stiles Stilinski

Author: @smutilinski

Character(s): Stiles Stilinski/Reader

Word count: 2155

Warning: NSFW 18+, swearing and people insulting each other (just in case that would offend someone), Angry (possibly asshole) Stiles

AN: Please let me know what you think it would mean the world to me and it would also help me improve my writing. I apologize if the spelling isn’t perfect, as english is not my first language. Thanks to @minhosmeanhoe for all the encouragements and support :). (part 1 of 2)

Plot: (Y/N) comes back to Beacon Hills after leaving 2 years ago. Only scott knows why she left and he swore not to tell a single soul. Stiles is still very angry at her and she confronts him about it.

Part 2

You had been staring at the clock hanging on the beige wall in front of you for about five minutes, waiting for the principal to hand you your schedule. You sighed before glancing at the corridor that was empty, except for some student who were running to their classes and a tall guy that was walking towards you. The young man was wearing a blue long sleeved crewneck shirt. He had grown up a lot since the last time you had seen him. He wasn’t the cute, but dorky guy you knew 2 years ago. He had the same dark hair, but it was longer and styled messily on top of his head. When he got close enough, you could see that he needed to shave, as there were very short hairs that had grown slightly on his chin and jawline. He was even more attractive than before you left and it made your stomach flutter when you looked at him.

He sat next to you in silence as you turned slightly towards him. He opened his mouth to talk then closed it, his eye staring at the dirty floor tiles. He let out a sigh and said:  ‘’I didn’t know you were coming back.‘’ His eyes were still glued to the floor.

‘’I didn’t think you would want to know. As I recall, you texted me that you never wanted to see me again Stiles. ‘’ You said, looking back at him with a blank expression. You were getting very good at concealing your emotions from other people, but boy was it hard to do it when it came to Stiles. You had known each other for far too long to hide anything.

This time though, you were secretly hoping that he would see the tears that threatened to escape your eyes at any moment, and take you into his arms like he used to. But that didn’t happen. Instead, he got up and started to walk away before stopping to say something else, still facing the other way : ‘’ Why did you come back then? Huh (Y/N)? Why come back when everyone you’ve ever known doesn’t give a damn about you? ‘’ And when you thought he was done, he turned around and added in a soft voice : ‘’ Actually, you know what? When I saw you today, it made me think of how better my life would have been if you had died in the woods the night scott got bitten. ‘’ Without another word, he turned around and left.

By the time the principal greeted you, tears had already fallen down you cheeks. You managed to wipe them away before he could see them. He escorted you into his office to have a talk before escorting you to your class. He probably didn’t realise that you were not entirely new to Beacon Hills High School.

When you got there, the principal introduced you to the rest of the class. While he was talking, you noticed that Scott Mccall was smiling at you in the front of the class. You returned the smile and before you could do anything else, the teacher told you to sit next to none other than Mr. Asshole Stilinski. As you made your way to your seat, Scott shot you a sympathetic smile, while his best friend was glaring at you. You both spent the rest of the class in silence avoiding to look at each other. As soon as the bell rang, Stiles left without even waiting for Scott.

You had kept in touch with the true alpha during those years away so you pretty much new all the crazy things that had happened in beacon hills. Scott was also the only person who knew why you had truly left town without saying goodbye to the guy you loved so much.

He invited you to eat lunch with them. You wanted to decline, but he said that Stiles would probably just stay silent for the whole meal. So you agreed, through gritted teeth, for ‘’the sake of the pack’’.  Besides you couldn’t possibly refuse anything to scott and his cute puppy eyes.

Lunch was going on pretty well. You were getting along with everyone. So well, that you had almost forgot about what Stiles had said to you that morning. But you could feel him staring at you the whole time, which made you incredibly uncomfortable, but weirdly at the same time, the intensity of his stare was turning you on. You decided that two could play that game, so you turned your head towards him and stared at him dead in the eye while smirking. His expression didn’t change. After about a minute of intense staring on both parties, he clenched his jaw and hit the table with his fist ‘’fuck it’’ He said, glowering at you. Then he turned to look at scott, while standing up and added: ‘’Sorry Scott I tried to tolerate her, but I can’t’’ And then he left with his fists clenched

Everyone stared at the cafeteria doors with a confused expression except scott He looked even more confused than the others,  he raised his brows and opened his eyes widely, like he was onto something. He looked at you and pointed at  the door with a large grin. He said: ‘’You should go talk to him, he’s gonna want to have the full story (Y/N).’’ You slowly got up, not sure that he would even listen to you and you walked towards the doors. He wasn’t in the hallway, so you ran outside, forcefully pushing the doors. As you got outside the school you saw him leave in his jeep. It could not wait, so you got in your car and decided to go directly at his house, as he was too far ahead for you to follow him.  

When you got there, you saw that his dad was at work. You parked your car in the street and when you got out of it, you walked towards the house. You banged at the door, determined to confront him about his behaviour. You jumped almost 3 foot up when you heard someone talk behind you: ‘’what are you doing here? I thought I was clear (Y/N). If not then, I hate you so please go away’’ You could not control your emotions anymore. Tears were streaming down your face as you walked passed the guy who used to be your best friend.

He walked towards his door, unlocking it. You turned around and you slowly walked back towards your car. ‘’Can you at least understand why I am beyond mad at you?’’ He was talking loud, but not out of rage because he sounded perfectly calm. ‘’I mean, how would you have reacted if I did that to (Y/N).‘’ You turned to face him crying profusely. That’s when you realised that he was closer. ‘’ You want to know why I left so pissed earlier? Well, I was looking at you and you looked at me the same fucking way you did that night.’’ He was looking at you so intensely.

You had finally stopped crying when you held his gaze. Stiles took a deep breath, just before he ran to you and crashed his lips on yours. You kissed him back, sliding your hands at the base of his neck. He bit your lip asking for entrance and you gladly granted it to him. When he paused to breathe, he stepped back looking at you like you had just shot him with an arrow. ‘’Fuck. shit’’ He turned around and walked back into his house, slamming the door behind him. You felt like you had no more air in your lungs. Actually it was way worse than that. You felt as if someone kicked you in the stomach after they had told you they loved you and then the set you on fire. It felt just like that night 2 years ago.

It was a normal friday night except for the fact that your mother was moving away to beverly hill for a big contract and you were going to stay at the Mccall’s until she could come back to beacon hills. You were happy because that meant that you didn’t have to leave your best friends like you were supposed to when your mother had gotten the job a month before that. You were on your way to the stilinski’s for movie night and to tell him that you were not going away after all. He greeted you with a big hug which was not totally abnormal. Even though he was your best friend, you had developed deep feelings for stiles and you were hoping that that night would be the perfect night to tell him about those feelings.

After arguing about the movie and winning the argument you sat back and contemplated the screen with a smile on your face as you heard Galadriel talk in elven. You got close to Stiles and snuggled up in the crook of his neck like you always did when you were watching movies. He wrapped his arms around you and played with your hair while you slowly drifted away and fell asleep. ‘’(Y/N), Hey, the movie is over. I can’t believe that I could have watched star wars.’’ You slowly opened your eyes only to find stiles’ mouth inches from yours. Your eyes met his and his hand moved slowly to cup your cheek.

Before you could realize it, his soft lips were on yours. You broke the kiss to straddle him while he was looking at you with a soft smile. He pulled you closer to him and kissed you again. This time was different, the kiss was harder and desperate. Your hands kept moving as you were trying to discover every inch of each other’s body. He pulled away so that you could catch your breath. ‘’My dad texted me and he’s gonna be working ‘till morning. Do you want to stay here?’’ You nodded and kissed him again. He pushed you off of him and led you to his room.

When you got there, he shot the door behind him and pushed you against it, kissing you even harder than before. You were both gasping for air, but your need to touch each other made the need to breathe seem totally useless. He stepped back to remove his shirt and then removed yours. He pulled your shorts down your legs as he kicked his own pants out of the way. Your lips reconnected as he lifted you up and carried you to his bed, putting you down carefully.

Stiles knew it was your first time too and he made sure you were comfortable in every single way he could. He removed your panties while kissing your inner thigh. You whimpered desperate for him to touch you where you needed him most. He smirked and licked your folds as you moaned his name. Your eyes rolled back and your hands tangled in his hair. ‘’Shit you taste good (Y/N)’’ He moaned against your core sending vibrations to your clit. You were getting closer as he pushed a finger inside you. You muttered a ‘fuck’ as he pushed another in. He sucked on your clit as you reached your high. He got up and licked his fingers clean.

You positioned yourself higher on the bed as he put the condom and climbed on the bed, placing himself in between your legs. He rubbed his tip at your entrance. He closed his eyes and groaned as he pushed himself slowly inside of you. He opened his eyes, meeting yours and interlaced his fingers with yours as your other hand was on his back, your nails leaving red trails against it. ‘’Stiles. Harder.’’ You moaned as the pain vanished and he obliged. He found the perfect pace and kissed you. Your moans and his deep groans filled the room as you felt your second orgasm coming fast. ‘’ Fuck (Y/N) you’re so tight.’’ Your toes curled and you dig your nails into his back. He dipped his head and rested it in the crook of your neck and kissed it. You came, clenching around his cock, sending him to his release. He rolled off of you and took off the condom throwing it away. You got under the covers as he took you in his arms and you rested your head on his chest.

‘’wow at least we got to do that before you left.’’ He smirked. You opened your eyes wide and smiled at him. ‘’ Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, I’m not leaving after all! I’m going to stay at Scott’s’’. You fell asleep, cuddling.

It was nearly 4 am when you snuck out of Stiles’ bedroom without saying goodbye. You walked back to your house and you left beacon hills with your very confused mother the next day.

Lucifer Soulmate Au (SPN)

Originally posted by lucifersagents

Upon a child’s birth, a blurred tattoo appears on their body. The tattoo remains blurry until you meet your soulmate, once you meet them the tattoo become perfectly clear. As you get closer to the moment when you meet your soulmate, the image slowly become clearer.  If your soulmate dies, then the image disappears.

I’d never had a tattoo anywhere on my body. I, along with my friends and family, assumed that my soulmate had died… or perhaps I was the first person to be born without one. That was until the morning when I woke to find a soulmate tattoo imprinted on my body. A large, vibrant red wing adorned my right wrist. The long wings stretched out across my wrist almost as if it was going to wrap around it. It was blurry, but it was still distinguishable.  

Six years had passed since the morning the tattoo appeared. Since then, I’d moved into the Men of Letters Bunker with Sam and Dean Winchester. I’d met the brothers during a vampire hunt. I saved them, and then they saved me. It had been that way ever since. 

I followed the smell of coffee down the hallway to the kitchen. Dean stood at the coffee pot, pouring himself a cup of the heavenly liquid. Sam sat at the table reading something on his iPad. 

I reach past Dean for the pot of coffee as I also pour myself a cup. Dean grabs my wrist as I place the pot back on the bench. He appears to admire my soulmate mark. 

“Huh, that’s odd,” Dean states. I glance down at the mark after his statement and I gasp.

“What? What’s going on?” Sam questions as he walks up to Dean and I. 

“My tattoo’s completely clear today.”

I quietly step into the abandoned warehouse. I spot Sam and Dean tied to chairs in the centre of the building, no one else was in sight. With my gun poised, I quickly jog towards the boys.

As I neared the boys, Dean manages to remove his gag. “Y/n leave! Now! He’s here for you! Go!” 

I ignore Deans demands as I pull out a knife to untie them but I freeze as I hear a laugh echo through the building, followed by a booming voice. 

“There she is! Finally, Y/n has arrived.” 

My heart drops as I stare at the owner of the voice. A tall, blonde man with blue eyes stood just metres away from me. His sleeves were rolled up to his elbows which left a familiar tattoo exposed. 

A deep chuckle escapes him, “I’m guessing you just figured out that I’m you soulmate. We haven’t officially met… my names Lucifer.”

[2/?] roman holiday

█ title: roman holiday
█ pairing: jeon Jungkook/park jimin
█ writer: kafeuka
█ rating: nc17
█ summary: Jungkook was sure as hell he did not spend the last ten years training to babysit the man he used to have sex with. But, well, shit happens. (Or: In which Jungkook somehow landed on a job as a bodyguard to protect hotel owner Jimin who happened to be under his monitoring division in the training center)

note: i’d like to apologize for the late update lmao my head’s been a mess lately and i just didn’t have the motivation to continue writing this ㅠㅠ
also this is unedited so there might be mistakes here and there
(i’ve actually finished the first few scenes decades ago but yeah)
once again i’m sorry for this shitty chapter lmao
don’t kill me (˃̩̩̥ɷ˂̩̩̥)

★ this is a sequel to ‘you’re ripped at every edge (but you’re a masterpiece)’
☆ to read the other chapters, click here

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jxcobfrye  asked:

I love how you draw both Jacob and Arno! I saw your fanart of Arno wearing a blue shirt with his sleeves rolled and MAN, that was all it took to drag me into "loving Arno" hell. You're hella talented, young lady. Keep up the great work!

Thank you so much! I’m glad I could contribute to your love for Arno ;)

An Unlikely Matchmaker-Phan

Genre: Fluff, pure fluff

Words:  1527

Warnings:  Will make you puke glitter its so cute 

Summary: Pastel!Dan never knew that a little eight legged creature could bring him together with the cutie next door, Punk!Phil. 

A/N Ugh , this sucks ass but whatever i’m posting it anyways

It was a beautiful London afternoon in the middle of April. The birds were chirping, children were laughing , and Dan Howell was screaming.

“NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPE” The young boy yelled as he backed up to the tiled wall. No there wasn’t an axe murderer in the bathtub. No there wasn’t a wild bear ready to attack. It was something much smaller. The size of an american penny in fact. It was a completely harmless house spider.

Dan, in fact,  had arachnophobia. This meant pretty much that spiders scared the living shit out of him. Only living on his own for about three months now, he had never encountered a spider in till now.

Shrieking , Dan runs out of his bathroom into the living room. He grabs his keys and exits his apartment, walking to the apartment next door. Dan reluctantly knocks, fixing his flower crown that lies on top of his head. After a minute, a ebony haired man answers the door. The man was wearing a muse t-shirt , had tattoo sleeves, a blue streak in his fringe, and piercings: canine bites and a nose ring. Dan was intrigued by the older man, wanting to get to know him better.

“Hey… aren’t you new to the complex?” The man asked, arms crossed. His blue eyes sparkled in the fluorescent lights of the hallway. Dan becomes lost in the tattooed mans eyes, almost hypnotized by the sight. After realizing he was staring, he answers the man’s question.

“Yeah… I moved here about 3 months ago. My name is Dan.  Dan Howell.” The younger boy bites his lip and looks down at his own pastel doc martens.

“Cool. My name is Phil. Phil Lester” Dan looks up at Phil, their eyes meeting for a couple seconds. Phil soon breaks the silence.

“Well…what brings you to my doorstep Dan?” The brunette takes a deep breath.  

Fuck, I am going to make myself look like a total loser in front of a potential boyfriend.

“Well… thereisabigassspiderinmybathtubandIhaveabadcaseofararacnophobiaandIwaswonderingifyoucouldkillitforme?”

Phil lets out a little chuckle, blushing a little bit.

“Slow down cutie, all I could understand from that was ‘ kill it for me’ so… “

Dans eyes open wide

Did he just call me cutie?

“Pretty much I am scared of spiders and I want you to kill the little shit”

Phil bites his lip and raises an eyebrow.

“Sure, cutie. Lead me their.”

Phil puts his hand out for Dan to hold. Dan hesitates but he soon grasps the man’s hand and leads him to his apartment. As they enter, Phil gasps in awe.

“Your apartment is beautiful, Dan! I love it”

Dan smiles a hundred miles wide

Dan drags the older man to the bathroom, letting go of his hand and hiding behind the door.

“Its in the bathtub. Just… PLEASE KILL THE FUCKING THING!”

“Okay cutie, whatever you say”

Phil takes off his black combat boot and inches toward the bathtub. When he gets to the porcelynn tub, he sees the eight legged creature crawling all around.

“Die yah lil fuck”

With that, he slams the shoe on the spider, causing Dan to jump. Phil lifts up the boot and throws the dead arachnid into the trash.

“Is it dead?”

“Yes , my love.”

Dan slowly creeps out from behind the door, seeing Phil as he puts his shoe back on. The boy walks over to the man, who is now  standing up, and looks up at him.

“Thank you.”

“No problem.”

Phil clears his throat.

“So… I was thinking… would you like to go to starbucks with me?”

Dan blushes


“So… lets go!”


They walk into the crowded coffee shop and walk up to counter, hand in hand.

“Hi! What would you boys like today?”

Dan smiles and looks at Phil.

“Well we would like two venti caramel macchiatos, extra sugar in his.”

“What are your names?

“My names Phil and his is Dan”

“Will that be all for you today?”


“Your total will be €5.95”

Phil goes to take his wallet out of his pocket, but Dan stops his hand.

“I got it.”

He takes out his pink leather wallet and takes out 6 pounds, handing the money to the cashier.

“Keep the change”

Phil wraps his arm around Dan’s slim waist and leads them to a table.

“So… what type of things do you like ,Dan?”

“Lets see…I like tumblr, My Chemical Romance,Muse, Attack On Titan…you know, normal things.”

Phil grins.

“You like muse too? Whats your favourite album? Mines ‘Origin Of Symmetry’.”

“Same, oh my fucking god!”

“What’s your tumblr, Dan?”


“Cool, i’ll follow you. Mines amazingphil”

The two boys talk for a couple more minutes until they are interrupted by the lady at the counter.

“Two caramel macchiatos for Dan and Phil!”

They both grab their drinks and walk out of the glass doors of Starbucks.

“So… where do you want to go?”

“Well there is this water fountain two blocks away we can go to if you want?”

“That sounds like fun! So lets go!”

They both walk to the fountain , still holding hands, talking about the random shit they were talking about before.

“So that was the time when Chris accidentally asked out a girl when he was drunk, even though he is gay as fuck” As Phil finishes his story, the couple gets to the white fountain.

“Hey, maybe we should get my friend PJ with him? They would be perfect together to be honest”

“That would be fun”

The two sit down on the edge of the fountain, Dan cuddling into Phils shoulder.

“Hey, do you want to take a selfie?”

“Sure babe.”

Phil pecks Dan on the lips and puts his arm around his shoulder,

Dan grabs his iphone from his pocket and goes to his camera.

“Say cheese!”

They both smile and the camera shutter goes off.
“Ugh, we are too perfect for eachother”

“I know right?”

They just sit there for hours, talking about their lives. Before they knew it, their drinks were gone and it was pitch black outside.

“Phil, I had a really fun time. This is actually the first time I have been out in months.”  

“Me too.”

Phil then does the unthinkable. He connects their lips together. Dan is filled with shock for a second, but soon complies and places his arms around Phil’s neck. They disconnect after a moment and just stare at eachother.

“How bout you stay the night at my place? It will be really fun.”

Dan smiles


Phil then calls a cab.  As they were waiting, they just stared into eachothers eyes. Sooner or later, it gets their.

“Get in the cab , you lovebirds” the cabbie playfully yells out the window. The voice was very familiar to Phil. It almost sounded like his friend Chris.

Phil pushes that thought aside and gets in the cab with Dan.

“Hey Phil.” the cabbie says . Phil looks at him and what does he know. It was the one and only Chris Kendall

“I see that Phil ‘ im too cool for love’ Lester has found a cute little boy toy”

“Shut the fuck up Chris”


“Okay, so Dan this is Chris, Chris this is Dan.”

Dan smirks

“So I heard about your accidental girlfriend from last year”

“Fucking hell Phil” Chris mumbles under his breath.

“ What? Am I not allowed to embarrass my best friend for the entertainment for my boyfriend” Phil makes sure to emphasize on ‘boyfriend’

“Whatever, so do you want me to drive you guys to your apartment?”

“That would be great”

The whole ride , Dan , Phil , and Chris just talked about everything from embarrassing experiences to hot guys.

Sadly, their chat came to an end when they pulled up to Dan and Phil’s apartment building.

“Oh no. We are here” Chris says “I guess I will just message you Phil in the morning”

“Okay , Chris”

Phil pops the door open and steps out, holding it open for Dan.

“My majesty.”

Dan giggles and steps out of the cab, immediately being picked up by Phil bridal style.

“Use protection!” Chris screams out the window. Phil just rolls his eyes and continues to carry Dan to his flat. When they get inside , Phil brings Dan to his bed room, setting him down on the bed.

“ Do you want a shirt you can sleep in?”


Phil grabs a MCR shirt and throws it to Dan. Dan immediately takes off his clothes, except his boxers, and pulls on the shirt Phil gave him.

“You look hella cute in my clothes omg”

“Thank you Phil.”

The older boy does the same as Dan, except putting on a shirt with cats, and lays down in his bed.

“Come over and cuddle with me, don’t be shy.”

Dan crawls over and buries his head into Phils chest, feeling him breathe in and out.

“You know I love you , right?”

“Yep. I do too Phil”

“I know.”

And right then,  Dan drifts off into sleep, with all of he wonderful memories of that day.

Who knew that a pesky little house spider could bring two people together?


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Phan fiction masterpost

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I have too many Cecil headcanons and I will never love one more than the others. 

  • There’s the fanon white, tall, skinny blonde guy with tattoos and a third eye 
  • The native american with long, gorgeous black hair and violet eyes with freckles 
  • The albino with purple streaked hair and thick glasses who wears dresses and crop tops 
  • The tall, stunning black man with poofy hair and a dazzling smile and thin, circle glasses 
  • The latino man with earrings and dyed blue hair who always wears bowties and short sleeved shirts 

Like ??? there’s no way to pick just one and I refuse to limit myself 

Thinking about Soulmate AUs

Seriously what a terrible idea of a world where you have the first words your soulmate is ever going to tell you written on your arm!

What a cruel world where Castiel Novak is born with “You fucking prick” etched on his skin.

What a twisted destiny that when Castiel is driving home from the vet´s with his ill cat, the poor animal makes a distressed noise which makes him look down at it long enough for him to miss the fact that the car in front of him has stopped abruptly so he crashes into its rear which causes its angry owner to step out of the car and yell into Castiel´s window “You fucking prick!

What a crazy universe where Castiel stares at the attractive, yet obviously raging man for a good minute, just gaping at him, before he rolls down the window and breathes out “Are you kidding me?

What a beautiful world where Dean Winchester´s jaw falls slack and staring at the blue-eyed man who crashed into him, he rolls up his sleeve and reveal those exact words.
Bleed Off My Lips - writinghomunculus - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
Yahaba is a male geisha, and Kyoutani falls in love.
By Organization for Transformative Works

title: bleed off my lips
pairing: Kyoutani Kentarou/Yahaba Shigeru
rating: teen and up
word count: 1,436
summary: he sits on a stool, body angled to the side, legs spread.
a man comes up on stage; the light blue of the boy’s sleeve covering his mouth.
the performance continues.Kentarou eyes don’t tear away.
notes: been meaning to write this one for a long time. hope you guys like it!!!(◍•ᴗ•◍)

H2OVanoss - King For A Day Part 1

Summary: Falling in love with all the wrong people is never okay when your life is already mapped out for you, but love has never cared about your family or whether you’re in the midst of war. Mafia!AU.

Please look at the tags to see all of the pairings within!

Chapter 1: got me lookin’ so crazy right now

Jonathan remembered his first sighting of him like it was yesterday.

The three of them were walking Lui’s little concubine around the mall. Marcel was on Mae’s right with an easy arm around her, blabbering a mile a minute. A silent Fourzero took her left side, although he was more instep with an equally quiet Delirious, who brought up the rear. Today they had no real goal except to distract the girl from the blatant rejection by the boy she was ordered to love – the boy they were to serve.

Daithi de Nogla’s orders had been vague as ever; entertain and remove her from their presence while he and Droidd ‘dealt’ with their uncooperative heir. He didn’t care how or what they did as long as they gave the pair space and time to reassure the troublesome Calibre that nothing would change with Mae’s abruptly new existence, that no, she wasn’t replacing anyone, and no, David was still unofficially allowed to be his bed-warmer.

He would make a good consigliere, and Aslan a trustworthy underboss. Although Jonathan was somewhat disappointed that Marcel hadn’t been selected as to become the boss-to-be, it allowed their trio to remain together in the role they worked best in. The other three were always destined for higher things, for their balance wasn’t equal – Lui was their epicenter, with the other two were satisfied in taking the secondary and tertiary positions around him.

He gave a snort. Their holy trinity fought far too much to be on flat footing with each other to be deferential to Marcel, anyways.

But for now, they were all capos, all equals in the game until Lui hit twenty one. It would be three short years before he could assume the position of boss.  

Lazily, his sky-blue eyes drifted to study the slyph-like slip of a girl in front of him.

Mae was certainly pretty. With brown eyes, honeyed skin, and glossy dark hair – she was the perfect physical match for Lui. She was tiny compared the three men that guarded her; they were all at least a head taller than she is – at least, he and Scotty were. She was shy for the moment, likely feeling awkward with being protected, but there was no way around it – she was the concubine, part of the image that Lui Calibre now had to uphold towards their sizable army, and she was not permitted to run around unescorted lest she bring harm to herself.

It was almost too bad that Lui had his sights set firmly on a particular tall Irishman.

“G-guys? Could we stop in here?” she whispered quietly, tugging gently on Basically’s arm.

“Of course.” The curly-haired man spoke indulgently, grinning before he turned towards his friends. “Scott, Delirious…which one–”

“I’ll stand outside.” Jonathan yawned, waving them off. “You know how useless I am at clothes.”

“Yeah, I know.” Scott piped up dryly. “You’re wearing my pants and Marcel’s boxers.”

He yawned, running a hand through his closely-cropped hair. “See? I’ve resorted to stealing clothes when I don’t even know where mine are!” He giggled, causing the bespectacled girl to snicker along with him.

“See, we’re not that bad, Mae.” Marcel said broadly as he mimicked Delirious’s motions. “Relax. We’re your family now. Just don’t let Jonathan’s brand of stupid rub off on you.”

“Well excuse me, Basically I Do Nothing!” Jonathan teased, shoving his elbow into his friend’s ribs. “Who was the one who got stuck on the roof in eleventh grade and cried like a little bitch?”

“Not me!”

“Well while you two beat each other up, Missesmae and I are going to explore.” Scotty rolled his green eyes as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders.  “Seriously, Marcel, let Delirious do his thing, for fuck’s sake.”

“Now you’re starting to sound like Nogla.” he rolled his eyes back at him as he grabbed the blond man’s free hand. “Let’s go. We’ll be out in a bit, man.”

Jonathan gave a noncommittal nod as he meandered towards the benches. As he sat down, he pulled out his phone to check his messages.

He scrolled quickly, typing out a sentence or three to one of his own men, Cartoonz. The man was out ensuring shipments on the docks, and hopefully everything was all in place.

Not waiting for a reply, he sent a missive to Droidd, asking when they were allowed back home, and he shoved his phone back into his pocket.

He began to idly observe the other shoppers, watching as they strolled by, laden with bags full of merchandise. In a few short hours, if Marcel and Scotty had their way, he would be too. He sighed, slumping comfortably in his seat as he cast a glance towards his left.

And then he glimpsed him

His heart must’ve skipped a beat or two, because he couldn’t breathe at all. 

The man was laughing uproariously, his head thrown back in merriment. Powerful tendons strained against his lightly tanned skin with the motion; Jonathan was transfixed as the Asian man tilted his aviators low enough to give one of his companions a sly look, exposing chocolaty brown irises full of mocking mirth. Thin pink lips were parted, showcasing perfect white teeth and a wagging tongue begging to be bitten.  His frame was broad and brawny, and his thighs were encased in a smart pair of tailored dark jeans that hugged his posterior. His shoulders were draped in a neon red, and on his back was an emblazoned-

Jonathan sucked in a sharp breath, his focus snapped to a screeching halt by the all-too familiar symbol embroidered on the scarlet shoulder blades of his object of his ogling. A regal white tiger cat frozen forever in a ferocious roar was splashed almost gaudily across the man’s back, and he visibly recoiled at the sight before he collected his wits, schooling his features into one of impassivity. He stood up without a sound and ducked into the boutique his comrades and his charge were in, his retinas darting about as he combed the racks for the three. Catching sight of Scotty first, he strode over and grabbed his arm.

“What the-” The blond man spun around, bewildered. “Delirious?”

“Flip your jacket inside out, Fourzeroseven.” He ground out, staring past his childhood friend in search for the other two. “We have some unwelcome company outside.”  

Alarmed at the seriousness in the tone of the usually-playful blue-eyed man, he obeyed without hesitation, pulling his sleeves inside out. “Should I get Marcel and Mae?” He asked as he shrugged on his now-reversed hoodie that banished the advertisement of a monkey head adorned with a cigar. “She’s trying on clothes with him right now.”

“We should be okay. I’ve never seen one of the guys before, and the other one I’ve never actually met. Tell Marcel to do the same.” And with that, he left the blond to his own devices as he went back outside to take watch and to stare at his nameless but attractive mortal enemy, who now stood outside of a sports store, chatting amiably with a man who was built like a football player who apparently wore a shirt under his shirt. Who the heck does that, he thought curiously. He didn’t notice that before when he scoped out the infamous Moo Snuckel at their boss’s last meeting.

Wistfully, he wondered what the name of his partner was, and he hopelessly prayed in the deepest crevice of his heart that he would never have to face the handsome Asian man out in the streets.

The protective knife in his pocket never weighed more heavily, and he half-heartedly wished (though not for the first time) that he had been born in a different line of work.


To be continued…


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anonymous asked:

"I was trying to take a sneaky picture of you because I told my friend about the hot guy on the train and she wanted to see but you totally noticed and yeah this is awkward" au with Klaine! I actually did something like this before but it was at a library and I succeeded or at least I think so haha the guy was soooo cute. ;)

I did it too at a Starbucks ^^

Blaine needs to take a picture of that guy.

Since they left Columbus, he has been texting Sam about the hot guy who got on the train and looks like he stepped off a fashion magazine—or is on his way to a photoshoot—and Sam calls bullshit.

You need to get laid, bro

I told you I could be your wingman at a gay bar

Or you could let me introduce you to one of my friends from high school

Since Sam went to High School in Kentucky and then in a public school in their common homestate, Blaine suspects a closeted jock who could look like Sam if Blaine was lucky.

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Hot Summer Day at the Lagoon Lounge @yuujirou-urushi

On a particularly hot June day, a young man in blue jeans and a white button shirt, with the sleeves rolled up, walks through the door of the Lagoon Lounge.  Drenched in sweat, he takes off his glasses and wipes his brow.  After placing them back on, he takes a glance around.  Being his first time there, he wasn’t sure whether he seats himself or has to wait to be seated, so he waits by the door for a waiter to come by.

sologirl00  asked:

Hey! Are you taking prompts? I leave you one if you have the time: Oliver hits his head and lose consciousness, when he wakes up he thinks Felicity is his wife *maybe some kissing because now thanks to the last news all I want to see is them kissing* Love your writing!!!

Darkness. That’s all he remembers. And pain. Lots and lots of pain. 

“Oliver, Oliver!” A familiar voice echoed from the darkness. He spun around- where was it coming from? And then, at last, he saw it. A bright shining light, beckoning for him to follow it.

But what was it they said about bright lights when you’re dying? Follow it? Don’t follow it? Was he even dying? 

At that moment, he didn’t care because all he saw emerging from the light was a petite blonde with bright eyes and a stunning smile. She held her hand out to him.

“Oliver, you can’t stop fighting,” The figure said. “You are not done. You can’t leave me.”

“I won’t stop fighting. I’m not done. I can’t leave you,” He repeated automatically. The blonde reached for him, and he was reaching too, and then- just a little more-

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Neighbors. (6)

When Hinata came to, Sasuke was sitting against the wall opposite of her. He didn’t have to tell her what happened because she knew and pink dusted her cheeks for it.

Despite whatever she tried to say, Sasuke would see her as a delicate, glass flower. The thought made her brows knot. His half-lid eyes watched her face change from its once peaceful state to a confused one.

“I - fainted,” Hinata breathed.

“You should get checked,” Sasuke suggested, straightening himself into a proper sitting position.

Her cheeks puffed at the words and he rolled his eyes. She didn’t know what to say. Not that she had to, Sasuke stood and sat next to her. He extended his arm and pointed to the beginning of his wrist. “Mi-koto?” She read the black cursive writing.

“My mother,” he explained. She followed the way the end of the ‘M’ dipped and broke off into smaller birds that wrapped around his wrist.

“T-that was your first one?” She asked, genuinely interested. Didn’t most guys have those big hearts with ‘MOM’ tattooed in the middle of it not flying birds? How does someone even want to have so many markings on their skin.

“No.” He turned slightly showing her three revolving tomoe(?) at the crook of his neck. They were a bit faded and seemed unprofessional against the others.


He shrugged and pushed himself up. “That’s it for today, princess.”

Hinata followed suit with a frown at couldn’t scare a rabbit. “I’m n-not a princess.”

He threw a smirk and went inside his place. Hinata rubbed her burning face and sighed. “I’m not a princess,” she repeated, grabbing her magazines from the ground. The Hyuuga female plopped down on the couch.

Her mind couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened if she hadn’t fainted. Opal eyes widened and shook those thoughts away. “For t-today?” She smiled and took her sketch book and drew his mother’s name just as she saw on his wrist.

Actually before she even realized it, she sketched out his face. Inky hair, intense eyes…amazing jaw line. She hesitated over… “His lips…” She couldn’t bring herself to do anymore.

“I’m crazy,” decided Hinata. Who draws their neighbor? And blushing over his picture?! “I’m so crazy.” She sunk into the couch with a deep sigh.


When Hinata got home there was a strange man knocking or rather kicking at her door. “Open the damn door!” He shouted.

Hinata dug in her purse for something sharp. A girl like her needed to keep a weapon or two. It was clearly not the safest neighborhood.

Aah…it was between a Rat-Tailed Comb or a plastic fork that she forgot in her bag. Comb, it was.

“E-excuse me!” She hid the comb in her sweater sleeve.

The man with striking blue eyes glanced at her. “Don’t mind me.” He started beating on the door again. “Get out here so I can kill you!”

She gripped the comb. “That’s m-my apartment!”

“Eh?” He looked at the number. “11…07? What the…” He snatched off his beanie and ran a hand through messy blond. “You know a guy named Sasuke Uchiha?”

She blinked twice. “S-Sasuke? I…” Her eyes narrowed dangerously causing the man to back up. “Who are y-you and…and why do you w-want to hurt Sasuke?” She revealed the metal end of the comb.

“Hey, wait - what?” His eyes widened as she stepped closer. “I’m Naruto - Naruto Uzumaki! I’m his friend!”

“Idiot.” The deep voice behind Hinata made her spin to see a rather nonchalant Sasuke. Who was he talking to?

Naruto frowned and pointed at the crazy little woman. “Who is that? You gotta new girlfriend already?”

Hinata instantly put down her ‘weapon’ but Sasuke answered. “She’s my neighbor.” He walked pass Hinata and towards the blond.

“She was gonna stab me!” Naruto whined.

Sasuke looked at blushing Hyuuga in pure amusement. “Were you gonna to stab him?”

“I - I… He w-was kicking my door and screaming that he was going to kill you!” She squeaked.

Naruto huffed, “Crazy woman.” Yet flinched when she held it back up.

Sasuke rolled his eyes and hit the blond in the head. “Get in, dumbass.” Naruto whimpered but went in the Uchiha’s place.

“Sorry…” Hinata mumbled searching for her keys.

“Were you gonna to kill him for me, princess?” Sasuke asked, leaning against the wall, stressing the ‘for me.’

Hinata fumbled with her key set, mentally cursing herself for having so many key chains. “I… I wasn’t going to k-kill him.”

“Comb his hair?”

Hinata tried hiding her face in the fabric of her scarf as the taller male walked over. “I…” She glanced at him and really tried to hold his gaze, no avail. “I don’t k-know.”

“Mm.” There was that smirk again, his one lifted brow, and that expression. What was it? Hinata finally found the right key and opened her door.

He didn’t have to tease her so much! Hinata mustered her best frown. “I just - I just wanted to help, sorry.”

This time she closed the door on him.