man with rabbit head

the devil’s dream (snippet)

Notes: Felt like posting, and I’ve been writing this story and  Extreme foolishness or unsound mind (defines insanity) these past couple of weeks. It’s a rough idea and was just really fun to write, haha. Enjoy!

“Oi! Rabbit man!”

Uh, what?

All Might turned his head, straining to maintain his megawatt grin to hide his befuddlement when a very small child met his sights.

A grin that could rival his own greeted him with genuine cheer, wild raven hair and tanned skin so commonly featured that the boy looked fairly ordinary. By all means, he wouldn’t have looked twice at the kid if it hadn’t been for his loud voice that matched a shrilling train horn. Not to mention that ridiculous nickname.

He idly wondered if the boy’s quirk was something similar to Present Mic.

“Brat!” a horrified adult slapped the back of the boy’s head, looking absolutely mortified and ready to die via second hand embarrassment. “Apologize right now! Don’t you know who he is?”

“Nope.” The boy admitted freely, much to All Might’s shock. As arrogant as it made him sound, no one in the world didn’t know his name or face, especially a child. The woman, on the other hand, didn’t look anything but exasperated.

Running a hand down her face tiredly, she sighed. “Of course you don’t.” she deadpanned. “He’s All Might, the Number One Hero.”

“Hero?” the boy wrinkled his nose, unimpressed. This was turning out to be a day full of firsts for the hero. “I don’t care about that. Hey,” coal eyes zeroed in on the giant of a man, face serious. “Do you have four ears?”

Awkward silence stretched on with every moment. All Might had the odd feeling someone (or his sensei) was laughing at him.

“Uh, no.” he managed to strangle out. “This is my hair style.”

The baffling Brazilian boy’s face lit up, a metaphorical light bulb turned on with dawning understanding.

“So you’re like Franky? Why didn’t you just say so? Shishishi!” he laughed, the sound unique and whistling between teeth.


He glanced to the side to shoot a beseeching look at the less confusing half of the pair, only to be met with a helpless shrug. So she didn’t know whoever that was either.

“Um, my boy.” All Might coughed. “Was there something you wanted from me when you called for me?”

As swiftly as the childlike glee appeared, it changed once again at mercurial speed. The smile that stretched the boy’s face was all teeth, oblivious eyes turning sharp and alchemically transforming into fathomless obsidian.

“You’re really strong.” He declared it with confidence people thrice his age couldn’t match, and it struck All Might as odd. He said it too knowingly, not stated as an observation that admittedly most people would’ve concluded to from his physical size and looks alone, but an undisputed fact. All signs of childishness were gone and replaced by something weighty, heavy with knowledge and age.

He swore that for one flickering second, this strange random kid knew about “One for All” and all his secrets that he hid behind blinding smiles. The more disturbing part was how All Might couldn’t bring himself to mind.

Without realizing it, All Might had stopped smiling altogether.

“I am strong.” He confirmed, for once without fanfare or loud declarations. He wasn’t paying attention to anything except for the slow way the boy grinned before tugging on what All Might belatedly noticed was a ratty straw hat swinging behind his back onto his head, casting a shadow over his eyes.

“The strongest?”


The feral grin impossibly widened. His answer seemed to please the boy.

“Good.” He nodded once solemnly. “Once I find my crew, we’ll fight. I’ll definitely beat you by then.”

A shiver ran down All Might’s spine. He couldn’t bring himself to not believe him, words ringing with preordination. Anticipation not even Endeavor’s challenges could trigger made All Might’s muscles tense, an intrigued grin spreading across his sculpted face.

“Kid, what’s your name?” The Number One Hero rumbled, low and sounding rarely dangerous.

The grin the straw hatted boy shot back matched his own sentiment of finding an equal, all excitement and boldly fearless.

“I’m Monkey D. Luffy, The Pirate King.”

-jazz hands-

-passes out-

netflix masterpost 03/27/15
  • I only had time to do 4 categories: action adventure, drama, comedy & family but I'll make more for TV, anime, sci-fi, horror and such later. they're all movies that I've seen and enjoyed, my personal favorites are starred ☆
  • action/adventure:
  • django unchained
  • lock, stock and two smoking barrels ☆
  • super
  • kill bill volumes 1&2 ☆
  • cool world ☆☆
  • the fifth element ☆
  • world war z
  • from dusk till dawn ☆
  • the crow
  • equilibrium
  • get the gringo
  • homefront (weird but entertaining)
  • drama:
  • trainspotting ☆
  • forrest gump
  • big fish ☆
  • pulp fiction ☆
  • american beauty ☆
  • fargo ☆
  • crash
  • rain man
  • k-pax
  • good will hunting
  • waking life ☆
  • lawless
  • city of god ☆☆
  • chinatown ☆
  • reign over me
  • sling blade
  • out of the furnace
  • the wolf of wall street
  • fried green tomatoes
  • basquiat ☆☆
  • poetic justice
  • y tu mama tambien
  • amores perros ☆☆
  • antichrist
  • comedy:
  • billy madison
  • zoolander
  • ferris bueller's day off
  • jay and silent bob strike back
  • airplane
  • airplane 2, the sequel
  • the naked gun
  • heathers ☆
  • wayne's world
  • wayne's world 2
  • clerks
  • school of rock
  • chasing amy ☆
  • mr. deeds
  • mean girls
  • the interview
  • adventureland
  • trading places
  • groundhog day
  • the cable guy
  • clueless
  • fear and loathing in las vegas ☆
  • cheech & chongs up in smoke
  • crystal fairy & the magical cactus
  • tommy boy
  • coming to america
  • the ladies man ☆
  • prince avalanche ☆
  • hitch
  • cone heads
  • who framed roger rabbit ☆
  • bruce almighty
  • family movies:
  • labyrinth
  • mulan
  • robinhood ☆☆
  • aristocats ☆
  • pocahontas
  • hook
  • jumanji
  • the nightmare before christmas ☆
  • fantasia ☆☆
  • fantasia 2000
  • the croods
  • fox and the hound ☆
  • dumbo ☆
  • the rescuers down under
  • lilo & stitch
  • 101 dalmatians

My friend, a level 3 elf Druid at the time, was traversing a clearing.
DM: “You hear a voice coming from somewhere say: ‘Halt! If you and your rabbit-man friend want to pass, pay 100 gold coins per head!’”
Friend: “I want to check and see if I see anyone.” *rolls a 3*
DM: “You see what you think is a silhouette.”
Friend thinks a bit and says: “Well, what’s the price to hire one of you?”
DM as the collector: “100 gold coins.”
Friend: “Well, at this rate, it’d be easier to just hire one of you to kill you all!”
DM: “You hear nothing for several minutes, suddenly, arrows start being shot to and from the trees all around you. Congrats, you just killed a whole guild.”