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This character’s stony demeanor is inspired by Clint Eastwood’s performance as “The Man With No Name” in the Dollars trilogy of western movies. He is frequently shown smoking, and in his youth was considered a delinquent. He later became loosely associated with an international organization dedicated to the betterment of society, fighting evil outside of the view of the populace at large. He wears a distinctive, flamboyant uniform he rarely takes off, and is known and feared for his accuracy and cunning. His voice actor in English is named “Matthew”.


It’s Such a Beautiful Day (2012, USA)
A simpleton named Bill retraces his family’s history of damaged and bizzare psyche, when he himself begins to lose his mind and health.

And now for something that won’t help your post-Christmas blues. Independent animator Don Hertzfeldt went a significant turn in his career since the turn of the century. Originally gaining fame on the internet for his earlier shorts and the memes generated from them (“My spoon is too big!”, “My anus is bleeding!”), now a prominent auteur figure in animation all using only stick figures and doodle-like designs as characters. Helping make that career turn was Don’s series of short films focused on the gradual death of a man named Bill. His short trilogy (Everything Will Be OK, I’m So Proud of You, and It’s Such a Beautiful Day) was later bundled together to create one long hour-length film. The story of Bill is not a happy one when you stop and realize what’s happening: basically a man finding strange ties and haunting realizations of his family just as the deteriorating mental health of most of his family members comes to destroy him and his life. Don lets us feel what Bill is thinking towards the end and focuses on the incomprehensibility, banality, and little moments of life.

Bill can’t make sense of what’s going on but neither can we, as universally latch onto Bill and follow his daily routines from going about his day feeling inadequate to past the point of mental deterioration where he’s walking upon a block over and over. Don’s own emotionless-narration of the story ends up enhancing the mood as you’re watching them and leaves the character dialogue, as well as the tone-poem-esque scenes, up to your imagination. This choice in Don’s part makes the drama hit harder and Don’s well-admired absurdity that sneaks its way into several scenes even funnier. Ontop of being an emotional triumph considering you’re watching a movie with funny stick figures, it’s an indie technical triumph for animation as Don uses custom-made analogue film and animation tools for his effects. Currently his last project to use his 35mm effects as he has made the jump to digital for recent projects, including a full film designed from the start as a feature he’s developing now called Antarctica.

Can I find this? Sure. Don Hertzfeldt has released It’s Such a Beautiful Day by himself on DVD and a recent Kickstarted Blu-Ray release (which also contains most of his famous shorts making it an illegitimate “Best of” release). The feature version is also available on digital services. It recently finished a two-year availability on Netflix Instant.


The Man With No Name novelizations.

  • A Fistful of Dollars by Frank Chandler
  • For a Few Dollars More by Joe Millard
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly by Joe Millard
  • A Dollar to Die For by Brian Fox
  • A Coffin Full of Dollars by Joe Millard
  • The Devil’s Dollar Sign by Joe Millard
  • The Million Dollar Blood Hunt by Joe Millard
  • Blood for a Dirty Dollar by Joe Millard

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Favourite thing to draw/ write about/ think about?: non serious and lighthearted things

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A book/story/fanfiction you read recently and would recommend (doesn’t have to be fiction): I don;t know sorry

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