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10 Strange Serial Killer Facts.


Ted Bundy, confessing to at least 30 murders, once saved a child from drowning. He also received a commendation from the Seattle Police Department for chasing after a purse thief. 


Dennis Rader installed home security systems while he was killing. Ironically, a lot of people had these installed in fear of him. 


Kenneth Bianchi, dubbed the “Hillside Strangler”, applied to join the LAPD while murdering his victims. He also went on several ride alongs and attended classes. 


Albert fish, convicted of killing at least 3 victims, helped place the electrodes on his body during his execution before uttering his last words: “I don’t even know why I’m here.”


Lewis Hutchinson, dubbed the “Mad Doctor of Edinburgh Castle“, lived in a castle, obviously, and hunted his victims for sport. 


Katherine Knight cooked her husband and tried to feed him to her children. 


Vlado Taneski was a valued Macedonian crime reporter; he was often admired for having such a detailed writing style. Ironically, this turned out to be because he was killing people himself. 


Richard Chase, dubbed the “Vampire of Sacramento”, would kill an eat animals raw, but it gets weirder; he blended the organs of these animals with Coca Cola if he fancied a drink. 


Ed Gein was involved in a bush fire with his brother. The bush fire ended up killing his brother but left Gein without so much as a first-degree burn. A lot of people now believe that Gein murdered his brother, considering he led the police right to his body. 


The Axe Man of New Orleans, never caught, promised one night not to murder anyone in a house playing Jazz. True to his word, after every house in the city played Jazz that night, the Axe Man murdered not a soul. In fact, that night in history went on to inspire a Jazz song titled “Don’t Scare Me Papa”.


i love modern fire emblem despite some of its flaws and issues

i love tellius to death, like fr its my favorite part of the series

but, but, nothing has ever gone as hard as the GBA General animations

‘fuck walking over there im gonna chuck this man-sized axe on a goddamn chain at you and then just reel it back in to shank the next fucker who has a problem’

canadianwheatpirates  asked:

lmao one of root's scout patches is just an axe and my first thought was "shouldn't that one go to Shaw?"

they both had an axe! root used one in if-then-else to break through the wall and disable the elevator lock (the break through the wall bit was in a simulation…not sure who smashed the glass and took the axe out in the real version). neither of them got to gruesomely murder lambert with one though which is a crime.

I will make them pay for this

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Pairing: IvarxReader
Rating: Explicit
Words: 3735
Warning: Mention of rape and death, a little bit of blood, cursing, a fight

Notes: Hello everyone! Here’s my second one-shot which prevented me from studying for my upcoming exam! But I’m not complaining! English is not my native language, I’m sorry if there’s any mistakes. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

You could hear the laughs and music coming from the feast, which took place in the great hall, not too far from the hut you shared with your husband Ivar. It was a celebration night, like every night was since the sons of Ragnar came back a week ago, boats full of gold, silver and slaves. You wished you could have gone with them; it’s been a long time since you fought and you missed it. But, you were a mother of two beautiful babies now, your son Sigtrygg was 5 years old and your daughter Freydis was 3. They became the most important thing in your life; you had to stay alive to raise and protect them. 

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“c’mon sweetheart, i know you want me” the disgusting man whispered in your ear. you glared at the man, ripping your arm from his grasp 

but he was far to quick and gripped it harder this time. you whimpered in pain, but he took it as a sign to keep going

“i knew you liked it, slut” . hearing these words leave his mouth made you scowl, and seethe with anger. he was dragging his open mouth closer to yours making you squirm more violently in his grasp.

suddenly, a dark voice made the both of you freeze.

“what do you think you are doing?”

your face lit up immediately with a smile.

the man turned and looked at ivar, his fear leaving and was replaced with amusement.

“i, little man, am allowing this whore to sleep with me, she has been begging for me all night.”

you scoffed at the man, feeling a wave of nausea hit your stomach.

by the look on ivars face, he knew the man was lying.

“ well, i am glad to say that this whore, belongs to someone else”

the man looked at you then, grinning widely revealing missing and rotting teeth.

“oh, really?. who might she belong to then, hmm?”

ivar licked his lips, casint a long glance at you, then simply said


the man then cackled with laughter. his whole body bouncing. 

you could see ivars eyes become darker and darker with every passing moment.

“y-you?, a cripple?. i think you are mistaken, boy.” the man continued to laugh and shake his head at ivar.

ivar hummed gently, then flung his axe at the man. 

the axe pinned the man by his shirt to a wooden pillar. the mans hold on you lessened and allowed to to break free from his grasp.

you walked over to the stool that ivar had perched himself on and stood between his legs, looking him lovingly in the eyes.


“let us get one thing straight” ivar paused, grasping you by the hips and turned you around in his arms, making you face the putrid man.

“you see these hands?, they are mine” ivar said gripping your small hands in his.

“these lips” he paused once again and turned your face roughly towards his, a smirk forming on both of your mouths.”are mine” he pressed his hot mouth against yours.

he moved his hands lower.

“these, are. all. mine” ivar growled, his large hands overlapping your breasts, he squeezed them with every word. you moaned softly letting your head fall back.

“these long, thick legs?. they’re mine” ivar said, massaging the flesh of your thighs.

you smiled darkly at the man who was looking at you and ivar with a look of fear.

“and this?, all mine” ivar whispered this time to you, and only to you. his hand cupping your wet sex. fingers gently prodding your clit.

“you see, she is mine. she sleeps in MY bed, she wraps her luscious legs around MY waist, she screams MY name at night in bed, I am the one to take her home at night. she is MINE  to kiss, she is MINE to love,  she is MINE to fuck, SHE. is. MINE. don’t you forget that”.

the man nodded fearfully, his whole body starting to shake.

ivar whipped you around by the waist and pressed you hard against him, lips inches apart. he gripped your hair tightly in his fist and pulled you even closer to him. his eyes staring into yours.

”you are mine, understood?”

To Make You Feel My Love

It had been a month.

A month since the phone call, a month since his life had fallen apart.

A month since she had gone.

Sometimes he slept, and sometimes he didn’t. 

But he always, always, felt empty.

And maybe that would never change.

Maybe his world would stay the same forever – bleak and seemingly endless – because she was gone.

But Rhys couldn’t bring himself to care.

And maybe he never would.


He was so, so empty.

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