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The Capricorn Male

If a man behaves in a way typical of the personality associated with the zodiac sign of Capricorn, he will have a tendency toward the characteristics listed below, unless there are influences in his personal birthchart that are stronger than that of his Capricorn sun sign.

The typical Capricorn man:
* is stocky
* has sharp, penetrating eyes
* rarely smiles
* has very strong white teeth
* is conscious of his appearance
* dislikes removing his clothes in public – for example, he will still be wearing a shirt during a heatwave when other men are bare-chested

Behavior and Personality Traits
* is dignified in his manner and very polite
* seems unapproachable and self-protective
* is totally reliable in pursuit of an aim
* takes his time sizing up other people before he will relax enough to share his inner warmth
* seeks honor but is not interested in becoming famous; on the contrary, he avoids publicity
* has strong opinions but is not at all vain

Happy Birthday Sir Anthony Hopkins! Born Today, December 31, in 1937…

“We could tangle spiders in the webs you weave”.  -  Anthony Hopkins as Prince Richard in The Lion In Winter

Over 120 film and tv roles including The Lion in Winter, The Looking Glass War, Hamlet 1969, A Bridge Too Farm The Elephant Man, The Silence of the Lambs, Chaplin, Legends of the Fall, Amistad, The Mask of Zorro, Hitchcock – and 3 more films and television series slated for 2017…

Sentence Starters Based on Stuff Gordon Ramsey Have Said 

“It’s raw!”

“This lamb is so undercooked a Swedish man could make love to it!” 

“You stupid donkey!”

“Swearing is industry language. For as long as we’re alive it’s not going to change. You’ve got to be boisterous to get results.”

“I’ve never ever, ever, ever met someone I believe in as little, as you.” 

“You deserve a kick in the nuts.” 

“How many legs does a lobster have?” 

“You look like you’re just about to loose your virginity.”

“My gran could do better! And she’s dead!”

“Hey, panini head, are you listening to me?” 

“Raw. Fucking. Halibut!”

“I wouldn’t trust you running a bath! Let alone a fucking restaurant!” 

“My lips are fucking burning.”

“You used so much oil the U.S want to invade the fucking plate!” 

“You’ve put so much ginger in this, it’s a WEASLY!”

“What are you, some sort of… House-kitchen Hannibal Lecter?”

“Hey. Hey, you. Hey. Come here. Let me whisper something very important in your ear. Very important: fuck off.”

“This squid is so undercooked I can still hear it telling Spongebob to fuck off.” 

“I wish you’d jump in the oven. That would make my life a whole lot easier.” 

“Move your ass.”