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angelic — p.p.

summary : you’ve never been one to get a proper night’s rest, but at least you’ve got a cute boy’s shoulder to doze off on when you’re feeling drowsy. 

word count : 899 — i’m mad that this so short but i also really like it so what’re ya gonna do right

author’s note : requested by @curiousplanets this was so cute thank u

   There’s an angel sleeping soundly on Peter Parker’s shoulder, cheek against his sweater and hands intertwined with his despite the deep sleep you had fallen into in just five minutes of sitting beside him, slumped against the pale walls of the Midtown cafeteria. Maybe not an angel in the traditional sense, plush feathered wings with a glowing halo that shone like midmorning sunlight, but certainly angelic enough for him; sweet face, soft breathing, fluttering eyelashes and warm hands gripping his as if they’re your lifeline. Definitely an angel, he decides when you turn in your slumber to face him, your head drooping onto his sweater clad chest. He runs a soothing hand across your back, twisting the ends of your hair on his finger as gently as possible. 

   Ned makes his way over to the two of you and grins slightly, sliding down next to Peter and nudging him. Peter presses a finger to his lips when he looks toward Ned, then gestures down to your sleeping form. “Hey, you do the chem homework? I’m stuck on question eight,” Ned whispers, careful not to raise his voice the way he sometimes had a habit of doing so you could continue your nap on his best friend’s abdomen. 

    “Yeah, stayed up last night doing it, answer is the formula for density,” you mumble, your eyes cracking open as you offer Ned a small smile and stretch your arms out in front of you. You stay put in your position on your boyfriend, though, content with the way you felt whilst he held you in a protective embrace. Peter’s gaze feels lovely as he brushes a hand over your hair, eyebrows raised. 

   “You stayed up to do homework? You should get some sleep, sweetheart,” he murmurs, tilting your chin up to him so he can examine the circle under your eyes that tint slightly darker with each passing day. “Homework can wait.” 

    “Nah, chem is important,” you reply, lying down across him so that your head is in his lap and you’re smiling up at him in that adoring way that makes a blush spread from his neck to the tips of his ears in two seconds flat. “Mind if I sleep a little more? You’re comfy.”

   “It’s what I’m here for,” he replies, leaning down and kissing the end of your nose with a soft touch that makes you swoon, though you’re too exhausted to respond how you typically would had you been wide awake- with a flustered grin, cupping his rosy cheeks in your hands and pulling him toward you in order to kiss him again. But you can’t find the energy to sit back up, bringing your knees to your chest and closing your eyes instead. “An angel, right?” He breathes, beaming at Ned so wholeheartedly the other boy is practically obligated to grin back and nod a little. The tip of his finger ghosts over the outline of your lips and your eyebrows, a soft, reserved smile playing at his mouth. “Should really be getting some sleep outside of school, though,” he sighs, taking his phone out of his pocket to check the time. Three minutes till next bell. Peter shakes your shoulder lightly. “C’mon, babe. You can nap at my apartment later. May’ll drive you home. I don’t want you falling asleep on the train and getting mugged during rush hour.” There’s a mumbled protest that befalls from your slightly parted lips, but you get to your feet and then pull Peter to his, trudging off with your boys toward Spanish class.

    You fall asleep against him on the train again, though not for long because he makes sure you stay awake long enough to transfer to the F and then walk to his apartment. There’s a brief second where he has to shake you awake in the elevator, because you’d fall asleep anywhere and everywhere if Peter wasn’t there to help you out. Then you greet May in the apartment he lives in on the seventh floor, give her a hug and a smile and a rundown of your school day before Peter opens the door to his bedroom and tells you to get some rest. You’re dozing off without even realizing it, once again on his shoulder but this time swaddled in a sweatshirt that he knows he’ll probably never get back once you leave with it. He doesn’t even mind. Peter gives you a kiss on the side of your head and wraps his arms around your waist. 

   There’s something so lovely and profound and beautiful about sleeping with someone in the most innocent of ways, without the physical translation of the act the way it’s used today. It’s caring, nurturing. He adores it. He’s sure that he could sleep that way, his head atop yours and a peaceful smile adorning his pretty face, for the rest of his life. He’s got time for that, though. You both do. “My only angel,” he hums, kissing your pouted lips quickly. You pull him back down for another one when he moves his mouth away. “Get some rest,” he reiterates. “May will let you stay over if you take the top bunk, okay? Just sleep,  Y/N.” Your lean into his side, knees to your chest and a hand wrapped in his, and you sleep. Angelic as ever, he thinks. And he is so, so lucky. 

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yours | tom holland

summary: just a little reminder

inspiration: shamelessly and 100% inspired by tom’s instagram post and story; i couldn’t help myself he’s such a cutie

a/n: just thought i’d take advantage of the absolutely adorable picture/caption combo 

Tom was never in the business of keeping secrets, even less so when said secrets made him the happiest he ever thought possible.

Now that he’s with you, all he wants to do is go public with your relationship, but you both had agreed upon taking that step when he finishes filming and his schedule steadies out.

Despite the mutual decision, Tom can see the toll all the secrecy is taking on you; you’re a little less cheerful and a lot more stressed - as he would imagine anyone in a secret relationship would be. He’s asked you about it in the past and almost threw all caution to the wind and went public with you anyways, but you were always quick to brush it off and blame your lack of enthusiasm on the day’s fatigue. 

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Summary: After Sam insults Peter the reader comes up with a plan to get him back…a very creative plan. 

Word Count: 1886

Authors note: SMUT! SHORT BY SMUTTY! Peter is 18 in this fic, and it’s mentioned within the actual story:) Let me know what you guys think!

You were standing in the compounds kitchen looking through your phone when your favorite crime fighting spider entered the room. Peter angrily ran a hand through his hair, mumbling to himself.

Looking up you asked, “What’s wrong Peter?”. Peter was pulled from his thoughts, now holding your gaze. Shaking his head he asked, “You don’t think I’m just a child right (y/n)?”.

He walked over to you as you wrapped your arms around his neck. Out of habit Peter rested his hands on your hips. You smiled, “You are spider-man”.

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anonymous asked:

Paluuuuu!! You should do some YOI doodle tutorials! For us not as skilled as you! (*^ω^*)

okie before i start, skill comes from practice and every artist has their own interpretation of characters ;O; meaning my way of drawing them is not the “correct” way of drawing them,,, just how I draw them ;7; if you really want to get better at drawing YOI characters, I suggest spending hours looking at official art and rewatching the anime (pausing and taking notes at the angles) because that’s what I did lmao and because I draw them so much, I can now draw them without a reference, add my own touch and memorize what they look like from all angles ;7;;;; so anon, practice and observe <333

1) how to viktor nikiforov

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Tom being a single dad

Okay so I’m working on some requests and I’m sorry it’s taking a minute but I’ll have them done soon I promise

•okay so she would be a total daddy’s girl
•he gave her everything tbh
•he would dress up with her and be her prince
•his favorite thing to do is read to her
•she loves when he does his American accent
•he put up a poster of him as Spider-Man in her room
•he cried on her first day of school
•he makes her lunches and leaves little stickers on her sandwich bag
•he watches tons of YouTube videos on how to do hair
•teaching her how to dance
•one night he went to a meeting for school filled with just moms
•they all flirted with them
•lowkey everyone thinks Tom and Harrison are together because they both show up to events together
•she is his date for premiers
•he always matches his tie to her dress color
•he is a super overprotective dad when she brings a boy home
•the Dad talk
•he loves her more than life it’s self

•okay so his room would be decorated with Spider-Man stuff even tho he lowkey likes Superman more
•tom would teach him how to do flips and play sports
•he’s his little man
•and his new wingman
•Tom teaches him how to be a gentleman and how to treat a lady
•he takes him to premiers as well but they have matching suits
•they basically twin 100%
•when he grows up he looks just like tom
•he’s a ladies man
•but tom knows something is different
•his boy wasn’t much like him
•he wasn’t into sports, acting, dancing..etc
•but he didn’t really care because his boy was top of his class
•his son tried to hide it but Tom was okay with it
“I know son”
“I’m sorry Dad”
“There’s nothing to be sorry about, you love who you love”
•tom is such a good and gentil dad
•when his boy brings home a boy he gives the Dad talk
•he gives the Dad talk to everyone
•even Harrison
•also toms Dad jokes would be so stupid but hella clever

Overall I think Tom as a single dad would just be so soft and amazing. I feel like he’d give his kid everything they ever wanted and needed😭

Mobile Masterlist

(* Indicates my personal favorites.)

‘Have I Told You?’ * - You would only ever beg for him.

‘Sleeping on the Couch’ - “I like the way you smell in the rain.” His confession startled you a bit, catching you off guard and making you laugh.

‘Tell me you see it’ - He had made you feel beautiful.

Follower Celebration Prompts:

‘Don’t Tempt Me’ - Peter was definitely ticklish.

‘Without You’ * - “I can’t do this without you.”

‘Personal Space’ - His teasing was a relatively new development and God if it didn’t leave you flustered.

Tomorrow, He Would Be’ * - I’ll die without you.


‘Healing Kisses’ - Had to laugh at how ridiculous this boy was, with his careful fingers and tender heart.

‘Selfish’ - “I can’t stand the thought of losing you.”

‘Caught’ * - “Is this my shirt?” He was grinning at you, goofy and tired, puffy bags under twinkling eyes.

‘Sunny Words’ * - The life-vest of his arms pulled you close…

’Softly’ - And you were just breathing together; each other.

‘A Good Day’ - He did it with kind, cryptic, sugary words, sunshine lips, and rose bud blushes.

‘Starlight’* - A mask that he knew and could see through, but yet still let you keep; identity a secret until you were ready to pull it over your head.

Ongoing/Completed Series

It’s A Lot Like Falling

‘This is Nice’ - “It wouldn’t be the first time you broke a promise.” 15

‘Yesterday, She Was’ *- “… Do you like it?” “If we’re doing this, we’re doing it the right way.” “It’s cold, you should take my jacket.” 16/17 *

‘Courage, or Something Like It’ - “You’re jealous, aren’t you?” “You’re so drunk.” “That wasn’t very subtle.”  18

‘In Which You Surprise Yourselves’ - “You’re really soft.” “You look incredible in that.” “Can I kiss you?”  18

‘If You Stayed’ - “I love your freckles.” “You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into, do you?” “I’d like it if you stayed.” 19/20

‘Tomorrow, He Would Be’ * - “I never want to see you again.” “I’ll die without you.” “I’m not ready to say goodbye.” “Don’t you give up on me.”  22/23 *

After All Things (A Sequel to ‘It’s A Lot Like Falling.’)

Part I - The crushing. That’s what you had come to refer to it as. It had left the Peter Parker you saw a broken and sad man; a man in desperate need of closeness. Only, it seems as though he’s forgotten how.

Part II *- After a year of careful, empty touches and words, the truth finally comes out.

Part III - But then suddenly, he was here and deciding that maybe, it was time to stop falling.

Part IV *- The deciding; three months had passed and your lips still tingled every time he decided to reaffirm that decision.

After All Things: A Playlist by @jedistardust

What You Don’t Know - The only person you really care about in your life is your brother. That is, until a strange man with a funny smile and kind brown eyes happens into your life in the toy aisle of a department store. Even stranger still, is the way that your younger brother seems to know who this man is. Oh, and apparently he’s friends with Spider-man, too.

Part I - ‘You swore you could see the beginning of a funny smile, a smile that really wasn’t so funny, forming where his lips should be.’  22/23