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I think it is only fair, that since now Misha is getting all buff-muscled, that he be in a scene similar to the famous "Sam doing pull-ups shirtless on random ceiling beam"...but BONUS...Dean walks in during and becomes a flustered/adorable/stammering mess in the doorway. Castiel + shirtless and doing something sexy + Dean realizing his attraction = my dream that will probably never come to light outside of fanfic. (Sam can come in a few seconds later, reacting hilariously to the tension.)

How can they miss the chance to have a glimpse of shirtless Cas, super hot and sexy, Dean now being more open with his feelings cos dude that was what 13x01-06 was for, so he’s just standing there gawping and then…

I’m hoping s13 picks up right where it left off with Dean on his knees and Sam in the cottage with Jack.  Because Cas is dead in a way he never has been before, killed with an angel blade.  Dean watched him die. Saw his wings burnt out on the ground. And the two of them are alone.  

Dean has never lost Cas alone. Bobby, Sam, Mary, someone is always there when the angel is torn from his life with the exception of Purgatory when Dean was desperately trying to hold on and pull his friend through that portal.  We didn’t get to see Dean’s reaction once he was certain he was out and realized Cas was lost to him, but we know that Cas pushing his hand away hurt so much that Dean purposefully mis-remembered what happened.  

Dean and Cas have never been alone when they were reunited. Again, Sam, Bobby, Benny, Daphne, Meg, Mary, someone is always there when these two finally find their way back to one another. We’ve seen some enthusiastic hugs and soft moments despite that. 

We know Dean lets himself be more vulnerable around Cas when it’s just the two of them, and in recent seasons especially, he’s rather tender with Cas no matter who is watching. Exhibit A:

So what I’m trying to say is whatever happens on that beach, I really hope to see Dean grieving Cas in a way he hasn’t before. And if Cas is resurrected right then when the two of them are all alone… well, i imagine that should be more significant than we’ve seen it in the past too ;)


Star-Lord custom action figure. [Comics inspired]

This was the first time I’ve tried anything like this, but it was really fun. I love how he turned out! 

APOCALYPSE AUs!!!  (◕‿   ◕✿)
   - Muse A being the ‘loner’ trying to get into Muse B’s camp
   - Muse A running into Muse B in an abandoned supermarket looking for food
   - Muse A and Muse B being friends who heard about a camp on the radio and have to get to it
   - Our muses having to kill people (zombies or not) to survive & help each other cope
   - Our muses meeting and being unsure if the other is infected
   - Muse A being the only one to trust Muse B enough to team up with them
   - Our muses hearing about the apocalypse early on and making an escape plan
   - Said escape plan going horribly wrong and ending in them in the middle of the ocean
   - Or going horribly right and they have their own island with food and stuff, UNTIL
   - Zombies invading literally everything?!?! Plants dropping dead. Everything is chaos
   - Freakin’ apocalypse AUs, man.

okay but there are three years between s4 and s5, so talk to me about gwen learning how to be a queen. learning how to be waited on after spending her entire life doing the waiting, that she doesn’t need to make her bed or tidy her chambers, but still befriending the servants, still chatting to those she’d known before her coronation in the same way as always. talk to me about her stopping feeling like an imposter in these rich gowns she’d once have lain out for morgana, and learning what it’s really like to rule. gaining confidence until she feels like a queen, until she’s able to speak up at council meetings instead of just in private to arthur, until she has the authority to rule when he is off fighting, with nobody questioning her place there.

I love writing relationship fights. The gritty, throwing-things-in-your face brutality of reaching for an emotional weapon and finding it simply because you’re angry and hurt and you want to make the other person angry and hurt, and you know them well enough that you can do that. The irrational day in, day out aggravations that explode into “why can’t you just” and “why do you always” and doors slamming and stuff breaking and maybe things get patched up and maybe they don’t, but that’s honestly just part of the fun

help me transition!

hello friends! so, since my family has just had a pay a SHIT ton of money on vet bills, we can’t really afford to buy some basic things for my transition atm. i know i am still far more fortunate than others in that my parents can occasionally buy me things, but i figured i would make an amazon wish list just in case anyone wanted to help out.

the wish list is just filled with basic things like men’s underwear and clothing gift cards; things that will help me to slowly masculinize my wardrobe/style. there are things from $6 up to $50 on it, and i am a prime member through my dad, so you will not have to pay shipping for any of the items should you decide to gift me something (^:

i’m not expecting/asking any of you buy anything, but it would be great if you could help out. even reblogging this post would be a huge help! i’m hoping that getting some more masculine clothes and accessories will help further relieve dysphoria. the link to my wishlist is in my bio! thank you if you read or reblogged this!!!

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Dear Flizzy I'm that anon that was getting her husband the 3ds and Wii U and games and stuff, I ended up getting a 3ds and a PS4 instead.. should I still go for the other system? Or is it enough 🤔

shit can i be your man too?

check my wishlist he has enough lol


friday april 8, 3pm

tattoos, tattoos. i’ve been going on about them for fucking forever. i’ve know what i’ve wanted, i’ve just been biding my time and trying to figure out when to make those plans and ideas into something real. i finally got my ass to Naked Skin Studio last saturday with my sis and a friend and got talking to the artist who i’ve been following on instagram for a while now. i really like his work and his style and he seemed like a generally chill guy (who’s also kinda smiley, which is a bonus)

the one week between paying a deposit for my custom design and waiting for the design back and then waiting for the day itself and then getting to the studio again left me wondering if i know what i’m doing, if i know that this is something that i really really want and even with all the random thoughts, everything came back to me looking at my back and knowing that this was something that was always meant to be there. 

getting this done didn’t hurt me one bit. i had gone to get my eyebrows and upper lip threaded before heading to the studio (because i didn’t want to have to lay on that chair with the fresh tattoo on my back). i was nervous about it hurting, and i told my guy that but he assured me i’ll be fine as most people are. turns out it’s just a little pokey feeling and it barely registers as pain. i would go as far to say that threading your upper lip hurts more. cramps hurt more. maybe the back’s just a good spot to start with, it doesn’t bleed very much and barely hurt while getting it done. i’m not even kidding when i say i actually dozed off for a while. 

i feel like this belongs on me. it’s a very very good feeling.