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KOTORI BLOOPERS (Zexal Abridged)
KOTORI BLOOPERS (Zexal Abridged)

SOOOO. GOOD NEWS. I am still doing ZEXAL abriddged and I actually made some new friends who will help me. So we will be helping with each other’s ZEXAL Abridges XD ITS A LONG STORY. Anyhow these are my bloopers for 4thGenStudios’ Tori Meadows! 

(they abridge the zexal dub, I abridge the sub)

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Marie... I heard your last assignment didn't go well. I made you a scarf... A-And I tried to bake you something. Do you need a hug...? (badlydrawnmirandalotto)

@badlydrawnmirandalotto thank you miranda, i owe you something back. if you need anything, know that i am here


*Requested* Imagine being Klaus´s girlfriend in the 20´s

( I really couldn’t stop writing. I still hope you like it .)

Word count: 774

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It was the time of consumerism, jazz and rebellion. The Roaring 20´s. You yourself, were a rebel because you didn´t wear the “appropriate” clothes or behave like a girl should, according to the older generation. The only escape you had, was a bar named “Gloria´s” in your hometown Chicago, where jazz was celebrated and no one was judged by appearances. Another thing you loved there was the piano, which you played every time you went there. 

Speaking of the piano, you were in the middle of playing a energetic jazz piece as you felt as someone was watching you. You didn´t pay attention to much, because you were concentrated on playing your beloved piano.

After you finished playing, including a standing ovation from the audience, you decided to reward yourself with a drink. You ordered your favorite drink and you were about to sit down at one of the tables, as a man bumped into you, wich made you drop your drink on the floor, the glass shattering into pieces. The man didn´t even care and just walked away.

Y/N: Thank you for that, asshole.

You felt someone approaching you from behind. You turn around to see a really handsome man with sandyblond hair standing in front of you.

Klaus: “Well that wasn´t now nice, was it? How could someone knock down a drink in the hands of such a beautiful and talented woman, and just walk away? Mind if I replace you that drink, love?”

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I was happily scrolling through Twitter when I found this post and I’m sorry for making this rant here, but I want to say something about it. I think the source is detconanconfessions (warning: long and bad post)

I know this is hard, but we shouldn’t compare female characters (like Ai and Ran), I even do that sometimes, but I’ve learn a lot about that these past months. They are completely different human beings and both great female characters. Not everything about them has to be romantic or related to “a man” They are both strong in different ways.

The post says “She’s a character who can stand by herself” yet Haibara is alive thanks to Agasa, who saved her life and gave her a home and a family, because she lost everything. He was the one who got Conan and her to work together. How would her life have been without them? And both of them (Agasa and Conan) have shown her what a family is, how not all humans are evil, even the detective boys have shown her values as friendship and love, she even learned lessons about friendship thanks to Ran and Sonoko’s friendship. How many times has Conan saved Haibara’s life? And Ran? Even Genta and Mitsuhiko have saved her.

Don’t forget she tried to commit suicide a couple of times, please. Yes, she’s strong, but she can’t stand by herself and that’s the amazing thing about her character development, because she grow up in a jail, she’s learning now and she can’t do that by herself.

The post also says: “She didn’t need man to resolve her life…” that’s really great, every woman should be able to resolve her life without a man…
“…wich other characters desperately need to” annnnd I feel that comment goes to Ran and Sonoko, ok.

Let’s begin with Sonoko. Funny how when a man in any other show (you could even add Kaitou Kid here) flirts a lot the comments are “he’s a dork lol” “I love him” “all the girls love him” but when Sonoko does that: “She’s so desperate ugh” “attention seeker” “whore”. To be honest, Sonoko owns the best female character development in the series with Miwako Satou, it’s so sad how so many people missed that. People is amazing and that’s all I’m going to say.

And about Ran. I don’t even know where to begin. Ran is probably the most sane person in the whole show, she dealed with a mother who abandoned her when she was a kid and a father who drinks a lot, you can even find headcanons about her childhood like is one, and yet she’s the kindest person. She has a best friend, they grow up together, then she realized she was in love with him and a couple of months later he dissapeared.

That’s hard, believe me, losing people you love is hard because if they left without a word all you can think is “It’s my fault everybody abandon me” I know, she loves him and she cries because she misses him, but yet she has a life, she still train her karate, she still goes out with Sonoko (could you imagine if Sonoko abandon her now?) When was the last time she cried because of him? London? yet on episodes 648-50 she was the one who saved the criminal’s life and told Sera she believed in Shinichi and he would rescue all of them, did she cried then? did she cried in the aquarium memories?

Look how they are totally different characters yet similar. People have the vision Haibara is stronger than Ran, yet Ran has saved a lot of people’s lifes including Conan’s. People thinks only Ran suffers, but both of them feel weak about anything related to their families. Actually, both of them were abandoned by their moms (Elena left her before she died). At least in my opinion neither of them need a man to solve their lives, they need people to help them to live and make them happy, and falling in love doesn’t make any person less important.

Im sorry, I have to get back to work, thanks for reading

tony stark to steve rogers: please just sign the Superhuman Registration Act
steve: no
tony: 🎶 sign it 🎶
steve: no (again but quieter this time)


I needed this laugh today