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Man, do I have a soft spot in my heart for the Sonic franchise! I started these a while ago, but due to Photoshop slowing down a lot and most of my time going into an oct I entered, I couldn’t finish until now. Although it took much longer than I wanted to finish it, I’m really happy with how the redesigns came out! I tried to make them more colorful and simple to seem less serious and more cartoon-ish. Even though I loved some of the 3D Sonic games, it never made sense to me why they were portrayed to be realistically and living in the real world. I also tried to incorporate different outfits and items that the characters had throughout different games into the designs, such as Sonic’s scarf and Knuckles sunglasses. But, overall I just tried to keep the designs simple but also add some things to make their characteristics or jobs pop out more.

I know these aren’t all the sonic characters and I may eventually do more, but for now I hope you guys like these!

(Sonic and friends belong to Sega,

These redesigns belong to me so please don’t steal or re-post!)

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I have more issues with W than I have with M. It's obvious that M is just a beard. She might like the attention she gets being with D but she looks just as unhappy as he does when they take pics. W on the other hand stays out of the limelight for the most part but he seems to be in love with Chris. And the fact that Chris dedicated the book to him really made me think this might be real. Chris books are his babies and I don't think he would dedicate them to someone he didn't love. Your thoughts?

Honestly, when I first joined the fandom, I had a really hard time dismissing the PA.  Because agreed, beard is easy.  Even before i knew, I sensed something was off and never felt they had chemistry.  And now that i know, the more they try to sell it, the less believable it becomes.

But Chris sells his fake relationship better.  Well at least he did. I actually don’t think he does anymore (which in large part is because i think he is over it completely).

I guess the thing that happened that finally convinced me 100% that it was in fact not real, was Halloween.  I can easily dismiss the Kiss Pic.  My friend, a physical therapist (and for the record, not a CC fan, she’s just aware because of me), who knows how every muscle works and is attached to the body, and how the muscles can move, looked at the photo and in less than 5 seconds, was able to dismiss it, saying the way the PA’s head is attached to his neck by the muscle is physically impossible. Others have done a much more sophisticated analysis and come to the same conclusion, photoshop.  But go ahead, google the pic and compare the neck muscle with this anatomy pic (but you didn’t think I’d go there). You too will see its actually humanly impossible:

So why use a manip? Not necessary if this is a real relationship.  Not to mention, if this was real, do we really think Chris Colfer would have allowed that picture to be leaked? A man who craves privacy.

Besides this, Chris puts out constant hints all of the time on social media.  He has thrown more shade at beard than I would even think possible. Remember the backstage Hedwig Kiss?  This was his IG like about an hour after Miss I crave privacy posted it on facebook:

He does this constantly, He has shown Darren so much support its unreal. He is often able to tell the future. Its amazing. And he has thrown more shade at her, that there is absolutely no question what his opinion is and how he feels about her.

TLOS.  Are you reading? I know, I am such a broken record.  Darren is all over those pages. I just did my post on Arthur this morning.  He is so many other characters.  And yes, I do think Will is represented, as Lester, the assistant.

And let’s talk about Chris on this tour.  Wearing 2 necklaces.  One Gemini.  One Saturn/Aquarius.  And he has been sure to show us the necklaces practically ever single night. And you know what night he did not wear them?  Ab Fab.

Speaking of the premiere.  Not a date, Chris made sure to bring a chaperone. Also, W was relegated to the back seat!! And that selfie.  So incredibly awkward.

On the dedication, I hate that he felt that he needed to do it.  But there is not one world written that makes me think this was written to the love of his life, soul mate, chosen partner. It was written to someone that he plays interactive games with.  Figures out what 10 years olds would understand.  and is his secret weapon.

Secret weapon indeed,  As long as the PA is the perceived boyfriend (and remember Chris had never named his as the boyfriend), it is impossible for CC to exist.  And further, as Chris is openly gay, most do not think he would choose to hide.  He doesn’t need a beard.  And if we are being honest, was it a choice?   I think he was forced to hide and participate when he fell in love with Darren.  So fine, a choice, but one to protect the person he loves,.  And make no mistake about it, Chris could have walked away. He did not have to participate.  But he did.  Why?  Because clearly, as he stated himself, there is so much love between these two that he will fight for as long as he has to as long as love triumphs in the end.

I think it has long been established, no question this is Darren, as posted on Chris’ IG and used a year later on a talk show.

And finally, if ever one questions, and yes, something else I have brought up continuously, a video cannot lie.

But he also read letters which he said that I had sent to him, like a man devoid of humanity and ignorant of the common usages of life. For who ever, who was even but slightly acquainted with the habits of polite men, produced in an assembly and openly read letters which had been sent to him by a friend, just because some quarrel had arisen between them? Is not this destroying all companionship in life, destroying the means by which absent friends converse together? How many jests are frequently put in letters, which, if they were produced in public, would appear stupid! How many serious opinions, which, for all that, ought not to be published! Let this be a proof of your utter ignorance of courtesy… However, what answer would you make if I were to deny that I ever sent those letters to you? By what evidence could you convict me? by my handwriting? Of handwriting indeed you have a lucrative knowledge. How can you prove it in that manner? for the letters are written by an amanuensis…
But I do not deny it; and in this very point I convict you not only of inhumanity but also of madness. For what expression is there in those letters which is not full of humanity and service and benevolence? and the whole of your charge amounts to this, that I do not express a bad opinion of you in those letters; that in them I wrote as to a citizen, and as to a virtuous man, not as to a wicked man and a robber. But your letters I will not produce, although I fairly might, now that I am thus challenged by you; letters in which you beg of me that you may be enabled by my consent to procure the recall of some one from exile; and you will not attempt it if I have any objection, and you prevail on me by your entreaties.

Cicero, Philippics 2.7-9

seriously??? can you even fucking believe this??? he READ MY LETTERS TO THE SENATE, who DOES that” yeah man that’s fucked up “EVERYONE KNOWS you talk shit in private letters that’s what they’re FOR it doesn’t mean you ACTUALLY MEAN IT jesus christ. like i can’t get over this who DOES THAT. what’s the POINT of writing a PRIVATE letter if the fucker’s just going to KEEP it and READ IT TO THE SENATE” yeah dude “and you know what he can’t even prove it’s me. like he literally can’t it could be anyone. you could photoshop that shit in like thirty seconds. he could have been talking to anyone.” so true man “and you know what??? i literally didn’t even say anything that bad. i don’t know why he’s acting like this is a big deal. i didn’t even say anything.” totally yeah “and ohhhhhh my god i have SO MUCH SHIT on him but do you see me pulling this shit??? do you??? NO, because i’m not an asshole. i COULD, i could read his fucking letters to the fucking senate for days, but i WON’T because i’m not an ASSHOLE like MARK FUCKING ASSHOLE ANTONY. god. someone get me a latte.” - cicero