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At my school, Mr. Perfect’s name was Robert Pattinson. The star of the internationally acclaimed movie ‘Twilight’, who earns hundreds of millions of dollars a year, has been voted 'The Sexiest Man Alive’ in every magazine there is.

And I hate it. Cause all I can think of is the nobhead that I used to have to sit next to at school.


Good Girl CH 3: In The Morning

There is something warm on my cheek. My hand that was tucked against my chest wanders up to find a hand resting against my cheek. I open my eyes to come face to face with a familiar cat like man.

“Good morning little one,” He purrs in a sexy morning voice. I’m surprised when he leans forward and places a soft kiss on my lips; he rests his head back on his pillow and waits for some kind of reaction. I just blink at him, dumbstruck by this hot stranger. A million things run through my mind as I try to understand what is going on, where the hell am I, how did I get here, and who is this sexy man?

Out loud I answer my own question, “Kitty?”

A smile spreads across the man’s face, “Yes?”

I sit up as things from the night before fly by in my mind. Kitty follows my movement as he scoots closer to me, his arm wrapped securely around my waist in case I run. But my mind is swimming and I doubt I could walk at this point if I tried. I see myself at the club with Jihyo, the shots, both kinds, and I remember the alley. Turning to look at Kitty I just stare as I think about how cold he looked, how heartless and cruel as he stood over that man’s body. But looking at him now, I just see a cute man with concern and nervousness in his eyes, nothing of what I would expect from a killer.

“Do you remember?” He asks a bit hesitantly.

I just nod.

“And?” His grip on me tightens.

“And nothing.”

“Are you afraid?”

I’m surprised by my lack of hesitates when I shake my head, “You didn’t hurt me.”

“But I killed a man.”

“You didn’t kill me. You haven’t hurt me when I know you’ve had the opportunity to do so, why should I be afraid?”

He stares at me dumbstruck, but he quickly shakes it off and gets closer to me, his cat eyes narrowed on any reaction I could have. But I do nothing; I actually find his closeness comforting. I guess it wasn’t just the tequila.

“You are a strange girl.”

“I get that a lot.”

“So if I let you go, you won’t run off will you?”

I shake my head, “I won’t know where to run even I would.” Satisfied with my answer he releases his grip on my waists and lays back down, his hands behind his head. I just stare at him as I try and access the part of my brain that normally stores my common sense but come up empty when I still feel nothing but relaxation with him. Jihyo must have jinxed me, fucking with my alarm, ugh that bitch. As that thought passes through my mind I snap my head up. I wonder if she got home okay, if Hoseok got my message but I decide not go for my phone with Kitty watching me so intensely.

“Are you hungry?” He asks as he sits back up.

I nod.

“Come on,” He grabs my hand and pulls me off the bed. We leave his room and wander down a long corridor with a bunch of doors on one side and a wall of windows on the other. On the other side of the windows is a beautiful pool that has a just a pretty view of a forest. So we’re in the middle of nowhere, delightful.

He leads me to the kitchen where he is disappointed to find no one there. A cute pout graces his face as he opens the fridge and finds nothing already made to eat.

“Kyungsoo is usually up by now, I’m starving.” Kitty grumbles as he closes the fridge.

“I can make us something,” I say a bit shyly.

He raises his brow, “You can cook?”

“My grandma taught me how to make traditional Korean food.”

He grins like a child, “Can you please?”

I smile back and nod. “Go sit down at the island.” I wave him into a seat out of the way. He sits on the other side of the island I start putting ingredients on. Thankfully they have plenty of eggs and rice so omurice seems like a pretty easy option. Their kitchen is absolutely beautiful, completely modern with black cabinets and white marble counters. It’s like the kitchen I’ve always wanted. I switch back and forth from counter to counter to the stove and back again, far too focused on making breakfast to notice the audience that gathered on the other side of the island. Kitty grabs 13 plates for me and helps dish out the rice on each plate while I top each pile with a fried egg, a simple dish that always tastes amazing. With a satisfied sigh I gather all the pans in the sink and turn around to finally realize all 12 men staring at me with interest.

When none of them say anything I give them a shy smile, “Good morning, I made breakfast.” I gesture to the plates lined up on the counter.

“Does she not remember?” The dimpled man from last night asks.

They all look to Kitty who is just smiling at me, “She does.”

“Are you sure? Did you threaten her or something?”

Another one asks, “Are sure she even saw?”

“I’m with Yeolie on this one,” The puppy says from his spot on one of the stools, “There is no way she would be this calm if she saw.”

With a sigh Kitty says, “Tell them what you saw last night little one, I’m going to eat while they freak out.” He reaches across the island for a plate.

All eyes turn to me, “I saw Kitty shoot some guy threw the chest and threw the head.” I explain simply dragging one of the plates in front of me and I start eating. They stare at me as if I have an arm growing out of my forehead.

“Maybe she thinks this is a dream or something,” One says.

“She could be a sociopath,” Another one suggests.

“Or she could be someone like us,” A third says.

Annoyed with their antics I slam my fork down on the counter, “Eat your food before I throw it away. And if I had to pick the best of the three I’m most likely a sociopath.”

They scramble for a plate, fighting each other for ones that have more, acting like complete children. I scoff at the fact that these men were in charge of taking care of me last night.

After a few minutes of silence and obvious staring one asks, “So you aren’t afraid of us?”

I look up from my plate to see bitch face from last night staring down at his fork; he nibbles on his lip while he waits for my answer. I scan all of the other men’s faces to see the same anxious curiosity.

“No, I’m not afraid of you.” Just as those words leave my mouth, the alarm in my head goes off. I twist and jump on the counter, my legs stretched in front of me, keeping the tan man who was sneaking up behind me away.  

With an impressed smile he says, “That alarm of yours’ is absolutely amazing.” He steps closer so my feet are on his stomach.

“Kai,” A few of the men behind me growl warningly. Kai sighs in defeat, his hands go up in surrender as he backs away.

“What are we going to do with her now?”

I glance over my shoulder, also curious about this answer. The four sitting in the stools look to each in a silent debate, Kitty, Dragon, Deer, and classically handsome. From the way the others who were stuck standing watch the men, I can tell they must be the oldest or the leaders. I watch Kitty and am a bit taken back by the sudden cold he is radiating, Dragon is next to him doing the same killer expression as they have a stare down with the other two.

“I say we keep her,” Kitty says sternly.

“Hyung, she is not a pet,” Handsome snaps back.

Dragon huffs, “I’m with Xiumin on this one.”

“She probably has a family that she needs to get back to and if she is the same age as Sehun and Kai, she has school,” Deer says in a soft voice trying to keep the situation calm.

“Since when have you two had a conscience with girls? You guys are usually the first to get rid of them. In fact I’m surprised you haven’t tried to kill her yet or even suggested it. Face it, you like her too.” Kitty snaps as he stands up, slamming his fork on the counter.

The other two look away, a blush crossing their faces. My focus is taken away when I feel the alarm again and I turn around to find Kai closer than before. His hands are on my thighs with him resting in between my legs, only inches away. I can’t help but scream at his sudden closeness, not feeling the same comfort that I have when Kitty is this close, instead I feel threatened. My instincts kick in and I throw a punch, landing right on his cheek, making him stumble back. With my fist up, I glare at him, expecting him to retaliate or something but he doesn’t. He holds his cheek, grinning like a maniac, he looks to the others who are either staring or glaring at the dumb boy.

“I vote on keeping her for a little while, I like a girl with some fiest.”

“I swear I’m going right for your man hood if you try that again,” I threaten.

He just laughs, “I could kill you if I wanted to beautiful, so you better be a bit nicer.”

“Please go right ahead.”

He stares at me for a moment, and I can feel the others’ eyes on me as well, “I’m not playing around. You saw what Xiumin hyung did to that guy last night just for him being in the wrong place, imagine what we would do to someone who wrongs us.”

“Than kill me, I’ve got nothing too important to get back to.” I deadpan, feeling nothing in my words, no hesitates or fear.  

“I get why she isn’t afraid of us,” Kai scoffs, “The crazy little girl is suicidal.”

I shrug at his words, putting my plate on my lap so I can continue eating, “I wouldn’t say I’m suicidal, more like I’ve had all the time I need and I can go at any moment now. So if you want to kill me, kill me. If you don’t, than eat and stop trying to get in my pants.”

It’s quiet for a while, I continue eating, some of the others behind me snicker at Kai’s antics. Kai leans against the counter opposite of me and just watches me eat. Twenty minutes pass of the only sound being people eating and forks clanking against plates. When I finish my food I start the dishes, which only takes fifteen minutes with them having a dishwasher. The boys are hesitant as they hand me their plates that I place in the washer for them. Done with that I wash my hands before turning around to find all of them still staring.

“So what now?” I ask, eyeing Kitty and Handsome since they seem to have the most say.

“What do you mean?” Handsome asks.

“Well are you going to kill me, keep me, or take me home?”

They are all surprised by my bluntness but Kitty just chuckles, “What do you want to do little one?”

“This isn’t a debate for her to take part in. She should go home,” Handsome says as if it’s final but by the look on everyone else’s face I know it isn’t over.

“But she saw us kill someone, she saw our faces, she knows where we live, we can’t just let her run around with that information,” Puppy reasons stepping into the conversation.

Deer defends me this time, “She doesn’t look like the type to run to the police.”

Kai scoffs, “What does she have to loose? She already admitted she isn’t afraid to die so our usual death threats won’t work.”

“That’s why we should just keep her,” Xiumin states once again. “We all seem to like her anyway. None of us can take our eyes off her. I can admit that it’s weird that we all like her this much already but that doesn’t change that I know the rest of you bastards want to keep her too.”

Their argument is cut off when a door opens and the sound of more rowdy boys coming down the hall. I grimace at the possibility of their being more of them but as these voices get closer I realize that they sound really familiar. The new group of boys rounds the corner, joining us in the kitchen, seeming completely at ease as they bow.

As their arrival sinks in I say excitedly, “Oppas?” I try and rush to them but I’m surprised when Kai’s arm wraps around my waist holding me back.

“Joo-ya?” Namjoon questions taking a step toward me but is automatically cut off by Dragon while the others stand up too, creating a wall in between my oppas and me. “What is going on here?”

“Why do you guys have Joo?” Yoongi questions, suddenly hostile.

“Joo,” Hoseok tries to come forward but steps back when Kitty glares at him and ends up settling for peeking at me in between them, “We’ve been worried about you. I’ve been waiting for you to text me back since last night, I thought you got caught up in the mess if it.”

“How is Jihyo?” I asks ignoring Kai’s tightening grip as he glares.

“She has a pretty bad hang over and a bruise on her cheek, but nothing she isn’t use too. But how did you end up here?”

At the same time those same words appear in my head, “What are you guys doing here?”

“How the hell do you all know each other?” Dragon asks, stepping away from the wall they made to get me from Kai’s grip, noticing my discomfort. He easily lifts me on the counter near Kitty who pulls me closer.

“She is a close friend.” Namjoon says stepping forward, being the over protective oppa that he is, he watches their hands on me. He narrows his eyes on Kitty when he turns to look up at me, positioning himself like Kai had before, in between my legs. Kitty cocks his head at me curiously as he wraps his arms around my waist, something I don’t question from him at this point.

“Is that true little one? Are you friends with these boys?” Kitty asks me.

I nod.

“How did you meet these naughty boys?” Dragon asks leaning on the counter closer to me.

“We met through my friend Jihyo, she goes to the same school as them.”

Kai scoffs, “You expect me to believe you’re friends with that slutty girl at school?”

I glare daggers at him but before I can snap at him Namjoon does it for me, “I would watch what you say about Jihyo in front of Joo, she will hurt anyone who says anything bad about her little Ji.”

“Is that why you guys look so familiar?” I gesture to bitch face and Kai. “Are you those mysterious, hot guys she always talked about?”

Grinning, Kai brushes his sandy brown hair out of his face, “There aren’t many like us, so I’m guessing yes.”

“And does that mean one of you are the hot principal that is related to them?” I scan the men I’m guessing to be the oldest and stop at Handsome. “You,” I point a small finger at him, “It has to be you.”

“Why him sweetheart? Am I not hot?” Dragon pouts cutely.

“You are way too hot to be involved in any kind of education institution. But Handsome oppa,” I look back to Handsome, “You are classically hot, so it has to be you.”

“Handsome oppa?” He laughs cutely.

“I don’t know names, except for Kai so I’ve just been making them up in my head.”

“What do you call me?” Deer asks perking up in his seat.

“Deer oppa.”

“What do you call them?” Deer gestures to the two men hanging on me.

“Kitty and Dragon oppa.”

“This is fun and stuff but can we get back to why you have Joo?” Hoseok asks bring all eyes to him, none of them kind except for mine.

“Why is that any of your business?” Dragon snaps.

“She is our friend and we know you guys well enough that there must be a very good or bad reason for you to bring her to your house.”

“She caught us killing someone, so we couldn’t let her run off to the police,” Kai says as if it was obvious.

“Joo-ya,” Jin comes closer, trying to give me a once over with Kitty basically on top of me. “They haven’t hurt you, right?” Poor mommy Jin looks nervous asking the question but with twelve glaring men hovering, I understand why. I try to jump off the counter, something Kitty does not agree with.

“Let me down,” I say nicely.

“Why?” Kitty basically growls.


He sighs, “You have two minutes,” He steps away from me, allowing me to jump off the counter. I get down quickly and go over to Jin who welcomes me into a hug. Jin steps away holding me at arms length he gives me a once over.

“I’m fine Oppa, they have been nothing but nice to me,” I try to calm the older man and myself. When he finds nothing wrong with me he lets out a sigh of relief but that makes worry creep up my neck, should I be more concerned about what could happened to me? I mean other than my death?

“I’m sorry but if you knew their normal reaction to someone seeing them kill someone, you’d understand my worry.”

I take that as a yes.

“Ya!” Handsome snaps coming toward us, his sudden hostility makes me jump, “You just need to keep your mouth shut about that.”

“Kai already threatened to kill me, so I doubt it gets much worse then that.” I look over my shoulder at him trying to appear calm and collected. Remember they don’t set off the alarms, that usually means I’m fine, I should be fine, right?

“Trust me, it does,” He says only loud enough for me to hear. Jin stop scaring me, you aren’t helping the situation!

“Can we talk to her for a few minutes?” Namjoon ask wrapping his arm around my shoulders.

“About what?” Deer asks, suddenly appearing a lot more threatening than I thought someone like him could.

Namjoon clears his throat as he tries to think of a good response, “We just want to make sure she’s okay.”

Kris growls, “She said she is fine.”

“You guys can be a bit intimidating we just want to walk to her,” Yoongi answers.

“I say no,” Bitch face says.

“I’m with Sehun,” Kai agrees.

One I haven’t really heard talk yet, Dimple, says, “They are going to make her afraid of us.”

“Hyung,” Puppy whines to Handsome, “Don’t let them take our new friend away.”

“We haven’t even had a chance to play with her yet,” Elf chimes in. My friends tense at those words.

“Handsome oppa,” I slip away from Namjoon to grab on to Handsome’s large hands and smile up at him. “Can’t I just have a little talk with them, please? I’ll play with you guys after.”

He sighs holding my hands comfortably tight, “Fine, you convinced me but you have to convince Xiumin hyung too.” I cock my head at him confused, “I mean Kitty.” I look past Handsome to find a very cranky looking Kitty. I give him my best smile.

“Kitty oppa, please?” I try to use the same trick on him that I used on Handsome but from his glare I know it won’t work.

“No.” He deadpans before I even reach him.

“But oppa,” I whine as I wrap my arms around his neck. Any fear I have disappears when I see the fear in the cute man’s eyes. How he can do such a switch, from possibly murdering a group of boys to looking like a kicked kitten.

“I said no little one,” He pulls me close, his hands firmly on my hips. “I don’t want them to make you afraid of me, afraid of us. I like that you don’t flinch or try to move away when I touch you.”

“If you let me I’ll stay,” The words come out before I can stop them.

His eyes light up, in fact everyone’s, except for my friends, eyes light up like the forth of July. I don’t have the heart to take my words back, regardless of the horrified look in my friends’ eyes.

“Deal,” He kisses my forehead, “You can’t take it back now.” He lets me go and holds me at arms length so I’m not touching him anymore. “Now you guys have 15 minutes, use that time wisely, you can use the living room.”

“You boys watch your mouths,” Suho threatens with a cold voice and eyes that could kill. “If she comes out of that room any different towards us, there will be hell to pay,” He gives them a killer smile, “Understand?”

The boys all nod, fear obvious in their eyes, before dragging me out of the kitchen into the living room, just down the hall. Jin hesitates as we pass the entry way, his desire to just take me and leave is obvious to everyone.

“Don’t even think about it Hyung!” Namjoon warns as he continues pulling me along.

“But Namjoon,” Jin whispers, he grabs my free hand, “How else are we supposed to get her out of here? Or are seriously thinking about leaving her?”

Namjoon huffs, “No, I don’t want to leave her but I don’t want the head of EXO trailing behind us! Do you know what would happen to us if we just took her from them? I don’t that for us, we worked hard to get here. Now all we can do is try and figure out what happened.”

The Joker x Reader - “The beginning of the end”

It’s getting harder and harder to breathe. All the weight on top of you crushes your body, constricting you more each time you are trying to move. What a way to end it all … At least you’re not alone.

It’s getting harder and harder to breathe. All the weight on top of you crushes your body, constricting you more each time you are trying to move. There is a little bit of light coming through the cracks of the collapsed walls all around. And dust…so much dust you can almost taste it each time you inhale.

The Joker is right by you; it’s not hard to distinguish his shape. You’ve been trying to free your left arm for the last 30 minutes and he didn’t move at all. He’s probably dead, lucky him. You’re still hanging on, barely conscious. Was he trying to protect you or use you as a shield? Knowing him, probably the latest. It is your job to make sure nothing happens to the Prince of Crime so you can’t really hold it against him.

After all the struggle, you finally free your hand and reach for him. You touch his cheek and it feels so cold. Is it him or you that’s cold? At this point it really doesn’t matter anymore. You’re in so much pain you almost don’t notice anything around. Shit, what a way to end it all. The numbness makes you aware you probably don’t have much time left. You move your hand again so you can find his. It seems like forever, but you finally find it under the rubble. You squeeze it as hard as you can, wishing it would comfort you. It doesn’t.

You sigh, pulling his lifeless hand closer towards your body so you can hold it better. It’s so slippery, probably blood. His or yours? No doubt both. At least you’re not alone.


**** You open the door and see him standing there with that look in his eyes. Oh, how you know those eyes and what it means. You slam the door in his face and lock it. Why is he here now?! The Joker grumbles, pissed you have the nerve to do such a thing, really wanting to shoot the lock but doesn’t have the silencer with him and it might attract unwanted attention in your fancy neighborhood. So he knocks again, louder this time.

“Open up, Y/N, don’t make me repeat myself!”

You sit still on the other side of the door, waiting for him to do something insane. J starts kicking the wood with the tip of his shoe:

“If you don’t open this dammed door in 5 seconds, you’ll be sorry!”

He hears the lock clicking and rushes inside, watching you slowly stepping away from him.

“Are you deaf ?! You know I don’t like to play games! If I ask you to do something, you God damn do it!” he shouts, approaching you with a menacing look on his face. Enough of this nonsense, you tell yourself as he grabs and forcefully pushes you against the wall, lifting your dress up, impatient. You don’t struggle or attempt to flee, trying to remain calm:

“From all the bad things you do, sir, I didn’t take you for a rapist.” Your eyes stare into his and his body gets tense, pushing against yours.

“I’m not… a rapist!” he shrieks through his clenched teeth, emphasizing the word, antagonized you’re twisting his desire in such way. No woman he wants for the night ever says no to him. This is a first and doesn’t know how to react.

You lift your chin up, defying his blue gaze:

“Mister J, you hired me to kill for you and to protect you, I’m not one of the stripers working at your clubs,” you say in a low voice, trying to look stern and confident.

Did you just…did you just had the audacity to say such a thing to him?! Apparently.

The Joker smirks, really wanting to shoot your brains out, but he’s convinced you have at least one weapon on you. Since he hired you for your skills, he is certain you won’t go down that easily. And you already ruined his mood for today, so it’s no fun.

He lets you go and takes two steps back, readjusting his silver jacket, cracking every little single bone in his neck and shoulders. You pull down on your dress, passing your fingers through your hair a few times, deeply upset at the situation.

You just look at each other for a few moments, not moving.

“One of these days I’m gonna kill you,” he snarls, still panting and mad at what just happened.

“I know, boss,” you bitterly reply, aware he means it. “But I’m not going to let it happen.”

You don’t even have time to say anything else because he charges at you and slaps so hard your skin burns instantly. You cover your red spot, standing up straight again in front of him.

“Do not hit me again, Mister J!“ you threaten and he’s amazed you have the courage, but didn’t really expect less of you. “I didn’t survive the agony of an abusive home just to have someone doing this to me again!!” Your tone changed and you feel you’re almost choking with indignation. You didn’t want to reveal such secret but it slipped out because you’re on the edge. “Do not hit me again, please!”

J doesn’t really know what to do with this crazy behavior of yours.

**** You’ve been working for him for half a year and you had no idea you will find yourself in this kind of position. Why the sudden interest in you?! He has enough girls around. You never encouraged anything.  And you never thought of him…that way. Well, maybe once or twice when you saw him walking shirtless around the penthouse, but nothing more. You know better that not getting involved with a man like him, no matter how tempting and power intoxicating it may sound.****

He claps his hands, laughing maniacally:

“Wowww, what a show! Bra-vooo! Really, Doll, who do you think you’re talking to?!” he suddenly changes his demeanor and shoves his finger in your face, his temple twitching under the pressure he feels building up in his chest. “Don’t you ever dare talking to me like this! EVER! Got it?” he shouts, grasping your neck and his rings dig in your flesh, making you wince.

“Got it,” you whisper, wanting him to get the hell out already.

“You’re lucky I need you,” J grins, tipping his head to the right, then brings his face close to you, sniffing your hair. “But you are not irreplaceable so I wouldn’t fuck around if I were you.”

You bite your tongue and faintly touch his fingers, using just enough strength to remove them from around your neck.

“If it’s all the same to you, boss, I’m going to continue my evening,” you mutter, distancing yourself from him and going in the living room. The Joker suspiciously watches you as you go and sit in your recliner and start watching TV, ignoring him. Or so he thinks. You are so not ignoring him; on the verge of a breakdown, your senses are enhanced to the maximum. You certainly didn’t expect such events to take place tonight. If he tries something else, I swear I’ll kill him. Or he can try and kill me, but I’m not his toy. I’m not one of those girls he likes to keep around to play with. If he strikes me again, one of us will die tonight, you repeat in your mind, over and over again.  

You hope he already left when you notice J’s green hair with the corner of your eye.  Why is he still here?!

“What are we watching?” he sighs, taking a sit on the couch and putting his feet up on the coffee table.

Good gracious, get out of my house already.

“Pacific Rim,” you reply without looking at him, concentrating at the screen.

Neither of you say anything else for the rest of the night. When you decide to look over after the movie is done, you see him asleep. You don’t wake him up and just retreat to your bedroom.The next morning when you get to the living room, he’s gone.

At “work”, you both act like nothing happened. You sure hope he’s over it and will leave you alone. Right, like he ever lets something go. 

****My pizza must be here, that was fast, you smile, excited when you hear the doorbell.

You open the door and…oh, no!

“Don’t worry, I’m not here to rape you or to hit you,” the Joker gestures, rolling his eyes dramatically. He pushes you out of the way and heads towards the kitchen.

“I’m not worried,” you sigh. Why is he here again?!

“What’s for dinner?” J puckers his lips, getting a cold can of grape juice from the fridge.“Awww, you got this for me?”

“No, I drink it too,” you answer, annoyed.

“I was being sarcastic, Doll,” he scoffs.

“I know, but I still want to make sure you don’t think it’s for you.”

He chuckles, amused:

“My feisty assassin, you’re not afraid of me, aren’t you? I can make you be very afraid.”

“I’m sure you can, sir, but right now I am going to get into my Jacuzzi and wait for my pizza delivery,” you cut him off short and you go on the deck, tossing your robe to the side and getting in the bubbly water. You hope he got the message and left himself out.

“Now this must be relaxing,” he comes outside, starting to strip by the tub.

Why is this happening to you?!

He leaves his boxers on and gets inside the opposite side of where you sit, staring at you while you read your book, totally quiet. After a while he’s bored and begins playing with his phone while you make it a point pretending he’s not there.

**** In the next three months he drops by all the time, uninvited. You are so fed up with it you don’t even bother locking the door anymore, knowing he’ll get in anyway if he wants to. For the most part he just gets in and hangs around, a lot of times you barely say a few words to each other. He is like the unwanted guest you can’t get rid of so you kind of trying to cope and see where it will lead you. Most of the days you totally ignore each other, just like you wouldn’t talk to a roommate you can’t stand. Great company…

Sometimes, when you sleep in your bedroom, you can hear his steps on the wood floor. The Joker got in your house again. You know it’s him because oddly enough you’ve learned how his steps sound like.

One morning you open your eyes and there he is, sleeping right beside you. It startles you a bit but you realize he doesn’t care about anyone’s privacy so why should he care about yours? You watch him for a while, not wanting to move because you really don’t know how to react to all of it if he wakes up. Out of curiosity, you touch his pale forehead, softly trailing his “Damaged” tattoo. You don’t know why you expected his skin to be as cold as ice. You smile at your stupid idea: of course he’s warm, he’s alive. You catch yourself wondering what happened to him, why he became like this. You definitely know what happened to you that made you the way you are. That thought makes you tear up, you don’t want to remember. You get enough determination to slowly get out of the bed and go take a shower.

The Joker was pretending to be asleep when you touched him. He doesn’t really know why. He doesn’t even understands why he keeps on coming to your place just to have you around when you obviously can’t really stand each other at this point. He doesn’t really comprehend all these emotions that make him feel weird when he’s around you. One of these days I’m really going to kill her, he promises himself before leaving your bed and heading out, mad again.

**** At the club, you stand at his right, keeping an eye out for things while another bimbo sits in his lap, giggling every time he whispers something in her ear. You are alert and concentrating on what you’re doing, that’s why you didn’t hear the question first time he asked you:

“Jesus, you never get jealous?!”

“I’m sorry, boss, what was that?” you turn your attention towards him, noticing he’s irritated.

“I said: you never get jealous?” he yells so you can hear him over the loud music.

“Jealous about what?!” you shout back, confused.

He growls, aggravated and pushes the girl away.

“Get lost!” he commands, slapping her ass as she’s walking away.

“Com’ere!” he signals you and you make another step towards him before he yanks you and you land on his lap. You fight to get up immediately, but he holds you down tight.

“Mister J, please let me go, I’m not one of these girls that work here, this is degrading,” you plead, squirming again.

“Since when sitting in my lap is degrading?!” he mutters in your ear, considering snapping your neck.

“That’s not what I meant, sir, I just…”

You don’t get to finish your sentence because J suddenly kisses you, taking you by surprise. He starts purring, making you feel light headed and you find yourself kissing him back. He tastes good and… metallic- just like a bullet, you think, locking your arms around his neck. You hate yourself for it.

**** You open the door and he throws the keys at you:

“This is yours, Doll,” the Joker states while you look at the red Lexus parked in your driveway.

“I really don’t need this flashy thing, I have my own cars, sir,” you sigh. Dammit, you knew this will happen.

“If I can drive my God damn purple Lamborghini around from time to time, I’m sure you can get away with this one, hmmm?” he raises his voice and you know he’s pissed.

“Of course, boss,” you gladly accept just to make him shut up. You shouldn’t have kissed him.

**** You get inside, whimpering in pain. You see something move in the darkness of your living room and you are quick to draw your gun, aiming towards the shadow.

“It’s me, not a rapist, calm down,” you hear the Joker’s voice as he turns on the light. He will always throw that in your face andhe let himself in again. “What happened?” he frowns, seeing your bloody shoulder.

“Occupational hazard, but Jayce is dead, just like you wanted,” you take a deep breath, putting your gun on the table and heading towards the bathroom so you can patch yourself up.

“Lemme do it,” he offers, following you.

“It’s fine, no bullet inside; it’s a clean wound, I’ll be fine.”

“Shut the hell up, woman, and let me do it!! Christ, you irritate me to death!!” he shoves you around and sits you on the edge of the bathtub while cleaning and dressing your wound. He’s not being gentle because you annoyed him again and you keep on jumping every time he touches your painful injury.

“Stay still! Quit your wiggling, I thought you are not afraid of anything,” he scolds you, huffing.

Dying alone,” you whisper, biting your lip.

His hands stop for a moment, then he restarts what he’s doing, pretending he didn’t hear.

**** He put you to bed and lingers by your side. You wish he wouldn’t. After the painkillers kick in, you fall asleep.

Something ticklish wakes you up. You feel groggy and a bit confused until you realize that what you’re sensing are kisses all over your face. You open your eyes and meet the Joker’s staring at you.

“Wh-what are you doing, sir?” you ask, moving your head backwards, away from his touch.

“Stop calling me that, I hate it,” he mutters and kisses your lips, closing the gap between your bodies again because when does he ever care about personal space. His grip around your waist intensifies as he begins kissing your neck, going down towards your cleavage.

“Want me to stop? I don’t want to be accused of raping you,” he inquires and you distinguish the mockery in his husky voice. “Well?” he asks again, biting your skin, waiting for the answer.

“I’m debating,” you reply, surprised that came out of your mouth.

“Just tell me when,” he snickers, unbuttoning your shirt.

You didn’t tell him to stop when he got your clothes off, you didn’t tell him to stop when he roughly kissed you and bit all over, you didn’t tell him to stop when he made love to you all night.


You feel a slight movement of his fingers in your hand. You turn your head towards him:

“Hey, boss, you still here?”

A low growl followed by a deep breath:

“Stop calling me that, I hate it,” he manages to utter, coughing. “Where the hell are our men? A-Aren’t they digging around for us?!”

“All this dust settling in makes everything worst. I can barely breathe,” you complain, wheezing. ”I really thought you were dead, “ you moan but can’t really cry because you don’t have the strength.

“Nahh… not yet. Didn’t you say you are afraid of dying alone? I thought I should be a good employer and keep you company until the end,” the Joker tries to laugh but the pressure of the crumbled walls on top of his body stop him from doing so. “Here!” he moves your hand holding his towards him and places it on his chest. “You can feel my heartbeat as long as it’s still here, this way you don’t feel lonely… I don’t want people to say I’ve never done anything nice for anybody… Oh, jeez, really?” he scoffs when he hears you whimper. “Are you really gonna cry on me? It’s so unlike you, I don’t like it.”

“I can’t even cry,” you struggle to lift your head a bit but give up. “You’re such a shitty boyfriend,” you squeeze his fingers, panting.

“I’m not your boyfriend, you pest, I hate you.”

“I hate you too, you didn’t even take me out on a date, you just wanted some,” you keep on rambling, the bitter taste in your mouth almost making you gag a few times. “What kind of person just shows up at someone’s house uninvited all the time? You are so persistent in annoying me; I really don’t know what to do with you anymore.”

Your words are getting slurred and he realizes you are probably going into shock.

“Hey, Doll, hey, look at me, stay with me,” he slowly blinks, getting sleepy but he knows it’s not from being tired.

“Don’t call me… that…I…hate…it…” are the last words he hears from you.


When the henchmen finally dug you from under the rubble, they found your hand into his, clenched to his chest. They tried to separate your fingers so they can help you better but couldn’t. They had to give you first aid the best way possible considering the situation and were so relieved when they realized you’re both still alive. Broken and in very bad shape, but alive.

You woke up first in the back of the van, lying on the sleeping bag and watching as the Joker opened his eyes and cautiously looked down at your joined hands on his bloody chest.

“Let go of my hand,” he asks with labored breath, but doing the opposite and squeezing yours even harder.

“You first,” you barely manage to say.

“I will, I don’t want people to think I’m raping you or something.”   Still sarcastic.

“Shut up,” you frown, pulling yourself closer to him.

He will never let that go.


Give Into It

Give Into It- Leto!Joker x Reader

Warnings- Violence, Murder, It’s graphic.

Summary-  Y/N has been slowly going insane about finding the man who murdered her family. When the Joker, her lover, finds the man she tries to fight the rage and insanity consuming her.

Screams echoed down the hall of the loft. Loud. Tortured. A bang joined in and more screams followed.

“J! J, you gotta listen to me-!” a beaten, bloody man pleads as he lays across the cold hardwood floor. His begging only makes the Clown laugh out like a maniac.

“You hurt my doll” J says shaking his head, bat now in hand instead of the gun that he held moments before when he fired into the mans leg.

“I didn’t! I swear to you!” the man cries.

“Now, now, we don’t need to lie” the Joker replies.

“B-But I’m not lying”

The door then opens revealing Frost walking in with you following. Your hair a little disheveled. The dark circles giving hint of your many sleepless nights. Eyes bloodshot from crying too much.

A Week Earlier

The snow was falling gently around you. Lights of the city illuminating the street your mother and younger sister lived on. You had been coming home after a night out with the King Of Gotham. You climbed the stairs to the door of the building and entered, heading to the elevator, once you were about to hit the button to go up the doors slid open and a man emerged from the elevator. His green eyes wild with panic, his hands were stuffed into his pockets and he rushed to the door. You raised your eyebrow in confusion but sorta shrugged it off and entered the elevator, hitting the button of the 7th floor. The doors slid shut and suddenly a feeling of concern filled the air. You rubbed your hands together and blew warm air to them. Even with your grey gloves on your hands you were still quite cold. The elevator gets to your floor and you exit and go straight to your family’s apartment. There is an eerie silence in the hall and once you open the door you’re greeted with the apartment being an absolute wreck. Your eyes widen and you pull out your phone and walk in slowly, the light is off which gives you a stronger sense of fear and you go through the rooms, you push your mother’s bedroom door open and see the comforter stained with blood and it dripping off the end. Your mother’s body lying on the bed, you freeze. Tears welling up in your eyes.

“M-Mommy-” You choke out, your voice breaking. You go over to her and look at her still face. You whimper and cover your mouth, looking around and rushing to your sister’s room, the door is slightly open, you push it open and freeze, falling to the floor letting out a sob as she lays there, lifeless, a clear stab wound in her chest, you squeeze your eyes shut letting the tears escape.


J looks in your direction, a small smirk on his face, he makes his way over to you, wrapping his arms around you from behind and placing a kiss to your cheek, he looks at the man. Your E/C eyes locked on him. The look of pain and disgust you gave him was petrifying. The man uses the table next to him to help himself get up and leans against it, his breathing off and grunting from the pain, his leg oozing with blood. You get free of your lover’s arms and punch the man straight in the face. He yelps out and falls back to the floor, his green eyes looking up at you in fear. The same green eyes you saw the week before. You kick him in the gut  and grab him by the collar, eyes wild. You’re staring, breathing heavy. Then a cold metal is placed in your hand gently, You look to your side and see J looking at you with those bright blue eyes. You look down and see the gold and purple gun in your small hands.

“Do it” J whispers into your ear. You never had killed anyone so you were pretty scared. You look back up to the madman and to the coward on the ground.

“I-I can’t-” you choke out. Suddenly J’s hand wraps around your neck and gently chokes you.

“But you wanted this. So very bad…He killed your family baby. He killed them and ran back to the gutter like the rat he is…Give into it…let the madness that’s been running through your mind go” he growls into your ear as you gaze at the man in front of you, tears on your cheeks and brimming your eyes. You feel J let go and get up, backing away. You can feel the smirk on his face growing. You look down to the gun, the man’s eyes on you. He lets out a chuckle.

“Can’t do it” he mumbles in which you look and in a quick move press the gun to his forehead. “You upset cause I killed your mommy little baby?” a sudden confidence growing in him now that it was you instead of Joker dealing with him. Your eyes water more and more, and you feel your hands shaking.

“Bang” you whisper and pull the trigger once. “Bang” you say louder, another shot. “Bang!” you scream and another shot echos. The man now dead. You look to him and let go of his collar, letting his body drop down. Blood staining your clothes, splatters on your face and surely in your hair. You curl up on the floor, gun in both hands and grip it tightly, the side of it on your forehead. You begin to rock back and forth. Eyes all on you. You let out a loud scream of anger. Arm wrap around your small figure and lift you up. J stands there, holding you and Frost takes the gun from your hands. You rest your head to your lovers shoulder and hold onto him.

“Daddy’s proud of you, baby” He says pressing a kiss to your forehead, entering the bedroom and closing the door behind him.

anonymous asked:

Imagine where your an actress (IN THE GUCKING 100 because DAMN THATS MY GUILTY PLEASURE) and he gets nervous to go to the teen choice awards because he does YouTube videos and (you end up winning a award) and he ends up having fun?? Sorry if it's so long 😅💓

Hey!! Thank you so much for the request and I hope you like it x

‘Shit, Y/n. I don’t know if I should come.’ He said, rubbing the back of his neck anxiously.
‘What?’ You asked, surprised. ‘Why not?’
You were sitting in the lounge awaiting the car that was picking you both up, and everything was ready to go. You had on a brand new outfit and you actually thought you looked really good in it - as did Calvin. He had told you enough times since you’d put it on a mere half an hour ago.
He looked just as good though, in black jeans, a white shirt and a black blazer overtop - he looked amazing. Your heart fluttered just looking at him; it made it all the more special because he hardly ever made an effort or dressed up for anything, and you were so grateful that he had wanted to support you.
Until now.

‘I dunno…’ He said, wringing his hands. 'I shouldn’t really be there, should I? I’m a YouTuber… ’
You just stood there staring at him for a solid 10 seconds.
You didn’t even know what to say. He didn’t want to go because he didn’t feel like his content was professional enough to even be there?
'Shut up.’ You said, shaking your head.
'Your content is better and funnier than half of the people that are nominated for an award.’ You said, and he just kept his head down. He got awkward when people complimented him, especially when you did; though you could see a small smile tugging at his lips, and that was all you needed.
'Please come,’ you begged.
'We won’t stay long if you really don’t like it when we get there,’ you promised, watching his face as you heard a car horn from outside.
He still looked unconvinced and very nervous and you decided that you weren’t going to go without him.
'Hey, if you really don’t wanna go then we don’t have to. It’s completely up to you,’ you told him, knowing how it feels to be pressured into something that you don’t really want to do.
'Nah, let’s go. It’s about time your brilliance was officially recognised.’ He joked, wiggling his eyebrows like an idiot to make you laugh.
So you left and got into the car that was waiting to take you to the Teen Choice Awards.

When you got there you looked at Calvin, whose eyes were scanning the sea of photographers and people with microphones that were trying to wave everyone down for interviews.
You laid your hand over his on the leather seat and he intertwined your fingers, squeezing gently as he said under his breath, 'I still don’t think I should be here..’
Before you could silence him once again the door was opened by a rather large man dressed in black and Calvin exited the vehicle first, helping you out after him.
His hand remained in yours as you did the obligatory posing for cameras and tried to avoid all of the people shouting your name.
One grabbed for Calvin’s arm as he walked passed but you discreetly pulled him out of their reach, eager to get away from the cameras and into where the awards were given so you could sit down and relax, away from the noise.
This plan wasn’t destined to work however and an attractive blonde lady jumped in front of you, her hair as irritatingly bouncy as her attitude.
'Hey Y/n!! It great to see you here! Especially with this one,’ she said, getting a little too close to Calvin for your liking.
'How does it feel to be nominated for such an amazing award?’
It took you a second to comprehend what she’d said as she’d said the whole thing in the space of three seconds and you had to almost translate it to make any sense of it whatsoever.
'Yeah, I’m so grateful. Can’t believe I’m here, really.’ You said, hoping that answered the question to her satisfaction.
'And how does it feel to have such a talented parter?’ She asked, turning to Calvin. You were grateful to have the spotlight off of you but hoped that he wouldn’t make any bad jokes or say anything embarrassing.

'I’m so incredibly proud of Y/n and I’m so honoured that she wanted me here to support her. She’s absolutely brilliant at what she does, whether that be making me happy or acting on TV. My only question is why she wasn’t given one of these things earlier.’ He said and you stared at him in awe before the irritating woman snapped you out of your daze.
'Aw! How cute are you?!’ She gushed and you raised an eyebrow before thanking her for the interview and wished her well before whisking Calvin into where the awards were going to be given.
You took your seats at an empty table and you immediately turned and pressed a kiss to his lips, which he happily returned.
He squeezed your hand once you parted and said quietly with a smile, 'What was that for?’
'Thanks.’ You said simply, blushing a little.
You didn’t get a chance to say anything else as the table filled up with people and you edged your seat closer to Calvin’s. You watched him make an awkward face and you worried that he really would hate being there, but within ten minutes he had everyone at the table in hysterics.

The awards started and when your name was called in the nominations you felt a familiar hand on your thigh.
He looked more nervous than you did in the tense thirty seconds before the winner was announced and you couldn’t help but chuckle as he eased your thumping heart even when he wasn’t aware of it.
You completely froze when your name was called, your face a mask of shock. You were only snapped out of it when Calvin picked you up and twirled you around, laughing like a maniac.
When he put you back down you made your way up to the stage, glowing with happiness.
'Oh my god. Thank you so much!’ You began your thank you speech, shaking with nerves the whole time. They only slightly subsided when it got to the end of the spiel and you looked at Calvin in his seat who was pulling funny faces to make you laugh.
'And last but certainly not least, the man who has kept me sane throughout this whole thing. Through not seeing him for days on end and hardly being able to function due to lack of sleep, he’s always managed to make me laugh despite it all. I can never thank you enough for that, babe. I certainly owe you one, Cal.’
You smiled and bowed your head a little in gratitude before making your way off stage and taking your seat next to Calvin again.
You sat through the rest of the awards and collapsed into bed when you made it home.

Your heavy eyes closed and the next thing you knew Calvin was taking your shoes off and climbing into bed next to you before wrapping you up in his arms and draping the blankets over you.
'I’m so proud of you,’ he whispered into your ear, kissing your neck gently.
'It wasn’t that bad after all, huh?’ You asked, smiling smugly as his hair tickled your neck. No award will ever feel as good as lying peacefully in his strong arms as you fall asleep.

Sorry it was so long!!! 

I was wondering - what do you guys prefer in regards to fluffiness? Do you like this level of fluffiness? Like would you prefer more, less or keep it at the same level? Let me know cause I’m really clueless at this whole thing lmao.
Luv you guys and keep the requests coming 💗 x