man who hates losing the most

Actually men in Korea can postpone their enlistment till they are 30 years old, that is what most of the celebrities do. Plus he would probably retire way earlier than that cause you know that is already an old age for a figure skater. Besides if a man wins a medal in a sports competition, he might be exempt from mandatory military enlistment according to the Korean law system. I don’t know the exact requirements for that tho but i’m sure he won’t be serving anytime soon.
So no worries cause he will probably keep skating for a long time~ He probably cried out of frustration cause you know, he is the type who hates losing and who wouldn’t cry anyway? I mean you lose a chance to win a medal and a medal is what a sportsman wants the most.

John 12:23-26 (NKJV)
But Jesus answered them, saying, “The hour has come that the Son of Man should be glorified. Most assuredly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much grain. He who loves his life will lose it, and he who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life. If anyone serves Me, let him follow Me; and where I am, there My servant will be also. If anyone serves Me, him My Father will honor.

imagine you’re taking a multiple choice test, and it’s a part of your final exam, or SAT, or it’s the bar exam or something. you hate standardized tests (who doesn’t?) and come faced with one of those questions that’s like… “which of these responses is the most accurate?”

none of the answers are accurate. man, you hate standardized tests. you don’t know which of the four options is the most accurate, you think this is stupid. so you write in a fifth option that is completely accurate, and shade that in. stick it to the system.

but that’s not how the system fucking works, yeah? you’re going to lose a mark for that, regardless of how accurate your written-in answer was. you don’t know how many of the other answers you got right, either. for all you know, that one question you answered in protest was the difference between pass and fail, and now you have to wait another year to take the test, if you’re even allowed to take it again.

yes, we know the system sucks. but for the love of god, protest it some other time when it isn’t critically important that you not screw up. hundreds of thousands of people’s lives are going to be affected by the outcome of this decision. you can’t afford to screw around here doing something you know has no hope in hell of working in order to ease your conscience.

Sasuke and his student

“…Sasuke-occhan, why did you bother with someone like me?”

“You’re really a strong shinobi.” Sasuke said. “I lost to your dad, but you can become a man who’ll surpass him.”

“…How can you say something like that?!”

These words were completely different from Katasuke’s flattery. These words were extremely heavy. That was how Boruto finally understood the true weight behind beating his dad.

“You’re his son, and furthermore by best disciple, aren’t you? And most importantly, you…”

For one second, Boruto thought he was going to cry.

This man was still calling him his disciple.

Him, who’d fought with borrowed power instead of the skills he’d been taught by his master.

“You’re even more of an usuratonkachi than Naruto was.”

“…by usuratonkachi…you mean…?”

“Someone who hates to lose.”

…That was right.

He still hadn’t lost yet.

“About becoming the Hokage, I…”


Sarada’s eyes were watching him intently.

This time, Boruto didn’t feel timid, or ashamed.

It was because he’d finally understood what he wanted to become.

What he wanted to be, so he could be himself and throw out his chest in front of her.

“I don’t wanna be the Hokage!”



Sarada obviously goggled, and even Mitsuki’s eyes grew wide.

“I’ll just…” Boruto said to Sarada. “When you become Hokage, I’ll be a support-role for you… I’ll protect you well!”

Sarada turned bright red.

“E- e- eh?”

“To me, the Hokage is just a path. Just because my grandpa and dad are Hokage, doesn’t mean that I have to walk the same path…”

Boruto glanced down at his father’s face carved in the rock beneath his feet, and the face of his grandparent carved next to him.

“Sarada…my goal is to be a shinobi like your dad. I’ll go down my own ninja way.”

Boruto’s eyes were blue and shining.

They were the same colour as the morning sky.

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More Than Sex

“He’s pretty hot. If I wasn’t a lesbian I’d be daydreaming about him.” Charlie snickered as she playfully shoved Cas’ shoulder.

“Shut up.” Cas gritted through his teeth as he ducked his head to hide from the redness bursting across his cheeks.

Mostly every night since Charlie and Cas had moved to Kansas for college they had started to frequent a certain bar that might or might not also be frequented by a man that Castiel couldn’t keep his eyes off of. In all reality he hated bars. He hated the feeling that he was being checked out because he wasn’t interested in anyone. Through most of his life there hadn’t been many people to ever catch his eye except this tall green-eyed man who was now taking a seat at the bar only an earshot away from where Cas sat with his best friend.

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Who to fight: Ace Attorney
  • Phoenix Wright: Ha ha, you're not fighting Phoenix Wright.
  • i mean, most likely you would lose, he's all but undefeatable - but no the actual reason you're not fighting Phoenix Wright is that i am already fighting Nick. I am never not fighting Nick. one day i will defeat him and we will finally be Free
  • Miles Edgeworth: You could fight Miles, but you'd feel awful afterwards. He's a pale weak noodle of a man, a small porcelain prince. would you hurt this man? would you?
  • Franziska von Karma: You're already fighting Franziska. She's always fighting.
  • Maya Fey: I don't know why you would want to fight Maya, but i think if you did she'd win. She stands under waterfalls and meditates in frozen chambers for fun. If Maya Fey got into a fight she'd destroy you
  • Mia Fey: You can't fight Mia she's already dead sorry. You'd lose anyway
  • Lana Skye: Don't fight Lana! Did you see her smile? That smile was filled with the purest light. It made me weep. You can't hurt this woman, she is too pure.
  • Ema Skye: Ema is a nerd but i get the feeling that she probably carries extremely corrosive acid around in her bag, I'd watch out if I were you. It could get dangerous. She's got a good aim, i wouldn't want to get hit with an acidic snackoo
  • Kay Faraday: Ha ha. Ha! Ha ha ha ha
  • You'll lose
  • Dick Gumshoe: I would imagine fighting Gumshoe would be like playing tennis against the wall - like, every hit you make is just going to bounce right off. He wouldn't make any effort to fight you back but every punch you throw would just be empty. he'd look at you sadly with each punch you make. he doesn't want to fight you, he just wants Miles Edgeworth to stop cutting his pay. please be nice to this man
  • Winston Payne: Honestly, you could fight Payne but I think by the time you track him down, someone else will already be fighting him. He's just got such a punchable face.
  • Trucy Wright: If you fight Trucy I will stop fighting Nick and I'll start fighting You. how dare you.
  • That said she'd kick your ass before i even got there, she's an illusion master. you won't even see her coming.
  • Pearl Fey: DON'T FIGHT PEARL
  • Apollo Justice: He'd yell for help and then you'd be screwed I do not recommend fighting Apollo Justice. You'd be stunned by his loud yells, and then the rest of the Wright Anything Agency will be hot on your tail. A bad decision if ever i saw one.
  • Klavier Gavin: You can fight Klavier, he'll probably write a song about it. Make you famous. Win win situation really.
  • Athena Cykes: Did you see her throwing Apollo? She'll do that to you. If you're up for a challenge then by all means, fight Athena Cykes. it will be a long battle. She's good at those, she fought for years for Blackquill. She's powerful, good luck, you'll probably lose.
  • Simon Blackquill: Honestly he'll probably provoke you and threaten you with his invisible sword but you shouldn't fight this man. He's just a sad, sad lawyer. He's so sad. Have you seen his cheeks? They're literally stained with tears. Don't fight Blackquill, he needs a hug.
  • Manfred von Karma: Man I'm packing my things right now, booking a flight to his fuckin house. As soon as I'm done fighting Nick I will destroy this man for hurting my children
  • Wendy Oldbag:
  • That's a bad idea.
  • Larry Butz: Man Larry is so fightable, you could probably get anyone on this list to join in on fighting Larry. He's just so fightable. I'd fight him. You know speaking of men who are fightable
  • Diego Armando: Fight this man. Fight him. He needs to be punched. I would punch him myself but I'm too busy fighting Nick. I need your help here, please punch Godot. I'm begging you. Do this for me

Peggy lost her brother-the only person who at the time believed in her, the real her-and went to war, where she met a young man who didn’t have anyone who really believed in him besides a handful of people and then she fell for him and he fell for her and then she lost him.

 And then while still grieving over that, she loses her roommate and blames herself for it and spends most of season one trying to keep Angie and Jarvis and Howard safe because she cannot lose another person that she loves and it’s no wonder she was so upset about Jason because she finally opened her heart up again and started to fall for someone and then she thought she lost him too and can we please just stop hurting Peggy, please?