man what is with my brain


Professor Moshimo and Miumiu are probably the only adults **aside from Tommy’s mother and Grandma T** who genuinely, truly CARES about kids in this show.

Just look at them protecting Tommy, Lola, and Gus from a nasty Kamikazi clone. They were ready and willing to risk their lives to defend them until Superactivated Robotboy arrived.

And just look at Tommy hiding behind a collected Moshimo, who doesn’t even mind, when Ludwig started throwing things during his and Affenkugel’s visit. Moshimo has shown concern about Tommy and his friends in peril or risking their lives more than once! QwQ He and Miumiu are a blessing to these kids!

I think what probably is my biggest vice when it comes to comparing my shit to other artists is, I’ll conveniently forget at first that art is an extremely subjective thing, and that different art styles inherently do not look the same. So I’ll look at someone’s art, think it’s really neat-looking and kinda pull a “man if only I could draw like that”, but then later have to remind myself that my art does not look like theirs because I simply do not draw in a similar style at all. Brain, please explain to me why you think your thick-outlined bold-colored pudgy flower kids are supposed to look just like someone else’s thinner-outlined more pastel slender squid kids.

I gotta say

Natsu is such a sweetheart. I don’t care what anyone says, that is sentimental and romantic (double-whammy straight to the heart). What’s more, is he did both so earnestly *swoon*

Even I couldn’t resist. 

Lucy, you’re lucky I ship you two so much. The man’s a keeper. ;)

Natsu never does things in half measures. Most guys send flowers, Natsu sends a tree. Enough said.

Brionne is 87.5% male. There is no reason why it should be wearing a frilly top like a girl who went to some girl store to buy a girl top like a girl. If you use a male Brionne, you’d better be ready to give up your man card because you are either [1] a gay, or [2] a girl, and I honestly don’t know which is worse. Gay girls are fine, though, of course, since they’re hot.

During my first run of Pokémon Y, I picked a male Fennekin without knowing what its evolutions looked like. When it evolved into Braixen I immediately went into a coma. After I woke up, the doctor said I had lost 80% of my brain function, but I didn’t care or understand what she (a woman doctor!) said. Now I draw pictures of boobs and virginias for three hours every day to try to regain my manhood.

I decided to try to fix Brionne and make it more masculine. Now it is powerful. You might be wondering about Brionne having a 12.5% chance to be female, but I think this design would be appropriate for women, too. I saw a lady wearing pants yesterday and I still got turned on—I think that proves my point.

I just wish Pokémon would follow nature more closely like I do. You don’t see any male poodles or peacocks, do you? Any female pit bulls or sharks? No. If animals have to follow the natural gender roles I made up, then so do Pokémon.


The New Kid getting used to Alolan Endearments 

idk man I was amused by Hau saying “Auntie” that my brain immediately jumped to this and i had to make a quick n dirty comic

Plus I have an intense need for Guzma and Plumeria to fall into that “Antagonist Becomes Awkward Family to Hero” Trope. Like. I NEED THAT AS A DLC SIDE STORY!!! PLEASE GAME FREAK?!

i love dreams. something is happening then suddenly something else is going on. why is that man standing in a boat? where did these outfits come from?? unlimited champagne!! i dont know what happened but i love my brain movie

I saw a post a few weeks ago that basically went like ‘man Danny Phantom was such a cool concept I can’t believe they treated it the way they did, it had so much potential’ and like….I really liked Danny Phantom? I’ve been trying to rack my brain for an explanation of what about Danny Phantom was apparently shit and I can’t think of anything. I went to the OP’s blog and found nothing either.

So like….am I just missing something here….was Danny Phantom really that not great…

Strelok and the Brain Scorcher

Finally, it’s done. Not 100% how I wanted this one to come out but…

… I screwed up with the Brain Scorcher so badly, maaaan; it was a stupid idea to draw any background at all since I know next to nothing about architecture. In ur face, Brain Scorcher.

But szabrownik Strelok at least looks more or less all right :v

Seventeen as things I thought while watching ballet for the first time
  • S.Coups: daaaaamn, the Nutcracker got some thighs......
  • Jeonghan: SO MUCH S P A R K L E S
  • Joshua: is going on? I'm so confused?
  • Jun: ....those tights are really..... Damn. BAD BRAIN, BAD.
  • Wonwoo: what the frick is a pirate doing in the Nutcracker? Oh.... It's just a magician, with an eyepadge...
  • Hoshi: ....that man jumps higher than my life goals holy shit fam.
  • Woozi: those mn are really short compared to the others... Oh their girls dressed as men with bald caps?
  • Mingyu: is that woman dressed as a freaking cake?
  • The8: the only thing I remember are the amazingly gorgeous dresses
  • Seungkwan: what the actually fuck are those?
  • Dino: those rats are AWESOME! I WANT A PICTURE WITH THEM
Why won’t my brain turn off

What if, when Even asks Isak to repeat that he’s the man of Isak’s dreams, he was trying to reassure himself that Isak does want him and that even if Isak found out about him being bipolar, it wouldn’t matter because he’s the man of Isak’s dreams. So when he starts sending texts of cherry wine that has a deeper meaning that talks about soulmates or true love, he was trying to reminding Isak of what he said and trying to reassure himself that this, what they had, wasn’t done. Because he’s the man of Isak’s dreams……right?

Modern AU headcanons from my brain

-John Laurens likes the Teenage Mutant ninja turtles. Like, a lot. He has one of those turtle backpacks.

-You know what John keeps in that backpack of his? Nothing. He just wears it because.

-The Hamil-Crew dresses up as The Avengers for Halloween. HULK-ules MULLIGAN

-Lafayette wears fancy acrylic nails. Like with jewels n shit. That is all.

-Laf also volunteers at the Trevor Project and suicide hotlines. He is a fine man.

-Herc teaches Home Ec. classes at the local YMCA on weekends. He teaches everyone to sew and bake a damn good lasagna.

-Eliza has a popular lifestyle and beauty YouTube channel and blog. Also, she wears a lot of sundresses.

-Peggy teaches self-defense classes. Fight her.

-Alexander and Angelica both graduated at the top of their class. Angelica was valedictorian, tho. Not Alex. Know why? She took ceramics because she wanted to fill her extra time.

-Washington is the principal at a local middle school. He loves his job. It is good.

Feel free to use any of these, as long as you give credit. I have plenty more.

  • You don't know my brain the way you know my name: Gemini, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius
  • You don't know my heart the way you know my face: Aries, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Pisces
Being Damian’s Friend Would Include...

Hi! Could I request where you are Damian’s friend that the batman doesn’t know about and one day they follow him cause he is acting weird and they see you both being really adorable in the park? for anon

I AM SO SO SO SO SO SORRY, I know i disappeared and i know this isn’t  exactly what you requested. but my stress blocked my brain and i failed my english class so i can’t seem to english right since then so i’m just insecure, ignore me   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Damian and reader are around 14/15

  • You meet Damian thanks to Alfred
  • ironically, you walk his dog. Titus
  • You aren’t rich and you needed a job 
  • and the fancy old man that buys groceries on the same place that your mom thankfully was nosy enough to overhear the entire conversation with your mom
  • “mOM I’M BROKE” “Get a job then” “bUt WhEre?” “go sell some lemonade or walk some dogs” “but i don’t know anyone with dogs and the twins down the street already have a lemonade stand”
  • so he offered you to take care of the huge dog a few times during week
  • you accepted (obviously)
  • the fancy old man is hella rich
  • Spoiler: He isn’t rich he’s just the butler 
  • but anyways the place is HUGE and you start to suspect that maybe some bad people live here
  • Like the mafia or something
  • You’d never seen anyone besides alfred too much Investigation Discovery isn’t helping with your mental health
  • So you decide to ask alfred about the bosses
  • “Master Bruce is always working and his sons tend to disappear”
  • Something clicks when you hear the name
  • this is the- no, wait. THE Wayne manor
  • As in Bruce Wayne’s manor
  • shocking
  • Mafia theory: Discarded
  • New theory: The Waynes are vampires
  • (this one was discarded after you found out that the youngest son was a vegetarian)

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