man wearing a suit


Why is it socially acceptable for a woman to dress like a “man”? Masculine. Wear her hair short, wear pants, suits even and it be acceptable.

But for a man to dress like a “woman” it’s vile. Weak. Unnatural. Disgusting even?

Women are equal to men. In strength. Ability. Creativity. And their fashion, despite what society thinks, should be available to anyone.

I don’t mind wearing dresses. Frankly, because I look fabulous in them. But more importantly because I’m perfectly fine being associated with everything a woman stands for.

Because women are fucking awesome.

The week started with the CFDA Kickoff Party for NYFWM at the Amazon Imaging Studio in Brooklyn. Darren Criss took some time off from playing Hedwig to attend the event and end up as our week’s Best Dressed Man. Criss kept things sleek and cool by wearing a metallic black striped suit. Underneath his suit he wore a gray button down shirt and paired it with a monochromatic, galaxy printed tie. Adding a nod to everyone’s favorite trans pop star, Criss kept his nails painted in Hedwig’s signature shiny bright blue.

Jacqui and Takeda’s wedding, here comes a very special post
  • Jin is Takeda’s best man and Cassie is Jacqui’s, obviously. Wearing matching suits
  • Jin forgets the wedding bands. In panic, hotwires one of the guests’ cars and drives twice above the speed limit, leaving skidmarks all along the route there and back, to get them in time.
  • Jax is crying
  • Hanzo is holding himself together until it’s time for the vows at which point he starts outright sobbing and blubbering
  • there’s like 40 Shirai Ryu in attendance and you absolutely couldn’t talk Takeda out of inviting all of them, THEY’RE ALL HIS FAMILY, Johnny and Sonya fortunately slipped Jax some extra cash as a wedding gift for Jacqui because the cost of the party was starting to give him migraines. They’re all in their ninja gear too. At least they don’t have masks on
  • he’s wearing his ninja gear of course but half the guests are wearing the weirdest shit so the wedding officials are jsut like “hoo boy let’s get this circus over with”
  • Johnny is shedding tears as well and he’s like “well he’s like a son to me too!!!” but he’s probably just doing it for the photographers
  • Jacqui throws the bouquet and it hurls towards Jin who is already picking at the appetizers while nobody is looking, he watches in impotent horror as it flies towards him in slow-mo
  • Frost kicks him out of the way, launches herself off of him, and grabs it in mid-air as Cassie cheers
  • Takeda and Jacuqi’s first dance absolutely fuckin blows everyone’s minds. A ninja and a professional kickboxer staring lovingly into each other’s eyes as they fucking wreck the dancefloor to the tune of “Irresistible”
  • Takeda and Jacqui sent Liu Kang and Kitana an invitation as a joke and everyone nearly has a fucking heart attack when a portal opens in the middle of the dancefloor. But it turns out just to be some Netherrealm demon grunt carrying a very polite and nicely calliraphied but generic congratulations. Which to be honest was way nicer of them than to actually show up. The grunt gets some cake on the go
  • Jax and Vera make a very blubbery speech about how important their baby girl is and how smart and look how beautiful she was as a baby, they happen to have this convenient slideshow
  • Johnny’s speech is basically a stand-up routine
  • Kenshi and Hanzo do the speech together because neither felt like they were qualified to take each other’s place on stage
  • The young couple cuts the cake with a Shirai Ryu kunai
  • Raiden gets tipsy
  • Everyone else gets straight-up shitfaced 
  • Frost proposes slurredly to Cassie with a ring made out of a drinking straw, Cassie nearly pisses herself laughing and accepts, neither remembers in the morning
  • At least one incident of a guest getting frozen/set on fire but everyone laughs it off

My eyes fell on Harry straight away. I was looking around hoping to spot Colin but instead I found Harry in all his broad shouldered glory. My body’s natural reaction was so spring to life, as if it had been dormant while Harry was away from me. I raked my eyes up and down his body, taking in the man who was clearly in his element. He was wearing a well fitted suit, definitely custom made and probably from Jermyn Street, and he looked sinful. His long hair was left to dangle loosely around his shoulders instead of being pulled into its usual bun, and even from where I stood I could tell that he was commanding the conversation he was apart of. He was standing in a small circle with other men and although he wasn’t in the middle of it he was still the centre of attention.

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Today’s subject: Illya's Maids [Other]

Source: Fate/side material (2004-1-30), p.055

Fate Dictionary

The maids accompanying Illya.

The only reason they appeared at all is because the art director kept insisting that the story needed maids. Or rather, it was more like he threw a fit.

Sella was the one responsible for Illya’s education, while Leysritt was her conversation partner. Incidentally, did you know that Leys actually has some of the biggest breasts in Fate/stay night?

Originally, they were failed attempts at creating a Holy Grail. They were scheduled for disposal, but ended up having their lives prolonged as the homunculi assigned to take care of Illya.

Also, this is just a digression, but at one point Illya’s caretaker was going to be a wonderful suit-wearing German man who relentlessly teased Shirou and Rin.

Request – Elijah Mikaelson “Eternity”

You made yourself a bit more comfortable in the bed Elijah just left. You still didn’t understand why he had to get up on time, respect the human day so much, but you had learned to go with it. And you had to admit that it was always wonderful to watch the Original transform from the lover who just left your bed to the man with impeccable taste who could wear a suit like no one else could. Elijah looked up while he was buttoning up his shirt.
“You are staring again, Y/N…” A smile was playing around his lips, and you gave up the attempt to act like you were still sleeping.
“I know… I just like watching you get dressed. I think I could spend an eternity just doing that.” He walked over to your side of the bed while he picked up his jacket on the ways.
“And why is that?” He sat down, pressing a kiss on your lips that prevented you from answering. When you had caught your breath again, you tried. “It’s fascinating watching you become… almost someone else. And still completely you. Like you are more than one person combined.” He smiled, brushing a strand of hair out of your face.
“Maybe I am, Y/N. I have lived for so long that it is almost impossible to be only one person.” You held your breath… this might be the moment to ask what you had been wanting to ask him for a very long time. You just never found the opportunity to do it.
“Isn’t it lonely, living an eternity?” You sat up straight, and he wrapped an arm around you, pulling you a bit closer.
“From time to time… not because I lacked company. After all, I have spend centuries with Niklaus and Rebekah, but it is not the same as founding a family.” You nodded.
“Would you have wanted to?” Elijah shrugged.
“Why talk about what is not possible anymore? But yes, I think I would have wanted to.” That was the opening you were waiting for, the chance you had to grasp.
 “It’s still possible. Not with children, but… don’t you want to stay with me?” He had stood up while he put on his jacket, but turned around as if he had been stung by some insect.
“You?” The surprise was clear in his voice. “I love you, Y/N, or I would not be here. I am not the man to spend every night in another bed, and the fact that I am here now, and have been for such a long time says that I do love you. But you are human. Beautifully human even, and I? I am a vampire. You will be dead in no time…” He didn’t see it, maybe even didn’t want to see it. You stood up as well, wanted to be on equal footing when you asked it.
“Then turn me. I know you can do that, and I know I want it. Make me like you are, Elijah…” He put a hand on your cheek, looking at you, a sadness in his eyes.
“You want to be like me, Y/N? You want to be a creature of the night, only able to survive on blood? I can not ask that of you. I would not ask that of you. Never…” You looked him in the eye, not breaking eye contact.
“I’m the one asking you, Elijah, not the other way round. I know what you are, and I’m ready for it. “ He smiled, a sad smile.
“I doubt that you know the depths of what you are asking, Y/N, and it is no decision I can take right here, right now. Let me think about it?”

Requests for one shots/longer imagines are currently CLOSED

  • What she says:I'm fine
  • What she means:How long was Hank Pym Ant-man? Did he ever get to work with the Howling commandos? Did he ever meet them? How long has he known Peggy? What happened that made him upset with Howard? When did Hank and Janet meet? When did she become Wasp? How long did it take to make their suits? How old was Darren Cross when Hank took him as his assistant? When did Hope learn to communicate with ants? Did Hank teach her? Why did Scott forget about the Quantum realm? Will Janet ever come back? Could she still be alive? Will Hank Pym ever have to wear the suit again? How long was he Ant-man? Would he too be considered an Avenger? Even an Honorary one? How did Hydra find out about Ant-man's power? Did someone in the Avengers tell them? Is Pietro really dead?