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[ARTICLE] Mamamoo to make their comeback on June 19th

Things are heating up online with the release of Mamamoo Solar’s paparazzi cuts.

Solar’s paparazzi photos were published on community sites and SNS and quickly spread. The photos showed her on a street date with a suit-wearing man.

Without minding the eyes of those around, Solar and the man put their arms around each other, sat side-by-side on a bench eating ice cream, and other couple-like activities. They were even caught (looking like) they were kissing which caused shock. This was revealed to be part of Mamamoo’s shoot for their new song’s music video.

From Mamamoo’s company, “Mamamoo’s comeback is ahead on the 19th. The paparazzi photos of Solar that have been heating up online are from their music video shoot, and as expected, the man is fellow member, Moonbyul, dressed in male attire. In order to better deliver the story for the music video, we went with having her dress like a male. We ask that you wait for Mamamoo, who are overflowing with wit and stand out from others.”

Mamamoo’s second mini-album will be released on June 19th, as they make their comeback to the music industry.

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Day 2: Summer Job

And here’s my second entry for the ereri week! It’ll span over some other days too, now that I think about it.

Also the rating’s T for someone’s potty mouth. 

Title: O sole mio

“I need a ride,” the absolute stranger that Eren had never seen before says.
His voice is as strict as his appearance. With short and cropped black hair framing a pale face with piercing grey eyes and pursed lips, the stranger doesn’t look very accommodating. Also, Eren vaguely notices the pricey looking suit that the man is wearing as well as those shiny leather shoes. All in all, everything in that man is screaming of money and contempt.

It is hate at first sight.

“Well,” Eren retorts as he slowly rises from the end of the gondola and looks at the stranger. “Though luck for you, we’re closed.”

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Biggest Baes of each Pokemon generation

Here are some of my baes! 

(I’m counting oras as gen 3 too, and that gen bae changes a lot)

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The Avengers' float at Pride, though. Steve's uniform redone to match the bi pride flag; Natasha's for ace pride. (Tony's wearing a rainbow Iron Man suit for the occasion, but apparently he's done that every year for the Stark Industries float, so it isn't quite the same statement.)

Clint doesn’t want to wear a color other than purple and black but he’s not actually ace so he lets himself be convinced to wear something else. It still manages to be one of the loudest outfits at Pride.

Bruce just wears a normal outfit, with a black tee that says ALLY stamped across the front in white, and smiles and waves a lot. He’s pretty uncomfortable around that many people but he makes an effort to look less uncomfortable because he doesn’t want people to think he’s uncomfortable around gay people when it’s just people in general that make him nervous.

Tony refuses to have any kind of label. Nobody knows if the rainbow Iron Man is him declaring some undefined queerness or if he just gets really excited about these sort of things.

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past life meditation - woah!

i have no one else to share this with who wont think im insane so listen.
i did one of those past life regression guided meditations. ive been doing guided meditations for the past 3 years to help with anxiety and help me fall asleep. i figured this would be stupid and id be making it all up but i thought itd be fun.
i was a man. i was 35 years old. i think i was wearing a business suit. i was on a cargo ship near america or heading to america (i couldnt tell). there was heavy smoke everywhere and it was dusty for lack of a better word - i knew i was dying. the year was 1947. i was thinking about my two daughters and my wife at home.
then blackness.
so i finished the guided meditation, thought it was interesting and decided to google some stuff about 1947 cargo ships.
and i shit you not a cargo ship exploded in a texas port and i looked at pictures and i fucking recognized it. i knew that ship.
its not a stretch because 400 people were identified (dead) and i think around 63 were unidentified and a handful of people considered missing.
this is real like - i KNOW this is real. has anyone experienced the same thing? im gonna tag some blogs who might have some insight.

theouijagirl thepunkgreenwitch witchydays heyameii windvexer (sorry if none of you know anything about past lives you’re just some of my favorite witchy blogs that i follow as ive just started researching this and honestly im not sure past life stuff is relevent to witchy stuff but um if you know anything about this message me)

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It was getting late, the sun still in the sky but was slowly setting as a man approached a door, wearing a well tailored english cut suit. Knocking firmly but not aggressively.

Xena heard the knock at the door and sighed. “I swear, if it’s those guys from Atlas again …” She put her gauntlets on and walked up to the entrance to her home, opening the door with her eyes closed. “Listen, I don’t know where that blonde Faunus from the docks went, okay?” The girl opened her eyes and saw who it was, blinking in surprise. “You’re … not from Atlas, are you?”