man up tour


Cold Coffee FULL. VERSION.
Sept 26/17- Pittsburgh!
Still freaking OUT.

Credit to 📹 YouTube - Jadeham13

i dunno about the rest of you, but im pretty pleased with the tdc setlist. fake you out, truce and dual drumming and a full house of gold for first time since quiet is violet plus the ERS 2016 setlist? like? that’s so good

If Axl wasn’t a singer/musician, he could be a ...




Male Rockette

Voice over actor

(I’m sure he’d be great at it with that gorgeous voice and wide range)

Ballet Dancer


Photo model

“This is the oldest poster we have hanging up,” murmured the General, “So cheesy.”

“But you love it.”

The old soldier smiles. “I do.”


So, I’m sure many of my followers already know I’m from Canada. The Tragically Hip have been a band I have listened to and loved for years. I grew up listening to their music, but not at my own will… at first. Their music was forced on me at a very young age by my older sister. Every year I aged and every time they released a new album, I grew to love them more and more. Their songwriting and lyrics are some of the best I’ve personally heard. I think I was just too young to “fully completely” 😉 appreciate their talent at the time.
Over the years, I was lucky enough to get to see them play live 3 times. Each time they blew my mind. They give it their all when putting on a show and do it all for their fans that they truly adore.
Now the time has come where I will get to see them perform a live show again (streamig online). But this time it will be bittersweet, as it will be the last time. Singer/songwriter Gordon Downie came forward earlier this year stating he has stage 3 terminal brain cancer and tomorrow night (Aug 20th) the Hip will be saying goodbye to all their fans.
So, to let my followers know… Tomorrow night I will be live blogging during the concert as my farewell to The Tragically Hip and my goodbye to Gordon Downie… A man with tremendous “courage” 💖💖💖

The Wonder Years The Greatest Generation Tour setlist.