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That’s a wrap on @theranchnetflix part 3 in the can. Delivering to you in about 4 months for ur comedy digestion. Cheers,@roosterbennett.


I love how when talking about Russian Cup, you just have to add ‘I know this won’t score as high at Worlds’  somewhere, or else you just know someone is bound to remind you how that won’t score as high at Worlds.

Like, did you know that won’t score as high at Worlds? Cause it won’t. Don’t forget that. Not as high.


my favorite past time is forcing my own fashion style on my favorite characters :^) (also we’re getting a new anime!! how exciting is that!!!)

Chapter 17.1


Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

That’s all I heard throughout the dark room; the only light illuminating came from the moon that peaked through the curtains in my room.

Life has been a whirlwind as of late. Dante has somehow got my new number, and doesn’t know how to act; I might just have to get a restraining order against him, but he hasn’t done any harm towards me as of yet. I’m praying that nothing drastic happens to where it leads to that, people should know their boundaries….but this is Dante we’re talking about, he has no boundaries. Releasing an exasperated breath, I tried to think of other possible scenarios, but nothing has lit up inside of my brain. Blowing out a breath, it feels like I have to watch my every move now; Dante knows my place of work, where I live, and now has my new number….when did it all become so bad? I’m not sure, but there’s never a long-lasting calm in my life, and I honestly think moving out and finding a new place to live will have to be the next option.

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Writer Nonnie and KEEEIIITTHHH. YOU MY BOY. MY LITTLE FIRE HEART BOY. You gettin' ALL THE LOVE in my fics! When I rewrite them. Eventually. Hopefully before the Birthday Week because I kinda half-assed one of them and burned through the rest. BUT YOU MY BOY.

Keith needs so much love omw. Give him all the love!!


“You’re so tiny, (Y/N)! Haha, come here you.”

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Preference #26: You aren't dating but he's obsessed with you and stalks you (Dark).

Preference #26: You aren’t dating but he’s obsessed with you and stalks you (Dark).


Sitting on the train by yourself in an empty carriage at 1am in the morning is always daunting and scary. Especially when a someone else joins the carriage and then to just you two. A boy around the age of 20 sat down 4 seats away from you, this made you worry because he could have sat anywhere on the train but he specifically choose to sit close to you. He had blonde hair flat against the top part of his forehead and was dressed in black skinny jeans and had his black jacket zipped up to his neck hiding his t-shirt from you. It could have had butterflies and ponies on for all you knew but you highly doubted that seeing his dark demeanour. You’d never seen him before in your life, so you wondered if he came from around here or lived in the local area. Whereas, he’s seen you everyday for the past 5 weeks. Following you every time you left your house just to make sure no harm came to you or to make sure no man laid eyes on you because the one time a man did that and wolf whistled you, the man ended up on the news the next day classed as a missing person.

“Hello..” He said, turning his head to the side to look at you with a smirk swiped on his face.

“Er, hi..” You replied and smiled weakly, uncertain of why he was smirking but knew it worried you.

“I’m Niall, it’s nice to meet you (Y/N).” You felt a shiver run down your spine wondering how he knew your name. He stood up as the train stopped at the station, you hadn’t even realised the train was moving since he got on the train, too focused on watching his movement hoping he didn’t do anything bad. “I’ll call you.” He winked and made his way to the doors, getting off and leaving you baffled, scared and speechless. He kept his promise and later on that day around lunchtime you got a call from an unknown number. The call that changed your life.


“Now, does anybody have any questions?….No? Okay class dismissed.” The lecturer said, starting to pack up his stuff as you and the rest of your class stood to your feet. Picking up your books and bag you walked out of the classroom and through the halls of the university. Making your way outside to the courtyard, you looked over and saw Zayn. The notorious bad boy of uni. Dressed in a leather jacket, black jeans and a plain white t-shirt with a cigarette hanging from his plump lips. Everywhere you went, whether it be just walking around the university, or going to the mall with your friends, or just looking out of your window at home, you always saw Zayn Malik. And he always saw you. Everywhere you went he was certain to follow you, his obsession growing stronger by the day and leading him to want you more and more. He started walking towards you, with a small smirk on his face, taking the cigarette from his mouth and dropping it on the pavement.

“Hello (Y/N), how are you today?” He asked, stopping right in front of you, a bit too close for comfort. Well your comfort.

“I’m not too bad Zayn, what about you?” You took a small step backwards, not wondering how he knew your name, since he used to be in your class in high school.

“I’m…good.” He took a larger step forward and grabbed your wrist tightly. “Even better now.” A smirk grew on his face again, a smirk that sent shivers through your spine and made the hairs on the back of your neck stick up. You tried to pull your arm away but it was too late. He’d already claimed you as his.


The music and alcohol pumped through your veins and quickly went to your head. The alcohol making you dizzy and giddy, but the music making you dance and forget about the dizziness. People pressed against you as the house that you didn’t even know who it belonged to, soon started to fill up. Bulging at the seems of hot, sweaty, drunk young adults. An unwanted unfamiliar pair of hands pressed themselves into your hips and pulling you against the res of their body. You spun around and frowned trying to push the man away who was looked down your top, but his hands had an iron grip on you.

“Get off of me!!” You shouted and started to hit his chest, he was about to open his mouth to reply but you got ripped away from him and collided into the chest of another man.

“Stay the fuck away from her.” A voice growled and you looked up to see a pair of soft blue eyes currently glaring at the man. “Come on (Y/N).” He pulled you out of the house, weaving his way through the heard of people.

“Louis what are you doing here?” You asked him when you got out the front of the house. Your best friend Louis had a bad reputation. Known for beating people up if they piss him off and having a very short and snappy temper which nobody wants to mess with. “You told me you were busy tonight.”

“Yeah, I am but I thought I’d drop by and see how you were, and it’s a good thing I did!” He lied. He wasn’t busy, nor did he drop by. He’d been at the party the whole time and was watching you from a distance, making sure no one gave you any trouble and ready to beat someone up if they did. He followed you everywhere and spent a lot of time with you, completely in love with everything you do. You didn’t know it, but with Louis always watching you, you’d never be unsafe.


The faint clicking of your heels against the pavement mixed in with the sounds of London. The people talking, cars beeping and music playing in different shops as you walked past them. You quickly entered Starbucks and found your friend sitting at the table where you planned to meet.

“Hey sorry I’m late! Got caught up at work.” You smiled and sat down at the table where your friend had already bought you your regular order. You thanked her and took a sip.

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it! Oh don’t look now but the fittest man I’ve ever seen has just walked in..” She giggled and sipped her coffee as you turned around in your seat and made eye contact with a boy around 20 year old, wearing a black trench coat and dark skinny jeans. He had brown hair, brown eyes and a brown beard that was nearly trimmed to make him look neat. He was hot. And you’d seen him before.

“I…I know him…not his name but everywhere I go he seems to be.” You furrowed your eyebrows and continued looking in his eyes. He smirked and winked, going to the counter and getting a tea then came over to your table.

“Afternoon Ladies, mind if I speak to (Y/N) quickly?” He asked your friend to which she nodded and picked up her coffee and moved to a different table. The man quickly sat in her chair. “I’m Liam.”

“Well Liam, how do you know my name?” You asked, returning the flirty attitude and smirking not seeing no reason why you couldn’t flirt back with a hot man.

“I’ve been stalking you.” He winked and you thought he was joking so you laughed. But oh no, he was not joking and had been stalking you since he saw you in the line at McDonald’s. He quickly became obsessed with you and followed you around the town, finding where you lived and often sat outside in his car at night to watch you get changed through the window.

“That’s nice.” You giggled.


You’d known Harry Styles since you met him in high school 5 years ago. In high school he was always the quiet boy who kept to himself but would never let anyone bully him. The one time someone did they got punched in the nose and knocked out. He got suspended from school but never made another appearance there. But even back then, you caught his eye and still do. Once he decided he’d not be going back to school he knew he’d still need to see you. So one day when you were walking home from school he followed you and found out where you lived. Then ever since he’d been going to sit outside your house at night or in the day time waiting for any sign of you at all whether it be you opening your window, closing the curtains or even going out the front to put the bins out. You’d known about Harry being arrested once or twice after him leaving school, mostly for getting into drunken fights. Drunken fights that you didn’t know had been caused by you. One time for example, would be when you were walking home from a club in the very early hours of the morning.

“I’ll see you tomorrow!” You giggled to your friend and stumbled down the quiet road underneath the streetlight a that had moths flying around under the beams of it. Unbeknown to you, a tall man had walked out an alley and was now following you and gaining speed, getting closer and closer to you. Until he was dragged into a different alley by Harry and pinned to a wall. Getting punches thrown at his face and stomach soon being left in that alley. But the man knew who Harry was so called the police. But not before Harry watched you walk all the way home. Making sure you were safe.

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