man time flies

My blog is a year old today but it feels like its been so much longer. tumblr just ropes you in with so many pictures of frank iero and then you cant leave because you feel empty when you dont see frank iero at least once a day and then it just spirals because you think about how happy gerard way is and how sober and engaged mikey way is and how proud of his son and kitchen ray toro is and then you just feel worthless because the only thing you have to be proud of is this shitty blog that just turned one year old today… Anyways, happy 1st year of existence to the url fuckityfrank.

anonymous asked:

What is Sbs Gayo Daejun. Omg I'm so pathetic coz I dont even know that right :'( I want to know it coz I read exo will perform

gayo daejun is basically a giant end of the year show for music programs (one for kbs, mbc, sbs each) and there are usually special performances and such. for example, one that stands out was the sbs gayo daejun 2 yrs ago when there was a special stage called SM Orchestra (?? i think) where it was just majority of SM artists doing different performances and it showcased a bunch of exo members for the first time. 

anonymous asked:

Why would you try to feed a cat bits of Apple and bread?????????

Because it was starving and I don’t own cat food. My pathetic student loans and budget only allow enough food for myself and I don’t own a cat. Also, I checked the petco website and a couple shelter sites and called two of my friends, long-time cat owners, and cleared it with them. They weren’t fans but they corroborated that it wouldn’t hurt the cat if it was hungry enough.

Don’t worry, it refused to eat any of it, it just keep meowing and crying, trying to get back into it’s own home. I see that I either alarmed and/or confused you, but I meant the cat no harm.