man time flies

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Man its hard to believe 10 years ago in 2006 was when AG was ending and May was going to be written off (along with Drew/Harley) to Johto. And now here we are 10 years later in 2016 and XY is ending and everyone is wondering Serena's final fate and the outcome of Amourshipping. Sometimes I can't get over the fact that the end of AG or beginning of DP is now 10 years old. May and Dawn are now decade old "retro" characters. Just feels odd to say the least. This anime really makes you feel old.

Pokemon does that to you. One second I’m a child watching in my living room, the next I’m an adult watching in my apartment. Time flies, man.

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What is Sbs Gayo Daejun. Omg I'm so pathetic coz I dont even know that right :'( I want to know it coz I read exo will perform

gayo daejun is basically a giant end of the year show for music programs (one for kbs, mbc, sbs each) and there are usually special performances and such. for example, one that stands out was the sbs gayo daejun 2 yrs ago when there was a special stage called SM Orchestra (?? i think) where it was just majority of SM artists doing different performances and it showcased a bunch of exo members for the first time. 

「それは私が最初に組織が。男は、時間が飛ぶ入社以来、多くの日のことをされています。」 (“It’s been that many days since I first joined the Organization. Man, time flies.”)
お誕生日おめでとう (Happy birthday to) Kōki Uchiyama (born August 16th, 1990), he is the Japanese voice actor of both Roxas and Ventus in the Kingdom Hearts series and he turns 26 today! #BDayKH

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14 and 20 for the author ask.

Hi, friend!  Welcome to my little corner of the web!  And thank you very much for the ask!!

14) do you make playlists for your current wips?

I’M GLAD YOU ASKED THAT! Yes, short answer.  Probably not the music people are expecting, long answer…user ‘potionsmaster’ on youtube, playlists are public.  I’m usually adding and shifting and moving tracks around the playlists as the muses see fit, but you can get a good sense of what moods I go for.  Best way to describe it is ‘schizophrenic’.  Yep.  lol

20) do you write in long sit-down sessions or in little spurts?

Both, really.  Best I can do lately with Baby Commander needing so much attention is short spurts at the moment, but once I’m in the zone (and she’s down for the night), man…whoosh.  The time flies and then I have a few thousand words to show for it, which makes me excited.  Then I have to remember to sleep and that makes me not so excited, lol.

Don’t be a stranger!  I love meeting people  ^__^


the last Wh13 video i ever did 3 years ago… man time flies 

I'm back~

I came back from my vacation in Inverness, Florida. It was very beautiful there with a lot of grasslands and swamps. Though, now that I am back… I shall work on a switch around meme I am doing with @sinfulbones and @you-dirty-brother-killer. I may not have a lot of free time to draw since school for me will be starting next week… man… time flies by WAY too fast. (._.)