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Congrats on 900!! I know you based your character Taboo off of Scarlet Witch and you made the "He's fast, she's weird" joke when you first wrote Taboo a while ago, but could you write something for a Taboo esque character being Barry's sister and Bruce goes to recruit them at the same time and they make that joke.

aw man, thank you!! I just wrote a quick little thing for this, so I hope you enjoy!!

Title: He’s Fast, She’s Weird

Word Count: 356 (I know it’s real short)

Warnings: Maybe a bit spoilery for Justice League (not really but idk don’t chance it…)

Working with my brother to stop crime in our neighborhood was always an event. We rarely agreed on how to handle a situation, him preferring to jump straight into action, while I preferred to sit back and make sure every possibility was thought out before ‘engaging’ a situation. We never seemed to agree on or off the metaphorical battlefield. (It wasn’t really a battlefield. Just, y’know, our neighborhood.) Either way, we argued a lot. But that’s all part of being a sibling, isn’t it? Even if we argue for ages, we still have each other’s back, now more than ever. He has the ability to move and vibrate his molecules at a superhuman speed, while I have various telekinetic, telepathic, and energy manipulating powers. Or in simpler words, he moves very quickly, and I can control things with my mind.

Anyways, we came home to our little makeshift hideout after visiting our dad one day, and found ourselves in a predicament. Sitting there, in my favorite chair, was a man.

“Barry Allen, Bruce Wayne.”

“You said that like it explains why there’s a total stranger sitting in the dark in my second favorite chair.”

I looked between the two before quietly exclaiming, “And nobody cares about (Y/N)!” under my breath. As the two discussed “competitive ice dancing” and whatever other nonsense Barry was spewing to get this Wayne guy off of our trail, I circled around the guy, trying to assess why he was there, and how to handle getting rid of him.

“Look man, I don’t know who you are, but whoever you’re looking for-” He was cut of by the man throwing a weapon at him. Though I knew Barry had it handled, I made sure to restrain the intruder, a flood of red light now surrounding him, keeping him still. Barry caught the knife, or whatever it was, and looked from it to the guy I was still restraining. “You’re The Batman.”

Upon hearing that I let the guy go, dropping him the few inches to the ground. He looked at Barry first, “You’re fast,” he hesitated before turning to me, “and you’re weird.”


She looks good swiss cheese put your head full of holes
A pistol slinky tease no man can ignore
A quick lap round the track, man, she’s keeping me active

She looks good
The girl’s attractive

She looks good chipped beef such a miracle frame
Eyes slice through me when I call her name
Ain’t no mystery a matter of fact is

She looks good
The girl’s attractive

Lord, I can’t resist her please tie me down

Mixed drinks always neat glass is as full as it’s tall
But her hips drip they’re sweet rubbing alcohol
A hook ball and chain oh the girl got you captive

She looks good
The girl’s attractive

Lord I can’t contain myself please tie me down

brown girl dreams: independence and autonomy 😩👌🏾💦💦 being able to travel the world ALONE 💦💦 living alone WITHOUT being married 😩👌🏾💦💦sexual autonomy 😭✨✨escaping cultural and family expectations 😭❤️️❤️️ having the freedom to choose our own career ….not being guilt tripped for wanting to deviate from the norm 😩👌🏾💦💦


Without light, there would be no darkness.
                     Without you, there is no meaning.

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psst have you seen spiderman: homecoming yet?

yes!! I’ve really enjoyed both superhero movies that have come out this year tbh