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Hi Julia!!!! I'm Madame... I want to tell you that I'm re-watching all your youtube videos again (without tumblr I have free time 😂 ) and they are gorgeous! My fav are "That Girl" and "Ain't no other man"😍 Please, never stop uploading them. By the way... I am on twitter (@madameoutlander), for those who still want to keep in touch with me. Lots of hugs, honey!

Hello! I’m so thrilled you’re enjoying them. I love making them so it’s always nice to hear that people like them. I’m a bit Outlander obsessed if you haven’t noticed ;)  so I wont stop making them LOL. It’s so much fun and I need it, especially during Droughtlander. I love your blog, it always makes me smile. I just started following you on twitter. 

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Send me a Ship Prompt: Starco

  • Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa

Star and Marco both forget these things when they’re busy or talking passionately. 

  • Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them

Star Butterfly, of course.

  • Who starts the tickle fights

Star again!

  • Who starts the pillow fights

Marco, easily. It’s not as close proximity as tickling, but it’s fun.

  • Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile

Mewman sleep schedules are crazy, man.

  • Who mistakes salt for sugar


  • Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am in the morning

Marco probably spent a lot of time explaining the ins and outs of microwaves to Star. 

  • Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines


  • Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order

Marco Diaz, yessire.

  • Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies

Both of them, but Marco probably demands they use different spoons.

  • Who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion

Marco Diaz, tryin’ to be a lil’ gentleman.

  • Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen

Star, of course. 

  • Who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation

It’s a tradition in the Diaz family, whereas the Butterfly’s try to avoid clutter.

  • Who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines


So here you go! There’s Wasabi and Uncle Goopster. She’s a firm believer that laughter, cuddles (being a mother hen) are the best medicine. I think she just told him a silly joke. There are so many mistakes and it’s not very good, but I tried and I had fun making your character X3. Anyways, hope you like it!


And oh man, Goops appreciates every single hug right now! 


Quick Descriptions of Some Musicals

Hamilton: The Founding fuckboys Fathers in the form of highschool drama

Falsettos: Lots of Jews, lots of gay, lots of intense crying

Book of Mormon: Everyone is made fun of in this musical. Everyone.

Rent: Money is difficult, but so is AIDS and being gay

Phantom of the Opera: Mysterious man in a mask swoons you faster than you can say “Christine” no matter what your sexuality is

Heathers: A very intense Mean Girls

Newsies: Group of guys (that aren’t mormons) aren’t taking shit from no one (also the New York accent will stick with you, believe it or not)

Dear Evan Hansen: Sad musical about teen angst could never be so relatable

Wicked: Hey remember that one movie that comes on tv every now and then during the holidays that your parents reflect on? Yeah this is before that

School of Rock: Fake teachers and rebellious children who are all surprisingly talented


*heart repairing noise*

oh by the way guys! The next update will be the last part of this ‘DEAD END’ comic! Thank you so much for putting up with me! I will try my best to finish them by next week! :’DDD

All ‘Dead End’ Comic


vento aureo is pretty good so far….also i found out i really like drawing giorno


Can people stop being rude to/about certain Pokemon? I mean, man, I new the leaked Litten final evo would get some negative opinions but people seem to be especially rude about it. Sorry for kinda putting my opinion out there, but when you’ve gone through the main Pokemon Sun and Moon tag and a lot of the stuff is making fun/rude comments of fine designs, it really gets on my nerves. 

Look, I’m not saying the design is perfect and I can see where people get genuinely upset, but at this point it seems very undeserving and hypocritical all the hate it’s getting, especially after the initial reaction to Popplio all went down.

Sorry for the kinda rant! I’me just very passionate about my little fire baby and the Pokemon games in general, so it just breaks my heart when people seem kind of entitled about designs of Pokemon that Nintendo/Game Freak spent so much time on?  And overall I just don’t like seeing that kind and that much negativity in the tags? 

idk, again, sorry for the rant, but I hope you can at least enjoy this little comic!

musical ratings based on if children swear
  • falsettos: great at first, but slows down a lot. 7/10
  • annie: terrible. so many children, so few swears. 0/10
  • into the woods: none, but if it was made now im certain little red would drop an f-bomb. 1/10
  • music man: not even trying. 0/10
  • fun home: idt there are any? 0/10
  • billy elliot: incredible. set the standard. if u like children swearing this is the show for u. 11/10
  • spring awakening: theyre not child actors, but gosh do they swear a lot. 2/10
  • matilda: they say hell a couple times. 5/10
  • spelling bee: again, not child actors. if "erection" is a swear, 3/10, if not, 0/10
  • a christmas story: no full on swears, but quite a few near swears, so its alright. 2/10
  • school of rock: very good. bonus for talking abt hating the man, minus for being a not great show. 8/10
  • sound of music: can u imagine if one of those kids started swearing thatd be hilarious. 0/10

Im here for boys who have been abused by a(n ex)girlfriend or female family member or a female friend. Im here for the ones who have been told “it’s not abuse because shes a girl”, or “you aren’t man enough”. For the ones whos stories have been discredited or made fun of. Your pain is not funny. Your abuse is not a joke. Youre here and you’re valid.


Hiddlesweek 2017
Favourite Quote =

I hope I’m fun, I hope I’m a good time. Spontaneous, surprising, affectionate? I hope, kind. Dancing… a lot of dancing. I insist upon dancing. Anywhere. Anytime. The more dancing, the better.

  • Sirius: So Muggles actually believe that little green men come down from the stars and pull them into their flying plates and stick shit up their arses for fun?
  • Remus: .... Pretty much, yeah.
  • Sirius: Where the bloody hell did they come up with that?
  • Remus: There's actually a lot of people who have come out and said they've experienced this kind of encounter.
  • Sirius: IT'S TRUE!!?!
  • James: Wait -- do I go on a date before or after I let them probe me?
  • James: Should I call them after or should they call me? This is important. I don't want to seem needy, Remus.
  • James: What if they think I look fat in these jeans?
  • James: I want to come across as suave but like, not too arrogant...
  • Remus: ...............
The A-mew-sing Sequel To Adrien’s Game

This time, there are only four episodes covered but a lot of pictures so I’m adding a “read more”…eventually.  Also, Ladybug is on Netflix!  Go watch.  Here we go with the next four eps!

The last time we left our boy Adrien, he was developing his flirting technique with the lovely Marinette.  Or not.  It’s fun to speculate though, right?  Right?!

…ANYway, let’s see how he tops the almost kiss.

 In “Darkblade” (Le Chevalier Noir):

  • Marinette decides to run against Chloe for class something-or-other
  • To the utter delight of 95% of the class
  • That’s right man, just play it cool…

In “The Mime” (Le Mime):

  • Hey, I didn’t know y’all were gonna be here too lol!
  • Smooth move, dude.  Just play it off like you had NO IDEA.

Our cat son heats things up below the cut!

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Types of SD Messages; A Comprehensive Study

The Level One Starter: Heyyy there sexy lady ;) how u doing tonight? Got plans for the weekend? Loved your profile, was hoping we could chat more xxx

The Midlife Crisis: Hey beautiful :p I am a professional man living in a city who is looking for a naughty partner in crime. I give generous gifts and dinners as well as tickling and kisses :p I can spoil you any way you like if you can spoil me :p I have a place in XXX and you can CUM by and we can have some adult fun :p :p message me back, I don’t bite…unless you want me to :p

The Scrapbooker: Got any more pics? X

The Google Translate: hello there sexy, i can spoil and am gentle man. can give kisses and lots of spoils. message back with sexy pics in bikinis xxxxxxxxx

 The Dad of Three: Hi :) I’m David and I already know I’m a bit old for you. I guess I’m wondering what a nice girl like you is doing on a site like this?

 The Straight To The Point: Hi, I love your lovely round breasts I can’t wait to squeeze and lick them and stimulate you in every way you’ve ever dreamed. I’m looking for someone very fun and naughty!!! I like anal and various roleplays. Have you ever used toys? xxx

The Chicks Dig Doctors: Hi, I’m Sam :) I’m a medical professional living in the city and I went to university to study medicine, I am working in my medical practice, seeing to my many patients, and that’s why I can’t meet during the day.

The Done This Before: Hello, I’m Michael. I’m 52 years old and run a successful firm in the city. I read your profile and have to say I’m intrigued. I am currently staying at the XXX and wondered if we could get together during my stay. I will compensate you for your time.

The Didn’t Read Your Profile: Me and my wife are looking for a young hot thing to spice up our sex lives ;) Must be sexually submissive, into rape fantasy and costumes xoxo

The Definitely Not A Rapist: Hi there :) I liked your profile, was wondering if you’re free tonight? I have a nice place overlooking the river and could wine and dine you, and also some lovely gifts to spoil you with :) I love making ladies smile. Let me know if you’re free, I could buy you dinner and we could go back to mine xxx

The Conversationalist: Hey ;) x

The Talking Clock: Hello my fair lady :) I loved your profile and have messaged you once before but you didn’t seem to reply! If you’re going to take this seriously, you should reply PROMPTLY to the messages that people send you. I sent you a message on the 4th at 6.30pm and even though you were online you didn’t reply so I am trying again today on the 6th. I hope to receive a warm and friendly and PROMPT response as soon as you see this!!! xxx

The College Student Who Wandered In: Hey, you’re pretty hot :) wanna grab a drink tonight?

The Mother Didn’t Hug Me Enough: Hello, Mistress- i am looking for a beautiful woman like you to dominate me. i want for You to choke me with your high heels and stick huge black dildos up my asshole until i cum over your boots and You have me lick it all up

The One In A Million: Hi, how are you? I’m looking for a young lady to spoil and am prepared to negotiate a pay per meet fee or a monthly allowance, dependant on whether we like each other or not. My email is XXX and please let me know if you’re interested after reading my profile. I’m staying at the XXX until the 10th and we can talk about it over champagne if you’re free this weekend?

By the way, cissexism is not confined to trans people. 

If you’re a gay man and in a horrible freak accident of some kind your boyfriend’s dick gets chopped off and you leave him because you want a man with a dick? Guess what? That’s cissexist too. So is making fun of him, emasculating him, and calling him a girl or acting like he’s less of a man for it. 

If a girl just naturally has significant amounts of testosterone and grows a lot of thick body hair or has a deep voice and you think she’s “mannish” or “manly” that’s cissexist too.

Every time a woman who can’t conceive is treated like a failure or less of a woman. CISSEXISM. 

When women with cancer get double mastectomies and people pity them for it? CISSEXISM.

When tall women are mocked for their height. When broad shouldered women are made fun of. When short men are mocked. When men with high voices are called “girly”. 


If someone’s physical appearance or body in ANY WAY shapes your idea of their gender then you are being cissexist. 

We barely ever talk about this. It used to be covered (sort of) under some areas of feminism (though never actually CALLED cissexism) but that seems to be less and less true. 

I’m calling it: 2017 is the year I start talking all the time about the cissexism you’ve probably never even noticed. 


Imagine: Dirty talk with Sam.

Sam x Reader

Warning: Smut, Masturbation, Dirty Talk

Hand to the short curly haired man upstairs, this hadn’t been planned. It started with a bit of fun, a small prank. Although now, at this new point in time, you couldn’t remember what possessed you to think of this, you had changed your name in Sam’s phone. It was suppose to be a minor inconvenience. One you could laugh off later. Instead of “Y/n” your name read “Destiny”. The joke was a lot funnier at two in the morning as you were rushing to think of something while Sam was in the bathroom. You returned to you separate motel room next door before he was done.

That’s where the real fun started.

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axel + battle quotes requested by @gladiolvs