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Top 5 favorite Lavi moments? :3

Ask me my “Top 5″ anything!

1. Of course his entire trip in Road’s dreamworld. Especially when he realizes that he DOES have a heart *sobs like a porud momma*

2. When he looks at Allen’s ace of spades on Anita’s ship 

3. Basically everything that happens on the arc tbh. It’s so hard to decide what I liked best during those chapters it’s driving me insane xD So yeah. Just all the arc chapters!

4. Remeber when Lavi backed away from Allen because he thought he’s a vampire thanks to Crowley? Yeah. I love this scene. It shows just how superstitious this stupid rabbit is.

5. Protecting Lenalee from Leverrier. Protecting Allen from Tyki. Just Lavi protecting his friends. It gives me life. 

BONUS: Everytime he destroys entire buildings with his hammer but doesn’t give a single shit. 


So! I don’t know if this had been already a discussion, but anyway: If Bill wouldn’t have manipulated Ford (like in the “better” dimension), Ford wouldn’t have to get help from Stan, so Stan would have probably gotten into trouble with Rico’s gang….(also John Laurens was at the age of 27 when he died, that could have also probably been the same age Stan would have died). You also may have noticed that I cut a part from the song. It’s because it firstly doesn’t fit with their story and secondly….I wouldn’t have known what to draw there.

The OC, Adeline Marks, belongs to the famous @hntrgurl13

I’m sorry for my english and my few mistakes in the vid, but it’s almost 2 am and I’m tired.


|Spider-Mans Sis| Peter Parker

Big Brother!Peter Parker x Little Sister!Reader

Requested: I was wondering if you could write a Big Brother! Peter Parker & Little Sister! Teen! Reader where the reader is a year younger than Peter. She knows he is Spiderman, and she is always supporting Peter. Reader is very outgoing, easily excited, laughs at almost everything, and just very dorky? One day she is getting picked on by Flash and Peter gets into a fight with Flash, and at the end, Peter cheers the reader up by making funny faces and voices while as Spiderman? I hope that isn’t too specific.


Warnings: Peter punches someone… woops, a bit of cussing, nothing else i think

A/N: Sorry it took a bit longer than expected! (I have exams this week and they’re a bitch) I hope you enjoy! Also thanks so much for 2.5k!!

Words: 961


Being Spider-Mans sister must seem pretty great. But to be honest…

It’s the BEST thing ever! Like whenever I’m late, I’ll just text Peter and if he isn’t busy he’ll just swing by. The only downside is that I can’t tell anyone. I can’t tell anyone my brother is a bad-ass. Especially Flash. Ugh- He just annoys the shit out of me. He picks on Peter and I all the time and I have to bite my tongue to stop myself from basically telling him to shut his mouth cause he’s bullying a superhero.

“Hey- Y/N-” I looked up from my food tray at Ned.

“Huh?” I must have spaced out.

“You’ve been staring at your food for like- five minutes.” I giggled.

“Sorry- I guess I spaced out.” I picked my fork up and started to eat the mashed potatoes on my tray.

“What were you thinking about?” Peter asked. I shrugged and swallowed my food before I spoke.

“Just high school. And the fact I have three more years in this hell hole.” We all chuckled and Ned and Peter went back to their conversation

“But seriously Peter, I think you could kick Tony Starks ass.” Ned flung his hands in the air while talking.

“No- Mr. Stark knows everything about my suit. He could destroy me in a second, he’d probably go for my web shooters cause that’s a key function on my suit and I use it the most.”

“Yeah- but you could web him up in a second before he could shoot your… webbers,” I said, siding with Ned. They both laughed.

“Webbers?” Ned asked, then laughed again. I thought for a second and then laughed loudly. I seriously just said webbers? I let out a snort and then a voice roared behind me.

“Y/N!” I stopped laughing and turned in my seat. “Pipe it down- will ya? Your laugh is annoying.” Flash said from the table beside us. I looked back at my food with a pissed look planted on my face.

“Just ignore him, Y/N. Your laugh just probably interrupted the emptiness in his head.” Peter said, taking a bite out of his sandwich. We all looked at each other in silence and then broke out into laughter for the second time.

“Hey!” I stopped laughing once again and groaned, giving my attention to Flash. “You sound like a hyena. Stop it.” The girls at his table laughed and I rolled my eyes. When I looked back, Peter was pushing himself up from the table.


“Don’t pick on my sister, Flash. You’re just pissed she isn’t wrapped around your finger like any other girl here.” Peter said as he walked up to their table, right in front of Flash.

“I could care less. She’s a Parker. Anyone related to you has to be a loser.” Flash had stood up from his seat and began walking around the table to Peter. I stood up as well and walked towards them both.

“Shut up. Or you’ll regret it.” Peter snapped. My eyes widened. He wouldn’t hit Flash, would he? Flash walked up to him and looked at the girls.

“Like Penis Parker wou-” Before Flash could finish his sentence he looked back at Peter and was greeted by his fist.

“Peter!” I said, pushing him away from Flash, who was on the floor crying in pain.

“I’m sorry- I don’t know what came over me!” Peter hoarsely whispered. I looked around us at the lunch room. Everyone was silent and looking at us. A certain someone caught my eye though.

“Peter Parker!” The principal yelled from across the room. “Flash Thompson! My office. Now.”


I looked out over the city from the roof of my apartment building. I normally come up here to clear my mind but for some reason, my mind was still clouded with the thought of Peter having to be stuck in detention for eight weeks because of me. I let out a sigh as a familiar man in red spandex plopped down next to me. I didn’t glance at him and continued to look over the tall buildings. Before Peter could make small talk I spoke up.

“I’m sorry,” I said.

“What for? It’s not your fault.”

“In a way it is. If it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t have gotten detention.” Tears stung my eyes but I blinked them away. “Maybe if my laugh wasn’t so annoying-”

“Hey- Your laugh isn’t annoying at all. Flash is just an ass.” I looked at Peter and I could tell he was slightly smiling through his mask. I sighed and looked back out over the city. A few moments passed and then Peter’s spider symbol detached from his chest. It flew and landed on his head. “Y/N please laugh.” A loud, manly voice roared calmly. My eyes widened and shot to Peter. A few moments of silence went by, which was then broken my booming laugh. Peter chuckled too which was then deepened by the spider a top his head. My hand moved to my stomach which was starting to hurt. I started to talk in between my laughs.

“That spider- sounds- like its hit puberty- before you!” His eye glasses widened and his jaw dropped, which made me laugh even more.

“I can’t believe you just said that!” Peter said through the spider, but his voice cracked on ‘believe’. We both laughed harder, and I let out a snort. After our laughter died down I sighed and wiped a tear away.

“Thanks, Pete,” I said, smiling out over the city.

“Anything for my little (Y/N/N) bean.” He said, ruffling my hair and putting an arm around me. “Now how about I go get out of this suit and we can get some Thai.” He said, jumping up and offering a hand to me. I pretended to think for a second.

“Hmmm. You know… Thai doesn’t sound half bad.”

Request: Hi!! Idk if you’ve done this yet bc you don’t have a masterlist so I apologize in advance if I’m requesting something that is done but can you please write a “bts vocal line as your boyfriend” and/or a “svt performance unit as your boyfriend”? Thank you so much! I just found your blog and I love it to pieces! Have a nice day :)
Members: Hoshi, Jun, The8, Dino
Genre: Fluff
A/N: China line did you mean my children my sons the lights of my life my pride and joys that I raised with my own two hands,,, This took longer to do than I expected tbh but I rewarded myself for finishing with a new game LOL rip my wallet

Hip hop unit here: x


  • A sweet small little bumblebee man 
  • Hoshi likes to care loudly
  • Like he sees you and is just immediately excited and he’s very vocal about his love and excitement 
  • He has his quiet and tender moments of course but he’s just a very energy filled person pretty much all the time always so his affection is full of energy too?????
  • A morning person 
  • If you aren’t well then sucks to be you lol 
  • Because although Soonyoung with have his moments where he watches you with a really soft expression in the morning he doesn’t have enough Chill™ in him to do that for very long
  • He starts off waking you up gently, with soft little kisses and a couple shakes, but if that doesn’t work it takes him less than five minutes to start jumping on you and tickling you and hitting you with a pillow and blasting “Mansae” on his phone
  • Will 100% push you in a grocery cart through the store BUT YOU GOTTA PROMISE YOU’LL PUSH HIM TOO
  • You are both banished for one year from said store after you accidentally plow Soonie into a large display case of bread that had been arranged to look like an emoji
  • The employee who had just finished said arrangement was NOT happy btw
  • Go laser tagging with Hoshi and the rest of the performance unit I d a r e y o u 
  • You and Hoshi vs Jun and Minghao and Chan 
  • You guys are the perfect team and CRUSH them and as payback they have to buy y’all all the nachos you want no complaints 
  • The minute Christmas comes around he’s like “hey got us matching ugly sweaters hope u like them!!!”
  • “Where did you even find a Christmas sweater with a llama on it,,”
  • “The department store lol”
  • Tries really hard to be a good cook and make you nice things AND HE DOES REALLY GOOD SOMETIMES (like he was super helpful on ofd!!!) but sometimes he doesn’t do so well
  • Really appreciates it when you choke down the burnt waffles anyways and promises he’ll do better next time
  • He just tries really really hard??? He wants to be the best that he can be
  • That means him telling him he loves you a lot, and it never really seems insincere because he’s always just so earnest about it???
  • If you are laying on the couch and relaxing Hoshi is gonna climb on top of you and stretch out so you can’t move
  • Short or tall he doesn’t care you’re comfortable and your chest is a nice place to rest his head 
  • Likes to go do things on dates with you!! They don’t have to be super active, just something like walking to a nearby ice cream stand together is fine with him
  • He always tells you that being on dates like this with you is when he’s at his happiest most of the time,, and that he loves Seventeen because they’re his family but it’s just not the same kind of love,, they don’t make his heart flutter like you do
  • And you laugh and go “I sure hope not damn it’d be real weird if it was the same” but you squeeze his hand and give him a vanilla ice cream flavored smooch to let him know that although you’re teasing him, yes, he conveyed his message just fine and you love him just as much 
  • Just a happy boyfriend who really wants to do his best to make you feel loved and want to keep him around hopefully forever and ever


  • You’re dating a literal g r e a s e b a l l 
  • Like he’s handsome and sweet and a good boyfriend but he’s greasy as all hell 
  • You now have a boyfriend who’s gonna send you the corniest pickup lines in existence like every single day congrats
  • Jun, via text: good morning sunshine
  • Jun, via text: What do you and the weather have in common? You’re both hot
  • You, via text: Jun it’s fucking December it’s snowing outside 
  • Plays with your hair a lot, doesn’t matter if it’s short or long or somewhere in between it’s just fun for him 
  • Plus it’s like a little idle action for him to do if you’re watching a movie together or you’re chatting on the phone with a friend of yours or somethin 
  • If you’re not paying enough attention to him he’ll throw like a ball of paper or a pillow at you seriously jun are you five years old,,,
  • Kind of a pill sometimes but you know he does it just to be playful so you can’t be annoyed,,,
  • Plus at the end of the day he’s still pretty major boyfriend goals??
  • Massages your shoulders when you have a hard day, draws a hot bath for the two of you when you’re so tired you feel like you can’t move and need him to wash your hair, carries your bags for you, always pays for meals
  • Flirts with you in Chinese, doesn’t care if you know it or not he’s doing it anyways 
  • The8 always makes a face at some of the cheesy ass things Jun says in Chinese in front of him and the other members
  • Likes to go on shopping dates with you, full of visiting all your favorite stores and getting crappy food court food and trying out the massage chairs in the courtyard
  • The kind of boyfriend that takes a napkin and wipes food from the corner of your mouth whenever you go out to eat 
  • And says “Ah, what would you do without me??” and grins at you when you make a face before telling you that you’re cute 
  • Playful arguments that end with him kissing you senseless because literally how dare you say Batman is better than Iron Man it’s time for you to stop talking now,,
  • Just wants to be there for you tbh
  • He’s a flirt but he’s not super great at expressing things in a more poetic sense
  • Like you literally mean so much to him but it’s embarrassing to say those sort of deeper thoughts out loud and he’s never sure how to word it well enough to truly express how he feels
  • But you get a grip of it when you wake up to him gently stroking your hair and watching you with a completely captivated expression and he just gently kisses you 
  • And he wants to say so much more but he settles for a simple “I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you”
  • Your heart just m e l t s as you return the sentiment and you guys spend the rest of the day cuddling with your legs tangled up aw
  • Sweet boy at heart even if he is a bag of grease


  • Sends a lot of “Have you eaten yet?” texts
  • Sends you a good morning texts everyday with a cute little emoji
  • Sends you selcas of him sending you hearts (with Jun photobombing like half of them)
  • Sends play-by-plays of whatever stupid things his members are doing
  • Sends you texts asking what you guys should have for dinner
  • King of texting. Invented texting. 
  • If you get distracted by something he will grab the back of your hoodie before you can run into that damn lamp pole
  • Scolds you but then grabs your cheeks and kisses your forehead because he likes the fact that he can be there for you with this kind of stuff 
  • Remember one fine day when he and seungkwan went to a haunted house??? Yeah he was hella chill 
  • So if you’re gonna go to one with any member of seventeen make it ya boi Minghao
  • He’ll hold your hand and laugh at all the jumpscares to make things less scary for you 
  • Likes to take photos with you so afterwards he takes of photo of him smiling all happy and flashing peace signs and you’re as white as a sheet like that was terrible we’re never doing it again 
  • Buys you snacks and drinks every time you guys go out and about 
  • You: Minghao it’s fine we’re literally just walking around I don’t need a drink
  • Minghao: but it was hot today!!
  • You: yeah but now it’s like 8 pm and 60 degrees and we’re walking hella slow boi pls,,
  • He doesn’t really tend to upload them anywhere tho because they’re most for him to enjoy
  • He likes to just watch them and remind himself of memories that you guys have had 
  • Plus it helps him come up with new things for you guys can do!! 
  • Soft for you all the time always like??? He just likes you by his side where he can  be close to you and love on you 
  • Always has a soft look on his face and literally anyone can see how deeply in love with you he is, it just shows 
  • He doesn’t need to smile or even say anything, it’s just the look in his eyes,,, he doesn’t look at anyone else the way he looks at you
  • Marry him maybe idk just a suggestion???????????


  • He’s such a youngin I stg 
  • He’s pretty new to relationships cause he’s so young but??? His hyungs have given him lots of advice so he likes to think he’s got it down 
  • It makes him pleased to know that you’re close and he’s got a firm grip on you so nothing bad can happen to you 
  • When it’s just the two of you he likes to hold your face whenever you cuddle
  • Sometimes one hand sometimes two hands 
  • And just like,,, stares into your eyes until you get flustered and then he grins and smooches you
  • Cheats on board games lol
  • It’s so INFURIATING because you can’t catch him doing it BUT YOU KNOW HE DOES 
  • Monopoly is the worst
  • Dino: Idk what you’re talking about ://
  • Always gives you his hoodies like no shame 
  • “Wear it you look cute it in” SO FORWARD WHAT A MAN
  • He does try to act manly sometimes tho because he knows he’s a bit on the younger sides and wants you to see him as someone who’s Mature and can take care of you 
  • But you assure him that yes you know he’s very mature and you love him very much and you like it when he acts cute 
  • Goes to your house after practice for a few hours if he has the time because when he’s tired he just wants to relax with you and whine about Jeonghan’s latest antics 
  • But honestly the fact that Seventeen loves you and thinks you’re a perfect girlfriend to him means a lot to him because even if he whines about them sometimes, they’re his family
  • Will marathon TV shows with you at the drop of a hat 
  • Will absolutely playfully fight you over which character is the best
  • Isn’t the best at working out serious problems tho,,, he doesn’t really know how to express how he’s feeling and why sometimes
  • So when he gets upset with you he goes and cools off and asks from advice from Coups and Woozi and they help him work out what he wants to say so that he can solve things with you before they escalate
  • So any fights or disagreements between the two of you are very short lived and you both know how to work things out pretty fast???
  • Basically doesn’t tend to act like a dumbass when it comes to fighting lmfao
  • Likes to play video games with you, but he doesn’t compete with you oh no
  • He t r a i n s you because literally he just wants to team up with you against Woozi who keeps beating him and it’s sO FRUSTRATING 
  • Likes to sit behind you and rest his head against you to relax because you’re close and just so warm and comforting
  • Please treat this little baby well he deserves nice things 

Requests are open!!

Wavering Heaven

Request: “I’ve just read Coffee Shopes and Scars and could you do a part 2?? It was just so cute and wonderful!!!”

Word Count: 3,767

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Part 1

Tag List: @dont-give-a-bother @caseoffics @red-roses-and-stories @myrtus-amongst-the-stars @ly–canthrope @benniesgalaxy

Sunbeams strike your husband’s face. The golden light outlines the soft freckles dotting his face. His lips are parted, taking in and letting out deep breaths. His chest rises and fall in the same peaceful rhythm as his breaths, casting a shadow on your arm over and over. The sight brings a smile to your face as you run a thumb over his cheekbone and down a small scar on his cheek courtesy of your own clumsiness when dealing with a murtlap. You don’t feel too guilty given the amount of scars crawling up and down your arms that Newt caused before you met him.

The coffee shop where you first met Newt earns your business at least once a year, sometimes more if the two of you happen to stay in town for any amount of time. The sweet little shop hasn’t grown or changed much, aside from investing in more durable vases. Newt had proposed there six months after you first fell for him, then brought you back the past three years for your anniversary.

You trace shapes with his freckles as you contemplate your marriage and how you ended up somewhere so vastly different from anywhere you’d ever even dreamed of. Newt is heaven. He’s a blessing that has only ever proved the existence of soulmates, that the universe didn’t mess up when it brought the two of you together.

A tide of peaceful joy swells in your chest when Newt shifts, murmuring nonsense as he wakes up.

“Good morning, darling.” You say, pulling your hand back to your side.

He blinks his green eyes open, smiling when he sees you. “Morning, love.” He mumbles.

His sleepy smile warms you. “You must have slept well.”

“Quite well.”

“I didn’t see you come to bed.”

He stretches, revealing a strip of skin on his stomach that you run your fingers over. “Pickett wanted to talk. He wouldn’t stop ‘til I let him sleep in my vest pocket.”

That explains why the vest is so nicely hung on the coat rack in the corner. “I guess I should just be happy you made it to bed at all.”

His cheeks tinge pink as he slides out of bed and changes the subject, heading to the dresser. “You’re shopping today, right?”

You step next to him, giggling at his expression when he notices his jade sweater grazing the middle of your thighs. “That was the plan. Need something?”

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Nervous (Newt x Reader)

Originally posted by claraoswan

Author’s Note: This is a request by @newtscamandersniffler​! “Hello lovely, can you maybe write a Newt x shy reader based on the song Nervous by Gavin James? Thank you! <3″ I loved working on this! I had not heard this song before, and it’s absolutely lovely <3 I imagine that this is the way both Newt and the Reader feel, so that’s the direction I took it. I got a little carried away, and it’s much longer than I expected, but I hope you enjoy! Also! The bold italics are snippets of the song lyrics! Not to be confused with dialogue or thoughts :)

“'Cause every time I saw you I got nervous
Shivering and shaking at the knees”

Stupid, stupid, stupid, you thought to yourself. You had completely bumbled talking to Newt, yet again. You can’t be in the same room with him without completely stumbling over your words and being constantly distracted by his presence. You just couldn’t get the handsome man out of your head ever since you first met him after being introduced by Tina, but you couldn’t get the words out of your mouth either.

“Just go talk to him, honey,” whispered Queenie.

Get out of my head, Queenie you thought angrily. You were lucky to have her as a dear friend, but sometimes you didn’t want her opinion of all of your thoughts. “It’s not as if I have a chance with him anyway.”

You turned to look at the cinnamon-haired man you were hopelessly in love with. He was across the room, talking easily with Tina. Always with Tina. You couldn’t believe how easy it was for her to talk to him, and for him to talk to her. He was usually so shy and reserved, but conversation seemed to flow rather easily between the two. You looked down again, willing the tears to disappear. You had worn your best dress. You bought it specifically for this event. You were so excited when Queenie and Tina invited you with them to their coworker’s holiday party. You thought that maybe this would be the night that Newt finally noticed you, that he would see you as more than just a nervous friend. But maybe not.

“Now that you’re on someone else’s shoulders
The winter winds are colder on my own”

Next thing you knew, you heard laughing. You looked again to see Newt and Tina giggling as he spun her around, dancing with such ease and happiness. They came back together again, and you wished for nothing more than to be the one in his arms, the one being held. Instead, you watched as she laid her head on his shoulder, smiles on both of their faces.

You looked back to see Queenie watching you, a look of concern on her face. You gave her a small smile, “I think I’m going to head out, Queenie. Thank you so much for the invitation. I had a lovely time.”

“Please stay, sweetie. The night is still young! There’s still time. I’m sure he’s gonna ask you next.”

“I’m tired, and I would really rather not wait and hope for something that’s never going to happen. I don’t want to play the fool anymore. I can’t keep loving him if he doesn’t love me back.”

With that, you turned and straight out the doors onto the street. It wasn’t too late yet, and the streets were bustling with New Yorkers who were ready to start their nights, full of hope and promise and happiness. You felt the cold down to your bones, but you accepted the feeling openly. You didn’t bother to put your coat on; the harsh winter chill felt apt for how you were feeling.

You began the walk to your apartment, but a few blocks later, you felt someone grab your hand. You turned, your other hand on your wand and at the ready should you need it.

“I-I’m sorry! It’s just me!” You came face to face with the last person you wanted to see at that moment. He had let go of your hand and put his hands up defensively.

You took your hand off you wand, and began to wring your hands together nervously, looking down at your shoes. “W-What are you d-doing here, Newt?”

“Y-you left.”


“I d-didn’t want you to.”

“You were having p-plenty of fun w-without m-me.” You didn’t know whether it was the cold or the fact that you had given up, but you no longer cared about how what you said might be taken.

“B-but I wanted to have fun with you.” You looked up and made eye contact with him, a puzzled look on your face. You weren’t quite sure what to make of what he was saying, and you refused to get your hopes up. Newt continued, “I-I’m sorry. I am absolutely delightful…I MEAN DREADFUL at this. I just…I j-just don’t know how to tell you. W-what I mean to s-say is that, i-if you’ll allow me, that is i-if you want to, w-would you d-dance with me?”

You looked him in the eyes, not saying a word.

Newt looked back down, stammering, “T-that’s okay. I c-completely understand. Right. Of course not. I’ll just-”

“Newt,” you whispered softly. “I w-would love to dance.”

“I promise that I’ll hold you when it’s cold out
When we loose our winter coats in the spring”

You tentatively brought your right hand to meet Newt’s left, smiling at him. He grinned wider than you had ever seen before, and he was blushing, but you were definitely blushing more. You felt his arm gently wrap around your waist, and you laid your other hand around his shoulder. And then you danced.

There was no music except for the sounds of New York at night, and that was all you needed. You didn’t feel the cold anymore; both his body and your own happiness (and your blush) were keeping you more than warm enough. You brought your head to his chest, and you felt him draw you closer into him. He gently kissed the top of your head, and you smiled again, burying your head to hide your flushed face.

As you each began to pull away, Newt’s eyes widened suddenly. He quickly took off his beautiful teal coat and draped it around your shoulders. “I-I’m so sorry, (Y/N)! You must have been freezing!”

You smiled and brought his jacket closer to your body, enjoying its warmth and the smell of Newt. “I’m okay, but thank you for the coat.”

“I-it looks much better on you anyway,” Newt said, blushing again. He gently took your hand in his and began walking towards your apartment. You both stopped once you reached your door, facing each other. Neither of you dared speak, hoping the other would be more bold.

Newt finally did, though he stammered the whole time, “I-I had a loving -er- lovely t-time tonight. W-would it be alright i-if, or rather would you l-like to, no that’s not r-right. I would v-very much like to-”

You cut Newt off. He spoke first, and it was your turn to be bold. You went onto the tips of your toes and kissed him gently. Pulling away, both of you smiled.

Newt spoke again, “M-maybe tomorrow we shall go on a proper date?”

“I would like that very much, Mr. Scamander.”

“Then it is a date, Ms. (Y/L/N).”

“'Cause lately I was thinking I never told you
That every time I see you my heart sings”

And you each laid in bed that night, hearts singing and excited to see each other again.


Ehhhhhh this took WAY longer than I expected it to, and I didn’t anticipate how much work I had to do this past week but I finally got this done!

Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker (winter themed because cuuuuuuute)

I drew this for my good friend @buns134productions . Man I must really like you if I’m spending hours drawing Mary Jane of all people lol. I really hope you like it! Thanks so much for taking the time to get all those comics for me, and also for all the late night battlefront sessions over winter break. I would have been super sad all month without that. Anyway, hope you’re having a great week, and liked the drawing!

Rhiannon || Tony Stark / Reader

Anonymous: Can you do a Tony imagine on the song rhiannon by Fleetwood mac please?

Genre: Romance, a bit of angst going on

Pairing:Tony Stark/Reader

Rating: 13+

A/N: This took me longer than I expected too. Send in more requests! Oh also, when we had our marvel takeover, Stevie and Pietro complained that lately we’re not posting too much fanfiction about them! Send in your fluffy/angsty/comedic/smutish requests! :-) Feedback is appreciated


Rhiannon rings like bell through the night and

Wouldn’t you love her?

Takes to the sky like a bird in flight and

Who will be her lover?

Anthony Stark was the richest man on earth. He had everything he could wish for: Money, great knowledge but there was another thing he couldn’t buy or exchange. It was love that he needed. Sure, he had his friends and the whole world that loved and cared about him. He needed his own person. Someone that would stand next to him in everything. Someone that will fall with him when things turned bad. For sure his whole life, he often went with other woman. It wasnt’t love. He needed his soulmate.

Her name was Y/N. She was next to team since the battle of New York. Fought with them. A member of the team, Y/N, had fallen for the man in the suit armor. Most women fell for him also. It was different although. Money didn’t matter to the girl. Character did. His funny and sarcarstic one. She was of the strongest, indepented and fearless woman in the world but when it came to this man she was freezing. So, not knowing what to do, Y/N didn’t make the first step.

All your life you’ve never seen

A woman taken by the wind

Would you stay if she promised you heaven?

Will you ever win?

She was reading her book near one of the windows. Everyone liked her but sometimes they didn’t understand her. They could characterism her as an unsolved mystery. She spent hours reading a book, with tea or coffee. Even when they finished missions and she was exhausted. She loved it.

Tony approached her. Noone ever did before when she read a book. Lost in her perfect world Y/N didn’t notice Tony sitting next to her. “Y/N. I’m sorry to interrupt you. Fury informed me you have to go. Hydra attacked a bank, don’t ask why..“

“I wasn’t going to ask. I can handle this, I am sore but I have to persuade him to leave me here. I returned just yesterday.” He blushed. It was a thing rare to him but when he did, you always noticed. Tony smile and with a move of his leg he stood up smiling and turning to leave. You asked him. “Hey, Tony! Can I ask you something, please?”

“Uh, yes of course. Everything for you.” The heat on her cheeks started rising until her face took pink to red color.

“Why are you always blushing when always talk to me?” The sigh he breathed reached Y/N’s ears.

“I don’t have time to talk now Y/N. See you later.” Then he left. They said she was a mystery. Not as one as him when it came to Y/N.

She is like a cat in the darkness

She is the darkness

She rules her life like a skylark and when

The sky is starless

Y/N was now back from her mission, had her routine. She couldn’t wait about seeing Tony again. Mostly talk to him. There was something to his voice for her. He made her knees week with a single hello.

The clock was showing half past ten. She was half-asleep on the couch, with her favorite, fluffiest blanket she ever could find on a store. Tony still wasn’t in the tower. Natasha made her way in the room and sat next to Y/N.

“Hm I can say you’re waiting for Tony too don’t you?” Natasha asked her best friend, taking a sip from her bottle of water.

“What do you mean too? And may I ask, why do you think I was waiting for him?” Natasha laughed softly and looked back at Y/N.

“The fucker said we were going out with the team. Clearly he’s not here yet. Oh Y/N. Even Steve knows you have feelings for Tony.” Wait what did she said about going out?

“He didn’t tell me anything about going out tonight.“ She took a deep breath.

“He told me that you were ill and didn’t want to come. Was he lying?” A tear streamed down your face and stood up.

“Probably” Natasha wrapped an arm around her crying friends shoulder to reaussure her. “He hates me.”

“He doesn’t Y/N. Trust me. Give him some time and-”

“No! I’m bored giving and giving time!” Y/N stood up and ran to reach the room. In the way, she fell into the person who was the last he wanted to see at the moment. Tony.

“Y/N! What’s wrong? Y/N!” He holded her arms as he tried to calm her down. He took a step closer to her so she could burry her head in his chest, wrap his arms around her and let her sob. “Do you want to talk about this, doll?” You silently nodded and looked up at him.

All your life you’ve never seen

A woman taken by the wind

Would you stay if she promised you heaven?

Will you ever win?

“Tony I-i.. I don’t know what I did wrong. A few hours before you kept avoiding me, my texts, calls. You didn’t even inform me about going out with the team.” His thumb stroked her cheek’s boneline.

“You did nothing wrong Y/N. I wasn’t avoiding. Here, take a look on my phone.” His hand moved to his pocket and got out a smashed Stark Industries mobile phone. Your eyebrows furrowed. “I annoyed Bruce too much.. Sorry if you thought I was avoiding you. I was just too nervous..”


“I wanted to ask you out. Well here it goes, I like you very much Y/N. You’re just awesome and-” She kissed him. His hot lips pressed against yours creating a feeling in their stomachs to grow. Someone could describe that feeling as the well known old saying ‘Butterflies in stomach’. When air was the only thing missing from her, Tony pulled away.






Y/N was fighting with Tony again. It was the fourth time this month. An awful month. Broken hearts and tears constantly flowing from each others eyes. This time was her fault.

“Y/N I will ask you only one time again! Why did you kiss Steve?!” He screamed at her. Well, let me take it all from the beggining. It was when Tony organised a party again. And this was going to be her birthday party. Steve, as we all know, isn’t possinble of him to become drunk because of the serum. Only the Asgardian liquor could. So when Thor came for the party, he gave it to him. The super soldier didn’t know what he was doing and kissed you accidentaly. Tony was right im front of you. “Just fucking answer me!”

“First of all, stop yelling, if you don’t want the whole tower to hear us! Second, HE kissed me and it wasn’t even his fault! He was drunk for the first time you can’t blame him!” Tears and tears. “If you think I’m lying again, then we’re fucking done!” Without another word she left the door.

Five hours later she couldn’t stand it anymore. She turned back to their shared room. Tony hadn’t moved since she left. When he saw her again, his arms and lips were more than willing to have her back. Then they promised to themselves not to fight each other again.


She rings like a bell through the night and

Wouldn’t you love to love her?

She rules her life like bird in flight and

Who will be her lover?

Tony had just returnes from a long mission. Y/N knew he was sore, so she wanted to give him some time to rest. He didn’t. He wanted to stay with her. Enjoy all these moments he was with her. In the last mission, he nearly sacrifised himself and the life he was dreaming for ages.

All he wanted was to live his life with her, so that’s what he did. He stood on his one knee and took and small, black, velvet box from his pocket. The ring was flashing like Thor’s lightning. “Y/N Y/L/N. All the time, since me and you started dating, all this time, I’ve been wondering where you were my whole life. You are kind, sarcastic, funny, beautiful and awesome. I thought I would never find someone like you. You would make me the happiest man in the whole universe, we both know what this universe contains so .. Yeah, Y/N. Will you marry me?” He stood up again and she kissed him

“Yes! I love you so much Tony.” He kissed you.

“I love you too, baby”

Taken by

Taken by the sky

Dream’s unwind

Love’s a state of mind

Tony and Y/N were on holidays, also celebrating their first aniversary. They picked a quite place. For the two of them only. He was laying on the grass, looking at the blue sky. The birds were singing when Y/N sat next to him. A wide grin on her face.


“Yes dear?”

Her hand layed on her belly as a tear of joy fell from their eyes. “I’m pregnant!” That’s it. Tony couldn’t wish for anything more. He had all he could ever wish right now. He found the love of his life.

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hi :> can i have a scenario where jungkook and v are ur over protective brothers and mark as your sweet boyfriend? :D thank u!!~

You stared at your reflection in the mirror, smoothing out your outfit and combing out your hair. You were about to head out on a date with your boyfriend Mark, and you wanted to look as nice as possible. You two had been dating for about a month now, and he had been nothing but caring and sweet. In your eyes, it was the perfect relationship.

Once you were satisfied with your appearance, you skipped out of your bedroom and down the stairs. You found your two older brothers, Taehyung and Jungkook, lounging on the couch, various bags of snacks in between them. Growing up, it had always just been the three of you, your parents being quite the work-a-holics. Because of this, you were all extremely close and they had always been there for you.

“Oh, hey!” Jungkook grinned once he noticed your presence. “We were just about to ask you if you wanted to watch a movie with us.”

“Sorry, I can’t. I have other plans,” you smiled apologetically.

“But it’s been so long since it’s just been the three of us! You have to stay,” Taehyung pouted while Jungkook nodded along.

“Sorry guys. Next time, okay?” You gave them each a kiss on the cheek, then quickly grabbed your purse and headed out the front door.

“She’s been acting rather suspicious lately. Where do you think she’s going?” Jungkook wondered.

“Well…I know a way we can find out,” Taehyung gave a smirk, wiggling his eyebrows mischievously.

“We are not stalking our baby sister. No.”

“Oh, come on! It’ll be fun.”

“Taehyung, I said no. Just leave it at that.”


Thirty minutes later, Jungkook found himself decked out in all black, hiding behind a bush as Taehyung gazed through a pair of binoculars. They found out from one of your friends that you were at some outside market, so here they were, crouched down and trying to catch a glimpse of you in the large crowd.

“Do you see anything? My leg is starting to cramp up!”

“Shhhhh, I’m looking, I’m looking! oh! Wait, I see her! Right there by that jewelry tent!” He pointed straight ahead, and Jungkook was able to recognize your red jacket among all of the people. But you weren’t alone. He narrowed his eyes as he spotted your hand in someone else’s. But it wasn’t just any hand, it was a guy’s hand.

“Who the hell is that guy holding our sister’s hand?!” Taehyung shouted, gathering the attention of everyone one around him. You froze in the middle of looking at a rack of bracelets. You knew that voice. Oh no, you thought. They didn’t.

You turned around slowly, easily catching the two heads of your brothers as they bobbed up and down, attempting to hide. Oh, but they did. You stormed your way over to them, dragging a confused Mark behind you.

“What do you think you guys are doing?!” you shrieked. You were outraged that they decided to follow you. It was a complete invasion of privacy.

“Oh hey, sis. How’s it going? Fancy meeting you here.”

“Shut up, Taehyung,” Jungkook snapped, pulling himself and his brother up and brushing the dirt off of his pants. He cut right to the chase, gesturing toward Mark. “Who is this guy?”

You sighed. “Mark, these are my older brothers. Guys, this is Mark, my boyfriend.”

“Your…WHAT?!?!” Taehyung’s eyes practically popped out of his head and he dropped to his knees, hands flinging wildly in the air. Meanwhile, Jungkook’s gaze immediately turned into a hard glare at the mention of the word boyfriend.

“Since when?” Jungkook spoke in a low voice.

“Well, we’ve been dating for about a month now— ”


By this time Taehyung had turned into a lump on the floor, curled up on the ground with his hands covering his ears. You couldn’t understand what he was saying, but you could definitely make out the words “poor innocent baby sister” among the mumbles. You shouldn’t be surprised; he was always one for the dramatics.

Jungkook, however, was still in front of you and Mark, continuing to glare with his arms crossed. “And you didn’t think to tell us?”

You shrugged. “I assumed you already knew. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we were just about to go grab a bite to eat.” You grabbed Mark by the hand, hoping to make your escape before something else went wrong. The last thing you needed was your boyfriend spending any more time with your annoyingly protective older brothers.

“Why don’t you guys join us?” Mark suggested politely. Dammit. Curse Mark for being such a sweet guy.

“You know, Mark, I don’t think that’s such a good idea— ”

“We’d love to!” Taehyung exclaimed, grinning rather mischievously. He sprung up off the ground, gathering even more stares from people passing by, and slung an arm around Mark’s shoulders. “It’ll give us a chance to… get to know each other.

Oh god. This was going to end badly. But you knew there was no in arguing. When Taehyung clung got something, he literally clung to something. And Jungkook looked like he was getting ready to punch someone in the face. It was better not to argue when they’re like this.

The four of you made your way to a casual restaurant. You momentarily forgot about the anxiety that came with Jungkook and Taehyung’s presence as you scanned the menu. That is, until Jungkook cleared his throat and slammed his cup of water on the table. You knew the interrogation was about to begin and your nervousness returned. Here we go.

“So how long have you known my sister?”

Mark looked at you quickly, before answering with ease. “We’ve known each other for about six months.”

“And you didn’t think to ask her out until a month ago?”

“Well, it took me some time to gather up the courage. She’s a great girl. I didn’t want to mess anything up.”

You instantly blushed at Mark’s words, then spotted Taehyung making fake gagging noises out of the corner of your eye. You kicked him in the leg underneath the table.


“Anyway, how many girls have you dated before my sister?” Jungkook was not letting up with the questions.

“Well, I went on a few dates here and there, but nothing too serious.”

“Are you saying your relationship with our sister isn’t serious?!” Taehyung interjected, once again rather dramatically.

“No!” Mark exclaimed. “In fact, it’s very serious. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before. I really, really, really like her.” Mark grabbed your hand, gazing at you with a look of pure adoration. You two stared at each other for a moment, before Jungkook cleared his throat again, forcing you guys to break away from one another.

“It’s so sweet. Oh.. my heart…” Taehyung clamped his hand over his chest, pretending to wipe a fake tear from his eye. He rested his head on Jungkook’s shoulder. “Awww, Jungkook, I can’t take it! Just let them be together! True love cannot be contained!”

Jungkook just sighed, shoving Taehyung off of him, before looking at you and Mark. “Well, I guess you seem like an okay guy. But just know if you ever, and I mean ever, do anything to hurt her or make her cry, I won’t hesitate to beat the crud out of you.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” Mark responded. You grabbed his hand again, grinning excitedly at the thought of the three most important men in your life getting along. You leaned up to give him a kiss on the cheek before a shriek from Taehyung caused you to freeze.

“HEY! NO TOUCHY, TOUCHY! Oh god. Oh god, my eyes!


I hope you wanted this as one scenario, if not, just let me know and I can fix it! Thanks so much for requesting! Sorry it took me longer than expected. Man, you guys really love the Mark requests. That’s okay, I feel ya. All those who suffer from Mark feels, raise your hand. 

Anyway, Happy New Year to everyone! I hope your evenings are more eventful than mine and that you all have a super rad year to come. 

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Oliver bringing Felicity breakfast and then notices a man leaving her room.... Jealous Oliver :)

Ok, so this is actually being answered in conjunction with another prompt— “Oliver woos Felicity after a fight”.

And this is the story I’ve been so giddy about.  It took me longer than expected to write it… but I hope you all enjoy as much as I do!

So, he let her believe that the ‘I love you’ was just for Slade’s benefit; even though he was sure, at the time, she’d looked at him like she knew.  Like she knew that he had meant every single word that he had said about keeping her safe and Slade taking the wrong woman, but that he would be there to protect her in the end, that he would keep her safe, even though she would be in Slade’s hands.

He even thought he made it clear to her on Lain Yu, when he told her that they had both sold it, that there was nothing to sell because just like her, he had fallen for real.  But then, Oliver really never was one to do anything subtly.  Perhaps he had to be a little more direct if he wanted to pursue things with Felicity.

She had been acting strangely around him the last several weeks though.  Everything had seemingly gone back to the way it was before Slade’s attack on Starling City.  They spent their evenings at the lair, working to protect the citizens of Starling.  Her days were spent back in the IT department of QC.  She had appreciated her ‘demotion’ from the interim CEO; she had told Oliver as much the day it happened.

But even though everything else was back to normal, something about his relationship with Felicity was still off.  He had expected things to change after their conversation on the island.  With every day that passed that they didn’t talk about it, a follow-up conversation seemed harder to have.  Seeing her every day, though, was driving him crazy.  Like the way her forehead crinkled when she concentrated on breaking through a firewall.  Or the time she asked him to practice hand to hand combat with him when Diggle and Roy were out for the night.  God, he wasn’t even letting her get the drop on him half the time— she managed it all on her own with the intensity with which she eyed him, the determination in her stance, in her punches, in her kicks.  She took his corrections in stride- every hit, every move was better, stronger, faster than the last.  Just another way in which he was completely in awe of her.

It was those moments that he had been unable to get out of his mind for the last few days.  Those moments that led to this one— Oliver, standing at her apartment door at 7 in the morning with coffee and blueberry scones from Felicity’s favorite bakery.

He cleared his throat before knocking.  It was risky, he knew, showing up out of the blue like this.  She could still be in her pajamas— pink polka-dotted short shorts with a skin tight camisole— or at least that was the first thing that flashed into his mind.  A thought that he immediately dismissed so as not to be even more awkward when she answered the door.

There was a faint rustling inside and then the undeniable ‘click’ of the lock, and then the door swung open, revealing a confused, bed-headed and yawning Felicity.

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Cover, Cover, the Sunset Tree

Hey, I don’t know if you heard, but the Mountain Goats Forum decided to cover The Sunset Tree, and it’s really amazing. You can listen to it here. I was actually a part of this* (how is my song the third most-listened to?), and even though it took longer than expected, this was totally worth the wait. So much passion and creativity shines through these songs, and everyone totally made them their own (fucking Magpie, man). Plus, there’s a super dope cover**. Look at it! It’s got the record player and the spaceships and the bony fingers and it’s beautiful. What are you doing still here? Listen to this thing!

*Shameful plug: I did Hast Thou Considered the Tetrapod. If you are for some reason more interested in my stuff, you can find it here. (There are basically just 7 poorly recorded, poorly written songs there. But I’ll put some new stuff up I’m really proud of sometime next month- stay tuned!)

**My apologies, I don’t know who actually made the cover. If someone knows please contact me and I’ll give them full credit.