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“Was Andrew really under the bee’s spell when he said Akko was bewitching in episode 10? It’s up to you to decide that, it’s a lot more fun that way - LWA_jp


Top Ten Disney Songs - I’ll Make A Man Out of You (Mulan, 1998)

We must be swift as the coursing river
With all the force of a great typhoon
With all the strength of a raging fire
Mysterious as the dark side of the moon

Viktor doesn’t act like the celebrity he is

Okay so this might seem a bit obvious right, but hear me out. Viktor is a PRETTY famous celebrity. He’s the face of figure skating essentially, likely (based on how many costumes he can afford) with a bunch of sponsorships to boot etc. 

But like, although you can argue it’s just big news for skating, the attention he attracts by simply going to a place is over the top for what your average figure skater IRL seems to get. The fact that people talked enough to figure out he was taking the season off in the first place for one? (Before Yakov was interviewed about it - we can see in episode one that Minako knew about it)

He’s obviously hugely recognisable, as this is likely a fan photo. In English too as well as Russian and Japanese, showing that Viktor’s whereabouts are internationally important. 

There’s also an absolute circus of media shown in Hasetsu that episode - far too much to just be local news. Point is, Viktor Nikiforov is arguably the David Beckham of figure skating, a celebrity athlete. 

(Though I will say he’s not at the level of being stalked by cameras all the time that we see - I don’t know the arguments that would come for ‘what level of fame does that make him’ because surprisingly, I don’t dive very deep into celebrity culture) 

But he does not even begin to act like it

Exhibit A - the casualness of his social media

It’s true that we don’t really see that much of Viktor’s social media in canon. A few screen shots from instagram. The only kind of ‘staged’ photo we see is that one with he and Yuuri on the train, but the other one is a selfie. With the exception of Phichit, all the other skaters go for the staged, instagram famous approach. (I’m sure everyone knows what I mean by that - the kind of photo that looks highly professional) 

Viktor’s social media seems more personal. A photo like the one at Hasestu Castle, geotagged and everything, is something I’d expect to see on a close friend’s feed, not an international icon. Though of course this isn’t the rule for all celebrities ever, I still find it pretty unusual. 

Exhibit B - his treatment of reporters 

Just to put this out there, we KNOW that Viktor isn’t the douchey, full of himself type, so that can’t be used to justify how he acts around media outlets. The thing is, there’s no way that Viktor doesn’t realise how important reporters and your image can be. And whilst he’s never explicitly rude to them, we can quite clearly see he doesn’t care. Sure he’ll rattle off prepared answers and the like, but once something more interesting is on his radar, he switches off. 

 ‘Ignoring the responsibility that comes with being a notable person’. I don’t really like the sound of that sentence at all, but it’s the best one I can come up with to get my point across. If being a celebrity can be considered a job, playing up to interviews in the appropriate setting is certainly a part of it. But Viktor just doesn’t seem to care about that aspect?

Above is probably the most ‘celebrity Viktor’ image there is during the actual anime. And though I do like common white girl Viktor with his starbucks and gucci sunglasses, what’s important to note here is that he again doesn’t really care that he’s being interviewed, and the minute he sees Yurio, he completely deflects the attention. 

And attention, when you’re famous, is kind of your lifeline. 

Exhibit C - his treatment of his fans 

It would be horrifically insulting of me to claim that your average celebrity doesn’t care about their fans. However, and there are huge and admirable exceptions to this, a lot clearly don’t have the time to get that personal with anybody, certainly not to give everyone who recognises them a handshake (which is what Minako was criticising Yuuri for not doing). 

Minako says this like being good to his fans is something Viktor is known for. And honestly? I believe her. 

Like this wink, for example, I 100% believe was for a row of fans. 

And this, where instead of Viktor trying to make his way through despite the lack of personal space, he seems to at least diligently interact with his fans and probably took photos and the like with them. 

Also never forget “do you want to take a commemorative photo?” 

So from this, we can conclude that: 

  • Viktor is definitely the type to spend way too long at a signing, ignoring the organisers, because a little girl came up to him and nervously told him she wanted to skate, just like him (to which he excitedly discussed her music choices for routines and gave her some top advice) 
  • Viktor is the type to reply to as many fans on twitter and the like as he actually can. And if he can’t, at least likes a good number of tweets he thought were cute. 
  • Viktor is the type to excuse himself during the middle of an important interview because he saw some teenage fans nervously watching from afar, to then approach them and take a series of cool photos with them
  • The canon fact that when you do get Viktor’s attention as part of the media, all he actually wants to talk about his his fiance

Let this wholesome, down to earth Viktor branding remain relevant in 2018 (with the bonus extra, goofball Viktor But Only When Yuuri’s There branding for good measure - read this meta for more on that)