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The movie is so ambitious,” he says. “Some of the stuff they’re doing in this movie is insane. And it was hard, man, physically really tough, but I love acting. I love playing someone else. I’d sleep really well at night, then get up and continue drowning.
—  Harry about filming Dunkirk for Rolling Stone

Hey sorry I haven’t been active much, it’s cos I’ve been working on this!!
My first OC for an Overwatch hero!!
Oh man this.. project?..  was tough, and I still haven’t really fleshed out the specifics of his abilities.. there will be more refinements to come if I have time..
For now this is all I got for him.. what do u think? :DD

I’ve written some dialogue as well. I don’t want to make this post any longer so I’ll put a Read More break here. Thanks for viewing!

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Let Me Warm Your Heart Part 1

Word Count : 2,200

 Warnings : None 

 Summary: Y/N is tasked with a mission to keep the weird Barebone family in check. But things don’t always go as they are planned. After all, love always chooses those paths which are the least predictable. 


The balmy weather was nice enough to warrant a visit to Central Park, a picnic would have been the ideal activity for this breezy summer day. The flowers were in full bloom and the air hung heavy with the smell of food, probably wafting from the hot-dog vendor standing nearby. Ignoring her growling stomach, Y/N glanced up at the clear skies before shrugging away thoughts of an imagined holiday. Vacations were a luxury Aurors couldn’t afford, especially not in such turbulent times. 

She refocused her attention on the gathering crowd ahead of her, as the New Salem Philanthropic Society commenced another of its infamous rallies. Y/N effectively merged within the crowd, nonchalantly staring at the flyer she had been handed. The Barebone woman continued spewing vitriol against witches and magic, assuring them that the threat was very really. Y/N’s watchful eyes swept across the crowd once, before settling on the leader of the Second Salemers as she urged the gathered people to watch out for the lurking darkness that hid so cleverly among ‘us’! Mentally, Y/N scoffed wondering how many actually believed this supposed gibberish. But disbelief was good, disbelief kept her kind safe. And above all, it was her job to keep that disbelief unwaveringly constant. 

She shifted a few paces ahead, before blocking herself from Mary Lou’s line of vision behind a man wearing a rather outlandish top hat. She continued her observation, staring at the two daughters standing beside the woman. The elder one, Chastity stood primly, projecting an image of trained etiquette and polite interest. The younger one Modesty, meanwhile, shuffled onto the steps of the bank where the rally was being held, mumbling a song and fidgeting to its tune. 

 Y/N gaze then shifted to the eldest of the Barebone children, Credence. He stood amongst the crowd, handing out flyers with shouty capitals, blaring the NSPS anti-witch propaganda. He must be quite tall, Y/N mused, as her eyes assessed the lanky boy. But he seemed shorter with the pronounced hunch with which he carried himself. Almost as if he could disappear into nothingness if he tried hard enough. 

 It had come as a surprise to Y/N when her fellow colleague Tina Goldstein had been removed from Auror services. For jeopardising their safety by violating the International Statute of Secrecy’s provisions nonetheless! Tina was a stickler for rules and for the number of cases that they had partnered together, Y/N knew her to be thorough and efficient. How she ended up losing her steam over the Barebones and subsequently losing her job as well, was a mystery. 

 What came as a greater surprise however, was when Director Graves summoned her in his office. He assigned her the responsibility of keeping an eye over the Barebones, ensuring that the safety of the wizarding community was not threatened by the enflamed speeches of an overenthusiastic zealot. While she was of the opinion that there was no harm in keeping a watchful eye over this fanatic, there was something in the way the Barebone boy carried himself that kept drawing Y/N’s attention. 

 Not one for distractions, she changed places again, this time edging towards the back of the crowd. Her gaze trained itself on the speaker again as she withdrew from the dense crowd, making sure that Mary Lou didn’t notice her. In her effort to appear inconspicuous, she didn’t realise until it was too late as she stumbled across someone’s feet. Though the force was not near enough to knock the person down, it did displace the dozens of sheets that the person was carrying. No, not sheets, flyers to be exact. 

 When had Credence slipped to the back, Y/N wondered, as they both crouched down to gather the scattered flyers. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t realise you were standing here. I was in a rush to get back to work. I hope I didn’t hurt you?” she gave an apologetic smile having managed to collect a few of the papers, handing them to the gaping boy. He stared at her for a moment as their fingers brushed each other, before swallowing audibly and said, “N-no. It was, m-my fault. I shouldn’t have been…standing here. Y-you didn’t hurt me. S-s-sorry!” he stuttered nervously as tingles surged from his fingers where they had accidentally touched Y/N’s.

 She waved away his apology before smiling brightly and said, “No worries. I do hope you are alright though”, glancing at her watch she muttered under breath before continuing, “I have to go now, lunch time is almost over. I’ll see you later then! Have a good day!” she waved breezily before crossing the road and disappearing in the bustling crowd. He turned around to face the rally once more, warmth enveloping his being at the possibility of meeting the kind and pretty woman again. But the sight in front of him made his stomach fill with dread and he paled visibly. His mother was staring at him, malice dripping from her gaze; it would suffice to say that she was not at all happy with him.


 Y/N cursed herself as she hurried towards her cabin in the MACUSA. That interaction should not have happened. It was vital for the assignment that the Barebones remain unaware of her, as much as possible. It was a lapse of judgement on her part when she struck up a conversation with the boy. It would have been easier, wiser even, had she just walked away without stopping. People tended to forget faces of rude strangers stumbling across their toes as opposed to polite strangers helping them out. But on seeing him she couldn’t bring it in herself to act the part. 

 Y/N cursed herself again as she stumbled in her cabin, sinking wearily into the chair as she pulled the nearest sheaf of papers towards her. She would have to lie low for a while, make sure that her absence and the flow of time did away any traces of recognition from the boy’s mind. Sighing loudly, she read through the paperwork before signing a few and tearing away one or two. A head popped into her cabin, followed by the appearance of a smiling brunette. “Hello Miss Workaholic! Having a long day?” Y/N spared a glance from her work before giving up the day as one of the worse ones. “Abernathy”, she acknowledged his presence but that didn’t mean she had to have a conversation with him. 

 She continued staring at the application for an early release from detainment, not grasping a single letter of the 700 word document, hoping against hope that the man would just let her be. “Tough case?” Apparently not. “Not really.” Curtness and a calm demeanour was the key in such scenarios. “Care to join me for lunch? I was just about to pop out and was hoping you could join me. It’s a lovely day and you shouldn’t waste it cooped up in….” She cut him abruptly, “I’m sorry I can’t. As you can see I’m a bit busy at the moment. Paperwork does make the day long and it won’t complete by itself however much I charm my quills. They haven’t invented the artificial intelligence ones yet I’m afraid.” To hell with calmness, today was just not her day! 

 Abernathy gave her a disappointed look before saying, “Well another time I suppose. Oh by the way, Director Graves wanted to see you.” He casually mentioned that as if they were discussing the weather, the oaf! “And you are telling me now! I better see what he wants…” Y/N closed the file before exiting the cabin, Abernathy in tow. “I thought you were popping out for lunch?” She questioned her unwanted companion as he tagged along. He came to a stop as if remembering it suddenly, “Why yes. I..I shall be going then?” He questioned as if seeking permission. But Y/N had long since disappeared, his question echoing emptily across the hallway. 

 Y/N hurried towards the upper echelons of MACUSA hoping against hope that she hadn’t made the Director of Magical Security wait for too long. She wondered whether she had unwittingly jinxed herself in the morning or got up on the wrong side of the bed. Or perhaps it was the neighbour’s pet Kneazle crossing her path with a pinpointed hiss. Mr Smith had always envied her for bagging the road side apartment (something about better natural light) and she wouldn’t put it past him to rub some bad luck potion on his pet in the off chance that it stumbled across her. All in all, the day was going down in the dumps by the looks of it.

 When she knocked and entered Percival Graves’ posh cabin, this theory was further bolstered. He was staring at her with a stormy expression, rubbing his temples in a weary manner. “I had hoped you would reach here the moment I called upon you. Tardiness is unbefitting of an Auror of your stature.” His voice was low and razor sharp, cutting the air with the accuracy of a newly sharpened blade. Donning her best professional visage, Y/N answered in a voice smooth as silk, “My apologies Director Graves. I just returned from observing the targets you had assigned me and when I received the message from Mr Abernathy, I came immediately.”

 Her boss stared at her, taking her words in and making her uncomfortable under his intense scrutiny before saying in a voice that seemed louder as well as distant from the room they were occupying, “Ms Y/L/N I presume that you are not keeping any written accounts of this assignment?” This had been one of the conditions of the case and had made Y/N’s spine tingle with unease. Undocumented missions ensured the highest amount of confidentiality, but at the same time there was a danger of increased responsibility on the Auror. The Director could very well wash his hands off in case things went awry and Y/N would be stuck in inquiries faster than you could say Protego, with no real means of an escape. 

 "Yes sir" she answered him, maintaining the façade of calmness. “Good. Though it isn’t a matter of grave concern at the moment, it is imperative on your part that you keep a close eye on them without anyone knowing what you are up to.” She nodded once, showing her acquiescence. “Y/N” he called out. She was thrown off guard by the casual manner in which he addressed her. So very unlike the strict, non nonsense man known as Percival Graves. “You are a valued part of the MACUSA, your skills are unparalleled even amongst our best on field Aurors. You were top of your class and it is a privilege that you chose to work with us instead of your native Ministry of Magic. You will definitely go places.”

 Y/N swelled with pride at the praise but a tingle of worry skittered across her conscious. There was something wrong with this. “Thank you, Sir. It’s an honour…” “However, you should be careful of the path upon which you tread. A careless mistake and it could cost you your career. I would be sorry if you followed into the footsteps of Ms Goldstein.” His eyes bore into her, considering her the way a hunter may look upon his prey. The nerve of this man! He was openly threatening her as if she were in the wrong! Steeling herself Y/N replied, “I assure you Sir that something like that will never happen as long as I’m on this case.” She stared into brown eyes, a challenge in her gaze. “Very well. I will expect the usual verbal report the next time you find anything of note.” Noting the unspoken dismissal, Y/N gave a curt nod before excusing herself out of the room.

 She hurried towards the sanctuary of her cabin. The moment she entered it, she locked the door, put a muffling charm on the room and extracted the tiny pair floral earrings from her ears. Setting them carefully on her desk, she waved her wand in the air carefully but nothing happened. She gave a sigh of relief, atleast she was free from worrying about any external unwanted snooping. She then tapped the earrings carefully, a muttered incantation under her breath. The earrings sputtered for a moment before echoing in a voice frighteningly similar to the Director of Magical Security, “I would be sorry if you followed into the footsteps of Ms Goldstein.“ 

 Y/N let out a breath that she didn’t know she was holding. Who knew learning to enchant everyday items that could record her magical lectures would one day help her in this manner? Graves may have thought himself too brilliant to hoodwink, but she had a few tricks up her sleeve. Slipping on the earrings again, Y/N’s mind went over the conversation once again. Her intuition had been correct. Something about the Barebones was making Graves anxious, so much that he went to the length of threatening her to ensure that the case went smoothly. The picture was too hazy to discern any meaning from currently. But Y/N vowed that she wouldn’t rest till she got to the bottom of this.

 A/N: Hah, this was supposed to be a one shot. Though turning it into a series doesn’t seem that bad of an idea. This is a filler chapter, where I’m setting the scene for the oncoming plot. Hope you guys liked my first venture into the fbawtft universe. Please excuse any typos and let me know how you found it. Gif credits to the owner. ~mystical reading nerd

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"Loki no!", "Loki yes!"

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Words: 3.652

Warnings: some swearing

A/N: this is for the resquest of @mysticperfectionsweets .
The prompts were: “The skirt is supposed to be this short.” and “My name isn’t Leslie…who’s Leslie?”
I really hope you will like it. I’m nervous, it’s my first thing with Loki … tell me what you think about it ^^

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Ichinose Guren Mobile Wallpapers [540x960] for my lovely @kkeijis

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In the first season, Alec was this really closed-off young man. He was too tough for his own good; he tried to hide from who he is. He focused on helping others to help himself not think about himself. Now, he’s being forced to acknowledge he can’t continue being this way, and he’s becoming a more open, emotionally available person.
—  Matthew Daddario to OUT Magazine

Back to the topic .. Only because I feel the need to express MY opinion. You can either agree with me or disagree which is fine… Going back to what I was saying.. asking what might be just a simple question to some but to others hmmmm it might be rather offensive in a way. I feel it comes down to what we are in this “gay society”… We are more than just a top and a bottom and I hate to say this but these labels need to go away. We keep labeling ourselves and make it easier for others to target us because of what we like in our sexual role. It should be about bonding together and creating an equal for us to be just like everyone else. We have a long way to go… and to the DUMB FUCK saying that we should normalize this type of behavior.. is a complete idiot in thinking that is the solution. We need to see the bigger picture of this issue. I had a conversation with a fellow snapchatter and he pointed out some good points. Some do seek validation from others whether they choose to disclose if they are bottoms or tops and for the guys seeking that validation gives them the satisfaction and relief knowing that to bottom doesn’t make you any more or less masculine than anyone else. But where does the root of this come from? Who says a man is less because he’s gay or he likes to bottom ? Everyone around us and everyone in our circle. No matter short or tall.. big or small .. We all come in different shapes and that goes to say with our preference in whatever role we play… we all are different in our own way. There’s nothing wrong being a bottom. I’m not saying you should scream it out loud or anything because something like that should be your business and the person you’re having intercourse with. I’ve seen so many jokes, parodies and insults in regard to people bringing down bottoms… We’re just digging ourselves deeper. Humanity is loosing it’s morals and values. And being a top doesn’t make you a tough man. What really makes you a man is understanding the true meaning. And that true meaning is what you want it to be defined. You don’t need anyones approval. Or anyone putting you down for showing emotions/feelings. At the end of the day we are all human. So what defines us as men is sticking together and supporting one another and being able to show courage in our weakest moments. To be good role models for the younger generation. Self esteem affects a lot of us we just need to know how to control it with how our minds perceive certain things. Image only last so long and what truly matters is whats inside our hearts. Our energy of love goes beyond…. Like I said if the love is blossoming then it will all work out and it won’t matter …Bottom or top. If you read this and got at least one thing out of this then my job here is done… I appreciate anyone who took the time to read this.

HitsuHina & IchiHime Parallels (+ GinRan & RenRuki Parallels)

First off, I’d like to say that HitsuHina and GinRan are the only pairings I shipped seriously in Bleach, as I appreciated the relationship among Ichigo’s inner circle as nakama more (though I admit to having had a slight preference for IshiHime since I have a liking for nerdy-energetic dynamics). With that said, I am happy for the IchiHime and RenRuki fandoms.

I especially tip my hat to the IchiHime fans since speaking as an outsider, they reminded me of Orihime herself who was willing to wait for a love worth five lifetimes. Admittedly, the odds were against them if you based it on Studio Peirrot’s disproportionate portrayal of Ichigo’s relationship with Rukia and Orihime, which at times seemed already like malicious baiting (I really don’t blame the IR fans for the way they reacted, especially if you count in the BuriMyu, the openings and endings, the fillers, the movie etc.) I myself, watched the anime first, and though I didn’t ship it hardcore, I can see how many thought that IR was set in stone (especially as Orihime’s affections were often downplayed in the anime). While you have the usual bad apples in every fandom, most of the IH fans I’ve seen really do love Rukia and can appreciate her relationship with Ichigo (The really bad ones though, in both the IR and IH fandoms, phew, they formed a large part of the reason why I refused to ship either).

Anyway reading the manga retroactively, I found a lot of interesting parallels between the main canon ships and the second most popular ships (are they though? someone correct me if I’m wrong). @iserenademefan pointed out how Kubo loves to use a protection theme to indicate a deeper (possibly romantic) bond in the relationships he develops. Not only that, Kubo’s preference for romance seems to be those who already have a history with each other (also present in ShuNao and KenUno). I guess he also really likes the childhood friends trope.

HitsuHina / IchiHime 

  • childhood friends (though they weren’t close, Ichigo was a part of a huge event in Orihime’s childhood)
  • how they address each other (’Hitsugaya-kun’ ‘Kurosaki-kun’ ‘Hinamori’ ‘Inoue’ Though Hitsugaya does call her ‘Momo’ when teasing her, and Ichigo was already calling her ‘Orihime’ by the time they were married)
  • Hinamori was never afraid of Hitsugaya’s cold exterior similar to how Orihime was never afraid of Ichigo’s delinquent face and tough guy facade
  • Man oh man Aizen (is really good at reading romance tropes) uses the girl against the guy, to distract and break them
  • Just their general personalities, we have a serious guy and a sweet girl, for both pairs. Both Momo and Orihime are by nature pacifists and academically accomplished. I find it interesting how Momo in fact took on the role of a healer for much of the Quincy War. They both take cooking as a hobby. They really are so similar that it makes me think that they’d be such good friends. Both Ichigo and Toshiro are by nature stern, but are gentler and softer when around those two.
  • They both go berserk when the girl is threatened and have sworn an oath of protection specifically towards the girl.
  • We are treated to the feelings of one party extensively while the feelings of the other are mostly left ambiguous (with Hitsugaya and Orihime respectively, in contrast to Ichigo and Hinamori).
  • Looking back on it now, Ichigo’s dynamic with Rukia on the one hand and Orihime on the other reminds me of Hitsugaya’s dynamic with Matsumoto and Hinamori. Rukia and Matsumoto were the persons to lead Ichigo and Hitsugaya towards the path of a shinigami. Their bond of trust is shown often in the manga. Both Rukia and Matsumoto were privy to Ichigo’s and Hitsugaya’s struggles (and failures) to protect their significant others. (’more than a friend, less than a lover’)

GinRan / RenRuki

  • I’ve compared GinRan and HitsuHina before, but they also parallel RenRuki, especially as to how they grew up. GinRan and RenRuki definitely had a harsher childhood compared to HitsuHina; in the end all they had was each other.
  • how they address each other (’Renji’ ‘Gin’ ‘Rukia’ ‘Rangiku’)
  • The guy intentionally distances themselves from the girl for their happiness. (while one managed to reconcile, the other tragically did not)
  • In connection to the above, the theme of goodbyes is prevalent (I’m thinking of the scene where Gin left Matsumoto in the snow, and the parting scene between Renji and Rukia as she becomes a Kuchiki). In other words, the guy lets the girl go.
  • The guy was at one point enemies with the girl (Renji up to Rukia’s execution, Gin’s defection with Aizen), but eventually their true loyalties to the girl won out.
  • Aizen (yes, Aizen again, he really likes messing with ships) took something from inside the girl while the boy was watching (Hogyoku from Rukia, Reiatsu from Matsumoto)
  • Their rivals and first fights were with the guys from the above ships (Gin vs Hitsugaya and Renji vs Ichigo)
Got7 Reaction to - You Randomly Kissing Them


Requests are open!

Mark- Markipoo oh man he would blush SO HARD like he might be all smooth and what not but as soon as you just walk up to him and kiss him on the cheek he would blush like nobody’s business cause he wouldn’t be expecting it AT ALL but then as you go to walk away he would grab your hand and pull you back so that he could return the favor with the cutest smile EVER.

Jaebum- He would be so turned on okay hear me out. You guys would be out with the other boys and he’d be holding your hand when all of a sudden you just turn your head and kiss on THE MOUTH AND HE’D BE SURPRISED AT FIRST BUT THEN KIND OF TURNED ON BUT HE WOULD PLAY IT OFF UNTIL LATER WHEN HE CAN HAVE HIS WAY WITH YOU BECAUSE KISSING IN FRONT OF HIS MEMBERS LIKE NO HE WOULDN’T DO IT CAUSE ONCE HE STARTS HE DOESN’T THINK HE’D BE ABLE TO STOP.

Jackson- He would live for it guys. He would love it so much when you just randomly kiss him whenever you wanted. He would try and pretend to be surprised but really he isn’t cause you guys show PDA all the time and random kisses (and butt touches) are just a thing in  your relationship at this point.

Jinyoung- I feel like it it was in a public situation he would be shy about it and like blush and be super like ‘awwww what’ but in private! Oh man he would love it so much you would give him just a cute little peck and when you pulled away to continue doing whatever you were doing he would frown and grab your hand to get your attention again before practically throwing himself onto you to kiss you more thoroughly yup.

Youngjae- My soft bean puff he would be all giggly and cute about it and would ask what that was for and you’d be just like ‘because i wanted to’ and he would smile and then lean forward and kiss you again because ‘i wanted to kiss you too’ and you guys would be all smiley and happy he would be the cutest boyfriends guys im having youngjae feels now

Bambam- Oh boy it would so catch him off guard. Like he would be trying to be cool and it would make you laugh and you would just lean over and kiss him on the cheek and he would get flustered when you called him cute and be like ‘no i’m not cute im a man im tough’ which would make you laugh really hard cause come on he’s so adorable and then he’d be like ‘i’ll prove it’ and kiss you super rough and then bing bong bedroom time.

Yugyeom- He would be so shy about it! People think he’s all smooth but let’s be real for a second okay. He’d be talking about some show or something like he always is and you would be trying SO HARD TO PAY ATTENTION but watching his mouth is like holding candy in front of a child you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from just leaning forward and kissing him lightly 100% catching him by surprise and he would stutter slightly before blushing and then he wouLD KEEP TALKING BECAUSE HE NEVER STOPS TALKING.

I’m Your Girl (Bobby x Reader)

P.S. This was requested by an anon. Girl I hope you like it, it was so fun to write this one. Enjoy


You never thought you would end up dating an idol. You started your acting career when you were 17 at a kdrama, you were playing the bad girl which matched with your harsh and foreign looks. Even thought you were the villan people showed you a lot of love and the kdrama went amazing. Soon you started doing commercials, interviews, photoshoots, red carpet appearances, you were pretty much everywhere, you were very thankfull for everything and you worked hard for every opportunity.

You met Bobby at a party. It was the last episode of your latest series which went very good, so why not throw a big house party? somehow even though you didn’t know them ikon came to your house and you had the chance to meet them. Bobby always had a crush on you, he found you very attractive and you were a great person, you had jsut turned 20 so you loved to goof around, you weren’t afraid to be weird and just have fun. He asked you out the same day- thanks to his friends pressuring them- you blushed but said yes.

Your relationship was fresh. Everything was still new and you were learning new stuff about each other every day, which was great Bobby was a good man and you liked him, you enjoyed your time with him. Today he asked you to be his date at his party for the success of his two m/v’s, one with mino and his solo. You said yes right away, he had celebrated your accomplishments you cannot say no to his, this was one of the biggest momments of his career, as his girlfriend you needed to be by his side.

You wore your favourite pair of lace up black over the knee boots, with your hot pink knee lenght tennis skirt and a tight black crop top with an X on your back. You made your hair with loose curls and a burgundy matt lipstick, a nice white with dark brown eyeshadow, a beautiful pair of white earrings and a nice ring he Bobby has given you.

As soon as you walked in the club you saw that Bobby was a bit busy, so you decided to go take a drink and then talk to him, you went to the bar and ordered a strawberry daquiri. While you were waiting for your drink you felt a hand on your shoulder, you thought it was Bobby so you turned with a smile, but it was a total stranger

“Hello beautiful”

Great. A random stranger that’s looking for a hook up, he was tall and dark hair, he looked regular, nothing interesting about him.


You said plain. You never were the girl that flirted with random people, you liked to keep to yourself and enjoy your night with your friends or your boyfriend. Speaking of which, your boyfriend had spotted you and saw someone talking to you, you looked uncomfortable, but he gave you your space, he knows you can handle yourself.

“Want a drink?”

“No, I got it covered. Thanks anyway”

You dissmissed him. You tried to turn your back to him, but he pulled you back, making you lose your balance and almost fall down. You pulled his hand away, you were pissed now

“Don’t touch me”

You warned him. He laughed and reached for you again, but you slapped his hand away

“Come on cutie, don’t be mean”

“Yo chill, she is with me”

Bobby came out of nowhere. He saw what happened and almost flied over to you, he stood in front of you, showing dominance

“Then why was she alone?”

“Cause I don’t have her on a leash, she is her own person”

“Then she can decide if she wants to be with me”

He said arrogantly. What’s wrong with him? You tired to pull Bobby by his shirt so you can calm him down, you didn’t want him to fight.

“Did she look like she wants to be with you?”

“Come on dude you can’t blame me. She is the hottest girl here, her ass is begging to be shown in that skirt”

Bobby was having a hard time controlling himself, you could feel his anger. You saw how his muscles tensed under the thin material of his shirt

“Babe let’s just go”

“You are a lucky man. Everyone would want to ride a white horse”

He said meaning that you were foreign. Bobby didn’t want to turn it to physical, but that doesn’t mean he won’t put a fight. He pulled the dude by his shirt and looked at him straight in the eyes, you tried to pull him baack but he didn’t move

“If I ever see you around my girl, you will have to call your mom to get that black dress ready. Did I make myself clear?”


The guy replied. He pushed him back and grabbed your hand, he pulled you to the back door and hugged you

“Your okay right?”

“Yes i’m fine”

He let you go and looked at you searching for anything. You put your hand at the back of his neck, smirking

“That was extremely hot babe”

You said. You could feel him relax under your touch, he put his hand on your waistline and brought you closer, your hipbones touching his


“Yes. My man is tough”

He kissed your lips with passion. He spun you and pushed you against the wall, he grabbed your knee and you put your feet on the wall, his hand went to your thigh and under your skin, caressing the soft skin, making the make out session even hotter.

“Baby we got to go back, your friends are in there”

You said to him. His lips went to your jawline and to your neck leaving light kisses

“They can wait”

You let out a deep breath and closed your eyes. He started kissing your lips again but this time softer. He pulled away and you bit his lip, he smiled at you and fixed your lipstick with his thumb

“he was right, you are the hottest girl in here”

“But i’m your girl”

“Damn right. Now let’s go I gotta show off my girl”

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The Stroke

“Medic 24, need you en route for a possible CVA.”

“Copy that. We’re on our way. Can you get life flight prepped, just in case?”

“I’ll let them know.”

“Alright, hot shot. It’s your show. Let’s see what you’ve got.”

This was it. My first, true emergency of paramedic school. I was fully in charge and responsible for the call. My preceptor and his partner were tools for me to utilize however I deemed would best serve my patient. Greg looked at me expectantly as we drove, and I took a moment to gather my thoughts.

“Alright. When we get there, I’m gonna do a stroke assessment. Philip, if you could get a history from the family while Greg gets all of our gear ready, that’d be great. I’m gonna want IV access as soon as he’s in the truck, as well as a 12 lead, and a glucose.”

“You got it, boss,” Philip said with a smile. I had been unsure of him as a preceptor initially, but now I had nothing but respect for the man. He had truly helped me get through a couple really tough patches in school, and had done everything possible to ensure I’d graduate the best medic I could be.

We rolled up on scene, and I slipped out of the truck with my heart hammering in my ears. Moments like that are what I live for.

Panicked wife rushed me inside, where I found her husband sitting on a couch. It hardly took me a moment to see the glaringly obvious signs: incredibly unequal grip strength, arm drift, slurred speech, and facial droop. I cursed under my breath and looked to Philip.

“We gotta go. Get life flight in the air. Now.”

Moments later, he was on the stretcher and in our rig. My team performed the tasks I appointed to them wordlessly, the three of us working in perfect coordination. Greg handed me my vitals before jumping into the driver seat and setting us into drive.

“Whatcha want?”

My brain skipped across all my medications and I remembered a tip he had given me on my first day. “Zofran. Can’t have him throwing up on the flight crew.”

He smiled like a proud parent and administered the drug while I looked over the cardiac monitor. “Anything else?”

“Nah. We’re close to the landing zone and everything looks normal. He just needs a hospital.”

Not ten minutes later, the flight crew poured into the back and listened to my report as we transferred the patient to their equipment. Almost as quickly as it began, he was loaded into the helicopter and gone, allowing my heart rate to finally settle down.

I had worked emergencies before and been a part of numerous code teams, but it had never truly been my show. Sure, I ran codes when I was an EMT, but there was something different about being the lead paramedic. I laughed a bit and hopped back into the truck so we could head to the station.

About three weeks later, my phone rang. “Philip! To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“Wanted to check in on my favorite new medic and give you an update.”

“An update?”

“Remember that stroke patient we flew?”

“Yeah. Of course.”

“His wife called. She wanted to thank us. Doctors found a huge bleed, but were able to save him. He’s back home now, actually. You saved his life, kid.”

I let the words wash over me for a moment so their meaning could sink in. “Thank you so much for telling me.”

“Of course. Everybody deserves to know about a true save. Take care, buddy.”

That, right there, is what makes my job worth it. Worth all the hell and shit shifts I work. Every moment where I wonder why I bother fades immediately in light of truly making a difference in the life of another–especially when my actions lead to the he continued survival of another human.

Reylo Headcannon

Ben and Rey name their daughter Hana. Chewie holds her for the first time, this fragile baby, and growls a soft hello to the sleeping babe. Instantly her eyes open and suddenly he is looking into his best friend’s eyes. She doesn’t cry, but tugs on his fur with a gurgle that sounds like his name. Fearless. Chewie will deny it, but the tears wetting his fur tell otherwise; he loves her instantly. For the first time since that fateful day on Starkiller Base, he feels at peace. He vows to take care of Hana, protect her, she teach her to fly the Millennium Falcon, just like he did all those years ago for her grandfather-his best friend, Han Solo

anonymous asked:

i understand how you feel morty theres this girl i like and shes super cute but shes shy and i talk alot to her but im pretty sure she aint gay and dont like me like that its a lonely life when ya scared to speak up

Awww man, aww yeah, t-that can be really tough! Sometimes it’s really hard to s-speak up, especially with added pressures! I just gotta figure, in a u-universe of infinite possibilities there’s always gonna be a c-chance for me to find a partner, and that means the same for you, even i-if it’s not right now.