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soft jock jeff understands the math homework but says "oh yeah it really got me this lesson was tough!" to people he tutors so they don't feel bad. soft jock jeff helps little kids in walmart when they can't find their parents. soft jock jeff gets flustered when someone asks him to homecoming and nods really enthusiastically because he's so flustered. soft jock jeff grades papers for his overwhelmed teachers so they can have a break. get u a man like soft jock jeff.

GET U A MAN LIKE SOFT JOCK JEFF!!! oh goodness what a breath of fresh air. I love soft jock jeff thank u for blessing me with this content I don’t know what I did to deserve such a gift ilu

drew some scrappy and very very late to the game designs for those adventure boys

A family selfie, based off one of my family selfies!!! lmaoooo
fun fact, characters are posed as the family member who would pilot their respective lion. bonus points if you can guess who I am :3c


We shouldn’t leave them here.


40 / 365 days of my sunshine

Can we please talk about how precious Billy was in the reboot, and how everyone knew that he needed to be protected at all costs? First Jason, then Kim, and then everyone else. Then Rita drowns him and everyone balls 😭😭😭 The hand claps, the cute comments…..the dancing at the end…. blowing up his lunch box. Be still my fragile heart…..

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i think i just saw heaven