man this is a mess idc

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why does nobody talk about the scene where Ward is going to bleach the bloodstains in his father's penthouse, and after he sets the bleach down he clenCHES HIS FIST AND IT POPS HIS KNUCKLES AND BASICALLY IT WAS REALLY HOT AND I DONT KNOW WHY WE AREN'T TALKING ABOUT IT

Oh trust me girl we know. We know. That scene is freaking ridiculous. I even have it commemorated in gif form.

He can murder me any day idc just as long as he does that while cleaning up the mess.

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Maybe that was a joke but wasn't Hamilton a show produced and performed by mostly people of color? Like I've never seen it but isn't like 90% of the cast black? If not all of them? How could it possibly be racist if the majority of the people working on it weren't white? Tho this is based on my slim knowledge of the play. (Also maybe the anon who sent you "(hamilton)" wasn't even referring to the post you've been reblogging I dont know I'm just confused by a lot)

idk how to tell u this but sometimes things that r diverse r racist but like

hamilton is a play about slaveowners and rapists where its suppose to be woke bc we have blk ppl playing slaveowners and rapists and thats p fucked up. its an antiblk mess n idc if the ppl who made it are latino or whatever like it sucks and the rap is bad

also they were defs replying to my post bc what else could they be replying to??? 

idk man but this entire ask is p condescending and weird and i dnt appreciate it 

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i dotn know if anyoen answer ur coming out post thing and honestly idc because im omw towards getting drunk but i was like haha thats a sweet post but also !! god just looking at this mess?? wtf@me. anyways. skeletons. in your closet. skeletons are like ur secrets. ur dirty laundry. why do u keep skeletons in there?? idk man. maybe u killed someone. u killed somen and now ur gay. where am i goin with this. ur skeleton is now out of your closet. it came out of the closet and its gay.

You hear that guys? Skeletons are gay. We need to support them


I’ve been dealing with my own problems and far too lazy and in my feelings to go on tumblr, vid or watch anything other than soap operas. But I remembered today was The Flash. I totally forgot about the kiss. I would like to thank my parents for having me, the writers for those WA scenes, Candice and Grant for the fabulous acting, God and Jesus, whoever shot that 360 kiss (yes camera man you were not messing around), snowbunnies for those reactions, and most of all WestAllen shippers because you guys always make me laugh. Especially when I’ve been having a horrible year so far. Now your reactions give me LIFE. Now I may not know you guys personally but IDC, I still love you ❤️😘.

Bruh …. Zakiyah is a black woman who’s putting herself out on national TV with this white man, who trash talks her behind her back and in the DRs. A white man who is a DJ with nothing to lose while she worked/works in the education system. I’m not for slut shaming at all but her being a black woman.. We don’t really get second chances here in America. This white guy really got nothing to lose but I can’t say the same for her. Idc about Nicole or Corey… They’re both white. She needs to go home now. This isn’t a good look for her at all. Save yourself while you can because this is a mess.

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