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Fiddlestan: more than one kiss

Stan cracked an eye open at the loud squeals of laughter coming down stairs, he grunted in annoyance, there went his nap. He was up now and there was no going back to sleep now. He kicked off the covers and scratched himself in some inappropriate places Ford did not seem to approve of going off of the glare he shot him as they passed each other on the stair well.

Stan only gave him a smug smile in response and Ford shook his head to his brother’s childishness before disappearing into his study.

Walking into the living room, his smile became warmer seeing Fidds playfully pinning their son against the couch blowing raspberries onto his chubby stomach while their daughter Molly peaking over the other side giggling loudly.

“And what’s going on here?” Stan asked making all three of them jump up, Fidds giving him a sheepish smile as he rose off their son who jumped up still giggling.

“Daddy!” Molly proclaimed jumping to her feet and grabbing Stan by the arm and practically dragging him with her (boy his girl had a strong grip for a three-year-old),” Help us beat the cuddle monster at his own game!”  

Tate jumped up giggling and ran off the couch leaving his pa defenseless as Stan drew nearer a smug smile on his face that was making Fidds blush deeper as Molly let go of his hand allowing him to pin his boyfriend gently onto the couch.

“What do they teach you kids these days?” he scoffed both of his twins moving to the edge of the couch for a better view of what their father was doing, “The only way to beat a cuddle monster properly is by going straight for the neck.”

A tidal wave of giggles burst from Fidds as Stan began to kiss up and down his neck quickly, lips brushing against his sensitive skin like a feather making Fidds laugh uncontrollably louder, tiny snorts bursting from his mouth as he shoved lightly at his boyfriend who was now blowing raspberries on his ticklish spot.

Their game was abruptly ended by their cranky uncle who had finally fallen asleep when Fidds’s pig like snorts had echoed loud enough to wake him instantly.

Stan remarked to that with a word that made Fidds cover their toddlers’ ears and shoot a stern glare Stan’s way. Stan merely shrugged and gave Fidds a debonair grin he knew he always fell victim to before kissing him on the lips and inviting him to sit on his lap while they watched TV. Fidds somehow accepted and soon the twins found themselves on their fathers’ as well. Watching some very bad public access movies that soon had the entire little family snoring.

(this one is nothing special but I did think it was a cute scenario for the mystery dads AU where Fidds is the father to both Molly and Tate.)

Hades from Hadestown
by Rebecca
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Extroverted Thinking (Te)
“Hey, little songbird, give me a song. I’m a busy man and I can’t stay long. I got clients to call, I got orders to fill. I got walls to build, I got riots to quell. And they’re giving me hell back in Hades.”
There’s no denying that Hades is quite a formidable leader, able to control the entirety of Hadestown and keep it churning. He prizes efficiency and control over most other things, including emotion and his marriage. Even in moments when one might expect more emotion, Hades is always attempting to focus on keeping control as king and businessman - for instance, even as he seduces Eurydice in “Hey, Little Songbird,” he’s discussing how he is running low on time because of his busy schedule. He is strongly associated with machinery and electricity - cold and efficient - and seems to prefer its reliable work over that of emotional people. His decision in “His Kiss, The Riot” reflects his desire to maintain control and act in a logical manner, as he maintains his position as leader without seeming completely heartless (Fi).

Introverted Sensing (Si)
“Son, I was young once too. Son, I held a women too - held her in my naked hands, when I was a young man.”
Hades is a man who has learned how to use routine, whether it is in his own life or in his actions as the king of Hadestown. He has learned much with his relationship with Persephone, looking to the past and seeing his mistakes as well as the cycle of her leaving and returning - after all, they have been married since the world began. His newer routine comes from his desire to enforce laws in Hadestown and keep order in a specific manner that allows no deviation. Any major exterior threats to this (Ne) - first the enemy of poverty, later Orpheus and his love for Eurydice - become something he fears and tries to eliminate. Later in the show, it appears that Hades and Persephone are both getting back to their past relationship and love.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne)
“Lover, you were gone so long. Love, I was lonesome, so I built a foundry in the ground beneath your feet.”
Despite wanting to maintain a certain routine and live in the past, it is clear that Hades is able to use change and development when it aligns with his logical views (Te). When she returns to Hadestown, Persephone comments that Hades has made many changes, something which he confirms and explains in “Epic II/Chant I.” Later, Hades is forced to consider different choices when he must decide what to do with Orpheus, which causes him to struggle in both “Word to the Wise” and “His Kiss, The Riot.” Most of the time, changes from the routines and order of Si end up causing Hades a great deal of stress. For instance, he wants to avoid his subjects getting out of line as they begin wanting freedom because of Orpheus.

Introverted Feeling (Fi)
“How long? Just as long as Hades is king, nothing comes of wishing on stars. And nothing comes of the songs people sing, however sorry they are.”
Feeling jaded and focusing on logic, Hades has developed a somewhat twisted personal morality that he tries to put across all of his subjects. This can be seen most prominently in “Why We Build The Wall,” as he creates his own moral reasoning for building a wall and that has everyone in Hadestown echo it. He wants to keep the ideals of freedom out of Hadestown while maintaining work and order (Te), as this is how he believes things should be. For most of the show, the only emotion that Hades seems fully able of showing is explosive anger - it isn’t until the end where he and Persephone begin to fall in love again where he reveals some softness. Both Orpheus and Persephone criticize Hades for his apparent lack of emotion, seeing him as hard and cruel.


1. “Hi Mom!” on October 1, 2005 (first SNL episode)

2. “Hi Maggie!” on May 6, 2006 (after their wedding)

3. “Hi Maggie, hi Hannah!” on October 10, 2009 (after Hannah’s birth)

4. “Hi Maggie, [hi Hannah], hi Harper!” on September 15, 2012 (after Harper’s birth)

5. “Hi Maggie, hi Hannah, hi Harper!” on May 18, 2013 (last SNL episode)

6. “Goodnight Maggie, goodnight Hannah, goodnight Harper!” on October 11, 2014 (appearance as host)

the whole “college students are poor and eat nothing but ramen noodles” thing is really hilarious until you’re actually in college living off ramen and then someone makes you a homecooked meal just out of the blue and you bust into tears because you didnt even realize how much you missed that kind of thing

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Listen Up Isn't Bubblegum: On Darren the Product and Why I am absolutely buying

Darren Criss is a musician. He’s an actor. He’s warm and loves his fans. He plays 10 instruments and writes his music. He’s a potty mouth and he swears a fucking lot. His music is genre-less - switching from pop, to rock, to musical theatre seamlessly. He’s political. He cares genuinely and in particular, is emotional and proud to be a part of the fight against homophobia and for equality. He’s an advocate for the arts. He’s a flirt. He’s a sex symbol. Often non-traditionally with painted nails and pink rainbow socks and lots of swish. Sometimes traditionally  - shirtless on a beach in  People magazine. In both cases, his performance embodies a lot of sexuality. Sexual confidence. He is boyish and quirky and dorky. He loves Star Wars and Harry Potter. He is straight. He plays an iconic gay character and he wishes you’d stop asking him how he feels about that. He doesn’t give a shit (about your hang ups, he doesn’t have any). He jabbers on and on in the most endearing way. He loves his family. We love his parents. He’s exceedingly kind to fans, to his friends, to paps. Nobody likes an asshole.

That’s Darren Criss - the full product.

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I can choose to reject him, right? Even if he helped us, I can’t… I’m sorry, I just can’t accept this guy into my team after what he did to me. To Kevin. I can never forget. Don’t think my brain’ll ever let me forget. I wish things were different, but he did what he did, and he helped screw up my family. 

And I feel like it’ll always be an incomplete cycle of regret now.


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