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I like how your drawings of the boys have different things that make them unique. like kook's eyes and jimin's wing thingys. can you tell us all the detail for the boys :0


  •  I guess Jungkook’s design is pretty easy to get ahah. Irl he has really big eyes and bunny teeth so it wasn’t difficult for me to come up with! Then for the sparkles: I really wanted to accentuate this “innocent” or “clueless” vibe. His eyes are expressive, you can really see his passion in his eyes when he sings! Not saying that the others aren’t passionate, it’s just that his eyes are so expressive like he doesn’t even need to speak, you can directly see what’s going on (in my opinion ofc). So I just thought that sparkles would be a great representation of that! Also Jungkook isn’t 100% innocent, he loooves to tease his big bros. I know that I didn’t really have the chance to show this side of Jungkook, but since he’s such a tease, the gap between this and his BIG SPARKLY EYES is funny :^DD. At first he only had two “white bubbles” in his eyes, but then I said fuck it and added an entire galaxy. ALSO THE NOSE YES, I removed the nose. I want people to concentrate on his eyes, so I thought that the nose took too much place and was kinda useless? for his design. Actually a lot of people don’t even notice that he doesn’t have a nose ahah. And I think he looks so funny with his mouth on the nose area.
  • Tae’s design was also easy for me to come up with! He has amaaaaazing eyes, big and elongate, and ofc THE LASHES DAMN. Also he is really playful and that’s what I wanted to accentuate. So I mixed these ideas and bam I created his eyes. I really like it because it looks like he has something in mind like “ha ha ha :^DDD how am i gonna tease ma bros”. ALSO his iris aren’t round, it’s like two straight lines. I think it goes well with the playful side and the “blank tae” side lol. I also draw his amazing brows and his squared smile, he’s so cute ;;;
  • JIMIN. There’s two Jimin: normal sized and smol. For the normal sized Jimin I just try to replicate his natural eye shape, he kinda has puppy eyes! So nothing big. Of course the lil wings because he’s really sweet and just an angel in general. NOW THE MOST INTERRESTING PART: smol Jimin. Because some people always tell me “WHY DO U DRAW JIMIN SMOL, HES NOT THAT SMOL PLUS YOONGI IS ALSO SMOL, 0/100″, listen I’ll explain. The thing with Jimin is that he’s really cute but at the same time he really wants to give this “manly” vibe if you know what I mean. You know the “IM DA MAN IN DIS HOUSE”. So I just thought “ok, there’s cute Jimin, and manly Jimin but still cute, ok let’s create two Jimin”. Smol Jimin always wants to fite everyone and he’s fierce (like in my “not today what really happened”). That’s why I draw smol Jimin: because it’s funny af. Jimin likes to appear manly, but the fact that he is 30 cm in my comics makes everything pretty funny. This is the reason why I don’t often draw smol Yoongi, because he doesn’t give a fuck. 
  • Namnam ayyy!!! I recently changed his design so it’s a great occasion to talk about it! This man is S O F T, 100 % soft. He’s just cute ok, like look at his smile, I’m sure he’s sad when he walks on flowers. So I wanted him so have big iris (kinda) and also squared ish eyes. Because with this I can do two different things: softysoft Namnam and istg i’m done with everyone Namnam (like  in the last panel of the BS&T jpn ver comic), very easy to make :^DD And I added a white bubble inside because cute ok. He’s cute fite me. And finaly the flower on his head. He loves nature so so much so I just thought “why not adding a flower”. And ofc I never forget the dimples.
  • Hoseok’s turn :^DDD!! I just wanted him to be a sun ok, so that’s why I did. He has sunlight all around him, he’s like a walking sun. His eyes always look like he’s smiling even when he’s not. I also add a slight aegyo sal. THE NOOSE. So Hoseok is the only one with a different nose (i mean Jungkook doesn’t have one so it doesnt count). It’s simply because I personally think that he has an interresting nose shape and I just wanted to draw that! His mouth is basically a heart when he’s smiling and sometimes I add the dimples (i love dimples).
  • I talked about Gigi’s design here!
  • FINALLY SEOKJIN. I just l o v e his design. I love to draw him so much. Irl his eyes are really big and he kinda has cat eyes so I just drew that. His eyes are pretty round but yeah not like Jungkook. I like this eye shape because it makes him look sometimes playful and sometimes sassy depending on what I want to draw! Also he has two lashes because he’s pretty. And, the, sparkles. He’s just pretty so he needs his sparkles around him that’s all :^DDD

DONE holy shit it was long to write, I can talk about this forever I’m not even joking

Zack Snyder’s fans are not toxic or crazy. They are protective. They have to be. The man has a good heart, is a genuinely nice guy and unproblematic. He’s just a comic book nerd, trying to give his interpretation of his favorite characters to us.

All he ever did was work hard to give us beautiful and deep movies and he gets more hate than directors that are child predators.

His only “crime” was making Superman more relatable and not having enough jokes for most people (not me. Superheroes aren’t supposed to be making wise cracks while people are dying feet away from them).

Zack Snyder fans may be a little hostile, but that’s because we’re not allowed to enjoy anything. We couldn’t even enjoy the hype for Wonder Woman because it was filled with backhanded compliments. “WW was so good and full of hope. Unlike BVS and that Hack Snyder.” And it’ll be the exact same discourse with Aquaman, Shazam, The Flash and every other DCEU film not directed by Zack, till the end of fucking time.

We’re not even allowed to post positivity about Zack without some jackass on Twitter quoting us with some smartass remark about how wrong we are.

Verifieds all over Twitter are constantly using their platform to drag Zack. All the comic book sites and podcasts, try to spin every single piece of news about DC negatively. And all because of a fucking movie.

It’s been over a year and people still can’t stop taking shots. If anybody’s toxic or unstable, it’s his haters. The fans are just tired of the non stop discourse and not being able to love what they love in peace. Not even for a day.

Yeah. We’re a little irked. No fuckin duh.

Give me domestic!dad!Tony and his spider son

Give me casual gifts (new camera, schoolbooks paid and Aunt Mays car fixed)

Give me Tony fetching Peter from school and taking the scenic route to the Tower/Compound

Give me lunches at greasy diners and Donuts for desert (don’t tell your aunt)

Give me Peter having access to Tonys living quarters and workshop, his stuff showing up in odd corners (school books on the kitchen table, a sweater draped over a workshop chair, a comic pushed under the couch)

Give me Tony teaching Peter about engineering and mechanics, showing him his projects and the inner workings of the Iron Man suits (happy to make time for the curious teenager nothing like Howard Stark)

Give me Tony patiently helping Peter with homework or a project that just won’t turn out like it should (please, please you’ve GOT to help me, the deadline is TOMORROW)

Give me Peter filling Tonys (quiet, lonely) living space with overly dramatic recounts of boring school days, excited nerd talk and hyperactive, superpowered teenager antics

I need this

Lovesick Loser || Peter Parker [[request]]

[[requested prompt: Pete has a crush on Liz and him and Ned are staring at her like in the scene in the cafeteria and reader is like Michelle and Peter, when he looks at the reader, is finding himself admiring her and blaming himself for not noticing her before, although she is in all his classes.]]

yay, here it goes, my first request ♡♡♡

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Originally posted by spiderthing

Peter sits beside his best friend, Ned, during lunch. Since Ned was just about the only person that would ever be caught talking to him, they were in the midst of an intense debate on who would win in a battle between him Spider-Man and Iron Man.

Ned was all for Iron Man, and admittedly, Peter felt a little hurt at how little faith he had in him Spider-Man winning. 

“I mean, you gotta hand it to Spider-Man for being able to improvise-” Peter suddenly trails off, completely losing his train of thought when Liz Allan stepped into the cafeteria with her group of friends. Ned, not knowing what had happened, begins to nudge at Peter’s shoulder, “Dude, what’s wrong with you? Why did you…stop?” 

Ned follows Peter’s line of sight to see Liz walking across the cafeteria. Involuntarily, Peter let’s out a sigh and continues to admire Liz’s beauty. “So…did Liz get a new top?” 

“No, you’ve seen that before. Never with that skirt, though.” Ned answers with a bit of a dreamy lull to his voice. 

“We should probably stop staring before it gets creepy though.” Peter states while still openly admiring her. 

“Yeah.” Ned agrees, but neither one of them even attempts to look away from Liz. 

A sudden giggle makes both Peter and Ned turn toward the sound, and they look to the end of the table to see [Name] with a wide grin on her face, “Too late. You guys are such losers.”

Peter frowns at her and holds out a hand while Ned simply pouted at her, their expressions successfully making [Name] laugh even louder in response. Peter kept staring at her, somehow feeling his face turn red at seeing her smile again. 

Has her eyes always been that bright? 

And were her lips always that full?

Shit, what is wrong with me? 

“Anyways, I’d love to sit and chat with you guys, but I’ve got classes to attend. Later, you lovesick losers.” She gives them a wave before gathering her textbooks and leaving the cafeteria. When she was gone, Ned lets out a scoff before jutting a thumb in her direction, “Hey, isn’t she that chick that’s basically in all of your classes?” 

Peter nods, “Yeah, she’s pretty smart-”

“But not as smart as you though, huh? Maybe that’s why she was calling you a loser, because she holds a bit of a grudge against you.” Ned laughs, making Peter grin before playfully pushing him aside. 

“Shut up. [Name] would never be that petty.”

The bell suddenly rings, indicating the end of lunch. Both boys reluctantly pick up their trays, placing them against the rack before exiting the cafeteria, “Well, I’m off to Trig. Later Peter.” 

Peter nods at Ned and slowly makes his way to his Chemistry class, hoping that whatever he felt with [Name] was just a momentary thing and that he wouldn’t act so weird upon seeing her again.


He was wrong, so wrong, and he hadn’t been this wrong in such a long time.

The moment he walked into the classroom and saw [Name] sitting in her usual seat up front, he was too busy staring at her to even notice the desk in front of him. 

It was only when Peter ran the side of his hip into the desk’s corner that he realized he had been blatantly staring at [Name]. Peter running into the desk causes some pain to go through him as a few of the students laughed at him, making [Name] turn to face him in response. 

With her (color) eyes honed in on him, Peter felt his whole face turn red as he stuttered out an apology before quickly sitting on his assigned seat in the middle row. 

His hands were slightly trembling when he takes out his lead pencil and notebook, refusing to look up until he heard a soft voice call out his name.


He looks up, realizing that [Name] was staring at him. Peter gulps and tries to keep from becoming tongue tied, “Y-Yes [Name]?” 

She frowns at him and asks, “Are you okay? You’re not too hurt from when you ran into the desk, right?” Her question makes a bunch of the students laugh, making her glare at all of them in response. When they stop their laughter, she faces him again, “Anyways, are you okay?” 

“I-I’m fine! Really, uhm, thanks for asking.” 

She smiles at him with genuine relief in her eyes, (Fuck fuck fuck, why is my heart twisting like this?) “That’s good. Try to be more careful next time you lovesick loser.” [Name] tells him before turning around in her seat. 

Peter’s heart dropped a little bit upon hearing her nickname for him. 

I guess that’s all I’ll ever be in front of her eyes, a total lovesick loser.


For several days, Peter tried to deny his growing feelings for [Name], saying that there was no way she could live up to Liz Allan (despite how pretty he found [Name] to be). 

But Peter was really bad at hiding the truth from himself, and it certainly didn’t help that he saw her every day within all of his classes. 

When [Name] wasn’t looking, Peter would stare at her and think of ways to approach her. 

Should I ask her out? 

Or should I just talk to her?

Maybe I should pretend that I don’t know a certain lesson and ask for her notes? Fuck, never mind. She would never believe me and would know that something is up!

This debate seemed to happen for Peter on a near daily basis, and he figured the only way to put her out of his mind was to completely immerse himself in his superhero work. While he was webbing throughout the city, he keeps his eyes focused on the background, looking for any signs of trouble. 

A sudden scream makes his whole body tense as his mind was working on high alert. Finding the general area where the scream came from, Peter begins shooting his web throughout the city and lands in the middle of a park. Turning around, he sees a figure running toward him, not seeing him as they kept their gaze on their pursuer from behind. 

Peter successfully stops the figure from running any further when they land against his chest, screaming again when they felt his arms wrap around them. 

Finally seeing the person for the first time when they turn around, he felt his throat clench up when [Name] looked up at him with a terrified expression on her face, “Oh thank god, it’s you! Spider-Man, please help me…! This man was stalking me, and he h-has a knife in his hand.” 

Knowing that she was in danger makes Peter strengthen his resolve when he suddenly pushes [Name] behind him, “Stay back, I’ll handle this. I promise, I’ll protect you.” 

She gives him a shaky nod, wrapping both arms around her chest when her stalker suddenly appeared. He stops and looks over at Spider-Man, clearly not believing that Peter was the real deal when he laughs. “Alright kid, Comic Con is over. Ya can take ya little pretty costume somewhere else. Just give me the girl, and I promise I won’t nick ya.”

Peter was beyond furious when he expertly aimed his web shooters at the man’s knife, making the synthetic silk stick on to the knife before pulling it away. The stalker seemed dumbfounded, looking from his empty hand to his knife that was suddenly webbed to the ground. After taking a few minutes to realize that he was the real deal, the man attempts to run only to have Peter shoot his web around his legs, effectively tripping him when he landed flat on his face. 

Peter heard [Name] let out a strained “Ouch” when they both heard something crack when he faceplanted on the hard cement. Knowing that he had successfully stopped [Name’s] attacker, Peter faces her and pulls her into his arms, “Wha-”

Making sure that his voice was significantly deeper, he tells her, “Don’t worry about it. Just hang on tight.” Keeping her safely pressed against him, Peter makes his web shooter land on top of a building before swinging toward it with [Name] in his arms. “If you don’t mind me asking, where do you live?” 

She shakily tells him her address, and he swings across the city with an almost seamless knowledge of the city. In a total of ten minutes, he arrives at the rooftop of [Name’s] apartment complex, slowly letting go of her as she slid down on the ground. 

Her hands were still pressed on his chest when she moaned, burying her face within his chest. Peter stiffens and shakily asks her, “A-Are you okay? Were you hurt?” 

“No, I’m fine…I’m just- argh. I guess you can say I was mad at myself.” 

“Why are you mad at yourself? You shouldn’t be, because you look like a girl that could do no wrong.” Peter tells her honestly. 

Hearing his words makes her shake her head, “No, you don’t understand. I’m a total bitch. I get jealous of my crush who’s always ogling this seemingly perfect girl, and because of my jealousy, I’m sure I made him hate my guts.” 

She pulls away from him with a sigh, “I keep on calling him a lovesick loser, but really, all I want is for Peter to look at me like he looks at Liz. I like him so much, but he never notices me.” 

“That’s why I was nearly attacked today, because I wanted some time by myself to think about what I need to do when it came to Peter. I was too distracted and didn’t know that I was being followed…until the very last minute.” 

Peter was panicking now, having all of these thoughts running through his mind as he tried to play it cool. “I-I’m sure this uhm, Peter guy wouldn’t hate you. M-Maybe you should just try talking to him?” 

His question makes her laugh, “Yeah sure, that’s pretty easy. I’ll profess my feelings for him, only to be rejected by him in front of the entire school. Not gonna happen, Spidey.” 

She sighs once more and steps closer to him, placing a gentle kiss against his cheek, “But thank you for saving me. I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again so that you can focus on rescuing more important people.” 

[Name] was about to walk back into her apartment when Peter stops her by placing a hand on her wrist, “You’re important too, s-so if you ever need help, just call out my name and I swear I’ll come to you.” 

Her mouth was slightly open with surprise before forming into a wide smile, the expression making his heart do somersaults from within his chest, “Honestly Spider-Man, thank you.” 


The next day, he tells Ned of his plans before the start of school to make sure that he was alone on the table with [Name] during lunch. Despite him being super nervous, he used her involuntary confession to him yesterday to build up his courage. 

[Name] liked him back; she has always liked him back. 

And it was time for him to make her happy. 

After a few hours of waiting in agony, lunch period came. Peter was so nervous that he didn’t have much of an appetite, so he skipped getting a tray and went straight to his usual table, this time sitting across from [Name’s] usual seat. 

The following minutes that lead up to her arrival was when Peter was the most nervous. He couldn’t seem to stop his leg’s jittery movements nor the way he picked at his fingers. 

When [Name] finally appeared, he felt butterflies erupt all across his abdomen, filling him with the fluttery feeling of sheer anticipation at the mere sight of her. He notices her questioning glance, but she says nothing to him and simply takes her usual seat across from him. “Hello Peter.” 

“H-Hey [Name].” 

She nods and opens her notebook and Biology textbook, filling in some notes as Peter kept staring at her, waiting for the right time to talk to her. Things were getting a little awkward now when no sound came out of his mouth. He was so busy admiring the way the sunlight shone against her hair that he didn’t even hear or notice her when she looked up at him. 

“Peter, what’s wrong with you? Why are you staring at me like that, I’m not Liz.” 

Her words brings him out of his daydream when he manages to say (with a slight stutter), “I kn-know you’re not. You’re prettier than her, a-anyways.” 

He saw the way her eyes widened at his compliment, and he felt a little bit of his anxiety disappear upon seeing her blush, “You- Peter, are you saying that you were actually staring at me?” 

“Y-Yeah. I…I think I’m falling for you, [Name]. I have no reason or explanation as to why I like you so much, but I do. A-Actually, no, I kn-know why I keep staring at you, it’s because you’re just an a-all around amazing girl.  I-I’ve become a lovesick loser for you, s-so if it’s o-okay with you, would y-you like to go o-out sometime?” 

When [Name] smiled at him, Peter swore to never forget this moment as she leaned across the table to place a kiss against his lips. 

Definitely yes.”



Cheesy as it gets.

Collab with ponceindustries- my insanely talented roommate. I nearly swooned when she showed me the inked version of panel 8… Very loosely based on “A Piece of the Action”.

But Bones in a suit Bones in a mobster suit HOLD ME

I usually don’t give a shit about people hating on Zack Snyder, since most of the time they hate him for the sake of hating. But when they decide to make fun of his social anxiety, calling him “stupid”, or ask WB to kick him out, that’s just pure hypocrisy. And yes, I will give a shit. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, but not ridiculously obsessive blind hatred. 

Give this man some love and support. His films, as Christopher Nolan had stated, were introduced “too early” to this world. Within a few decades, his films will be remembered as beloved classics. Dawn of the Dead remake. 300. Sucker Punch. Watchmen. Man of Steel. Batman v Superman. And the upcoming Justice League.

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If the ninja were in an avengers AU, who do you think each ninja would be? (Based off of personality or looks or powers or whatever)

Yes!! I’ve been waiting for someone to ask me this!! This is actually an idea I’ve thought of for a while now. I was actually writing a really long thing a few days ago about this but my computer died before I could save it. Haha yeah I love creating Ninjago Aus and I’m happy to talk about them any time. (Just ask me about a Ninjago One Punch Man AU and it will shock you how many ideas I have.) Anyway, here we go.

Whenever I see people interpreting the Ninja as the Avengers, a lot of the time it’s not quite as impressive as I wish it would be. Most of the time it’s just “Zane is Iron Man cause get it, robotics.” Or “Jay is Thor cause haha lightning.” And while I guess those are… passable. As someone who’s read a lot of comics and have seen every Marvel movie in the theater on opening day, I’d like to give what I think the ninja are most like. (I might give multiple options for some of them, just for fanart ideas for other people.)

Ok. Here we go. My Ninjago Marvel AU for anyone to see! Let’s start out with the big heros!

Zane / Steve Rogers

I stand strong that Zane and Steve are the perfect match.

- Made by non human advancements. (Robotics and Science)

- Strong moral compass

- Does everything he can to help people

- No family

- Grew up in a different time and learned different things

- Not human like body

- Dead girlfriend

- Is kind of awkward

- Similar hair

- Doesn’t really know how to talk to people in normal situations

- Ice. Do I dare say more?

- Really good with projectile weapons (Shurikens and Shields)

- Wide eyed golden retriever

Vision also works just as well

Jay / Tony Stark

- Both are Inventors

- Rich and famous parents

- Looooves to brag

- Hide mental issues under sass

- Family issues

- Friendship issues

- Just want’s to do the right thing

- Sarcasm

- Hot headed girlfriend

- Like to brag about themselves

- Both have a specialty with electricity

- Would do anything for his friends and loved ones

- Even if it meant getting himself killed because of it

Scott Lang (AntMan) would also work

Cole / Bucky Barnes

Other than I love Glaciershipping. These things:

- Ghost boi

- Always confused

- Supportive best friend

- Needs protection

- Super strength

- Friendship issues with Jay/Tony

- That hair though

- No family

- Wants to fight a lot

- Just trying to get personal things sorted out

- 110% not straight

Even though I prefer this, Rhodey (War Machine) would also be good

Kai / Clint Barton

This might be weird but honestly, it’s probably the best choice.

- The sass king

- No one really pays attention to him

- Works very well with weapons

- Has a love/hate relationship with everyone in his life

- Acts as everyone’s big brother

- Doesn’t shy away from standing up for his opinions

- Good advice

- “We haven’t met before. I’m Clint.” “I don’t care.”

- Friends mostly consist of women

- Is always chill af

Peter Quill (Starlord) would also work fine with this. Sam Wilson (Falcon) would also be a good choice if you want some Plasmashipping

Nya / Natasha Romanoff

Oh boy this one would be really cool

- Could kick everyone’s ass

- Friends with everyone

- Brother sister relationship with Kai/Clint

- Does what’s best for the team

- Super super smart though

- Has to make sure the others don’t get themselves killed

- Has secrets

- Knows everyone’s secrets


Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) would work too. At least they both have powers

Lloyd / Peter Parker

Do I really need to say anything to justify this?

- Everything in Homecoming pretty much sums up Lloyd

- Father issues

- Everyone has to parent him

- Nerdy

- Doesn’t have a lot of friends

- Has a lot of potential though

- Young

- Causes a lot of trouble

- Is just doing his best

- The fandom favorite

T’challa (Black Panther) would work too.

Thank you for being curious! If you want to see more or want to do something with it just tell me and it would most definitely make my day! Again, thank you so much!

“I am too hungry right now to work out if you’re joking or not. Your skull just turned into an animated ham.”

Wassup guys! I’ve been rewatching iZombie for the ~fourth~ time, and making my way through the comics (which are incredible, by the way! If you’re a fan of buffy/being human, I would definitely check it out, it gives that vibe!) and I’ve fallen into a pit.
So much so that I just bought my first ever lace front, oh man. I’ll post a before/after of the wig in the comments! This is just a rough styling/makeup test. But I’ll be cosplaying her on Friday of MCM in October! I’m also making gummy brains (vegan friendly so everyone can enjoy!) with “hot sauce” (raspberry, eheh) to give out during the day at con as well!


Life is hard when you have people who assume things about you. ^^; and when you’re a kinda hot single guy with a cute little brother that gets you unwanted attention. :p 

Also, if any of you don’t remember or know why baby Tsubaki doesn’t like his baby sling, it’s just cause he can’t reach his big brothers face and he gets bored in it. 

I had the “random classmate” of Wrath’s call her “Okami” because it means “Wolf” and I was thinking “man,Wrath sure is a strange name to give your child, especially in a human au……” so I was thinking maybe I should give her a name???? Maybe it can just be a school nickname, if anyone doesn’t like the idea. 

Okay, I thought of this comic when I had the “ adoption headcanon” conversation, and how it would explain how no one in the Servamp family looks alike and then I thought of these 3 scenarios. (I had to make up more random ladies for this comic, none of them will show up again cause I don’t plan on having any OCs.) 

1.) Someone mistaking little Tsubaki for Kuro’s son. 

2.) Someone thinking him and his sister were a couple. Gross. This one has happened to me once irl. 

3.) and then someone thinking Mahiru and Kuro were a couple and Tsubaki was their baby. HHAHAAHAHAHaha

anyways I’m gonna try to answer some more of unanswered asks for age au. ^^;

So hey, uhm.


Look man.

We’ve had our ups and downs (mostly downs), and like, you’ve given me shit and I’ve given you a lot back.

But, comic con is coming up and.

YJ seems to be huge so like.

Let’s say you give me BBRae for ONCE in a serious form of canon that isn’t just baiting or awful aaaand

I maybe kinda sorta overlook all your previous transgressions, mmkay?

Like, I still won’t buy Percy’s godawful comic run on TT, and JL vs TT can rot in hell for creating the worst ship in TT comic history (think Donna/Terry bad). But.

I’ll just pretend they don’t exist.

Give less of a fuck.

Maybe not slander your poor creative choices as much.

Because, at least then, I can say I’ll have ONE THING. And it’s really all I need.

That’s not much, right? It’s like, hardly anything. One teensy request to forgive a LOT of shitshow. I think you’re getting the better end of this deal, honestly.

But hey. I’m not begging. Or anything.

Just think about it.

Consider it.

Maybe even go through with it. Just a thought.


Your saltiest, ship trash fan who is getting pretty fed up with your current TT projects.

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Hey I read the Bruce headcanon for meeting his s/o's parents and I loved it!!! Could you please write a headcanon about Bruce proposing to his s/o please? Thanks!

Hi, this might be a bit short because I recently did an imagine about Bruce’s proposal if you are ever interested in reading it! That aside, this was also fun to do so thank you for sending in the request! Also I kinda put together two request because it was of the same nature! Anyways, I’ll try my hardest to make sure I give more!! Hope you enjoy!

Could you please do a Bruce Wayne headcanon about a wedding with his s/o? Thank you! Love your work!

  • Bruce’s proposal is beyond what you have expected because he is a man that goes to all extremes when it comes to his precious people. He probably is going to pop the question on your anniversary because he just wants to make your anniversary day extra special
  • He lets his sons – because of course Bruce will definitely let his sons be involved because you’re not only going to marry him but you are marrying Bruce and his sons. They come hand in hand – take you around, making you walk down memory lane with them or spend some time with his sons.
  • Then he has one of his sons bring you back to the manor where Bruce sweeps you off the floor because he went all out: carpet to the backyard, rose petals scattered on said carpet and the moment you get to the backyard – The Garden – Bruce is standing in the middle of the garden with candles – in the shape of heart – around him!
  • Of course, you will definitely tear up at the effort he put in and when Bruce gets down on one knee to ask you the question, you obviously say yes! Because this is what you have been wanting for as long as you can remember
  • “I knew right from the first moment I met you that you are going to be the one I will spend the rest of my life with, Y/N.”
  • Bruce lets you plan the wedding – he is willing to go along with whatever you have in mind because he just wants to make you happy. Even when you tell him you want a small wedding with only your closest families and friends in attendance, Bruce will agree to that.
  • “Alfred make sure all the names on the list gets invited and they are allowed to bring their plus one too.” Bruce even goes the extra mile in paying the trip for some of your families or friends that don’t live in Gotham. He also invites members of the league too.
  • Your dream wedding basically. Might even wear your mum’s old dress that you have altered a bit because you are a hopeless romantic and you have always dreamed about wearing her wedding dress to your own wedding.
  • All of the boys end up becoming Bruce’s best men and surprisingly Clark is the ring bearer. Bachelor party is pretty wild – leave it to Jason to bring out the booze like there is no tomorrow!
  • Diana and Dinah helps you get ready and your best girls becomes your bridesmaid. It’s really fun and crazy and they keep teasing you about your upcoming marriage with Bruce. Your bachelorette party is tame at first but halfway through dinner, Dinah announces she brought it a few surprises for you – it ends up being strippers and everyone is just having fun!
  • On the day of the wedding, who is Bruce trying to kid? He is nervous and Alfred is tearing up because he never thought he will ever get to see the lad marrying a fine lady like you. “Thank you, Master Bruce.”
  • The moment the music starts, nerves shot up the roof and despite his calm and collected demeanour, he is beyond nervous! Dick kept teasing him about how he was going to faint on his own wedding day and Damian is of course, defending him. Tim is the camera / videographer so obviously he has to make sure this is recorded! Jason hopes you can keep the big old bat in check!
  • As soon as you walk down that aisle with your father, Bruce is swept off his feet, breathless with how extremely beautiful and elegant you are. The smile on your face is also enough to make his nerves stop.
  • Bruce is more handsome than usual and holy crap, you can’t believe he is going to be your husband in just a few minutes hello heart, are you okay in there? Don’t stop now!
  • During the entire ceremony, Bruce isn’t sure where to keep his eyes at – he wants to stare at you but at the same time, he also keeps glancing at your hand; he feels very blessed to have you with him.
  • When it comes to doing the vows, yours are short and simple as your other friends still have no idea about Bruce’s superhero life. He is looking at you with such bright and adoring eyes you almost forgot what you wanted to say. You also thanked him for giving you four sons, a dog, a cat and a big bat (obviously you couldn’t really tell them you have Goliath).
  • When it was his turn, Bruce thanks you for being by his side even when he continued to push you away and he is thankful he didn’t manage to push you away and that you still supported him through thick and thin and all the beautiful things he can say to you, it makes you teary – Dinah had to keep giving you tissues because she didn’t want you to cry
  • By the time you are pronounced man and wife, Bruce doesn’t even wait for the priest to say the words and pulls you to him, giving you a very passionate kiss that had the crowd rowdy. Some of your families are crying, the boys are wolf-whistling, it was just amazing.

There’s literally nothing stopping Marvel/Netflix from putting Danny Rand in the full-out comic-canon Iron Fist costume. NOTHING. Finn Jones is in. MCU Danny Rand would 100% do this. Don’t even try to modernize it. 


Wonder Woman is hands down the best superhero movie I’ve ever seen and I’ve been waiting for it ever since the Justice League animated series. Glorious doesn’t even begin to cover how amazing Wonder Woman is. Let Patty Jenkins do the Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy/Catwoman movie NOT David Ayer. In fact let Patty Jenkins be in control of the entire DC universe. I’m sure she’d make the best Superman movie ever anyways. God I’m so excited for the future of superhero movies thanks to this film. Marvel and the X-Men franchise will all be impacted and better for it because of Wonder Woman. Thank you Patty Jenkins. 😍👌🏼 Seriously fuck Iron Man, fuck the Hulk, fuck Marvel for never giving us a Black Widow movie, Fuck FOX for taking over 16 years to give us a X-Men movie that’s not about Wolverine and not taking advantage of their catalogue of amazing women, Fuck Batman, Fuck Superman, Fuck all of them. Just give me movies about Rogue, Jean Grey, Storm, Kitty Pryde, She-Hulk, Supergirl, X-23, etc. Give me movies about the most obscure women heroes in comics because if studios can make fucking Ant-Man a thing they can make anything a thing.

Minicat Highschool AU! Feat. Fem!Mini also Brohm and H2oVanoss as parents!

“ Hey everyone! What’s up,Muni Leddd here! Just a quick update video before summer vacation,Tyler and I– ” Quickly,the camera is pointed towards a blonde haired male who’s driving before panning back to the bespectacled girl. “–along with the rest of our family,will be heading off on a trip to Hawaii! Everyone’s joining,even Uncle Toonz,for a long deserved rest! So expect alot of aesthetic photos and what not. Anyways,see ya Ladds in the next video. Peace! ” The bespectacled girl hummed,cutting off her video there before uploading it onto Instagram and every other social media that she was active on.

“ You done,Mini? ” Her–Mini’s– attention was robbed by her blonde companion but she merely gave him a bright smile. “ Yeah,I’m done now,Tyler. Sorry if I bothered you. ” Tyler’s shrug answered his worried. “ I’m used to it thanks to Pop’s constant screaming. ”
Mini giggled, “ Yeah, he does that alot. ” Soon,small talk took over the conversation on the ride to school.

It was still a bit early so there weren’t many cars in the parking lot so Tyler took this opportunity to grab the nearest park ever to the entrance. A bit flashy,yeah but he doesn’t gives a shit.

Mini always made him leave the house at 7 every morning,just because she wants to give their parents more time for recording sessions. Or in Mini’s case,giving her old man a kiss on the cheek before leaving,seeing that he sometimes stream until 7 am. But after years of this routine,Tyler’s used to it and while they had an hour to spare,they’d always head to the library. Where Tyler sneaks in a nap and where Carla uses the hour to catch up on any of their parents’ videos. 

Tyler finds it a bit comical that both their parents are youtubers and in the same group of friends. 

Still,their school life was as weird as their family. Tyler was your run up the mill,ordinary jock but instead of spending his time with the ‘popular group’,he’d rather spend the time he had with Carla. Seeing that she is his girlfriend and his childhood friend. That and he didn’t really like to hang out with his other peers,they were rude to those who they think are ‘beneath’ them and the head cheerleader won’t stop fucking flirting with him. 

Like,take a hint,bitch. Granted,his peers also hated Mini because she was and he quotes,’ A nerdy bitch who thinks shes the center of your fucking world. ‘ 

Needless to say,Tyler was sentenced to detention and was suspended for punching another student. 

He made Mini skip with him,with Bryce’s permission,because he worried for the safety at school without him. That also owed him a punch to his stomach by his girlfriend who can take care of herself just fine.

Mini was a breath of fresh air in his life. She has been for the past 12 years now and continues to be. Tyler could confidently say that his girlfriend was an unpredictable force,even he wouldn’t know if she decided to wear high heels,a mini skirt and a leather jacket the next day if she wanted because she was always a surprise. Which was always funny when people asked what her hobbies were. She’d always say playing video games,reading and,oh, shooting a fucking sniper rifle on weekends. Man he loved this girl. He surely wasn’t turned on when Uncle Luke taught her how to shoot a fucking gun but well,he did taught them both.

Life was nice. He had a smashing hot girlfriend,who’s parents were Ohmwrecker and Bryce Mcquaid,not to mention Smii7y as her younger brother. Tyler was a football player,on his way to head into University with a scholarship on his back and with H2ODelirious and VanossGaming as parents,he’d surely be kicking for a long time. 

Even so. Waking up from his morning naps to his girlfriend’s beautiful face was the best start of his day. 

The love in her eyes was so radiant,so deep that Tyler thought for sure that he was drowning in them. 

Seeing her eyes light up at the mention of her favourite game,the blush on her cheeks as he takes off his letterman jacket to wrap it around her shoulder and the love in her eyes as she looks at him,it was all overwhelming and underwhelming at the same time. 

He’d never get sick of her beautiful eyes.

Her soft and sweet voice nor the laugh that follows.  Did he mention that he just loves her boobs aswell? Seriously,who the fuck gave him this piece of art?

Not a day goes by where he isn’t grateful for this beautiful angel that’s been placed infront of him. 

art by @immatureturd! Aaaahhh thank you for this bootiful art of Fem!Mini,bb <3  You should definitely go follow her

anonymous asked:

Imagine the Neonate being this huuge nerd who's really into popculture and stuff, dropping one-liners, references and puns everywhere. How would you think would some of the older cast react to it? (Or all of the characters if you want to course! :0)

God I feel this one deep in my soul -Mod Gangrel

The Anarchs

Nines Rodriguez

Whoa ho, this sly bastard gets them. He’ll never admit it though and feint innocence whenever the Neonate makes a reference just to get them to explain the origins of them. Though the Neonate you begin to get suspicious when he also seems to be making puns far too often for them to be accidental. What really snitch it was when he turned to leave with the one liner ‘I’ll be back’.

Smiling Jack

-Jack is actually pretty well verse in pop culture, seeing how he’ll make references himself, so he’ll probably laugh at the worse puns. Otherwise expect a small, playful snort from him as he calls the Neonate a nerd. 

Isaac Abrams

-It’s hit or miss for him. He’ll get a lot of movie and comic references, but god if you pulled someone like an internet meme on him, he’ll just give you a real weird look. Using terms like “doggo” or “birb” would really confuse the hell out of him.


Sebastian LaCroix

-He really doesn’t the vast majority of them and will give you a very bizarre look for the vast majority of them. Do you really think this man sees much outside of his tower? He might get a few movie references since that is the only thing I can really see him indulging himself in and then he understands some really old internet references since he looks online from time to time to make sure the Masquerade is being upheld.
-Expect to be kicked out if you dare to make a pun in his presence.

Maximilian Strauss

-Many apprentices come in and many of them are well versed in pop culture as well, so he recognizes them, but that does not mean he is very entertained by them. If he hears one he does not recognize, he may ask the Neonate for an explanation. 



-He gets them, and some he finds amusing, but he’ll usually pretend he doesn’t hear the horrible puns or he might just give the most pained groan. If there is one thing this man cannot stand it’s terrible puns.

here whenever you need me - Jughead Jones

requested: “Can you do a fluffy imagine where Jughead notices the reader for the first time, like really notices her in all her beauty? If this is indeed a possibility, can the reader be really shy, awkward and tad bit chubby? I love your writing and would love to see more on this account! Thanks! 😘”

i really like this idea cause you already know jughead would do this sappy shit. i was like “mmmm of course” to this cause it’s so cute.

also it’s short

warning(s): mentions of self hatred, like two swear words

let’s get it

(another repost from my old account)


It’s 2 AM.

The town you call home is quiet, peaceful. At this time of the early morning, most are sleeping, listening to the rain outside. But not you. You’re laying in bed, crying, curled up.

It’s not the first time you’ve felt like this. Ever since you got out of the hospital for nearly starving yourself to death, you’ve hated yourself more than ever. You don’t like yourself. All the weight has been gained back, however, and your skin looks healthy. The scars on your thighs are fading slowly. You’re a little chubby, but, you’re not going down the same path you used to go. You are much, much stronger than that.

Trying to get a little bit of sleep, at least, you rolled over and closed your eyes, sniffling and placing your phone down next to you. But you can’t stop crying. Not right now. Every bad thought comes out at night, seeping through your mind endlessly.

There’s a rumble of thunder and then a tap at your window. In nothing but a bralette and Calvin Klein underwear, immediately, you got up, and turned the lamp on next to your bed. There, in all his soaking wet glory, is Jughead Jones, with a smiling face and an eager eye. You gasp and run over, opening your window and quickly pulling him in, closing the window after.

“Jug, what the hell?” You speak nasally, cupping his face, “Why are you here? God - hold on, I’ll get you a towel..”

“Archie’s fighting with his dad again. I figured I’d stop by.”

“At 2 AM? Wow, you’re a terrible liar.” You replied, tossing him a beige towel, running a hand through your hair. “Why are you really here, babe?”

After drying himself off he stripped out of his wet clothes until he was in nothing but boxers and he looked you over, licking his lips. “I.. I just, I missed you. I wanted to come and see you.”

You could not stop staring at him. God, how could you have gotten so lucky with that? How could he ever love you? You were just.. you. Nothing special. It made you wonder, and soon, your thoughts caught up with you and you sobbed, running into his arms.

“Oh, Juggie, why can’t this feeling go away?!”

“Woah, baby - what?” He rushed out, widening his eyes and hugging you back willingly. “Hey, (Y/N), talk to me. I’m here.”

“I - I just hate myself and I -”

He cuts you off with a shush and pulls back, cupping your face, realizing just now that you had been crying. “Oh, honey..” He sighs. “Why do you hate yourself? How could someone as perfect as you possibly hate themselves?”

“I’m not even..” You sniffed, wiping your nose and eyes.

“You are.”

You looked back up at him to see him staring at you, his eyes analyzing every nook and cranny of your skin, taking in all of you.

“You..” He begins, grabbing your hands. “Are so perfect.. God, looking at you makes me feel calm. Your body is everything to me, and I love how you have these marks on your thighs, although I don’t like the backstory. And - you have little dots on your hips. Like, freckles. And it’s cute. And your chest is a great size, and the way your hair looks when it’s wrapped up in a bun like that is cute. I adore every inch of you, oh my god. And I love how when I talk to you, you still get nervous and stumble over yourself - you blush and get all shy and it’s so fuckin’ cute, it makes me feel so glad to have you. I appreciate you and these moments. How.. how are you possibly so cute? I can’t believe it..”

This just made you cry even more.

“I mean it, (Y/N).” He sighs, sitting down on your bed and pulling you onto his lap affectionately. “You don’t have to believe me, and that’s okay. But I am genuine about what I tell you, you know that. I love you. You are everything to me. I’m here whenever you need me.”

You sniff again, hiccuping and laying on him, feeling him move to shut the light off and move the covers over both of you, laying you down on his body when he settled in a comfortable position. He pecked your back and shushed you, whispering about how much he adored you into your ear.

He did this till you fell asleep, it honestly broke his heart to see you in this position - vulnerable because of your own thoughts. And yet, he loved to comfort you. Knowing that he’s the reason you’re some sort of happy really gives him closure.

And he knows one thing for damn sure, he’s going to keep you for as long as he possibly can.


i know that was a little shitty but GOD i didn’t even know how to write it i honestly just improvised
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So I'm reading the graphic novel...

And I’ve noticed that in the second compendium, at least two Richonne scenes from the TV show actually take place between Rick and Abe in the comic. These two scenes are 1) when the group is attacked by the Claimers (and in the comic Abe comforts Carl while Rick knifes the pedo Claimer instead of Michonne) and 2) the exchange between Richonne upon meeting Aaron and deciding what to do with him (in the comic, Abe is the one that tells Rick, “Just so we’re clear, that wasn’t a "let’s punch this guy in the face” look, it was a “he seems like an alright guy” look!“ Another Rick and Abe scene that was appropriated for a different character for the show was the scene after Rick killed the Claimers and was sitting down beside the car with his right-hand man and coming to terms with who he was (this obviously went to Daryl in the TV show). But all of this is really telling as far as Gimple’s plans for Richonne. It made sense to take an Abe and Rick scene to give to Daryl and Rick, since Daryl is not an original character and they had to give some of the comic scenes to different characters. But Michonne? She IS a comic character! So if Gimple was taking material from a different comic character to give to her, that is superfluous to just giving her SOME material. He gave that to her because of who she was and would become to Rick! See, the evidence is all around…

Originally posted by carls-left-eye

I quit watching TWD after Glenn got killed off because that whole decision to do so was incredibly disrespectful bullshit to his character the overall storytelling integrity of the show, and his fans. He was my favorite character, and, in my opinion, the last one that actually made TWD feel worth staying emotionally invested enough to continue watching as a whole because he still had a profoundly hopeful, inspirational, emotionally complex, optimistic, dynamic, and relatable storyline that also still had so much unexplored potential for fresh things that I actually still looked forward to seeing in terms of backstory and development on this show. That’s something that I feel like most of the other main characters have lost at this point, and Maggie was totally sidelined, anyway.

I like Rick, Carl, and Michonne, too, Richonne is a cute couple, they are necessary for the overall plot of the show, but like I said before, they’ve kind of turned into static characters, who’s full development of character has been achieved to me at this point. Carol is boring, I can’t stand Daryl, and the other characters are too poorly written and/or underdeveloped for me to even care about at all.

Also, Negan is a shitty villain. I don’t mean that in the sense that he’s a terrible person, either. He’s the main villain. Of course, he’s going to be evil. I expect that, that’s the whole point of him being a major antagonist, and that’s not the problem with his character. The problem is that he’s a poorly written one-note villain, who Gimple and the writers clearly didn’t put any effort into creating for the show at all by humanizing, or toning down from his comic counterpart, like they did with the TV Governor.

Negan gets too much screen time as it already is, just about as much as Rick and Team Family, if not more, but what makes that even more unbearable is the fact that he’s not at all interesting in comparison to the Governor in S3 and S4 on the show. Hell, even Gareth and the cannibals were more humanized than Negan on the show, and I thought that was TWD jumping the shark back at the time…Boy, was I ever wrong…

Anyway, the Governor’s episodes never felt like they took away too much time from the overall plot with Team Family, and they always felt relevant because they gradually connected with each other, rather than just being thrust together for shock value all at once in one big mess. While I’m still very pissed off that the writers could give bottle episodes to every other AL5 member, two major antagonists, characters who were introduced much later on the show, and random red-shirt characters that we never saw after one or two episodes, but never to Glenn, who was one of the five core AL5 protagonists on the show from day one, the Governor’s episodes were always a treat for me to watch, and one of the biggest highlights of S3-4A for me that always kept me on the edge of my seat. It was not because Philip (the Governor) was a good or likable person, overall, but because he was an emotionally complex and well-written villain. His actor, David Morrissey, did such a fantastic job of bringing the character to life on screen. It was so fascinating to watch the writers psychically break the Governor down by deconstructing, reconstructing, and ultimately deconstructing his character again in his demise at the end of 4A.

Even though I mostly hated Philip Blake on the show, I also was fascinated by him, and I felt a bit sorry for him because I knew why he was a villain. I got to see him be broken down into someone worse than he started out as on the show, try to get better for a bit, and ultimately fail by reverting back to his old power-hungry, narcissistic, and sociopathic murderous ways that led to his ultimate demise. The Governor was actually a character with a story that had a worthy of being told on the show because he was there as more than just a presence of meaningless shock value that terrorized Rick and Team Family. The Governor contributed to the greater theme of being too far gone.

What is Negan’s greater purpose on the show beyond terrorizing Rick and Team Family and reeling in higher ratings by using him as a tool to create torture porn scenes and shock value death? He’s straight up evil just because he likes to be, as far as we know, and I don’t think he ever will be a complex villain on the show because Gimple and tptb aren’t even putting in minimal effort in terms of writing for characterization and storytelling anymore. I can’t love to hate Negan and appreciate him as a villain, like I did with the Governor. Rather, I hate to hate him because he’s not interesting to watch at all, and I wish that he never came into existence on the show, instead.

It’s all just cheap, cruelly manipulative, and meaningless ‘shock’ value gimmicks that are no longer shocking because the writers always kill off the most obvious characters for “shock” value to try and be dark and edgy. You know, they always kill off the incredibly kindhearted, loving, and selfless souls, who have everything to look forward to in their lives, who overcome every obstacle, who overcome every stereotype, and who, thus, are often POC, LGBTQ, elderly, mentally ill, disabled, etc. characters to try and create more of a tragic emotional impact from the audience, and/or to save Daryl, instead.

I’m almost positive that saving Daryl was at least one of the factors for AMC and Gimple’s decision to kill off Glenn on the show. They wanted to kill off a popular AL5 member, Rick and Carl are the main leads and without them there is no show, Carol was sidelined from Team Family, and so that brought it down to choosing between Daryl and Glenn. AMC would never let them kill off their cash cow, so they chose Glenn. I’m pretty convinced about this because Daryl’s got all the merchandise from AMC and Hot Topic for the show on his side, not Glenn. And while Glenn was still a pretty popular character on TWD with fans, I remember seeing an article that said he still ranked second after Daryl back in S3. Plus, why else would they make Daryl indirectly responsible for Glenn’s death that he should have gotten, instead, and then focus almost entirely on his pain and suffering over Glenn’s death more than anyone else’s, including Maggie’s, Glenn’s wife? That seems like obvious fan pandering and Daryl favoritism to me, at least in part.

I was alright with good characters dying from S1-S4 because Glenn was always the one character there to defy the otherwise predictable and discriminative trope of the “kindhearted, selfless, and loving character from a marginalized group of people just can’t survive in this world,“ and because the deaths of the characters, who did die, besides Andrea, who Mazzarra fucked over in the S3 finale, still felt at least somewhat meaningful. However, after Hershel’s death, it began to feel like an extremely lazy, predictable, and cruelly manipulative trope that had lost its charm because we were losing too many good characters for no good reason. It really started to stick out to me with Beth’s death that happened because *gasps* they must add in a shitty and tragic plot twist that failed to make sense, anyway, because the writers had killed her off in the most OOC way right when she had just had the chance of greater complex development right in her grasp.

Glenn’s death on the show was my last straw, not just because he was my favorite character, but because his death was even worse than Beth’s. He was literally the the last remaining heart and soul of this show that they killed off. It wasn’t just Glenn who got killed off in the S7 premiere, it was the TWD that I originally fell in love with as a show, too.

At least the writers gave Beth a full arc to explore her new character development, and they took the time to focus on her before killing her off. The writers didn’t even give Glenn that much before killing him off on the show. Gimple threw Glenn under the bus right after sidelining him post S3. They used that dumpster gate fake out death bullshit with Glenn (which never happened in the comics that they were so intent on following for the death of this one main character from them) throughout most of the first half of S6, a season before his death, revealed that he was still alive a few episodes before the S7 premiere, made him kill living people for the first time to protect Maggie and his people after coming back, never mentioned anything about it afterwards again, and then killed him off in the S7 premiere, anyway, all because they wanted to shock the audience and give Daryl another man pain storyline by making him cause Glenn’s death.

Gimple is so narcissistic that he is unable to see just how shitty of writing that was, and called us “children” for being pissed off about it. Really? Shut the fuck up, Gimple! Being creative and diverging from the comics when there is potential to do so is your job! You could get away with not giving every other comic character the same death from them, create Daryl Dixon for the show and let him still live on it, kill Sophia, kill Andrea, let Carol still survive, and switch up every other major death, but you couldn’t save Glenn Rhee on the show from his comic death when you already had every perfect reason to not kill him off set up, which made it feel like a total sellout, anyway. I bet you were just too afraid and too lazy to be creative and take advantage of organic opportunities for something better and new, as usual.

Also, giving the audience such sparse false hope by killing Glenn off in the S7 premiere, after faking his death only a few episodes earlier is bad storytelling that has lost you a lot of fans respect and viewership, Gimple, including my own, so don’t tell us that Glenn fans shouldn’t feel pissed off enough to quit watching because you killed him off and blatantly disrespected his character and his fans in doing so.

The writers killed off Glenn, the character who they just made kill ten living people to save Maggie for the first time ever in S6 with no deeper explanation of the effect that it had on him afterwards. The writers killed off Glenn, who they hid under a fucking dumpster to fake his death and cheaply manipulate the audience for most of S6. The writers killed off Glenn, who they had been sidelining since S4, and who never got full backstory, development, or a bottle episode. The writers killed off Glenn, and made Daryl, the overrated white trash fan fav, responsible for it, so that he could survive to get a storyline out of it, instead. The writers killed off Glenn, who was the only death from the comics of a main character that they decided they just had to follow from the comics on the show. The writers killed off Glenn, who also happened to be the only core MOC protagonist on the show from day one that these white, narrow-minded, and racist writers just had to give his comic demise to, even though no other main character who died on show from the comics was ever given the same comic death on the show. The writers killed off Glenn on the show, even though it wasn’t relevant or necessary to the overall storyline, or to the development of Rick because Daryl stole Glenn’s role as Rick’s main righthand man, or the person who mattered to Glenn most in the world, Maggie, (and even that’s a shitty and racist excuse for killing off Glenn, but at the very least his death was a game changer for Rick because Glenn was his righthand man in the comics, while Maggie was a damsel in distress in them before Glenn died and she learned to stick up for herself in the comics) because she was already a badass and independent leader on the show, and they totally sidelined her and made her husband’s death all about Daryl’s pain over causing it to happen, anyway. The writers killed off Glenn, who was the last major source of living hope and optimism on this show that made TWD feel worth watching through all of the bullshit on this show as a whole because he was a constant source of the possibility that a better life could be achieved because the world went to shit. The writers killed off Glenn Rhee, who was a deeply meaningful symbol of hope, growth, and optimism on this show, rather than just boring day to day survival that goes nowhere new, and meaningless action and torture porn scenes that no longer shock me, just disappoint me. RIP Glenn Rhee=RIP TWD.