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Late Night Drive

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Soft snores emitted from (Y/N)’s plump lips, her hair covering part of her face and her pillow covered in drool. She seemed restful and the faint smile on her face showed she was having nice dreams that she’d surely forget in the morning.

Her peaceful slumber was disturbed when a sound came from her window, quiet and almost inaudible until it echoed throughout the room again, over and over until the girl sat up quickly in a defensive stance. Her eyes were wide but still showed how tired she was, her hair was sticking up in several directions and a side of her face was moist with drool which she quickly wiped away with the sleeve of the sweater she was wearing—or more precisely, her boyfriend, Justin’s sweater.

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Watching Logan hobble around like an actual old man broke my heart. That is Wolverine! THE Wolverine! The man that couldn’t be killed! When did his aches and pains start showing? When did his eyesight start disappearing? When did he start operating on a human level? And how much did it kill him each day to look in the mirror and see an old man? To know that the very thing that made him a force to be reckoned with, was killing him?

  • Psychic: *reads my mind*
  • Me: Well, Tamatoa hasn't always been this glam
  • I was a drab little crab once
  • Now I know I can be happy as a clam
  • Because I'm beautiful, baby
  • Did your granny say listen to your heart
  • Be who you are on the inside
  • I need three words to tear her argument apart
  • Your granny lied!
  • I'd rather be...
  • Shiny
  • Like a treasure from a sunken pirate wreck
  • Scrub the deck and make it look...
  • Shiny
  • I will sparkle like a wealthy woman's neck
  • Just a sec!
  • Don't you know
  • Fish are dumb, dumb, dumb
  • They chase anything that glitters (beginners!)
  • Oh, and here they come, come, come
  • To the brightest thing that glitters
  • Mmm, fish dinners
  • I just love free food
  • And you look like seafood
  • (Like seafood)
  • Well, well, well
  • Little Maui's having trouble with his look
  • You little semi-demi-mini-god
  • Ouch! What a terrible performance
  • Get the hook (get it?)
  • You don't swing it like you used to, man
  • Yet I have to give you credit for my start
  • And your tattoos on the outside
  • For just like you I made myself a work of art
  • I'll never hide; I can't, I'm too...
  • Shiny
  • Watch me dazzle like a diamond in the rough
  • Strut my stuff; my stuff is so...
  • Shiny
  • Send your armies but they'll never be enough
  • My shell's too tough
  • Maui man, you could try, try, try
  • But you can't expect a demi-god
  • To beat a decapod (give it up)
  • You will die, die, die
  • Now it's time for me to take apart
  • Your aching heart
  • Far from the ones who abandoned you
  • Chasing the love of these humans
  • Who made you feel wanted
  • You tried to be tough
  • But your armour's just not hard enough
  • Maui
  • Now it's time to kick your...
  • Hiney
  • Ever seen someone so...
  • Shiny
  • Soak it in 'cause it's the last you'll ever see
  • C'est la vie mon ami
  • I'm so...
  • Shiny
  • Now I'll eat you, so prepare your final plea
  • Just for me
  • You'll never be quite as...
  • Shiny
  • You wish you were nice and...
  • Shiny
  • Psychic: the fuck

Love is a bittersweet false prophet,
a two faced sacrosanct god,
an idol whose altar I worship at.

It’s aching, longing,
tearing apart heart strings,
eating up galaxies inside me.

I chase it down with a shot of vodka,
and pretend it’s burning can drown out my love.

I know it’s just a mix of chemicals.
Human euphoria with man made drugs.

Just my brain telling my heart to get really fucked up,
and oh how I do, over you.
(and I do it a lot.)

Love is a cult,
and I’m straight in the fucking middle of it,
open arms, chanting hippie mantras.

I’ll carve my heart into a mandala for you,
I’ll sow you a tapestry of my devotion.

I’m in an open field and
you are the meadow grass swallowing me up,
carry me away, enfold me in your arms.

I am a flower and you are the soil,
I bloom and you eat me up.

I can’t help it when I see you,
hands are always reaching, wanting, longing.

I have to stop my fingers from curling around yours,
or dragging across the curve of your cheek,
the hollow of your neck.

I have to stop my head from finding your shoulder,
my lips from parting for yours.

Love is a preacher,
and I am the congregation under his song.
Oh lord, how I pray.

Love is a siren,
and I am the ship of men,
Oh sea, drown me today.

Love is the fucking sun,
and I am the planet in it’s love struck cosmic embrace,
Oh gravity, take me away.

Love is longing, reaching, wanting
and fuck oh god, 
You don’t know how bad I want to.
You don’t know how bad I want you.

—  when I make you laugh it’s not like when I make other people laugh, because I don’t still hear their voice in my dreams for weeks. 
Rivals Title References

Over the past few weeks I’ve been re-reading umfb&mha to plan out obs&bh and I thought it would be interesting to write a list of all the times I’ve made a reference to the titles of either fic in the fics themselves. So for anyone who is interested here are all the times I could think of while doing a quick re-read (there may be more I’ve missed out but I think I’ve got most of them).

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A Blind Path Home, part 10

Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N: I obviously took some liberties with the storyline, but I tried keeping it as true as possible to the canon history. No beta used this time around, so excuse my mistakes.
Summary: It started with a blind date. A date you had skipped out on, but fate had led you right to the man you stood up. Steve Rogers, a man small in stature but big in heart. A chance meeting set everything in motion, but decades later when he is unfrozen, he has been told you have died. But when a mission to retrieve Hydra plans turned up some interesting information, Steve’s left to wonder whether you are still alive. Or is this all just false hope?


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Ms. Jealousy

Confusion crossed Maggie’s face as an unfamiliar text message tone went off in her back pocket while she sat at her desk trying to complete the mountain of paperwork she’d be assigned. As she reached into her pocket and pulled out a phone that felt very different to the touch, she quickly brought it around to examine it.

Yup. Just as she suspected. The phone wasn’t hers, but her girlfriend of almost 7 months’.

The phone was covered with a case that read “Be with you, may the force” with Yoda’s signature ears coming into view at the very bottom. (A birthday present from Winn and Alex had loved.)

She pressed the home button on the iPhone and looked at the message on the screen over the picture of Maggie and Alex laying together on their couch both looking up at the camera with large smiles. (What? It could be important!)

From Lucy :) :) (9:44 am): I’m coming to see your ass. It’s been too long. Hope you missed me a lot ;)

Maggie’s eyebrows furrowed and she immediately felt a flood of jealousy down her spine.

Who the fuck was Lucy? And what was she doing sending Maggie’s girlfriend winky faces?

Maggie had to text back. It was for science, right? She had to find out what the X was in the equation.

To Lucy :) (9:45 am): And why would I miss you?                      

Maggie knew that Alex liked to give attitude through all forms of communication, except when her and Maggie were alone and Alex was the sweetest, most gentle human Maggie had ever met, but that was strictly reserved for Maggie and sometimes Kara.

Another message came quickly after that, startling Maggie slightly.

From Lucy :) (9:45 am): Oh, come on. You miss me and you can’t even deny it. You’re probably excited to see me, but I know you and you like to be a grumpus. Let me know where you’ll be at noon. Can’t wait to see you ;)

Another fucking winky face. Maggie was seething.

She stood quickly and pulled her jacket on.

“Where are you going? Cap wants these papers done by Friday.” Her partner McConnell asked.

“I’ve got some business to take care of.” Maggie growled. “Let Cap I’m headed to the DEO on official business.”

“Want me to come? You know I dig a good fight.” The man smirked.

Maggie wanted to slap it off of his pale ass face. “No. This is business I can handle on my own.”

She made her way out of the precinct and to her squad car quickly, her anger fueling her tiny body to walk faster than usual.

It only took her 20 minutes to get to the DEO where she parked her car in the huge lot with all the Agents’. As she made her way into the large building, she tried to get her thoughts in order.

Was Alex really cheating on her?

Maggie felt her heart ache at the thought. She had fallen for Alex harder than she had ever fallen for anyone. How could she not? Alex was smart, beautiful, caring, loving, understanding, strong, and so much more. She made it a point to tell Maggie how much she loved her every single day. And when she wasn’t telling Maggie, she was showing her. Through kisses, small touches, drawn baths, food ready when Maggie got to their apartment, and many other ways.

If this was all true, Maggie would be ruined.

Tears pricked her eyes as she flashed her badge of clearance, the Alex had begged Pam to give to Maggie, to the guards watching the front. She pushed them back once cleared and headed straight the elevator.

15th floor.

There she found Kara, J’onn, Winn, and Alex all around the center panel going over something on Winn’s iPad.

Winn was the first to see her and his face lit up like a kid on his birthday. She knew that Winn thought she was one of the coolest people he’d ever met. Besides Alex of course.

“Hey, Maggie!”

Alex’s head shot up at the name the biggest smile spread across her face. If Maggie hadn’t been angry, her heart would have leapt into her throat at the sight.

(Who was she kidding? Her heart was going crazy at the sight of the woman she loved.)

“Hey, Mags. What are you doin’ here? I thought you were caught up with paperwork all day?” Alex asked, the smile never leaving her face.

But Maggie really wasn’t in the mood for small talk.

“Can I talk to you?” Maggie asked, the emotion heavy in her voice. She glanced at Kara, J’onn and Winn who were all watching on with pointed looks. “Alone.”

Alex’s face showed confusion for a minute and Kara heard her heart rate pick up and J’onn heard her mind begin racing through what could possibly be wrong.  

“Uh, sure. Let’s go to my office.” Alex stated with a shaky voice.

As they walked away, Kara turned to J’onn with questioning eyes. He sighed back. “This isn’t going to be a pretty conversation.”

Maggie and Alex reached Alex’s private office a couple minutes later. The office was small, but nice. It was the size of an average bedroom and was furnished with a desk, a couch, a small television on the wall, and a twin sized bed.

It was where Maggie found herself napping while Alex was finishing work in her lab and Maggie didn’t want to be alone in their apartment. Alex would often finish in the lab and press kisses all over Maggie’s face to wake her up and take her home.

So many amazing memories.

Tears pricked at Maggie’s eyes again.

Alex sat on the bed and Maggie opted to stand with her arms crossed and her lips pursed. There was a few moments of silence as Maggie tried to get her emotions together in order to begin the conversation.

Sensing the emotions on her perfect girlfriend’s face, Alex decided to start the conversation. “Baby, whatever it is, you can talk to me.” She stated softly. The fear in her voice was evident.

Maggie took a deep breath. “I’m only going to ask you this one time, and you better not fucking lie to me.”

“Okay.” Alex nodded.

“…Are you cheating on me?” Maggie whimpered out, her eyes filling with tears as she got it out.

Alex’s eyes widened at the question and she immediately shot up from the bed. “What?! No!”

Maggie pulled out the phone to show to Alex with the message still on the screen. “Don’t fucking lie to me, Alex! Who the fuck is Lucy? And why is she asking if you miss her? And why is she coming to see you?”

Alex’s eyes quickly read the message on the screen. “Wait Lucy? Like Major Lucy Lane?” Alex cocked her head to the side. “Babe, Lucy is my boss. Her dad is the General. She oversees the desert base of the DEO and handles all of the affairs we have with The White House in D.C.”



Alex’s face immediately softened. “Lucy was one of my best friends.”

Maggie felt so so stupid.

“Oh.” Maggie swallowed.

“Yeah. And I never mentioned her because we had a bit of a falling out before she left and I really haven’t had the time to think about it, you know, with dealing with aliens trying to kill me every day.” She chuckled.

Maggie looked down at the ground and bit her lower lip. She felt so guilty for accusing Alex of cheating. Alex had never been anything but amazing to her, and she might have just ruined it all.

“Hey,” Alex softly stated, stepping forward to lift Maggie’s head to meet her eyes, “it’s okay. I understand.”

Maggie let tears fill her eyes again, but this time in remorse. A few fell before she got out a strangled, “I’m so sorry, Alex.”

“Maggie, it really is okay.” Alex smiled at her girlfriend, reaching up to wipe the tears away with her thumbs. “I mean, I get why you got so upset. If I had read a message like that with a winky face from a girl in your phone that I didn’t know, I would be pissed too.”

“But I just assumed. I didn’t even give you time to explain.”

“Again, I probably would have done the same thing. We can’t help our emotions.”

Yet again, Maggie was shown how amazing her girlfriend was and she was falling in love with her all over again.

“How did I get so lucky?” Maggie asked herself out loud while she reached up to cup Alex’s face.

“Eh. I’m not all that.”

“No. You’re everything. I love you so much.” Maggie whispered.

“I love you, too.” Alex leaned down to place a sweet kiss on Maggie’s lips. “Now, can we just freak out a little because Lucy is coming?! She’s always the life of the party, and to be honest, you’re probably going to love her.”

“I bet I will.” Maggie laughed. “But she isn’t allowed to send you winky faces.”

Maggie pretty much had a patent on that and it was enough to set Alex’s body aflame.

“Good luck with that. That woman is a flirt.” Alex chuckled.

Jealousy flared up in Maggie’s abdomen again. “If she flirts with you, she’s gonna go from Major to Minor in about 20 seconds.”

“Calm down, Ms. Jealous pants.” Alex joked, poking Maggie in the stomach. “I only have eyes for you.”

“You better.” Maggie joked back.

There was a pause and Alex gasped. “That makes so much sense! Of course I had your phone. I was really confused as to why Lena was thanking me about the ‘tips’ I’d given her.”

Maggie couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled out of her mouth at the sight of Alex’s grimace. “Sounds about right.”



It took one look at Lucy Lane to have Maggie draped all over Alex all night. The woman was beautiful. Actually, beautiful was an understatement.

Hell, if Maggie was single, she’d be all in.

And Alex was right. Lucy was a flirt. And Maggie was pissed.

Maggie decided at that moment that she most definitely did not like Lucy Lane. 

For Ray! (Happy Birthday, @comebackbehere23)

(Below is how I imagined Maggie’s face when she was pissed. Smol angry marshmallow ;) 

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Preserved in Pigment

Summary: The reader is visiting her husband’s grave and has a very heart-wrenching conversation with a broken man visiting the grave of his girlfriend.

Word Count: 1398

Warnings: Talk of death & cancer

A/N: So I’ve had this idea saved in my notes ever since the last few weeks of the semester (back when I had so many good ideas but no time to write) and I just needed something super emotional a few nights ago, so instead of going to bed at a normal time like a regular person, I made myself cry for, like, an hour while writing this. Anyway, this is set a few months after Jess dies, but it’s kind of an AU because she really did just die in an apartment fire and hunting isn’t a thing, so Sam doesn’t have any kind of outlet for his pain. He doesn’t have the revenge drive to kill the thing that killed her, because it was literally just a fire that killed her. So he’s just so lost.

Tears pricked at the back of your eyes, but you blinked them away. “It’s such a gorgeous day. You’d absolutely love it, Hayden. The sky is that exact shade of blue that you were raving about in that shop in Florida. And there’s the one, perfect, bubbly, comic book cloud just floating across the sky. Though I guess you can see it, huh? Just from the other side.”

You stayed at his gravestone for a few more minutes before heading to the center of the cemetery. In the shade of an old oak, you sat down and pulled out your watercolors and paper. It didn’t take long to decide which bouquet of flowers you wanted to paint today. Someone had left Richard Flaherty a lovely bouquet of blue poppies, white lilies, and bright yellow sunflowers. Sunflowers had been some of Hayden’s favorites.

You got so lost in the paint, that you didn’t notice the man visiting a grave just a few feet away. Once you realized you weren’t alone, you tuned out his soft words out of respect and tried to focus on the painting again. After a minute or two, you saw him moving towards you out of the corner of your eye. As he got closer, you looked up from your art and gave him a small smile. “Hi.”

“Hi. Mind if I…” he motioned at the ground next to you and you waved at him to join you. Neither of you spoke for a long few minutes, but it wasn’t an uncomfortable silence. In fact, for two strangers who didn’t even know each other’s names, it was oddly comforting.

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OBSABH- What’s up next?

AKA ‘Woodentrain lists about a thousand times in chapter 20 of UMFB when we think ‘I wonder what Viktor’s thinking then?’

I re-read the last few chapters of UMFB last week and despite having read it about a dozen times already, there are things I’d forgotten.  And things I remembered, but I didn’t remember when they happened. In her notes Kaz said this is a transitional chapter but I have to say it’s one of my favourites.  So much happens in it.  I mean, I could sum it up as ‘the one where they meet at the GPF and Worlds and have sex both times and that’s about it’, and that wouldn’t be inaccurate, but there’s SO MUCH MORE going on here.  So, as a reminder, I thought I’d make a quick unintentionally rather lengthy post about what happened in chapter 10 and therefore what we can anticipate in chapter 4 of OBSABH:

Yuuri wins gold in the GPF against Viktor for the first time.  And the subsequent banquet is interrupted by the ‘classy hand jobs’ scene.  One minute they’re having an actual nice, friendly conversation like sensible grown-ups, then next thing you know Yuuri is propositioning Viktor and that’s that.  This is the one where Viktor really thinks about it before disappearing off with Yuuri to the bathroom.  And by ‘he really thinks about it’ I mean ‘he goes from I swear I will never ever sleep with Yuuri again to OK yeah let’s do this in the space of about 5 seconds.’ Even Yuuri, oblivious that he is to most things, notices that there’s some thought process going on in Viktor’s head- but I can’t wait to see Viktor’s thought process.

(This is long I’m afraid so you can find everything from classy hand jobs onwards below the cut)

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Hold my Hand Dammit- Bucky Barnes X Reader

Prompt: Bucky is timid about touching you because he is still unsure about his strength and his arm.

Word Count: 2009

Warnings: None (:

Young love in the twenty first century was something quite new to Bucky. You had liked Bucky forever, but it had never occurred to you that he could ever feel the same way, so you just let your heart ache for the man with the gleaming metal arm. But after months of longing looks, blushed cheeks, and soft smiles, Bucky had made the first move, surprising the both of you. Of course you agreed, falling harder than ever before, pouring your whole being into this relationship. You had only officially been dating for about two weeks now, and Bucky was still on the fringe with the whole “PDA” lovey dovey thing, preferring to take it rather slow. And plus he was still unsure of his strength and was very cautious not to hurt you, his self consciousness was both endearing and frustrating. His metal arm was the subject of his utmost caution around you, hardly even letting you touch it, afraid of what it could do.

As of now you two were laying on the couch, your legs were draped over his lap, his hand was lying flat on your thigh, his metal fingers a cool heavy weight on your thigh. You paid minimal attention to the episode of Grey’s Anatomy playing on the screen, meanwhile Bucky was entranced, following every character’s plot, gasping every few minutes. You were scrolling through your phone, putting funny snapchat filters on your unaware boyfriend. You put the dog filter on him, a quiet giggle leaving your lips. He turned toward you, raising his eyebrows at you as you took a video of him looking confused, the filter moving along with him.

“What’s so funny, let me see,” He inquired. You sat up, scooting closer to him to show him the video, as you leaned on him you could feel him tense up slightly. You ignore this, leaning closer so he could see better. You played the video of him on your phone, a wide smile played on his lips.

“See, your a dog,” you clarified. You sent him the snap and posted it to your story. After that was done you leaned your head on him, and intertwined your fingers in his metal ones. He tore his hand away from yours, bringing it into his lap.

“Uh, do you want some snacks?” He asked, not wanting any time for you to ask about his odd behavior. He got up, making his way toward the kitchen.

“Uh, sure,” you agreed, getting up to follow him into the kitchen, a pang of doubt about this relationship hitting you in the stomach, you shoved it down, telling yourself you were only overthinking it. You caught up to him, this time intertwining your flesh hands, his palm was warm and calloused against yours. Again, he flinched as though he had been shocked, the current running through his muscles, his hand ripping from yours. Ok now this was NOT normal, even for over cautious Bucky. You continued your walk to the kitchen in silence, not knowing what to say or think. A throb of doubt once again pulsed through you, was this not going to work out after all? Did he just go out with you in the first place to be nice? Was he getting bored after only two weeks? All these questions raced through your head, each one worse than the last. Your speed thinking was interrupted by Bucky’s voice.
“Do you want popcorn or chips, or we could have candy?” he asked, rummaging around in the pantry for a snack.

“Um, I don’t care, whatever you want,” You replied. Tension hung in the air between your words, you wanted to, needed to fill the empty space with words, but nothing was coming out, you had nothing to say. You could not put into words your feelings about him, or how much you wanted to ask him why he was pulling away. You couldn’t find the words to say how much you hoped this wasn’t because something was wrong with you, or that he finally got to really know you and wanted out. So the silence hung there, driving a deeper and deeper wedge between the two of you with each passing second. He wanted to say something, to fill the void, but he just couldn’t express what he needed to, he didn’t know how. How does he tell the love of his life that he is afraid to touch her, not because he doesn’t love her, but because he loves her too much and is afraid to even lay a finger on her. Because the fear of hurting her overwhelms him, so much so that when she touches him he flinches like he has been slapped. But he can’t just leave you to wonder, he has to say something, anything, something to explain himself. Because he can see the confusion and doubt clouding your bright eyes, flooding your irises with uncertainty. Before either of you could decide on how to express yourselves, Tony’s voice rang loud and clear through your heads.

“Hey can you two lovebirds go out and get dinner tonight? Nobody feels like cooking. I don’t really care what you get, just anything but sushi, I can’t possibly do another night of Sushi, just because Thor is obsessed with it doesn’t mean we all have to suffer,” Tony murmured, throwing a fifty dollar bill on the counter and leaving with an orange in hand.  You glanced over at Bucky, he was already looking at you, something flickered in his eyes that you didn’t catch, he looked away. You grabbed the fifty off the counter.

“Alright, I’ll go, what do we want?” You offered. Bucky looked at you, his arms hanging limply by his sides, defeat written all over his face. Why was he acting so weird, oh how you would’ve liked to know. You debated asking, but decided to go get dinner first, maybe he needed some time to himself

“Chinese it is,” You decided for yourself, turning to leave.

“I’ll come with you,” Bucky announced. You nodded curtly, letting him follow you out of the building. You decided to walk the few blocks to the restaurant in the shadows of the setting sun. It was the end of a nice day outside, and the last few rays of warm sun were sinking down behind the skyscrapers. You and Bucky walked side by side, your arms occasionally brushing, your hips bumping in the rhythm of your steps. He didn’t flinch this time when yours hand grazed his, you grabbed his hand when your arm swung forward again, he didn’t pull away at first, but rather contemplated it. His face scrunched up, as if he were making some big decision, his sighed and let his hand fall out of yours. Your heart fell into your feet, a pit sat heavy in your stomach. You took a few long strides so you were ahead of him, not wanting your rejected gesture to hang between the two of you. He looked at you as you walked past, regret filling his thoughts, he shouldn’t’ve let you go.

You got to the chinese resturant, going along the line of hot trays and picking out a sweet, sticky, warm chinese feast for everyone back at the tower. As you paid and got change, you handed one of the bags to Bucky, your hand grazing his once more, he again flinched like he had been electrocuted. Despair and confusion was now replaced by rage. You paced out of the restaurant and out onto the street turning to face Bucky abruptly, almost running smack into his broad chest because he was following you so closely.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” You snapped, setting the bags down on a table outside the restaurant. Bucky stammered for a minute, floundering over the words he wanted to say as they stuck to his throat.

“Why won’t you touch me? In fact you won’t even barely come within five feet of me without looking like you’re going to throw up! Why won’t you hold my hand? Are you done with me already? Do you already want to call it quits? Because if so you could just tell me instead of acting repulsed by me until I leave!” You shouted, everything you wanted so badly to know spewing from your lips in a desperate rage in an attempt to understand him. Angry tears began to drip down your cheeks, leaving wet, hot trails. People were beginning to stare as you flailed your arms wildly, crying, and shouting with all your might at the man with the gleaming metal arm holding a rather large bag of take out. Bucky finally got ahold of what he wanted to say, flinging the words at you like insults.

“You don’t think I love you [Y/n]! You don’t think that I love you so much that the fear of hurting you with my arm overwhelms me to the point that I can’t even touch you without this crippling fear that I will kill you?! Is that what you think, that I’m repulsed by you? You really think I could ever do anything other than love you with all my being? Because if you really don’t trust me to love you, maybe this isn’t going to work out.” Bucky yelled back, still holding the take out bag to his chest. Now more people were staring…

“Maybe it won’t work out,” You whispered, more tears rolling down your cheeks, finally coming to the realization that this might not be right. You looked at Bucky, his eyes hard and pensive.

“I want this to work,” he finally replied, after what seemed like years.

“Well when you flinch or pull away everytime we touch, that doesn’t really scream infatuation now does it,” you snapped. Bucky looked down at you, all tear stained cheeks and swollen red eyes. He noticed how beautiful your eyes looked after you cried, like the calm of water after a nasty storm, peaceful and still, but so full of life.

“I guess not,” Bucky admitted.

“I was just so afraid of hurting you. This arm had killed hundreds of people without any problem, I don’t even want to imagine what it could do to you if I got out of control. I guess I don’t trust myself,” he admitted, his shoulder slumping, as if they were just relieved of heavy weight.

“I trust you,” You reassured softly, stepping closer to him on the sidewalk.

“Bucky, I’d trust you with my life. You are the love of my life, and that arm is one of my favorite things about you. I never even thought for a moment from the second I met you that you would ever hurt me. Bucky, what you did all those years wasn’t you, it’s not your fault. You’re not a villain, you are just a man, and a damn fine one at that,” You continued, stepping even closer to him, grabbing the bag from him and setting it on the table next to the other one so you could lean in and kiss him. You lips met his, he was hesitant at first, but eventually sank into this kiss, letting his arms come around you. The city around you came to a standstill, there was nobody but you two in the whole city. You pulled away.

“We should get this home before it gets cold,” you suggested, Bucky nodded, pecking your lips one more time before picking up one of the bags. You grabbed the other one, setting off back toward the tower in the shadow of twilight.

“Hold my hand dammit,” you commanded as you walked, intertwining your fingers with his cool metal ones, letting his ridged palm come flush against yours, your heart swelling at the contact. This was going to work out after all, and while he was still getting used to love in the twenty first century, this was something he could definitely get used to very quick.




Ignoti Nulla Cupido (18/20).

Prompt: Nat came to you in order to keep her and Tony’s promise to keep you safe, but how would they react when they’ll learn about the secret you’ve been keeping since you left Bucky’s side?

Word Count: 929.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader.

Warnings: Nope.

A/N: Let’s get this party started, shall we?
Thanks @evanstanss again for looking at this for me!

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Bucky and (Y/N) stepped out carefully into the empty corridor; cells were placed on both sides of it but no one could be seen or heard. Both of them knew what that meant, HYDRA had a tendency to play with their prisoners giving them a sense of hope that the path to their freedom was clear but at the end of such a path, destruction and death always waited for those who were captive.

“Are you feeling okay?”

“What do you mean Bucky?”

“You know what I mean doll” He stopped in his track prompting her body to come to a halt in front of his. “I’m worried, this is not gonna be easy for neither of us and I don’t want to put you through anything else.”

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On the day I was born, there was a storm;
I came into this world amid blood and wind,
Tumultuous waves of salt and seas of pain,
To hear the first words from my mother:
Thank God it’s a girl.

It’s a girl…
Barely a breath breathed and I am marked,
Known for the parts between my legs
That will dictate my femininity
For the rest of my childhood.

“But why can’t I be a boy?”
An innocent question for a six year old, right?
So why did it earn me a kick in the teeth,
A disdainful glare that stabbed me over and again,
Like Norman Bates’ kitchen knife,
As I recanted the question
And locked it up for a later date.

But it didn’t stay locked.
The question kept creeping through,
Five year down the road, then ten.
“Why can’t I be a boy?”
Restless nights of dreaming I was “him,”
Turned into days of acting the part,
As simple as the name
Written in sharpie on a paper coffee cup.
“It’s Émile. E-M-I-L-E
Yeah, like Emilie but the male variant.”
And sipping my latte, the one with my name on it,
I told myself that I must be a boy on the inside.

I was given a word for it eventually.
And oh god how that terrified me!
It sounded like transvestite and those were evil,
As per the words of the harpie
Who came into my room each morning,
Even before I was dressed,
To ridicule and tell me how disappointed she was in me,
But thank God I had been born a girl!

And so I fought it.
Good god, I really fought myself
Just to make her proud,
To be the pretty daughter she wanted,
With sweet smiles and demure blush,
Ready to serve the man of her choosing,
All the while knowing it was a fabrication,
Trying to lock away the feelings of masculinity
Until my wrists bled and my teeth ached
From saying the lies over and over,
My clenched jaw claiming womanhood
As the man raged and tore at the bars,
Screaming, “This is not who you are!”

Mama, I tried so hard to make you happy!
But here I am with my Iscariot heart
That’s made you weep and despise me,
Made me your crown of thorns.
I am not and never was your little girl,
But I am your son who longs for you!
I am not anathema, nor damned,
Simply a man who is tired,
Who cannot pretend to be what he is not.

On the day I was born, I was labelled
With a bright red “F” on a sheet of paper,
That would seek to define me from cradle to grave.
But when I die, it will be etched in stone:
“Here lies he who was husband, father, and a good man.”
May it be a memorial for the ages,
The public knowledge that I am a man.
And this ending to the game will stand the test of time:
That rock finally beat paper.

You don’t own me part 6

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“Naive little Y/N. Maybe one day you will realise that we live in a cruel world. The good wouldn’t be good anymore if there would be nothing bad to compare it to. I didn’t choose this life. But after living it for a while I realised that there are things worse than being on the bad side.“

“Worse than letting people die for you?”, you felt like choking.

Word count: 1784 // I know it’s short 😵 I’m sorry! Next one will be longer again ;)

Warnings: death, violence, angst! I finally did it 😋 And a little slight tiny smut  😉

Author’s note: Next one! Enjoy! @httpwyf @dont-hyuck  @imbaekhyunstrash @holymolydrrad @jookyunhoe @vicassa @byunbunniess @literaltae @baekmuffin @bbhoodzz  Love y’all ♥♥♥

part 1 || part 2 || part 3 || part 4 || part 5

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Starry Nights

Hulk x Reader
Bruce Banner x Reader

Request Prompt:
Hi!!! I’m also a huge banner fan and there are not enough fics about that beautiful angel. Could I request a fic about reader falling in love with the hulk first? Like reader runs into the hulk in the middle of no where but the hulk is very nice to her and pats her head and it becomes a regular thing to meet up at night and stare at the stars and just talk. And then one day she meets bruce and she’s like oH cute


Warnings: An F bomb, attempted sexual assault which is very vaguely written but I’m gonna mark it between some ********** so you’ll know when it starts and ends if you want to skip it.

A young woman traveled down an old dirt road. To most it would seem like a lonely trip but to Y/N, she loved it. She loved the solitude, she loved the fresh breeze of nature and she absolutely loved how bright and starry the sky was at night. She lived in a cozy cottage away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

She was a novelist writing by trade but she also dabbled in children’s stories. Her best selling was a book series about Monsters that was used throughout daycares and preschools which taught children lessons such as not to judge by appearances and the value of differences.

Every other day she would make her way to the nearest town, which was a good half hours walk away (but it was okay, she loved to walk) to go about her business. She occasionally helped at a children’s centre with volunteer work and of course shop for food and necessities.

Today she worked a little later then usual at the centre, there was an emergency with one of the parents and one worker needed to stay behind to take care of a child until the parent could arrive and she volunteered to stay, she didn’t realise how late it had actually been until she stepped outside and began her walk home, darkness swept across the sky and it made her uneasy. She was grateful it wasn’t entirely dark as the stars lit up her dirt path home but she still tried to walk briskly and get home as soon as possible. She usually was safe as no one often goes around the woods past the town but it also meant she was isolated in case something did happen.


Suddenly she felt the wind knock out of her as she was pushed up against a tree. She tried to let out a scream before a hand clamped over mouth and she came face to face with a strange man.

“What are you doin’ out here alone beautiful?”

Her nose was assaulted with the smell of alcohol and fear spread out through her, this man must of followed her from town, she did walk past an old bar on her way home.

“I can show you a good time.”

She panicked as she felt the mans hand roam across her stomach. She struggled to get free and managed to bite his hand and let out a piercing scream, hoping, preying that someone ANYONE would hear her. She felt her world spin when he struck her across the face and fell to the ground.


She quickly tried to scurry away when she felt his hand grab her leg but suddenly felt him pulled away from her. She turned around and saw a large figure had grabbed him and threw him to the ground.

“What the fuck?” The man questioned, disoriented and hazy as he looked at the figure.

Hulk stepped into full view towering over the man, his face seemed to drain of all colour and he ran, tripping slightly before hightailing it away from them.

Y/N felt her heart beating so fast and hard she honestly thought it would explode out of her chest, she shuffled quickly to sit up as the large behemoth stepped slowly towards her. She looked away in fear, eyes squeezing shut as she saw him reach towards her and waited for a blow, possibly her death.

Her eyes snapped open when she felt a large hand pat her head. It sank down with the force of his weight causing her to hunch. He repeated the motion a few more times before she realised he was… Patting her? She looked up at him and saw the Hulk was staring at her, almost like he was waiting for her to make a move first.

So that’s what she did, standing carefully, wobbling a bit from her trembling knees she finally got a good look at him.

“You’re… The Hulk… Right?”

She had done her fair share of editorials when she suffered particular bad bouts of writers block or when she needed the extra money and she had done a few pieces on the green goliath. Mostly they were just sightings, a few conspiracy theories and some on how the Hulk was a menace and how some General Ross dedicated his life to tracking him down to save the world and rid the people of the evil being.

The hulk nodded, still staring at her carefully, she had a feeling he was watching her just as cautiously as she was watching him.

This so called evil creature had just saved her life, she couldn’t believe the articles she had edited after meeting him now. The Hulk suddenly turned away and began to walk off, crouching like he was ready to leap.

“Wait!!!” Y/N cried out, quickly shortening the distance between them. Hulk stopped and looked at her, almost warily? Or maybe she was just projecting her own emotions onto the beast. She gathered her courage and took a deep breath.

“I… Um, I’m a little… Shaken up… Would you… Mind walking me home?”

Yep, she was crazy. Y/N L/N had officially gone insane. She peeked up at him, afraid of his response, it was a silly question she didn’t know why she even asked and-


Her trail of thought was broken when she heard his deep gruff voice respond. She blinked up at him, honestly shocked before she quickly got her head together, the Hulk had began walking, obviously deciding not to wait for her to simply stare.

She caught up to him and realised she had to take excessively long strides to keep up with his pace. They walked in silence for awhile, her walking in front, leading the way. Her mind was buzzing with a thousand thoughts a minute. She was currently walking beside a creature who could quite literally step on her and squash her. She felt safe though, for whatever reason, she felt safe.

They had eventually reached her cottage, she had seen the small garden lights and felt a wave of relief crash over her. She was HOME. She never wanted to leave again. She almost ran to her door in her excitement but she refrained, choosing instead to turn back to the Hulk.

“I…” She was at a loss for words. “Thank you for saving me.”

The Hulk nodded at her, turning to leave once more.

“Feel free to come by for a visit if you’d like!” She called out as she waved him off, she didn’t know why but she assumed polite conversation was appropriate for the man(?) who just saved her life. He walked through the thicket of trees disappearing into the forest entirely and Y/N walked towards her gate, thinking that would be the last time she ever saw him.

Evidentially she was wrong.

For whatever reason the Hulk had indeed come back. She was lounging around, on her couch when she felt the ground suddenly shake.


Was her first thought but it had stopped nearly immediately, she stood and made her way to her window, her eyes widened when she peaked through the blind and saw Hulk, much to her surprise, standing outside her house.

She pulled on a jacket and went outside, the cool fresh air hit her and she smiled. She loved the nights crisp air.

“Hulk? You came back?” She wasn’t expecting an answer so she half didn’t know why she asked the question. She supposed she DID invite him back but who would have thought he’d take her up on that offer. He was staring at her again, silently. She bit her lip unsure of how to proceed. She couldn’t exactly invite him inside for tea and cookies, he’d never fit through her door!

Instead she once more worked up the guts and made her way towards him. He watched as she sat herself down and looked up at him.

“Would you like to sit with me and look at the stars?”

The question hung in the air before Hulk had plonked to the ground beside her. Every so often she would try to peak at him, study his face as he gazed at the sky with that ever present scowl on his face.

And that was how it started.

This continued near daily, she’d feel the familiar quake of the ground, grab her coat and head outside. They started sitting at a comfortable distance apart but slowly but surely they had ended up sitting closer and closer until eventually she found herself situated in the Hulk’s lap, he would stroke her hair and pat her head and again she didn’t know how she should feel about this but it was pleasant. She found it to be her favourite time.

She opened up to the Hulk more and more and began talking to him. At first it was unsure sentences and awkward conversations but surely enough she ended up talking to him avidly each night, Hulk in turn responded with short answers and simple sentences but she had come to expect it of him. One night she found the courage to ask him what he was doing here in the deep woods.

“Hulk is hiding.” Was his simple statement and she wondered what could something like the Hulk possibly need to hide from.

She ended up doing more research about him and found out how General Ross had chased him across America and it made her heart ache. She also discovered that the Hulk never really attacked anyone first. It was ALWAYS in self defence or in response to the militaries assault. She grew to want to protect the Hulk and keep him safe. She wanted him to feel… Loved…

She swallowed awkwardly when she realised she was blushing at the thought.

No no no no

She couldn’t! She DIDN’T! It was simply impossible. She wouldn’t believe she had a CRUSH on the 8 foot tall green man. Nope. Definitely not.


Oh my god I have a crush on the Hulk…

The realisation hit her like a ton of bricks and she was tempted to pretend she wasn’t home when his next visit came. She found herself nervous instead of excited and paced around her living room until she felt the ground quake signalling the Hulk had arrived. Slowly she pulled her jacket on and took a deep breath, she quickly checked her self out in the mirror, nodding at her reflection before reaching for the door handle.

Hulk was already seated, cross legged and looking at the sky. She made her way to him and he held out his hand, allowing her to take it as she hoisted herself onto his lap, making herself comfortable as she gazed up at the beautiful expanse of stars. She was mostly silent this night, thinking and just enjoying his company.

When it was time to leave and she felt the Hulk start to stand, instead of simply hopping off his lap as per usual she gathered her courage and pressed a kiss to his cheek. She quickly slid down and made her way to her door afraid of the consequences.

“Goodnight Hulk!” She smiled as she nodded to him, shutting the door quickly.

Hulk stood in silence for a moment, pressing his hand to his cheek.

“Goodnight Y/N.”

The next day Y/N awoke bright and early and readied herself for the day, she got dressed and had breakfast and picked up her weaved basket, ready to go into town to shop after her day of work. She halted after she opened her front door and stared at the sight before herself baffled.


In front of her was a… large chunk of ground? It looked like a construction truck had scooped up a pile of dirt and dumped it in front of her gate. It was definitely torn up ground and uprooted as she could see it’s dirt covered roots. Upon closer inspection she noticed the chunk of ground was covered in wild flowers.

She put two and two together as her brain clicked. Did the Hulk give her flowers? Was this what was happening? She had no other explanation. She stepped towards the large mess and found herself smiling shyly. She plucked the flowers that weren’t crushed from the ground and placed them inside. She decided she would press them when she returned home.

After a long day at the children’s centre she trudged back home, her shoulders were aching from all the lifting she had done, if anyone ever tells you childcare is an easy job do NOT listen to them. She couldn’t wait to get home. Take a nice hot bath and then go to sleep.

She gasped when she saw a shirtless man sitting against her gate, her first thought was to be terrified or run but she took a few steps closer and when he noticed her he awkwardly scrambled to his feet. She stared at him in a hopefully subtle manner.

Ooooh, he’s cute!

No! Now was not the time for thoughts like that! She tried to give a hard look to make herself seem brave as she stared at him expectedly. He smiled at her nervously and took careful steps towards her. She looked at his hand as he raised it for her to shake.

“Hi… I’m Bruce Banner. The, uh, the Hulk.”

Part 2

Love or gratitude ? BTS Jimin (M) chap 04

“pairing: JIMIN X  reader y/N

                 ft Yoongi

Genre: angst/smut/ best friend

M= mature contents

summary: what will you do when all of sudden you find your self getting married to someone used to be your best friend’s lover just because he turned to be a father !!!


chap 01

chap 02 

chap 03

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chap 4 she’s always here !

“i’m sorry sweetheart “ Mrs Park rubbed her son hair , i tried my best to convince your dad but he didn’t want you to marry her , i can’t express to you how sorry we are for you to lose your girlfriend baby boy “

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Why I have sympathy for the Kataang fandom.

Now, I’m a Zutara shipper through and through, but I’m going to give you my reasons as to why I have sympathy for a Kataanger. My condolences to you — from an outsider.

Honestly, I feel for the Kataang fandom. I honestly, truly do. If I had my otp, my ship destroyed with horrible writing, I’d probably be wrathful as well. I’ve been trying to put myself in a Kataanger’s shoes lately — trying to put myself in their frame of mind.

I’m trying to imagine a world where my otp ended up together in the end. Although instead of them being happy and truly in love, their marriage was broken. On the outside, Aang and Katara could have appeared to be the perfect couple, but you know on the inside they were hurting. They had to have been.

Aang and Katara had 3 children. THREE. Yet only one was really focused on — Tenzin. And for the sole reason being he was born an air bender.

Now, it’s clear in The Legend of Korra that his other children — Kya and Bumi — were pretty ignored by their father. Their father, the Avatar, who should have been an amazing father to all of his children despite them not being air benders, were completely and utterly neglected.

Imagine a world where your literal favorite couple weren’t actually your favorite anymore because they were written so terribly within The Legend of Korra. A world where Aang was a legitimate terrible father and husband. Kya states at one point that he was never home. Either never home or off with Tenzin or their “Airbending journeys”. Bumi is also a bitter old man™ due to being ignored (especially since he was a non-bender until the writers fucking with the spiritual aspect of the show and magically made him an airbender) (remember when he was in front of Aang’s statue wishing he could have made him proud?) (yeah).

They literally turned Aang from ultimate fav to abandoning father. They literally wrote him out to basically not care about his other children and it makes my heart ache for everyone involved.

It makes my heart ache thinking that they wrote it in a way that Katara basically was just letting this all happen. Now, we all know Katara — were with her through everything. Knowing Katara, we would pretty much know that she would not allow someone, especially Aang, to treat her children like that. She has always been strong willed and passionate about those for whom she cares about. Do you really, honestly think she would let Aang, allow anybody, to treat their children like that? It makes me sick. They got everything wrong.

I’m so sorry they didn’t give Katara basically any character development from the time the show ended, to the time she was an old woman. I’m sorry she was made into a trophy wife of the Avatar. I’m sorry we didn’t get to see any of her in any flashback in The Legend of Korra for god only knows why.

I’m sorry that we didn’t get to see any of her accomplishments throughout the rest of her life since the war. They were…what, exactly? We don’t know because she was given no characterization within TLOK. She was given no depth and we got 0% backstory on her and her accomplishments. We were all left to assume that all she was left doing was taking care of Aang’s children of whom he didn’t even treat correctly unless they were an airbender. And there’s nothing wrong with her taking care of her children, but there is something wrong when that’s all she was left doing when we know she was capable of so much more.

Honestly, what was Bryke thinking when writing their story in The Legend of Korra? They literally gave Kataang the worst ending possible and I can’t stress my apologies enough. They truly ruined your ship.

And that’s why I feel for you all. You all honestly deserved better. You deserved a better characterization of both Aang and Katara. They all deserved better. You all deserved better and I’m so sorry that your ship was reduced to such a tragedy.

And as a Zutara shipper, it was important to me to stress the fact that I don’t hate the ship Kataang, I just hate what it was reduced to.

Don’t hate Kataang, hate Bryke.


A/N: A taekook fic based on the kdrama Goblin. Written by my lovely bff @stupendouspaperplane and me. Sideships include yoonmin and namjin. Other alternative ships might happen if we decide to do alternative endings. Hopefully this long prologue won’t bore yall too much we had too much to cover. Chapter 1 coming very soon!!!! Until then, sit back and enjoy… ((plus EXID cameo bc I’m an army-leggo hybrid))

Prologue // 1 // 2 // 3

   In a night of ice and snow, where the moon was gone and the shadows thick. Everything seemed to be frozen by the freezing cold, a piece of art fresh from the hands of nature. Blues and whites and greys. And red.

                   Blood red.

                   In the sea of white lay a man surrounded by blooming flowers of red. Each breath he took was harder than the previous, but in his mind was neither his life nor death. “Ple… please.. be okay … my baby..” Tightening his grip on his child, he could feel that his face was wet. Was it blood? Or tears?    

                  “Help…” The baby’s cheeks turned red where his fingers lay. “If there is a divinity in this world … please help me… please.. Anyone…” His voice was lost in the wind, growing weaker as seconds passed by. “Help this baby…” He choked and blood dribbled down from his mouth. “Jungkook.. Jungkook must live..” Small hand in his own, he held on. Hard.

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