man this made my heart ache


Oh the lonely road I’m on nobody here could know
There’s none that knows my sorrows or bears my heavy load
There’s none that understands my pain or who I am
It’s a lonely road I’m on, it’s a lonely road I’m on

Oh the lonely road you’re on, was it to Calvary?
Bearing the weight of all the world for the ones who made you bleed?
You think you’re misunderstood? Who lonelier than me?
Who died for those that struck him, who bled to make them free?

I am the God-man, this road was mine
Your pain was in my life sanctified
Lived what you are living so that you might be alive
I am the God-man, this road was mine

You think I don’t understand the heart that I have made?
That soul that rests within my hands that with my blood was claimed
I know every trial, I know every ache
For those who would despise me I have suffered every pain



Meagan Foster’s–or as she was formerly known, Billie Lurk–cabin on the Dreadful Wale. The audiograph you can see on the right contains Daud’s thoughts on Delilah:

“I’ve learned that our choices always matter to someone, somewhere. And sooner or later, in ways we can’t always fathom, the consequences come back to us. I came from Serkonos to Dunwall as a boy and made my living as a killer, one of the few who’ve heard the Outsider’s voice. I murdered an Empress, but saved her daughter, who will one day rule an Empire. Those were my choices. I’m ready for what comes.”

There’s a whaler mask on the right and two bone charms hidden in the cabinet.

Watching Logan hobble around like an actual old man broke my heart. That is Wolverine! THE Wolverine! The man that couldn’t be killed! When did his aches and pains start showing? When did his eyesight start disappearing? When did he start operating on a human level? And how much did it kill him each day to look in the mirror and see an old man? To know that the very thing that made him a force to be reckoned with, was killing him?


Why aren’t you married yet? You’re the Crown Prince.

Celaena’s head whipped around, her eyes full of long-forgotten fury that made her belly ache and twist. “I would sooner cut out my own heart than love a Havilliard,” she snarled.

What if you’re ordered to marry for the sake of alliance?

If the heir of Terrasen, Aelin Galathynius, had lived, would she have become a friend, an ally? His bride, perhaps?

You marry the person you love—and none other.

Aedion barked a laugh. “My queen will die heirless sooner than marry a man from Adarlan.” […] For a second [Dorian] wondered what Celaena would think about Aedion’s claim. Celaena, who had lied—Celaena, who was Aelin.

Back in 2012, I stumbled upon Howling, a gorgeous folk flavored gem from an Australian singer songwriter named RY X, who teamed up with Frank Wiedeman on the song. I’ve been a fan of the man since, even following his other project, The Acid, very closely. Lately, I’ve been wondering when we’d hear some new material from RY X, particularly after San Francisco’s Cathedrals pushed Howling back at the front of my mind again with their recent cover of the song. Turns out, RY X has been quietly working on a new full length album, and he’s made a heart wrenching return with new indie folk song, Only. Like Howling, Only is an exquisitely tranquil beauty, its hushed dreaminess both vast and intimate, its gentle aches so deep they can be felt in the very grooves of your bones . If you’re a fan of Bon Iver and Sigur Rós, Only is going to melt your heart. Only is available now on iTunes. RY X’s new album Dawn will be out on May 6th.

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dear sunlight, how fares your sister?
i have slept like a restless winter sea
since last i walked through his hollowed gates.
his kindness is a blessing but i long for her;
those calloused hands made for hunting have a charm to them.
oh, sunlight, my friend, how does she fare?

dear wisdom, how fares our huntress?
i yearn like a starving man for word of her
since crushing seeds between hesitant teeth.
this throne binds me from our treasured hunts;
blood stained fur filled with arrows has grown on me.
oh, wisdom, i ache, how does she fare?

dear love, how fares my heart?
i shake still like quaking earth to shatter deeply
since only silence greets my desperate ink.
her smiles haunt me worse than anything in this realm;
those laughing lips mean more to me that i can say.
oh, love, i break for her, how does she fare?

dear moonlight, how do you fare?
i walk like the night sky through death
since your tears stained stars upon my dark skin.
our memories have taken root in my lonely heart;
i bare these flecks of silver like a silent declaration.
oh, moonlight, my love, my only love, how do you fare?

—  letters from persephone, a.d.
~Evil Minds~

TITLE: Evil Minds

CHAPTER NUMBER/ONE SHOT: Part 2 of “Tales of the Demented and Macbre”

AUTHOR: bookwarm85


GENRE: Romance

FIC SUMMARY: Eric and his girlfriend decide to have a little fun with newest recruits

RATING: PG- For sexual innuendo 

WORDS: 962

NOTES/WARNINGS: A lovely Anon requested a one shot where Eric and his girlfriend scare the new recruits!!!

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You woke pleasantly sore that morning, each ache was a reminder of the passionate love you had made with your boyfriend, Eric. He was good a leader and had a reputation for being cold-hearted, but you knew the truth. He was a very passionate man, and his passion often came across as aggressive behavior. 

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11x20 “Don’t Call Me Shurley”

“If I had wings like Noah’s dove, I’d fly up the river to the one I love
Fare thee well, oh huney, fare thee well
I knew a man, long and tall, he moved his body like a canon ball
Fare thee well, oh huney, fare thee well
Remember one night in drizzling rain and ‘round my heart I felt an aching pain
Fare thee well, oh huney, fare thee well
One of these days, it won’t be long, you’ll call my name and I’ll be gone
Fare thee well, oh huney, fare thee well
Fare thee well”

You know, this doesn’t really have anything to do with the episode, but more with Rob’s voice. But maybe in the end that very quality of voice was it that made them decide to write this scene into the episode. And imo it only because of Rob’s voice has the impact it had. Yes, I fully agree music is magic.

Because you see Rob’s voice imo just hits you right in the center, because it’s just so honest, yes, pure in a way. And I just find that to be extremely fitting to what this ending scene conveyed.

Because this is the moment God/Chuck stops playing for good, has finished his autobiography. Sets aside the pen that in this case was a computer and picks up the guitar. It’s from profession to emotion in a way. And he tells the story there, the story we know, the story we have witnessed thus far from S1 onwards and also the story we’ll see unfold in these last three episodes left. In lyrics and melodies. Raw. Vulnerable. Honest. Hitting right in the heart.

And if anything, this ending scene made one thing abundantly clear, as the rest of the episode shaped up to and why he wrote an autobiography in the first place. It’s his farewell note, because yes, he is working on “a deadline”. But not the one of the world as we know it, but his. Owning up, “facing the music”, one last time. Because the next time that Dean may call out for him like he did in this episode and which he decided to answer to, he will not be around anymore. Much like some other characters too…

Let You Go

A/N: I hope you guys all have an amazing New Year! After a sucky 2014, I am ready to kick 2015’s butt. 大家, 新年快乐!

Pairing: You x Kai

Summary: When you want to get back together.

The snow was falling heavily, large flakes sticking to my cheeks and melting instantly as I stood in front of the familiar house. My heart was pounding, aching as I prepared myself for the sight of the man I hadn’t seen in weeks. Four weeks and one day to be exact.

We broke up. It was a stupid decision, one that made in a hasty, rash movement, my words fueled by stress and annoyance. But once the words were out, I couldn’t take them back. My stubbornness and pride hadn’t allowed it.

So what was I doing here?

I knew why. I missed him so, so much. I loved Kim Jongin more than anything else in the world, and I wanted him back. Without him, I was nothing. Empty. Broken. Lifeless

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Another fic for @lesbianbookworm, Imenja x Reivan and “I just want you to be happy”.

Imenja did not like Reivan’s relationship with Nekaun, not one bit.

The man was vile and power hungry, but she couldn’t defy him. After all, he was the First Voice, and she the Second.

She wished Reivan the best and she could not forbid her sleeping with Nekaun, even if that made her heart ache.

As Imenja watched Reivan pass from her window, one thought crossed her mind.

I just want you to be happy, Reivan.

REQUEST 84 ~ Somebody else

A/N: 1975 are so incredibly good. Thank you anon, i have been wanting to write a song fic with one of their songs.

Dan’s Pov:

‘So i heard you found, somebody else.’

The rumours that she was with someone else made my heart ache. Surely this wasn’t real. The fact that i threw our relationship away was hard enough to think about, let alone that fact that another man would be able to receive and give the love with her.

‘And at first, i thought, it was a lie.’

I found out through twitter when i saw people tweeting me about it. My common sense told me to ignore it, it wouldn’t be true, it was just people trying to get me to feel upset and then get a response from me. I wasn’t going to feed into it. However that all disappeared when a photo was posted of the pair stood together, his arm holding her waist, hers wrapped around his neck. 

‘I took all my things that made a sound, the rest i could do with out.’

I went to her apartment to get the last of my things. As i approached the door i could hear giggling coming from the other side, I sighed and tried to hold back my tears. I knocked on her door, It opened revealing her standing grinning back at her new boyfriend as he held her from behind. Her smiled dropped instantly once she saw it was me. “Oh, um, hi Dan.” She nervously spoke. Just the fact she was nervous around me made want to cry. “Um, yeah, i was just wondering if i could get the last of my stuff?” She nodded and let me in. I walked swiftly to her room, memories flooding my brain as i walked. All the times i would bring her home after dates, when she got so drunk on them that she would just start to fumble about and try to get on my back for a piggy back ride. 

I entered the room, nothing much had really changed, just the pictures around her room that used to be of me and her but are now her and him. I only things that i really wanted to get back were my c.d’s i had left here accidentally that i don’t even think she knew i had. I left the shirt that i had worn the first time i stayed the night here with her, the same one that she had slept in. I still wanted her to have it, maybe she might see it and dump him for me.

‘I don’t want your body, but i need to think about you with somebody else.’

It had been about a month since i broke up with her. It was getting a lot easier to get past it, i was no longer wanting her back, i just couldn’t stop thinking about someone else having her. It was definitely my jealously that was setting in, The problem was that everywhere i looked was them, my twitter was full of people talking about them. My tumblr was even worse with it. It was as if it was haunting me and the only way to combat it was to think about it.

‘Our love has gone cold, you’ve intertwined your soul soul with somebody else.’

One night of seeing her face constantly i began to drink. I wanted to drown my thoughts about her in alcohol. One drink lead to two and then three and so on until i was so drunk that realistic thoughts and ideas were long gone. I pulled out my phone, my vision blurring my screen as i went to my phone book. I hadn’t deleted her number because i couldn’t bring myself to. I put my phone to my ear, hiccuping in the process. 


“y/n, baby, i love youuu.” I slurred into the phone as i gripped the bottle of beer in my hand.

“Dan, is that you?” He voice made me smile in my drunken state.

“Oh yeah baby, and i needed to tell you i love you.”

There was silence and she sighed.

“Dan, you are drunk and you most likely won’t remember this. But Dan, i don’t love you anymore. I’m sorry.” She hung up leaving me sat still holding the phone to my ear. 

I may have been drunk out my skull but i won’t ever be able to forget that. 

Your name is my onomatopoeia,

The only word synonymous with the cry of my soul, 
The night time whisper, my dreaming pantomime,
The ache that puts misery to shame,
You’ve become my heart’s will to beat,
The urge to dance when there is no music,
The accentuation of my life’s statement,
You are my call, my enamorment,
My forever muse,
You have taken my breath and given it meaning,
My mind and given it purpose,
My soul and given it joy,
You answered when the cosmos cried “who dares love this man?”
And you did so defiantly without hesitation,
You claimed the broken beast because you saw him as whole,
And then you made him so,
You were hope to a man who warranted no mercy,
You were love to one who never knew it,
You were strength in a time when I was weak,
You were bravery….and you deserve so much more than poetry.

- CarterThomasPoetry


i miss the good times that we all spent together

i miss the friendship

but then i realise that the friendship we had wasn’t true. 

You never treated me bad, but you never treated me so good

you made me feel like i was just a convenience to you

someone who texted you but never got a first back.

I’m glad it’s over now, i’ve learnt to love myself, to forget the friendships that don’t fulfil my heart; that don’t make my stomach hurt and don’t make my cheeks ache from smiling too much

so thank you,

for making me know what a true friendship doesn’t feel like and thank you for making me appreciate the ones that are true.

saw American Sniper last night and I absolutely loved it. So obviously I went to see what Tumblr thought and boy this website is fucking too much

So I guess everyone who saw that movie is Pro war? Leave it to fucking tumblr to find some way to knock a war hero. Actually though, he killed 160 people trying to KILL OUR OWN. And we all know and fucking saw the effects he dealt with involving PTSD. How fucking dare people knock this guy, my mouth is literally hanging open in shock at these comments.
And hats off to Bradley Cooper, he did an *Ah-mazing* job.
I’m heart aches to see such words from people protected by this man.

This movie doesn’t support war. It’s not fucking fair that because a bunch of retarded white boys want to join the Military after seeing it. It’s a movie.
Yall are the ones giving it the power of more then a movie. You know what I did, I went and saw that movie, it inspired me, made me feel fucking grateful, wish I could help and protect my country and that’s it. I went home. That’s it, because it’s a fucking movie. Stop blaming everything around us and point the finger at the overly literal white kids.
He spent 1000 days over there. Shit truly hasn’t changed, it’s actually gotten worse for our veterans. Imagine his wife, all the shit she’s had to go through while he was alive and after his death. His fucking murder.
Like is that what you guys wanted? Does that make you feel better? One less blood crazed person out there? Is that what you see him as?

I do not want or support war. It actually breaks my fucking heart.
But I do support the men and women who choose to leave us here in the states and go over there.

Long story short I loved this movie, as I do most military movies. I’ve never seen Bradley Cooper change so much for a role. He did perfect, and looked just like Chris. Definitely suggest it to anyone who can see a movie that involves violence and not go our and reenact it.


Hey guys, so I recently hit 2,200 followers! Woohoo! *Celebrates, throws confetti and dances to Man In Love.* (just kidding, I can’t dance)

When I first started Tumblr, it was purely because of my love for Hoya. Hoya as Kang Joon Hee really left a huge impression on me, and as a first time actor he really shined throughout the drama. He was that shy boy with immense talents who only wanted to be loved, and Hoya played that role so well he made my heart ache for him and my soul rooting for his happiness.

That’s why he wowed me again when I discovered he is nothing like that in real life. He is confident and sassy; he’s a ‘bully’ to Sunggyu, a nanny to Dongwoo during H’s promotions, a heart machine with Woohyun, a playmate to Sungyeol, a member Myungsoo feels proud of, and of course he’s the best hyung to Sungjong. Although we can agree that like Joon Hee, he is handsome and very talented in singing, dancing, rapping, acting and not to forget, as a gagman.

Through him, I got to know about Infinite and came to love everything about the 6 other boys. Guardian of the universe dependable Sunggyu; Heart of an angel Dongwoo; Voice of the heavens Woohyun; Brains of a prodigy Sungyeol (he’s actually really smart and knowledgeable despite having the personality of a choding); Face of the gods Myungsoo; and the perfect package maknae Sungjong. I enjoy their music, their variety shows, their easy banter, their chemistry and most definitely their brotherhood. And while they bond together as a group, I’ve managed to find myself a group of people here on Tumblr that share my love for Infinite. Many of the people I follow are so good at everything they do, from gif making, fan edits, fan drawings, fanfic writing, translating etc. And they’re all such nice individuals who are friendly and eager to share the Infinite love around. So without further ado, I want to thank them for making my time here on Tumblr so enjoyable and for allowing me to know more about the boys:

*Those in bold are mutuals* 

*Those in italics are Tumblr friends -> I love you guys so much*

 ♡ babomyungs ♡ bleuefleur ♡ egu-mo-ni-na eteru ♡ gyuseu ♡  

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Thank you fuckyeahhoya, dancemachinehoya, ifnthoya, onlyhoya for uploading the wonderful Hoya previews and shots from fansites that I’ve been religiously reblogging. 

Thank you fyinfinite for always updating us with Infinite related news. 

I also wanna thank togetherinspirit7 for the awesome translation work they do for i-inspirits.

And not to forget each and every one of my followers that liked the things I reblogged or posted. Thanks for staying with me and reading my tags and rants (I know some of you do). I don’t follow a lot of blogs so please do chat me up (my askbox is open)! :)