man they are glorious human beings

This photo is going around on the internet right now, like some cheap meme with the caption “Here’s a photo for all those upset about the Muslim ban.“ I was compelled to write a response. I know this is a tumblr for Pokemon GO and I’ve tried my best for these months to keep posting fun things about this fandom but I cannot stay silent. I am sorry for the deviation from the norm you have all come to expect from me, but this I cannot abide. This is my message:

My father worked at the World Trade Centers from 1998-2001. He survived that day because he took me to school that morning when I was in my third or fourth day of 6th grade. This isn’t about my father, though, because he can tell his story in his own way when he feels it is appropriate. I will explain my own story.

I had been pulled out of class that morning. They didn’t tell me what had happened, just assuring my 11 year old self that my father was okay and that there was a fire at the World Trade Centers. I know they were lying. They couldn’t put me in touch with my father. I knew something was wrong. I knew about the 1993 bombings. I often wondered what would happen in the towers fell on the city, looking down on it from above, if such an attack were to happen again.

Sitting in the principals office I was filled with anger, sadness, disgust, loneliness, despair, anxiety, depression and chaos. My father might have been dead, killed by terrorist from a land I knew nothing about. I sat in that office for 45 minutes thinking nothing but that.

Then my mom came to get me. She told me my father was okay. Then I saw him. He was crying. We hugged. I told him that as long as he was okay I was okay. That made everything okay.

I had every right to be upset and vindictive against the muslim community because of the acts of an element of radical extremists attempting to murder my father. In fact some of my peers actually encouraged me to fill my hear with hate and anger, to put aside my childish wonder of the world and build walls in my heart to separate me from the muslim faith as a whole. The propaganda on television and the fact we were entering into two wars as retribution for September Eleventh didn’t help.

But I couldn’t do it. Something inside of me wanted to answer the burning question of “why?”. So I did some research in the middle school computer lab and very quickly found my answer. There is a large contingent of radical terrorists, of every nation and faith, that are drawn to the cause because they have no other options. I read that a suicide bomber in Iraq was paid $20,000 to carry out his attack. This money was needed for his family to pay for shelter, electricity, food, water, security and heat. The basic essentials that allow us to be human and not think with hate and sadness but rather with compassion and understanding. The people in Afghanistan, in the mountainous regions, join extremist groups because they have no resources to sustain their life.

That was when I learned about the concept of ‘sustainability’. The Brundtland Report in 1987 defined sustainability loosely as any action that leaves the world in a better or same state as the way you came into it. I decided at that point, as a 12 year old, to not fight the extremists with a gun, but rather to help get the muslim community the essentials they need so they never have to feel like terrorism is the only way to support themselves, their family or have their message heard.

Islamic extremists tried to kill my family. I do not hate the muslim community. I am a vocal opponent of the muslim ban, registry or oppression. All people no matter what race, creed, nationality, faith, background, color, gender, sex, identification, whatever deserve to be treated as human beings. Because thats what we all are when you get down to it. We are humans, of many glorious and wonderful backgrounds and interests, that should work together rather than divide ourselves. We are one species no matter what you look like or sound like. The blood that runs through my veins runs through the veins of the man in Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Somalia, France, Russia, China, North Korea, everywhere.

We are a nation that has a proud history of accepting people of all backgrounds. I am German. If this ideology had been pervasive in the 1930-40s then wouldn’t I have been held accountable for the actions of the Nazi’s in the same way that people of the muslim faith are persecuted for the actions of the extremists? I have muslim friends. If I can not hate them, can you try to exercise a little empathy for the innocent people caught up in this?

I will leave you with a couple of quotes for thought:

“In these days of difficulty, we Americans everywhere must and shall choose the path of social justice…the path of faith, the path of hope, and the path of love toward our fellow man.” - Franklin Roosevelt

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” - Statue of Liberty

Love always. Reject hate. Be compassionate. Be empathetic. Love thy neighbor. Protect the innocent. Fight for the oppressed. Crush evil. Be vigilant. Be strong. Be good.

I love you all. Remember that, always.

- T 

Vows [Part 4] (Jaime Lannister x Stark!Reader)

a/n: hey y'all! here’s the fourth part, ahh! im having so much fun writing this story omg. i think i’ll probably end it at about 7 parts? possibly more? not sure yet lol. i feel like im moving really slow and i have so mang ideas for this story lol. if y'all have any suggestions for how long i should keep this going, pleasepleaseplease let me know! anyways, enjoy!!! 


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WORD COUNT: 1,586 


King Robert acted as the catalyst. 

When he was killed in a hunting incident, drunk as his life was ended by a boar, Y/N’s life, for lack of a better term, went to absolute shit. 

Her father was arrested for treason. Sansa was captured and Arya was declared missing. The only thing between Y/N and the label of traitor was Jaime. 

When Ser Meryn Trant had come to arrest her, a cruel sneer on his face at the thought of her apprehension, Jaime had made it very clear that Y/N would be staying with him. 

“Y/N is not a Stark, she is a Lannister. She is my wife and the Lady of Casterly Rock and you will not grant a single thought toward her arrest. Are we clear?”

Y/N had been confused that Jaime had not let him take her, as she had barely spoken a word to him in a month. Jaime had take her chin in-between his thumb and forefinger, forcing her to look at him. 

“I vowed to protect you. You are not a vow I intend to break, Y/N." 

The Lion of House Lannister and the Flower of House Stark consummated their coupling that night after three months of marriage. Y/N’s heart had warmed as she opened it to Jaime yet again. 

After Ned’s arrest, news reached King’s Landing that Robb had rallied the North’s bannermen and had declared against the Lannisters. House Stark was therefore in open rebellion against the crown. Robb demanded his sisters back. All three. 

Certain news had also reached Y/N, after months of revolting rumors she refused to believe; suddenly, Y/N was delighted at the thought of returning home to her twin. 

It may have been sheer naivety that brought Y/N to confront Jaime. Or, perhaps it was the blind rage she had been thrown into after Cersei had smirked and called Jaime ‘Joffrey’s father’. 

As a twin herself, Y/N had promptly emptied her stomach at the mere thought of Jaime in bed with his own.

"Tell me that it’s not true.” Y/N had said. Her voice was steel while her heart tore itself to shreds within her chest. “Jaime. Please, in the name of the Seven, tell me that it’s not true. Tell me that they aren’t yours." 

Jaime hadn’t tried to play the fool. He had only brought his eyes up to meet Y/N’s, silently confirming her suspicions. 

“Oh, gods.”

Tears had gathered in her eyes and they ran silently. Y/N didn’t say another word. She had regarded him coldly and exited their chambers, presumably to visit her Lord father. 

And although her exterior had been cold like the North in her veins, when Y/N climbed stiffly into bed that night, Jaime knew he had broken her heart when she whispered into the dark: ”You lied.“ 

Soon after Robb’s declaration of war, Jaime was called upon by Tywin. He had been vehemently against Y/N accompanying him, but after seeing the tension of King’s Landing and the unadulterated loathing of Cersei’s gaze every time it landed on Y/N, he had her handmaidens pack her things and had practically dragged her along with him. Marital problems or not, he would not leave her to be mauled by Cersei. 

When Y/N awoke one night in the Lannister camp to Jaime hurriedly donning his armor, firmly telling her to remain in the tent and that he’d come back for her, she was calm. 

As intensely as she loathed herself for it, Y/N cared for her husband. Although she had opened her heart to him only to have it ripped from her chest by his twin of all possible mistresses, Jaime held a place in her. 

But Y/N was of the North. Robb was her brother. And he was there to take her home. Y/N dressed herself, took her sword from the bottom of her trunk where she had hidden it from Jaime, and left the tent. Marriage or not, love or not, Y/N fought for House Stark. 

Two thousand Northmen died that night, all for the sake of Jaime’s capture. Y/N watched over Robb’s shoulder as Jaime was dragged away while she stood and reveled in her twin’s embrace. She could not bring herself to meet Jaime’s eyes. 

The raven informing the Starks of Ned’s execution arrived the very next morning.


"You are no knight. You have forsaken every vow you ever took." 

Catelyn Stark regarded the Kingslayer where he sat in his makeshift cell, her eldest daughter at the forefront of Jaime’s mind. 

Y/N was somewhere in the Stark camp where they currently resided, in a tent with her twin, helping him to plan his next move against the Lannister army. Her army, technically. But Jaime could not bring himself to feel betrayed by his wife.

Circumstances were circumstances, family was family, and Jaime Lannister understood that better than anyone. 

Brienne of Tarth stared down her nose at the Lion. He was smaller up close. Not in stature, as he stood over six feet, but in general. The stories made Jaime Lannister the Kingslayer sound like a creature, a monster, some terrifying yet glorious, ethereal being. But the man in front of Brienne was human. A vile human, but a human nonetheless. 

Jaime spoke, his eyes never leaving Lady Catelyns. "So many vows. They make you swear and swear and for what?" 

Jaime’s mind whispered, answering his own question. For honor. For safety. For family. For Y/N. For things you could never hope to deserve.

"Obey your father, obey the king, be loyal to the king, protect the innocent, defend the weak. But what if your father despises the king? What if the king massacres the innocent? It’s too much." 

Catelyn features didn’t do well to hide her disgust. The Tully’s along with the Starks and all of the North practiced honor. They lived with honor, they fought with honor. Jaime Lannister was unassociated with the word. 

"And anyways, I haven’t forsaken the vow I made to your daughter, now have I?”

Catelyn tensed as the mention of Y/N fell from his lips. 

“Don’t you dare bring her into this. Those men out there want your head and I have half of a mind to bring it to them." 

Jaime ignored her threat, continuing on about his wife. "Why should I leave Y/N out of this? She is the Lady Lannister now. 'From this day until my last day’, we said. It was quite beautiful. I’m sorry you had to miss it." 

Brienne stepped forward to defend her new ladyship. "And your last day is coming, Lannister." 

Jaime just held his smirk in place, although he wasn’t sure it was visible though the layers of grime on his skin. 

"Do tell my darling wife to come visit me. She is the only person in this camp who keeps me company and I miss her dearly." 

Y/N had visited Jaime a handful of times since his capture. Her visits were always filled with off-handed spite and vague anger, but Jaime enjoyed her visits. They were progress in his eyes and Jaime gained more and more hope for their future every time Y/N granted him a smile. 

"Anyways, where did you find that she-beast?" 

Catelyn narrowed her eyes. 

"Brienne is a truer knight than you will ever be, Kingslayer." 

Jaime rolled his own eyes, his face not betraying the twinge of hurt that gripped his heart whenever someone called him Kingslayer to his face. 

"Kingslayer,” Jaime scoffed. “What a king he was. Here’s to Aerys Targaryen, Second of his name, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the realm.” Jaime’s smirk made it’s way back onto his face. “Holder of the sword I shoved through his back." 

Catelyn’s expression remained passive, as did Brienne’s. Their faces did nothing to give way to the disgust they felt, nor the quiet agreement. Aerys had been a mad-man, intent on letting Westeros burn before giving up the throne. But, no matter how vile he had been, the Kingslayer had still broken his vow to protect the King with his life.

"You are a man without honor." 

Jaime was quiet for a moment.

"You know, I had never been with any woman but Cersei until I married Y/N. I hadn’t been with Cersei in years, almost five, when we came to Winterfell. Even then, five years with nothing, I let the poor young thing wait until she was comfortable enough to let me between her legs." 

Jaime wished the words would stop coming, stop pouring from his mouth. He was dishonoring his wife with every word. He wished his entire force of being that he would stop, but he kept going. The ease with which Jaime said these things told him that this had been his façade for far too long. That he had been on Cersei’s leash for far too long.

"So, in my own way, I have more honor than poor old dead Ned. What’s the name of the bastard that he fathered? Snow?" 

Jaime saw the way Catelyn tensed and knew that he had found a sore spot. "You hated that boy, didn’t you? A constant reminder that the honorable Lord Eddard Stark fucked another woman." 

Catelyn demanded Brienne hand over her sword, and the knight hesitantly obeyed. 

Lady Stark brought the sword to Jaime’s neck, eyes narrowed. She held it there, the cool metal pressing against Jaime’s skin in silent threat before she lowered it. 

"If Y/N weren’t with your child, I’d have your head, Kingslayer." 

Jaime’s mask crumbled, his eyes widening. He strained against his chains as though Y/N were right in front of him 

"Y/N is with child?" 

Catelyn nodded, she and Brienne preparing to leave the cell. 

"A child that hopefully never has the displeasure of meeting its father.”

A Rant/Breakdown Of The Relationships In Daredevil

All right. I have a lot to say about the relationships in Daredevil. Namely, Matt + Karen, Matt + Elektra, and Frank + Karen. Here we go. 

I don’t ship Matt/Karen. Never have, never will

So that’s where I’ll start. While I don’t ship it, and honestly, their scenes as a couple in season 2 are actually cringe-worthy, I’m glad that they’re there. We needed those scenes. We needed to see them at least try. But the reality is, is that they can’t make it work. There’s too many problems. Karen is the type of person who Matt wishes he could be with. Matt is the kind of person Karen wishes she could be with. But that’s not the reality. They love the idea of each other more than they love each other. 

And that’s the main problem with the Matt/Karen relationship. But I’m glad they tried. And they did, but it wasn’t meant to work. And they part pretty quickly, and what’s significant about this is that after that, Matt goes to Elektra. They begin to rebuild that trust that they had before. Karen continually ends up with Frank, building trust with him. At this point, it’s pretty clear who Matt and Karen belong with. 

The next problem with the Matt/Karen relationship is, firstly, that Karen can’t see Matt as anything but the lawyer. She doesn’t find out he’s Daredevil until the end, but that’s not necessarily important. She knows something is going on. The scene where she walks into his apartment while Elektra and Stick are there, she runs as quickly as possible, because she doesn’t want to know what’s going on. She doesn’t want to see anything about Matt than what she’s come to expect. 

On the flip side, Matt only really sees Karen as the fluffy, happy person we see her as a lot. He doesn’t see the messy Karen, the hardcore Karen, the Karen who can take care of herself and get crap done. No, that’s not what he sees. And he’s constantly telling her to stop digging, to not get herself in the way of danger - and yes, it’s partially because he cares, but it’s also because he doesn’t really think she can do that. Also, let it be noted that Matt realizes that something is up with Karen, but never tries to figure out what?? He just kind of ignores it and goes back to what he’s working with - namely, Elektra. Matt and Karen were a mess. 

They were doomed before they even started. 

And so, moving on. Without Matt constantly holding her back, Karen can do what she needs to. The whole season, everyone is telling her to stop. To stop digging, to stop fighting for Frank, to stop looking for the truth. But honestly? She’s the only one really getting crap done. She’s so determined to find the truth and stick by it no matter what other people say. 

And so, we got the beautiful thing known as Kastle. Karen never stops fighting for Frank. She has seen who he is outside of the media stories, outside of the lies, and she believes in him. She knows that, yes, he’s done a lot of bad crap. But the man underneath that isn’t a monster. He never was. He’s a man who hasn’t had anyone believe in him for a long, long time. And so when Karen did just that, and fought for him, and cared for him like no one else, I think a little switch flipped in Frank’s head. 

And so, he started to protect her. She doesn’t always need protecting, but he’s always there. He tells her to leave him alone, but follows her around, saves her life, he keeps coming back because she’s the only one who sees him as a human being and he needs that. 

What I love about Kastle is that Frank sees Karen not as the fluffy person, but the person underneath. The panicking Karen suffering from PTSD. The messy Karen. The passionate Karen. The hardcore Karen. The Karen who will not let anything stop her from finding the truth, and what she believes in. And he never tries to see her differently. He loves her as she is, and she loves him as he is, even if it’s not strictly clear and noticed in the show. 

Karen sees Frank as a man, a human being, rather than a monster. Frank sees Karen as the woman who is struggling, stubborn, but is so, so determined and passionate and lovely. 

And so, there’s trust formed there. It’s fragile, but it grows. Especially after the glorious full-body tackle to protect her. The song in the car. Little things, so that Karen knows he’s looking out for her. And she’s always so relieved when she realizes it. Meanwhile, Karen does at times push Frank to become better. She tries. She tries to make him see him as she sees him, and maybe she doesn’t fully succeed, but some of it sticks with him. 

While this isn’t a comic-canon relationship, as far as I’m concerned, screw the comics at this point and give us this beautiful relationship more in the show. 

And now, Matt/Elektra. Not to pick favorites, but I am Very Passionate about these two and their relationship. 

Even before Matt and Karen break up, Matt is constantly going to Elektra. Yeah, he wasn’t happy about her being back at first, but as the season progresses you can tell that Matt wants to believe in her. He wants to push her to do better, he truly thinks that she can. This is a very important aspect of their relationship. 

Yeah, maybe Elektra isn’t the most healthy person for Matt. She has a lot of issues. But one huge aspect of season 2 is trying to balance out who these characters are. Matt struggles with this the whole time - lawyer or Daredevil. And the problem is, most people can’t accept him as anything but Matt Murdock, defense lawyer. 

But Elektra? She sees both sides of him. She accepts both sides of him. She knows that both are important to him, and doesn’t hold him back from either. Also, she reminds him that being Daredevil is a key part of him that he can’t let go, even if he sometimes thinks it would be for the better. Yes, Elektra crosses lines and encourages the darkness too much, but she tries. She tries hard to make him see that he needs this and can embrace it as part of himself and I love this. 

As for the other way around, Matt is always pushing Elektra to do better. I could rant forever about Elektra’s mental issues, and stubbornly fight people who say she’s a sociopath. Yes, Elektra is a screwed up person, but if you think about it, how could she not be? I’ll probably rant about this soon so I won’t go in depth here, but throughout her life she has been shaped to be the person she is, constantly being told by Stick that killing and this darkness is good. 

And so, when Matt allows Elektra back into his life openly, he tries so hard to pull her towards the light and out of the darkness that her life has locked her in, and I love him for it. Because this is exactly what she needs. She needs someone to believe in her, and who else would do that besides Matt? He sees the darkest parts of her and embraces it but doesn’t tell her it’s a good thing. He encourages her to do better, to be a better person. 

While, yes, sometimes they’re bad for each other, they balance each other out. They help each other do better, while simultaneously reminding each other that the darker sides of them are part of them, and that they really can’t fight that. But they can choose to be better. 

(Side note, the scene in… 2x08? when Matt gets back from court for the last time. Elektra’s injured. At this point, Matt’s life has fallen to pieces and he knows it. He lost the trial. But he didn’t lose Elektra, and he says as much. She apologizes. But he doesn’t. He doesn’t think she should. It’s clear that Matt made the decision about what was important to him even before he walked into court that last day.)

And I think that concludes my rant. There may be follow ups, I don’t know. But there you have it, a probably overdetailed breakdown of the daredevil relationships. 

I’m out. 

Let Me In {7}

Sequel to The Sun and The Stars

Previous parts:  | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 |

Word count: 2731

Warnings: swearing, blood

A/N: Guys!! I just wanted to say how much I appreciate each and every one of you I hit 800 followers today and I know that might not be a lot compared to a lot of other blogs but it means sooo much to me. I’ve always been really insecure about my writing and this is the first time I’ve ever posted my stories online so your messages and amazing feedback means everything to me. ANYWAYS, just wanted to say thank you and I love you guys. Enjoy this chapter xx

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“What the hell was that?” You mutter.

“Stay down.” Steve snarls in your ear as he leaps up and grabs his shield that rests against the side of the couch. You decide to do what he says but you’re itching to do something to help. You wish you still had your powers but you have to keep yourself calm and protective, for Layla. You hold on to her and crouch down as Steve quietly makes his way over to the window. 

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this is really random but

ok i mean i knew Gandalf wasn’t human, but I always had this idea that this old man visage reflected the character of his immortal spirit and then thanks to phob’s amazing art I suddenly fully COMPREHENDED for the first time that this is probably WRONG and Gandalf isn’t like old old-because the Valar intentionally sent him to Middle-Earth in the form of an old man- precisely as they thought that men, elves and dwarves would be more willing to listen to counsel from someone in this humbler looking visage than some glorious being of light.

so his true form as Olorin (his name in Valinor) probably doesn’t even come close to

but is probably more like

cos old!Gandalf REALLY is just a disguise he wears over his gloriously shining angelic true form. It’s just like us wearing ratty old clothes to disguise ourselves- his true form is like probably so impossibly beautiful that it would burn our eyes to gaze upon it or something

You will probably have heard of the death of Genl Greene before this reaches you, in which case you will, in common with your Countrymen, have regretted the loss of so great and so honest a man. Genl McDougall, who was a brave Soldier & a disinterested patriot, is also dead—he belonged to the Legislature of his State, the last act of his life, was (after being carried on purpose to the Senate) to give his voice against the emission of a paper currency. Colo. Tilghman, who was formerly of my family, died lately & left as fair a reputation as ever belonged to a human character. Thus some of the pillars of the revolution fall. Others are mouldering by insensible degrees. May our Country never want props to support the glorious fabrick!
—  From George Washington to Thomas Jefferson, 1 August 1786
A dream of dreams.

It would be great if human beings were great at being human, and if all of mankind were made up of kind women and kind men. It would be wonderful if common knowledge, was knowledge commonly known. And if the light from being enlightened from every heart was shown. It would be glorious if neighbors were neighborly, and indifference was a forgotten world. It would be awesome if we shared everything, and being greedy was absurd. It would be spectacular if the golden rule was golden to every man. And the good things that we have in life were good for everyone.

Soft sounds of metal rattling could be heard from within the Herald’s study, breathing heavily as his hands shook with a letter in the left. It read: “Dear Viktor Emberflit. We regret to inform you that your father has passed away. The family estate in Piltover will be auctioned off if you wish not to claim it. Regarding their joint bank account totaling 300,000 gold, the funds will arrive within your bank account shortly, and we hope you can have an okay evening.”

Signed, The Head of Piltover Police, Caitlyn.

The one man Viktor had idolized had passed away. His father was the one who had urged him to work at the college. To perfect the creation of hextanium. He was gone, and Viktor so wished he could have helped him. He wished he could go back up to Piltover without being shot at, or shouted at by the people who hated the idea of his Glorious Evolution. He just wanted to help people, not harm. But of course, humans have their own agendas.


Running threads in BVS

-In Africa, Lois asks the General if he’s a terrorist, and his reply is that he is “a man with nothing but a love of my people”. He’s a man whose actions lead some to call him a terrorist, when in his view he does it to benefit his people.

-Lex Luthor discusses the term philanthropist at his party and how it is a Greek word meaning “lover of humanity”. He mentions when the word was first coined and it is clear he is being viewed by the public as a philanthropist and probably sees himself as that too, as twisted as that may be considering how many of his own kind he sacrifices along the way. Similar to the General.

-Superman, who has now been framed to appear as a terrorist, sacrifices himself because he is truly a “lover of humanity” and most definitely his people (Lois, Martha) and he does it to a reworked and more glorious version of If You Love These People from the Man of Steel soundtrack, now renamed This Is My World.

It brings me so much happiness that BVS is in the world, exactly as it is. Don’t change a thing, Zack. :)

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omfg, overprotective hannibal makes my cold heart beat out the flamenco

Yes. Just. Yes

And we actually got canon protective Hannibal and that makes me want to lie down and contemplate how in the world this show exists because it really is too good for us mortals.

Digestivo? Holy shit.

This face, this face right here

This is the face of a man who’s about to raise even more hell than he just did, and he’s already dripping in blood and other human-goo, to rescue Will. This is protective Hannibal without a mask. This is pure, brutal–‘I’m gonna save my Will’–predator. 

This is Hannibal at his most dangerous and his most glorious. Because in his violence, in his true nature he’s able to protect.

This is Hannibal saving the man he loves. 

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Seriously, it's disturbing your talking about God, Jesus, Christianity and other crap. What if I tell you that I am an atheist? What do you say?

I’d probably tell you about God. But you have free will to believe in anything you want or in nothing at all and also to decide to follow or not this blog. But I think I’m pleasing more people than disturbing, anyway.. I’m not trying to please people but God. I will not stop talking about it, not to irritate you or people who think like you but because I believe in the truth of these words.
I’d probably tell you about love. I used to hate everything related to the gospel, because to me it seemed too fake. But God usually love this kind of people, not because they deserve his love more, but because they need more of his love. And I needed, I still need desperately this love.
I’d probably tell you about forgiveness (if you are still reading) because you maybe think that you make a few mistakes here and there but when you die nothing will happen, so nothing make sense, there’s no logical in being correct because I will not pay for my mistakes. But if I’m wrong and when I died I have to meet God, it would be a glorious relief to know that someone died in a distant past and bore all my mistakes , so even if I ‘m wrong and there is nothing after death, I will not risk.
I’d probably tell you about hope. Because some time a man wrote, “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived” the things God has prepared for those who love him, and then another man (who did not know the first one mentioned) also wrote, “Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one who is victorious, I will give the right to eat from the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God. I will give some of the hidden manna. I will also give that person a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to the one who receives it. To the one who is victorious and does my will to the end, I will give authority over the nations, that one ‘will rule them with an iron scepter and will dash them to pieces like pottery’ just as I have received authority from my Father. I will also give that one the morning star.
I’d probably tell you about faith. Because he said that through faith nothing is impossible. Not to judge you or showing you that my faith is better or bigger than yours, because my faith nor approaching a mustard seed, but to show you that even our faith is very small or nonexistent, this can not prevent God from wanting us. Proof of this is that He took you to my posts and hence my ask box later you’re reading my answer. And summarizing all this, I probably would tell you that even you being annoyed with everything I’ve written and posted, he loves you, he wants you, and he will not give up on you.

  • Will and Jem go out and a couple girls at the town don't look at Will.
  • Will: James, those two girls did not seem impressed with me at all. They completely ignored me.
  • Jem: What?
  • Will: Is something wrong with me today? Is my hair not messed up in a charming way? Aren't my eyes as blue as the night sky? Am I not an extremely handsome young man? What is wrong!?
  • Jem: *sarcastically* Well, maybe they're oblivious to the fact that you're the most glorious human being to ever walk on Earth.
  • Will: I'm glad that you think so too.

We always speak of rights of man and the freedom of the individual, but we forget that besides his rights, man has his responsibilities as well. These responsibilities do not merely extend to the poor and the suffering in the human kingdom, but also to the animal kingdom, which is even more helpless and in need of kindness and compassion. Surely, every living creature has its own right to happiness, and although it is true that there is so much cruelty and sorrow in nature, still there are many compensations and no cruelty in nature can equal that which is perpetrated by man.” - Rukmini Devi Arundale

A man drinks at last after being extremely thirsty, and, feeling refreshment permeating his body, thinks and says, ‘What a glorious thing is fresh water!’ Such a man, whether he knows it or not, has already taken a step toward that 'seeing of the beloved object.’ How splendid is water, a rose, a tree, an apple, a human face… Who among us has not suddenly looked into a child’s face, in the midst of the toils and troubles of everyday life, and at that moment “seen” that everything which is good is loved and lovable, is loved God! Such certainties all mean one and the same thing: that the world is plumb and sound; that everything comes to its appointed goal; that in spite of all appearances, underlying all things is-peace, salvation, gloria; that nothing and no one is lost; that 'God holds in this hand the beginning, the middle, and the end of all that is’.
—  Josef Pieper, Happiness and Contemplation
Come On, Sherlock Would Certainly Be Bisexual. (Also, the New Season Is Very Good.) | Slate Magazine

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Sherlock Holmes returns from the dead very quickly in the new, third season of Sherlock, which begins this Sunday on PBS’s night of Must See British Accents and Cheekbones, right after Downton Abbey. The last episode of Sherlock, “The Reichenbach Fall,” aired two years ago and featured Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch, who has now been famous long enough for me to call it: Yes, it will always be funny) taking a swan dive off a building into cement pavement. Presumed dead by the public and his best friend, Dr. John Watson (Martin Freeman), Sherlock was revealed in the final minutes of the episode lurking in the shadows, alive and well. Sherlock Holmes does not die, especially not in a TV show bearing his name.

Presumed death has, if anything, energized Holmes and his show, a modern take on Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous detective that imagines him as a sort of brainiac superhero whose special power is ice-cold logic. This Holmes has a cape (fine, a long coat), a lair on Baker Street, a good right hook, and a devoted following, but his true identity—that is to say, his heart—is known only to one man. Since Sherlock’s presumed death two years ago, that man, Watson, went through a period of intense and profound mourning, one he is just coming out of thanks to his new girlfriend, Mary (Amanda Abbington). Sherlock expects to be welcomed back by Watson with open arms; he’s not quite attuned, as ever, to the feelings of the more feeling people around him. The third season is looser, funnier, more emotional and also significantly less logical than what has come before. It takes its structure not, as in the past, from specific cases, but the evolving relationships between the members of its newly minted love triangle.

Each season of Sherlock consists of three episodes, each an hour and a half long. Historically, there has been one excellent episode, one pretty good episode, and one episode redeemed by Cumberbatch’s extraordinarily charming performance. (Or, in the case of last season’s “The Hounds of Baskerville,” not redeemed.) The second episode of this season, set at Watson’s wedding, is a pure delight, the best episode the show has ever done. The third episode initially appears to be about a German Rupert Murdoch blessed with a particularly malevolent and powerful pair of Google Glasses before taking a more personal turn and getting rivetingly cuckoo. “The Empty Hearse,” the season opener, is the not-so-great entry in this newest batch of episodes, sick with a case of smugness.

“The Empty Hearse” is the most meta move imaginable, featuring a Sherlock Holmes fan club, blatant stand-ins for the show’s own fans, in a key role. The solution to Holmes’ great escape is complicated and opaque and unsatisfying: It has none of the simplicity of the best mystery resolutions. (Also, apparently no one checked on Sherlock’s body in the morgue.) There is a point at which meta ceases to be a cute wink acknowledging your fans’ existence and starts to be a self-aggrandizing hyper-awareness of how important your TV show is to them. Fans are very fannish, but perhaps even they would rather watch a diverting episode of Sherlock than a bunch of jokes about their relationship to Sherlock, which they definitely already make themselves on various message boards.

Also getting the meta treatment in “The Empty Hearse”: the true bromance of Sherlock and Watson. The show wastes no time getting the “Watson and Sherlock are in love with each other” cracks out in the open, but without ever quite descending into a homosexual panic. Watson loudly and regularly asserts that he and Sherlock are not lovers, but he is vulnerable before Sherlock and openly caring and protective of him. The wonderful second episode revolves around Sherlock’s very moving wedding toast to John. Their love is deep and real. The show even goes so far as to suggest that Mary, much more complicated than she initially seems, is, in some ways, a female Holmes—a person who lives in an exciting moral gray area—and that’s why Watson likes her so much.

And yet, Sherlock is not quite following its title character to his logical conclusion on the subject of sexuality. Cumberbatch, with his near bouffant of black, curly hair and long trench coat, his dashing and glorious way with the neg, is swoon-worthy in the part. Holmes may be a virgin, but according to the show’s creator (and Dr. Who showrunner) Steven Moffat that fact is “the choice of a monk, not the choice of an asexual.” (Moffat has also said, “[Sherlock] wouldn’t be living with a man if he thought men were interesting,” so it’s hard to say how much his judgment can be relied upon.) But Watson is the only person in the whole world that Sherlock loves, the only human being who Sherlock apologizes to, misses, gets jealous of, plans weddings for. Are we really supposed to think that Sherlock, master of logic, would care that Watson is a man? At the very, very least this Sherlock Holmes would have no qualms with bisexuality: He would flirt with men as shamelessly as women to crack a case. But Sherlock and Moffat are very insistent on asserting this hero’s appeal specifically and primarily to women, a blinkered perspective that Sherlock, who sees more than anyone else, would be the first to dismiss as elementary.

love like a roar [AO3]

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wc: 835 // rating: teen

Clarke Griffin thinks that her soulmate must be the stupidest person to ever exist.

Out of all of the things to say to anybody upon a first meeting, her soulmate chooses the words “You don’t happen to have a spare set of boxers just lying around, do you?”

Hers must be equally ridiculous, because she’s been reading the words over and over again ever since she had the ability to read, and has formulated a rather good response (“you’re a fucking idiot, do you know that?” seems pretty appropriate for the situation, no?) for when her soulmate decides appear in her life.

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