man these guys are brilliant


You know this beautiful youtuber called RiceGum? 

His name is Bryan Le, he’s 19, and he lives in Vegas  

His sense of humor/roasting is just so unique and lit that people often get offended but don’t see the purpose behind his roasting. We all do it at some point, but he publicly displays his thoughts if something he’s not okay with. 

despite all the haters, he deals with them better than anyone like boiiii u is fire

he gets all the girls too ;) lmao i mean he is a hot ass gamer 

there are way too many things about him i want to mention like how he tries his interact with the fans 

and just how cute he looks in general ^^

i mean come on… isnt he just perfect *-*

and he is just so real with his dissing 

he is very good at basketball and is very intelligent (like hes asian ofc lmao) 

this boi got the sass and dat ass 

or how he posts quality stuff so often and streams whenever he can despite being constantly occupied and busy 

and how he just spent hella money just to pay back his fans… his generosity just blows my mind. so much respect. 

if you can’t respect his opinions, at least don’t diss him. 

because there are more than 3.2 MILLION people who think he isnt nonsense 

also, i personally loveeee his silver hairstyle i think its sexy af *heart eyes*

man i just cant get enough of this guy. he’s brilliant, dedicated and just so nice much wow i wanna see more of him //

never want him to ever stop doing what he does because youtube and this world needs people like him //

Thank you RiceGum, for existing. Truly support you man… you’ve changed my way of living life and dealing with things. 

 just thank you man. 

keep smiling and making us all have a laugh on a screwed up day 

RiceGum Squad loves you ^^ 

(p.s. sorry i took this screenshot xD) 


~i do not own these pictures, all are from either his videos, instagram, snapchat, twitter, live stream, fan accounts etc idk~

Guys today my man said something brilliant. He said sometimes a person who’s done you wrong will check up on you and think about you and keep doing that not because they sincerely care about you, but because they don’t know how to stop feeling bad about how they’ve done you. The guilt is uncomfortable so they think they can test the water with you until you don’t block them or respond with hostility. So when they come sniffing around, know that it’s still got absolutely nothing to do with you, it’s still just fuckboys being fuckboys

  • slimetony: *breathes* i hate myself
  • everyone on tumblr: oh yes this man is brilliant guys would you look at this its #me time to like and reblog 4 times because its so me
  • slimetony: i killed a man with my bare hands i need help hiding the boyd
  • everyone on tumblr: lmao epic #meeeee

Sometimes I think about Steve and Tony, together as a couple, and I have to laugh….I mean, those two don’t do anything by halves, do they?

Tony in a relationship with the very pinnacle of human perfection… if that wasn’t daunting enough, Steve is every bit as good as his outside….you cannot get any better than Steve. (there is a reason Peggy favors women after Steve went down)

And Steve! imagine waking up after a long, long sleep….the technology has changed, what little science you learnt in school is now being taught to kids in the first grade. Your hands only know how to paint with blood, and your body (and shield) is the only thing you have left….and even that is new new new.

And you somehow befriend the most brilliant man in the world. The guy college students write their thesis on, a guy whose brain churns out ideas even Nobel Laureates cannot fathom.

A guy who represents the every essence of the world you’re trapped in.

And fast forward a few years, and you’re living with him. A guy who you have “shared experience” with, who screams and cries is his sleeps, and is kept alive by the very metal that keeps you alive (and traveled with you to this new world).

Somehow, years after missing your date, you fall in love with the “future” (”I’m a futurist, Steve. It’s my job to predict and prepare for it)…and you realize you don’t really long for the past anymore.

Just……Steve and Tony have impossible standards, and they seem to love dating superlatives. They are true equals (partners) in a relationship, a feat considering who they are. Everyone else, even other superheroes, cannot compare, bc of the sheer responsibility on their shoulders. It’ll be dating your boss, if they ever did try w/ someone else.

They’ll prob never break up, bc lets face it……who else will be good enough?

Joss is a brilliant man. He’s one of those guys that is so very, very clever, he can leave you in the dust intellectually. But he’s one of those guys that keeps his feet on the ground and doesn’t ever make you feel stupid. He’s far more intelligent than I. How he does it? I don’t know. If I could kill him and take that talent I would.
—  Nathan Fillion