man there is some shit

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For that Risky Ask thing, how about 10? :P

10.) if you draw or write, show some of your really old work

shit man i delete like all my old work

but this is the oldest one i could find


well i mean its one of the better ones i guess.. -.-

It’s almost poetic the way Junkrats on opposite teams end up viciously targeting each other. When things get super intense and they’re both in each other’s face, they normally end up killing one another at the same time. And if not at the same time, the payback is fucking brutal.
It’s beautiful.

I just want to make sure we all know sombra doesn’t wear toe shoes / vibrams. The are thick tights/leggings with reinforced padding on the under side. If they were toe shoes, the shading defining each toe would be much more pronounced and go further into her foot. 

That is all, good night.

a not-entirely-earthling stinky boy

Episode 12x01 spoilers, watch out for unoriginality since people have probably already done this

@destieldrabblesdaily Shirley this is all your fault (I guess you could say happy really late birthday I don’t know)