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iwantcupcakes’ Iron Man Christmas giveaway

Iron Man’s colors are red and gold.  Two of the three colors of Christmas are red and gold.  Coincidence? Well … yeah.

My first giveaway went ok so I’ve been thinking about doing it again with some duplicate Iron Man merch that I don’t need.  It happens to be the holiday season so it’s the perfect time.

All of these are new and in their original packaging–.

  • Iron Man convertible backpack from ThinkGeek
  • iHome Iron Man rechargeable AUX speaker
  • Captain America: Civil War Iron Man 4″ die-cast metal figure by Jada
  • Iron Man “character containers” candy + stickers pack

Items as pictured above. In order to enter–  

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  2. Reblogs and likes both count.
  3. Ideally must be 18 or older.

Please, I really don’t want folks to click the “follow” button just because I’m giving away free shit.  Following me, while cool, is absolutely not required.

The winner will be chosen by 9pm CST on 12/16/2016.  I’ll contact the winner ASAP; if no response in 12 hours, I’ll pick a different one.

If you have questions, feel free to ask.

The Shooting Star

A/N: Oh boy, here we go. This is my first entry one-shot for @doodledrawsthings human bill AU (which they helped edit and illustrate). For those not familiar, it’s an AU based on the Flat Dreams lore by @pengychan, basically a “what-if” scenario of Bill coming back during the Pines Twins second summer in Gravity Falls. If you’re unfamiliar with it, CHECK OUT THEIR PAGE. WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE. Hope you enjoy this one.

part 2

part 3

“And this is the time DipDop and I were voted Best Dynamic Duo! Man, I can’t imagine not having my bro to count on!”

“Can we do something else.”


The occupant of the kitchen chair groaned loudly, burying his face in his arms. “Tell me, Shooting Star, is TORTURING ME with POINTLESS HUMAN SENTIMENTS glued onto pieces of colorful paper some kinda elaborate revenge scheme you’re executing?”

“First, they’re not pointless. I’ll have you know I worked very hard on each of them! And second-” Mabel jumped up from her chair and smacked Bill lightly across the face. The demon recoiled with an half-annoyed half-startled snarl. “You’re being a jerk! So you get a frowny-face sticker.”

Bill slowly pried said sticker off his cheek, slowly ripped it in half with a disturbing satisfaction, and tossed the remaining pieces on the floor, his eyes never leaving Mabel’s. The demon silently got up, fixing the girl with a sneer before turning to leave. Well, that could have gone better.

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Hey guys💛 so I just want to apologize for the first version of this. Her skin came out a lot paler than it looked when I was coloring it on photoshop and I don’t know why. I had no intention of white washing her.

An Open Letter to Tomi Lahren, Commentator on TheBlaze, After Her Interview On The Daily Show

Dear Tomi:

First off I gotta know who does your hair,
Like, your ends are looking a little crispy,
get some conditioner on there and leave it in for like fifteen minutes,
but that platinum blonde is an amazing color, seriously,
so I can get your stylist’s number?

I wanted to say I felt sorry for you when the audience booed you,
when you stepped into the lion’s den and they growled and roared
at such a simple catechism:
“I don’t see color.”
“No, I’m not mainstream.”
“Did you know that a black man is 18.5 times more likely to shoot a police officer than a police officer is to shoot a black man?”
I mean you’re repellent, and also wrong, and also lying,
so I wanted to say I felt sorry for you when the audience booed you,
when you refused to be quiet,
well-behaved women seldom make history and all,
but girl.
Oh, you didn’t stop there.
Oh, you had to say
“I don’t protest my country. I’m not a victim.”
Oh, you had to say
“I’m a Millennial, I don’t like labels”
–that doesn’t have anything to do with the rest of this it’s just obnoxious–
Oh, you had to say
Black Lives Matter is the new KKK
Oh, you had to say
“Hillary could use some touching, right? Bill’s a little busy~”
Oh you had to say
Oh you had to say
Oh say
Oh say
Oh say can you see by the dawn’s early light
that I may not be a football star but I am kneeling, too,
and also flipping you off, because

fuck you, lady.

When girls like me in combat boots and bookworm glasses say “I’m not like the Other Girls,”
normally I hate that –
I have known too many women to write them all off as Other like that –
but you motherfucking Other Girl
you make me forget what sisterhood tastes like.
You re-shared, re-tweeted right-wing re-boot,
all civil and spice and isn’t this nice when you talk to an actual black man,
like your voice isn’t a shotgun when it’s just you and the camera and your Final Thoughts.
You Queen Bee,
you are so smart,
smart as paint and twice as suffocating,
I can feel my throat closing up when you speak because for a second
I believe you,
because for a second I am thirteen and want you to think I’m cool.
Because for a second
I can see the future and it really does look like you stamping on a human face,
“shut up and say thank you” in one hand and “I’m just criticizing” in the other,
all ablaze in righteousness and haloed in red,
patron saint of hypocrisy and the alt
ernative media
because apparently you don’t want to be associated with the term “alt-right”
even if the blind taste test can’t tell the difference between
your criticism and their Kampf.

So I won’t Godwin’s Law this poem and call you a Nazi.

I will call you Vichy instead,
I’ll call you Riefenstahl.
I’ll call you Coco Chanel and collaborationist,
you beauty, you brains, you profiteer.
And I’ll call your stylist.
I hear your brand of blonde is the new black–
no, sorry, that’s the new KKK–
no, sorry, that’s the new media–
no, sorry, I forgot what we were talking about–
I just want to know what bleach made you
so bright
and if the solution
to our protests
is as final
as your Thoughts.

aesircast  asked:

So let's say, in theory, someone drew a lineart of Nina and wanted to color it (hypothetically). Would Manbanras' color scheme be accurate, or do you have something else in mind? Also, I wanna say, numerous people have asked me how my own naga would fit into a modern setting, but seeing Nina is the first time I've seriously considered it. Something about predatory nagas having to work a crappy/boring job just gives me the giggles.

Her original color scheme was this but I think I might stick with Manbanras’ colors, They’re really good oh man, I always second guess myself when it comes to picking colors. 

Nina was originally gonna be in a more fantasy setting which is why she has the costume, but I wanted her to interact with more of my modern setting characters like Lucy and I figured it would be more funny this way. 

Abel wanted a traditional marriage with a traditional wife. For a long time I wondered why he ever married a woman like my mom in the first place, as she was the opposite of that in every way. If he wanted a woman to bow to him, there were plenty of girls back in Tzaneen being raised solely for that purpose. The way my mother always explained it, the traditional man wants a woman to be subservient, but he never falls in love with subservient women. He’s attracted to independent women. ‘He’s like an exotic bird collector,’ she said. 'He only wants a woman who is free because his dream is to put her in a cage.’
—  Trevor Noah, Born a Crime

This is the saddest night for us as a nation. This is a loud and clear message to immigrants, Latinos, Muslims, people of color, the LGBT community, victims of sexual abuse, and other marginalized groups that our struggles will always be second to white, blue collar America. This is a clear message that a woman, no matter how skilled or prepared, has a disadvantage over a white man. This is a message that fear mongering, racism and xenophobia are alive and well and have now become the rhetoric that could get you elected. The number of Ku Klux Klan groups in the US more than doubled from 72 in 2014 to 190 in 2015. And that seems to be the path we’re heading towards in 2016 and even 2017. This is not the America I know. This is not the America I believe in. I don’t know where we go from here. All I can say is I am utterly dismayed by this election and by everyone who contributed to these results. This is terrifying.

‘Are you going to stop rushing my goalie, little mouse?’

‘You know it’s impolite to talk about another man while you got your hands on my ass, right.’

They’re at a club after the match. They’re drunk. It started as a joke and the punchline is breakfast the next morning.

Alright this picture is my payment for the bet  about what color Parse eyes would be. This is dedicated to  @dexydex @omgpornplease @fabbittle @chyeahnursey @bittyybee @jacksbits @taddietango @limeadepeelsand and @sufferbot

Since there were so many winners I chose the pairing myself, to honor those two interacting on screen for the first time!

AUTOPROMO TIME: I’m starting to post my comic this month, so keep tuned!

I’m sitting up here honestly about to cry. I remember being a little black girl in sixth grade watching our first black president being inducted into office and I was so in awe. At the time I had no clue what policies were or how our government worked, but all I knew was that I was watching someone the same color as me with daughters my age being inducted into one of the most important positions in this country. And now I sit here, eight years later and on the verge of tears. My first election where I’m old enough to vote and the man who was endorsed by the KKK has garnered this much popularity by our country. I’m just so, so upset.


SOLBY COMIC IS DOOOONNNEE!! (I am bad at making comics man) OMG this took so long, but I wanted to make it so bad! I don’t even know if anyone will get the joke. I just thought it was funny, but then again I am strange lol

I wanted to make something with Sol and thought of this stupid pun. I regretted wanting to color it at first because it took a looooooong time :’D Then lining itself was forever.

Anyway, I hope you like it nonetheless! I recorded the majority of my process, so that will be on my youtube pretty soon! Thank you for reading my short comic of my take on Outertale’s Grillby.

Outertale Sol Grillby Rendered

Outertale Grillby Time-Lapse Video

Solar “Sol” Grillby Character Reference Sheet

highlights of when my parents and i watched tsot last night

• my dad crying throughout the whole thing
• “it’s really gonna happen..” when it was the Big Question scene
• my dad constantly saying dramatic shit like “its his worst nightmare.. losing john” when sherlock got uncomfortable when mrs hudson said how she never saw her best friend again after the wedding
• his gasp during the knee grope scene
• him saying “youre so rigHt” every time i mentioned a detail
• my mom going “so can you explain the colors on wall and the flowers” and me holding back tears and going “ya after we finish this episode”
• me whispering “this is a gay man..” when sherlock did the pirouette and him just nodding with tears in his eyes
• my mom saying sholto wasn’t johns ex and i paused the tv, and i go “mom when mary said ‘neither of us were the first’ to sherlock when he was jealous of sholto what did he mean?” “umm the first.. the first..” “THE FIRST WHAT MOM” “THE FIRST .. love?”
• me and my dad losing our shit when she was trying to make up excuses for it being Gay
• “LESBIANS LESBIANS LESBIANS” when we saw the clip from Happily Ever After
• holding my dads hand every time something gay happened
• “bring in the lesbians..” when john said harry wasn’t coming
• my dad confirming its gay to only have one guy with u on ur stag night
• me and my dad throwing each other a ten second glance after “why would he be afraid we’re getting married”
• dad tormenting me with the fact that sherlock taught john how to waltz (“you know how he taught him the dip..” “shut UP”)
• my dad going “oh boy :(……..” when sherlock and john looked at each other for like 20 seconds after the pregnancy deduction scene ..
• “that guy rehearsed the murder like how this wedding is just a rehearsal for john and sherlocks wedding”
• “he really hates straight people”
• “i hope my commentary wasn’t too annoying” “no there were so many things i never realized before??” “oh well you’re welcome for enlightening you then”


Something watercolored I did for Makoto Shinkai who was at the preview shooting of Your Name in Paris this week !

We talked for a while, it was so exciting and interesting ! As I told him his movie has broke my heart in too many ways, he said my voice was pretty and truly fitting Mitsuha and he said this about three or four times AND I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER ??

Seriously, I’m so thankful to this man for the experience I had on this wonderful movie.

Click on the pictures for captions concerning the WiP !

Colors (part 13) [Min Yoongi X  Reader]

Genre: Mafia AU

Word count: 10.5K

A/n: Bear with me here amigos! this is the longest chapter I’ve ever written of colors. I hope you all will like it^^

Part 1 - Part 12 - Part 14 || MASTERLIST

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

He likes his coffee dark but his favorite color is white. When he was younger he wanted to be a firefighter, he said he wanted to save lives. He was 13 the first time he had shot a man dead. But he wasn’t remorseful since the person tried to shoot him first.  He loved the rain but hated getting wet in it; his first pet was a white tomcat, his mother used to work at a small restaurant from 1 to 9 so his grandmother took care of him till he was 5. His father took him away from his mother when he was 11.

All that and more you learned about Min Yoongi in this 4x4 shoebox, on a squeaky old bed where you two lied next to each other.  His one hand was under your head, acting as pillow, and the other one was wrapped around your waist. 

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Thank you.

tifa week
 ↳day four // favorite relationship

S class hero, GENOS! I need more of that anime, 12 episodes is NOT enough. I also drew him with way more mass than he usually has, I was using the manga chapters where he fights Saitama for refs and wow is that armor complicated. Also, for the first time, i noticed on the chapter page it says “Anti-Saitama Tactical Arm” on his fist. I love this comic so much… I’ll color this too eventually.

Brush and ink in my Stillman and Birn sketchbook.