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Loser Club hc

  • Winter break turned out to be beyond freezing
  • They couldn’t even go outside to play in the sparkling white snow
  • After through planning and it freezing to death all the losers are in the safety of Bill’s house
  • They’re fighting over what movie to watch when Bev dumps out her backpack that was filled with makeup and I mean filled
  • The boys have never seen so much makeup and just gape at the sight
  • Bev declares that she’s gonna do each boys makeup
  • They protest so loudly and almost hysterically
  • But in the end they couldn’t say to no to Bev I mean how could they
  • So with some pop music (nkotb) playing in the background Bev gets started
  • Ben is first why because Bev has always wanted him in makeup
  • She sets aside neutral colors like olive, grey, muted blue, champagne and a few other colors for Ben
  • She gives him olive eyeshadow with touches of neutral blue, it’s subtle enough that it doesn’t make him look awkward but enough to bring out his eyes with brown eyeliner
  • She uses champagne powder to cover up any red spots and blends them into his skin and lastly she applies some nude lipstick
  • Ben looks freakin gorgeous omg were the losers in awe
  • Next was Bill, for Bill she mostly used light colors like pale pink, coral, light purple, and a little lavender
  • Lavender and light purple was his eyeshadow with a little brown eyeliner to accent his eyes
  • Pale pink blush and soft tan to to hide and blemishes
  • She gives him coral lipstick as a finishing touch and Stan almost faints but how attractive and beautiful Bill is like Stan just can’t cope
  • For Richie, Bev gives him a punk rock look I mean it’s not like they’ve discussed this before oh no definitely not
  • She applies deep purple eyeshadow with thick black eyeliner cateye style
  • His blush is a dark brownish and his lips are coated in black lipstick
  • Richie flips and he is so excited I mean he looks so badass and Eddie can’t stop staring at him with utter fascination
  • Stan gets all nude colors and boy does he look good
  • She gives him light pink blush to bring out the natural beauty Stan already has I mean this boy doesn’t need makeup he’s so gorgeous without it and Bill just keeps stuttering
  • Mike gets all the bold colors and I mean bold. Bev uses bright orange eyeshadow and he just looks stunning, she adds highlights to his face to bring out his features and man it does lastly she gives him sunshine yellow lipstick and Mike is practically glowing that’s how stunning he looked with the bold colors on his dark skin
  • Eddie gets all the glitter and sparkles
  • His eyeshadow is a glittering pink that makes his soft eyes shine, he gets the lightest powder and then sparkle blush that make his cheeks look so pretty and then Bev gives him cotton candy glitter lipgloss
  • Richie just starts crying because Eddie looks like a god he’s just so beautiful
  • The boys decide to collaborate and do Bev’s makeup instead of her usual look they use soft colors
  • It takes them many tries but they give her sky blue eyeshadow and pale green eyeliner
  • Light champagne powder and pink blush they also give her the glitter lipgloss she gave Eddie and she looks like a goddess as well
  • Ms. Denbrough takes a couple Polaroid shots of the group and each loser gets a copy
  • It was the best winter day ever

“the door, get the door.” was all magnus was able to gasp against alec’s lips as they stumbled into his bedroom, hands fluttering and mouths moving like wildfire, quick and passionate. alec made a noise of agreement that made something warm and wanting pool in magnus’ gut as he blindly reached for the door with one hand while his lips remained attached to magnus’. it was almost comical, how frantic alec was in trying to push the door shut while attempting to maintain contact with him. it was like magnus was the only oxygen left in the world and alec felt like his lungs were going to burst because he was suffocating. magnus cupped the back of alec’s neck and his face, smiling as alec finally managed to close the door and reach out for his forearms, tugging him closer.


they tipped and swayed a little as alec began to try to take his boots off, hopping a little on one foot so that they wouldn’t lose their balance. it was like being intoxicated, uncoordinated movements and whirling minds, and magnus began to laugh as alec just gave up and pulled away for a few seconds to get his shoe off.

and he was smiling, too and god, wasn’t that beautiful, wasn’t he beautiful. alec was smiling at him like he was the sun and his forehead was against his and he smelled so good, like aftershave and laundry detergent and just alec. his hand was on magnus’ chest to steady himself as he let out little breathy laughs, laughs that were like fireflies that seemed to glow and that magnus wanted to catch and put in a jar because they were so precious.

and it was all so funny, wasn’t it? how a shoe, a damn shoe, was interrupting their moment, how magnus had forgotten that first times weren’t as flawless as they were in the movies, how life wasn’t set out like actors with blocking, how alec had seemed to believe that this was all supposed to go one way but it was not going entirely as planned.

a shoe, a boot to be more specific, had been preventing them from getting their groove on.

hah. screw you, shoe magnus thought triumphantly when he heard alec’s boot thud on the floor.

they were both giggling now, kissing forgotten as they held each other in the dimly lit room, and magnus only realized now that sex wasn’t always sensuous or intense; it was clumsy, it was educational, and at times, it was joyous. it was uniting and connecting with someone in the closest way possible. that’s what they were doing, that’s what him and alec were about to do: connect.

it had been a long time since magnus actually laughed during a makeout session or a heated moment, but it felt….right. like it was okay to be messy and not super elegant with alec because alec didn’t care. it was relaxing, comforting, to know that they were in the same boat, that they could be like this, laugh at each other and with each other, even as they were fumbling with buttons and stumbling towards a bed. at the same time though,  magnus was positive that alec could practically hear the butterflies in his stomach through his chuckles, the pounding of his heart. he could certainly feel it, with his hand on his chest, but he just kept looking at him like that, in that open honest way that magnus had never before and that made him want to weep because of how exquisite alexander lightwood was.

and then they were kissing again and wow, did that feel bloody incredible. the thing about alec was that he was so eager and so giving and was willing to give anything he tried his all, so kissing him was incredible. his lips moved almost desperately, breath ghosting magnus’ cheek and chin and his hair was tickling his forehead and his hands were moving all over his body and it was so much and magnus suddenly realized that there were too many layers of clothing between them and he needed to feel alec’s skin and the scars and the coarse hair under his fingertips or else he was going to die, he was sure he was going to die if this didn’t happen soon enough.

magnus grabbed at the back of alec’s shirt and tugged and alec at once got what he was trying to do and he graciously helped magnus’ wish come true, breaking away to hastily take off his shirt and throw it aside somewhere. magnus wouldn’t have cared if that shirt had ended on top of the empire state building, waving in the wind like some strange flag because alec was now kissing him again and he could feel the warmth of his skin radiate through his own shirt as he slipped off his own jacket. alec’s hands went to magnus’ shoulders as if to help him push his jacket off, but magnus already had that covered and his hands kind of wandered for a few seconds, not sure what to do. magnus found that strangely endearing.

but, of course, all horrible things come in pairs, as alec was walking around with only one shoe on  and he pulled away to take off his second boot, forehead touching magnus’. and then this for some reason made them laugh again and magnus felt like he could fly when alec was looking at him like that. the second shoe practically sailed across the room and magnus was so overwhelmed with emotions for the man in front of him that he took his face in his hands and flipped them over , both of them falling rather smoothly onto his bed.

and this, wow, this was the jackpot. alec’s weight underneath him, his chest rising and falling and a bright look in his eye. his lips were already shiny and a gorgeous pink from kissing and his hair going this way and that. it made magnus’ heart practically ache. alec lightwood was going to be the death of him.

“that was graceful.” magnus observed, shifting so that he was able to situate himself between alec’s legs, planting his hands on either side of his head. these were the first words that they had exchanged since their conversation in the living room and magnus tried not to sound as wrecked as he felt.

“shadowhunter.” alec replied breathlessly, making no attempt to hide his state at all. and that was….lovely. it was really, really lovely to see alec, a man who had been unable to express himseflf and his true emotions for all of his life be so open about what he was feeling in this moment. in this moment with magnus.

a sense of honor filled magnus’ chest, that he was the only one, had ever been the only one, to witness the true alec lightwood.

“huh.” magnus mustered before alec was pulling him down by his face for a kiss, a kiss so deep and slow like caverns or waves rolling gently towards the shore. magnus hummed in response, his brain short circuiting when alec craned his neck and chased his lips when he started to sit up a little.

 it just all felt so wonderful, everything about this moment was perfect, and magnus wasn’t sure if he wanted to faint, cry, or both when he felt alec’s hands slip under his shirt to pull it up his back oh so slowly, like molasses or sap dripping from a tree.

magnus wanted to memorize every little detail about this moment: the feel of alec’s body underneath his, their chests pressed together, hands exploring his own back and exposing his skin to the warm air, mouth pulling kiss after kiss from his own lips,  every little sound coming from alec and how his body tensed and shivered under magnus’ touch, how alec’s heart was thudding against his chest at a million miles per hour.

it had been centuries since someone had touched him like this, with such care and preciseness and with a craving and an itch for more. and magnus wanted everything, he wanted so much as well, as he held alec’s face in his hands, and suddenly the room started to spin and the combination of alec’s hands on his body and teeth tugging at magnus’ bottom lip and his back arching just so he could be as close to magnus as possible made something in magnus snap, like a cable or a wire, and he felt the familiar spark of the glamour hit his eyes at full force.

he remembered lovers in the past cowering at his eyes, sometimes sneering at them and calling them hideous. some, like camille, had laughed at him, shaming him for who he was. others, like etta, didn’t understand, even if they weren’t cruel about it. guilt and fear washed over magnus and he sat up right away, getting off of alec and turning to face the opposite wall, squeezing his eyes shut and trying to snap the glamour back on. the blood rushing in his ears and the dizziness and arousal and joy clouding his mind were making it very frustratingly difficult to do so. 

he faintly heard alec’s confused voice in the background and picked up on him saying, “am i doing something wrong?” and of course alec would ask that. the perfect soldier, the man who wanted to get everything right all the time. his first concern was that he had messed up, had made magnus unhappy, was seeking answers on how he could fix his supposed mistake and that made magnus want to turn to him and hold him, but he refrained. the nerves over his eyes were eating him up inside and he felt sick to his stomach.

“no such thing.” he responded, attempting to put on a breezy air, but the anxiety seeped through his words like water through paper.

magnus heard alec sit up and he wanted nothing more than to run from the room or kiss alec and pretend like everything was okay. 

“do you not want to?” alec asked curiously and that was the last thing magnus wanted him to think.

“no- yes, of course i do.” magnus pinched the bridge of his nose, still not looking at his boyfriend.

why me? magnus thought miserably. why can’t i have this one good thing with this one great person? 

alec stayed quiet for a moment before magnus felt his hand on his back, comforting and grounding but also terrifying at the same time. “magnus, what is it?” alec tried slowly and carefully, waiting patiently for a response.

magnus hesitated, taking a deep breath before saying shakily, “it’s just…sometimes i lose control.” and before he could stop himself, despite the voice screaming in his head telling him not to, magnus turned around, facing alec with his unglamoured eyes and pure terror in his heart.

alec stared at him for what felt like the longest five seconds of his whole  life, his face unreadable. magnus felt a lump form in his throat and was already preparing what to do and what to say next: this was fun while it lasted. here’s your shirt. i hope you have a nice night.and he reprimanded himself for ever opening up his heart again, for every trusting a shadowhunter, for ever being this foolish.

but then.

but then alec smiled.

he was smiling.

it was a soft smile, a gentle smile that made magnus’ heart soar and instantly calmed his fears. it was unguarded and sweet , the kind of smile you wouldn’t expect to see on the face of a soldier, especially alec lightwood. but here he was, smiling at magnus and his eyes.

his real eyes.

alec scooted closer until their legs were touching, his smile never faltering.

“magnus,” he began tenderly, licking his lips before cupping magnus’ face with his hand. his eyes were welcoming and looked like stars, twinkling and gorgeous in the moonlight. “they’re beautiful. you’re beautiful.”

and that, well.

magnus didn’t know what to say to that.

all the air whoosed out of his lungs and he felt his chest tighten and his heart began to hurt, like physically hurt, because of how in love he was already with this man, how much his comment meant to him, how he was still smiling at him and wasn’t scared or disgusted.

he thinks i’m beautiful, magnus giddily processed. it had been along time since someone had called him beautiful, but it had never felt quite right when they had said it

when alec called him beautiful, magnus felt complete, he felt alive. he felt like he wanted to throw his arms in the air and twirl around.

he felt like…happiness.

no words could sum up what he was feeling in that moment, so magnus settled for taking the wrist of the hand that alec was cupping his face with and squeezing, smiling fondly at him. they stayed like that for a few moments, smiling and peaceful, until alec started to smirk at him.

“what?” magnus smiled a little and alec’s smirk only continued to grow.

“not gonna lie, you losing control of your magic because of me is really sexy.” alec said flirtatiously and magnus scoffed, pretending to be annoyed. the smile on his face was a dead giveaway.

“oh, please.” he laughed, alec’s hand still on his face, his thumb stroking his cheekbone.

“it is! quite the confidence booster.” alec scrunched his nose up and magnus rolled his eyes, slapping his chest playfully.

“don’t be so smug, alexander lightwood.” magnus warned. “you weren’t oh so cool and collected a few moments ago either.”

“okay, okay,” alec surrendered, smiling as he tilted his head to press kisses up magnus’ jaw, fingers hesitatingly brushing the hem of his shirt.

“if you still want to-” he started, his mouth against magnus’ jaw, slight nervousness in his tone before magnus cut him off.

“with all my heart.” he finished before pulling alec into a sweet, passionate kiss, slowly but surely resuming the pace they once had. and then it was like nothing had happened, magnus back on top of alec, but at the same time, everything had happened. everything felt in place, right and secure, and magnus sat up as alec’s hands moved to his shirt’s hem again.

“go ahead, love.” magnus smiled and with slightly trembling hands, alec pulled magnus’ shirt over his head with his assistance. the shirt fell on the ground beside the bed, but magnus paid no attention because the feeling of alec’s hand, running slowly down his chest and the sweet, awestruck smile on his face was taking over all of his senses at that moment.

“this is so unfair.” alec said after a bit and magnus looked at him in confusion.

“what is?”

“that i’m the only one who gets to see how utterly, completely radiant you are. it’s not fair to the rest of the world.” alec replied like it was the easiest thing to say and magnus was so overwhelmed with emotion that he pulled alec in by the back of his neck for a kiss, lips crashing together as alec’s hands trailed and traced patterns on his body. magnus pulled away to kiss along alec’s deflect rune, making the shadowhunter stretch his neck for easier access.

and magnus couldn’t help but smile when he moved to kiss alec again and alec stopped him so he could take his face in his hands and press two soft kisses on both of his eyelids.

“To Us”

A year ago, @reallycorking posted the most beautiful art for HinaKage day, and I’ve never gotten it out of my head (she also, shortly thereafter, finished her 30 Days NSFW challenge, so this is sort of a commemoration of that as well)

By all accounts, the months leading up to the wedding have been the sort of nightmare Hinata doesn’t want to actually wake up from.

Like, some nightmares are bad, sure—like the kind where he’s back in school and he fell asleep in class and the teacher wakes him up by shouting at him and he thinks it’s because he got caught falling asleep but when he stands up to give the answer he’s suddenly naked in the middle of a volleyball match.

It’s not like one of those nightmares. It’s like the kind of nightmare where things are a bit scary and uncertain, but in a cool way, an adventuresome way. And Hinata is the hero, striking cool poses and firing off glib one-liners and making great choices when matching the table settings to the venue of his and Kageyama’s choice (even Shimizu-san was impressed).

And it’s all paid off so incredibly, startlingly well.

“Speech! Speech! Speech!”

The hall is absolutely packed with people, their family, friends, and many teammates, former and current. It’s a bit late in the evening, and Hinata sees a lot of rosy faces, both from dancing and wine. He’s sure his own matches.

He and Kageyama trade glances as the calls grow louder, and for a moment, Hinata’s breath catches, and he forgets to look away.

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Mr. Kim - Teacher AU

“I know you weren’t in the guidance office before my class today. I also know you spend more time in my room with your eyes on me than anywhere else you should be looking,” Jin purred, walking his fingers up and down your thigh. “So why don’t you tell me the truth, darling? Eager to see me?”

word count: 3.3k

genre: smut (oral, car sex, dirty talk, uniform kink(?))

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It's a deal

Request: Gaston request??? I beg you??? Gaston trying to join reader one day while she’s reading and then her agreeing to go hunting in return

Warnings: none

a/n: request more BATB :)

You flipped another page of your book, The Taming of the Shrew, as you sat near the well. You heard the villagers whispers but you chose to ignore them, there were much worse things that could happen to you than getting gossiped about.
What business did a girl have reading? Most beautiful girl in town, but she’s quite odd isn’t she?

You sighed as you continued to read until you saw someone sit in front of you. You peered over the edge of your book and rolled your eyes.

“Hello Gaston.” You said as you continued to read.

“Hello Gorgeous.” He said with a smirk on his face.

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imacrackshipper  asked:

How would the Creepypasta react to their s/o punching someone in the face and knocking them out cold??

Jeff the Killer

“Yell heah! You go babe.” He is just so impressed and proud of them. That’s his (insert appropriate pronoun)! Probably gonna kick their head before wrapping his arms around S/O’s waist. “Let’s go get some celebratory tacos, you deserve ‘em!”


”Hooooo- holy shit… did- Did that just happen?” Ben is just so shocked, that someone drove them to the point of getting THAT physical. Sure, he’s done way worse before but daymn. Probably has the most awkward boner.


“And that is why you do not mess with a me,” he’d straighten out his tie while taunting the unconscious form on the ground. If he actually had a face and was able to convey emotions, he’d have a smug smirk plastered on it. No one messes with the Slenderman without getting hurt, whether it be physically or mentally.


No matter how pissed of he was that day, he’s likely to squeal. It wouldn’t even be subtle either, he’s just over here fan-girling. Grabs the nearest person near him by the shoulders and shouts, “THAT’S MY BABY OVER THERE,” while jumping up and down. Also he’s going to join in and begin kicking the guy’s head over and over again. S/O is probably going to have to drag him away before he goes too far. 


This man is such a dork, probably just runs up to his S/O and pull them into a bone crushing embrace. S/O might have to remind them that they actually need oxygen, which will cause his face to flush a bright pink. He means well, but sometimes he forgets just how strong he actually is. Oh, but he will make it up to them, for weeks on end he’ll do anything and everything they ask.


He is just so impressed and giddy about the whole thing. I mean come on, not only are you gorgeous and have an amazing personality, but you sure as hell know how to pack a punch. Hoodie is going to be cheering you on the entire time, and treat you later on.

Jane the Killer

Such impressed! ! !

      much WOW!! !

Proud lesbian over here! Get over there and claim your prize, a whole bunch of smooches and praise for the rest of the month. 

Eyeless Jack 

Probably blushing like crazy with a blank stare plastered on his face. Like come on, that was not necessary. If violence was needed he would’ve done so already. Not that he isn’t grateful that his S/O did so, plus it was ‘hella cute to him that they had the guts to knock someone out just for him, but next time leave it to the professionals. 

Save A Horse - Agent Whiskey x Fem!Kingsman Reader

Request: Fem!Kingsman!Reader admits to Eggsy that she has feelings for Whiskey, he overhears but doesn’t say anything about it. One day she accidentally admits that she’s attracted to the way he uses his whip to him and it ends up w/ smut and he eventually realizes that he has feelings for her too ? 

Summary: You are a Kingsman agent (code name: Agent Igraine) who is visiting Statesman with Eggsy. You’ve never been in the field with Agent Whiskey but hear he’s something of a scoundrel. When you get the chance to put him in his place, you take it; you never counted on catching feelings for the American Cowboy.

Note: Apologies for the length. I got carried away :) 

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own any of the gifs or the characters portrayed in them. If you see a gif that doesn’t have its creator’s credit given to it, let me know and tell me who the creator is so I can give credit. I also don’t own any of the Kingsman characters. All rights go to the writers of the film and novel.

Rating: M (for Smut, bondage, oral, unprotected sex [wrap it before you tap it, kids] and a few choice words)

Word Count: 3,600

Tags: @maroonhood

Originally posted by just--a--figment

You stood beside Eggsy and watched Agent Whiskey cracking his whip and disarming his fellow Statesman agents. You smirked as even his comrades had trouble anticipating his next move. Every so often, Eggsy would let out a sound of approval and amazement; you remained silent.

“He’s brilliant,” Eggsy smiled.

“He’s alright, I guess; for an American.” You shrugged. You’d had limited interaction with Agent Whiskey and didn’t particularly mind keeping it that way. You’d heard from Ginger and Tequila that Whiskey tended to be a smooth talker who didn’t pay too much respect to women in the field. You had no patience for men like him and you didn’t want to make the partnership between Kingsman and Statesman more difficult than it already was.

“Igraine, c’mon, look at that!” Eggsy motioned to Whiskey as he whipped his lasso over his head, jumping through it before catching another agent’s ankles and yanking the man’s legs out from under him.

You shrugged, “I’m not saying he isn’t impressive, I’m just saying he isn’t anything we’ve never seen.”

Eggsy chuckled, “Igraine, I have no doubt that you could step into that room and easily kick the man’s arse, but you can’t say that we’ve never seen anything like him. How many Kingsman agents do you know that can work a piece of skipping rope and turn it into a weapon like that?”

You smirked and met your fellow agent’s eye, “Is that a challenge, Galahad?”

Eggsy shrugged as if to say “I’m just sayin’.”

“I don’t want to wound his cowboy pride,” you snickered, “he may never recover.”

“Why don’t you step in here and put your money where that pretty mouth is, little girl,” a Southern drawl taunted.

You turned and saw Whiskey standing at the window.

“Show me what a Kingswoman is made of.”

Your eyes narrowed as you made your way to the door into the training room.

“You have no idea what you’ve just gotten yourself into, bruv,” You heard Eggsy laugh.

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Dream Guy (G.D)

A/N: Uh..enjoy?

Originally posted by thedolangifs

I’ve been drawing ever since I picked up a pencil. Im 20 years old now and I still haven’t completed the sketch I made when I was 15 of a man. This man, he had bright, hazel, smoldering eyes, the handsomest smile, wavy, soft, gorgeous hair, and pink plump lips you’d just want to press your own against repeatedly. Not to mention I’ve given him one of the sharpest jawlines known to man. I guess you could say he was my dream guy. Emphasis on “dream” because I was never going to meet him. I slowly ran my fingers over the drawing I had grew to love so much. I made sure to capture the likeness to a T—bored and slightly irritated, but willing to let certain things slide.
I starred at the drawing and cocked my head to the side, something was missing. Something to give it that extra flare..a dimple? Birthmark? No..
I couldn’t put my finger on it, I tapped my foot, slowly becoming agitated and set my pencil down. I got up and grabbed my coat, opting to go for a long walk since it always cleared my head. I took my pencil and sketch pad along with me. Maybe I’d see something that would give my drawing that extra edge it needs.

Tugging at my trench coat, I made my way through town, it was a rainy day. Just how I liked it. Rain inspired me, even if the day looked gloomy it didn’t mean I had to be. Biting at my nail, I pushed open the door of the oh-so-familiar cafe I had been visiting ever since I moved here. To my surprise a man was walking out the same time I was entering, I guess you could imagine what happened but I’ll explain. After pushing the door open, it smacked him right in the chest, coffee spilling onto his well-fitted, white t-shirt, and onto my drawing. I gasped and looked up, our eyes met and I instantly felt my throat go dry. It was him. My “dream” guy. The same hazel eyes, pink lips, sharp jawline and wavy, fluffy hair that fell just above his eyebrow.

“I’m so sorry! I should’ve been watching were I was going.” He said as he grabbed a few napkins to dab at himself. “No! I’m sorry, it was my fault.” I said and helped him try to scrub away the coffee stains. It obviously didn’t work out considering his shirt had a large brown splatter spot placed conveniently right in the middle. “I’ll buy you another coffee, I’m so sorry!” I said before looking down at my drawing. My mouth fell ajar, it was ruined. Coffee splatters flew onto his gorgeous face and I frowned. “No, it’s fine- hey? You okay?” He asked and I straightened up my back, my lips pursed into a straight line. “You want to make it up to me?” I asked and raised an eyebrow. “Of course.” He pleaded with his eyes. “Let me draw you.” I said bluntly. “W-what?”
“I don’t exactly consider myself an artist, but I’ve been drawing ever since I knew how. And..I’ve been sketching this man, who you just so happen to look like. So, if you wouldn’t mind. I’d like to draw you since your coffee may have just ruined the drawing I’ve been working on for 5 years.” I smiled and sat down at one of the tables in the cafe. The man stood up, a small smile forming on his lips and he nodded, sitting down directly across from me. “So, you have a name?” He asked as I got to work at my sketching. “Y/N.” I answered as I began to trace out his jawline. “Beautiful name. Mines Grayson.”
“A perfect name to my dream guy.” I said, instantly regretting it once the words left my lips. I tucked my bottom lip under my teeth as I refused to make eye contact with him. “Dream guy?” Grayson questioned and raised an eyebrow. “Stop moving.”
“Okay- but what was that about a dream guy?” He asked, struggling to hold back his smirk, but I could hear the smugness in his tone. I refrained from rolling my eyes and sighed as I set down my pencil. “Okay, it’s obvious that your a very attractive man. Right?” I said throwing my hands up for a dramatic effect. Grayson couldn’t help the smirk that played on his lips, but right after was a shade of pink that replaced the sun-kissed color of his skin on his cheeks. It faded away and I went back to work at my drawing. “Tell me about yourself.” Grayson said, “I don’t like to talk while I’m at work.” I replied, licking my lips while intensely studying his features. “Well, if you don’t like to talk while at work..maybe you’ll talk while on a date?” He asked, biting his lip eagerly. My mouth fell open and I lifted my head up to meet his gaze. “You’re asking me out?” I asked quietly. “’re the most interesting person I’ve met in a long time. And I’d really like to get to know you.”
I felt my face go red, no one has ever really asked me out before. I was the type of girl to sit at the back and stare off into space or something, I wasn’t exactly noticed. Sure, I’ve been on dates before but they all ended the same way, the guy trying to get in my pants. But Grayson, he seemed different.

Oh please, I said that about every guy I’ve went on a date with and look what happened. 

Wait. But Grayson’s my dream guy. He has to be different right?

I was pulled out of my thoughts when I felt Grayson cup the side of my face, tucking a stray strand of hair that had fallen out of my messy bun behind my ear with his other hand. “What do you say? We could get coffee, and I’ll be sure not to spill it on your artwork.” He gave me a warm smile and I gulped. Screw it, what could go wrong with a man like this. “Fine. I’ll go on a date with you. Now stay still so I can finish this drawing already.”
Grayson smiled and sat up, content with how his day started and amazed at how he met a girl as breathtaking as Y/N was. He had to admit he was a bit annoyed when he bumped into her and spilled coffee all over his shirt, but when he met her gaze any trace of annoyance washed away and was replaced with awe. Awe at how beautiful she was.
Grayson was also a bit nervous when she took a while to answer his proposal, normally he didn’t have that kind of trouble with asking girls out. They either jumped up in excitement or threw themselves at him. He was used to the treatment until he met Y/N. she was different, but a good kind of different.
And he couldn’t wait to see what kind of future the world held for them. Whether it was reminiscing on spilling coffee on eachother or looking back at the amazing drawing Y/N had made of him. He just couldn’t wait.

Player: Jeff Skinner – Carolina Hurricanes


Of course my love! You know I adore getting requests from you! I hope you enjoy this one about our little ball of sunshine! Love you bunches! 💕

Mentions: Victor Rask, Noah Hanifin, Elias Lindholm

Warnings: Angst. Curse Word I think?

Preview: You know I have been here for an entire year and haven’t gotten with an NHL player? You questioned aloud, allowing Drunk Y/N to take over you and Jeff’s banter.

Characters:. 922 words.

Originally posted by nhl-canes

You couldn’t believe you were at your own going-away party. Your lease was up and you just didn’t have the money to renew. You loved being so close to your childhood best friend. Jeff had begged you to come out and try the Carolina scene.

You tried it for a year. You went to school online and spent as much time with your personal ball of sunshine. You loved him and the entire NHL team. But now your time was up. 

You were sitting at a table with Jeff, downing your fourth beer.

You know I have been here for an entire year and haven’t gotten with an NHL player? You questioned aloud, allowing Drunk Y/N to take over you and Jeff’s banter.

Jeff almost spit out his drink turning a bright pink.

“I wonder if Rask is any good in bed? The man is gorgeous. Or maybe Hanifin, I’d let him spend five minutes in my penalty box.” You giggled and hiccupped at the same time.

“Y/N. I rather not spend time talking about you and my teammates.” He chirped quickly.

“Good thing I didn’t ask for your opinion.” You smirked. “I’d let Elias slip past my goalie you know.”

Jeff had enough, he suddenly stood up and stormed off.

You followed. “What are you jealous or something?”

“I am not jealous! I just care about you Y/N!” He answered when you reached outside the bar.

Despite what you think, I am completely capable of taking care of myself” you snapped, crossing your arms.

“Can you Y/N? Really? You haven’t been with a guy since you’ve been here. And now suddenly you want to get with my teammates?”

Drunk You took over.

“I haven’t been with anyone? Have you ever thought you’re the reason? Maybe I wanted to sleep with a teammate of yours to distract me, you moron! I’m in love with you stupid!

You couldn’t believe what you did next. You kissed your best friend. But he didn’t respond.

You stood back instantly regretting your decisions.


“Please just talk to me. Just please be my best friend right now, not the guy I just confessed my love to.”

“Y/N, I…I can’t”

You just nodded choking away your tears. You wrapped your arms around your stomach hugging yourself for comfort. You turned on your heels to head home. You began walking letting yourself cry. They fell harder when you realized he wasn’t chasing you.

You woke up heartbroken. You got up and began to finish packing. Thank god you were leaving today, you wanted to hide in a hole for the rest of your life. You were convinced you would never hear from Jeff again. Only you could manage ruin 20 years of friendship in a span of 6.

That was until there was a knock at your door.



“Why are you panting?” you ask cocking your head.

“Well, I have been running.”


“I had to talk to you.”

“Well, I don’t really have time. I have to get this done before I leave” You turned back to your work.

“Stop!” he yelled causing you to jump. You couldn’t remember a time Jeff had yelled.

“I need to say this.” He said calmer than his previous statement.

“Fine, but really my flight…”

“It will only take a second.” He interrupted.

“We will only friends 3 days ago. I had never thought about anything more.

“It was stupid and…”

“I told you to stop didn’t I?”

You closed your mouth, crossing your arms.

“But then we kissed, and everything changed. And I didn’t realize any of this until I was standing alone in my apartment without you. You can just imagine how I felt when I realized the woman I love is moving back home because her lease is up.

You felt tense at his words. Did Jeff just say he was in love with you?

“So Y/N, move in with me because I want to date you. I want to be with you. I want to spend as much time with you as I can.” He pleaded.

“You don’t want that Jeff. You don’t want to be with me…” you answered softly shaking your head.

“But I do. Don’t you see that?”

“Jeff, there is a reason we have been just friends all these years. It’s comfortable, it will just be easier. We can just forget about the kiss and I will move back home. You can visit me during the off season and everything will be how it always was.” You tried turning your back to hide your tears.

“You’re right, that would be easier.” He started and you choked back a sob, the tears falling harder 

“But I don’t want easy. I can’t go back to being just friends with you. Not after that kiss.”

“I’m scared.” You whispered as you turned to face him. You’re breath leaving you when you saw how close he was.

“Me too, but we can be scared together”

You just nodded.

“God, I am so in love with you.”

“I love you too skinny.”

“So you’re staying right?” he smiled that one in a million grin of his.

You placed a kiss onto his lips instead of answering.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

And once again, you melted into his smile.

Time Away...

It was a large hotel, the kind with those obnoxious ice sculptures and big, brass doorknobs. It’s my first day.  I felt bored. My stockings itchy on my thighs. I loitered the outdoor cabanas looking for a room  I had not cleaned.  As I crossed down the pathway my cart bouncing along, there was a small noise, like a whine or a gasp. I wasn’t sure if it was real, or just my imagination. Then I heard something metal, clanking in little chimes. Movement caught my eye to my left, coming from the open patio at the rear of a cabana. Wide open,  the little noises filling the still air. I heard another gasp and the chiming again. I moved closer to the patio, curious. There was movement in the room, but it wasn’t until I was almost pressed against the wall that figures came into focus.There were two, scantily clad people; One was sitting at the foot of the bed, moving gently against one another. A man kneeled before a woman. She was totally naked saved for her pristine white socks and the bracelets on her wrists that chimed and clanked against one another as she moved her hand up and down the man’s back.I heard a gasp and the two figures froze.Did they see me? Surely not. No one comes out here save for me. I started to compile explanations, excuses for my peeping.

“Honey, your fingers are cold!” The woman giggled.
The man mumbled something into her thighs.He adjusted below her so I had to move closer to see his hand disappear into her.  Her whines came closer together, his hand working steadily at her. I suddenly grew warm, my face flush as blood rushed to new parts of my body. I shouldn’t be watching this. I should just go back to my job, they were clearly in the middle of something private. Why can’t I move?I forced myself to look away if only a moment to glance down the pathway. I forced myself to look away if only a moment to glance down the pathway again. We seemed to be the only ones up there, me and this man and this woman. I pressed  even closer against the door jam.The woman’s was face was now embedded in my skull. She was beautiful, breath-taking. She was maybe in her twenties. She was gorgeous with dark hair, dark eyes, and those bright, smudged pink lips.  The man pulled her up slowly to her feet and they shared a passionate kiss. Lots of tongue.An loud slap made me jump at first, as if I had been struck. But it was the man, striking the woman on one bare ass cheek. She groaned deeply, face now tight with passion. Then he struck the other cheek and I shivered, imagining the sensation on my own body. He spanked her a few times this way, one then the other, gently rubbing the pink blotches after each strike. My heart raced with each new crack on her pale skin.

I was wet now. I knew it.He eased the woman off him and said something to her that I couldn’t hear. The woman was deep into lust, her eyes hooded with desire. The man moved around her to sit down on the bed, smiling lustfully he crooks a finger in her direction.  The woman positions herself facing away from him and gripping his cock she sinks onto it.“Oh, my God!” She whispers. His lips find her neck and they begin to rock together.My hand had slipped into my panties without a second thought. My clit was throbbing for attention.They began to  move faster and harder together, and then one of her hands slid between them to play with herself.The boyfriend adjusted to give her room, then he thrust hard into her. “Yes!” she hissed, and they both pushed and arched to drive pleasure into the other.

The woman started gentle, but soon her forearm jerked with the frigging she was giving her clit. She tensed up impossibly hard, then she cried up to the ceiling as she thrashed on top of him. That set him off, and he barked at her to get on her knees. With a giggle she watched his face as she stroked his cock as it stood tall in front of her face. She focused on his member then, and started to lap at it like an ice cream cone. She squeezed his balls with one hand and wrapped the other around the base of his cock.Then she put her lips around his head, sinking down onto it until she had the entire shaft in her mouth, her lips almost brushing his trimmed pubic hair. The man gasped, tilting his head back, eyes closed. His hands came to the back of her head as she bobbed up and down on his slippery pole. On one journey down, he pressed her deeper, until his cock was down her throat.

“Fuuck,” he moaned.The woman gagged and he released her, allowing her to surface for air. Still on her knees, she leaned back against her heels and then she came forward again, working up and down his shaft until again he pressed her heavy until his cock was down her throat again and she gagged. He let her go so she could catch her breath.It was brutal, the way he utterly dominated her. But I could not deny the way it made me burn between my thighs, imagining myself between his knees, helpless as he forced me to give him pleasure for my freedom. I had no idea where that fantasy came from, but the intensity was impossible to ignore.

Jerking his cock he quivered violently as he shot onto  her face. My heart was pumping fast, and heavy in my chest. I halfway tripped back down the pathway and found the downstairs bathroom unoccupied. I closed the door and leaned against the counter, my whole body slick in sweat. I felt a soft zing through my body, awake and alert, my heart pumping for two, maybe three. So Hot!

Starring: @xqueenkylie

Written by: @itscumcake

Edited by: @yfnbravo

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142 “Hold my hand so he gets jealous.” please :)

a night out

“Isn’t this great!” Eskild shouts over the loud techno music pulsing through the nightclub as he dances in his seat. Isak looks over at his friend a small, reluctant smile coming through in the face of Eskild enthusiasm. At 19 and having been out of the closet since 17, Isak’s used to Eskild dragging him to gay clubs, but it seemed the older man never got tired of it, probably because Isak made him work for it when it came to bringing him to places like this.

“Not really,” Isak shouts back after taking a sip of his beer. “I should be back at the apartment studying, I have an exam for biochemistry in a few days, you know.”

Eskild rolls his eyes in return. “Yes baby Isak, I know, and Noora knows because you ate her last yogurt as a late night study snack and Linn knows because your whining about how you are going to flunk out of Uni in your first year kept her from her nap. We are all aware of your all mighty exam, which is why we are here, to get you out of the house and to relax before the girls smother you in your sleep like they have been planning.”

Isak blinks at the Eskild’s diatribe. “That seems a little extreme.”

Eskild shrugs as he sips his cocktail. “Well, you’re annoying.”

Isak gives Eskild a grim smile in return. “Thanks, Eskild, that’s nice.”

Eskild shrugs once more as he stands up. “Not my job to be nice, my job was to dress you and bring you out,” Eskild answers giving the Isak’s outfit a once over. It isn’t anything out of the ordinary, just some skinny jeans and a short sleeve shirt that is tighter than Isak is used to, but can admit shows off his shoulders nicely, and the green makes his eyes in Eskild’s words pop.

“And since my job is done, I’m going to dance, try to have some fun even though I know that’s hard for a grump like you.”

Isak raises his half empty glass in his friend’s direction as he goes off, he lets out a deep sigh as he turns back in his chair. He knows Eskild is right and that he’s been moodier than ever, but between school, his mother who is a constant struggle and just life, in general, he hasn’t found any time to have fun and if he’s honest with himself, he’s also lonely. His last relationship ended over nine months ago, and it hadn’t been serious, to begin with. Just some guy who he hooked up with when they were both a little drunk and horny. He wanted more, or at least better he just didn’t know how to go about it, and it wasn’t like the man of his dreams was just going to fall into his lap, right?


Isak looks up and continues to look up until he finds bright blue eyes on a gorgeous face. No. Seriously, stunning.

“Ah, hi?” he stutters in the face of so much pretty. The guy is tall, taller than him, lean but fit in a simple black tee and tight jeans that hug his hips low. There is a teasing smile on pouty pink lips, blue eyes that crinkle at the corner and artfully swept hair.

“Hi,” the stranger repeats as he takes a step closer to Isak. “So there is a guy at the end of the bar that won’t take the hint, think you can help a guy out?”

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Jun Flowershop!au

So I got a Jin flower ship request and a Jun flower shop request pretty much at the same time :D :D :D so here’s Jun!!

So i’m officially in a flower mood, so how would you guys feel about a various members as bouquets? I’d draw the bouquets myself. Lemme know!


-          Okay so this shop has a really classy feel, but in a really vibrant way. Like the floors are really light laminate wood, and the walls are a really muted version of a really deep, dark purple or grey as a background for all of these big vases lining shelves that are completely packed with just these rolling cascades of big, gorgeous flowers in stunning blues, and bright yellows and oranges, lots of purples and reds as well, and just all of the brightest, biggest, most extravagant flowers you can imagine.

-          There are lots of big roses, amaryllises, carnations, orchids, lilies, all the big stuff

-          There are a couple of chairs for waiting, and their cushions are a silky material in colors that mesh with the wall colors, and all of the other accents like curtains and vases just add to all of it, and there are black display cases with clean glass doors housing some premade bouquets for people in a rush, and everything is exquisite

-          When customers walk in for the first time, they’re usually a little taken aback by the whole thing because usually, flower shops have this really spring time sort of theme, and there’ all these light colors and greens for nature, and stuff like that, and yet here’s this lavish, classy, place with lots of deep, dark colors and it’s just a new thing, but also really intriguing and captivating

-          Sort of like the owner

-          He’s a little quiet, he doesn’t talk a whole lot more than he needs to, but he’s very polite and welcoming, and when he does talk he tends to be a little playful

-          He wears button ups tucked into khakis or black pants with the sleeves rolled up, and he’s got a black apron on to catch the water and the loose leaves and other things

-          One Tuesday afternoon around lunchtime, he’s leaning back against the wall on a stool reading a book, when the door opens, and he looks up to see you in your business attire, looking around to take in the general splendor. He sits and admires you for a moment, and then closes his book with a thud and stands up to lean forward on the counter

-          “Welcome, what can I do for you?” He says in a warm, silky voice

-          You look over at him. His hair isn’t long, but it’s on the longer end of still fitting into the short hair category. It’s styled in such a way that it’s pushed over and around kind of to the side so that one side of his forehead is revealed but the hair swoops down and curls over the other side really gently, and it just looks really soft and nice

-          “Hi, I’m looking for a bouquet for my boss’s birthday, is it possible to have it done in the next half an hour?”

-          “Not a problem. Anything in particular you’re looking for?” You tell him the boss’s favorite flowers, and some requested colors, and he asks you what the price range you’re looking for is. You laugh and tell him it doesn’t matter, you’re not paying for it the business is, and he laughs

-          He goes around the shop, selecting flowers methodically while you take a seat in one of the chairs. He goes back behind to a table behind the counter and starts putting it together, and as he does, he looks up to steal glances at you, and you look up periodically to watch. His long, delicate fingers move very gracefully as he places everything just so in the vase.

-          When he’s finished, he sets the vase down on the counter and leans against the counter again with his hands resting on either side of the vase.

-          “What do you think?” He looked up at you and smiled warmly

-          It was just as beautiful as literally everything else in the shop, it had purple, bright red, and a couple of black flowers, mostly roses, with smaller white ones just to make it pop

-          You smiled with delight when you looked at it

-          “This is perfect, ring me up!” You handed him the business card, he swiped it through the machine, and after putting the vase into a more manageable carrier and handing it to you with a ‘here you go,’ he leaned on his elbows across the counter towards you and pulled out an iris, with white towards the center that fanned out into a vibrant purple on the outsides of the petals

-          He holds it out to you between two fingers as he gives you a grin that somehow manages to be both very mature and classy, but also boyish and flirtatious, all at the same time

-          “And a beautiful flower for a beautiful girl”

-          Your eyes widen a little because you’re surprised, and you blush as you take the flower, thank him, and leave

-          He watched you go, and he hoped you’d come back. He’d put even more effort into that bouquet than he usually did in the hopes that you’d come back next time you or your company needed something

-          And it worked, because three or so weeks later, you needed something for your sister, who’d just had a baby

-          And naturally, you went back to him for it, purely because he was a good flower putter togetherer, it had everything to do with his flower coordinating skills, completely, 100% that, nothing else whatsoever was involved in that decision

-          You walked in, and he perked up a little as soon as he saw you

-          “Hello, gorgeous, what can I get for you today?” He smiled that same grown professional man/flirty boy grin as before as he walks out from behind the counter to lean on it

-          You don’t even blush this time, he’s just so casual about it, you just smile and tell him what you’re looking for

-          “Well, my sister just had a baby, so I’m looking for something really bright and happy with pinks in it.”

-          “Alright, I’ll whip something up for you right now” And with that he goes about the task of selecting the flowers, and while he does that, he strikes up small talk, asks about the baby, you guys get to talking about the flower shop, you find out he owns it and runs it by himself which is neat, and you two wind up talking and laughing the whole time he’s working. You don’t even sit down in the chair, you just lean on the counter the whole time like six feet away from him and you watch him work while you two just chat

-          And when he’s done, he leans back from his workbench and examines his handiwork with a satisfied look before placing it on the counter in front of you

-          “How’s this?”

-          It’s got these white peonies and tulips that fade back at the very base to this really light green like some white flowers do, and then tehy give way to a gradient of other tulips and peonies ranging from pale pink to hot pink pink, and then there’s a splash of deep purple and white in the form of a couple of amaryllises, all against a base of those tiny white buds

-          “This is perfect, it’s so bright! Thank you”

-          So he rings you up, and after he hands your card back to you and hands you the carrier with the flowers, he hands you another stem that holds a single bunch of hydrangea blooms, mostly a dark navy, but with splashes of pale blue in the mix

-          “And one for you” He smiles that alluring infuriating smile AGAIN

-          “Do you do this for all of the women who come by your shop?” You smirk, raising an eyebrow at him, and his smile widens

-          “Only the prettiest one”

-          You blush and look down at your feet as you take the flower, and you mentally kick yourself for not being able to hold back your smile

-          And he 100% notices, thinks it’s absolutely adorable

-          It makes him look down at the counter and let out a cute, breathy laugh that’s almost a little shy and it’s adorable

-          And then after that, he doesn’t stop looking at your eyes in the next few seconds as you put your wallet back in your purse, look at him to say goodbye, and then turn to walk out

-          And neither of you stops smiling for the rest of the day

-          He can’t stop thinking about how you’re a bit bashful, but then you’ve also got this playful side to contrast and it’s kind of addictive

-          The next time you come in is a week later after your boss tells you that she wants to start having flowers set out at the front desk for visitors to see when they walk in

-          So you walk in, almost blushing already at the idea of seeing him again, and then you kick yourself mentally again and you’re like no, you are a grown, professional, woman, stop being such a middle school girl, so you compose yourself and walk in

-          “Well hello, gorgeous.” He smiles. And now you’re desparately trying to hold yourself together, and luckily you succeed

-          So you tell him about your boss’s request, and he smiles a little while you tell him the company’s colors (green, blue, and white)

-          He gets to work, and the two of you talk the whole time again, and it’s great, he’s really a pleasant person to be around, and he thinks the same of you

-          So he finishes up the boquet, and it’s just as pretty as everything else he makes

-          Once you’re all ready to leave, he tells you to hold on for one second as he reaches back to his workbench and grabs a purple carnation and some smaller white flowers, returns to the counter in front of you, weaves the flowers together into a beautiful pattern, and then steps out from behind the counter

-          He walks over to you, takes a hold of your chin gently to turn you away from him, and tucks the flowers into the bun in your hair before turning you back to him

-          “Since you’re going to be coming here next week to pick up flowers for work anyway, why don’t you just come an hour early and we can grab lunch, my treat?”

-          You’re a blushing mess because he’s still got his hand under your chin and his face is kind of close to yours and he’s looking you very expectantly in the eyes with that grin of his, but you still manage to look him right back in the eyes

-          “sounds good”


flower shop au is life. Also Jun is life. Also flower shops.

Lip Stained Love Pt. 5

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

“Well you’re incredibly happy about something. Penelope, when was the last time you saw Reid with this big of a smile? ” JJ asked when she opened the door to him.

“UNCLE PENSE!! ” little Henry squealed, running up to him and wrapping his tiny arms around Reid’s legs

“Hey there Henry! How are you buddy?” Spencer bent down and picked his godson up.

“Uncle Pense, can we play legos, pretty pretty pleaseee?” Henry begged as he tugged lightly on Spencer’s curls.

Reid glanced over at JJ wondering if Henry wanting him to play had anything to do with why he had been summoned.

“Spence, I was actually wondering if you could watch Henry for me? Just until this afternoon,” Jennifer flashed him a pleading look and he knew he wouldn’t say no.

“Of course, but please no later than one thirty, I uh , I have plans later that I need to prepare for,” Spencer cleared his throat slightly feeling a blush form on his cheeks as both Penelope and JJ raised their eyebrows at him before huge grins crossed their faces.

“Plans? Plans that involve a female that isn’t myself or JJ?” Garcia almost squealed.

Spencer wasn’t sure how to play this. He didn’t want to lie to his friends but he also didn’t want them to start getting ideas.

“Maybe,” he replied shyly.

“Aww Uncle Pense has a girrllfrienddddd,” Penelope said dragging out girlfriend.

Reid blushed deeper and herded his friends towards the door.

“Go go, have your lady time before I change my mind.”

“UNCLE PENSE HURRY UP! I WANNA PLAY!” Henry shouted from the top of the stairs. Spencer rolled his eyes slightly before bounding up the stairs.

-time skip-

It was about 12:45 and Henry had fallen asleep on Spencer’s lap while watching Monsters Inc.

He picked up his phone and called Rossi.

“Spencer, is everything alright?” he asked as soon as he answered.

“Everything is fine.. Mostly. But I erm… I kinda said that I’d cook dinner tonight. For a girl. Well, a woman really. And I um….

“Kid, you got a date?”

“Yes. I think… ” It was a date wasn’t it?

“I’ll be over at three to help set up.”

Ah, the exact words Reid wanted to hear.

“Thanks Dave.”

Y/N was looking aimlessly through her closest searching for something suitable to wear. Nothing.

“I can’t believe I’m even doing this,” she mumbled to herself as she grabbed her keys and bag once again, heading out.

Forty minutes later and she was stood in the dressing room of an upmarket store that she’d never normally visit. A burgundy dress had called out to her from the window during display and Y/N had somehow felt compelled to try it on. It was strappy, thinner straps than she was used to, falling just below the knee. It clung to every curve of her body which was making Y/N assess everything she saw as a flaw as she mentally talked herself out of buying it.

“Wow. That dress looks gorgeous on you.”

Y/N whipped her head around to see a tall attractive blonde woman appraising her.

“Oh! thank you,” she suddenly felt shy, looking away from the woman.

“What’s the occasion? If you don’t mind me asking,” she asked with a warm smile.

“Um, first date in a while, in a long while actually. We’re having dinner at his place but I think this is far too fancy for that,” Y/N replied with a shake of her head.

“Nonsense, you look gorgeous. He’s a lucky man. You should totally buy the dress. If you don’t I’m gonna have to buy it for you, it was clearly made for you.”

“JJ there you - oh my goodness, Ma'am you need to get that dress ” another blonde appeared, this one much shorter and in bright pink glasses.

“Oh thank you, and yes I think I am buying it, your friend- JJ was it?- convinced me to. ” Y/N said, suddenly feeling safe but with no reason as to why.

“Well it was nice meeting you two, but I have to get going. Think I’ll need to go take out a loan to pay for this dress!” Y/N joked as she slipped back into the cubicle to redress.

“Don’t forget matching shoes!”

New Colors

Request: May we have some Lamliza soulmate au? Preferably one where if a soulmate dies they lose color. And when they meet they gain the ability to see color?


The world was dull. When Alexander touched Eliza’s hand, it had only brought on dull colors, nothing like the colors everyone had described to them. And it was the same for Eliza. Everyone they talked to that was lucky enough to find their soulmate swore the world was vibrant, reds and blues that washed over everything, the green leaves dancing on the trees, and the sudden vibrancy was painfully beautiful to look at after a world of grays. Angelica had met her soulmate and swore that red was the most beautiful color in the world, but Eliza and Alexander could not figure out how. The colors of the world all had a muddy feel to them. They all looked as though they were beneath a stormy sky.

The couple was chronically depressed. They loved each other with all their hearts, they truly did, but they were always yearning for more, for that vibrancy in their sights that everyone had described. Alexander and Eliza had gone to her mother for advice, thinking it was a problem between them, but she had not been any help. Their life was soon lacking as much vibrancy as the colors in front of them.

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With Any Luck

(i’m really back at naming things, sorry)

Word Count: 846

Warnings: swearing, mention of simon being drunk, thirsty simon, none other than that?

Summary: Baz was better at being discreet when he’s staring across a bar. Simon isnt.

[i didnt proofread it, just copied and pasted so if it sucks, sorry]


“I’m gonna actually talk to him.”

“You say that every week, you know you’re not.”

“Penelope, I need you to be supportive please.” Penny sighed and took a drink from her cup. She had a beer like she did every time they came here. Simon sighed too.

“Simon, what if one week we come here and he’s not here?” She had never tried this route of convincing. “What if we show up and he’s not bartending because he got fired, or quit, or something? You’ll never see him again.” Penelope watched Simon’s face scrunch up.

“Wow, that would be bad.”

“And you’d never get to tell him that you think he’s so hot that you want to rip his clothes off.” Simon turned quickly, glaring at her as his cheeks turned redder and redder.

“I do not.”

“You said it last time you were drunk.” His cheeks got even redder. He turned away quickly and glared across the bar at the beautiful boy with black hair. He was laughing about something and he looked like a god, like a painting. He looked like something that someone would worship and God did he want to wirship that man.

His cheeks were flaming by now and Penny knew what he was thinking but pretended not to notice.

Because shes a good friend.

“It’s only a matter of time until we show up here and he isnt around for you to gawk at.” They ordered some food and it had gone cold. Penny would have to help Simon cook something when they got back to the flat. He’d insist on trying to cook and Penelope would hover nearby, casually holding a cup of water, ready to stop a fire.

The important part was that he tried.

“Oh my god, I’m actually going to talk to him.” He was halfway across the bar before Penny saw he was telling the truth. She laughed and took another sip of her drink and nodded. She didn’t think he had it in him.

Jesus Christ, this guy is even hotter up close. If Simon could paint, this is what he would paint. He was willing to try at this point. 

He felt the heat leave his cheeks and travel through his entire body.

“So,” The man said when Simon finally made it to the bar. He smirked, letting his eyes roam over Simon’s face. “what can I get you?”

“Your phone number?” On some level, Simon thought it would work. He’d seen it tried on Penny before. He was bad at this. The man smiled.

“How about I ask for your name first?” He sounded slightly posh. Not like ‘I’m rich and better than you’ posh, more like 'I’m rich and I got a good education, but I’m still working in a greasy bar.’

“I’m Simon.”

“I’m Baz.” They shook hands. Now that he wasn’t across a bar, Simon realized how in over his head he was. Baz was gorgeous. He was tall and his hair was pulled back now, into a tight tail. His skin is tanned and he looks nice and handsome SOMEHOW in his stained apron and jeans. His cheekbones are pushed all the way up to his eyebrows for godssakes and his lips are this perfect, pink curve and God is he really blowing this.

“I like your name.” And your hair and your face and your everything.

“I like your eyes.” Baz said. A man down the bar was trying to flag him down, but Baz ignored him. “You have absolutely gorgeous eyes.” Baz liked a lot about Simon. He was better at being discreet when he’s staring across a bar. Simon isnt.

He’d started staring at Simon around the time Simon started staring at him. It was hard to ignore him when he first showed up. He was lanky and bright and happily laughing with the girl he brought with him every Friday night, but his blue eyes really dragged Baz in.

“Let me buy you a drink.” Simon said impulsively. Baz laughed.

“No drinking on the job.”


“You can buy me a coffee tomorrow.”

“That sounds even better.” Simon was beaming and bouncing on the balls of his feet. This was a lot easier than he thought.

“Down the street there’s a Starbucks, I’ll meet you there around 10?” Simon nodded because he thought that was all he could do. The guy down the bar was fuming now, nearly standing on the stool and smacking his hand off the bar. Baz dragged his eyes towards him, sneering. “I should handle that. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Simon walked back to Penny in a daze.

“Holy shit.”

“Holy shit.” She pushed her pint away and leaned towards him. He was glowing. “So?”

“We’re getting coffee tomorrow. At 10.” He looked at her and grinned from ear to ear. She leaned back, smirking.

“Maybe you’ll get the chance to rip all his clothes off.” He pushed her shoulder but smiled.

‘With any luck’ he thought.

A kiss never forgotten

*Chap 1: A drunken night*

*Chap 2: A blurred night*

*Chap 3: The bath house*

*Chap 4: A Thousand pieces*

*Chap 5: Heart beat*

*Chap 6: Surprise*

*Chap 7: Sunsets, trees and you*

*Chap 8: What now?*

*Chap 9: Healing the unfixable*

*Chap 10: So, this is it?*

*Chap 11: What now?*

*Chap 12: Kids and kisses*

*Chap 13: Its time*

*Chap 14: Tears*

*Chap 15: Somethings different?*

*Chap 16: Its time*

*Chap 17: At peace*

Chap 18: Pancakes, kids and headaches

Naruto opened his eyes to a bright room, sun beaming in from the windows, birds chirping loudly, echoing into his head and making it spiral continuously. He grunted out of the bed, feeling like the walls were slowly rippling backwards and forwards like the gentle waves of the sea. His skin felt numb and his stomach churned in agony from the accumulated alcohol. Naruto felt a hot burning sensation raise up in his gut, he was about to run to the bathroom before he was locked down in place.

The room seemed to quite everything slowing coming into focus as his breath and body calmed underneath porcelain arms which cradled his shaky body.

“Good morning.”

Naruto closed his eyes and smiled, he tilted his head down and kissed the hands beneath him, thanking them for stabilizing him.

“Good morning teme.”

Naruto felt hot kisses on the back of his neck which melted onto his skin like honey, soothing his muscles, calming his spinning brain.

“Do you also feel like shit?” Naruto asked in a quiet voice.

“Yep, but I think I’ll be okay if we just stay like this.”

Naruto chuckled lightly whilst slowly brushing his fingers on Sasuke’s forearm. He felt Sasuke rest his head on Naruto’s bare back, slowly releasing hot breathes onto Naruto’s lower back making his skin shimmer and tingle in joy.

“Stop breathing on my back, it tickles.”

“Tch, do you want me to die? I kind of need to breath to live.”

Naruto laughed loudly, “no baka, if you die so do I. And I have no intention of dying anytime soon, seeming as I just got you.”

“I think it is I, that finally got you.”

Naruto looked down at the floor, smiling widely, wondering how this simple act of endearment from his boyfriend could make it feel so happy, so sober, so awake?

“I can see you smiling.”

Naruto turned the smile into a fake pout, “no you didn’t.” Naruto turned around and pushed Sasuke down on the bed in protest.

“No! Naruto, I’m too drunk for this, I will literally barf on your face.”

Naruto proceeded to jump on top of a struggling Sasuke, he tickled all his weak spots and watched him wriggle underneath him, laughing at each new spot Naruto attempted to attack.

“Stop! Naruto, I will hurt you.”

Naruto stuck out his tongue at Sasuke in protest, he looked at him with all the love in the world. This man, this perfect man was his everything and he was so lucky to have him, be with him and love him.


Sasuke looked at Naruto, feeling his heartbeat against his chest furiously, attempting to escape into Naruto’s body. He looked up at this gorgeous man who’s golden hair dangled messily over his face and bright blue eyes, his smile so beautiful and loving, his sun kissed skin and tiny freckles making up this man who looked like an angel with the sun shining brightly behind him and illumination him against the rest of the world.


“Hey Sasuke?”

Sasuke’s deep black eyes stared into bright blue eyes, looking nearly hypnotized, “hm?”

“I love you.”

Sasuke looked away shyly, his cheeks flushing a soft pink, “I love you more.” He started to smile softly, hot liquid slowly accumulating in the rear edges of his eyes.

Naruto bent down and laid soft kisses on the tears that escaped Sasuke’s eyes.

“You are beautiful Sasuke, you know that?”

Sasuke gulped down on the hot ball of saliva that was accumulating in his thought, his rib cage hurt from containing his heart which no longer was beating but bashing on its edges to let it out, his lungs also felt hot and heavy, filling with something he wasn’t used too.

“Naruto, I will punch you if you continue.”

Naruto chuckled lightly whilst laying several more kisses around Sasuke’s neck, “fine, only because I’m super hungry and want to get breakfast.”

Naruto jumped off Sasuke and rolled out of bed whilst nearing falling over due to the fact that he forgot he was still a tad hung over.


Sasuke looked at his boyfriend struggling to recover from his near fall onto the ground and realised he was in trouble. He never expected to feel like this, so hopefully in love that he couldn’t even hide his feelings anymore. He was Sasuke Uchiha for God’s sake, he doesn’t do the sappy kind of love, then why? Why was this man so infectious, why couldn’t he hide the way he felt like he did everything else? Why is it that the mere thought of him leaving, dyeing or breaking up with him makes him feel so queasy? Why is it that he no longer cared about his own life, but only his? He would die, kill and suffer for years if it meant making him smile like that every day, making him happy, letting him be the joyous sunshine that he is.


*9.30 am*

Naruto finished piling on the last pancake onto the plate, he sliced some strawberries and bananas to go with them and finished it off with some maple syrup. He piled the plates on the table and started to make the coffee, he whistles to himself whilst he waited for the kettle to boil.

He looked around at the prepared table and smiled to himself, he loved making breakfast for Sasuke on the weekends, it’s what got him through the week of work, knowing they get to spend the weekend together. Something about being with Sasuke in their new house, watching him enjoy a meal Naruto cooked in their pj’s made Naruto so overly happy. He didn’t know what the feeling was called. Happy? No, it was more than that. Warm?

Naruto’s pondering was interrupted when the Kettle clinked to signify it was ready, he grabbed the kettle and poured them into the two mugs already set up on the table, which were filled with grinded coffee and sugar.

He made sure everything was ready before happily skipping back into the room to tell Sasuke breakfast was ready.

He peeked his head into the room, seeing Sasuke still collapsed onto the bed, looking mildly like death. Naruto laughed a little inside, Sasuke usually doesn’t get this drunk, so seeing him so hungover was also a new first for Naruto and it was quite funny to watch.

“Sunshine it’s time to get up and have breakfast.”

Sasuke looked at Naruto with half lid eyes, “Naruto it’s okay, I’ll just stay in bed, plus I don’t think I can stomach anything right now.”

Naruto crossed his arms and pouted, “that’s not what I want to hear mister, plus food will make you feel better I promise.”

Sasuke grunted at Naruto. He found the edges of the bed covers with his left hand and threw them over himself in rebellion, “never, I’m not moving.”

Naruto smirked at the white lump on the bed, “fine if you’re not moving, I’ll move you.”

Naruto walked over and grabbed the edge of the blanket and pulled it quickly off Sasuke so that he was fully visible.

“No! Naruto, I don’t have enough energy to fight back, please stop” Sasuke said in a high pitched whiny voice.

Naruto just shook his head in disappointment whilst smiling. “Sorry but you are coming with me.” Naruto picked up Sasuke with his two hands, bridal style.

Sasuke squirmed weakly in Naruto strong hands, “I hate you, I hope you know that.”

Naruto smiled widely at him, “I know, but you need food.”

Sasuke stopped squirming and started to flop in Naruto’s arms, a sad attempt to pretend to be dead.

Naruto looked down at his pitiful boyfriend and just raised an eyebrow, he lifted Sasuke into the air quickly and caught him as he landed. Sasuke was soon awaken from his two second death.

“Fuck you teme.”

“Love you more sweetie pie” Naruto said with a huge guilty smile on his face. He placed his still grunting boyfriend on the chair which had in front of it a huge stack of fluffy pancakes on them which were still steaming and accompanied with the fresh fruit and maple syrup which Naruto had placed alongside them.

Sasuke’s eyes lit up in excitement and his stomach grumbled in anticipation.

“See, you were hungry.” Naruto said boastfully as he circled back to his side of the table.

Sasuke started to stuff his face with the pancakes whilst evilly looking at Naruto, “tch.”

Naruto looked at his boyfriend happily eating his pancakes with great joy. He loved this, he loved him, he loved all of it.


*11 am*

“Hey Sasuke…” Naruto said cautiously.


“Don’t you think we should go talk to Sarada? I mean, I talked to my kids about us, should you?”

Sasuke looked at him with a plan expression stamped on his face, “hm I guess so.”

Naruto gulped down on the steadily increasing burning sensation accumulating in his throat, afraid that the next words that would leave his mouth would not be well received, “Sasuke don’t bite me okay?”

Sasuke raised a curious eyebrow.

“Do you even love your kid?”

The room silenced out, heavy breathing from both counterparts could be heard but no one broke that intangible silence, that mild build of electricity slowly filling the room.

“Dobe, I am not the same with my kids as you are yours, that’s just it, okay?”

Naruto started to get frustrated, feeling himself lose patience with Sasuke, “Teme, no. You didn’t even start seeing her until I literally pressured you for weeks. How can you say you love her? And the fact that you don’t ever want to go over there willingly is shit Sasuke.” Naruto prepared himself for the first proper fight they would have as a couple.

“Naruto its none of your fucking business how much I see her, plus you know I have never been one of the emotional, lovey dove kinds.”

Naruto’s fist clenched in, trying to calm the boiling liquid filling inside of him. “Sasuke, she is your daughter, end of fucking story. You cannot blame her, for your mistakes of trying to act the straight dude. She was not the cause of your marriage or divorce. But you have to face the fucking facts, that yes you were once married to Sakura and yes you did convince a daughter with her in some poor attempt to try and see if being straight was even mildly possible for you. For fuck sake Sasuke, for once in your life will you care about anyone who isn’t you?”

Sasuke was starting to get mad, his eyebrows were sharply pointed down and his eyes seemed to glow a strange red and black mix.

“I do care, about you. Isn’t that fucking enough?”

Naruto started tearing up, “No.” He looked at his boyfriend and somehow composed a fake smile. “Sasuke I love you, I do. But you need to be a better father and if you loved me, you would start trying harder.” Naruto turned around and headed for the door.  His hands were inches away from turning the door handle, but his body had cemented into place.

Naruto turned around to see Sasuke looking out the window with a solemn expression on his face, tears slowly dripping down his white skin. “Hey Sasuke, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to get so angry at you, I know your trying, I just worry that you don’t care about her you know? She is your family and that means she’s mine. I just want you to be able to have something as special as I have with my kids. If you just try.”

Naruto turned back to head out the door, not knowing where he was going to go, but he just wanted to calm down. “I’ll be back later, I do love you, I really do. I’m sorry Sasuke.”

Sasuke didn’t waver, his head was still firmly placed forwards towards the crystal-clear window. “Hm.” He refused to say anything more, because he wasn’t too sure what he was feeling right now. Guilt? Anger? Sorrow?


Naruto walked forwards, not knowing what direction he was going or really to what location. He just walked. Listened to the leaves which danced around in the wind, which were accompanied by birds singing to the skies, like some strange yet calming relaxing sonata.

He walked slowly forwards on the dirt track, watching his feet tussle the sand underneath. He looked up to the sun, which pulsated through the leaves and dangled towards to the ground like golden streamers hanging from the trees.

Naruto felt his heavy breathing calming, almost mimicking the peaceful scenario. His body went from an angered harsh walk to a peaceful stroll, which tried to dance in rhythm with the leaves whilst softly skimming the dirt underneath it.

Naruto smiled, feeling better already and then he felt it, the bright idea. He knew what he would do today.

With a smile on his face, he started to jump forwards, excited for the day to come.


12 pm

Naruto knocks on the door with a smile as big as his face.

He waits patiently by the door, twiddling his thumbs until the door was opened. Naruto was greeted by a long-time friend, who looks like they haven’t had an ounce of sleep, messy pink hair dangling all over their face, accompanied by deep green eyes and darkened circles to accentuate them.


“Hey you, looking fabulous as always.”

Sakura punched Naruto on the shoulder, which for a normal person would have sent them flying across the street, but luckily Naruto could hold his own with Sakura.

“What do you want. I’m too hung over to deal with your bubbly energy, not all of us have some magic beast that helps us recover really quick.”

Naruto chuckled lightly at Sakura’s remarks whilst entering and attempting to take off a shoe.

“I’m here to take the kids off your hands, you still have our children?”

Sakura lightly laughed, loud enough for Naruto to hear behind her, “I’m pretty sure I still have them.”

Naruto walked around a corner to find a puddle of mess, a room topped with drawings, broken crayons, plastic shuriken and nerf guns. He saw Boruto and Sarada fighting over a game of tekken, yelling at the screen to win the game for them and Himawari in the corner drawing another unicorn painting.

Naruto smiled at this sight, he wanted nothing more than to be the best dad for his kid and it hurt him to think Sasuke was missing this with Sarada.

“Well hello you guys.” Naruto said mischievously. The three kids turned around with spooked expressions on their face.

“Dad?” Boruto exclaimed in a curious and questioning voice.

Naruto smiled as he braced for a running Himawari that was ready for a bear tackle hug, “hey, I know your mother was meant to pick you guys up, but I called and asked if it was okay if I stole you guys for the day.”

Himawari’s face lit up as if she just saw a flying unicorn in the sky, “yay daddy, I missed you soooooooo much.”

Naruto’s face glowed in joy, he was nothing without his children, they were the centre to his existence.

“So, what do you say, adventure with the old timer?”

Boruto smiled and stood up to give his dad an epic high five, “you know it!”


Naruto was outside Sakura’s door, thanking her for taking care of the kids, he offered to cook her dinner anytime and gave her an invite to visit him at his new place. Sarada stood behind Sakura, a near copy of her and Sasuke, she waved at Boruto with a wide smile on her face and pink cheeks which highlighted her beautiful deep black eyes.

Before Naruto could say his last good bye, he slowly whispered into Sakura’s ear. “Sakura, is it okay if I also take Sarada today?”

Sakura looked at him with a confused and almost defensive motherly look, “hmm”.

Sakura looked over at Sarada and pursed her lips in a questioning way. “Hey sweetie would you like to join Naruto and his family for today? I know you had plans to go practice with Boruto later on, so if you wish to go, I will allow you to go.”

Sarada’s face lit up, she smiled widely and ran over to give her mother a giant hug, “thank you so much ma. Ille just get changed Mr. Uzumaki and be right over.”

“Take your time sweetie.”

Naruto looked at Sakura with deep gratitude, “thank you.”

Sakura gave Naruto a look that was more scary and threatening than anything he had ever seen, “take care of her, you hear me?”

Naruto gulped down in fear of being killed by Sakura If anything would happen to her baby girl, “yes mam.”

“Hm.” Sakura folded her arms in a cross manner, but soon relaxed her fist, “but thank you for thinking about her.”

“Anything for you and Sarada, you guys are my family and as much as Sasuke doesn’t want to admit it, he loves you guys just as much, he just struggles to show it.”

Sakura looked at Naruto with loving eyes, emerald gems that glowed in response to Naruto’s kind words.

“I hope that’s true, because I worry about her. I’m fine, I’m strong, I can survive with or without him, not that I want anything to happen to him, because you guys are now…”

“Sakura, it’s fine I understand what you mean.”

“Hmm, it’s just her I worry about sometimes, you know? She basically grew up without a dad and I don’t want that to define her in a bad way, if you get what I mean?”

Naruto nodded his head, “I certainly do, it’s easy to start worrying so much about them, isn’t it? But all you can do is try your best and hope that what you teach them and how you guide them is the right way.”

Sakura placed her head on Naruto’s shoulder, letting out an agreeing sigh.

“I’m ready!”

Naruto laughed to himself, seeing Sarada in a full ninja outfit. “Well you do seem ready to take on a whole battle.”

Naruto beckoned her forward and placed a loving hand on her head as he messed around with her hair.

“Alright ninjas, off we go.”

*In a quick blink, all 4 ninjas were off to the trees, skimming the branches quickly and being alert of any dangers which they might face, like a stray evil cat*

Luck Be A Daisy

Characters- Sam x Reader

Summary- A fall picnic with your dog ends up being more eventful than originally expected. 

Word Count- 1,003

Warnings- None. Just utter, devastating Sam fluff.

A/N- This is part of @idreamofhazel‘s Traits of Sam Challenge! The prompt was Sam + Dogs, so how could I pass up the adorableness of Sammy with a doggy? This is also dedicated to @jpadjackles for being the best smol a girl could ask for. She’s such a blessing in my life and a ray of sunshine. Really though, she’s the best and you really should give her a follow if you haven’t already. x

Really, it could have only happened to you.

An early fall picnic with your dog sounded like such a great idea when you had it earlier that morning, before you’d even had your coffee. Though the reality was much harsher than your 8 am brain had anticipated. Your golden retriever Daisy was very well-mannered despite her youth, making taking her out so easy. The trouble was that she was like a live-wire for some reason today.

The entire way to the park, she pulled at her leash and whacked you repeatedly with her overexcited tail. Prancing excitedly at your feet, she waited for you to settle down in a nice spot on the grass. Smoothing out the plaid blanket, you sank to your knees and sat cross-legged as you started pulling food out of your bag. Daisy waited none-too-patiently as you pulled out her bowl and food, excited to eat.

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