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It's a deal

Request: Gaston request??? I beg you??? Gaston trying to join reader one day while she’s reading and then her agreeing to go hunting in return

Warnings: none

a/n: request more BATB :)

You flipped another page of your book, The Taming of the Shrew, as you sat near the well. You heard the villagers whispers but you chose to ignore them, there were much worse things that could happen to you than getting gossiped about.
What business did a girl have reading? Most beautiful girl in town, but she’s quite odd isn’t she?

You sighed as you continued to read until you saw someone sit in front of you. You peered over the edge of your book and rolled your eyes.

“Hello Gaston.” You said as you continued to read.

“Hello Gorgeous.” He said with a smirk on his face.

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Player: Jeff Skinner – Carolina Hurricanes


Of course my love! You know I adore getting requests from you! I hope you enjoy this one about our little ball of sunshine! Love you bunches! 💕

Mentions: Victor Rask, Noah Hanifin, Elias Lindholm

Warnings: Angst. Curse Word I think?

Preview: You know I have been here for an entire year and haven’t gotten with an NHL player? You questioned aloud, allowing Drunk Y/N to take over you and Jeff’s banter.

Characters:. 922 words.

Originally posted by nhl-canes

You couldn’t believe you were at your own going-away party. Your lease was up and you just didn’t have the money to renew. You loved being so close to your childhood best friend. Jeff had begged you to come out and try the Carolina scene.

You tried it for a year. You went to school online and spent as much time with your personal ball of sunshine. You loved him and the entire NHL team. But now your time was up. 

You were sitting at a table with Jeff, downing your fourth beer.

You know I have been here for an entire year and haven’t gotten with an NHL player? You questioned aloud, allowing Drunk Y/N to take over you and Jeff’s banter.

Jeff almost spit out his drink turning a bright pink.

“I wonder if Rask is any good in bed? The man is gorgeous. Or maybe Hanifin, I’d let him spend five minutes in my penalty box.” You giggled and hiccupped at the same time.

“Y/N. I rather not spend time talking about you and my teammates.” He chirped quickly.

“Good thing I didn’t ask for your opinion.” You smirked. “I’d let Elias slip past my goalie you know.”

Jeff had enough, he suddenly stood up and stormed off.

You followed. “What are you jealous or something?”

“I am not jealous! I just care about you Y/N!” He answered when you reached outside the bar.

Despite what you think, I am completely capable of taking care of myself” you snapped, crossing your arms.

“Can you Y/N? Really? You haven’t been with a guy since you’ve been here. And now suddenly you want to get with my teammates?”

Drunk You took over.

“I haven’t been with anyone? Have you ever thought you’re the reason? Maybe I wanted to sleep with a teammate of yours to distract me, you moron! I’m in love with you stupid!

You couldn’t believe what you did next. You kissed your best friend. But he didn’t respond.

You stood back instantly regretting your decisions.


“Please just talk to me. Just please be my best friend right now, not the guy I just confessed my love to.”

“Y/N, I…I can’t”

You just nodded choking away your tears. You wrapped your arms around your stomach hugging yourself for comfort. You turned on your heels to head home. You began walking letting yourself cry. They fell harder when you realized he wasn’t chasing you.

You woke up heartbroken. You got up and began to finish packing. Thank god you were leaving today, you wanted to hide in a hole for the rest of your life. You were convinced you would never hear from Jeff again. Only you could manage ruin 20 years of friendship in a span of 6.

That was until there was a knock at your door.



“Why are you panting?” you ask cocking your head.

“Well, I have been running.”


“I had to talk to you.”

“Well, I don’t really have time. I have to get this done before I leave” You turned back to your work.

“Stop!” he yelled causing you to jump. You couldn’t remember a time Jeff had yelled.

“I need to say this.” He said calmer than his previous statement.

“Fine, but really my flight…”

“It will only take a second.” He interrupted.

“We will only friends 3 days ago. I had never thought about anything more.

“It was stupid and…”

“I told you to stop didn’t I?”

You closed your mouth, crossing your arms.

“But then we kissed, and everything changed. And I didn’t realize any of this until I was standing alone in my apartment without you. You can just imagine how I felt when I realized the woman I love is moving back home because her lease is up.

You felt tense at his words. Did Jeff just say he was in love with you?

“So Y/N, move in with me because I want to date you. I want to be with you. I want to spend as much time with you as I can.” He pleaded.

“You don’t want that Jeff. You don’t want to be with me…” you answered softly shaking your head.

“But I do. Don’t you see that?”

“Jeff, there is a reason we have been just friends all these years. It’s comfortable, it will just be easier. We can just forget about the kiss and I will move back home. You can visit me during the off season and everything will be how it always was.” You tried turning your back to hide your tears.

“You’re right, that would be easier.” He started and you choked back a sob, the tears falling harder 

“But I don’t want easy. I can’t go back to being just friends with you. Not after that kiss.”

“I’m scared.” You whispered as you turned to face him. You’re breath leaving you when you saw how close he was.

“Me too, but we can be scared together”

You just nodded.

“God, I am so in love with you.”

“I love you too skinny.”

“So you’re staying right?” he smiled that one in a million grin of his.

You placed a kiss onto his lips instead of answering.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

And once again, you melted into his smile.

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142 “Hold my hand so he gets jealous.” please :)

a night out

“Isn’t this great!” Eskild shouts over the loud techno music pulsing through the nightclub as he dances in his seat. Isak looks over at his friend a small, reluctant smile coming through in the face of Eskild enthusiasm. At 19 and having been out of the closet since 17, Isak’s used to Eskild dragging him to gay clubs, but it seemed the older man never got tired of it, probably because Isak made him work for it when it came to bringing him to places like this.

“Not really,” Isak shouts back after taking a sip of his beer. “I should be back at the apartment studying, I have an exam for biochemistry in a few days, you know.”

Eskild rolls his eyes in return. “Yes baby Isak, I know, and Noora knows because you ate her last yogurt as a late night study snack and Linn knows because your whining about how you are going to flunk out of Uni in your first year kept her from her nap. We are all aware of your all mighty exam, which is why we are here, to get you out of the house and to relax before the girls smother you in your sleep like they have been planning.”

Isak blinks at the Eskild’s diatribe. “That seems a little extreme.”

Eskild shrugs as he sips his cocktail. “Well, you’re annoying.”

Isak gives Eskild a grim smile in return. “Thanks, Eskild, that’s nice.”

Eskild shrugs once more as he stands up. “Not my job to be nice, my job was to dress you and bring you out,” Eskild answers giving the Isak’s outfit a once over. It isn’t anything out of the ordinary, just some skinny jeans and a short sleeve shirt that is tighter than Isak is used to, but can admit shows off his shoulders nicely, and the green makes his eyes in Eskild’s words pop.

“And since my job is done, I’m going to dance, try to have some fun even though I know that’s hard for a grump like you.”

Isak raises his half empty glass in his friend’s direction as he goes off, he lets out a deep sigh as he turns back in his chair. He knows Eskild is right and that he’s been moodier than ever, but between school, his mother who is a constant struggle and just life, in general, he hasn’t found any time to have fun and if he’s honest with himself, he’s also lonely. His last relationship ended over nine months ago, and it hadn’t been serious, to begin with. Just some guy who he hooked up with when they were both a little drunk and horny. He wanted more, or at least better he just didn’t know how to go about it, and it wasn’t like the man of his dreams was just going to fall into his lap, right?


Isak looks up and continues to look up until he finds bright blue eyes on a gorgeous face. No. Seriously, stunning.

“Ah, hi?” he stutters in the face of so much pretty. The guy is tall, taller than him, lean but fit in a simple black tee and tight jeans that hug his hips low. There is a teasing smile on pouty pink lips, blue eyes that crinkle at the corner and artfully swept hair.

“Hi,” the stranger repeats as he takes a step closer to Isak. “So there is a guy at the end of the bar that won’t take the hint, think you can help a guy out?”

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Jun Flowershop!au

So I got a Jin flower ship request and a Jun flower shop request pretty much at the same time :D :D :D so here’s Jun!!

So i’m officially in a flower mood, so how would you guys feel about a various members as bouquets? I’d draw the bouquets myself. Lemme know!


-          Okay so this shop has a really classy feel, but in a really vibrant way. Like the floors are really light laminate wood, and the walls are a really muted version of a really deep, dark purple or grey as a background for all of these big vases lining shelves that are completely packed with just these rolling cascades of big, gorgeous flowers in stunning blues, and bright yellows and oranges, lots of purples and reds as well, and just all of the brightest, biggest, most extravagant flowers you can imagine.

-          There are lots of big roses, amaryllises, carnations, orchids, lilies, all the big stuff

-          There are a couple of chairs for waiting, and their cushions are a silky material in colors that mesh with the wall colors, and all of the other accents like curtains and vases just add to all of it, and there are black display cases with clean glass doors housing some premade bouquets for people in a rush, and everything is exquisite

-          When customers walk in for the first time, they’re usually a little taken aback by the whole thing because usually, flower shops have this really spring time sort of theme, and there’ all these light colors and greens for nature, and stuff like that, and yet here’s this lavish, classy, place with lots of deep, dark colors and it’s just a new thing, but also really intriguing and captivating

-          Sort of like the owner

-          He’s a little quiet, he doesn’t talk a whole lot more than he needs to, but he’s very polite and welcoming, and when he does talk he tends to be a little playful

-          He wears button ups tucked into khakis or black pants with the sleeves rolled up, and he’s got a black apron on to catch the water and the loose leaves and other things

-          One Tuesday afternoon around lunchtime, he’s leaning back against the wall on a stool reading a book, when the door opens, and he looks up to see you in your business attire, looking around to take in the general splendor. He sits and admires you for a moment, and then closes his book with a thud and stands up to lean forward on the counter

-          “Welcome, what can I do for you?” He says in a warm, silky voice

-          You look over at him. His hair isn’t long, but it’s on the longer end of still fitting into the short hair category. It’s styled in such a way that it’s pushed over and around kind of to the side so that one side of his forehead is revealed but the hair swoops down and curls over the other side really gently, and it just looks really soft and nice

-          “Hi, I’m looking for a bouquet for my boss’s birthday, is it possible to have it done in the next half an hour?”

-          “Not a problem. Anything in particular you’re looking for?” You tell him the boss’s favorite flowers, and some requested colors, and he asks you what the price range you’re looking for is. You laugh and tell him it doesn’t matter, you’re not paying for it the business is, and he laughs

-          He goes around the shop, selecting flowers methodically while you take a seat in one of the chairs. He goes back behind to a table behind the counter and starts putting it together, and as he does, he looks up to steal glances at you, and you look up periodically to watch. His long, delicate fingers move very gracefully as he places everything just so in the vase.

-          When he’s finished, he sets the vase down on the counter and leans against the counter again with his hands resting on either side of the vase.

-          “What do you think?” He looked up at you and smiled warmly

-          It was just as beautiful as literally everything else in the shop, it had purple, bright red, and a couple of black flowers, mostly roses, with smaller white ones just to make it pop

-          You smiled with delight when you looked at it

-          “This is perfect, ring me up!” You handed him the business card, he swiped it through the machine, and after putting the vase into a more manageable carrier and handing it to you with a ‘here you go,’ he leaned on his elbows across the counter towards you and pulled out an iris, with white towards the center that fanned out into a vibrant purple on the outsides of the petals

-          He holds it out to you between two fingers as he gives you a grin that somehow manages to be both very mature and classy, but also boyish and flirtatious, all at the same time

-          “And a beautiful flower for a beautiful girl”

-          Your eyes widen a little because you’re surprised, and you blush as you take the flower, thank him, and leave

-          He watched you go, and he hoped you’d come back. He’d put even more effort into that bouquet than he usually did in the hopes that you’d come back next time you or your company needed something

-          And it worked, because three or so weeks later, you needed something for your sister, who’d just had a baby

-          And naturally, you went back to him for it, purely because he was a good flower putter togetherer, it had everything to do with his flower coordinating skills, completely, 100% that, nothing else whatsoever was involved in that decision

-          You walked in, and he perked up a little as soon as he saw you

-          “Hello, gorgeous, what can I get for you today?” He smiled that same grown professional man/flirty boy grin as before as he walks out from behind the counter to lean on it

-          You don’t even blush this time, he’s just so casual about it, you just smile and tell him what you’re looking for

-          “Well, my sister just had a baby, so I’m looking for something really bright and happy with pinks in it.”

-          “Alright, I’ll whip something up for you right now” And with that he goes about the task of selecting the flowers, and while he does that, he strikes up small talk, asks about the baby, you guys get to talking about the flower shop, you find out he owns it and runs it by himself which is neat, and you two wind up talking and laughing the whole time he’s working. You don’t even sit down in the chair, you just lean on the counter the whole time like six feet away from him and you watch him work while you two just chat

-          And when he’s done, he leans back from his workbench and examines his handiwork with a satisfied look before placing it on the counter in front of you

-          “How’s this?”

-          It’s got these white peonies and tulips that fade back at the very base to this really light green like some white flowers do, and then tehy give way to a gradient of other tulips and peonies ranging from pale pink to hot pink pink, and then there’s a splash of deep purple and white in the form of a couple of amaryllises, all against a base of those tiny white buds

-          “This is perfect, it’s so bright! Thank you”

-          So he rings you up, and after he hands your card back to you and hands you the carrier with the flowers, he hands you another stem that holds a single bunch of hydrangea blooms, mostly a dark navy, but with splashes of pale blue in the mix

-          “And one for you” He smiles that alluring infuriating smile AGAIN

-          “Do you do this for all of the women who come by your shop?” You smirk, raising an eyebrow at him, and his smile widens

-          “Only the prettiest one”

-          You blush and look down at your feet as you take the flower, and you mentally kick yourself for not being able to hold back your smile

-          And he 100% notices, thinks it’s absolutely adorable

-          It makes him look down at the counter and let out a cute, breathy laugh that’s almost a little shy and it’s adorable

-          And then after that, he doesn’t stop looking at your eyes in the next few seconds as you put your wallet back in your purse, look at him to say goodbye, and then turn to walk out

-          And neither of you stops smiling for the rest of the day

-          He can’t stop thinking about how you’re a bit bashful, but then you’ve also got this playful side to contrast and it’s kind of addictive

-          The next time you come in is a week later after your boss tells you that she wants to start having flowers set out at the front desk for visitors to see when they walk in

-          So you walk in, almost blushing already at the idea of seeing him again, and then you kick yourself mentally again and you’re like no, you are a grown, professional, woman, stop being such a middle school girl, so you compose yourself and walk in

-          “Well hello, gorgeous.” He smiles. And now you’re desparately trying to hold yourself together, and luckily you succeed

-          So you tell him about your boss’s request, and he smiles a little while you tell him the company’s colors (green, blue, and white)

-          He gets to work, and the two of you talk the whole time again, and it’s great, he’s really a pleasant person to be around, and he thinks the same of you

-          So he finishes up the boquet, and it’s just as pretty as everything else he makes

-          Once you’re all ready to leave, he tells you to hold on for one second as he reaches back to his workbench and grabs a purple carnation and some smaller white flowers, returns to the counter in front of you, weaves the flowers together into a beautiful pattern, and then steps out from behind the counter

-          He walks over to you, takes a hold of your chin gently to turn you away from him, and tucks the flowers into the bun in your hair before turning you back to him

-          “Since you’re going to be coming here next week to pick up flowers for work anyway, why don’t you just come an hour early and we can grab lunch, my treat?”

-          You’re a blushing mess because he’s still got his hand under your chin and his face is kind of close to yours and he’s looking you very expectantly in the eyes with that grin of his, but you still manage to look him right back in the eyes

-          “sounds good”


flower shop au is life. Also Jun is life. Also flower shops.

New Colors

Request: May we have some Lamliza soulmate au? Preferably one where if a soulmate dies they lose color. And when they meet they gain the ability to see color?


The world was dull. When Alexander touched Eliza’s hand, it had only brought on dull colors, nothing like the colors everyone had described to them. And it was the same for Eliza. Everyone they talked to that was lucky enough to find their soulmate swore the world was vibrant, reds and blues that washed over everything, the green leaves dancing on the trees, and the sudden vibrancy was painfully beautiful to look at after a world of grays. Angelica had met her soulmate and swore that red was the most beautiful color in the world, but Eliza and Alexander could not figure out how. The colors of the world all had a muddy feel to them. They all looked as though they were beneath a stormy sky.

The couple was chronically depressed. They loved each other with all their hearts, they truly did, but they were always yearning for more, for that vibrancy in their sights that everyone had described. Alexander and Eliza had gone to her mother for advice, thinking it was a problem between them, but she had not been any help. Their life was soon lacking as much vibrancy as the colors in front of them.

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With Any Luck

(i’m really back at naming things, sorry)

Word Count: 846

Warnings: swearing, mention of simon being drunk, thirsty simon, none other than that?

Summary: Baz was better at being discreet when he’s staring across a bar. Simon isnt.

[i didnt proofread it, just copied and pasted so if it sucks, sorry]


“I’m gonna actually talk to him.”

“You say that every week, you know you’re not.”

“Penelope, I need you to be supportive please.” Penny sighed and took a drink from her cup. She had a beer like she did every time they came here. Simon sighed too.

“Simon, what if one week we come here and he’s not here?” She had never tried this route of convincing. “What if we show up and he’s not bartending because he got fired, or quit, or something? You’ll never see him again.” Penelope watched Simon’s face scrunch up.

“Wow, that would be bad.”

“And you’d never get to tell him that you think he’s so hot that you want to rip his clothes off.” Simon turned quickly, glaring at her as his cheeks turned redder and redder.

“I do not.”

“You said it last time you were drunk.” His cheeks got even redder. He turned away quickly and glared across the bar at the beautiful boy with black hair. He was laughing about something and he looked like a god, like a painting. He looked like something that someone would worship and God did he want to wirship that man.

His cheeks were flaming by now and Penny knew what he was thinking but pretended not to notice.

Because shes a good friend.

“It’s only a matter of time until we show up here and he isnt around for you to gawk at.” They ordered some food and it had gone cold. Penny would have to help Simon cook something when they got back to the flat. He’d insist on trying to cook and Penelope would hover nearby, casually holding a cup of water, ready to stop a fire.

The important part was that he tried.

“Oh my god, I’m actually going to talk to him.” He was halfway across the bar before Penny saw he was telling the truth. She laughed and took another sip of her drink and nodded. She didn’t think he had it in him.

Jesus Christ, this guy is even hotter up close. If Simon could paint, this is what he would paint. He was willing to try at this point. 

He felt the heat leave his cheeks and travel through his entire body.

“So,” The man said when Simon finally made it to the bar. He smirked, letting his eyes roam over Simon’s face. “what can I get you?”

“Your phone number?” On some level, Simon thought it would work. He’d seen it tried on Penny before. He was bad at this. The man smiled.

“How about I ask for your name first?” He sounded slightly posh. Not like ‘I’m rich and better than you’ posh, more like 'I’m rich and I got a good education, but I’m still working in a greasy bar.’

“I’m Simon.”

“I’m Baz.” They shook hands. Now that he wasn’t across a bar, Simon realized how in over his head he was. Baz was gorgeous. He was tall and his hair was pulled back now, into a tight tail. His skin is tanned and he looks nice and handsome SOMEHOW in his stained apron and jeans. His cheekbones are pushed all the way up to his eyebrows for godssakes and his lips are this perfect, pink curve and God is he really blowing this.

“I like your name.” And your hair and your face and your everything.

“I like your eyes.” Baz said. A man down the bar was trying to flag him down, but Baz ignored him. “You have absolutely gorgeous eyes.” Baz liked a lot about Simon. He was better at being discreet when he’s staring across a bar. Simon isnt.

He’d started staring at Simon around the time Simon started staring at him. It was hard to ignore him when he first showed up. He was lanky and bright and happily laughing with the girl he brought with him every Friday night, but his blue eyes really dragged Baz in.

“Let me buy you a drink.” Simon said impulsively. Baz laughed.

“No drinking on the job.”


“You can buy me a coffee tomorrow.”

“That sounds even better.” Simon was beaming and bouncing on the balls of his feet. This was a lot easier than he thought.

“Down the street there’s a Starbucks, I’ll meet you there around 10?” Simon nodded because he thought that was all he could do. The guy down the bar was fuming now, nearly standing on the stool and smacking his hand off the bar. Baz dragged his eyes towards him, sneering. “I should handle that. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Simon walked back to Penny in a daze.

“Holy shit.”

“Holy shit.” She pushed her pint away and leaned towards him. He was glowing. “So?”

“We’re getting coffee tomorrow. At 10.” He looked at her and grinned from ear to ear. She leaned back, smirking.

“Maybe you’ll get the chance to rip all his clothes off.” He pushed her shoulder but smiled.

‘With any luck’ he thought.

Luck Be A Daisy

Characters- Sam x Reader

Summary- A fall picnic with your dog ends up being more eventful than originally expected. 

Word Count- 1,003

Warnings- None. Just utter, devastating Sam fluff.

A/N- This is part of @idreamofhazel‘s Traits of Sam Challenge! The prompt was Sam + Dogs, so how could I pass up the adorableness of Sammy with a doggy? This is also dedicated to @jpadjackles for being the best smol a girl could ask for. She’s such a blessing in my life and a ray of sunshine. Really though, she’s the best and you really should give her a follow if you haven’t already. x

Really, it could have only happened to you.

An early fall picnic with your dog sounded like such a great idea when you had it earlier that morning, before you’d even had your coffee. Though the reality was much harsher than your 8 am brain had anticipated. Your golden retriever Daisy was very well-mannered despite her youth, making taking her out so easy. The trouble was that she was like a live-wire for some reason today.

The entire way to the park, she pulled at her leash and whacked you repeatedly with her overexcited tail. Prancing excitedly at your feet, she waited for you to settle down in a nice spot on the grass. Smoothing out the plaid blanket, you sank to your knees and sat cross-legged as you started pulling food out of your bag. Daisy waited none-too-patiently as you pulled out her bowl and food, excited to eat.

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instantwastelandtyphoon  asked:

16! 😉

what is your favorite hair color for each member?

BLACK!!!! okay okay wait lmao

Let me preface this by saying the following in an effort not to repeat myself seven times: they look stunning with any color they have had. So beautiful. Perfection. I love them. 


Jin - Bleached blond or the pale pink were my fave looks. I think he looks gorgeous with his current hair color, too, though!!

Originally posted by yoongichii

Yoongi - black kinda reigns supreme for me, I just think it suits him so well, but I do love the bleached blond, grey/silver, and of course, mint. Wait I also loved the black with the blue undertones/pieces in the Not Today vid… man this bih looks good even with that dirty dishwater color he had during the first Bon Voyage. What kind of bullshit…..

Originally posted by sugakookie

Hoseok - Super dark/almost black/actually black and the kinda gingery orange when the brightness of that orange kinda faded? The latter is like… the default setting for him in my mind, though? I think of Hoseok and I think of his orangey hair. Like the fucking sun. My sunshine angel :’)

Originally posted by hohbi

Namjoon - his current color because he looks so goddamned golden, it’s beautiful, but I really loved the bleached when you could see his regrowth/dark roots, and I loved the pink, too. (anyone wanna about how much of a fucking dreamboat he was at the BBMAs? god he looked SO good)

Originally posted by yourpinkpill

Jimin - Black. I like the lighter colors on him, too, but the black is just… a whole other level of sexy.

Originally posted by bwipsul

Taehyung - while the maraschino cherry red is ICONIC in my head, I love him with his light very warm brown color, because again, it makes him look nice and tan and golden. Like a walking ray of sunlight. I need a minute or 2.

Originally posted by chimneytaels

Jungkook - Dark chestnut brown and darker. I like his lighter hair colors and when he had the little blond highlights, but I feel like darker hair suits him. (especially when they style it all fluffy omg it’s beaut)

Originally posted by nnochu

anonymous asked:

ope. that's awkward. i just picked a number lmao Stony 47 work?

47: Meeting at a festival

MCU AU where the Avengers never happened and Pepper and Tony never started dating, but otherwise it’s mostly the same.

Steve wasn’t entirely sure what he was expecting when a SHIELD agent turned up at his front door, but it wasn’t this.

“Orders,” she said briskly, but with a definite air of something Steve would later positively identify as glee.

Her name is Natasha Something Eastern European if Steve remembers their brief introduction from some weeks ago correctly. “Boss says you need to be acclimated. I’m here to acclimate you.”

She was in civilian clothes; a brown leather jacket, red and white striped t-shirt, faded denim waist overalls and black boots with heels that must have been at least three inches high. Steve may have been a super soldier, but he knew he’d still break his neck if he ever tried that.

“Acclimate me to what, exactly?”

She grinned at him, toothy and a little mocking, as if she were going to goad him out of his quarters and into the twenty-first century. “Life.” She pulled a folded piece of paper from the pocket of her jacket and holds it out.

He stared at it for at least thirty seconds, looking for some clue that maybe this is a coded message. “The Annual NYC LGBTQA Pride and Awareness Festival?”


“I don’t know what that is,” he said.

“That’s why you should go,” she said, plucking the paper out of his unresisting hands. “Because that’s something you should know in this day and age.”

The more he thinks on it, the more he’s half-certain he’s heard that string of letters somewhere before. Since SHIELD is still blocking his access to TV and the radio – as well censoring his newspapers and completely prohibiting him from something called the Internet which he had been repeatedly and condescending assured he wasn’t ready for – he supposes it must be some military or government agency that hadn’t existed in his day. “Why are we starting with this?”

She shrugged, long red hair spilling over her shoulders in a riotous tumble of curls. It’s the least subtle hairstyle he’s ever seen on a spy in his admittedly short experience. He’s also fairly certain it’s fake since he saw her as a blond with a pixie cut when he first woke up. “Well, hell, Cap. You gotta start somewhere and this is today.” She rolled her eyes. “Or we could sit quietly in your room and talk about the current presidential candidates over a nice PB&J sandwich like the elderly spinsters we are.”

He may have been mostly dead for seventy years and trapped in a time he doesn’t recognize, but Steve is only slightly dismayed to find that he’s still a sucker for an I dare you even when it’s unspoken and issued by a pretty dame.


LGBTQA is not a government agency.

“Huh,” Steve said, eyeing the massive crowd. A lot of people wore rainbow-colored beads, or scarves – hats, shirts, bracelets – some wore elaborate costumes made of leather, lace or feathers. Or all three. Some had signs with messages or slogans – all friendly, he noted, though they’d seen some less encouraging ones as they approached. A lot of people had facepaint on their cheeks or the back of their hands, three stripes of various color combinations that he hadn’t managed to decipher yet, though many of them matched flags he could see flying through the crowd. He stuck to the edge of the street, habit making him want the buildings at his back in a strange crowd. “This is nice.”

Natasha snapped her gum, a trick Steve hasn’t seen since Bucky did it as a kid to annoy his sister. “Not the reaction I was expecting, to be honest.”

“We had homosexuals in the 1940s,” Steve said dryly. “And the thirties and the twenties. You know who didn’t like homosexuals? Hitler.”

Natasha threw her head back and laughed. “All right, fair enough. If anyone gets to use the Hitler card, I guess it’s you.”

“Card?” he asked but something had caught her attention.

There was a man in a suit a few feet away, wearing the visor-like sun shades that everyone seemed to like these days and stabbing at one of the touch-screen phones that Fury didn’t know Steve knew how to use. He looked like he was completely ignoring the woman with him, which was a goddamn shame because she was beautiful and smiling at him like he’d done something very right. The woman looked up, saw Natasha rocketing toward them on her ridiculous boots, and darted forward to greet her on even more ill-advised pencil-thin heels. She had to be six-feet-tall in her bare feet. In the heels she was taller than Steve.

“Natalie,” the woman said with a sweet voice and a mocking smile and Natasha heaved an exaggerated sigh.

“I was working,” she said in a loud voice, but that didn’t stop her from giving the woman a quick hug. “God, hold a grudge. Tony’s forgiven me already hasn’t he?”

“I had you banned from all my buildings,” the man said, peering at Natasha over the rim of his shades. His eyes were a stunning shade of blue and his smile – which, while decidedly shit-eating was still absolutely gorgeous – made something flare briefly in the pit of Steve’s stomach. He was wearing face-paint as well, three bars on his left cheek. Bright pink, vivid purple, brilliant blue.

“Stab a guy once,” Natasha said. “What, are you slumming with the plebes?”

“Excuse you,” the man said, pressing one hand against his chest in obviously feigned insult. “I was invited. I gave a speech.”

“Was it adults-only?” Natasha asked and the man laughed.

The woman ignored them both and  turned to Steve. “I’m Pepper Potts. I assume you’re safe to introduce myself to since Natasha isn’t pretending not to know us.”

I was working,” Natasha said again in a loud voice while the man with her burst out laughing.

“I just met her today, so how safe she is seems to be up for debate,” Steve said. He took Pepper’s hand in a firm, business-like shake while Natasha scowled at both of them. “Steve Rogers.”

“Tony Stark.” The man held his out for Steve to shake and gave Natasha a narrow-eyed stare. “Steve Rogers, huh? Clone, time-traveler or LMD?”

“Cryogenic hybernation,” Natasha said. She snapped her gum and grinned. “Fury says if anyone asks you figured it out yourself.”

“I did figure it out myself, it’s not like he’s wearing a fucking sign.” Tony gave Steve a once-over, still absently shaking his hand. “Shit, you look good for a guy in his nineties.”

“Thank you,” Steve said automatically. “Is he supposed to know who I am? Everyone keeps telling me it’s some big secret - wait, Stark?”

Tony sighed. “Yes, that Stark.”

“Howard was your grandfather?”

Natasha snickered and Tony threw his head back and laughed which did interesting things to Steve’s stomach. “Howard was my father,” Tony finally told him. “The old man was very active in his later years.”

“Fury and Tony go way back,” Natasha said, jamming her hands in her coat pockets. “Apparently.”

“You’re still his favorite,” Tony assured her.

“Phil’s his favorite,” Natasha said. “I’m the middle child.”

“Whatever Nick and Agent have going on is not a parent-child harmonic,” Tony said. “Are you showing Cap here the sights?”

“I’m acclimating him.”

Tony smirked. “And running into us was purely coincidence?”

“I don’t know your life,” Natasha said disdainfully. “Your schedule is very heavily guarded, you know. To get you itinerary and know that you would be standing in this exact spot and this exact moment I’d have to be some kind of spy.”

“Or have someone on the inside,” Pepper said lightly.

“I love a conniving woman, don’t you?” Tony asked and Steve just shrugged helplessly.

“Fury’s counting on you to make a fuss,” Natasha said. “Get the shackles off. He needs to know the world they’re trying to make him fight for before they dress him up in spandex and point him at whatever enemy they think is worth taking down first.”

“Is that why they won’t let me watch TV?” Steve demanded. He couldn’t help the flash of fury as he rounded on Natasha. “They want their super solider stupid enough not to ask any questions?”

“Wow they have not done any research on you at all have they?” Tony asked. “My dad’s notes on you mostly involved the words ‘stubborn asshole’ and details with great delight all the times you made up your own orders. The Council is going to love you.”

Steve stared at him, betrayal making his head throb, helplessness thrumming in every nerve ending. He wanted to say something, anything, but he didn’t know where to start. All he had was knowledge of a world almost seventy years out of date and his own judgment. He liked Fury, so far. Fury trusted Natasha. They were both trusting Tony.

“Come on,” Tony said. “Let’s walk around. Pepper, can you clear me for a few hours?”

“Already done,” she said cheerfully. “Happy’s going to wait with the car in case the Captain wants to go anywhere.”

“No TV, huh?” Tony said, eyeing Steve up and down. “So no internet I’m guessing? Newpapers?”

“No,” he said tightly.

“Pep, can you get one of the interns to run me over a Starkphone, a tablet and one of the new webbooks? Attach them to my accounts, it’ll make it harder for SHIELD to realize the Captain has an internet presence.” Tony clapped Steve on the shoulder. “All right, what do you want to see first? There’s a parade in an hour or so, we should stick around for that, but we can go explore the city after. Oh, there’s funnel cake!”

“I - okay. Do they still make coca-cola?”

“Oh, honey,” Tony said and slipped his arm through Steve’s. “Okay, funnel cake and coke. Pep, you coming with?”

“Not today. It was very nice to meet you, Captain Rogers.” Pepper smiled at him. “Welcome back. Don’t let Tony and Natasha boss you around.”

“I would never-”

“He would a little,” Pepper said. “But he’s mostly harmless.”

“Lies and slander,” Tony said. “Okay, food first. What’s next?”

“Face paint?” Steve offered tentatively. “What do the stripes mean?”

“It’s your sexual orientation,” Tony said. He led Steve across the street to a cart selling drinks in brightly-colored cans and pouring thick streams of cake batter into a fryer. It smelled heavenly and Steve’s stomach - always ready for the next meal - growled appreciatively. “Different colors mean different orientations. A full rainbow means you only dig your own gender, shades of gray and purple means you’re not into sex at all, but you might have romantic inclinations. There’s a pink triangle in a circle, that’s for friendly straights.”

“Seems kind of personal to be painting on your face,” Steve offered.

“Yeah, but when you’ve got an entire society that’s been forced into hiding for years, sometimes just standing up and forcing people to acknowledge that you exist is the most liberating thing. Once everyone stops treating it like a secret, then it can be private again.”

That made sense. “Can I ask what yours means?”

“Bisexual. I go both ways, men or women,” Tony said with a light grin, but he was definitely watching Steve for his reaction - as was Natasha.

“Oh.” Steve took the plate the vendor handed him. “Can I get one?”

“Yeah, absolutely. Which one do you want?”

“That one.” Steve nodded toward Tony and licked a smudge of powdered sugar off his thumb. He hadn’t actually intended it to be a come-on, but if the way Tony’s eyes widened slightly, it came across that way. Steve was okay with that. “Bisexual. That’s me too.”

Tony smiled at him, this one softer and a little more real than the others had been. “Finish your cake and we’ll go get you a flag.”

Steve broke off a piece of funnel cake and held it out with a grin and a blush. “You could help me eat it?”

Natasha groaned and Tony grinned.

“I told Fury he’d regret this,” she said.

Kisses for Natsu

I’m starting up a new series. It’s just a bunch of one shots in which Natsu gets kissed by various characters in Fairy Tail because the boy needs more love.

I bet you can’t guess who he’ll be kissing first yes you can I am such trash

Gray Fullbuster

Gray sits at the bar of his favourite club, fingers idly tapping the counter as the music pounds.

“Cheer up,” Loke insists yet again. “Your resting bitch face is scaring all the sexy people away.”

“I told you I didn’t wanna come out tonight,” Gray says defensively. Loke tuts, blowing stray bangs out of his face.

Gray shrugs. It’s not like he wasn’t warned.

It is odd, though. He normally loves coming here. The drinks are cheap, the music is right up his alley, the crowd is always interesting. The sweaty grind of bodies and bass rocking in his ears simply isn’t intriguing him tonight.

“Oooh, I know what will cheer you up,” Loke hums in his ear. “Pink hair, 5 o'clock.”

Gray slowly turns on his bar stool, eyes flitting over the dance floor until they land on the man Loke’s currently eye-fucking.

Not that Gray’s faring any better. He can’t help it, the man’s gorgeous. Pink hair, bright green eyes, muscular build, flawless skin. He’s so damn– “Beautiful.”

“You say something?” Loke half shouts over the music.

Gray shakes his head, turning his attention back to his drink. Loke continues to stare, unabashed. “You’re shameless,” Gray calls. He gets a feral grin in return.

“Can you blame me?” Loke asks.

Gray turns to look at him once more. “I suppose not.”

Green Eyes turns to them, smile gracing his face. Loke enthusiastically waves him over.

Loke looks Gray dead in the eyes. “Dibs!”

“Like hell!” Gray snarls.

“Fine then, Code K,” Loke rushes out as the man saunters up.

Gray stifles a pout. Code K. Whoever kisses him first gets his chance. Gray isn’t half as outgoing as Loke, this shit rarely ever works out in his favour. In fact Loke’s success ratio compared to his is… Gray shakes his head. He doesn’t want to think about it. It’s borderline depressing.

Gray rolls his eyes as Loke starts laying down the charm. Loke shakes his hand, leaning in close to talk in his ear. His tanned hands fist in the scarf wrapped around his neck. He laughs at whatever Loke says, the sound is barely audible over the music but it pits a burning jealousy deep in Gray’s gut, wishing it were him leaning his head against pink hair.

But this man’s even more stunning up close, maybe even breathtaking. Prettier than anyone Gray’s ever seen and something about this is so damn unfair it makes his heart sink. Maybe it’s that Gray doesn’t stand a chance with someone so radiant. Loke’s definitely more his type, just has to be.

Who knows? If Gray just tries… He snorts at himself. No. Better to quit while he’s ahead. Not that knowing that will stop him from brooding into his drink.

Gray learns his name is Natsu from the bits and pieces he can hear of their conversation. He smiles. Summer.

“And what about you?” Natsu gazes up at him expectantly. Gray blinks at him. “What’s your name?”


Natsu smiles, nothing short of awe inspiring even if the smell of tequila hangs on his breath a little. “Did you parents name you that ‘cause of your eye colour?” He steps in closer, face inches away. “But I guess they’re more dark blue than grey aren’t they?”

Gray can’t answer, is too occupied trying to calm the roar of blood in his ears and the fire spreading in his veins.

Natsu grins at him again, backing off to take a long sip of Gray’s beer. Natsu’s eyes glimmer. “You don’t mind, do you?”

Normally yes, but watching his tongue peek out to lap up the excess on his lips– fuck. “Not at all.”

Natsu stares a moment longer, pearly teeth digging into his lip. His very, very pouty lip. Gray’s throat feels tight. He wants to say something, anything. He just wants to let Natsu know he’s never seen anyone like him before.

“You have a lot of fans tonight,” Loke comments, nodding to a man pushing his way through the crowd, eyes focused on Natsu.

“Shit, that’s my ex,” Natsu groans. “Quick, make out with me!”

Gray sighs, slowly turning in his seat to give Loke room, who’s gearing up to help Natsu out. This is the last thing he wants to watch. Maybe he should leave.

Natsu turns a moment, cheeks burning red and muttering to himself. Gray sees Loke reach for him and squeezes his eyes shut. Definitely time to leave.

Except there are warm fingers wrapping around his arm and yanking him close.

“Huh?” Gray nearly yelps, eyes flying open.

Natsu’s lips crash against his own. Eyes fluttering closed and lashes resting against cheeks adorned with a handful of freckles.

“Holy shit,” Gray manages against his mouth. Natsu pulls back, confusion flashing in his eyes. “You kissed me,” Gray breathes.

“Yeah,” Natsu purrs, “and I’d love to do it again.”

Gray doesn’t care that he said that so his ex could hear. He tugs Natsu between his legs and captures his lips. His fingers tangle in that pink hair, he cranes his neck, finding a better angle to let his tongue fuck into Natsu’s mouth.

Natsu gasps, warm breath fanning across Gray’s lips. Gray’s nails dig into Natsu’s scalp and he can hear the faintest moan rip from the man’s throat. Natsu grabs onto his shirt, pushing closer, closer, closer.

“You guys,” Loke laughs. “He’s gone.”

Natsu breaks away first, face flushed as he stammers out a thank you. He reaches to pull Gray into a hug, only succeeding in knocking his beer off the bar.

Gray chuckles. “Looks like you owe me a drink.”

“Yeah, well, you owe me a proper first kiss,” Natsu retorts haughtily as if making out weren’t his idea.

“How about a dance first?”

Professor!Jensen Ackles x Reader

Part of the ‘After School Session

“Never in my whole teaching career have I had such a troublemaker - OMG YOU DID NOT BRING 20 PUPPIES INTO MY LECTURE. I guess I’ll just have to show you who’s really in charge.” AU

Word Count: 1370

Warnings: Language, light smut (barely)

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People Fall in Love in Mysterious Ways

The plan is fly to Dublin and be engaged by the end of the weekend. It’s not supposed to include a slight detour, a series of delays and a beautiful but brazen Irishman who changes, well, everything. Inspired by the movie Leap Year.

w/c: 19,200

author’s confession: This idea was not strictly mine. The reason this exists because I kept seeing narrylime talk about how much she wanted a Leap Year!Narry AU and then suddenly it was all I could think about. 


‘Follow him to Dublin,’ he said, Harry thinks bitterly. ‘Propose to him then,’ he said. ‘He literally has to say yes.’

And here he is, not in Dublin like he’s supposed to be. Instead, he’s wandering around London, holding his phone to his ear with his right hand whilst dragging a suitcase behind him with the other as his camera bag weighs down his right shoulder. He’s lost; totally and completely lost. And also incredibly fucked.

The ringing stops, there’s a brief silence and then, “Shouldn’t you be having celebratory sex right now?”

Harry scoffs. “It’s a little difficult to have celebratory sex when my boyfriend is still in a completely different country.”

“What are you talking about?” Louis asks.

“I’m stranded in London.”

Louis snorts. “What?”

“The fucking weather made it impossible for the pilot to land in Dublin and they didn’t have room in Cardiff so now I’m stuck in London with no way to get to Ireland,” Harry explains. He sighs deeply, stops walking in the middle of the empty street he’s on because his feet hurt, he’s tired and he doesn’t know where he’s trying to go anyway.

“Jesus, H,” Louis mutters. And even he sounds disappointed. “Well what about catching a flight from London to Dublin in the morning?”

“There’s only one for tomorrow morning and it’s completely full. There’s another flight tomorrow night but I was sort of hoping to get there before that…”

“You could drive?”

Harry sighs. He let’s go of his suitcase and lifts his left hand to pinch the bridge of his nose. “I don’t have a car, Lou.”

“So rent one in the morning!”

“And then when I get there, what am I gonna do with it? I’d have to bring it back and Liam’s plane leaves Dublin Sunday night-”

“Mate, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind changing his flight so he could fly out with you from London.”

Harry sighs again, pinches the bridge of his nose. “I wouldn’t even know how to get there, Lou.”

“You could hitch-hike?” Louis suggests – and Harry knows he’s only half kidding. 

“Yeah,” Harry mutters. “And get murdered before I get a chance to propose.”

Louis remains silent for a moment, like he’s thinking hard. “Look, Harold,” he starts finally; seriously. “Why don’t you just find an Inn somewhere, get some rest and then figure it out in the morning.”

“I can’t wait that long to figure it out, Louis,” Harry snaps, running a frustrated hand through his hair. “I-”

“Dublin isn’t going anywhere, Harry. And neither is Liam, ok? You have plenty of time to get there and propose and be sickenly in love before coming back home. You’ll be fine. You just need to get some sleep first. Maybe get yourself a drink too – I feel like you could use one.”

Harry laughs. It sounds pitiful but it’s all he can muster in the current state he’s in. 

“Look, I have to go – El’s having trouble getting James to eat but text me when you have a plan, yeah? And also so I know you’re not dead.”

“I refuse to die before I get engaged,” Harry scoffs. 

Louis chuckles. “I fully believe that, actually.”

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Big Mouthed Cousin (Steve x Reader)

(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Marvel

Character: Steve Rogers

Persona: Thor’s demigod female cousin

Word Count: 794

Request: Can you do a Steve Rogers x Reader, where the reader has a huge crush on him, the reader is Thor’s demigod cousin, but grew up on earth. And Thor accidently let it slip out in front of Steve. Please and thank you :3 - Ver

A/N - This is for veroniclez, enjoy Ver (sorry it took so long)<3

There he was, America’s golden boy, Steve Rogers. Being Thor’s demigod cousin meant you were recruited as an Avenger so you were also asked to live in the tower which you immediately said yes to, getting to see Captain America everyday for the rest of your life was mainly the reason.

Asgardians had two different personalities, they were either bold like Thor, or more withdraw like Loki, you had taken after Loki. Growing up on Earth had also made the shy side of you stronger, so when Thor found out you liked his teammate, he simply told you to, “Ask to court him”, to which you replied, “It isn’t as easy as that Thor. It’s different on Earth”. Thor in response had scrunched up his face with a slight chuckle and walked away to find Jane.

You were in the conference room with the others, around the start of the lecture your eyes had wandered to Steve and they hadn’t left since. He was very handsome, with his bright, blonde hair and his gorgeous blue eyes, you would’ve stared at him all day but Tony had noticed. “Don’t look now Cap, but I think you have an admirer” Tony teased the Star Spangled Man. 

Steve turned towards your direction, once he met your eyes a light shade of pink lit up his cheeks. “Shut up Tony” he growled but then smiled at you, you smiled back awkwardly and quickly looked away. It was embarrassing getting caught staring, but it was even worse having tomato red cheeks as well.

Once it was over you got up and quickly scrambled out of the room. Steve was disappointed, he was going to try and ask if you wanted to go out on a date. He got up slowly from the desk, already making a mental plan of how he was going to hit the gym and sulk in there until Bucky or Nat came and gave him a pep talk and even more advice on how to ask you out. One of the reasons why Steve was so nervous about asking you was because you were really pretty and all the pretty girls he used to ask out would deny him, Steve was afraid of rejection.

Captain America was too lost in his thoughts that he didn’t hear Thor shoting his name until the god grabbed his shoulder and shook it. Hard. “Brother Steve are you alright?” Thor asked again. Steve sighed and then quickly smiled, “Yeah I’m okay Thor, just have a couple of things on my mind at the moment” he replied honestly.

“There’s something I must inform you about” Thor’s loud voice suddenly became quiet. “About?” Steve asked curiously. “My cousin, (Y/N)” Thor said. Steve became very interested at the mention of your name, “What about her?”. Thor pulled Steve a little closer, he looked around. Steve was confused by Thor’s actions, but he let him do it, “Thor what is this about?” Steve probed, he really wanted to know. “My cousin…Would like to court you” Thor replied, taking a break between phrases to look around. 

Steve was incredulous, “She wants to…court me?!?”. Thor nodded his head, moving away from Steve, a smug smile on his face. “Are you sure?” Steve asked with new found hope. “She told me herself” Thor grinned. Steve’s mind was all over the place, except this time it was a good thing. “How do I court her? Where would I take her?-” lots of questions flooded out of Steve’s mouth. “Captain”, Thor boomed, stopping Steve, “I will tell you everything I know about what (Y/N) likes”.

It was six pm the next day, you were lazing around in your room when there was a knock on your door. Normally people just walked in so you assumed it was someone new. You opened the door smiling, but it quickly turned to a grin when you saw Steve. “Hey! What are you doing here?” you asked him politely, hopefully all of your excitement didn’t show.

He pulled out a bunch of roses, your favourite, you now noticed he was in a suit. “Lady (Y/N)”, Steve said awkwardly, “I’d like to court you”. You giggled softly at Steve’s antics, “You mean you’d like to take me out on a date, right?”. Steve nodded, a soft smile on his lips. 

“Thor told you to do this didn’t he?” you asked him. “Was it that obvious?” Steve smiled. “Well you did call me lady and use the word court…”you trailed off. Steve chuckled and offered you the roses which you took, “So, would you like to go out on a date then?” Steve asked, this time more confidently. “Sure”, you grinned, “Give me ten minutes to get ready”.

BTS Reaction To You Dyeing Your Hair

Hi anon! Thanks for sending this request, and I’m sorry if I took too long to respond. I know it took me

I think Jin would be most amazed among the seven. He prefers more natural colors like brown or black, but I’m sure he would love the new hairdo by just being you. Even if your hair was red, pink, blue, or fully colored: you look good anyway! He’d be speechless to see you. Then say how innovative was that change and how you turned out okay. In brief: He would love even he prefer natural colors. Enjoy because he will be in a good mood.
“Jagi, ooh… You hair…”

Suga wouldn’t see any problem with that, but I think that colors like green, blue, or fully colored would not be fully accepted by him. He would open a big smile to see your new hair style, inside he’d be very surprised. He come to you and say how beautiful you are. The color of your hair wouldn’t change his affection for you, I think he would talk much of your hair. Maybe some jokes, but nothing to spoil the relationship. Just let the boy take advantage.

J-Hope would play in the beginning, “Who are you ” , but he would be very surprised to see your new hair style . He’d love to see you with bright colors like blue or light pink, this man would get really fascinated . In addition to not stop looking at you , the main issue would be your hair. He would delight if you do this more often, but with moderation.

External image

Rap Monster will think it’s cool! He would really like it if you lighten hair with colors like platinum or red. This man would hold on to your new hairstyle and wouldn’t stop looking at you and talk to you about the change. He will be excited for new colors. “So gorgeous my girl”

I think Jimin seems more comfortable with natural colors, as well as Jin. But your new hair style would make him really impressed/in love! He would fall in love with you in colors such as red or Platinum, as well as Rap Monster. He will talk to your hairstyle and publish several photos. In brief, he would be very excited and wouldn’t stop saying how you look good.

V would be really excited about this idea. He didn’t bother much with the colors but if the new hair style was okay in you. He’d be even more excited if you lighten hair like him in the era of Boy In Luv. You would receive much praise and attention. This kid would love it if you paint the hair more often. In his eyes you was very gorgeous/attractive.

A part of Jungkook prefer hair with natural colors, the other half think totally attractive the idea of a more colorful hair. He’d be surprised to see your new hair style (in colors like red, blue or Platinum), then he would compliment you for a long time. You’d be attractive/gorgeous/beautiful in his eyes.


All credits go to the owners of the gifs.

Castiel's Savior

punkDean nerdCas highschoolAU


“Get a grip Novak.” The quarterback muttered as his fist made contact with Castiel Novak’s nose.

Castiel’s knees gave out as he stumbled back and almost lost his balance. His mind was numb. It was time for his weekly beating and this week, his dissolve was gone. Castiel just wanted to close his eyes and let it pass.

“Open your eyes, faggot.” Crowley, the quarterback, growled disgusted as his fist connected again, only this time across Cas’ jaw.

A brilliant metallic taste exploded in Castiel’s mouth as he suppressed a groan and kept his eyes shut. The last bell of the school day rang and all he wanted was to go home and escape to his room. But before he could manage to think about turning to run, Crowley grabbed hold of his button down shirt collar and used all of his strength to lay a final blow that sent Castiel’s head snapping to the side. Warmness clouded his vision and sank deep in his gut. He was nauseous and his head was pounding. Crowley’s hands let go of Castiel, allowing him to slump down to the floor on his back. His head hit back against the pavement, a low moan escaping his lips. This wasn’t the worst beating, but it still hurt.

“What the hell are you doing?” Came a new low voice. Castiel tensed, his eyes shut afraid if he opened his eyes Crowley would beat him further.

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Mr. Stark’s biggest little fanboy

Before the doors to Tony’s private elevator in Stark Tower had even slid all the way closed, he’d crowded the blond kid into a corner, hands splayed on his skinny hips, and leaned in to capture his mouth in a kiss that turned into frantic making out up against the wall almost at once. Made even hotter by the way they were surrounded by floor-to-ceiling mirrors, and every time Tony glanced up under heavy lids, he could see their bodies tangled together, duplicated and reflected endlessly.

The kid – Steve, Tony mentally reminded himself, his name was Steve, and he wasn’t going to forget tonight – had raked his long, delicate-looking fingers into Tony’s hair, tugging his mouth eagerly closer as he tilted his head to slot their lips perfectly together, and arched away from the corner to press his hips into Tony’s hands in turn. He felt like a live wire in Tony’s grasp, buzzing with excited energy, nipping at Tony’s bottom lip and then sucking at it, like he wanted a taste of blood.

It had been an increasingly noticeable thing all night. At first, when they had run into each other at the bar of a quiet pub Tony liked to visit when he kept a low profile, the only sign that Steve even recognized him had been a slight widening of his bright, blue eyes, so huge to begin with in his pretty little face. Then he’d offered to buy Tony his next drink, which, yeah, honestly? That never happened. He’d been oddly touched by the gesture.

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