man that boss was wiping the floor with me but i finally beat it!

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So, what if Guz has a thing for chubby/over weight girls, but since he lives on a beach island, they're hard to come by, and completely falls head over heels for the new chick on the island. The grunt girls don't get it and think it's a joke so they pick on her and take her Galvantula after a few very difficult attempts. Guzma is furious and there's hell to pay but he's still a nervous faux confident dork when trying to return him to her.

I wanted to make this a little happier. so only one grunt makes fun of you. The other ones including Guzma just wanna smash. (and go out with you)

“Hmmmmooooooooh my god! Baby girl’s got it goin’ on wit that booty eatin’ up them lil’ shorts!”

“Right?! Brah how the shit we gonna talk to baby girl? Gotta think a somethin’ original. Somethin’ that’ll make her all hot ‘n bothered!”

The grunts had Guzma at “booty eatin’ up them lil’ shorts”, which for various reasons got his attention and caused him to lean over the decrepit railing a little further to hear what the two boys at the bottom of the staircase were saying. Guzma was on the rebound. One of the girl grunts with stringy pink hair hadn’t been wifey material. Too high strung for his taste, and so skinny and obsessed with her looks that it had tired him out trying to reassure her after a while. But when she hit him after he disagreed with her that had been the final straw. So despite the tears and text messages begging him to get back together with her, Guzma was on the lookout for another piece of ass.

Shame he couldn’t find anyone to make it worthwhile. He watched with a snarl on his face as the grunts below were gesticulating wildly, talking about a “super cute shorty” that had been at the malasada shop in Malie City. You were supposedly a new face compared to the same old locals they saw day in and day out, had been feeding a dry malasada to your spider pokemon that Guzma assumed was an Ariados until he heard:

“Nah man, that ain’t no weird Ariados like Boss Man got.” Said one. “That’s a Galvantula.”

“Hoooooh boy, God been reading my dreams.” Moaned the other. “The hell I gotta do to get a piece of that thick, strong Pokémon trainer ass? I’d give anything for her to talk to me… Totally fucked it up when she looked at me an’ I threw West side at her!”

“ ‘s one a them reflexes.” Replied the other, patting his friend’s shoulder. “She come up to me wantin’ to know where the library was at ‘n I fuckin’ axed her if she wanted to battle! Wiped the floor with my sorry ass using like two bug Pokémon, but she put my money in her back pocket! Like to think that’s kinda the same thing as touchin’ that juicy booty a hers.”

Now he was extremely interested. In fact Guzma was just about to go downstairs and ask the boys where they’d last seen you when another grunt, couldn’t have been more than thirteen, came running at them with a rather cute little purse in the shape of a watermelon.

“Look guys!” he squeaked. “Got that ugly hoe’s Pokémon for ya! It’s one a them spiders right? Wonder how much its worth. Stupid easy to swipe from that dumb bitch when she went to pick up her napkin from under the table!”

He began laughing. Thinking naively that he’d done good, that he’d probably even be commended for his good work. In the middle of a hearty laugh he was about to ask his brothers if he’d done good, when a large hand swiped the bag from his hands before the two grunts could lay into him.

“Boss man?!” one of your admirers squeaked. Guzma looked harshly at the young one with an expression that indicated he’d get a good beating later for being cruel. He briefly asked the two where you were headed to last, got two very shaky replies that he could find you in the library if he hurried before it closed, and immediately was out the door stomping off into the rain.

Turns out he didn’t have to walk far. He found you immediately in Ula’Ula Meadow, the only one there crying as though your heart was about to break. A kind little girl was rubbing your back, trying to console you by insisting together with her and her partner Oricorio you would all find your companions.

“We’ll find your friends.” She said gently, rubbing your back. “Galvantula aren’t common here. Someone’s bound to, oh! Please sir!”

She flagged Guzma down, running swiftly over to him.

“My friend… She can’t find her Pokemon! Someone took her bag and everything when she was picking some trash off the floor. Have you seen a bag that looks like a yellow and red watermelon? It’s got a Galvantula, Dewpider, and a Fomantis!”

Guzma was so captivated when you looked over at him, eyes widening in realization when you saw the bag that hung limply at his side. He tried to hold it out to the lass in front of him, attempting to speak, but your captivating glance rendered him mute.

“My bag!” you cried joyously, running towards him and taking it gratefully. “You found my bag!”

“That’s your bag?” asked the other girl, stars in her eyes as she looked at Guzma innocently. “Wow! Thank you so much sir! You have no idea how much it means to her!”

Nothing came out of his mouth. His entire being was consumed with the way you smiled, with the way you wrapped your chubby arms around him and cuddled him in a hug. You were vastly tiny compared to him, but he couldn’t help but understand what the grunts were talking about.

Every aspect of you was adorable, from your cute head with a sunhat to your cute feet.

“…Welcome…” he muttered.

“I have to thank you somehow mister!” you insisted, still holding him in a hug and looking up innocently. “Let me treat you to something? You like malasadas? I can get you all the ones you want?”

He might’ve said yes, because the last thing he knew was that he was tripping over his own two feet in his haste to follow you through the meadow and off to town where you were going to treat him to a meal.

This must have been what winning the lottery felt like.

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"I love you,I promise that you never get hurt" + tae from bts mafia!au? Pleaase

How did you get into this mess?

If you knew it will end this way, you will not even try, or hope for this relationship to work.


Your eyes wandering around the old looking bar wildly, half scanning the new place, half trying to find a seat. You drag your feet on the wooden floor slowly, and sit on the stool, eyes still looking around. Not many people are here, making it one of the calmest bar you have ever been. Only the occasional sound of glasses, clicks of lighters, people talking, and the oldies being played by a live band. This place looks like it comes straight out from the 50’s, complete with the old furniture and decorations.

You glance at the right side of the bar. There is a small vintage stage, with a group of middle aged men and women playing some oldies and classics.

“What do you want to drink, young lady?” A bartender’s voice makes you snap your head back to the front. Before you is a young man, with an amazing physique, not too muscular or too skinny. His brown hair is parted into 5:2, neatly combed. He is wearing a white shirt with a small bow tie around the collar. His face showing much interest to you, making you avert away your eyes instantly from him.

You hesitate, “One perfect martini, please.”

“Anything for the lady,” he turns on his heels and begins mixing the drink. Seconds later, he places a cocktail glass, filled with clear liquid in front of you, complete with a fresh green olive.

You glue your eyes to the old oak bar table in front of you. You rest your hands on it, intertwining both of your hands with each other. Your tongue stiffens, making you unable to produce any words out. You slightly nods your head and pulls the drink closer to your body.

“What’s a young lady like you doing here, all alone?” The bartender asks, breaking the silence. He is standing, showing his back as he wipes some glasses behind the bar.

Sipping some drink from the glass lips, you say, “Just bored. And this is quite an interesting place too, it’s quiet.”

“Yeah, it’s not that popular. The owner is the third generation to run this bar. He doesn’t want to do any changes to it, keeping it still like before. This place was once very popular, back in the 50’s. But I guess people want change. So lesser people come. Only the regulars will keep coming here,” he explains. He walks to the shelf and arrange the glasses neatly, still not facing you.

Suddenly, you feel a figure silently takes a seat right next to you. You can see at the corner of your eyes, he is wearing a suit and a fedora hat, as he is smoking a cigar.

The bartender turns around, and as soon he lays he eyes on the man beside you, his body freezes. Clouds of smoke float around the man’s face, making him appear mysterious.

“Sir, how can I help you?” The bartender’s tone sounds serious. His expression show such emotion that you cannot define.

The man clears his throat before speaking, “A glass of whiskey, please.”

His deep husky voice makes your heart beat quickens. Your curiosity grows, but your eyes still on the your glass, as if the glass is a lot more attractive than him.

Without a word, the bartender quickly place the golden colored drink on the table, and disappears from the scene, leaving you and the man at the bar. You would be lying if you say that you do not feel nervous.

“I’m Taehyung,” the man speaks up.

At that remark, you bravely turn your head to face him, and God, he is such a masterpiece.

High bridge nose, piercing stare from his brown eyes, that perfectly arched eyebrows, and lips, wrapped around that cigar. His side profile is just so perfect, that you did not notice you are staring.

“Enjoying the view?” His head now turns to his left, his eyes bore down to yours. A smirk is so evident on his face. Your cheeks turn into rosy pink, as you duck down in shyness.

‘What a cute reaction,’ Taehyung thought to himself.

“I’m Y/N,” you politely introduce yourself, trying to make the situation less awkward than it already be.

“Would you stay with me, no matter what happens?” He questioned you on one fateful night when both of you were tangled between the sheets, moonlight softly shone through the blinds on the window.

“Of course I will. I love you,” was your automatic response.

Present Day

You were in love with him, but he is not the normal type of boyfriend who will cuddle with you at nights, takes you out on a fancy dinner, buy you flowers or watch some romantic cliche flicks with you.

He is a mafia boss, in the area you are staying. You did not know it before of course, he hid it so well. Masking himself as a businessman who always need to go for work and only be back on late nights. He had always said that his business was so important to him, being that he is the heir from his late father.

“I’m not like the normal guys, Y/N. I’m dangerous. But you, you are the only person that sees through me. I can be completely myself when I’m with you. Don’t you leave me,” his persuasive voice made your legs go jelly. But you know, this is not right.

He is dangerous, so damn dangerous. You love him, but hell, would you risk your family too? You know, you and your family will be the main target to the other mafia families who want to destroy him. 

No. You cannot risk that. And you finally decided to break up with him.

It is for the best.

That is, until one night, as you are walking back home from work, two men pounce onto you, and pull you inside a car. Everything is happening too fast. Their strong grip make you freeze in your seat, and keep your silence. With three strong looking men in the car, you choose to not do anything stupid, thus risking you to be found dead minutes later on the street. One of the men forcefully ties a blindfold on your eyes, making you feel more anxious as seconds pass by.

The car stop after what is feels like hours, and you are dragged out from the car, but this time, the men treat you like a fragile glass. 

“Follow us. And don’t struggle.”

 They guide you somewhere. The echo of the footsteps suggests that you are now walking through a hallway. 

Seconds later, they halt in their tracks. You hear sounds of knocking on a door.

“Come in,” a muffled voice is heard. You hear creaking sound of a door, before the men guide you to continue walking and stopping a few steps after.

“Both of you may leave,” a familiar deep voice resonate in your ear, as you feel the men grips on your arms disappear. Their footsteps becomes fainter as they walk away, and closes the door.

Your breath hitchs, hearing another footsteps coming to your direction, and passing you.

“Taehyung?” You croak out.

Click. The door is locked.

“Taehyung? Is that you? ” You voice out again, sounding like you are in such despair.

The footsteps travel closer to you, and the blindfolds are off. You squint your eyes at the sudden brightness of the room, until a familiar figure stands right before you.

“Hey. How have you been? ” 

Taehyung asks, a wicked smile is plastered on his face. His gaze on you make you feel small, and vulnerable. You bite down your dry bottom lips and avoid any eye contact with him.

“You said you will stay with me. But then, you disappear. Why you lied, Y/N? Don’t you love me anymore?” His voice sounds sad and disappointed.

No response from you.

He rubs the temple of his nose, sighing softly at your silence.

“It doesn’t matter. Now that you are here, you are now completely mine,” his voice turns cheerful, making you snap and look at him in fear.

His hand travels slowly, from the tip of your fingers, up to your arms and stays on your shoulder. He pulls you close, and pats your hair, chuckling.

“I love you, and I promise you will never get hurt,” his lips come in contact with your hot cheeks, sending shivers down your spine.

Things I Write When I’m Bored

It’s done! I gotta admit, Tae as a mafia boss will be the hottest thing on Earth

Hope you like it! <3

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Felicity’s Birthday!

(photo credit:

This is story about Felicity’s Birthday for @miriam1779 on her birthday!! It is set early in Season 2. I hope it is fluffy enough for you Miriam and I hope you have a super fantastic birthday! Also available on AO3.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! The shrill alarm clock just kept getting louder. Felicity quickly smacked the alarm clock and just as soon as soon as there was wonderful silence, her phone started to buzz.

She opened one eye and glanced at what she knew would be an ungodly hour before wondering who on earth could be calling. She had just left Oliver and Digg three hours ago and everything was fine.

She reached for her glasses and the phone at the same time, accidentally knocking her Saga graphic novel on the floor. As she put her glasses on she saw her mother’s face on her cell phone screen, she quickly slide the button over to answer.

“Mom? Is everything okay? It’s really early here in Starling City.”

“I’m sorry for waking you Baby Girl but I just wanted to be the first person to wish you a Happy Birthday!!”

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Born to Die ft. Choi Seunghyun

Genre: Gangster au, drabble-like, angst.

Pairing: Reader (1st person)X Tabi

Word Count: 1,338

A/N: OKAY first off, you should definitely listen to Born to Die by Lana Del Rey to get the most out of this one-shot. Also there is mentions of violence, and I did my best to keep the mention of a much more sensitive assault as discreet as possible. Also I don’t find relationships like this to be ideal for real life. But this author enjoys writing darker themes. Just thought I’d put that out there. Okay with all of that said, enjoy!

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Taste Test

Author: Zoe

(A/N: Finally! I haven’t contributed in a while, but I’m back dearies!)

Baking AU: Obi-Wan Kenobi x Reader

Plot Summary: Obi-Wan and you have worked in the same bookshop together for a few years now. He always visited you after he finished sorting books out, and you always brought him a dessert fresh from the bakery. However, when your coworker/roommate finds out another man is interested in you, will he be able to gain the confidence to finally claim you before someone else does?

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The sun beamed through the bedroom window, stirring Obi-Wan into an early rise. He stretched, reveling in the peace and quiet of the morning until he heard the loud ‘CLANG!’ of a pot, coupled with a slight grunt of frustration.

Obi-Wan sighed, walking out of the bedroom to see you in the kitchen, flour riddled in spots around your hair, the countertops covered with other cookies you had baked through the night.

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Guzma Therapy Finale Session

The confused grunts began to whisper to one another. Guzma had called them all together twenty minutes ago, he was now sitting on his throne staring at them. The boss took swigs of his flask in between grumbling, he tried to start speaking before stopping to have a smoke. He looked like a complete mess. Plumeria was sitting off to the side staring at the floor. She was sure she knew what this was about.

Finally, Guz stood up, cleared his throat a few times and began.

“The way I am is not exactly who I could be
But who I would be was stomped by the opponent I thought I never could beat”

He looked around nervously at the grunts.

“I threaten you guys all the time with some ass beatings but I’m past beatings because i know how it was like when my ass was receiving.
What I mean to say, and why I called you here today, I need to put my fear away so help me wipe this tear away.”

He smiled slightly. This was an emotional moment but he felt proud of himself for thinking up that last line on the spot. He then crouched and continued.

“I know you think reckless, what I want to get off my chest is, I have a huge problem and need y’all to help me best this.
Except this, and some enemy on my checklist. If it was a fucking person I wouldn’t talk, I’d wreck it.

But this is a game of the mind, this shame of mine, hunting my from past and kickin my ass from time to time.
So with this pain of mine I thought I wouldn’t explain the crime that made me who I am, inches from the danger line.

If you knew what I had to say you would say this way is crap, and I’m okay with that, how I deal away with shit is to spit my feelings in freestyle rap.

Let’s get it over with…

So half of you already know. My dad hit me.
And you know I never spoke about. I kept it with me
But now the shit is bottled up inside, I feel sickly

So I figured I’d get at this bitch before it gets me

I don’t know what I did that first set ‘em off, I let him off the hook cause I figured I was better off,

accepting the punishment for not trying harder, it went farther and eventually it was life that I’m a part of

He always had a temper, never tried to hone it

And that’s affecting me so I’m trying to own it


He paused. Despite the intensity of emotion he was more upset that he had missed his next rhyme. He took a deep breath and a long drag from his cigarette.

“When something went wrong he’d talk like it was all about me

Whatever I’d say he’d doubt and again he’d beat the shit out me.

He made me doubt me.

He’d make me feel bare inside

Ya boi seems tough but back then I was terrified

There was nowhere to hide

At home I felt dead inside

At school I felt free yet the future kept me petrified.

One time when I was told to clean the bathroom, he walked away

Said that he’d be back soon

I met him in the back room, I was done I thought he’d enjoy it

When he saw a spot I missed he bashed my head through the fucking toilet

Once when I was ten or so, he grabbed by my little throat

Held me up to his level, I was scared my pants were soaked

He looked at me with those crazy eyes I grew to abhore

Then he slammed me down and my head broke through floor

I remember a time when I was lying on the ground

With my hands and feet up, he just kept being me down

I tried to block my face but my attempts were useless

He kept me outta school a week to hide the bruises

I could tell stories like these ones all day

But I’d rather skip ahead to the point where i wasn’t afraid

I grabbed his favorite nine iron, the one he likes to use on me

Then when into his room to show him true brutality

It was the fucking moment I waited for, I was hyped the day before

I had planned to do this LIKE WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU TAKE ME FOR





I took care of him, that pain will never come again

But now I look in the mirror and realize I’m becoming him…”

Guzma had put everything into that. He fell to his knees and stared down at the floor, watching teardrops form below him. The grunts were silent, having no idea how to take all of this. Until one spoke up, “but … that’s bullshit! You’re nothing like that!”

Then another. “Bro he was hitting a little kid, you wouldn’t do that!”

“My mom was like ya dad and that’s why I’m here, I feel safe here!”

One by one the grunts chimed in; a few said they were abused as well. A few said they wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for the boss. Emotions flooded the room as people reassured Guzma and shared their past experiences; what they did to escape and the times that they couldn’t. Sadness turned to happiness as drinks were poured and light hearted stories were shared. There was a brief awkwardness when the boss showed them the bent golf club he had kept, but this too turned to laughter when one of the grunts shouted, “here’s a joke! Guzma walks into a club….”

The rest of the night went on like this and slowly ended up with the grunts and the boss all sleeping around the throne. Guzma had fallen asleep on Plumeria’s lap. She was stroking his hair looking down at his awkward half open mouth. She frowned, picturing this goof as a small child, ragdolled by life. She leaned down slowly towards his ear and whispered, “It’s ok… You’re safe now. You’re not there anymore..” A tear fell down her cheek, landing onto his.


Two grunts found themselves trekking through the woods far behind skull mansion. They stayed low and made their way out into a clearing.

“We shouldn’t be doin’ this!”

“We has to. It’s not right. He shouldn’t be goin’ to that doctor; they’re messin’ up his head!”

“But he’s been feelin’ better and shit. This is good for him!”

“Yeah but it ain’t natural!”

They kept walking until they came across a small shack. Slowly the two of them crept up to the window and peeked in. Inside sat a grunt in the corner and two chairs. Guzma was sitting on one of them and an Alakazam was sitting on the other.

“Sheesh how much of this homework shit do I gotta do doc? Do you write this shit to torture people?” the boss said to the Pokemon.

The spoon in the alakazams hand bent slightly.

“FINE but when is it done. I mean i’m glad I started going to therapy but i don’t wanna turn into no wuss.”

The small grunt shot a glance at the two outside, causing them to duck under the window.

“See, there like brain controlling him or some shit,” one whispered.

“But he’s happy now. Maybe he wanted this…”

(thanks for all who read this it was fun as hell to put together. thanks again to @supersquiddle for putting it together! at best this whole thing has been a fun way for me to talk about shit ive been dealing with and use real examples in order to, hidden blatently behind the guisse of fan-fiction. fun shit.)

Against The Ropes #3

Summary: Reader has her meeting with Gadreel about Crowley’s debt.
Characters: Dean Winchester, Bobby Singer, Female Reader, Gadreel, Benny Lafitte
Word Count: 1.6K
Warnings: Angst and language
Author’s Note: Co-written with @climbthatmooselikeatree AKA @mrs-moose-chester
Miss the beginning?
Tahmoh GIF found on Google. Yours? Let me know. GIF not mine (x)
WIFEY: @leviathanslovedick SQUAD: @rizlow1  @manawhaat  @aprofoundbondwithdean @balthazars-muse @spnfanficpond @mrswhozeewhatsis​  @catsoftheapocalypse  @padathatackles  @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @busybee612  @jodyri  @beautiful-disaster143 @supernaturalgirl85  @oriona75  @crzcorgi   @eyes-of-a-disney-princess  @emmy-winchester  @sunriserose1023  @aggressivelywatchingnetflix  @maraisabellegrey @blacktithe7 @brooklyn-writes-flangst  @deascheck

Dean, wearing dark sweats and grey hoodie, took a long pull from his water, “Bobby, you seen Y/N this morning?”

The older man slung his jacket over the back of a chair, “Nah, you?”

Flexing his hands as some arthritic pain shot through them, Dean shook his head, “Not like her to just up and-”

“Son, she’s a grown ass woman that has more than one client.”

Of course he knew that, but something about how she was acting the night before made Dean’s stomach knot up. “I know, just-”

Bobby leaned back against the ring and crossed his arms, “Just what? She not there when you woke up this morning?”

“It’s more than that.”

“She not make you coffee?”

“Damn it, Bobby. Would you shut up and listen to me?”

Bobby raised an eyebrow, “Get in the damn ring.”

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Imagine: Heir

Anonymous said:Hi, can you do a jokerxreader story where the joker wants a heir to his throne so he kidnaps the reader and says she will give birth to his son whether she likes it or not, and the she has a girl so he wants to try again, I hope I’m making sense please and thank you ❤️❤️

Me: You totally make sense hon. Thanks for requesting.  ❤️ Sorry tho it probably sucks because I have such a bad hangover-ish feeling haha also it’s father’s day tomorrow and I had to get up every 5 minutes to run to the kitchen to make a cake and come back so it’s a little messy. I tried! Might re-write if I end up hating this

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Joker was known for his mastermind crimes and cruel kills, but little did people know he was rich as hell. Of course it would make sense for robbing people and banks, but usually people focused on the fact of what he had done, not what he had done it for.

He was in his office, wondering who the heck should inherit all of the money and expensive items he had. If he would die on mission, there was no one to take that. Oh and he didn’t want the government to own it either, after so much hard word. Someone had to be his heir.

After thinking about it in the back of his mind for weeks, he finally got to the point of process. He had been talking to you for a few days after seeing you in his club. At first you had been very nervous around him and really scared ,but for some reason you didn’t understand Joker was nice to you.

Until one night that he and his henchmen kidnapped you.

A few days had passed and you had been locked up in a bedroom that was full of things for girls. ‘’Hello?’’ You yelled from behind the door and hit it a few times. Everything was hopeless. Your boss would fire your sorry ass for not showing up or even telling anyone where you were. You couldn’t either. Joker had kidnapped you! First it scared you so much you had cried for hours nonstop, but no one had done anything to you so far so you were mostly pissed. But on the inside you were scared to see Joker.

The one people you had seen were henchmen who gave you food. The room wasn’t bad. It had a big bed, a warm dark brown floor, a bulletproof window that showed the beautiful Gotham city view and a bathroom with a big bathtub. Of course it would be nice to know what the fuck was going on, but that would push your luck.

After four days of being locked up in the fancy room, you were forced to face Joker. He walked into the room and saw you lying in bed with a book. As soon as you saw him, the book fell onto the floor and your heart jumped to your throat. Fear kicked in and reminded you of the real situation going on. You weren’t a guest, he fucking kidnapped you by drugging you with a cloth and allowed his men to take you away from your freedom.

‘’Oh you’re being silly darling. We’re friends, right?’’ He smiled and joined you in the big bed. The second he sat on the bed, you stood up. ‘’Friends don’t kidnap each other’’ You let him know through your fear.Joker was bored alone so he crawled out of bed and walked closer to you. As he took one step closer, you took one step back until you were against the purple wall.’’Well that’s an exception doll’’ He whispered and stopped until he was right in front of you.How body was blocking you from escaping, but then again the door was locked so it would be useless.

‘’I know how you’re looking at me Y/N’’ He purred once again and put his hands beside you and leaned closer so your noses nearly brushed. Yes you had to admit to  yourself that he was hot and very thrilling to hang around with, but never ever would you admit it to him. ‘’You’re not even that scared. I know you’re just trying to act though because I took you here’’ He giggled and found this funny.


You rolled your eyes, but soon he grabbed your jaw and forced you to look at him again. ‘’Admit it sweet cheeks’’ he nearly growled and made your heart skip a beat because he startled you. ‘’Never’’You just whispered and knew it made him angry. But little did he know this position and all got you a little horny whether you liked it or not. Joker was hot. But you were angry at him.

Before you realized what the fuck was going on, Joker pressed his lips on your neck and started kissing your skin warmly. You gasped at the sudden touch, but when he started sucking on your sweetspot, you gave into temptation and moaned out quietly. He was so dangerous that it turned me on.’’Do you like that?’’ He asked you with a raspy voice, but you bit your bottom lip so he wouldn’t be pleased.

‘’Oh I’ll make you speak’’ he warned you deeply and then gave you a wild look. First you thought he’d hit you, but his hand touched your abdomen and then slid into your pants and straight to your heat.His fingers pressed against your clit and it made your legs go weak. ‘’All wet for me?’’ He seemed surprised and made you blush, yet you didn’t say anything. ‘’You’re just asking for it’’ He chuckled darkly and so that led you two to have sex. Little did you remember protection..

Three weeks passed and Joker really seemed to be sweet towards you. Why? You had no idea, but you didn’t mind. But the truth behind it all was evil. He managed to make you fall for him without even trying too hard. Talk about stockholm syndrome. Now you stayed at his penthouse willingly and he was happy to have you around. Your old life was far behind.

But before you could completely believe that he had taken you here only because he cared, the truth came out -kinda.

You woke up one morning because you felt sick. It was early in the morning and you ran into the bathroom, kneeling in front of the toilet and then last night’s food came out of your mouth. It burnt your throat to throw up and it caused your eyes to sting. After emptying your stomach to the toilet and coughing, you wiped your mouth and flushed the toilet. Of course you were too tired to think through it so you brushed your teeth and headed back to bed where Joker was sleeping. He had stayed in your room for a few days now.

His eyes were open as you got back in bed. ‘’Where were you?’’ He asked you quietly and put his hand on your waist. This man really made your inner insanity come through and you wouldn’t be surprised if he managed to make you as sick as himself. ‘’I feel sick’’ You murmured tiredly and put young hand on your stomach. Instead of seeing worry on his face, he smiled. ‘’What’s so funny?’’ You groaned and tried to keep your eyes open.

‘’Nothing..did you throw up?’’ He asked you and sounded a little more worried. You nodded and then shut your eyes. Silence fell into the room. ‘’What if you’re pregnant?’’ He whispered, causing your eyes to open again. Was he fucking serious? ‘’Doubt it..’’ You sighed and pulled the blanket over you. Joker touched your cheek gently and looked into your eyes. ‘’Y/N I’m serious..we didn’t use protection three weeks ago’’ Joker whispered and sounded dead serious.

Your heart started to hammer in your chest. He was right. But could you be pregnant to a criminal mastermind? Suddenly you grew scared. ‘’I c-can’t..I don’t..know how to t-take care of a kid..’’ You stuttered and even worried about him. Just as you started to feel okay here, this happened. What if Joker would hate having a child? What the fuck would he do to you if he found out your pregnant? Shoot you?

‘’Shh..take it easy doll. How about you go back to sleep and we’ll wait a few days, hm?’’

Little did you know he was planning this all along..

*9 months later because I’m lazy lol*

Your head was a mess as you laid on the damn bed and tried to push out a living human being out of you. Dr. Quinzel came as soon as Joker said that your water broke and it was happening. You were giving birth to Joker’s and your child. Just less than a year ago that would have seemed impossible.

‘’Fuck!’’ You yelled out in pain and tried to breathe. Joker was next to you and he let you squeeze the living out of his hand. First it seemed like he didn’t care about you, but during your pregnancy, you grew very close. It’s like he fed you some kind of a mad love. He even got you to commit some crimes, but then when he saw that a bump was showing, he got you guards so you would always be safe until the surprise he had for you after giving birth. You had no idea what it would be.

A couple painful minutes later you heard a baby crying. Everything around you froze and you held your breath in shock. Dr. Quinzel was washing your baby and preparing her or him for you to hold for the first time. Tears stung your eyes and it felt like a dream

You had your own kid!

‘’Congratulations! You have a beautiful daughter’’ Quinzel chirped happily and held her so you two could see her. ‘’Oh my god’’You breathed out. Joker was quiet, but you were a little drugged by the laughing gas and epidural so you didn’t notice. He stood up and grabbed some scissors. You watched as he cut the umbilical cord like a father was supposed to do. Then finally you were allowed to hold your daughter.Your hair was messy and glued to your sweaty face, but it didn’t matter at all.

She cried loudly ,but when you started to talk to her, she calmed down. ‘’J we have a-’’ You started, but soon realized that he had walked out of the room. Quinzel gave you a sorry look for some reason. ‘’What’s going on?’’ you asked her confusedly, being way too tired to deal with his temper right now.’’He must be overwhelmed..’’ She muttered a little nervously and then sat on the chair where Joker had been on a moment earlier. You felt a little sad because you wanted him here, but on the other hand things like these were really special and rare for him. He was usually taking lives away, not bringing someone to life.

‘’Don’t worry princess, daddy loves you’’ You whispered softly to the girl that held onto your boob. She sure was hungry. ‘’Do you want me to talk to him?’’ Quinzel asked you after a while. ‘’That would be nice thank you’’ You mumbled and then yawned. She nodded and then walked out in a hurry. Well that’s a very special birth, everyone just leaves.

Not too long after your newborn little blue-eyed angel fell asleep. You forced yourself to stay awake because you were afraid to drop her. Weren’t you supposed to get rid of your placenta as well? Before you could try to get the doctor back, you heard Joker yelling which really took you off guard.

‘’Well we both know that it was supposed to be a boy!’’ You heard him yelling angrily. Your eyes widened and your heart started to beat faster in your chest. You could hear Quinzel trying to calm him down. ‘’..Try again?’’ She suggested and that’s when you felt betrayed.

Had he used you to get a baby?!

You literally had to hold your breath so you wouldn’t start breathing hastily and start crying. Also your pretty daughter was asleep on you so you didn’t want to get a damn panic attack. The door opened and Dr.Quinzel walked back with reddened cheeks, probably from frustration. ‘’Let’s put her to bed and get that placenta out. You deserve some sleep as well’’ She sighed and put on gloves. You let her take your daughter away and onto a small newborn baby bed. That’s when Quinzel walked back to you and tried to make up re-position so she could press your stomach.

‘’So this was all planned, huh?’’ You whispered and saw how her face turned a little paler from surprise. ‘’Y/N it’s not what it seems like’’ She tried to tell you, but your hormones were still freaking mad so you didn’t just lie in bed and be a good little girl for doctor and mr. clown prince of crime. ‘’I’m leaving’’ You growled angrily. ‘’As soon as I get that piece of shit out of my stomach I’m gone’’ You continued angrily. ‘’You should sleep on it Y/N’’ Harleen tried to talk you through this, but you refused to listen. You just crossed your arms and she was forced to help you to end the pregnancy.

(the placenta is an organ that works as a tube that feeds the baby that comes out after giving birth. Google it if you want to)

A couple hours later Dr.Quinzel left and you were with Joker and your daughter. You had slept a little, but you were stressing. Didn’t he care about you after all? All those thoughts ran around your head and made you want to cry out from pure frustration. He hadn’t even come to see you or his daughter and it really pissed you off. So what she wasn’t a boy? Maybe in the future, but she was born a girl and for some reason Joker was unpleased.

The door opened and you saw him walking in. ‘’Well look at you, the biggest dickhead ever’’ You spat angrily at him, not giving a fuck about the fact it was Joker. Fear seemed like an unknown feeling for you in the middle of your anger. ‘’Watch your mouth doll’’ he sighed and then walked further in. Your baby was sleeping again. ‘’I know you don’t like her so stop pretending’’ You whispered and then watched as he gave you an angry glare.

‘’What’s wrong?’’ He groaned and then waited for you to answer. The room was dim but you could see his face perfectly. ‘’What’s wrong? I heard you yelling earlier’’ You admitted and then sat on the bed. Your stomach hurt, but you forced yourself to sit. Joker took a deep breath and then looked at his daughter. You could almost see a glimpse of happiness in his eyes, but you were too angry to care.

Suddenly the baby made a squeal and let you know she hadn’t slept after all. Joker smiled and picked her up, first trying to find out how, but he got the hang of it. He held her in his arms and it really melted your heart, but you tried to keep a straight face. ‘’Hi princess’’ Joker cooed softly and took a seat next to you. She didn’t cry or anything. Instead she looked at her father wide eyed and seemed to smile. Your daughter had pale skin and very blonde hair. Probably from Joker’s unnatural features that apparently were genetic.

‘’It’s  daddy’’ Joker told her and suddenly you calmed down. Even tho he was a psychopath, a homicidal criminal, he seemed so down to earth when he saw her like this. It was touching to be honest. ‘’How could I not love her?’’ Joker suddenly looked at you. What a bastard he was making you love him so much. ‘’I don’t know..’’ You mumbled a little tiredly. ‘’Y/N darling it’s a long story.I’ll explain it later, but now we can be happy that we have our own child in this world’’ He tried to make you calm down. He had calmed down himself very well.

‘’Fine’’ You gave in and smiled. ‘’That’s my girl..I have two girls now to keep an eye on’’ He chuckled and then looked back at the newborn in his arms. ‘’Daddy won’t let anyone hurt you’’


The night was a miracle! Your baby Lana hadn’t cried and you got a full 8 hours of sleep for the first time in months. Joker had taken you to the acid bath a couple days ago and you felt like a new fresh person. He said it was very important for you to go through that and you got the clue why.

Just as you thought things were okay, he made you just as furious as the night you gave birth to Lana. He started talking about having more kids. ‘’J my vagina literally stretched to pop out one, do you think I want to do it again?’’ You groaned and looked into his eyes. He seemed a little sad and it was bad for you because you were a sucker for that guy. ‘’But think about our future. Siblings would be nice for Lana’’ He explained and walked up to you. Your arms were crossed and you felt too tired to think about this.

‘’Aw trust me darling, we can go through it again. It’s fun to see your mood swings’’ He teased you a little just to be a douche on purpose. ‘’Oh J I’m thinking more about you. You’ll run away with your tail between your legs when you see me getting angry’’ You joked and cracked a smile. ‘’That’s my girl’’ He cheered and put his hands on your shoulders. Your eyes met and you gave into him, leaning against his chest so you could hug. Damn.You would have never ever in a million years believed that Joker would be a dad and such a softie towards you.

To break the perfect moment, a loud cry interrupted you. ‘’I’ll take her’’ He promised and pressed a kiss on your head before hurrying to get your crying daughter. You watched as Joker walked into the bedroom and it made you happy. This was unbelievably amazing. Maybe siblings for Lana wasn’t a bad idea after all? Better like it since Joker already made up his mind, whether I was up for it or not.

Good for him that I was..


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dad I don't know if requests are closed, but if you can, can you do jikook mafia headcannons with pregnant!jimin? :3

A/N: This will have similar things as the original JiKook mafia AU but it’s not connected to that one since that one doesn’t have mpreg! ^.^ 


It’s at one of Taehyung’s many “I just got out of jail let’s get wasted” parties where they meet. Jimin walks into the strip club, of course Taehyung is extra af and has his party there, and Jungkook instantly has his eyes on him. How can you not though? Jimin is decked out in his tightest skinny jeans and a tank top with the sides slit out to expose skin really EVERYONE has their eyes on him. 

He passes everyone staring at him and hops his pretty ass onto the counter as soon as someone hands him a beer he smiles because wow it’s none other than Jeon Jungkook offering him a drink. Of course they flirt like crazy. 

“Don’t you know you shouldn’t take open drinks from men like me?” 

Jungkook raises an eyebrow and Jimin actually giggles before taking a drink out of his beer. 

“I guess i’ll just have to take a chance.”

“I’m Jung-”  Jungkook starts but Jimin interrupts him.

“Jeon Jungkook, murderer, drug lord, the man that has my father pulling his hair out.” 

Jungkook is confused for a second then he realizes he’s actually seen Jimin before. On tv, besides the officer that has made it his life mission to arrest him. Suddenly his night has taken a twist he has liked A LOT. Really how lucky is he to land the son of the police chief? Part of him wants to fuck Jimin just because it would be such a fuck you to the man that is trying to throw him in jail. The other part just really think’s Jimin is the prettiest boy he’s ever seen. 

 “So what’s it going to take to get you in my bed?” 

“Not much at all, honestly.” 

Jimin opens his legs and Jungkook steps through them and lifts the other off the counter and they spend their whole night having wild kinky sex. 

They develop a sort of friends with benefits type thing that really is just fun to them. Jimin isn’t dumb, or so he says, he knows Jungkook is a mafia boss and knows that means girls and boys always warming Jungkook’s bed. He knows it’s nothing to do with feelings. It’s just fucking and he’s actually okay with that. 

Normally the men that can carry children go through a sort of “cycle” where their insides sort of shift kind of like a period just without the blood. Jimin’s been going through it since puberty and he knows what it feels like, it’s honestly the worst time in the month for him. Of course he notices the moment it’s time for it to happen to him but it doesn’t. Literally two weeks go by and he just never enters his cycle. 

He panics. Three pregnancy test and a doctors visit later it’s confirmed he’s pregnant. 

In his panic he cuts off Jungkook completely. The only guy he’s been having sex with is Jungkook so of course it HAS to be his and he knows that’s not something the mafia boss needs.  There’s no way he plans to abort it either so he just cuts Jungkook out of his life. 

Honestly his plan works out great for about three months. He’s happy, as much as you can be while pregnant, and his tummy has expanded a bit. Really he’s starting to be okay with the thought of having to be a single parent. And then life fucking happens again. 

He’s out shopping for some gifts when these men suddenly rush him. He’s thrown into a van since he’s not really able to fight while he tries to protect his stomach and fucking shit this is why he left Jungkook what the fuck. Jimin yells and screams and suddenly he’s being taken to a warehouse where he sees people he knows. 

Taehyung, Yoongi, Seokjin, Namjoon, all of Jungkook’s gang is there but also so are other men and he’s finally thrown onto the floor. Only now someone is pointing a gun at him and he can see Jungkook with wide pissed off eyes. 

“Did you know this pretty little bitch here?” 

The man holding a gun to him ask Jungkook and Jungkook scoffs. 

“No i don’t.” 

Okay wow that hurts Jimin but whatever he can live with a little heartbreak. 

“Really? Because he’s pregnant with your child.” 

Literally the entire warehouse of people gasp while Jungkook quickly looks to Jimin and the way he’s holding his stomach protectively. Of course it’s not hard to add everything up. They lock eyes and Jimin nods slowly. 

Jungkook literally goes crazy shooting his own gun and killing everyone that is not in his own gang. He’s pissed off Jimin hid something like that from him and he takes his anger out on the people that touched his “baby daddy”. 

Afterwards Jungkook lifts Jimin up and carries him away to his car. 

“Why didn’t you tell me?” 

“Would it have mattered if i did?” 

“Of course it would have…. i have feelings for you… it would have mattered so much.” 

Jimin sighs because really he didn’t want the drama but also he does care about Jungkook even if it’s not exactly being in love right now. Jungkook basically moves Jimin into his home after they have a really long talk about feelings. They both decide they want to try to be a family since Jimin’s father has basically abandoned him after finding out he was pregnant. 

They start out slow. Jungkook takes Jimin out on expensive dates when he’s not out smuggling weapons and beating people. Jimin becomes the sort of “accountant” for the gang and handles the money just so he has something to do. Though Jungkook said he didn’t have to.

It’s actually cute and funny to the gang to see their normally tough as shit boss be so shy and blush everytime Jimin kisses his cheek or holds his hand. 

It’s even cuter to see their boss pressed against Jimin’s stomach talking about illegal dealings to their unborn child while Jimin smacks his head because “that’s not what you teach a baby shut up!” 

Jimin gets known to be the scariest person in the gang actually. He’s ridiculously good with guns and other weapon. One time Jungkook didn’t wipe his feet before stepping inside their home and Jimin tossed a knife at him. Jungkook nearly shit his pants as he looked at where it stuck right above him in the wall. 

“Please don’t forget to wipe your feet, dear.” 

Jimin is also really good at sweet talking business deals for Jungkook. The first time he does it it’s at an opening of some building. The owner is someone Jungkook wants to hire as a front for arms dealing but the man is tough to agree and Jimin steps in. 

He’s in his cute suit and his belly now really shows through his clothes and people just coo at how cute he is. It literally takes him twenty minutes to have the man agreeing to lend out his building to Jungkook. 

Everyone in the mafia wold respect Jimin because he doesn’t let his pregnancy stop him from being complete boss mode in everything he does. Jungkook may be the leader but Jimin is a complete beast when it comes to getting shit done even with a six month stomach and swollen feet. Jungkook is actually so in love with his boyfriend. 

The first time they even say i love you Jimin is seven months pregnant and in the middle of sobbing as he stitches Jungkook up after getting stabbed. 

“Y-You’re so fucking dumb getting hurt like this.” 

Jungkook sighs and lifts up Jimin’s head so they can stare into each other’s eyes. 

“I’m sorry for making you cry, doll. I love you.” 

Jimin smacks Jungkook and cries harder.


God the hormones though. Pregnant Jimin who is emotional with access to a gun. Just imagine how scared everyone is. 

One time when he’s going through his morning sickness and vomiting Taehyung stops by to check on him and almost gets an eye taken out when Jimin threw a knife at him for making a pregnant man joke. 

Jimin actually has an early labor. His timing is horrible too because Jungkook is in the middle of meeting gone bad when his phone begins to ring. 


Jimin is rushed to the hospital with Seokjin and Jungkook literally shoots everyone before rushing off to be with his boyfriend. 

He makes it just in time to hold Jimin’s hand as they welcome their precious daughter, Rahee!

Made For Each Other - pt 8

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His hands gripped your waist with slight pressure and he kissed you sensually. Your heart beat at an impossible speed.

You shot up from his lap and walked over to the door, with your back towards him. The tears were free falling from you eyes now from fear and panic. You couldn’t control your fingers from shaking uncontrollably.

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Not Mandatory...Part 1

And, just as promised, here is the first chapter of the new series!  The summary goes as such:

When a bill is passed into law requiring a Director of Wellness to be hired for every department and important team in government across the country, SSA Aaron Hotchner’s boss lays down the law, demanding he finally hire for the position someone who is capable of providing civilian aspects of life to his stressed-out team that they desperately seek.

Hotcher’s issue?  The hired caretaker’s job doesn’t stop at sexual needs.

Will the team be able to cope with her presence, while also understanding that, while physical intimacy does fall under her umbrella of things to take care of, sex isn’t mandatory?

And when their controversial Wellness Director goes missing, will they be able to put aside their differences and find her before its too late?

(This series was inspired by a story I read on AO3 entitled Red Lights by JamesJohnEye.  The story can be found here.)

(Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18  Part 19)

“What do you mean mandatory?” Aaron Hotchner glares at Strauss.

“I mean…you can no longer skirt the issue of having a Director of Wellness on the team,” she fires back, taking a step forward and planting her hands on Hotch’s desk.

“I am not hiring a legal prostitute to assist this team,” he lowers his voice, growling at his superior with the force of a sun.

“She provides more than sexual services, and you know it,” Strauss fires back between clenched teeth.

Erin Strauss had been at the forefront of the bill that was passed into law a couple of years ago.  The law essentially states that a Director of Wellness was to be hired to each police station, fire station, and important government team in the nation.  The only stipulation was that the woman, or man, hired was to have training, certificates, or a degree within the required field that they would be assisting.

The qualifications of the job were broad: this person was to assist in everything the team might need to help them focus and do their job better…everything from a last-minute babysitter to a personal chef to, you guessed it, a person to be physically intimate with.

The first two years had provided such uplifting and shockingly positive results that they mandated the law for each and every law enforcement station and team, requiring them to have one under their employ by the middle of the coming calendar year.

Meaning? Hotch now had to hire someone for the position.

“I already have some resumes for you to look over,” Strauss says, slapping five folders down on his desk as she rears upright and smiles.

“I take it their all your type,” Hotch says as he leans back in his chair, opening the folder and scanning the documents inside.

“Oh, I don’t plan on ever using this person sexually.  But as someone to talk to?  Possibly.”

And with that, she was gone…leaving Hotch with five folders and a mandatory position he wasn’t keen to fill.


Straightening your blouse one more time before taking a deep breath, you step off of the elevator and into an open area, what people usually referenced as a “bull-pen.”

With your head held high, you climb the steps towards the office that you had been beckoned to, raising your hand to knock on the door and trying to not stare at the multiple pairs of eyes situated on your figure as you crossed the room.

Climbing the stairs, you take in one more deep breath through your nose before raising your hand to knock.

“Come in,” you hear a gruff voice call out.

Coming in and shutting the door, you make your way over to the chair in the middle of the room.

“Sit,” the man commands.

A bit wound up, aren’t we?

Sitting down, back straight, legs crossed at the ankles, fingers interlocked in your lap, your eyes drill a hole into the man’s tilted head before he lifts his gaze to you.

“Describe to me the position I’m hiring you for,” he asks.

Pausing a beat before realizing he’s serious, you take a deep breath.

“You are hiring me to be the Director of Wellness, sir,” you say.

“And what does the ‘Director of Wellness’ do?” he says, lifting his gaze permanently to you.

You took offense to his air quotes.

“The “Director of Wellness,’…sir…is someone who is available…all day and every night…to tend to the needs of the team that employs her.”

His eyes narrowed before continuing.

“The team that employs her?” he asks.

“Yes, sir.  I am not employed by you, or by your superiors.  I am employed by the team.  I say ‘yes’ to what they need, and act without a moment’s hesitation,” you respond.

“Sexually, you mean?” he attempts to clarify.

“No,” you bite.


“No,” you repeat.

A long pause of silence before…

“Well, what else do you offer?” he asks.

“Besides counseling services, I provide anything and everything a team like this might need on a day-to-day basis.  For example, say Miss Jareau’s babysitter gets sick, and Will is at work.  She calls me to come watch her child, and I’m there.”

As Hotch’s eyebrows raise, you uncross your ankles and lean back into the chair.

“I did my research, unlike you…sir.”

You couldn’t help but smirk.

“So you’re a glorified babysitter,” he states.

“And a glorified doctor, and a glorified cook, and a glorified caretaker, and a glorified counselor, and a glorified physical trainer, and a glorified DD, and a glorified friend…”

And as you lean forward, your bosom prominent as you dip your gaze towards Hotch, you find him leaning forward ever so lightly so he can hear the next words whispered from your lips.

“…and a glorified fuck.”


“Everyone, I want to introduce you to our new Director of Wellness, Miss Y/F/N Y/L/N.”

As everyone’s heads turn to look up towards the balcony, you hear a whistle come from afar, your eyes dancing around as they land on a chocolate-skinned man standing next to a gangly-looking sea urchin, whose jaw was swinging against the floor.

“It’s about time!” the dark one exclaims.

Watching as the people in the bullpen shake their heads and snicker, you watch as an older gentleman approaches your side, a sly smile on his face as he takes your hand within his, bringing it slowly to his lips and kissing the back of your hand.

“Hello.  I’m David Rossi,” he introduces.

“Nice to meet you,” you say, smiling back as you bow lightly in his general direction.

“Her office!…” Hotch interrupts, “…will be right under mine.  She has some office hours as well as other things that she will discuss.”

“Miss Y/L/N,” he ushers, his hand ushering outward as he turns back out towards the team.

“Hello,” you say, waving lightly, “I’m Y/F/N, and my office hours are pretty regular compared to yours.  I’ll come in around 7:30 and leave around 5:30, and I am available at all hours of the night for anything that may arise that you might need assistance with.”

“I’m sure she is,” Prentiss mumbles into J.J.’s ear.

“Anything from needing a ride to an emergency room to a last minute babysitter, to a running partner to someone to cook with…or for…or to have someone cook for food for you.  Whatever you need, I am there for, no questions asked.”

As you watch the confusion slowly waft across their faces, you find yourself chuckling as you shake your head lightly.

“Yes, stereo-typically, my position has been directly related to sex, and other sexual proclivities.  And while that is open and on the table as part of my job description…and feel free to explore the option, as I knew it helps reduce stress in, and out, of the field…I am also many other things, including a friend…if you need one.”

“Huh,” Spencer says, eyeing Morgan out of the corner of his eye, “told ya.”

“Can it, pretty boy,” Morgan mutters, taking out his wallet and slapping a $20 in his hand.

“And at any point in time during the day, if you want to talk about something, schedule something, or rant about something, feel free to knock on the door and come on in,” you finish.

Turning towards Hotch, his eyes glaringly hooked onto you, he lets out the breath he was apparently holding as he turns toward a shy intern running up the steps.

“Here are your credentials,” Hotch says, passing you a badge and a leather-bound FBI ID.

“That was fast,” you say, your brow furrowed as you look back up at him from the objects in your hand.

“I had to hire someone.  You were the last folder in my pile,” he says, turning around and walking back into his office.

Snickering lightly as you gaze down upon the credentials in your hand, you pull your lips taut as you shake your head lightly, hearing the team go back about their daily duties as your feet absent-mindlessly draw your body towards the steps.

Welcome to the team,” you mutter to yourself, taking a deep breath and slowly beginning your descent down the stairs.


“Boss-man not a fan, huh?” a woman’s voice finally interjects.

Breathing deeply as your swollen face slumps over, you slowly bring your sore neck up to an even level as you try to open your tired eyes.

“At first,” you snicker, resulting in a crack across your face.

“Disgusting little wench,” the woman mutters, wiping her hand off on her pant-leg as she sits down in a chair in front of you.

Swallowing hard to suppress a painful groan, your heavy tongue darts out to lick your dried, chapped lips as you attempt to pull your wrists once again from the binding ties.

“Don’t worry,” the woman coos as she watches you struggle against the chair restraints, “you’ll get used to them.”

And as you clench your jaw tight, trying to keep your tears at bay so as to not give her the satisfaction, you bend your chin down against your heaving, bruised chest as your mind begins to whirl with endless thoughts and tremor-inducing ideas.

The woman wanted to know about your sexual escapades with the team.  She wanted to know all of their filthy, dirty secrets.

But you weren’t going to give her the satisfaction.

Your were going to employ the tricks Emily had taught you over and over again.

You were going to lie.

And the woman was going to believe you.

Hold Up

Request: “Can I request for a changkyun fanfic in which he is a gang member and he meets you in a club and unknowingly drags you into gang business. Thanks😍💖😘.” -anon

Ship: Changkyun x [y/n]

Genre: AU | Lime

Word Count: 2,265

Hey there, anon! Thank you for requesting this :) I hope you enjoy reading it but I apologize if it’s kind of meh ;-; Anyways, I apologize for any misspelled words and wrong grammar.

credits to the owner of this gif. If you want to read more, click here!

Originally posted by m-onstax

The clock ticked and ticked, showing no signs of waiting for you. The sound of your heels meeting the concrete floor echoed throughout the whole street, there was barely anyone around. Wincing as the cold breeze hit your face, you cursed as you weren’t able to bring any scarf to cover your face. You haven’t been late to your job since now, your shift was about to start in ten minutes and you are two blocks away from the club.

Hurrying up your pace, you didn’t notice the figure from the shadows. Four minutes before your shift, you finally arrived at the club. You heave a sigh as you punched in your attendance sheet. All of your family members were against you taking up that part-time job as it was unladylike for a daughter of a top-notch business man.

The whole club was packed with people from different places and different classes. Making your way to the crowd, you eventually ended up in the bar counter. Your partner, Shownu, was busy wiping the shot glasses as no one dared to go near him as he looked like someone who could beat the pulp out of them.

“Hey, Hyunwoo.” greeting him with a smile, he waved his hand at you with such an expressionless face. Shaking your head from side to side, you couldn’t believe this guy. He was a man of simple words and actions, he only needed to speak up whenever it’s something important or it makes any sense.

Wrapping the apron around your waist, you turned your head towards Shownu and asked, “No one’s ordered anything yet?” Even though the club was blasting loud music, Shownu was still able to hear you. “Nope.” There was never a day for the club to have no customers. It was packed and every single night had its own unique events.

Odd, people usually order a lot by this time, you thought as you cocked your head to the side and proceeded in going to the storage room to get more limes for the garnish tray. As you were humming to yourself, you realized something that was very unusual. “Wait, the men at the dance floor wore same shits with the same mark..” you mumbled as you stood up straight, tapping your lower lip with your index finger while holding a lime.

“Maybe they’re just some youngins who are in a baseball team or something.” You shrugged the negative thought off and waltz your way back to the counter. Scanning your eyes throughout the whole room, your eyes landed on a young lad who had his eyes on you the whole time. Despite you meeting his gaze, he didn’t show any signs of looking away but instead, he smirked right at you and lifted himself off the seat.

Somehow your gut feeling was already telling you turn away and make Hyunwoo build his drink but being the stubborn person you are, you stayed in your place and wiped the glass shots on the rack. “Hey there, sweet cheeks.” His voice was deep but sexy at the same time. Gulping down a large amount of saliva, you took a deep breath and looked up to meet his gaze.

“Hey, do you want anything to drink?” you nonchalantly asked to hide the fact that you were turned on by him. “I’ll have two margaritas, if you don’t mind.” He had a teasing grin plastered on his face. You didn’t know what was under that grin of his but you shrugged it off and dealt with it professionally.

Preparing all the things needed, you laid a bottle of tequila, Triple Sec and a lime on the marbled counter. With two cocktail glass in front of you, you sliced up the lime and rubbed it on the rim of the glass before pressing it on a plate of salt. You shook the excess salt on both glasses and proceeded in making the drink.

You grabbed a jigger and a cocktail shaker. Pouring a Triple Sec on the jigger, you poured half an oz of Triple Sec on the cocktail shake, then poured one and a half oz of tequila, followed by an oz of lemon juice. Your hand made its way to the ice tray and took a couple of ice and plopped them into the shaker.

Shaking the cocktail shaker, you removed the cover and poured the drink on the glass and did the whole thing all over again for the other glass. It only took you less than ten minutes to finish the two drinks. With the drinks on your hands, you placed them right in front of the guy and smiled, “Enjoy.”

“Wait.” you abruptly stopped your tracks and turned around to face him. “This one’s for you.” Raising the glass of margarita, your eyes narrowed and sighed. “I am sorry, sir, but we’re not allowed to drink–” “C’mon, it’s on me anyways. And, oh by the way, are you from a rich background?”

Your eyes went wide for a second, your heart was pounding loudly against your chest. You cleared your throat and acted like you were not affected by his question, “What makes you think that?” you walked towards him and accepted the drink.

You gulped the margarita down and slammed the glass on the counter before letting out a sigh. “Woah, calm down sweet cheeks.” The guy was amused by your actions which was something that he sees in his life. You eyed him and scoffed. “I’m Lim Changkyun, but call me I.M.”

I.M? What kind of a name is that? you mentally asked yourself before nodding your head. “Well, Mr. I.M, please excuse me as I have a lot of things to do.” All you wanted was to get away from him but you couldn’t. He grabbed you by the wrist and said, “I talked to your boss about having you as our waitress for a couple of hours and he allowed you.”

Hyunwoo, on the other hand, snapped his fingers and turned to you with a big smile. “Oh, I forgot to tell you that!” You just blinked at Hyunwoo and wondered what you’ve done to deserve this. “Why should I become your waitress?” You gritted your teeth. The last thing that you’ve ever wanted was to have a guy hit on you.

“Oh, why? Well, if you don’t, your boss would be dead.” Cold sweat ran down your back and you, yourself, know that he was telling the truth, as you could distinguish someone who’s lying and who’s not by the tone of their voice. “Alright.”

Never in your life have you ever regretted on taking up this job but this was finally the day when you regret it. You stood a distance of three meters away from Changkyun and a group of men who looked like gang bosses or something. You looked down to your feet and scanned your outfit. A tight, short pencil skirt paired with a white button-up long-sleeves which was also tight.

Heaving a deep sigh, you noticed Changkyun waving hand at you. You waltz your way to their table and felt everyone’s eyes on you. The men who sat around the table with Changkyun gave off an intimidating aura but you calmly face them.

“Give us the most expensive drink that you guys have.” The boy with an grayish blonde hair was awfully gorgeous. “Are you sure you can afford it, Wonho?” asked the guy with pink hair, he was smirking at him but Wonho, the one with grayish blonde hair, scoffed and proudly exclaimed, “Of course, I can. Did you forget that my gang is much bigger and more successful than yours.”

Gangs? your eyes widened in shock as you finally identified every single one of them. From left to right, you could see the most well-known gang bosses in the whole world. Wonho, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Jooheon, Minhyuk and finally, Changkyun. “Well, sweet cheeks, surprise us.” Changkyun stopped the bickering and flashed you one of the cheeky smile.

Nodding your head in response, you turned your heels and walked towards Hyunwoo and told him to make his special drink. “Are you sure you want to serve this to them, [y/n]?” He raised his eyebrows at you, questioning if your motives. “Yeah.” “Well, okay, if you say so.”

“Here you go.” You carefully laid out the martini glass in front of the men and was about to leave when Changkyun grabbed you by the wrist and pulled you towards him, making you sit right beside him before placing an arm around your shoulder.

“Now, how ‘bout let’s get on with the business, shall we?” The atmosphere around the table went from playful to serious real quick. All of them looked like they were going to kill each other in just a second but they composed themselves. “I’ve got all the ten most expensive jewelries in this briefcase.” Wonho placed a silver briefcase on top of the table and opened it in one click, revealing ten breathtaking jewelries.

Your eyes twinkled at the jewelries right in front of you. Even though you were from a rich family, you never had the guts to ask your parents to buy you those jewelries. Changkyun was staring right at you the whole time before speaking up, “Well, that’s a good offer. You’ve got her attention.”

“Pfft, you won’t believe what I have in my hands.” Kihyun had a smug look in his face as he clapped his hands and two men holding a frame came in. “I’ve got the Raphael’s Head of a Muse.” The two men pulled the covers off and revealed the art.

It was utterly beautiful but this was something that you didn’t really took interest. Pressing your lines in a thin line, you turned your head to the side, only to meet Changkyun’s face just inches away from yours. “Well, what do you think, [y/n]?” His voice was husky.

Your breath hitched when you heard your name came out from his very lips. “H-how did you know my name?” you whispered, unable to look away from him. He brought his lips to your ears and felt it brush against your ear. “I have my sources, babe.”

You couldn’t understand why your heart skipped a beat and you felt butterflies going wild on your stomach. Your mind couldn’t process what was happening. You should’ve followed your gut-feeling from the very start but no, you had to ignore it. “W-well, I really don’t like the art but it’s a good offer.” you stuttered as you pulled away from Changkyun, making him chuckle.

“Heard the lady?” Kihyun’s confidence was already all over the place but the others didn’t give a damn about it. “Well, mine’s a lot better than theirs. I got the sculpture, L’Homme qui marche aka Walking Man.” Hyungwon’s thick lips formed into a smile but it was one deceiving smile, a smile that can take away a woman’s breath and even her virginity in just a flash.

“Woah.” you couldn’t help but gape at the sculpture placed in front of you. It was really the sculpture itself. You are now wondering how they got all these stuff when it’s all in a tightly secured place. “Dude, how’d you get those?” Changkyun, too, was surprised to see the Walking Man in front of him.

“I have my sources.” A smirk was seen on his oh-so-gorgeous face but this was replaced with a frown when Jooheon spoke. “Well, that’s not even close to mine. I present you, Number 5, 1948.” Jackson Pollock’s work that was worth $140 million and you couldn’t believe it that he got it.

“Woah, nice one.” Changkyun clapped his hand, he had a smile on his face. Somehow, you realized something and decided to ask Changkyun about it. Tugging the hem of his shirt, he looked at you and you whispered, “Why am I here, by the way?”

“Oh, you’ll be the one to choose which expensive thing I’ll be getting and with one wrong decision, you can say good bye to your life and live with me.” Everyone had their eyes on you and they nodded to every single word that came out from Changkyun’s mouth.

“Now, it’s my turn!” Minhyuk cheerfully announced as he got out from his seat and took his thing. Removing the cover off the big whole thing, it revealed one of the most expensive art in the whole world. It was The Card Players by Paul Cézanne,2011. “W-Wait, but that’s worth $250 million!” you exclaimed which made Changkyun laugh.

“Well, we’ve got a winner right in front of us.” Everyone groaned except for Minhyuk, who was dancing with his painting on his hands. “You’ve got good eyes, [y/n].” Changkyun snaked his arm around your waist and smiled. “We’re out. This is such a waste of my time.” Wonho complained as he stomped off with the other following him. “Yeah!”

As soon as everyone left, Changkyun gave Minhyuk something but it was placed in a gold briefcase which made Minhyuk giggle, so much for a gang boss, and left. You were now left with Changkyun. “Now that we’re alone, how ‘bout I give you a reward then?”

His face was already inching towards you but you pushed it away and said, “No, thanks! I don’t have time for you.” you ripped yourself off from his hold and walked towards the counter, only to hear a whine from him.

“Aw, c’mon [y/n]! Don’t you play hard-to-get ‘coz you’re the first one to walk away from me!….. Hey! Are you even listening?! Do seriously want me to make my men get you?! Yah!”

Imagine: Photograph *Part 2*

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*Part 1 here*

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Summer faded away and the reds and yellows of autumn took over. It had been so many weeks since you last saw Joker and you were at your worst. Never in your entire life had you been so weak, so lonely, so..dead. You barely had the energy to eat because you felt like everything was worthless. It broke your heart more and more everyday that you weren’t able to wake up next to him, to wrap your arms around his muscular body and feel his warmth warming you. You couldn’t look into his blue eyes, not laugh with him or commit crimes that pumped excitement through your bodies.


Back in Gotham things were quiet. Joker gave up trying to find you in the city because he had been disappointed so many times. His henchmen were the ones on business as he locked himself up in the penthouse. Little did they know that Frost and Joker were hacking into security systems and secret information sites, trying their hardest to find you. Inside he had that spark of hope that he’d still find his queen. But now he was hopeless. His eyes seemed darker than ever and he had lost weigh. Both of you were barely the people you used to be.

Joker sat in his office and stared at the photo of you two that he had framed. It was night and he had just finished looking for you, perhaps expecting to see if you had used your bank card or if you had been to a hospital, but there were no records of you. It’s like you, Y/N,the madness had never existed. But he never gave up.

The door to his office opened and Frost looked like he was about to faint. ‘’Boss..I-I think I know where she is!’’ He breathed out and caused Joker’s body to go numb. It felt like a cruel joke. ‘’Where is she?’’ He wanted to know eagerly and had to lean onto his desk because he was so shocked. He didn’t expect Frost to barge into his office with those news. 

‘’Paris, France. Some people had seen her and taken pictures..She barely looks like herself but take a look’’ Frost explained and handed his boss a photograph. It was evening in the photo with lilac clouds. People were minding their own business, but in the focus of the photo he saw someone he had missed so much. You were sitting  down and drinking coffee. Your hair was in a messy bun and you had no makeup. It was obvious to Joker that you were suffering as much as he was.

Just seeing his queen, knowing that she was alive, was enough to make him smile. He wasn’t happy before he could see her live, but this photograph made that spark of hope lit on fire, making him a little more energized to get up and leave the penthouse. ‘’Frost get ready to say au revoir Gotham and bonjour Paris’’ 

/au revoir=goodbye & bonjour=hello/


The night was young in Paris. You were in your apartment that you had gotten by shooting the owner in the head and so you decided that it was yours. It’s not like you could just rent a house or something because police would get your ass and send you to Arkham in Gotham city the second they’d find out your identity. 

Your stomach growled but you refused to get up and get yourself some food. Why should I? You thought nearly whenever you had to take care of yourself.It’s not like you had to be pretty for anyone anymore. Damn Batman. You missed Joker so much it was killing you -literally. Living like this would bring you to your end.

Suddenly you heard someone breaking into the apartment by shooting the damn door. Your heart jumped to your throat and you reached for your gun that was on a white table. Then you ran behind the fancy red couch and hid yourself. You could hear the footsteps of many people and it was hard to count them. Your skills were getting worse, because usually you’d be able to count people by the steps. Your record was 23. Now you were confused and adrenaline started to pump through your veins. Your heart was beating like crazy and within a second you were more awake. You watched as people dressed up in black swat clothes. In the mess of the moment you weren’t able to read what the bulletproof vests said.

The men were trashing the place and you knew they’d find you. Not too much longer a man walked up to you ,but your self defence instinct was still built inside of you. ‘’Stay away from me!’’ You spat angrily and loaded your gun. The man raised his arms and stepped back, looking at his left and more men rushed towards you. Just before you could pull the trigger, one with a little different clothes stepped in front of you, pulling off their mask.

That’s when you saw a pair of icy blue eyes, red lips and tattoos on his face. You dropped your gun and covered your mouth with your hands because you were so shocked. Tears stung your eyes immediately and you felt how your entire body started trembling. Joker was here.

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He threw himself on his knees on the floor and pulled you into a tight hug. You wrapped your arms around him and then started crying from joy. You had missed him so much. Joker wasn’t able to speak. He just hugged you tighter and rubbed your back, not giving a shit about the fact his henchmen saw everything. You two couldn’t live without each other and that was extremely obvious. Tears gushed down your face madly and you could barely breathe.

His scent made you feel so home. Just finally seeing him again and being in his arms was like he completed you. ‘’I missed you so much’’He croaked at the verge of tears. He was so glad to finally have his queen there and being to happy he never gave up looking for you. His words just made it worse for  your tears. ‘’I-I missed y-you too’’ You barely managed to say between tears. You were so happy, but then again so guilty. It killed you to know that this was your fault in a way.

You felt like you could stay in his arms forever and he wanted to hold you forever. But you had to get going before the police came. ‘’Let’s go home babe..’’ He cooed and then faced you. He smiled and then wiped away your tears. Oh how his touch felt good even tho he just touched your cheek. ‘’I’m sorry’’ You whispered to him, but he shushed you. ‘’Shh..don’t..please don’t..We can talk later. I just want us to get away and back to Gotham doll..okay?’’ He looked deep into your eyes. His henchmen loaded their guns and you knew you had to get going.

‘’Okay’’ You whispered and so you knew that everything would be okay again. He still wanted you and it lit up your world. He helped you to stand up and then the large group got out of the apartment. Your legs were weak from the shock so it was hard to keep up. ‘’Oh fuck it..’’ Joker mumbled and then picked you up in his arms. You held onto him tightly, but gladly to be his again. So you all got outside and there was a car waiting for you all. Time to go home.

‘’Don’t ever leave again’’ Joker whispered as you got in the black car. You were on his lap and you leaned against his chest tiredly. ‘’I won’t’’ 

Tough Love (Bias x Reader) Pt.10

Trigger warning: abuse and suicide.

B/N wasn’t stupid. There was no way he was letting her go home by herself. He dressed quickly and followed her, knowing exactly what would happen. People are irrational in situations like these. And since Sid’s been violent before, he’ll be murderous now once he sees those marks. Why didn’t she just wait?

He pauses on her floor and listens carefully, not knowing which door she went into. He hears nothing at first and wonders if he’s on the right floor when he sees a door open and slam close and then a crashing noise. No.

The door is unlocked when he opens it and he sees the one thing that makes his entire blood run hot. Y/N is curled up on the floor and this piece of wasted human flesh is kicking her. He notices him and B/N peels his eyes off of Y/N’s still form. 

“Who the hell are you?” The response he gives is a kick directly into his chest that sends him flying back. 

“Y/N, get up,” he’s fighting his own fear. But she doesn’t hear him. Or maybe she’s…No, “Wake up!”

Sid gets up and he’s a large man, but size never mattered to B/N anyway. It was skill over strength. He charges at B/N, head first. Stupid move. He steps out of the way, slamming his knee to the center of his head. Sid staggers back and actually comes back for more. But he can’t waste any more time, no matter how much he wants to beat Sid into nonexistence. 

He sends his elbow into his jaw, punches him in the ribs twice, and slams the crown of his head against Sid’s forehead. The man falls back and B/N finally moves to her. She hasn’t moved at all and his hands are shaking as he checks if she’s breathing. 

She is. She wakes up right then and he helps her to her feet. And just like that she coughs up so much blood that he freezes. Her knees are weak and he catches her, never having been so scared in his life. 

“Open your eyes,” he demands as he takes the stairs, her mouth stained red. Once he gets into the street, he starts yelling for help. He doesn’t know what to do and his vision is blurring because she’s so small in his arms and he’s so angry that he let her leave.

The ambulance arrives and they pry her from his arms. B/N gets into the ambulance, seeing Sid being taken away by the police. Someone actually called the authorities this time. 

They’re asking so many questions at the hospital and he gives the same response, “She was being beaten and she started coughing up blood. Stop asking me all of this, what’s wrong with her?”

“Sir, if you can just calm down, we’re doing everything we can,” 

He shoves everything off the front desk, “I was calm until just now!” Then they tell him to leave because he isn’t family and he’s being uncooperative, saying they’ll call him if anything changes. 

“Just tell me if she’s okay,” 

“I can’t sir,” he asks why and he gets his answer. They don’t know shit.

He leaves, needing to calm down. Y/N will be fine. Yes, she will. He goes to his gym and beats the living hell out of his punching bag. At his last punch the damn bags breaks from the chain in his ceiling and crashes, startling everyone. He starts to kick it too and he hates how it looks to him. Just like Y/N on the ground defenseless like this sand bag. It’s a horrible comparison and he falls to the ground feeling worse than before. He wishes Sid didn’t get arrested. He’d rather see him cowering at his feet right about now.

There’s a hand on his shoulder and he knows it’s his coworkers.

“I’m fine,” 

“Bad night?” 

He wipes the sweat from his face, “You can say that,” 

“We figured you would’ve enjoyed yourself,” 

“What?” he glares at them. Someone else speaks up, “Your back boss,” the guys start nudging each other and B/N doesn’t know what is going on. He heads to the locker room and removes his shirt to see why everyone won’t shut up. And that’s when he sees the bright red lines all over his back. 

It should make him feel good, except he sits on the bench and holds his face in his hands. If he didn’t initiate. If he just thought about her situation instead of wanting her.  

He punches the locker and it dents but he can’t deny the reciprocated pain. Damn inanimate objects. His phone rings and he answers it before the second one can be completed. 

“Mr. B/N?”

“Yes, how is she?” 

“She’s stable. You can come-” he doesn’t even let them finish. He’s already on his way.

Internal bleeding. What a bitch. You’ve lost a lot of blood they said, but they expect you to make a full recovery. Your stomach is killing you. Literally. A faint knock sounds on your door and B/N enters, you smiling at him. But he isn’t smiling. His face is pale, looking almost as bad as you.

“How do you feel?” 

“Like I just got the crap kicked out of me,” Bad time for jokes. He isn’t laughing at all. You point to the seat beside you but he won’t sit down either. 

“Why did you go back?” 

“To tell him I was leaving him,” 

He finally sits and sighs, “You could’ve picked a different time. You scared the hell out of me,” 

You hold your hand out to him from where you lay and he brings it to his lips. His knuckles are also red and bleeding. 

“Where’s Sid?” because by his bruised hands you have a good idea.

“He got arrested,” Your eyes widen, surprised the cops are doing something about it.

“You’ll have to eat alone for a bit. I can’t eat much until I recover. Who knows how long that will take,” nothing you say changes his expression, “At least my last meal was amazing,” Nothing. If anything it makes him more solemn, “Did you see your back?” 

“Yes, and so did everyone else,” his face turns a bit red and you smile, “You said nothing was there,” he uses your hand to hide his face, trying to remain serious. He’s quiet for a bit and he suddenly asks, “What’s the one thing you’ve always wanted to do?” 

The question is so out of the blue that you take a moment to find an answer, “I…want to travel,” 

He plays with your hand, intertwining his fingers with yours, “Where do you want to go?” 

This conversation makes no sense, “I want to bag-pack through the mountains in India all the way up to Tibet,” 

“Isn’t India kind of…dangerous?” Yes and every time you mentioned it people would tell you that it wasn’t ideal for tourists, especially women. It was discouraging, so you put it away from your mind. 

“You should do it,” he suddenly says. 

“You just said it was dangerous,” 

He shrugs, “So is crossing the street and drinking soda upside down. But I’m teaching you way more stuff before you go though,” 

You smile, liking the idea. A nurse enters your room then.

“Y/N?” she looks confused.


“Do you know a Sid Fisher?” you nod slowly, “You’re on his contact list. He’s been hospitalized here for an attempted suicide,” 

  • *i found this sitting in my hard drive. credit to Epic Rap Battle Parodies*
  • Stories Featured
  • Slender man
  • Jeff The Killer
  • Hoody
  • Masky
  • Eyeless Jack
  • Smile.jpg
  • SCP-173
  • BEN Drowned
  • Lavender Town
  • Zalgo
  • Narrator: Epic Rap Battle Parodies. Slender man versus Jeff The Killer. Begin.
  • Slender: Prepare for the arrival of the faceless king of horror. I'll knock you harder than when you fell on the bathroom floor. You're just a prepubescent child who has no meaning of fright. I scare all who happen to spot me in the night. Nothing can match my length. I spit diminishing and dark. I got swarms of arms coming at you prepared to leave a mark. Emo hair and white hoodie? No class to be found. Were your talents scarred as well? Because your rhymes are profound.
  • Jeff: You're a pedophile chasing little kids through town. Legend says you kill but I'm the best killer around. What's with those tentacles? Ha! You're like a living hentai. A photobomb whose only popularity comes from PewDiePie. You're known from fake document, just look at Marble Hornets. Driving people crazy, no wonder you've never had a duet. You may be called a man, but I'm more killer than you. As for your face, I'll bleach it, ignite it, and give it a redo.
  • Slender: They call me "Slender man" because I get all them bitches. See, I'm a man, you're a kid who can't write any disses. You're a rip-off of Dahmer, and he's more effective. Your ass got burnt, bitch. You're literally defective. How the hell are you considered scary? Your balls haven't dropped. And the most action you've ever had, was at a bus stop. I don't need to try against you, you wouldn't last in my mane. You must be getting claustrophobic, now taste my static haze.
  • Jeff: I can see right through you. You're not scary at all. You may be slender, but I'm the one who's standing tall. I'll choke you with your black tie, no lie, then beat your faceless ass until you finally die. Ahahahaha! You won't put up a fight. I'll make you need Hospice. Come at me, and I'll rip off your Slender dick. Don't give me your crap, bitch. You're done, you're old news. How sad, they made a Teletubby scarier than you.
  • Hoody: Now hold on a second. It's Hoody and Masky. We bring horror you won't believe.
  • Masky: Ain't no cameras here, so that means you better leave.
  • Hoody: We'll rip up your pages then leave you in flames.
  • Masky: You both have no family, now it's your turn to get maimed.
  • Hoody: You've got long arms, and you've got no eyelids.
  • Masky: And both of you freaks always go after kids.
  • Hoody: What a lame excuse, no eyes you can still see
  • Masky: That we will kill you just like your whole family.
  • Jack: Hahahahaha! It's Eyeless Jack here! So get ready for your doom. You know your death is ready when I sneak into your room. Rip out your liver, you won't be needing this in your grave. Walking around the woods at night, you think you're so brave. Slender Man, you don't scare me. Jeff, you're just a bitch. I'll make Hoody and Masky my death slaves like my buddy Mitch. I'm the Creepypasta king. You'll feel a loss to the Boss. I don't even need eyes to see that you lost.
  • Smile: Spread the word, you bitches lost to this number one dog. You pussies are only scary because you hide in the fog. Meanwhile, I'll restyle you hostile pedophiles to jump miles. Get ready, cause you assholes are gonna see a hell of a smile. I can't understand how you pussies are considered horror. A twig, a child, pathetic twins, and a sightless explorer. You can't beat me, I'm more badass than all of you combined. All five of you could never handle this demonic canine.
  • Intercom: SCP-173 has escaped we're putting the foundation on lockdown.
  • SCP: You D-class losers wipe away that smile. I'm SCP-173 animate and hostile. I'm a class Keter threat you're all Euclid at best. Special Victory Procedures: beating you all to death. No use containing or protecting your insecurities. Blink once and you're dead, I'm like an angel that weeps. Neck snap, get back I'm having too much fun. Soon as I'm in the arena you'll all be (DATA EXPUNGED)
  • BEN: You shouldn't have done that time to give you a frown. I'm back for good, bitches. And this time I won't drown. I go by the name of Ben, I'm everyone's thriller. I've come to this battle to destroy, you pathetic excuse for killers. You all will suffer and I'll make sure the media will see. I'll record your deaths, then upload it as a .wmv . Half of you are just pussies who can't handle a face revealing. Now let me conclude this battle, with the Song of Unhealing.
  • M: Back from the island it's MissingNo, here to fight. I'm the bitchin' glitchin' witch who will show you true fright. I'll crunch you, prisoner, 128 times. And Smile, I'll crush your floppy disk with my glitching rhymes. Hoody, Masky and Slendy I can't make your stories worse. And Jack and Jeff? Ha! Sounds like a Mother Goose verse. You all need to watch out for when M truly arrives. You'll be destroyed like a Marowak as I corrupt your lives!
  • Zalgo: Wahahahaha! Enough with your petty rhymes, It's time for you all to suffer. My presence is so purely evil, the thought of my rhymes (incoherent words). You're hiding in your forest so no one sees you cry. And you, I'll spit bleach at and burn your insides. Hoody and Masky, you two are just assholes dressing up like little faggots as I steal your souls. And Jacky Boy, I think it's time for you to see, that nobody gives a shit about your crappy story. Smile Dog you're a puppy. I'm the mad dog of madness. You bring suicidal thoughts, but I'll bring you to sadness. SCP nobody knows what you are. Some experiment covered in feces and scars. Ben, you shouldn't have done that. I'll diss you to death. You're a statue of Link who won't take another breath. Hell no, MissingNo. You're just a little bitch. Call yourself the master of corruption, but you're nothing but a glitch. Nine lives taken at my demonic laughter. You're in my realm, bow down to Zalgo, your master.
  • Narrator: Who won? Who's next? You decide! Epic rap battle parodies!
  • (incoherent groans)
  • (corrupted screams)
  • (more screams)
“Not just a blood bag”


Genre: FLUFF <3

Summary: Fluff with vampire Tae, but a little angsty (just a teeny bit) in between.

You knew that in your boyfriend’s world, people like your kind were never accepted. Hell, people of your kind weren’t even supposed to know that sort of world. It saddened you that you would probably never be able to see your boyfriend’s closest friends, or his family. It showed how that even though Taehyung loved you so much, there was a big part of him that was disconnected from you. You could never meet Taehyung’s parents, and have their full blessing if you two wanted to marry. His mother would never invite you to their house to have dinner together, and show you pictures of baby Taehyung. You couldn’t be that one cool girlfriend that was close to their boyfriend’s best friends, and hang out with them all together with Tae.

Even though there were so many reasons you shouldn’t have loved him, the one simple reason being that you loved him made you forget all of that.

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akechikuns  asked:

PLS write some angsty MaeIso. Probably Isogai having to kill Maehara during an assassin mission or somethin'.

I’M SORRY FOR WRITING THIS LATE OMG I’M SORRY ;A; Anyways I don’t think this is what you asked for but it’s still angst. I hope you like it! :)

“Good work, ikemen.”

Isogai bows and tries his best to hide the grimace on his face because of his codename then mutters a soft thanks to his boss. Can’t they think of a better codename, he asks inside his head and sweatdrops. His boss smiles at him and hands him a brown envelope.

“You have a new project,” The older man starts.

Isogai quirks an eyebrow.

“But don’t get your feelings involved.”

The brunette furrows his eyebrows and glances at the envelope he’s grasping. He frowns, what do you mean by don’t get my feelings involved? 

“I think you know this person well enough, you don’t need this envelope actually.” His boss says and smirks, “But things change.”

“Your new project is, Maehara Hiroto aka the Womanizer.” His boss states.

Isogai feels the world stop. His breath hitches on his throat, was his ears deceiving him?

Maehara is his new project?

Isogai stares(more like glares) at the envelope on his table before reaching for his mug and sips his coffee. He debates internally if whether he should open the envelope or not. He sighs and wraps both of his hands on his mug and looks down on the content.

Maehara, of all people?” He asks himself.

He feels a faint twinge on his chest.

“This boy’s becoming a threat to us. He successfully eliminated most of my men.” His boss says and Isogai feels a lump build up in his throat.

“I’m not sure what’s the reason behind of him eliminating my men, it must be his superior’s orders but you have to wipe him out before he eliminates every men I have.” 

“I-I–” Isogai starts.

“Don’t get too close to the case, Yuuma.” His boss sternly says.


His stomach twists as he recalls the conversation he had with his boss. He places his mug back to his coffee table and lies down on his couch. How did things turn out like this?

“But Hiroto…”

It’s been really awhile since he last saw his childhood friend, after parting ways in college he didn’t get to keep in touch much with the womanizer. He hasn’t heard anything of the latter once he joined his current profession. Isogai remembers giving his childhood friend a hug before saying farewell.

All he knew that Maehara was continuing his studies at Kyoto, he never knew that he’d end up with a profession same as his. Furthermore, he never knew that Maehara would be his next target.

His heart clenches at the thought of Hiroto as his next target.

“How on earth will I do this?” He sighs exasperatedly and rolls then falls of his couch.

Isogai groans.

“I can’t do this.” He mutters and finally has the courage to open the envelope.


Isogai blinks at the person that supposedly bumped into him.

“Do I know you?” Isogai asks. Of course I do.

The other male looks downright offended but then laughs and swings an arm around Isogai.

“It’s Maehara! Your childhood friend, how could you forget?” Maehara whines and Isogai rolls his eyes.

“I was bluffing.” He says and the other male grins.

This makes my job easier, Isogai feels his insides twist into knots. This couldn’t be just a coincidence, it just couldn’t be.

“Hey, since we’re together why not let’s hangout?” Maehara asks and Isogai finds himself nodding unconsciously.

Well, why not let myself enjoy a bit? He asks himself. Isogai smiles and let’s the male drag him out of the shop and to wherever the latter wants to go. Maehara suddenly stops that causes for the other to stop to, Isogai stares at him inquiringly and Maehara grins, then holds his hand and intertwines their fingers. The action catches Isogai off-guard.

And he’s afraid to admit that it made his heart skip a beat.

“Have you met with your target already?”

Isogai nods and bites his lower lip, “I don’t think I can do this, boss.”

His superior frowns and sighs, “If you won’t then who will? Yuuma, you do know that you are the best among my men and you’re the only one who’s qualified for this job.”

“But boss…” Isogai swears he did not just whimper in front of his boss.

The boss grunts something incoherent under his breath and Isogai straightens up, there’s no escaping this project.

“Yuuma, you must do this project.” His boss sternly says.

“Finish it in a week,” Isogai only lowers his head in defeat, “Don’t get your feelings involved, Yuuma. This is the world you chose to live in.”

“Are you okay?” 

Isogai blinks twice at the hand that was waving in front of his face. He sighs and stops the hand by holding the owner’s wrist and smiles at the owner.

“I’m fine, Hiroto.”

“Are you sure?” Maehara’s brows furrow in worry.

“Yes.” Now, please don’t look so worried it’s not good for my health.

The womanizer gives him one last glance before returning to his food. They were currently inside Maehara’s apartment and this makes Isogai wonder of all places Maehara could choose for them to hangout is at his place. Doesn’t the other think it’s too dangerous? Of course not, Isogai frowns internally.

“Hey, Yuuma. I’m going to the kitchen for a bit to get something to drink.” Isogai casts Maehara a curious stare.

The womanizer’s behavior suddenly turned strange that piqued the brunette’s concern. Isogai watches Maehara stride to his kitchen with an unsettling feeling inside his stomach. Maehara’s tone was rather uncanny, he says inside his mind.

“I hope you’re fine with orange juice.”

Isogai snaps his head to the direction where he heard Maehara’s voice and sees the latter approaching him holding a steel tray. The latter gently places the tray and hands Isogai a glass of the juice then smiles that rather warms his heart it sends chills to his spine. Isogai stares warily at the drink, it smells different.

“Hey, Yuu–”

“I’m sorry!” 

He blinks, what happened?

Isogai stares at the broken glass and puddle of juice on the floor. Maehara glances at him with concern written all-over his features.

“Are you alright? I’m really sorry, my hand slipped.” The other male cups his face.

Isogai stares at Maehara’s orbs and somehow finds guilt swimming in them, “I’m fine.” He says and places both of his hands on top of Maehara’s.

He runs his fingers through Maehara’s hair then smiles reassuringly.

“Why did you want to see me at this time of the night?” Maehara asks once he sees the brunette.

“I have something… to say.” Isogai hesitates.

“Finish your job today, Yuuma.” His superior said with a serious tone.

Isogai nods, “Finish it today or I will be the one to do it.” His boss’s tone was threatening.

“Understood, boss.”

“Hiroto, I’m so glad that I met you again and we got to hangout once more…” He says and Maehara approaches him with a perplexed expression.

“What are you talking about, Yuuma?” He asks his eyes questioning Isogai.

“I didn’t want this, I didn’t want to do this but I have no other choice.” The brunette continues but his tone was starting to waver.

Maehara stops on his tracks and lowers his head which halts Isogai on his tracks also. The unsettling feeling on the pit of his stomach strengthens and his insides twists into more knots. He feels his heart race at the speed of 20 mach, exaggerated or not.

“I guess it ends to this.” He hears Maehara say.

The other looks up with a mirthless smile on his face, “It was nice while it lasted, Yuuma.”

Isogai’s eyes widen as he sees a gun pointed at him.

“Hi-Hiroto…” He stammers.

The brunette tightens his grip on his hidden gun, he never thought it’ll end this way.

“I’m your new project, you were tasked to kill me, right? Funny. I was tasked to eliminate you.” Maehara chuckles humorlessly.

Isogai gasps inaudibly and feels his palms start to sweat.

I tried. Yuuma, I tried but I just can’t kill you. How can I kill you? I love you so much!” Maehara confesses and tears his gaze away from Isogai.

A choked sob escapes Isogai’s lip, his tears already threatening to spill; this wasn’t how he pictured it to end, this wasn’t how it was supposed to end. His grip on his gun tightens even more. I can’t do this, he cries inside. 

“But to makes things easier,” Maehara pointed the gun on his head.

“N-no!” Isogai’s eyes widened as saucers.

“I love you, Yuuma. But this is goodbye, perhaps will see each other again in a world more peaceful than this.” Then pulled the trigger.

The shot was soundless but an ear-piercing cry was heard.

And another shot was left unheard.

AHAHAHAHAHAHA MAEISO ANGST :) I HOPE YOU LIKED IT :D It could’ve not ended that way but it’s angst haha I’m sorry if this took really long karmasano! :( It turned out int a full one-shot that’s why I took long and blame school ;-;

Send me an otp and a prompt and I’ll write angst!