man sleep overs

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From 21yr old girl who met up with 40yr old man- one morning after sleeping over his place, I started rubbing myself against him while he was still sleeping. I was only wearing his tshirt that covered my whole torso (He was 6’4” and I was only 5’4”, 95lbs). I rubbed my leg over his crotch to get his attention. Eventually he pulled out his half-hard cock, and I grabbed it and started rubbing the tip of his dick all around my clit. He moaned in my ear “Does little girl want daddys' cock?”

(cont.) I started swirling the tip of his cock around my clit, and then in the dip of my vagina where I was getting wet. He kept moaning “Yeah, rub daddies dick all over your clit.” His precum mixed with my wetness, and I got my whole labia soaking with the mixture of our juices. He paused to put a condom on, but I wanted to keep going, so I whined “No” slipped it off his cock. I kept rubbing myself, and he moaned “Such a dirty girl” as I sat on top of him and engulfed his member.

For Coldflash Week B, Day Six, 1920s AU.

               ….No, he isn’t perfect. He’s human and he’s flawed…..but he’s perfect to me and that’s all that matters…


Len knew when he took over the reigns of running Central City, and its twin Keystone, from his grandfather that his life wouldn’t ever be the same. He knew he’d always be looking over his shoulder for when his father tried to stick a knife in it. He knew he’d always have to keep his ears and eyes open for anyone looking to take his crown.

But he was thankful he didn’t have to worry about his heart, as he’d already given that to his Scarlet long ago.

I tried, made this, and have now a growing appreciation for ribbons smh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

(10) Ignis’ pick-up lines.

Prompto: If we were food, I’d like to be a bowl of Peppery Daggerquill rice. Noct is a Tenebraean dessert, Iggy’s a cup of Ebony, and Gladio’s Cup Noodles.
Ignis: I’m afraid you’re mistaken. Gladio wouldn’t be Cup Noodles.
Gladio: What else would I be?
Ignis: A hot tea.
Gladio: …
Gladio: Oh. 
Prompto: …
Prompto: But he doesn’t like tea. Or does he? Do you, Gladio?
Noctis: He’s not listening, Prompto. Forget it.

The fighters having a sleepover
  • Lola Pop: *sleep-over voice* Are you awake?
  • Spring Man: *sleep-over reply voice* Yeah.
  • Ninjara: *regrettable sleepover invitee voice* You guys SHH!
  • Mechanica: *confused sleep-over voice* What is the meaning of life?
  • Min Min: *annoyed sleep-over voice* Dude shut up.
  • Ribbon Girl: *sleep-over host voice* You guys be quiet, my mom's gonna hear us.
  • Kid Cobra: *unknown voice* You kids wanna buy some drugs?
Hurricane Irma Update

Because I saw a few of you lurking around on my facebook lol, I’ll give you all a little update of my whereabouts in case you’re wondering. Hurricane Irma is projected to go right up Florida, hitting most cities including my university’s town. For this reason, my school evacuated all students, and I drove ten hours to the west back to Mississippi.

Quite a few of my friends chose to stick it out, so I’m praying for their safety, along with anyone else who decided to stay. I’m not too entirely worried about those who are more inland, as Irma is projected to weaken quickly once she makes landfall. But to those living on the coast, I hope they have or will move to higher ground.