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Alastair: You know, it was supposed to be your father. He was supposed to bring it on. But, in the end, it was you. Dean: Bring what on? Alastair: Oh, every night, the same offer, remember? Same as your father. And finally you said, “Sign me up.” Oh, the first time you picked up my razor, the first time you sliced into that weeping bitch… That was the first seal. Dean: You’re lying. Alastair: And it is written that the first seal shall be broken when a righteous man sheds blood in hell. As he breaks, so shall it break.

Dean + heartbreaking scenes - 4x16 “On The Head Of A Pin” 

Caffeine Challenge

Prompt: “No one tell you how big empty is.” and “Can’t Go On Without You” by Kaleo


Riding through the prairie. Long grass blows in endless wind.

Jazz in a New York bar. Smoke curls from the end of a cigarette. A woman with elbow-length gloves and lips as red as blood.

Heat rising from cracked tarmac. Endless blue sea and deserted streets. The yellow sign of the post office is the only end in sight.

An Emerald City rising from desert, but it is smoke and mirrors. It is illusion, and you are afraid.

The last mashtryoshka doll.

Unreal hands, and eyes that no longer belong to you.

Dramatic music in the background to strolling down a hill. Hair gusts in an unseen wind. An explosion behind, and you don’t look back. You never look back.

“Can’t go on without you.” Yet the world keeps turning, and children keep playing, and one day new children will be born to replace the ones who have grown.

Lancelot crept in through Guinevere’s window. Blood on the sheets from his bandaged hand, and golden hair falling around milk-soft skin. The sigh of lovers in the dark and a kiss that tasted of coffee and regret.

Arthur would have burned her for less.

A kingdom fell. At Camlann, in flames, the horn sounded its last call. A man shed his son’s blood for love of a woman, and the men who loved him in turn wept and followed to the brink of oblivion.

Better to hope that no one tells you how big empty is.

His side of the wardrobe.

A photo album full of your friends, and not a single image of you.

The fog that fills your head.

Ships that float through a hundred burning stars. The stars are falling.

We don’t want this, but we suffer anyway.

Hair as black as a raven’s wing, and the tower after the princess ran away to freedom – to a prison of a different sort.

At least the villains are honest.

We wanted pirates and magic. We found changelings and fairy rings, and decks slippery with blood. It is never as romantic as the stories make it sound. Why else do we need storytellers, if not to rewrite the stories we cannot bear to remember?

Empty is too far, and big is too abstract, for our brains to comprehend. Know only that stars burn, and kings die, for far less than you.

You are the most important thing in the galaxy.

You are the smallest speck of stardust.

Battle Lust (Thor/Captain Quick Fic)

For my lovely @werewolfbuckybarnes​      who introduced me to ThunderShield and honestly how did I not see how beautiful these two hotties would be together??

I love this so much I feel a little ridiculous, guys.



Steve let his shield drop with a clang, the metal stained and dirty, and collapsed onto the couch next to it with a groan. Why was it always some crazy other-worldly enemy attacking earth? Why couldn’t it be a jewelry store being robbed by an average criminal just once? Super soldier or not, getting thrown into buildings still left a hell of a bruise.

“Are you hurt?” Thor’s deep voice cut into his thoughts and Steve opened his eyes, trying to tamp down the thrill that went through him to see the Demi god still in full armor, hair wild, Mjolnir held loosely in one hand.

“Nothing a good nights sleep won’t fix.” He replied, scooting down the couch so Thor had room to sit.

“Surely our enemies are cursing the name of the mighty Captain America tonight. You fought well.” The big man grunted, and started shedding armor, the heavy pieces clanging off each other as they hit the ground, Mjolnir leaning against the couch looking remarkably unremarkable in the way only magic weapons could.

Clad only in his pants, Thor sat down right next to Steve, their thighs brushing together, and the Captain swallowed a little sigh. “I am glad you aren’t hurt, it would be a shame if you were too sore to enjoy the victory.”

“I suppose I’ll be alright for whatever post-mission drinking fest Stark has planned.” Steve agreed, and checked Thor over quickly, looking for any injuries.

Nope, none on those huge shoulders. His long hair was messy, but there was no blood or scrapes marring that strong jaw line or perfect nose. The golden skin across his chest was clear and smooth, muscles jumping and shifting as Thor settled back into the couch and– Crap, I’m literally just staring at him. Steve realized, and tore his gaze away before Thor could see him flushing in embarrassment. Pull it together, Steve, come on!! he scolded himself, folding his arms across his chest like it would keep rampant thoughts from escaping.

“Perhaps…” Thor’s voice was thoughtful. “Perhaps we might have our own victory celebration, something smaller.”

“What?” Steve sent him a look, unwilling to get his hopes up, but oh man were his hopes already up. For weeks now, thoughts of the Thunder God had him waking in the middle of the night, twisting in his sheets, taking cold showers that didn’t help at all, and blushing and stammering anytime someone mentioned Thor’s hammer.

“We could retire to my floor.” Thor was saying, and Steve jerked himself back to the moment. “I have some Asgardian mead, and you are the only one who can handle a drink with me. Much more enjoyable than getting drunk by myself.”

“I could handle a drink or two.” Steve nodded quickly, nearly biting his tongue in half when Thor’s hand landed on his knee, squeezing lightly.

“There is something to be said for the rush of battle, isn’t there?” Thor mused, his hand moving in tiny increments up Steve’s leg. “The way your heart pounds, the way the blood thrums through your veins. It’ s difficult to turn off, leaving a man wanting to exchange one battle for another.”

Steve couldn’t answer, far too distracted by the way Thor’s thumb was rubbing in slow circles, moving higher each time.

“Of course, the benefit of surrounding yourself with warriors means we don’t ever have to turn off that side of ourselves do we? The lust for battle translates into a lust for…everything.”

Oh. Oh. Steve thought he could combust from the fire in Thor’s blue eyes. “I would think–” he licked his lips nervously and wanted to cheer when Thor’s gaze dropped to follow the motion. “I would think the other benefit of being around other warriors is that you don’t need to be…gentle? Or–or soft with each other? Not if the battle lust is still flowing through you? Just move it all from one place to… another?”

Thor groaned a curse in a language Steve didn’t recognize, and surged forward to seal their lips together—

—but the elevator door swished open and the rest of the team poured into the common area, chatting and laughing loudly, ready to start some music and order some food and blow off some steam.

Steve sat back against the couch abruptly, picking his shield up and holding it in his lap and Thor laughed quietly, the sound rumbling through Steve’ s body and making him ache.

“First we celebrate with the team.” he said quietly, “Then you and I discover a new way to fight, yes?”

Fuck yes.” Steve breathed, and Thor’s lips curled in a smile.

“Language, Captain Rogers.”

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How much if anything did tywin teach cersei? I always got the impression he didn't bother (focusing on jaime instead), especially as every time I can remember that cersei thinks "I'll do this, it's what tywin would have done" it's directly contradicted by things tywin has said, in her presence no less! What things does it seem she has definitely picked up from him?

I think there are two parts to this. First, without PoV access to the inside of his skull, Tywin’s not necessarily a reasonable source of information on Tywin’s motivations or explanation for why he did things one way and not another. He’s more a rationaliser than he is actually rational, and a great deal of his actions during ASoIaF are brutal overreactions based in his own sense of superiority and fear of being laughed at. (The image of super cool, super smooth, hypercompetent diplomat/politician/general Tywin can go die in a privy and rot on its bier. Oh wait that was GRRM’s point.

Second, Tywin doesn’t have to be actively trying to teach Cersei anything for her to learn things from him. Cersei, Jaime, and Tyrion all looked to Tywin for example and model themselves after him. What Cersei in particular took away from Tywin is a warped idea of what strength is, both emotional and political. And the warping is inherent to Tywin’s example, not peculiar to Cersei.

The command came easy to her. My father had steel in his voice as well.

Within the tower, the smoke from the torches irritated her eyes, but Cersei did not weep, no more than her father would have.

- Cersei I, AFFC

Jaime also says that Tywin taught him that “tears were a mark of weakness in a man.” (Jaime I, AFFC) 

The point is, a steely voice and dry eyes are way down on the list of things that denote emotional strength - in that very Cersei I scene, for instance, Kevan attempts to pray and fails, overcome with grief, and yet he’s back on his feet shortly afterwards. The only person who thinks less of him for needing a moment (in this not immediately dangerous situation) is Cersei. Then there’s this  heart-chilling moment:

[Tywin] never wanted love, though. “You cannot eat love, nor buy a horse with it, nor warm your halls on a cold night,” [Cersei] heard him tell Jaime once, when he had been no older than Tommen.

- Cersei II, AFFC

Did Cersei not learn from this teachable moment? I’d argue that Cersei probably learned more and better from that than Jaime did. There’s another flashback to Cersei learning from Tywin in that chapter as well, as she watched her father at a feast.

Aerys and his lickspittles laughed loudly, whilst Father stared at Rykker over his winecup. Long after the merriment had died that gaze had lingered. Rykker turned away, turned back, met Father’s eyes, then ignored them, drank a tankard of ale, and stalked off red-faced, defeated by a pair of unflinching eyes.

[…] It is my look they must flinch from now, my frown that they must fear. I am a lion too.

- Cersei II, AFFC

See also Cersei X. As she’s arrested, Cersei shouts “I am a Lannister, unhand me!” Not to mention

She was not meek Margaery Tyrell, to don her little shift and submit to such captivity. I will teach them what it means to put a lion in a cage.

- Cersei X

This ends up with Cersei in an even worse shift and without either anything to drink from or relieve herself in. The emphasis on Lannister pride is certainly a Tywin-taught belief. It’s part of the first impression we get of him:

“By my lights, it was you who started this,” Lord Tywin replied. “Your brother Jaime would never have meekly surrendered to capture at the hands of a woman.”


His father ignored the sally. “The honour of our House was at stake. I had no choice but to ride. No man sheds Lannister blood with impunity…”

- Tyrion VII, AGoT

[Qyburn] gave her an apologetic smile and told her of a puppet show that had recently become popular amongst the city’s smallfolk; a puppet show wherein the kingdom of the beasts was ruled by a pride of haughty lions. “The puppet lions grow greedy and arrogant as this treasonous tale proceeds, until they begin to devour their own subjects. When the noble stag makes objection, the lions devour him as well, and roar that it is their right as the mightiest of beasts.”

“And that is the end of it?” Cersei asked, amused. Looked at in the right light, it could be seen as a salutary lesson.

- Cersei V, AFFC

No traceable line to Cersei’s beliefs here at all.

I’m also sure Cersei got her first lessons in misogyny from Tywin (see above, too). Tywin’s most outrageous atrocities throughout ASoIaF are directed towards punishing women who had got the better of him/the Lannisters somehow. Tywin here models extreme, and often sexual, violence as a good way to deal with ambitious, scheming women. The very fact that Tywin didn’t bother to formally educate Cersei in politics taught Cersei something about misogyny too.

Politically, it’s a huge weakness that Cersei buys into the myth of Tywin the hypercompetent. Her obsession with being her father’s true heir is as damaging to her as it is to Jaime and Tyrion, and bad for the kingdom too.

No one had ever balked her lord father. When Lord Tywin spoke, men obeyed. When Cersei spoke, they felt free to counsel her, contradict her, even refuse her.

- Cersei V, AFFC

This is what she’s trying to live up to - total unquestioned obedience, because the lesson she took from her father is that that was what was necessary for political strength. Even if it’s not what he meant to teach her, he did.

A God Among Men

This is basically just a bunch of my headcanons in story form, the main one being that Heavy and Medic are of Jewish heritage


Heavy wasn’t sure if he believed in gods, but Medic made him feel a little closer to one. [1102 words]

Heavy wouldn’t call himself a religious man, not anymore. He’d shed that title long ago. It hadn’t protected him or his family. It hadn’t protected his father.

He’d found a kinship with Medic, who’d gone through a similar process. He’d lived through a similar oppression, with a similar dictator in a similar country. Yet Medic had reached a different outcome, he’d found a different conclusion. He was happy and carefree. He said that the past was the past and that not even he could change it. Heavy wished he could think like that.

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I loved your post-game tarot card for Isii, and I wanted to ask: what do you think all of the companion tarot cards are? Some are obvious (Dorian's default= The Magician) but plenty of them I can't figure out. What's your take?

Hope you were looking for a detailed examination of each of the companion and adviser cards and their meanings, cause that’s what you’re gonna get. :P

First, I’m so glad you like Isii’s post-game tarot card. I’ve been meaning to finish her starting card for quite some time now. As for the companion cards, I think some of them are stronger than others in terms of how well the card’s meaning matches the character it’s tied to. Images were sourced from this post where you can see scans of the entire DAI Tarot set.

One last thing: Tarot cards are highly interpretational based on context. That’s why you can shape a cohesive “narrative” from what is otherwise an arguably random assortment of cards. While the Major Arcana tend to have fairly well-defined qualities, the Minor Arcana does not possess the same consistency. (If you don’t believe me, go do some digging on tarot card meanings from different books and websites. You are likely to find completely different and sometimes contradictory meanings for certain cards, depending on the author.) Quotes used are sourced from ata-tarot


Beginning Card: The Hermit

The Hermit is a figure that has risen above emotion and disconnected from his desires - they are distractions that stand in the way of his journey. The Hermit strives for wisdom and seeks answers from within rather than the outside world. He can only depend on himself. He alone is immutable and he knows that any person who lends him aid cannot help him forever. Such alliances are temporary. “For true wisdom to emerge, there can be no distractions. Any preoccupations of the world, no matter how small or inconsequential they may seem, will be heard as shouts that drown out the still voice within.” The Hermit is alone, not only by choice but by necessity and is comfortable traveling through darkness if it means he will emerge in the light at the end. The Hermit may try to guide others with the lessons he has learned, but he is not a teacher. He knows he cannot teach what must be learned through experience. The appearance of the Hermit suggests that a mentor may appear in the subject’s life or that they must choose to help guide another into discovering their own truths.

Romanced: The Hierophant

The Hierophant is a holy man, one who holds secret or forbidden knowledge. Most often it is represented as a high-ranking member of the clergy, a symbol of the power of spirituality to shape the world according to one’s beliefs. Unlike the Hermit who moves alone, the Hierophant is a leader who others follow not because they have been coerced or deceived but because their faith drives them. The Hierophant is not an individualistic card - all is done for the betterment of the whole. The needs of the many outweigh his own desires. The Hierophant is tasked with the preservation or return to tradition and a rejection of its opposition. While this can sometimes be harmful (like the historical treatment of those who oppose Church teachings), it is usually beneficial. The Hierophant is a far cry from rebellion - his is a card of order and uniformity. If the Hierophant appears, it may foretell the appearance of a mentor; someone who will teach you his beliefs in the hopes that you will join him. The subject should be open to receiving these lessons. Something is coming and the subject lacks the experience to face it alone. Only he can provide that.

Ending Card (unromanced): The Tower

The Tower is a destructive force, though it should not be taken as something malicious. The crumbling structure needs to fall in order to be rebuilt. When wisdom and enlightenment are resisted, sometimes their influence must be forced. Old attitudes and beliefs have to be abandoned, whether you like it or not.  “You do not want to give up your ideals, and you cling to them like a child to his precious security blanket. This attempt at security ensures nothing, really, except a disastrous change that will painfully rip away that which you did not discard of your own volition.” The Tower is not a gentle card, but often necessary. It usually represents tearing away lies the subject has been telling themselves, facing harsh truths in favor of comfortable deception. The crumbling tower’s fall is inevitable due to its faulty foundation. Rather than waiting for it to collapse, The Tower gives it a sharp shove and lets gravity do the rest. Rather than focusing on the rubble, The Tower should be seen as a card of opportunity; it is like a phoenix, burning away the old and sickly so that something can be reborn in its place. When The Tower appears, the subject should prepare themselves for change and be ready to let go of what makes them feel comfortable and secure, otherwise the transition will be a painful one. If the subject ignores the warning and clings to the status quo, the are in for a rude awakening. Change will happen because it is needed and nothing they can do will stop it.


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I struggle to define myself. I struggle to derive the meaning of my blackness today. I love it, my blackness, that is. The world wants me to bend, fold, shift and shimmy just so they can be comfortable. They’d rather have you believe that your presence causes fear, rather than embracing the light that you harbor. Do not dim yourself for the comfort of someone else. The transition from black boy to black man is to shed yourself of anything that can be perceived as weakness. Some nights, I simply sit and stare and wonder if i have forgotten how to cry. I hope to remember. I am trying to reconnect with a part of me that has been snuffed out.

I want my brothers and I to live without boundaries. Spread the wings that you have hidden for so long and reach heights you were afraid to imagine. Take pride in the power of self expression. I will never be ashamed to tell you that I love you. They will tell you that it is weakness, but there is strength in showing love. There is strength, in respecting and uplifting black women. There is strength inside of you. As I write this, I feel as if I’ve forgotten that there is strength inside of me too. I struggle to define myself, and that is okay. I am too complex of a being to be deconstructed in a paragraph. Black men are not a monolith. We are as unique as snowflakes, beautiful as a sunrise, and as strong as the pull of the ocean.

I pray that we recognise this.

I love you.

- Seunfunmi Tinubu for GreenInc.

On the topic of Mac’s Teeth

Alright so the hot topic of MacCready seems to be his his teeth. Love them? Hate them? Doesn’t really matter, cos it’s canon and they’re here to stay.

But why? Between all your companions, why is Mac the only one afflicted with awful dental hygiene? Well, there’s a bunch of reasons as to why Mac’s teeth are the way they are. Let’s explore this.

Note: it’s r e a l l y long and took me a few hours to compile but I really hope you guys find it informative and/or interesting.

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Hey I love your blog and I sad you don't post recently ... I want to request but I don't want to bother you, I'm sorry. Can I have some headcanons of Dazai, Chuuya, and Odasaku's reaction when they meets their baby for the first time? Sorry if you already done this one ...

I can’t post recently, when there is nothing to post oO
I lack on requests, that’s the only reason that I can’t post stuff.
I’m fine, really. I just need requests to write dear. So it’s not a bother.

Osamu Dazai

  • Dazai remains calm in the outside, but is really thrilled in the inside. He still can’t believe that he is a father and it’s kind like a dream. He always wished for a quick death but seeing this young life changes his view. Maybe.
  • but he will not be be Dazai if he would not say something stupid or hilarious. Imagine him seeing the nurse holding his baby and he want to know the gender, touching forward and yells: “YES! IT’S A BOY!!!” and the nurse is saying: “No, let go of my pinkie mister!” - Hey, it’s Dazai after all..
  • he can’t be serious for a long time, it’s simply impossible for him. So even after the initial feel of proud and thrill, Dazais mind is full of mishiev and he already plan what to do with the poor baby. Don’t let him alone with the baby.

Sakunosuke Oda (Odasaku)

  • Odasaku is that kind of man, that will shed tears when he will see his baby. He can’t hide his emotions well and he is not even ashamed to show them. It’s not that he is a crybaby, but Odasakus tears really tells more than 1000 words
  • he is absolutely stunned, when he will reach out his finger to the little guy and when the small hand grab his finger, he will have a very gentle smile, and still shedding some tears. Repeating “that is our treasure..” to his partner
  • Odasaku promise to be a good father and he will keep his son out of his mafia business as good as he can. I even would go that far that he would never did that suicide mission against Mimic if he had an own baby to take care.

Chuuya Nakahara

  • Chuuya is a bit overwhelmed at the situation. Ozaki tried to prepare him for the situation, but actually when he was confronted by it, it hit him off guard. He silently blinks at the baby and the baby is blinking back. He lacks at words and can’t openly show his emotions, but he feels proud and strong to have his hown little family
  • he may need much wine to shake off his nervousness and ends up being drunk when he actually see his baby for the first time. It results in him almost dropping the baby so Ozaki has to take it away to give it back to his partner and scolding him
  • when Chuuya recovered from all the emotions inside him, he will start to smirk, taking his fancy hat to give it his baby and telling him: ‘You will be a strong person when you’re grown up. I’ll make sure of it. My boy / girl”

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*chants* Ravus, Ravus, Ravus, Ravus!

Ravus Nox Fleuret…! The beautiful soul with a beautiful heart! The gentle and overall dorky side of Ravus just makes my heart all a-fluster just thinking about! Just picture it:

Ravus Nox Fleuret, the man who sits with Lunafreya on the couch with Lunafreya’s feet on his lap with the two just gossiping about the empire and politics.

Ravus Nox Fleuret, the man who goes into the gardens whenever he needs to calm down, talking to the flowers about how frustrated he is about Lunafreya’s being a stubborn girl in regards to her fiance.

Ravus Nox Fleuret, the man who would sometimes leave little dog treats leading to his office for Umbra or Pyrna to find, just so he can give them a note to give to Luna about said frustration.

Ravus Nox Fleuret, the man who slowly begins to see just how happy his sister is whenever she talks about Noctis. He eventually is the one to help her design her dress and have it fitted properly to be the most beautiful bride.

Ravus Nox Fleuret, the man who knew he would be the one to give Lunafreya away at her wedding day and reception, researching what he could about Noctis to give a proper speech at the reception toasting.

Ravus Nox Fleuret, the man who wrote the speech by hand that ends up coming out to ten pages worth of stuff and didn’t know how to proofread it. Umbra and Pyrna were far from helpful with it.

Ravus Nox Fleuret, the man who shed a few tears seeing how happy his sister is, just glad that even if all of the pain and suffering happens to him, the idea of seeing Lunafreya smile is all he needed in the world.