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so i love all your art especially your sjm art (tog and acotar)! i recently saw a post on tumblr that talks about why lysandra is actually of asian descent and i cant believe i never realized before cause its true - sjm describes other canonical asian characters like nesryn and thesan with "upturned eyes" (feyre also remarks amren resembles thesan's race) and sjm also describes lysandra with "uptilted eyes". would you ever consider altering your way of drawing her? just curious :)

I saw the post too, and while I am totally supportive of an Asian Lysandra, I still see her as being European. When I read the description of “uptilted eyes” I think of almond eyes rather than Asian eyes. See, people thinking that Asian eyes are uptilted is kind of this western beauty ideal… Asian eyes are as diverse as any other race. You can see here.

And basically every race have almond eyes, including Asian:

Nesryn I definitely imagine as Asian (actually I think Sarah J Maas described the Southern Continent as being inspired by Mongolia) but, not because of the eye description, it was her skin tone, glossy black straight hair and the fact that she mentions prejudices against her specifically because of the heritage.

 Which is actually another reason why I never saw Lysandra as Asian. Nesryn talks about being attacked and having rocks thrown at her and her family and being treated as a second classcitizen because of her heritage… if we are to fullyacknowledge the racial prejudices in this series, I don’t believe for a second that Lysandra would change her appearance to appear as being from the Southern Continent. That would have been putting herself in direct danger of the racists in Adarlan, and she also mentions changing her appearance to make people more sympathetic to her. She would probably would have received more money as someone who looked like they were from Adarlan than someone from another heritage in a society where rocks are thrown at children simply for looking different.

But all that aside, @helenaveee​ made such a lovely fancast for Lysandra, of Asian heritage, like man she is gorgeous. But, I don’t personally see Lysandra that way and that it fine!


i’ve been trying to post a drawing every day so…here’s some lineless practice with allura holding… molten steel? a star? you decide.


But I want a woman.

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Such a good scene (the ac) can you tell us more about you and you ass kicking wife?

well I have a cricketblogging tag where I’ve gushed abt her for the past several years so you can check that out lol

Well yeah um, we met in college studying game design, been together 6 years, lived together for 5 (in 3 diff apartments so far), we have a cat named magic, we’re both huge nerds and about 90% of our conversations revolve around videogame characters or jokes abt genitalia

Cricket is just like……amazing?? idk what to tell you, she’s great.

Besides being the strongest person I’ve ever met mentally and physically (she was in the army and can lift and carry me around despite me having a good 70 lbs on her), she’s a brilliant creative writer and artist and I love writing with her, we’ve written several novels worth of stuff together. She’s also so freaking smart and funny and just… the sweetest person, she lights up every room she’s in honestly. She’s been with me through so much and hopefully I can repay the favor over our lives together. She deserves every good thing in the world.

If all I do in my life is know what it’s like to love her that will have been a life worth living tbh.

If you thought the animated beast from the 90s was hot, honey, just wait until you watch Dan Stevens as a broad, built, tall specimen with kind eyes walk around with pajamas on and you will experience a whole new kind of self questioning 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


Hi guys! How are you all doing? Very well I hope. So yeah this time i tried to write something different so please let me know how’d you find it :) and I personally adore Roses so very much. Plus there’s this thing trending ‘Rumours’ and i too might have made an Id on that. The link is right here : . So please go and write something that you wanna say to me.

Listen to this while reading ***

And yes I cried writing this. Sorry it’s a bit short.

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Getting down the car, Harry felt the soft warm grass tickling his bare feet. He smiled and closed the car door softly. The feathery touch of grass brought a smile to his face as he made his way down the field. He never felt the air so pure and aromatic. The fragrance of fresh English Rose field. He lowered his hand brushing it softly over the pink bright flowers tinted perfectly under the light of drowning sun. A beautiful smile crept over his adorning it like one of the roses. Pink and delicate.

“Having fun there styles?” He heard a sweet voice behind him that made him turn around. And there his missus stood. She wore a baby pink dress that was a perfect match to the color of roses. Her hair were side braided. She looked like a complete angel. His angel.

“Oh very much” he smiled before opening his arms for her. She passed him a soft smile before accepting his wide open arms and wrapped her own around his waist. Harry pecked her hairline before she pulled away a little to have a glimpse of his face but Harry was quick enough to catch her staring before she could look away.

“What?” he asked with a smirk. His arms still around her.

“Just missed this Gorgeous man” She smiled at him. Her eyes sparkled with passion and love that they always carried around. Her face glowing with pride that she had. Her lips dripping with sweetness. Harry leaned in and tried to savor the sweetness but was interrupted by her pulling him by his hand further in the rose field.

The scent of the alluring flower became more prominent with every step they took.

“Do you remember the first time I brought you here H?”

“Oh yes I do sweet”

“You were so mesmerized by it” she giggled still dragging him by his hand and Harry kept going like he was being drugged. Drugged by something very precious and delicate. The way her hair danced with the wind and her scent hitting his nose made the time to come to its halt. He felt like the time stopped for him so that he could drown himself in her beauty. He closed his eyes.

“Oh cmon Harry! You’ll love it!!” She giggled dragging him by his hand inside the field of Roses. Harry whined because he wanted to take her to the meadow of lavenders but she tricked him in and brought to Rose field instead.

“But baby I wanted to take you somewhere el-” He was cut off when the cool breeze hit his face carrying the scent of Rose to his nose. The waves that were bugging his inner self were now calm as a ocean under the moon decorated by its moonlight and the stars as bright as diamonds.

His eyes closed and a smile crept up his face. He did looked like a calm ocean under the moonlight. Deep yet beautiful.

“Got lost in the Roses now?”she giggled and stood in front of him arms crossed.

“This is beautiful. Just like you. Now I understand why you love Roses so much”

He opened his eyes when he felt her poking his cheek. Her head was laid on his chest as they laid under the sky. Her breath as even as his. Harry lowered his head to see her beautiful face but she already was staring at him with her bright eyes. She blinked her lashes a few times before speaking.

“Getting lost in the memories again?”she asked.

“well yes. Memories are all I’ve left with”

“don’t say that. I am with you”

“Not all the time.”

“Yes all the time.”

“how?” He asked sitting up. She sat as well before closing his eyes with her hand softly. Blinding him for a mere minutes. She brought her lips close to his ear intimately.

“Do you see it? The darkness. That’s how you feel when you let it surround you. But do you feel the wind too? Whenever you feel alone, just remember that I’m somewhere in this wind kissing you softly. Do you hear the quietness? Never let it overcome you. Hear the sound of the nigh-tangle, I’m always gonna be heard in it. Do you feel the coldness? Don’t let it make you shiver. Feel the warmth of your heart, that’s where I’m always gonna be” She said placing her hand on his heart and kissed his cheek.

“Daddy!!!” He heard his daughter calling for him making him turn around quickly. His daughter came running to him whom he left in the car sleeping. He got up from the ground before picking his five years old baby girl in his arms.She looked just like her mother. Same big bright eyes, same glowing face and same heart warming smile.

“You left me in the car” She pouted playing with his hair.

“I’m sorry sweetie” He said pecking his forehead.

“What’re you doing here daddy? Mommy’s waiting” she said fixing the hair she messed. Harry smiled and brought her tiny hands to his lips.

“Just picking  some flowers for mommy” he said putting her down holding her hand and walked up to the car. Tears welled up in his eyes as the fragrance of Roses started leaving him.

“daddy wait!!” His daughter said before leaving his father’s hand and running back inside the field. Harry shook his head and ran after her.

“Rose!!!” he called for his daughter.

“daddy look!! Think we can gift this too to mommy ?” Rose asked holding up butterfly ever so delicately on her hands. Harry’s eyes were wet already and now they weren’t capable of holding the tears back. So he nodded and carried his little girl to the car but before getting inside it, he decided to take a look back at the field adorned by roses. And again he saw her. His wife. Looking breathtaking as well. She smiled and placed her hand on her chest and so did harry. He felt her. In his heart. Living for him.

And rose did gifted that butterfly to her mommy. She placed it on the stoned grave along the roses.

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Sherlolly, 17 :)

meeting up at a party whilst drunk AU - Awesome! Thanks, sweetness! There are a few bad words in this one, nothing awful. Hope you like! ~Lil~

The room was spinning. Those last two (or four) vodka shots were a really bad idea. Molly tried to look normal and not at all wobbly as she made her way outside, hoping the fresh air would clear her head and hold off the nausea. 

Unfortunately, her vision blurred just as she stepped onto the terrace and she ran directly into a brick wall. “Fuckin’ wall!” Wait… brick walls don’t wear clothes. Slowly raising her head, she saw that the wall was actually a tall angry looking man. “Sorry,” she said or at least tried too.

“No harm done,” the wall… man said.

Molly tried to step around him to find a place to sit down but he took her by the elbow, stopping her progress. 

“You shouldn’t be out here alone, especially blind drunk.” He led her to a stone bench and guided her to sit.

“I’m fine.”

“You’re not, actually. You came with two other females, where are they?” he demanded.


“Immaterial. Did they leave? How are you supposed to get home in this condition?”

The wall-man asked a lot of questions. She couldn’t really keep up.

“Damnit,” he cursed under his breath as he pulled a mobile phone out of his pocket. “John, where are you? You dragged me to this blasted party then disappeared!”

Wall-man was pissed at John; Molly felt bad for him. 

“I’ve found a girl… NO! Not like that, you idiot! She’s been abandoned and I need to get her home.” He paused and looked at her for a second. “NOT LIKE THAT! You know what, forget it! I’ll deal with this myself.” He put away the device and studied her. “The leggy brunette you came with left twenty minutes after you arrived. I lost track of the blonde but she wasn’t inside last time I was in there.” 


“Do you know where you live?”

Molly nodded. 

“Can you tell me?”

She shook her head. “You might be a killer, wall-man.”

He smirked. “Indeed. At least you still have some good sense.” He hauled her up by her arm. “You need water and carbs. I know an all-night diner close by that’s nice and public. There’ll be no wall-man killings tonight. Let’s get you sobered up.”

Two hours later, Molly sat across from the man (no longer wall-man), sipping water and finishing up her French toast. She felt better, though she knew that she’d be paying for her overindulgence for the next twenty-four hours. 

Sherlock, he had told her his name shortly after they’d sat down in the booth (he also kept repeating it whilst she ate because he said she wouldn’t remember it! How would she forget a name like Sherlock?), was drinking coffee and watching her closely. 

“I’m not going to die of alcohol poisoning now, thank you,” she said, uncomfortable under his scrutiny. 

“Perhaps not.” He didn’t look like he believed her.

“I wasn’t that drunk,” she argued. 

“You thought I was a wall. Then a wall-man. Then your primary school boyfriend.”

She was glad that she hadn’t mentioned that, for a moment, she also thought he was the reincarnation of her dead Uncle Calvin. 

“You didn’t go to that party to drink, why were you there?” she asked, trying to change the subject.

“I was drinking, however, I can hold my liquor unlike you. And I went to support a friend.” He looked away. “I’ve never had one before, I didn’t know they were so much work.”

“Never had what?”

“A friend,” he replied.

She must have looked confused because he went on. 

“John, my flatmate, he made me come with him because there was this girl there that he wanted to chat up. I don’t see the point of trying to talk to a woman when she’s downing Jello shots. If you’re really interested in getting to know them, wouldn’t you want to do it when they’re sober?”

Molly shrugged. She was still stuck on the ‘never had a friend before’ bit, but asked, “Who was the girl?”

“I don’t know. I never got to see her. Not a single deduction,” he said absently. “That was clearly deliberate. He’s hiding this one, for some reason.”

He seemed to slip into deep thought so Molly contented herself with drinking the rest of her water.

A few moments later he emerged from…wherever he’d been and went right back to bitching about this ‘John’. “Anyway, I did it. I went there and proved that I care about his interests. He says I’m a selfish wanker.” He huffed. “Would a selfish wanker make sure you weren't abducted by some sex-obsessed meat head?”

Molly shook her head.

“Exactly! Would a selfish wanker bring you to a restaurant instead of letting you pass out in an alley to choke on your own vomit?”

She shook her head again.

“See! You get it!” He looked across the room, once again, seemingly lost in thought for several minutes before he spoke again. “This is why I don’t like people, Molly, they make you look at yourself and evaluate your life. I was perfectly fine not caring about those around me until John sodding Watson dropped into my world, telling me that I could be better. Saying stupid shit like, ‘people make you stronger, Sherlock! Your friends you define you and keep you grounded’.” Taking an aggressive drink of his coffee, he continued on his diatribe, “Now, look at me! Sitting across from a pretty girl, eating a meal like a normal bloke! He’s ruining me!”

Though much more sober, Molly was still having a hard time keeping up with his rapid-fire speech. She’d caught most of it, but then got hung up on the bit at the end. Pretty girl? Before she could comment, however, he was back to it.

“I wouldn’t have even noticed you if it hadn’t been for him. The arsehole! He pointed you out the minute you walked through the door. Can’t deduce to save his life but somehow he knows my type even though I’ve never once mentioned my preference for petite, brainy, brunettes. Do you know him?”

The question caught her off guard. She shook her head as she tried to think if she knew someone named John. “I don’t believe…”

He waved his hand. “I already know the answer to that.”


“Just like I know by the way you hold your fork that you’re a medical student. You don’t go to Barts, though. St. Mary’s, I’d say.”

“That’s spooky.”

“No, it’s deduction. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help us with our problem. I’ll need more information for that.”

“What’s our problem?”

“How, Molly? How did he do that? How did he know I’d be interested in you out of all the girls at that party?”

She opened her mouth to answer, but he went on…

“It must be his superpower, or something,” he said dismissively. He was clearly kidding. It had taken the better part of two hours and more breakfast food than she’d ever eaten at one sitting, but she’d started to get accustomed to his biting wit.

“He failed organic chemistry twice but he can spot an attractive, available woman at a hundred yards.” He leant forward. “That’s what we have to find out, Molly. How did he know I’d be interested in you?”

She shook her head.

“I don’t know either, but I intend to find out.” He looked down at her plate then back to her face. “Are you done?”

“Yes.” She’d been finished for fifteen minutes, but he was on a roll and she didn’t want to be rude.

“I’ll go take care of the cheque and get us a cab.”

She started to speak up and offer to pay her half, but he was gone. What a strange man, she thought. Gorgeous, but strange. And he seemed to like her. Though he also seemed angry about it for some reason. Maybe the night hadn’t been a total bust after all. If things went well she’d really owe her new friend Mary for dragging her to that party. 

Sherlock returned, holding her jacket. “Come along, Molly. We have a mystery to solve.” He helped her put it on.


“Actually, I have a mystery to solve. Your job is to be impressed and try not to distract me with your attractiveness.”

She smiled and bit her lip.

“Well, don’t do that! Lip biting is strictly forbidden!”


With a roll of his eyes, he said, “Because it makes me want to kiss you senseless, obviously.” Then he stormed out of the restaurant. 

Molly followed, though she wasn’t sure if she should. The man was either unstable or a genius… or both. But she was intrigued, she couldn’t deny that. It was the most fun she’d had in ages and she was sort of invested this ‘John’ situation. 

“Where are we going?” she asked as she sat next to him in the cab.

He turned and smiled mischievously at her. “Would you like to watch me break into my flatmate’s room and search through his things. I’ll teach you how to look for clues and make deductions. We’ll find out loads of embarrassing things about him. His porn collection alone should be enough blackmail for about a year.”

God help her, but that did sound like fun! 

Thanks, love! Hope you liked it! ~Lil~


Jonghyun’s reaction when Seungyeon appears in a robe and then strips off to give him a sexy dance performance. - [We Got Married, Ep 285]

Bonus: Male MC reactions: 


Another one-shot I wrote for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash‘s second Writing Challenge. I honestly have no idea where I found the courage to actually post this, but there you have it, some priest!Negan smut… With a twist. 

Synopsis: Father Negan, the new priest in town, sparks the interest of Angelica, a girl who used to live there and is back only for the weekend.

Warnings: cursing, blasphemy galore, major priest kink, dirty talk, spanking, sliiiight name calling, unprotected sex.

Word count: 3379

Originally posted by jdm-negan-mcnaughty

The sun was starting to set as Angelica pulled her ash blonde hair up into a tight bun and applied a thin layer of colorless lip gloss over her rosy lips.

She was staying at her aunt’s place for a few days and couldn’t believe her younger cousin Maria had persuaded her to go to church with her. There wasn’t much to do in this small town anyways, so she’d agreed to join her for evening mass, despite the fact that she couldn’t remember the last time she’d been in the presence of a bible.

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