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you antifa guys are actually more hateful and violent than any neo nazi group in the 21st century. its fucking disgusting and you should be branded as terrorists just as much as the KKK

We’d normally just block you, Anon, but we’re going to use your message as a reminder of where the violence is coming from in 2017.  Off the top of our heads, here’s what the year has looked like so far:

January 20, 2017: A right-wing extremist shoots a protestor at a Milo Yiannopoulos event at the University of Washington.

January 29, 2017
: Alexandre Bissonnette walks into a mosque in Canada during evening prayers and opens fire, shooting 17 people and killing six of them.

January 2017: Over 40 Jewish centers in the U.S. receive bomb threats.

February 22, 2017:  Adam Purinton tells two men from India to “get out of my country” then shoots both plus a bystander, killing one.

February 28, 2017: a mosque in Toronto is set on fire by arsonists.

March 12, 2017: a mosque in Ypsilanti, MI. is set on fire by arsonists.

March 20, 2017: James Jackson arrives in Manhattan with a sword and stabs the first black man he sees to death.  He later tells authorities he “intended to kill as many black men as he could.”

March 24, 2017: Yelling “I hate Muslims!” a man in Minneapolis stabbed a Somali man in an attempt to kill him.  

March 26, 2017: A racist mob attacks a 15-year-old Polish boy in Gloucestershire and, when a local Asian shopkeeper tries to intervene, attack him as well with crowbars and baseball bats, then attempt to run him over with a car.

March 31, 2017: A 17-year-old Iranian/Kurdish boy is nearly beaten to death by a mob of eight people in Croydon after he revealed to them that he was a refugee.

April 6, 2017: A Charlotte store is set on fire by an arsonist who leaves a warning message for the shop owner that he “did not want any refugee business owners and that they would torture the owner if they did not leave and go back to where they came from,” according to police.  It was signed “White America.”


April 30, 2017: A  white man storms a pool party in San Diego and shoots four black women, two black men, and one Latino man while allowing white attendees to leave.  One victim dies while the other six sustain critical injuries.


May 5, 2017: A man walking his dog on South Beach in Miami is confronted by two men who call him a “fucking faggot,” then attack him, beating him unconscious.  At one point in the attack, one of the attackers shouts  “all faggots need to die and we’re going to make sure they do!”


May 14, 2017: Vandals spray-paint hate graffiti on the home of a black family in upstate New York before attempting to set the house on fire while the family slept.  Although the family escaped unscathed, their garage burnt to the ground and their house suffered some damage.

May 17, 2017: A homophobic mob break into the home of a gay couple and shoot and stab both men to death.  


May 20, 2017: University of Maryland student and member of the “alt-Reich” facebook group Sean Urbanski walks up to 22-year-old Richard Collins III, who is black and who Urbanski does not know, and stabs him to death in an unprovoked attack.  Urbanski is later charged with a hate crime.


May 24, 2017: A barrage of doxxing, rape threats, and death threats received by trans comic book artist Sophie Labelle forces her to cancel an appearance and event at a Halifax book store, which also received bomb threats and threats of attacking the event.  Labelle is forced into hiding.

May 26, 2017: Three men intervene on a MAX train in Portland when they witness another man verbally abusing two Muslim women with an Islamophobic tirade.  The Islamophobe responds by pulling out a knife and stabs the three interveners, killing two of them.  


May 27, 2017: A white man drives his pickup truck through a campsite, targeting the Native Americans camping there while yelling racial slurs at them.  He intentionally drives over two Native American men, killing one and injuring the other.


March 3, 2017: A Sikh man is shot and injured in front of his Seattle house by a white man wearing a mask, who yells at him to “go back to your country!”

May 27, 2017: A 34-year-old Anthony Hammond lets loose with a flurry of racial slurs directed at a black man in a parking lot, then pulls out a machete and stabs the man before barricading himself in his apartment for several hours, until finally surrendering to police.


January 1, 2017: 19-year-old Nathan Richardson encounters 67-year-old jogger Wenqing Xu and beats him to death in an unprovoked, random attack.  After committing the murder, Richardson texted his friends that he “fucked sum chink up. Bodied him. I think pure crime scene – his head’s gone,”


June 18, 2017: two men armed with baseball bats attack a group of Muslim teenagers, kidnapping a 17-year-old girl, who they beat to death, dumping her body in a pond.

June 1, 2017: A Princeton professor and racialized woman is forced to cancel a three-city lecture tour to promote her book about the Black Lives Matter movement after receiving over 50 death threats.

June 19, 2017: Shouting “I’m going to kill all Muslims!” 47-year-old Darren Osborne drives a courier van through a crowd of Muslims leaving a Finsbury mosque, killing one person and injuring ten others.


January 28, 2017: a First Nations woman walking with her sister is struck by a trailer hitch hurled from a passing vehicle.  After struggling in hospital for several months, she succumbs to her injuries.  

June 21, 2017:  an Islamophobe approaches a Muslim man and woman sitting in a car stopped at a traffic light and knocks on the window.  When the driver rolls down the window, the Islamophobe sprays the driver and passenger with acid, severely burning both.  


February 21, 2017: a 24-year-old transgender woman is shot and killed in Chicago, IL.

February 26, 2017: a transgender woman is shot and killed in New Orleans, LA.

March 1, 2017: a transgender woman is stabbed to death in New Orleans, LA.

March 22, 2017: a 38-year-old transgender woman is shot and killed in Baltimore, MD.

April 21, 2017: a 28-year-old transgender woman is shot and killed in Miami, FL.

May 17, 2017: a 34-year-old transgender woman is shot and killed in Fresno, CA.

July 2, 2017:  a 28-year-old transgender woman is shot and killed in Lynchburg, VA.


June 3, 2017: 38-year-old white supremacist Phillip Wade racially abuses a 57-year-old black man on an Oakley, CA. bus, then pulls a knife and stabs the man to death while the man is walking away from the confrontation.  The victim is the third racialized person Wade has stabbed in the past six years and the second person he’s murdered.  

July 16, 2017: A man attempts to pull the hijab off of a Muslim woman waiting for the tube in London, then hits her when she resists.  He then pins her friend to the wall and spits in her face before leaving.  

July 16, 2017: Arsonists set a mosque in Manchester ablaze.

July 18, 2017: A NASA researcher of South Asian descent has her car windshield shattered by a rock thrown through it by an assailant screaming “go back to your country!”  She’s injured in the attack.


July 19, 2017: Two men exit a car and attack a racialized pedestrian with their fists and an iron bar.  


August 5, 2017: A mosque in Bloomington, Minnesota is firebombed, narrowly missing killing & injuring dozens of members there for morning prayers.


August 8, 2017: A well-known Chicago neo-nazi starts an altercation at a concert, then pulls out a smuggled knife and stabs a man and a woman at the show.


August 12, 2017:  A white supremacist in Charlottesville, VA. drives his car at high speed directly into a crowd of anti-racist protestors, killing one woman and seriously injured 19 other people.


January 25, 2017
: An arsonist destroys the only mosque in Victoria, Texas.


August 12, 2017: A self-identifed member of the white supremacist “three percenter” movement is arrested by the FBI after unsuccessfuly trying  to blow up a bank in Oklahoma City with a car bombed modeled after the one used by Timothy McVeigh.


May 25, 2017: A black woman riding the train home is subjected to extreme verbal harassment by Jeremy Christian, who admits to being a neo-nazi and tell her he will kill her.  As she leaves the train, Christian hits her with a bottle, cutting her eye open.  When police arrive, they refuse to arrest Christian.  The next day Christian would stab three people, killing two of them.

August 20, 2017: A racialized man standing outside his own home is attacked by a motorist who, without any provocation, jumped out of his car and ran at him, shouting racial slurs, before physically assaulting him.  The victim is seriously injured in the attack.


August 6, 2017: someone lights the car of the president of a Québec City mosque on fire.  His mosque is the same one where  Alexandre Bissonnette had shot 17 worshippers in January.

August 27, 2017: yelling “ this should clean away the AIDS!” a 56-year-old man throws boiling hot water over a 21-year-old gay man before hitting him about 16 times with a metal bar.

August 2017: a gay man has his jaw broken by a man shouting homophobic slurs and a group of people outside of a fast food outlet.

May 20, 2017: A man begins screaming homophobic slurs at a lesbian couple riding the subway before attacking them both, beating one woman unconscious.

June 10, 2017: A mob screaming transphobic insults attacks three trangender women, stabbing one and sending two to the hospital.

August 2, 2017: Two men chase down and beat up a 29-year-old transgender women while yelling transphobic insults at her.

August 20, 2017: While waiting in line at a food truck, a 22-year-old man is subjected to homophobic abuse and demands that he “go back to your country!” before 24-year-old Gregory Brzoza beat him unconscious.  The victim loses several teeth and has a broken jaw.

August 23, 2017: A 37-year-old man and a 47-year-old man start a fight with a black high school student on a city bus, yelling racial epithets at him as they beat him.


September 7, 2017: A swastika-adorned neo-nazi assaults a Filipino-Turkish man in a Fullerton, CA. parking lot while yelling racial slurs at him.

June 7, 2017: a 23-year-old white man in a Chicago Starbucks spits at a black man, telling him his children are “disposable vermin” and calling a second black man a slave, then punches a black passerby, knocking him unconscious.  He’s charged with a hate crime three months later.

August 2017: After enduring eight different racist attacks, including having the front window of their home smashed in and their car set on fire, a Pakistani family is forced to flee their Dublin home of the past ten years.


August 28, 2017: Several white teenagers begin shouting racial epithets at a 8-year-old black boy playing in an adjacent yard before wrapping a rope around his neck and hanging him.  The boy survives but has to be airlifted to medical care for the injuries he sustains.


September 14, 2017: A 40-year-old man begins spitting and repeatedly punching a 37-year-old Orthodox Jewish woman on the subway in New York.  When her 57-year-old mother tries to intervene, the man punches her, pulls her hair, and spits on her as well, yelling “dirty Muslims” as he escapes from the train car.


September 15, 2017: A black Cornell University student returns to his residence to find five members of a white fraternity shoving and harassing his roommates.  When he asks them to leave, they attack and beat him while shouting racial slurs.  Two months later, one of the attackers is charged with a hate crime.

September 15, 2017: A 29-year-old white supremacist covered in racist tattoos repeatedly enters a hookah lounge in Lake Forest, CA., threatening to kill the Iranian staff and patrons.  

January/February 2017: four men used Grindr to target gay men for assaults and robberies.  Pretending to also be gay, they would arrange to come to their victims’ homes, where they would hold their victims at gunpoint while they beat them, bound them, verbally abused them with with homophobic slurs, and stole property and vehicles.  

September 12 and 14, 2017: 23-year-old white supremacist Kenneth Gleason drove through Baton Rouge, shooting black men he passed in his vehicle before jumping out and shooting his victims again at close range.  Bruce Cofield and Donald Smart are murdered.   A speech made by Adolf Hitler is among items recovered by police from the racist murderer’s home.

April 4, 2017: a 27-year-old man breaks into the home of 65-year-old Orthodox Jewish woman Sarah Halimi, beating her to death while calling her “Satan,” and then throwing her body out of a third-floor window.  

September 18, 2017: two men jump out of a taxi to racially abuse a teenage boy walking with his friends.  One of the men pulls out a knife and threatens to stab the teenager.

August 2, 2017: Five white men attack a black couple at a KFC drive-through, using racial slurs as they assaulted them and pointing a gun at them.

August 26, 2017: Four white men attack a black couple  at a recreation center in Rustenberg, South Africa, yelling racial slurs at them as they beat them.  One of the accused was evading charges for a racially-motivated attack against three petrol pump attendants in 2014 when he was arrested for this assault.


September 24, 2017: A 58-year-old surgeon on his way to his mosque is confronted by two men who begin shouting Islamophobic insults at him and then stab him in the neck.  


September 3, 2017: Ally Steinfeld, a transgender teenager, is beaten, stabbed repeatedly, tortured, and mutilated before being murdered by a gang of assailants.  Police arrest three people, with more arrests forthcoming.


October 8, 2017: A 66-year-old black man is held at gunpoint in his own garage while two white assailants shout racist epithets and beat him.  The two leave only to return minutes later to shoot up the victim’s home.


October 18, 2017: Three neo-nazis pull up to a Gainesville bus stop after the aborted Richard Spencer appearance at a local campus and proceed to taunt people waiting for the bus with pro-Hitler and racist verbal abuse.  After someone throws something at the car, one of the neo-nazis gets out, points a handgun at the crowd, yells “I’m going to fucking kill you!” and fires at the crowd, happily missing.  All three are charged with attempted homicide; one is charged with being a convicted felon in possession of a weapon.

October 18, 2017: A white couple in a pickup trucks begin shouting racial slurs at a black woman in another car as well as black pedestrians.  At one point, the man claims that he “we kill niggers!”  Moments later, he reverses the truck at high speed, ramming the black woman’s car and totaling it before speeding away.

February 19, 2017: less than a month after a white supremacist shot seventeen people in a mosque, killing six of them, 35-year-old Florida resident Gerald Sloane Wallace calls several mosques, leaving threats to come and shoot their members.

August 14, 2017: A man boards a train in New York when he notices another man glaring at him.  Feeling uncomfortable, he moves to another car only to be followed by the glaring man, who kicks him in the face while screaming “death to all faggots!” before exiting the train and getting away.

October 2017: a gay teenager and her two friends are harassed and then beaten by a mob of 20-30 high school aged boys.  

July 2017:  A 39-year-old passenger in a Lyft car begins insulting the driver’s race and religion before pulling the driver’s hair, punching him, and choking him.  


October 6, 2017: A stranger starts an argument with a Syrian refugee outside the refugee’s home, making disparaging remarks about Muslims and refugees and then attempting to break into the home when the refugee flees inside for safety.  A few hours later, a mysterious fire is started in the refugee’s family’s backyard.  The fire quickly engulfs the home, completely destroying it.  Although the Syrian refugee family are able to flee, they lose everything but the clothing they were wearing when they fled.


July 14, 2017: Lane Davis, a 33-year-old “alt-right” racist activist and former unpaid intern for Milo Yiannopoulos,  starts a fight with his own parents.  After accusing both of being “leftists,” Davis grabs a kitchen knife and stabs his father to death.  


September 20, 2017: A man is charged with a hate crime after attempting to murder a Muslim woman and 12-year-old girl by deliberately driving his car into them in two separate incidents on the same day.  The woman is severely injured, with broken limbs, extensive cuts and other injuries requiring skin grafts.

June 6, 2017: A 15-year-old black boy cutting through a park on his way to see his girlfriend is hit from behind and beaten unconscious by a group of men yelling “Nigger!” and “Go back to Africa!” at him as they punched and kicked him.

October 17, 2017: 64-year-old Gerard Medvec is arrested after telling police of his plans to firebomb the home of his neighbours, who he erroneously believes are Muslim.

October 22, 2017: A 60-year-old black man standing outside his neice’s home is attacked by two white men who yell racial slurs at him as they beat and stab him multiple times, puncturing his lung and lacerating his kidney.  


September 27, 2017: Police arrest six members of neo-nazi terrorist group National Action for plotting to murder a Labour MP.


October 28, 2017: Hours after a “white lives matter” rally 50 miles away, 20 white supremacists enter a Tennessee restaurant and immediately begin arguing with an interracial couple eating dinner.  When the white woman in the couple argues back, one of the men in the white supremacist group punches her in the face, splitting open her forehead.  

October 22, 2017: After a string of attacks by vandals, an interracial couple and their young son are forced to leave Belfast when their car is firebombed and completely destroyed in a racist attack.  

March 26, 2017: Seven or more members of the Jewish Defence League assault a 54-year-old Palestinian-American college professor.  The authorities lay hate crime charges against the assailants.


November 1, 2017: an immigrant family’s restaurant is completely gutted in an arson attack a few weeks after the restaurant was hit by vandals.  The arsonist spray-painted the words “GO BACK” on the restaurant before burning it down.


November 2, 2017: a 52-year-old man murders his 14-year-old son after a lengthy, loud, and heated argument about the son being gay.

September 2017: an extremist Islamphobe group claims responsibility for a series of hammer attacks by masked men on hijab-wearing women and racialized people in Burgundy, France that left three people injured.  


July 9, 2017: Britain First leader Paul Golding viciously attacks someone he befriended and had attended a “self-defence” training with earlier in the day in what the sentencing judge described as “a really nasty and vicious assault.”


November 6, 2017: A black woman driving out of a parking lot is accosted by a man on the street.  When she exits her vehicle to find out why he’s trying to get her attention, he calls her “a black bitch” and punches her repeatedly in the face, dropping her to the ground and breaking her nose.  

October 29, 2017: A 26-year-old lesbian is confronting in a Jack-in-the-Box restaurant by a mob of at least five people, who begin taunting her and her girlfriend and homophobic slurs before assaulting her.  The attack leaves her with broken teeth and a permanent injury to her left eye.  

November 11, 2017: A group of men confront a man walking home and ask him if he’s gay.  When he confirms that he is, they beat him to the ground.

November 7, 2017: A mob of youths kick down the door of a racialized family and later that night attack another racialized family’s home with a barrage of bricks.  


November 13, 2017: A white man on public transit in San Francisco repeatedly tells a fellow passenger that he hates him, calls him a “Chinese nigger,” and punches him several times.  


November 12, 2017: A Liverpool-area home is firebombed at 4AM while the Syrian refugee family of two parents and three toddlers slept.  No one is injured, but the family is forced to find a new home because of the extensive damage.

In case you have trouble counting, Anon, that’s three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen shootings, three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen arsons, two three four seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen stabbings, two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen mob beatings, over 40 41 bomb threats, one failed bombing, a foiled political assassination, an acid attack, a hanging, and several other miscellaneous assaults by bigots, Islamophobes, nazis and racists so far this year.

Eight Nine Eleven Twelve Fourteen Fifteen Sixteen Seventeen Eighteen Nineteen Twenty twenty-one twenty-two twenty-three twenty-four twenty-five twenty-six Twenty-seven Twenty-Eight Thirty Thirty-one Thirty-two Thirty-three Thirty-four people are dead because of these bigoted attacks and fifteen twenty-one twenty-two twenty-three twenty-five thirty-five thirty-seven thirty-nine fifty-eight fifty-nine sixty sixty-one sixty-three sixty-four sixty-five sixty-six sixty-seven sixty-eight sixty-nine seventy-one were severely injured.  

But it’s anti-fascists that people should be worried about, right?

“you should be branded as terrorists just as much as the KKK“

Really, now?  Anti-fascists are as much terrorists as the KKK, a terrorist organization which murdered over 3000 people in lynchings, arsons, bombings, etc. over its 150-year history, are we?

Maybe it’s time you learned about the logical fallacy of false equivalence, Anon!


prompt: “you can’t keep doing this” + “did you ever love me? at all.” + “don’t ask me that” + “i wish i could hate you” 

pairing: tony x reader

word count: 3.5k+

warnings: minor swearing, angst

prompt list: click here

a/n: tony is my fav person in the world and i would do anything to protect him from pain, physical or emotional x

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jww; you (fill my thoughts)

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Summary: You can communicate with your soulmate through telepathy. The closer you are, the louder their voice is. (I love Wonwoo, but he’s not my bias, so I’m pretty proud that I wrote this about him. I kinda fell in love with the AU)

Warnings: like, two swear words

Words: 1.9k

Your soulmate’s voice had always been pretty significant. It wasn’t deafening, but it wasn’t a whisper either. The voice itself was gentle, and deep. When it happened to ask you a question, it was soft and sounded caring. The strange thing was, whenever you asked his name, he tried to tell you, but his voice would go fuzzy, and you could never hear it. Every once in awhile, you would try to guess who he might be. You didn’t know what he looked like, so it left a black hole in your mind, for you to imagine at your will. Sure, you thought about him being ugly, but you also thought about him being the most handsome man on the planet.

‘How was your day?’ You heard the familiar voice in your head. In your small apartment, no one could see you jump around and almost scream. This reaction was similar to every other one you had. You would forever be excited when he started to talk to you. If anyone could see you, they would probably mistake you for a schoolgirl.

‘It was good. I just had my finals,’ you replied coolly, brushing all of your previous feelings. You heard his gorgeous laugh, and you couldn’t stop yourself from laughing out loud. This was just a normal thing you did now. You talked to the voice in your head, but it wasn’t a problem because everyone else did too.

Do you think you did okay?’ His response made you giggle. 

Yeah, it was my best subject. I think I did pretty well,’ you answered. His laugh sounded again, and you smiled, thinking about the future. You wondered, what if you never met him? Your mind wandered to dark places, as you imagined being alone in a small house, with thirteen cats.

Why are you thinking about cats? And living alone? Is something up?’ He asked. Your eyes widened, not realizing you were thinking about your tragic future if you didn’t find him.

No, I was just thinking about my … aunt,’ you lied, secretly glad he couldn’t see your face. Every single one of your friends could tell when you were lying because of your face. They said it gave everything away. 

Oh, is she okay?’ 

‘Yeah, she’s fine. I might have to go see her.’ Another lie that made you cringe. Your face coiled as you told him the lie, and you heard him hum a small tune, just to fill the silence.

Ah, so when do you think you’d be free again?’ His gentle voice asked. The question made your heart speed up to a hundred miles an hour.

Erm — whenever.’

‘What about your aunt? Will she be okay? Thirteen cats is a lot to take care of.’ You had to repress your laughter at the thought of his worried face. Instead, you replied with the stupidest answer you could ever come up with.

We could go see her.’ You slammed your head backwards, and it hit your headboard with a loud bang. Your hand flies up to your head, and you rush to your freezer to get an ice-pack.

“God dammit!” You shouted. The bump forming on your head was starting to pulse and throb, and you could practically feel the approaching headache.

Hey, can we talk later? I’m almost positive I just gave myself a fucking concussion,’ you asked. 

Uh, yeah sure. How about eight? Do you think your concussion will be better by then, soulmate?’ The teasing tone in his voice somewhat agitated you, but you smiled nonetheless. 

Hm, that’s only two hours from now. Usually guys wait a little longer to reply.’

Oh, you want me to wait longer? I guess I’ll talk to you tomorrow then.’ You could just about hear the smirk, as you felt yourself rapidly give in to his teasing. You sighed, a bit upset about losing the small thought-battle, but the feeling faded when your mind wandered to talking to your soulmate again.

Well, I guess I could talk to you around eight. Just let me take some Advil and maybe eat some ice cream to dull the throbbing of my head,’ you laughed.

Okay, talk to you later, soulmate.’ Every time he called you his soulmate, your heart fluttered. It made you think back to the first time his voice ever made its way into your brain. 

You were struggling with a question in your music class, in your last year of middle school. the question wasn’t extremely hard, but you happened to be pulling a blank. 

What? How can I not remember this now?! The enharmonic equivalent of B major?’ The question still haunted you to this day, you knew it wasn’t F# or G# minor, but you had no idea what it could’ve been.

The voice was right there, it was as if the low whisper was right next to you. It had said, ‘C♭ major.’ 

You wrote that down on your paper, and turned it in, seeing as that was the last question on the test. The next day, you got it back, and plastered on the top left corner was a huge 100. You said a quiet thank you, not expecting a reply. So, it really surprised you when you got one.

Ever since, you discussed your daily lives, he never told you much about his. He was always asking about you. While the two of you were talking, you liked to imagine yourselves in a small coffee shop, rambling and having a cute date. The thought that you might never meet him was always at the back of your mind, and it worried you.

When both of you were around 16, the two of you talking became rare, but you tried to tell him about your day every once in awhile.

Hey, soulmate, I have a weird question.’ The low voice scared you out of your thoughts, and a toothy grin appeared on your face as you felt the giddy feeling start to build in your stomach.

Hit me with it.’ You hoped he could hear the smile in your voice. You hoped he could tell that you were excited to talk to him again.

I’m not sure if it will work, but I’m going out tomorrow, with some of my friends. I was wondering, if you — well … wanted to meet up?’ In his voice, you heard the strong sound of fear, but you laughed out loud and ran around your apartment, actually screaming this time.

Wow, I’m really excited. Yeah, definitely! Where are you going?’ 

‘I was thinking of going to Gangnam Myeonok, but only if you want to.’ Your heart soared, and your head was in the clouds. The smile on your face was growing by the second, and you raced around, trying to get an outfit ready for tomorrow.

That sounds great. My heart is going so fast, I can’t wait to see you.’ Even though the voice was in your head, you were positive your soulmate could hear the tremors in your voice.

Are you nervous?’ His voice slowed your heart, and made you calm down, but it still pounded in your ears.

A little, you?’

‘Without a doubt … but I’m excited.’ 

That night, you didn’t sleep a wink. You knew the effects it would have, but you just couldn’t will yourself to close your eyes. They were dry and kind of painful when you woke up, but that’s the price you paid for staying up all night.

On the train ride over to the noodle shop, you were fidgeting around everywhere and got several stares. The weird looks didn’t faze you though, because you didn’t notice them. You were too busy thinking about the man you were about to meet.

You were outside the small shop, waiting for the well-known voice to ring out loudly in your head. Your head turned on a swivel, in turn, your hair whipped around. People looked at you, wondering why you were shaking your head like a dog.

I’m here, where are you?’ There was a small trace of disappointment hidden in your voice as you slowed your head and looked down to the ground, shuffling your feet.

I’m here too. Where are you?’ The voice was thunderous as it echoed through your mind. It was so loud it made you stumble, and you felt people’s stares boring into you from in and outside the store. You looked over your shoulder at a tall man, who looked to be in his early twenties. He had his hood up, and a face mask on, but seemed to be searching for someone whilst hiding in the crowd. 

I think I found you.’ The man shook his head and touched a finger to his ear, as if he was trying to control the volume of his hear. Your heart began to race again, and you told him where you were. It was kind of sad that you had tell him you were standing alone outside of a popular noodle shop.

His eyes found yours, and you waved to him, smiling. He moved closer, and stood next to you. Your hand found his and you intertwined your fingers.

Your short stature was nothing compared to his six foot frame, but you glanced up at him and he grinned down at you. His face was still covered with the face mask, and you reached to pull it down. Reluctantly, he let you, and when it was all the way off his face, you froze. The tips of your fingers had turned ice cold, and your eyes widened to the size of saucers.

he laughed, and it was music to your ears. You wanted to tell him that, but you were frozen, your hand still right next to his face.

“Hello, soulmate.” His words broke you out of your trance, only for you to fall right into another one. You launched yourself at him, and encircled your arms tightly around his neck, clinging to his upper body.

“Hi,” you breathed into the crook of his neck.

“Wonwoo! Wonwoo! We need to go! S.Coups wants us back at the —” a loud voice shouted from behind you two, “back, back! Go back!” You let go of your newly-found soulmate’s neck, and turned to see a tiny man with a giant. You immediately recognized them as Mingyu and Jihoon. Mingyu’s hands were frantically waving as the rest of Seventeen was shuffling out of sight. You laughed, and Wonwoo glanced guiltily down at you.

“Well, this’ll be a story to look back on,” Wonwoo chuckled, as all of the other members were trying to find hiding spots, and shoving each other out of the way.

“They know we can see them, right?” You asked, looking up at him, fingers still knit together.

“Probably not.” Your smile grew and you scrunched your nose as you walked over to them, Wonwoo in tow.

“Hi, I’m (Name). It’s nice to meet all of you,” you laughed, waving to all of the young men, hiding behind bushes and trees. 

“Oh, hey, (Name). How’s your aunt?” Wonwoo’s voice sounded from behind you. Again, you froze, and slowly turned your body to him. You were sure your face was a mix between a grin and a grimace.

“Oh, um, she’s … okay. Y’know, all of those cats keep her company,” you replied.

“You’re not the best at lying, are you?” Wonwoo asked, eyes narrowing slightly.

“Not at all.” He wrapped an arm around you tightly, his sweater-clad arm encircling your shoulders perfectly.

“Don’t worry. It’s good to know for later,” he chuckled, leaning to give you an almost nonexistent peck on the cheek.

The Last of Us

I just finally got to play through the game and DLC (I might have accidentally played the game in one 12 hour sitting, and the DLC the next morning) and I have Thoughts I thought I’d share here too. Spoilers for both (and some for The Walking Dead in all its various media).

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I jerked awake as soon as it crashed into my face. Was that a dream? It felt so real. The last man at the stop stepped onto the train. I know that man…. that’s the man from my dream. He was wearing the same blue sweatshirt and crooked hat. The doors shut. I looked around frantically. My friend Jim was sleeping in the same awkward position he was in my dream. The lady with the red shoes on was talking on her cell phone just like I remember. The train started to move. A bum was asking the man in a business suit for spare change. This isn’t right. All of this already happened, dream or not. I looked over at the short women and waited for her to drop her coffee. Like clockwork, she did. I shook my friend awake.

“Jim! Jim wake up! We’ve got to get off the train, it’s about to derail and we’re all going to die!” My heart was racing.

He woke up annoyed. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“The train! I just had like a vision or something, it’s going to crash! We’ve got to get off!” A few people started laughing at me.

“You been watching too many movies kid,” the man sitting across from us said with a chuckle.

“No I’m serious! We all need to get off this train now!” I yelled out in a panic.

“Calm down dude,” Jim said to me. “You must have had a weird dream. Besides, what are we supposed to do, jump out of a moving train?”

“Well then we need to tell the engineer to stop!” I said and stood up.

Jim pulled me back down to my seat. “Chill out, we’ll be at our stop soon.”

“See, I knew you were going to say that! We’ve got less than a minute now to stop this train!” I stood up again and Jim grabbed me but I was fighting for my life at this point. I ripped his hand off of my shirt and started to run down the isle. I didn’t get too far before a few people grabbed me and helped Jim pull me back to my seat. I fought for a few seconds, but there was no way I could get away from all of them. Then I heard the bum let out a loud sneeze. That was it. It was too late now.

A loud popping noise echoed through the train and the lights flickered. The train made a violent jolt sideways and leaned into the wall of the tunel. Everyone fell and scrambled to grab ahold of something. I grabbed on to a pole and looked over at the lady with red shoes. Part of the top and side of the train got ripped off at the same moment as the lady lost her grip on her seat. She fell head first into the hole and her head got wedged between the tunel wall and the moving train. She was decapitated instantly. The man with the blue sweatshirt and hat was next. He lost his grip and crashed through one of the windows. Blood splattered across the outside of the remaining unbroken windows. Then I remembered. “JIM!” I screamed out uselessly. One of the poles broke off from the front of the isle and impaled him right through the chest. A large piece of metal scrap was now heading right for me. I jerked awake as soon as it crashed into my face. Was that a dream? It felt so real. A man wearing a blue sweatshirt and a crooked hat walked on to the train….

Written by: Sage


Requested by anon

You needed some downtime and you decided that the best way to do that was to go on vacation. And where do you decide to go? To Jurassic World.

It wasn’t the most classic idea in the world but you did enjoy dinosaurs and if you got to learn a little while having fun, then you were all for it. You just weren’t really expecting to be getting breakfast one morning and find Owen Grady, your old Navy buddy, sitting in the restaurant eating through some bacon.

“Owen?” you asked, slightly confused and a little happy. It had been years since you’d last seen him and had meant to get in touch with him a little while back but had been too busy to do so.

“(Y/N)?” he mirrored, just as confused and happy as you were. You grinned and waved at him as you made your way over to his table.

“Nice to see you again, Grady.” He stood and enveloped you in a hug.

“Same here. What are you doing here?”

“Uh…on a well-deserved vacation? You left me all by myself out there, you know. I’ve been taking care of the guys way more than I should,” you said as both of you took a seat. “More importantly, what are you doing here?”

“I train some dinosaurs,” was his simply reply and your eyes went wide.

“You what?”

“Yeah, I train some dinosaurs.”

“You say that like it’s normal.”

“It isn’t?”

“Well - not really! What species do you train? How do you train them? Can I see them? Ooh, ooh, what are they’re names? I know you, Owen, and you’d totally give them names,” you rambled and he chuckled, finishing his last piece of bacon before standing.

“Come on. I’ll tell you all about ‘em on the ride over.” He was probably breaking a lot of protocols but he didn’t really give a damn. Owen Grady was the type of man to break the rules and he’d certainly do it for someone who’d save his life on more than one occasion.

He led you outside to a Triumph Scrambler and you couldn’t help but smirk to yourself. 

“Nice ride,” you snickered and he rolled his eyes at you.

“Yeah, yeah.”

“No, I’m serious!”

“I bet you are,” he said and you laughed.

“Hey, can’t blame me. I did teach you everything you know. I remember you fell off on the first try. Ah, the memories. The memories of Owen Grady falling to the mercy of a Harley!” You couldn’t help but begin laughing all over again and he sent you a sharp glare. 

“I thought we agreed never to speak of that again?”

You agreed, I just said I’ll thank about it. And I did. And I disagreed. Now come on - I’d love to see your dinosaurs.”

Rush Hour

Fill for this prompt submission: | Dean on a packed (rush hour) train happily group fucked by strangers while trying to be discrete |

They’re on a packed train, having made three stops already with Dean sucking and riding too many cocks to count since he got on board. A group had gathered by then, mostly men and a few women. They took turns passing Dean around, fingering his ass to sucking on his perked nipples and using his mouth and ass at the same time.

Every time they made a stop Dean would worry that they’d be caught by the people standing outside of the train cart. All they had to do was look up from their cellphones and newspapers to watch him be impaled on a different cock. The humiliation of being caught turned Dean on just as much as being watched. Like now.

“Be quiet!,” the man underneath Dean hisses into his ear as he fucks up into his ass, drawing out a whimper from the dirty blond haired man. “You want everyone in the train to hear? You want them to come over and watch you ride our cocks, huh? A cock slut like you would love that, wouldn’t you?”, the man punctuates with a particular hard thrust. Dean bites his lip to stifle a moan as his prostrate is stimulated.

His legs are spread wide, feet braced on the edge of the seat, thigh muscles straining from his position. He has both arms holding onto the top of the seat behind him as he ascends and descends on the cock buried inside him. He can hear the wet squelching of too much come as he rises and lowers. His chest is come coated too, nipples layered with a ring of spunk.

“Fucking beauty,” A stranger from withing the group whispers. The others murmur in agreement. Dean’s face heats up at the comment.

“Can’t wait for my turn,” Another stranger says as he watches Dean’s hole eat up the cock in his ass.

“That ass is made for dick.”

“Look at those lips.”

“Gonna tear that ass apart.”

“Yeah, ride that dick, pretty boy.”

Dean wants to tell them to shut up. Not because he’s blushing, because he’s not, but because they’ll get caught. The constant assault on his prostrate distracts him though, so he continues to bounce on faster, hoping to get another load in him before their final stop.

“Yeah, baby. Fuck yourself on my dick. Fuck yeah. Milk my cock.” Dean does. He clenches around the thick meat inside him as he works his thighs faster and faster, his own hard cock bobbing with his movements.

“Oh fuck!,” Dean hisses and half yells, getting a few turn of the heads from other passengers not part of the low-key fuck fest. He’s gonna come soon and he cant wait. His moves are erratic now, losing rhythm as he rides the cock at a near violent pace.

The cock twitches inside him before filling him up with warm spunk. Dean reaching his peak soon after.

“Fuck,” Dean groans as feels the come trickles down around the cock still buried in his ass. He feels the man beneath him shift, pulling out his wet dick. More come oozes out of Dean’s wet, gaping hole, contributing to the mess on his thighs.

“Who’s next?”
A/N: I hope I did it justice
Since I wrote this at 2am.


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Keep An Eye Out In Disney World!

Want to find some special hidden secrets?

  • Just outside of Tony’s Town Square Restaurant the pavement holds a special homage to the Lady &the Tramp. Imprinted in the cement are the paw prints of both Lady and the Tramp. This is a nice photo spot for Disney dog lovers (MK)
  • Cinderella’s Golden Carrousel is more than just a merry-go-round; it is an actual depiction of Cinderella’s royal cavalcade. Cinderella’s own horse is here and is distinguishable by one very unique feature—it is the only one to have a gold ribbon on its tail. Cinderella’s horse is white, wears a red bridle, and is second rank in from the outside. Taking a ride on Cinderella’s white royal stallion makes a neat treat for any princess in training. (MK)
  • In the queue for Pirates of the Caribbean , if you look at the chess board you can see that the chess pieces being played by the skeletons are arranged in a stalemate. Signifying that they will be playing the same game for ever. (MK)
  • In Magic Kingdom at the Train Station you can find “lost” items from previous guests, some famous faces, like Mary Poppins! Hint: In the movie, Bert says, “I knew a man with a wooden leg named Smith,” and Uncle Albert responds, “What’s the name of his other leg?” (MK)
  • If you look closely at the second-story windows near the “Hall of Presidents,” you’ll see two lanterns. They are referencing the line “One if by land, and two if by sea” from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem “Paul Revere’s Ride.”
  • If you are among the first to enter Tinkerbell’s Treasures shop (to your left as you pass through Cinderella Castle), your kid(s) may be in for a special treat. Ask the Cast Member if you can wake-up Tinkerbell. The kid(s) are given a sword (for boys) or a wand (for girls) and are instructed to tap on a small chest three times and say “wake-up Tinkerbell”. Sure enough Tinkerbell wakes-up and flies around the room in a dazzling display of lights and sounds. The helpers are usually given a certificate that proclaims that they helped wake-up Tinkerbell. If you miss this morning ceremony, Tink typically flies around the shop intermittently through out the day. (MK)
  • As you exit Epcot at night, you might want to take a look down at the ground as you traipse through Innoventions Plaza. Emended in the cement are a multitude of fiber optics that provides a dazzling display of fireworks and other shapes right underneath your feet.(E)
  • Just out side of the Star Tours attraction, one of the giant AT - AT Imperial Walkers doesn’t take kindly to passerby’s. Walk in between this walker and the Backstage Express dining location and you’re likely to get shot at with a barrage of water.(DHS)


Larkle oneshot #2

Today Farkle wore skinny jeans for the first time, skinny jeans. It took all the will power from Lucas not to stare but he found himself stealing glances and the blonde boy face palmed himself as he tried not to think about it buy his mind kept drifting to Farkle in his skinny jeans. “Damnit.” Lucas muttered out as he went to grab his phone hearing his mother shout out that he had to put a dollar in the swear jar. “Fine mah!” Lucas said even though he was a Senior in High School. The blonde rubbed his face a little trying to wake himself up as he scrolled through his phone and saw a group chat notification pop up and he checked it out and bit his lip hard at what he saw.

Farkle, on his recent escapade of punkifying himself had gotten a tattoo near his hip, Lucas didn’t know Farkle was so muscular, or that his v-lines were so well defined. This boy has me whipped. Lucas thought to himself and closed his eyes trying to sleep but all he could think of was Farkle and his damn skinny jeans and his fucking v-lines. There was another sound of a notification that made Lucas open his eyes yet again and look at his brightly lit phone in his dimly lit room. The message read ‘I also got these babies.’ and it was from Farkle and shortly after it was a picture of Farkle smiling with his newly pierced snake bite. Lucas sighed and closed his eyes and opened them back up and sent him a simple ‘looks good’ when in reality he wanted to type that even after much persuasion from his parents and himself that Farkle was extremely sexually attractive to him and it made him so confused.

After a while Lucas was finally able to sleep and put away his feelings for Farkle for a night. The blonde woke up the next morning and got ready for the day, school was out on spring break but he and his friends agreed to go watch a movie together and so he would, or at least try to between long moments of staring at Farkle because he loved the way he reacted to scary movies. The shorter of the two would always act tough when he knew he was being watched but he would secretly hide his eyes and lean against Lucas because he knew the cowboy would let him know when the scary part was over.

A train ride later and Lucas was meeting his friends outside of the movie theater and Lucas was going weak in the knees when he saw what Farkle was wearing, a beanie, black skinny jeans, and a tank top that was cut low on the sides. The blonde man smiled like a freaking idiot while on the inside he was panicking because he didn’t want to admit to himself that Farkle was the most attractive person here so he looked down awkwardly. “So anyone ready to see this scary movie or what?” He asked and looked at Farkle a bit surprised when the punk man offered him a ticket.

“I bought yours for you, I thought you wouldn’t want to wait in line so I got it while I was up there. Don’t worry about paying me back.” He said smiling up at Lucas and the blonde nodded and thanked him with a soft blush that he hoped no one in his group would notice. The four got at the front of the line to see the movie and gave their ticket to the usher guy and ran as quickly to the theater knowing it would be hard to get seats if they weren’t the first four in. From left to right sat Lucas, Farkle, Riley, and then Maya. The previews started playing and Riley and Farkle went to the concession stand to get snacks.

Midway through the movie Farkle got scared and leaned his head on Lucas’ shoulder and turned his head to look at Lucas whose eyes were sparkling from the soft light from the movie projector. The punk man smiled at his opportunity and looked up at Lucas and whispered in his ear “Can I kiss you?” He asked with a small smirk on his face.

“Ohh yeah sure.” Lucas whispered back not paying attention to the question and leaned the popcorn bucket towards Farkle and turned bright red when he understood the question fully, he didn’t know how to answer, he froze up and panicked, he tried to speak but couldn’t. So instead he closed his eyes and kissed Farkle lovingly like he had been waiting to do for years. After the blonde pulled back and smiled he whispered “The scary part is over.”

“I actually don’t get scared during these movies. I do it for the snuggling.” Farkle said with a small smirk and continued to watch the movie.


Sarah Shahi talks Person of Interest Season 3

It’s always fun to look back and see an actor’s opinion before a season plays out. 


  • The reason why Shaw didn’t use a kill shot with Root, per Jonah Nolan: “No, you want to keep her alive so you can torture her.”
  • Sarah boxes to keep in shape for the role of Shaw and she also has a motorcycle license because (her headcanon is) Shaw rides a bike.
  • “I don’t really like acting, I like things to feel as possible, you know?”
  • Before Sarah started shooting for Shaw she had a two week crash course training in weapons training, knife training, fighting. It was like bootcamp. She also had a military adviser she talked to everyday
  • On Shaw’s trust issues: Sarah thinks Shaw’s trust issues is part of Shaw’s charm and she likes being on the outside, especially after Relevance when Shaw became a man without a country. And yet, the appeal of Team Machine for Shaw is realizing that Harold and John has her back.
  • Sarah laughing at the romance question (because at this point she’s been asked that a lot of times) and answering diplomatically as possible since she has no idea what will happen to dynamic. And yet, it feels like Sarah knows something because of how she goes:
    “But yes, I think they are going to do something with me, in that part (romance), I don’t know what.”
    And then she has this enigmatic and playful look.
Fandoms are Intangible

Fandoms are often treated as a rational and finite entity that can be identified as a whole.

This is why people generalise - they treat a fandom as if it were the population of a small town. A known number of inhabitants, neighbours who all know each other and plan their actions and attitudes for a great wellbeing.
In this instance, the town could be summarised as a whole, and even held accountable for allowing or enabling the poor behaviour of its populace.

But this isn’t how it is in the slightest…

A fandom is more like the daily footfall of a large train station or airport. A large number of people come and go. Some are there every day, some are there as a one off, or just for the week.
But apart from those whom they are travelling with, most of the people there are all strangers to each other, and don’t know anyone else outside of their traveling buddies other than the fact that they’re all riding the same train.

As such, if a passenger kicked over a rubbish bin and left it like that, the rest of the travellers can’t be held accountable for it - on the contrary they’re often left cleaning up the mess while everyone else says “Man this platform is filthy…”

This is not to say that other passengers can’t say in the moment “Hey, pick that up man, we’ve got to walk here…”
But when I step off of a train to see trash all over the platform, and then someone points at me and says “You people have made a mess everywhere!”, how is that fair?

It isn’t. Don’t blame strangers for other people’s mess.

anonymous asked:

We were talking about Norwegians being rude in my language class the other day (in Oslo) and out of 20 students the only one who disagreed was one man. I think "rude" isn't the best word but Norwegians aren't as traditional in manners as some other countries. I'm 6 months pregnant and get shoved around on the train a lot and often stand for the hour ride home whereas in the US it is common for a man to stand up for me. Just an observation.

no, i know what you mean. living in another country really puts things into perspective. you realise things you would never have thought about, and learning about other cultures is really insightful, because you see yourself from an outside perspective. 

i know what you mean when you say norwegians are rude, but norwegians don’t see themselves as rude, they simply see each other as polite for staying out of other people’s business. e.g. rude in norway is when you talk to strangers in public. 

and we don’t use formal language in norway at all! we don’t say sir or ma’am, or mr., miss or mrs. We use first names for everyone we meet, whether they are you class mate or your boss or professor. and again, we don’t see this as rude, because for us this shows equality. from we were little we were taught something called ‘the law of Jante’ which basically tells you that you shouldn’t believe you are better than anyone and is negative towards individual success. this is reflected in our society, both normatively and politically: normatively in that we stay low in society and don’t stand out in the crowd; politically in that norway is a country with socialistic values, as reflected by our tax rates, school system, health care system, NAV (lol), etc.

however, back to your ask (sorry i started rambling on…): personally i feel like it’s common that people let pregnant or elderly people sit on the bus, however I’m neither of those so I cannot know for sure. Being pushed around on the train is awful, and I’m sorry that you’ve gone through that :(

The Mondays

A toddler catches Kramer’s eye while walking through the park one day, her eyes twinkling and a smile from ear to ear. “Truly,” he says to the uncomprehending child, “You are only capable of happiness because you are ignorant of the world. Blessed are the idiots.” He hangs his head low and draws meaningless scratches in the dirt. The toddler eats a beetle.

After a drawn-out fight with his father, George finds himself in the grip of a terrible malaise. He rides the 6 train downtown, and a homeless man approaches him. “Change? Any change?” George looks up at the unfortunate soul. “My own father. Even my own father can’t love me. If my parents can’t even love me, how presumptuous is it for me to ask a stranger to love me?” The homeless man shuffles away, wide-eyed, but George does not notice. He instead shuts down completely, becoming so self-conscious that he fails to recognize the world outside his own head. He rides the 6 downtown and uptown and downtown again, the conductors too scared to ask him to leave.

Jerry spends an entire day before a performance in the green room, wracking his brain and body while suffering a cold sweat. “What if today is the day?” he muses aloud. “What if they finally all find out that I’m not really that funny after all? What if they’re just laughing because they’ve been conditioned to laugh? Maybe I’m just filling some role because society demands comedians.” His pupils dilate. “But even then,” he continues, “is that of any real worth? I’m not curing any diseases. I’m not freeing innocent prisoners. I’m distracting people from their inevitable ends.” His next four hours are spent fixating on said inevitable end, and whether he should bring about his own inevitability prematurely. He’s just about to break down sobbing when he hears the club’s announcer boom, “Here’s Jerry Seinfeld!” He jogs onstage full of life and energy, lighting up the room with humor and laughter for a solid hour. As soon as the lights go down, he collapses, exhausted, thankful that the audience can’t see him in the sudden darkness.

The three meet up with Elaine at Monk’s Restaurant a few days later. Noticing that no one else seems to be making conversation, Elaine tries to lighten the mood: “Ugh, Peterman has been so annoying lately. It’s not like he even does anything useful over there! Honestly, he should just kill himself!”

The other three each look away, hoping no one notices their eyes welling up with tears.

Blog Magazine Issue 79

GACKT’s Fucking Stupid Stories No.31



Ohhh, it’s you…

Do I have free time now the play is over?
Give me a break.
I’m more busy now…
When I’m performing a play,
I live according to a strict routine,
but before a project starts,
I have an irregular schedule preparing for it.
Furthermore, I have to adjust things
to fit that irregular schedule.

Of course, I’m definitely trying to find time for myself.
No matter how busy I am.

…What about it?

Of course I’m doing it.
There have been lots of shoots one after another.
To be honest, I’m not good at them…

Yesterday we had filming for Game Center.
It’s jam-packed from morning to evening.

Since we’re filming from morning to evening,
by half-way through I don’t even know the point of it anymore…

You watch it every day?…
The things I say are weird?

Shut up!
Leave it.

The things I say are ALWAYS weird!

I’m working pretty seriously.
And I fit training into the gaps,
so that my body stays in shape.

The people from the play are still coming.
Those with a high level of consciousness are continuing steadily.

Of course, I’m grateful for it.
Honestly, it’s hard to do training alone.
Because you feel overwhelmed psychologically.

when your friends get together it’s more exciting.
The feeling of wanting to work hard naturally comes out.

Even so,
when I’m working out alone,
I definitely put KiAi into it and pretend someone is watching,
and push myself as hard as I can.

In the end,
everything comes back to you.
It’s because I’m by myself,
that I put even more KiAi into it.

That’s awesome?

If I wasn’t, would I be able to be GACKT?

Then, after training finishes,
I’m off to another venue for another shoot.

This was for the photo shoot for the goods, though.

I look like a good man?…

I’ve gotten quite old.
Though of course I live taking care
not to lose to my own weaknesses.

I’m doing my best…
If I lose focus I’ll fall flat on my face.

I’m too busy?
And what am I doing now?…

Hey, you,
are you a reporter or something?

Oh well,
I’m outside the city now.

I came to do horse riding…

You want me to bring you with me?…

Well, it’s just bad timing, isn’t it?
Okay, okay, I get it.

I’ll bring you along next time.

because it’s such a busy time,
I have to make sure to do things like this.
Though I might get out of shape.

Send you a photo?…

Hey, you…
I’m in the middle of riding a horse.

You’re so ridiculous.
Okay fine.
I’ll take one…