man repeller

⚔️Intimidation Powder⚔️

A powder made to enhance your aura making it more intimidating and vicious. It’s super helpful in warding off unwanted conversation or looks from men.

⚔️ Gather the ingredients: a black or white candle, dragon’s blood(this could be an incense to light, a candle, powder, I just think it adds to the fierceness),black tourmaline(or onyx), and a pen. And for the powder: clove, bay leaf, baby powder, rosemary, and anise star (optional)

⚔️ Set up your work space however you intend. Put all of your ingredients aside and start with the bay leaf. 

⚔️ Write your intention of the intention of your intimidation on the bay leaf! I typically enjoy doing something along the lines of “I install fear in the hearts of men” or “I have skin of scales and the aura of a dragon”. Do whats best for you and burn that shit.

⚔️ Put the ash aside and mix your baby powder, clove, rosemary, and anise star. When the ash is cooled mix it in as well, you can also throw in some crystals if you want. Keep it in a small air tight container or baggie so it can travel with you! Sometimes I mix it with Vaseline and put it in an old make up compact like foundation.

⚔️   Apply before going out and enjoy your time without the unwanted attention of men or anything unwanted really. Stay fierce! 

Hayden, 22

“I’m wearing a fringe belt from Dsquared2, a fur embellished top, a vintage top hat from Cobblestones Vintage, a Hood By Air panel black denim, a bag from MCM Worldwide, and sunglasses from a random street vendor. My style is driven from the place I was raised, conservative small town in Georgia. I was always told I could not wear anything exciting or unique to the way I currently express myself because it was not appropriate or conservative. It made me really find myself personally and tune that to be refined in my current style. My favorite style icons would be Leandra from Man Repeller and Bryan Boy.”

Nov 3, 2017 ∙ Astor Place