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Keith’s Family: A Theory

( in response to @paladinspride‘s post about Keith’s family)

Tbh I’ve had some theories thinking that maybe Keith was somehow related to Lotor in some way / other galran royalty. I’m not entirely sure how all that would be explained but.. I’ve had a few thoughts..

So we know Zarkon is Lotor’s father – but we don’t know who his mother is.. so I’m assuming she’s (at least half) Altean because Lotor’s appearance does resemble Haggar’s (who is Altean herself).. I personally don’t think Haggar is Lotor’s mother, though, I think we’ve still to see her. But where would Keithy boy come into this?

Tbh this is where it gets a little confusing I guess, because there’s no way to tell.. but I suppose you could argue that Lotor and Keith have the same mother? Since it doesn’t look as if Lotor has extended his life for 10,000+ years via Quintessence, it would be safe to assume that his mother was around recently.

  • I’m thinking that maybe Lotor’s mother (or I’ll just call her Galra Mom/GM for now) is part of the BoM..and she’s one of their top members. For a huge infiltration mission, she goes in and tries to take the empire down from the inside or gain information, and so she goes by trying to gain Zarkon’s trust. It’s a bit difficult at first since she’s Altean (or at least half) and she needs to really work at making Zarkon (and others close to him) think she’s not a threat. However, it does work and they get (the galra equivalent) of married… skip a few years and Lotor is born.
  • As a small kid, Lotor’s learning under Haggar and other people who are fiercely loyal to Zarkon’s regime. Galra Mom isn’t too happy because she loves her boy but if things continue he’s going to end up just like his father (which she does not want) and so she tries to teach him about how wonderful the universe is and all of the different planets and cultures.
  • Small time skip (Lotor’s around 5/6) and GM is sitting in a playroom or something watching little Lotor playing with his toys thinking about how people are becoming more suspicious of her and she knows that she probably doesn’t have a lot of time left before her cover is blown.. so she knows she will have to leave soon. It breaks her heart because she wants to keep her son safe from Zarkon’s influence but she could end up getting killed and harming her son and the mission.
  • Meanwhile, whilst little Lotor has been growing up, Zarkon somehow managed to acquire the red lion of Voltron. GM knows that, above anything else, she needs to try and keep Voltron away from Zarkon or there really will be no happy future for anyone in the universe. So one night, she’s in the hangar where the red lion is kept and pleads with her (i hc red as a girl btw) to allow her to pilot her to somewhere safe. Red refuses however and reassures her that her paladin will come for her. So she takes an escape pod.
  • When she lands, GM has no idea where she is, all she knows is the planet is called Earth. She wanders around and doesn’t really know what to do now, the empire will know of her betrayal, so there’s no going back. Might as well explore the planet then before settling down somewhere she knows she will stay safe.
  • As she wanders the planet, GM tries not to think too much about how much she misses her boy - the thought of him growing up without her just pains her so much and she longs to go back and see her son. But now is not the time. She can only hope he won’t be like Zarkon.
  • Another time skip and GM decides to stay in a desert-like’s pretty much barren, so there’s no chance of someone coming here. Except there is. And that guy is ..

Keith’s dad. (I also think that he may have gotten that scar from either doing some dangerous exploring, or getting attacked by GM when she thought he was going to hurt her – but again, that’s a really minor side-theory)

  • ANOTHER TIME SKIP, and GM is falling love with this human man (and he teaches her about life on Earth, and she eventually tells him of her home and shows him her space pod and stuff). Lucky for her, he’s falling in love with this awesome galra lady
  • She gives him her BoM blade to remember her by (because she knows again that she can’t stay on Earth forever)
  • Anywhooo, they end up together and *insert time skip here* they have a little boy, Keith. She adores her little boy, and hopes that one day that Keith will get to see his half-brother
  • One day, when Keith is like 2/3, GM gets a warning from her pod that Galra are approaching and locking on a signal in the Milky Way Galaxy about Galra tech there.. and yikes she knows that’s time up for her.
  • She tells Keith’s dad that night that she needs to leave. There are tears (just like the night she left Lotor) and she promises that she’ll come back one day and that she’ll reunite all her family. But for now, she needs to complete her mission and keep Voltron out of Zarkon’s hands and keep the universe safe.
  • That night, Keith’s dad and little Keith watch as GM’s space pod flies into space
  • From that point onward, GM travels through space, planet to planet and galaxy to galaxy doing what she can to resist Zarkon’s regime. She does this for many years until one day she finds herself trapped in the belly of a welbum whilst in the middle of an important mission. She’s gotten herself out of lots of tricky situations, but not entirely sure how she’ll get out of this one. 
  • It’s been well over a week now… She’s still trapped in the worm and her pod is running out of resources to keep her going. She thinks maybe this is it and she’ll never get to see her family again. She’ll never get to see Lotor, Keith, or Keith’s father. The three people in her life that she truly loved and cared for. She begins to lose hope…until someone opens up the pod and gets her out. 
  • She’s stunned at first, because the boy’s eyes resemble Keith’s eyes..but there’s no way it’s him. It looks as if he has black hair too, but there’s no way of knowing… Once she escapes, all she thinks about how That’s impossible..There’s no way my little boy would be out in space. Not now…could he?

(aaand that’s everything i got for now..i don’t think there’s much more i could really say.. if you have anything to add to this or discuss, feel free! :) )

  • Vernon: Hey, guess who's dropping Seungkwan off here after cheerleading practice *pauses for dramatic effect*Jeonghan
  • DK: Oh Jeonghan, nicknamed the cannon, .... why? Because he always shoots Scoups down
  • Wonwoo *to Scoups*: Man you were so in love with him, remember in the 7th grade when he asked your name, you got all panicky and said ... uhhhhh ..... b-blah
  • Vernon: Ya, and then he called you uh-blah for like the next two years.
  • DK: God that was awesome

There was an outcry of “What is this? Mad MAXINE?” after the debut of one of the best action films of the 2000s. Did they watch Mad Max, or The Road Warrior, or Beyond Thunderdome? If they did, they’d know that, in the ranking of interesting characters in that series, Max ranks just above one of the nameless child extras, and just below sand.

Don’t get me wrong, Max is cool. He does a lot of neat stuff. But after Mad Max (which seems to be more of an origin story for Max’s blond friend than Max himself), Max crosses over from being a character to being like an unlockable weapon. When you’ve suffered in the desert for long enough, and have managed to not be a total piece of shit, Max rolls through. That’s the fun of him. Since he’s on an everlasting, aimless quest to survive, he becomes a helpful tool for all the people who aren’t so great at surviving or need a little help in remaining un-slaughtered by flamboyant dust truckers.

His quest isn’t one of revenge. It might’ve been at one point. But he never made a Batman-like oath to rid the world of dirtbike perverts. Nor is it one of redemption. That dude will live with his demons forever. Instead, Mad Max is the wasteland version of the guy who shows up at your party, is awesome, and then leaves, never to be seen again. “Remember when that dude came in, bought everyone shots, saved us from being brutally murdered by the thong-wearing warlord, and then disappeared? That guy was AWESOME.”

5 Baffling Movie Scenes That Make Sense With An Explanation

Happy Birthday, Tom Burke!

Only mere 36 years ago the world as we know it, was a lot darker place. But then, on the 30th day of June, a tiny little beautiful baby boy was born (disclaimer: I have no idea what size baby he was. Just go with it). He grew up to be an adorable child (pictured here with Daddy B)

an equally adorable youth

and a devastatingly gorgeous man.

So, Mr. B, birthday boy, what do you want to do to celebrate?

Okay okay, let’s get going then! We’ll come back to that last one when you remember what it was.

Oh okay you started already good

Yeah stay hydrated brilliant but

Ready to fight aaaare we? Awesome. Show me what you’ve got!

Oooh boy. Let me give you a hand.

Oh shush, you’re making me blush

Cheeky. Come on, have another drink!

Good good maybe another?

That’s my boy. What do you want to do next?

Oh of course! Let’s dance!

Brilliant stuff.

Even better.

Anything else the man of the day would like to do?

Is that a yes?

Is that the third thing you couldn’t remember? You and your dirty mind, honestly, what are you like! *gigglesnort*



Oh you are so bloody adorable.

Wishing you the happiest of days and sending all the love. 💜😘

Being Human || Seventeen 95line Au Part 4

Part 1   Part 2    Part 3

“No you did not! You’re such a liar!” you jokingly say to S. Coups as you swing your hand to try and playfully smack him, forgetting that your hand would just go through him. You pouted when it did causing you both to laugh.

It’s been a month since the guys moved in and they have made your existence so much better. Sometimes you even forget that you’re a ghost, like you just did with S. Coups. You had gotten bored after Jeonghan and Joshua left for work and since S. Coups works a different shift at the hospital than them this week, you went up after a few hours to see if he was awake.

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willwriteforruns replied to your post: it honestly makes me sick that, in every article…

I’m not surprised. S is the “bigger” character, and I knew most people would be reeling from that (as they should), and Gracie would be overshadowed. Very much the same as Susan’s overshadowed Ira because it wasn’t even clear he had died. I’m disgusted. Remember when Paul got an awesome character death? Man.

aha yeah like…there were people who didn’t even realize that ira had died until they saw his gravestone. there were folks who went that whole week following 5x06 not knowing that he was dead. [godiwishthatwereme.jpg]

but honestly…paul went out in an absolute blaze of fucking glory, the likes of which this show has never even attempted to match since! and i don’t resent paul for that at all! 3x06 made me bawl like a baby! i 100% blame the writers and whatever “wouldn’t it be cool if…” dartboard throw of a series outline J&G have been playing with for the past two seasons. 

it’s just. she was terrified and sobbing and she was eighteen goddamn years old and. 

i’m so tired and disgusted with this show, and i’m tired of being tired and disgusted with this show.  

  • Arin: I remember when we were first coming up with the very first Starbomb album, and it was late, we were coming up with titles and we were all giggly. The cool thing about that night is - I don't know if I've ever told you this, but I've told a couple other people this - that's the night where I knew that, if like, Jon ever got sick or wanted to leave the show or anything, I was going to be like 'Hey, Dan, you should be on the show...'
  • Danny: Oh that's awesome! I didn't know that.
  • Arin: I was like 'man, this chemistry is great.'
  • Danny: Yeah, we immediately giggled like idiots from the day we met each other.
DP Nostalgia with Non-Phans

One of my favorite things in the world is when you mention Danny Phantom in real life to a person not in the Phandom and every single time a person’s face lights up. Every. Single. Time. I’ve literally causally brought the show up and a group of people stopped talking, perked up, smiled, and started talking about the show in excited little comments with me. It’s so awesome. 

Plus these comments:

“I remember that show! It was so good!”

“I had a crush on Danny when I was a kid.”

“Man, that was my show!”

“Oh! I remember that! That was my childhood!”

“They don’t make shows like that anymore.”

“One of many cartoons canceled before its time.”

I just…. Danny Phantom caused a big reaction even in non major phans years later. It still makes people smile, even if casually mentioned. I’m not ashamed to say I like the show because of reactions like these. I wanted to point this out because it made me happy and wanted to share with others. 

Danny Phantom brings nostalgia, and honestly, it makes me very happy. 

victorypanda  asked:

How was Sam like before CR? You said you interacted with him on twitter before he blew up but, i'm kinda curious what he was like. Do you have any Screenshots of the twitter convos? (BTW Love your blog! Scan the man will always be my favorite character)

Sam has always been Sam, he hasn’t changed because of Critical Role. Critical Role has just allowed the world see his awesomeness. When I first started following him, he had about 4,000 twitter followers. Heck, I remember way back when his instagram was sammyla not ramsiegel.

As for conversations with Sam before Crit Role? Here’s a few snippets. These are all from before the show started, and can be found on my main blog (which is where I basically just cry about Sam). 

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Five reasons why an Expanded Transformers Cinematic Universe is an awful idea. And five why it's great.

If you’re a Transformers fan, you’ve probably heard that writer/producer Akiva Goldsman will be overseeing the the expansion of a Cinematic Transformers Universe, as Bay takes a bow from the director’s seat. (Supposedly.) This is somewhat of a mixed bag of feelings for me, as I’m not sure what to make of it. There’s good and bad in there, and well… It makes sense. Paramount wants a franchise universe they can rally behind. They want a Marvel Universe. (Especially since they HAD it for a while there.) Sony gets to be friends-with-benefits with Paramount’s old beau, as well as the recently announced Ghostbusters universe, Warner Bros. has the DC universe, along with whatever plans come out of the Harry Potter spinoff books. Fox has Marvel’s X-Men and Fantastic Four, as well as Avatar. Paramount has Mission: Impossible, but that’s still reliant on Tom Cruise, and hoping that M:I5 isn’t another M:I3. They also have the Star Trek franchise… But that last movie underperformed. (Bit of trivia, it’s the only Star Trek movie, other than Insurrection, that I didn’t see in the theater. And at least with that one, it was simply because I never got around to it. But when it came on video, I made sure to see it.) Paramount making a Transformers Cinematic Universe can be an awesome… And an awful thing. I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind. After all, this is the internet and if we wanna hate (or love), we will. But I wanna go over my thoughts and concerns with the topic at hand.

Let’s start off with the bad, because I’m generally an optimistic person and want to leave off with a positive note.


5: It may not change anything.- Okay, let’s get this out of the way. While I enjoyed the movies, I was never under any pretense that they were brilliant pieces of cinema. But a movie studio, the bottom line is how much money does that movie bring in? It doesn’t matter that the movies have a dwindling returns domestically, as they go on. They make a lot of money over seas and that’s all that matters. Age of Extinction was the highest grossing movie of 2014… Beating the far superior ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. There’s no reason for them to believe the movies are flawed at all. In fact, when what they make keeps making more and more money, the logic to take from it is to give more of it. I mean, the second, third and fourth movie was just the first movie… Just more of it. (And good lord, that fourth movie was more of it. Was it ever going to end?) So it’s likely these’ll just be more huge explosions and action movies. There’s no reason for the studio to want anything but more of the same. And it reasons they’ll find directors and writers who’ll feel the same way.

4: Have you see Akiva Goldsman’s track record?- Batman and Robin? That’s his writing. That horrible Will Smith 'I, Robot’ movie? Him again. Writer AND producer of 'Lost in Space’ (which is only notable for knocking Titanic out of the #1 spot for a week or two.) Producer of Jonah Hex, The Losers and some of the bad Paranormal Activity movies. Now he’s also responsible for a lot of good stuff too. He was the producer of Cinderella Man, which was really good. He was also the producer of the fun “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, the really fun (and surprisingly better Superman movie than the actual Superman movie) Hancock, and was one of the people behind making the Fox show Fringe really fun and enjoyable. It’s a mixed bag. It doesn’t make him a hack, but it also means that he’s not the best judge of quality. Sometimes he strikes black gold and sometimes… It’s dark and stinky, but it ain’t oil.

3: It’s a wide universe that’ll be ignored.- It’s hard for non-Transformers fans to believe, but the Transformers Universe is actually one of the largest fictional universes ever made. Not THE largest, but I would be very comfortable placing it lower on a top ten list. Because every one of of those toys has a story behind it. Go to the toy store and find a Transformers toy. (Odds are, it’s probably a Robots in Disguise or Combiner Wars toys.) Grab one at random. Who did you grab? Some guy named Skydive? Well, Skydive is the quiet intellectual of the Aerialbots. He’s the shy nerdy librarian, that the internet would consider adorkable. He’s part of the first Autobot combiner teams, and the sole survivor of the attack by the returned G2 Megatron. He and Slingshot once helped a sexy Middle Eastern prince regain his throne from a giant purple griffin (Hey, it was the 80s, man.) He and the rest of the Aerialbots were also there not just during the start of the Great War, witnessing the birth of Optimus Prime, thanks to time travel. And was also there to witness the revolution of the Cybertronians from the horrible Lovecraftian Quintessons, also thanks to time travel. (Guys get around more than a Time Lord!) And that’s just Skydive! Want me to tell you about Fireflight? What about Powerglide? Bombshell… Ohhh God, Bombshell. I could go on for hours about that buggy bastard! My point is that every single Transformer has a backstory and a history. It may be only implied by a few lines on the back of a card, or it may be in depth and intricate. But every single toy is a character with a past and a story. And there are literally THOUSANDS of them… And NONE of that matters, because you’re gonna get Bumblebee. What you don’t like Bumblebee? Well, have more Bumblebee! Little sick of him? More 'Bee for the fans! It’s like the X-Men movies. There’s a wide variety of X-Men that they could have picked from to tell rich and involving stories from… And we end up having them all focus on Wolverine. We’re only just now, 15 years into the Fox’s handling of the franchise getting a movie that DOESN’T have Wolverine in it. (That we know of.) Kup, Sunstreaker, Ultra Magnus… Who are they? Don’t matter, because to Paramount, Bumblebee and Optimus Prime ARE the franchise. And since they’re special effects and not actors that age and want to quit, they can keep going with them forever.

2. Your favorite stories are about to change.- As an addendum to the last point… Hey, remember Days of Future Past, where it was changed from being a Kitty Pryde story to a Wolverine time travels to the past to team up with a smelly hippie and frees Kennedy’s assassin for some dumb reason, all to save Katniss from killing Tyrion Lannister from making giant robots that he ended up making anyway, all while ignoring the one awesome highlight of the movie that could have solved every problem from the word go? Man, that movie was dumber than I remember. Anyway, how much fun will it be when Last Stand of the Wreckers now star Bumblebee, as opposed to Springer and tells how he lost his voice. Or when they adapt War Dawn, War for Cybertron, and the War Within and mash them all together into one movie that stars just Optimus and Bumblebee? Or when they finally have major characters like Prowl, Rodimus and Windblade show up in the movie, only to die real fast to give our heroes pathos. (If they’re lucky.) The idea behind a cinematic universe is great, when you actually explore it. Star Trek was awesome at this (in the 90s) where they’d make new shows based around new captains and ships and stations. But really, I haven’t see this done in a while. I mentioned all the X-Men movies all focus on Wolverine. The upcoming Star Wars spinoffs are things like a young Han Solo movie or a Yoda movie, as opposed to an Ahsoka Tano or even a movie about Lobot. (Okay, I’D like to see a movie about Lobot.) Even the Marvel movies can’t really seem to get away from the Hydra and the Infinity Gem storyline they got going through their movies. (One of the reasons I’m really looking forward to the Daredevil series to see how they handle that.)

1. A lot of the beloved cast is dead.- When we last checked into the cast in Age of Extinction, let’s see the lineup here. Starscream? Dead. Ratchet? Dead. Lockdown? Dead. The Wreckers? Dead. Ironhide? Dead. Shockwave? Dead. Soundwave? Dead. Devastator? Dead. Cybertron? Dead. (And with it, Primus?) Optimus Prime? Gone. Basically, at this time, on Earth… We only have Bumblebee, Crosshairs, Hound, Drift, a bunch of Dinobots running loose in the Chinese jungles, and Mega/Galvatron running free again. THAT’S IT. Unless the Lost Light or the Steelhaven shows up, there’s not a lot of stories to tell. And to be honest, it doesn’t look like Paramount is too thrilled to tell stories that take place off Earth. So yeah. At present, it doesn’t look too optimistic. But you know what? Let’s take this in the opposite slant now…


5. Everyone is dead, we HAVE to develop new characters.- Here’s the thing, because we’ve got a cast of Transformers smaller than most internet review shows, Akiva Goldsman has no choice but to develop new characters and locations. Unless Marky Mark finds Fortress Maximus in another movie theater, that means more Transformers have to come to Earth… Or the movies have to leave Earth. And eventually, (almost) all Transformers universes lead to a certain planet eater. Kinda hard to have that showing up in Chicago, huh? Yeah, Bumblebee will probably still be around… But like Wolverine, other characters can easily steal the show. In First Class and Days of Future Past, Mystique was a lot of people’s favorite part of it. Sure the Avengers movies does seem to focus a lot around Iron Man, despite him having his own movies… But hell, if people don’t love Thor and Cap as well. If they’re looking for movies with new characters, and if they can get over the Bumblebee crutch… There’s a ton of great stories to adapt. Rodimus and the Lost Light, Springer and the Last Stand of the Wreckers, Windblade, the Decepticon Justice Division, the Beast Wars, Minicons, Isaac and Sari Sumdac, and if they can find a way to bring him back… Starscream running around on a reborn Cybertron, in charge and claiming to be the chosen one is pure entertainment. Hell, even telling Megatron’s history with peaceful protests, until Whirl came along… In short, if they can overcome the Camaro-shaped shadow, some really interesting stories can be told.

4. New talent.- Look, whether you like the movies or not, it’s not hard to argue that basically we need a fresh new take on the storyline. Erhen Kruger is not a very good writer, with his only good movie being Arlington Road back in '99. Michael Bay is obviously burnt out. Now’s the time to get some new directors and writers in this. An expanded universe will allow for some wonderful new takes on the series. Get Guillermo Del Toro on a movie, or Brad Bird? How about even having Steven Spielberg himself direct a movie? Or let’s bring some unknowns into this? Who would have thought the director of 'Super’ would have made us feel sympathy and love toward a walking tree that says only three words. Who would have thought the directors of 'You, Me and Depree’ and 'Community’ would have made an amazing Captain America political thriller? I’m sure there’s tons of directors in Hollywood and beyond who’s just dying to have a shot at the Cybertronians. Not to mention, imagine a screenplay written by James Roberts?

3. New directions.- Along with new talent, we can have new directions. Look, regardless of whatever you thought of the movies… They were pretty damn dark. And not for the best. Sometimes, it’s okay to be fun. I appreciated Age of Extinction, because it got to a Michael Mann-level of gallows humor. But that’s me. We can have a more fun and lighthearted movie. We can have a darker tales as well. We can have many different types of stories, if Akiva Goldsman will actually understand that the franchise is more than the four movies. If he’s aware and can appreciate the other facets of the franchise, like the IDW or Marvel comics, the Unicron Trilogy, Animated, Prime and the others… We could have some amazing movies ahead of us. A Cinematic Universe would allow for small cast episodes like that, as well as larger Lord of the Rings quest-like movies too boot. This is a really good thing. You have to have small adventures from time to time, otherwise the large ones just seem silly after a while.

2. Fewer and fewer humans as time goes on.- One thing that becomes apparent in all iterations of the Transformers is that after a while, the writers begin to realize that the Autobots and Decepticons (more on that in a second) can carry a story without the humans around. More than Meets the Eye is almost universally considered one of the best Transformers series ever made, and the only humans that’s ever showed up the holoavatars, during a story where Ultra Magnus got drunk. We all understand why the humans need to be around, to give us the sense of scale and size… But after a while, that scale is no longer needed. We just know. It allows us to focus the story on the characters we want to care about, as opposed to stopping the movie for a few minutes to explain the creepy Romeo and Juliet law, in a movie about alien robots based on a children’s toy.

1: ACTUAL CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!- This is the big one. One of the frustrating things about the previous movies is that other than Optimus, Bumblebee and Megatron… If you were a Transformer, you might as well not expect any development in characterization at all. What did we know about Ironhide, other than he liked his guns? Or Sideswipe, who might as well been Ironhide in a sexy corvette form. Or the Fallen, other than being a growly Palpatine type. Or even Starscream? Did we ever really get much of his treacherous backstabbery? He’s arguably one of the most iconic villains in history, and we never got to see him once try and back stab Megatron. This is really weak. I applaud Age of Extinction for actually taking the time to develop Hound, Crosshairs and Drift for actually taking the time to give them distinct personalities. (Even though we never got a hint at all of Drift’s former Decepticon past… Well, NOW we can explore that!)

Here’s the thing that all Transformers fans know. The Transformers franchise is more than just an action series. It’s a science fiction series with some really fun, and at times, really intelligent writing behind it. Including some interesting political themes. Ask anyone who reads the IDW comics and get them to explain to you about what it means to be Cold Constructed versus Forged? Or just WHY Megatron created the Decepticons? Ask them about Caminus or the Thirteen Tribes? Ask about Conjunx Endruae or just get them to explain to you why Swerve is awesome and Tarn is scary. Transformers can be brilliant. And I’m not talking as a 30+ year fan of the toy, but as a life long fan of science fiction. We KNOW it’s more than it seems on the surface. (I’m not saying that catchphrase.) And if Akiva Goldsman pays attention to anything beyond the first four movies… He’ll know it too. Or not.

It’s one of those “wait and see” things.

So I wrote a oneshot about this imagine from this awesome blog

Hope you like it!

You’d always wanted to run your own business, and since you loved candy, creating Sweet Love, was the perfect idea. The chocolate was imported from Germany and Switzerland, the taffy from New Jersey, and just about everything else was homemade. You had a lot of business, you were the only good candy store for miles, and it showed. Most people were just faces that you saw throughout the week, but one face, a man in particular, always stuck out.

You remember noticing him when he first opened, he bought so much candy. And after that, he came every Monday, always buying the same thing, in bulk. He became a regular, and you learned his name was Gabriel, but that was about it. 

Then, about a month ago, he started coming in a lot more often. Sometimes he’d come in five times a week, sometimes only two. You couldn’t help but wonder what he did with all the candy, but business was business, and you didn’t question it. 

Today was slow day, Tuesdays usually were. You heard the familiar chime of the bell, signalling that a customer had just entered. Exiting your office, you said, “Welcome to Sweet Love!” Then you noticed who it was, and with a genuinely warm smile added, “Hey Gabriel.”

“Hey Y/N!” He said, extremely happy. He was always happy, and it was just another thing that made him so memorable. “Slow day?”

“Most Tuesdays are.” You answered. “The usual?” You asked, grabbing a bag that would hold all his candy.

“Actually, I though I’d switch it up. What’s your favorite thing here?”

Surprised, you looked over your selection. Chocolate was always your favorite, and you quickly pointed out a wonderful dark chocolate truffle filled with raspberry jelly. “These,” You said holding one up, “are to die for.”

“Then, I’ll take a dozen." 

"Don’t you want to try one?” You didn’t usually give away samples, but Gabriel was your best customer.

“Nah, I trust you. How much?”

“46 bucks, you sure you want a dozen?” You hated charging people so much, but these, like most of your chocolate, came from Germany, and weren’t cheap.

“I’m positive.” He said, handing you the money.

Giving him his chocolate and change, you started to head back into your office, but stopped when you heard, “Y/N?”

You turned around, “Yeah, Gabriel?”

“Want to share some chocolate?” He asked, holding up the box.

A smile crept up into your lips. “Well, I don’t think I can say no, now can I?” You joked, walking over to him.

You’d eaten half of the box, and were feeling full and amazing, Damn that chocolate is good! “Can I ask you a question?” You asked Gabriel.

“Sure.” He answered, grabbing another chocolate.

“Why do you come in so often? Do you really eat that much chocolate?” You knew you shouldn’t pry into your customers lives, but you’d always wondered about him.

“Honestly?” He asked, and you nodded. “Well, at first, yeah. It took me about a week to devour all that candy. But, once I started talking to you, I realized I couldn’t wait a week to see you, so I started eating more and giving some away.” His face became a little red, and he was examining the chocolate in his hand, not looking at you.

“Really?” You asked, touched.

“Really.” He answered.

You put a finger under his chin, and he slowly met your gaze. Then, before you knew it, you were kissing him. He tasted like the chocolate truffles you’d been eating, but that just made it all the more amazing. Breaking off to kiss, he said, “I guess I should come in more often." 

You laughed, and kissed him again. He was definitely your best customer.

anonymous asked:

hello may I request GOM at a party with their S/O, s/o gets drunk and yells that they love the boys ?

Hello anon-san, I def wish I was s/o :)) That seems like a lot of fun tbh. Hope you enjoy and sorry its late xx Raniku


If Akashi had a choice, he wouldn’t be in this party in the first place. But Hayama wanted to throw a victory party, and it would be weird to have a victory party without the captain of the team. So he was there with you, and you were offered a lot of drinks. Trying to not be rude, you took all the drinks.

A couple of hours later, you were definitely trashed. You couldn’t stop yourself from climbing up a table the moment Akashi left your side to talk to someone.

“EVERYBODY! Shhh music shhhh! I just want to say I LOVE YOU SEI-CHAN (hiccup)!” Akashi’s eyes widened at the sight of you giggling and wobbling on top of the table, and he knew you the next thing that was going to happen was you falling, so he rushed as fast as he could to catch you, and he did. 

“You never fail to amuse me _____.”


It was the second party Kagami threw for the team, and Kuroko couldn’t help but attend. Kuroko was really happy to be there because most of the time he was often forgotten and never invited to these kinds of things. Thanks to his new light, he was able to attend parties and enjoy them as well. 

So he invited you to enjoy it as well, much to your surprise. 

But what you didn’t was you getting drunk. So when you were at the peak of your buzz you couldn’t help yourself your overwhelming emotions.


Kuroko couldn’t help but smile at your confession, as he wrapped his arms around your waist from behind. 

“Lets go _____-san. Maybe you can show me more of your love at home?”



Midorima couldn’t help himself blush like crazy as he made his way to your figure on top of the table, the whole team screaming for you to go on and say more. 


Suddenly a bandaged hand covered your mouth and dragged you away. 

“Come on ____. You need to get some rest, you’re too drunk.” 


You and Kise was often invited to parties due to his popularity. And every time, you spent your time sober and pissed at everyone who judged you for being his girlfriend in the first place. 

Having enough of all the judgy eyes and comments, you decided to drink the night away.

Two hours later Kise couldn’t find you anywhere, and he was beyond worried.

So when he spotted you on top of the bar screaming like a man woman he couldn’t help but feel his jaw drop.


“_____-cchi,” Kise said hauling you over his shoulder.

“That’s enough drinks and trying to create a mob okay? I think the best course of action at the moment is to run.”


Murasakibara never failed to spend his time eating at parties. You know that person who ate all those snacks that went with the alcohol? That was him. And most of the time you’d help him finish those snacks. 

But one day, Himuro tried to get you to drink, just to give you that high school experience you might have been missing out from sitting in a corner eating your night away.

What Murasakibara and Himuro didn’t expect was how much of a loud drunk you were. 


Murasakibara couldn’t help but blush at your words as he carried you out of the party.

“I’m going to crush Muro-chin.”



When Aomine heard you scream those words out, he couldn’t help but smirk at your drunken figure you as you asked for a toast.

So when everybody started to go back to their own business, Aomine came over you  and pulled you close to his body. 

“So are you going to show me how much you love me tonight _____-chan?” 

My WizardWorld Comic Con 2016 (Chicago) Experience/ I met Danai Gurira!!!

So this was my first time doing anything like this but I was like it’s my birthday month, I didn’t really do anything for my birthday, I have been all about The Walking Dead and the cast, my faves on the show being Danai and Andy (truly though I love them all) so I was like OK I am gonna do this. Then I talked myself out of it and then @fangirlnovel posted she was having a Richonne panel and then I talked myself into it.

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Zane Lowe on the Launch of Apple Music, Beats 1 and Listening to Dr. Dre

To see more of Zane’s life at Beats 1, check out @zanelowe on Instagram. For more music stories, head to @music.

“I’m just getting used to being in L.A.”

Zane Lowe (@zanelowe), the gregarious lead anchor for Apple Music’s Beats 1, is currently in a car on the way to LAX, where he’ll board a plane bound for London. It’s a homecoming for the 42-year-old radio host, who cut his teeth at BBC’s Radio 1 for more than a decade before moving out to Los Angeles to help launch Apple’s streaming music service and 24-hour radio service.

Beats 1 has been cruising along smoothly since its start in June, with regular programs from Pharrell, Dr. Dre, St. Vincent, Elton John and Zane himself, among others, as well as a heavy dose of exclusive interviews and world premieres. Just this past week, the station debuted new tracks from Ryan Adams’ cover album of Taylor Swift’s 1989 along with the entirety of What a Time to Be Alive, the syrupy hip-hop mixtape from Future and Drake.

It is certainly a great time to be Zane Lowe. He may have relocated halfway around the world, but he’s still getting to do what he loves: discover new bands, interview artists and play great music.

Zane spoke to Instagram about the launch of Beats 1, the transition from BBC to Apple and the lessons he’s learned since moving to the States.

Instagram @music: We’re three months into the launch of Beats 1. How have you found the change overall? Does broadcasting on Apple feel drastically different from the BBC?

Zane Lowe: I would say that it has been different in the sense that I’m doing my show in the morning on a different coast. I mean, first of all, we’re trying to take into account that we’re broadcasting in different time zones all the time. So there’s no such thing as a daytime radio show or a breakfast radio show, a nighttime radio show, or anything like that. You’ve got to just focus on the language of music — which is really good, because that’s all I know.

When you first started planning the station, how did you go about choosing which artists would host their own shows?

In a very kind of rushed, careful way. We had very limited time to putting the building blocks in place to getting it on the air. It was a little over three months from when we started to actually having to launch. And so, when you take a look at a schedule — it’s seven days a week, 24 hours a day — and you’ve got nothing filling it in, it’s kind of nerve-wracking. Then you start thinking about who your DJ friends are that you want to broadcast on the station. And you’re like, I can’t approach them, they’re all tied into contracts and doing really great shows on really great stations, and I’m not going to be that d—. So how are we going to fill this, and what the hell are we going to do? So it was, you know, shoot for the moon. We were just like, OK, let’s open it up to the artists — see if we can get them to lead the conversation as opposed to being a part of the conversation.

I had a few people in mind. I approached Rebel Sound and Disclosure — people I was friends with. And then we just tried to carefully choose people that we thought would actually sound good on the radio. Do these artists actually want to engage in broadcasting? From there it was fast. And we got really, really lucky in a lot of cases. People got it really quick. Pharrell got it immediately, St. Vincent got it immediately. Same with Elton John. You know, these are people who are, like, Oh, I’m into this, I’ve always kind of wanted to do some radio or I could see how it could be really exciting to reach people in this way. Because that’s really all it is, is that it’s a new way for artists to reach their audience.

And you guys have been rolling in exclusives too. You had the Drake and Future mixtape, What a Time to Be Alive on Sunday, the Ryan Adams’ Taylor Swift covers on Monday. How prescriptive is Beats 1 about going after these things?

It’s more that they just found a place. And what was interesting is when we first started out, understandably, people weren’t really ready to get involved in that kind of conversation. And we didn’t want to push people because we were unproven and untested. You’re this new thing, you don’t want to come in there and start knocking over chairs. It’s like the broadcasting has to speak for itself. And we had so many things we had to fix. I was more worried about how were the records going to sound next to each other. It sort of freed us up to really back new artists and, say, OK, you’re on Apple Music, and we’re this new radio broadcast platform. Rather than finding a way to fit them in and around all these big artists, let’s lead with these artists. Let’s talk about them like they are the biggest thing in the world.

So we’re just trying to get those stories [out]. And I guess over time there are exclusives and things that come along because maybe people like the way the station sounds. Maybe they want to hear their record next to a new artist. So it all happened very naturally and organically. And, you know, God bless Drake and Future.

Well, what a time to be alive.

What a time to be alive, man. I mean, that was exciting, getting that mixtape played back to back. I was just sitting there thinking, like, this is so weird, how is Apple letting us get away with this? We’re playing this mixtape, uninterrupted, prime time, on the weekend. And it’s huge. People are freaking out about it. I was like, man, that album is an appropriately titled piece of work.

But, to echo what you said, you’re giving small artists the time of day too. The first song you launched Beats 1 with was from the band Spring King. That’s the perfect example of democratizing the process and just trying to present good music no matter how big the group is.

To me, Spring King sounded as good as anything else I could possibly imagine to kick-start a radio station with. It’s like, man, it sounds purposeful, it’s exciting, I love the lyrics, the sentiment speaks to me. It’s just — it’s f—ing wicked. Run with that, you know? Because, really, at the end of the day, it’s just a song. That’s what’s great about radio or anything of that nature is that you really are kind of in the moment. And you can sit there and think about it all day, but until you actually just start, nothing’s ever going to evolve or get better. We could’ve kept building Beats 1 forever and ever and ever and ever. It could’ve turned into a [Guns N’ Roses] Chinese Democracy scenario. But at the end of the day, it’s like, just get it on the air and see what people think. And they’ll tell you.

It’s funny you mentioned Chinese Democracy. One of the questions I had for you was about hip-hop’s version of that, with Dr. Dre’s Detox, an album that people waited on for 13 years but was never released. When did you find out Dre, who helped launch Apple Music and Beats 1 with you, was scrapping that and releasing Compton instead?

I was lucky, man. I’ll let you in on a secret. Jimmy [Iovine] played me some stuff really early on. I’d heard six or seven tracks in varying states of completion. So I knew, man, I knew. I was sitting on this information. I knew how dope it was. I was like, oh, s—, he is not f—ing around. Like this is real. He’s doing this. So it was exciting. I just remember I got in the car after work one day, when the album finally came out on Apple Music, and I just put it on in the car and drove all the way home. I was driving through Los Angeles, listening to the Compton album. Dr. Dre has a radio show on the station that we just launched. And I was like this is f—ing awesome.

You’re like, I made the right move coming out to California.

I made the right move [laughs]. I was just like, all right, today, this is a good moment. Just remember this moment.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned since coming to Apple?

Where do I start? Always go to Jimmy when you need something done. Always keep your mouth shut when he’s getting the job done. I suppose the biggest lesson, honestly, on a Beats 1 level, is it’s exciting to forge your own path. I believe in keeping your eyes open and looking out for things that might inspire you. But at the same time, you know, I just think — I’m just trying to — it’s a really good question. And I’ll tell you why I’m struggling with it. It’s because I haven’t actually had one second to think about that.

It’s been so fast paced and it’s been so frantic, and it still is every day, and I haven’t actually reflected on one frame since we started. And so what are the lessons that I got here? That’s a f—ing great question. And I think I’m learning them, but I don’t think I’m able to truly know what they are yet. So I guess in a way I’m trying to get a balance between holding on really f—ing tight and letting go when I can. I’m literally like — I’m upside down and inside out. There’s your answer.


To the Marvel fandom: What’s with the hate? I’d understand the uproar if they said that Johnny Depp is Doctor Strange

Every Benedict Cumberbatch hater is saying that “MARVEL IS DEAD TO ME…RIP” But tomorrow, when they’ll drop the extended Avengers: Age of Ultron footage, I bet that you’re all gonna loose your mind on how awesome it is..

When the Hobbit Part 3 will come out, you’re gonna be the first one to talk about how much Smaug stole the show..

You guys ALWAYS judge too quickly. Don’t you remember Quicksilver in X-men Dofp, Heath Ledger’s Joker, Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk?? yeah you all judged too quickly and it all turned out to be fantastic.

Reasons Xena is a Magnificent Hero: Her People Are Not "Trusty"

I just had way too many feelings about someone who called Argo Xena’s “trusty” horse in a fic. I was like, “That’s not Argo!” It made me realize that even Argo, Xena’s horse, gets a level of personality and autonomy and independence completely outside the usual realm of how all other characters relate to a hero figure. On multiple occasions, Argo expresses her unhappiness with Xena. This gives her loyalty to Xena a new dimension. She stays with Xena not because she’s a dumb horse and sees Xena as her master, but because she loves Xena and fits well with her. Even Xena’s horse gets to be her own woman.

I once read a thread where someone was very upset that Gabrielle was not a “faithful sidekick” to Xena, and I wished I could have talked to them about it in person. Because the whole point was that Gabrielle was a sidekick who was not a sidekick at all. She got to be her own person. She evolved very quickly from a secondary follower to a character with her own ideas and values and agency. She shaped Xena as much as Xena shaped her. All through the show, it is made clear: She can choose to stay with Xena, because she can choose to leave Xena.

Despite having a freakishly high status as a character, Xena lets her people be themselves. That’s why she loves them, because of who they are, not because they’re extensions of herself or add to her greatness. She comes to respect other people’s choices more and more as the show progresses. Remember when Joxer wants to find the son of the man he killed? Remember when Gabrielle wants to kill Gurkahn? Xena might get bossy, but she is not “the boss.” As the popular phrase would have it, Xena checks her privilege in her interpersonal relationships.

And that’s another reason why Xena is awesome.

remember when we were promised this awesome story about emma going dark and battling those inner demons

and instead we got a semi-dark emma (lbr her voice was the darkest thing about her) and a do!hook who redeemed himself in like 12 hours

this show man, i tell ya …. 

Bad Blood - one shot. Phanfic

Summary: Two years ago, some idiot dumped radioactive waste in the water supply, affecting 70% of Britain. Celebrities could suddenly fly, Politicians could burst into flames and little kids could control solid objects with their minds.  People developed extraordinary powers and some used them for good, and then there were ones who wanted to rule the freakin’ world.  2018. Phil Lester is London’s most wanted for having the ability to control the earth beneath his feet, and he’s wanted by Dan. The new ruler of England.  Also one of rare individuals who can absorb a power.

Genre: supernatural

Modern AU

Trigger warnings: uh PJ cuts into his hand with a letter opener, but have you read the summary, yo.

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zachpandemic  asked:

Hey, FtM trans man here, and I was wondering where you get your awesome shoes? I remember my fiance showing me a post a while back that either you or K (I think..?) made about your cool shoes, but I don't remember when it was. Anyways, point is I have small feet and most of the shoes I like don't come in my size... any advice/sites you could point me to?

Haha, thanks for the shoes compliment and congrats on your openness! But yeah, I’m definitely in the same awkward position as you: I have small feet, so shoes sized for men can be difficult to navigate. Fortunately! We have a solution: boy’s shoes.

All of these shoes of mine were from the “Boy’s” section of Target, Amazon, etc. There are plenty of conversion charts online to help find analogs – for example, my size in Women’s (8) can translate to a 6 ½ to 7 in Men’s (or Boy’s, if we’re being honest), it all depends on the brand’s fit and labeling. For example, err on the side of larger for sneakers and boots, but you can usually expect true-to-size for sandals, unless you’re like me and have high arches – then go for larger/wider sizes.

Good luck in shoe shopping and don’t be afraid to experiment! Also, don’t fear shopping in the children’s section, like me. I’ve found some of my favorite shoes there, after all! 

And if anyone else has any shoe suggestions, I and ivys-rain would love the additional suggestions! <3

(I kinda love shoes.)