man reaper

just think about it…

gabriel reyes was a loving man who rescued a gang member off the streets, a gang member who deserve to rot in prison. but gabriel reyes saw him as who he was; a good man with potential

gabriel reyes gave his life to overwatch, to helping citizens and protecting them from threats, like the omnics. he has scars to prove his love for the people, but when he needed their love, he didn’t get it

no, gabriel ryes became the leader of blackwatch, doing overwatch’s dirty work. he saw a good kid go right back to doing dirty work, a man who lost his body having to join overwatch just to be able to live

he was behind the assassinations, the stuff overwatch couldn’t risk their strike comamnder doing. gabriel reyes, a good man with good intentions, was being dozens of deaths, buried under dirt

gabriel reyes, a man who merely wanted to save lives, instead began to take them, lose himself to the dirt he was under

until gabriel reyes was forced to become reaper - forced to have his heart beat once more after dying to the blast of a bomb in the Swiss headquarters

gabriel reyes was brought back to life, brought back by Overwatch only to live in excruciating agony

so gabriel reyes became reaper

and the good man he was died